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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  March 28, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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they should not be under a bridge or out in the element, it should not be up to the community to solve this problem. this is a dhs challenge. again, ali, i want to say this is a significant challenge for our country. >> yeah. >> it could have been met with great strategy with thoughtful approach and humanity. but because of the way this administration has chosen to engage and chosen to address this challenge, a challenge has webut some of us turn outhose dreams...... become chaos. into action... >> congressman escobar is the bookers. the doers. calling for secretary nielson to the 'hit that confirmation button and let's go!'- ers! because bookers know that the perfect place to stay... resign. >> thank you. >> my friend katy tur is in position ready to pick up our is right there for the booking. coverage. >> i am ready to go. we are going to do this. be a booker at we got a lot of news today. the world's #1 choice for booking accommodations. i have a surprise at the end of the show. >> oh good, i will be back. >> put bells on. (gasp)
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report's content. they also did not talk about so that if your customer needs shoes, barr's position to exonerate & he's got wide feet. trump on obstruction. congress has been told they'll & with edge-to-edge intelligence you've got receive a redacted version of near real time inventory updates. the mueller report in weeks but & he'll find the same shoes in your store that he found online pages.ats want all+s 300 plus he'll be one happy, very forgetful wide footed customer. at&t provides edge to edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, >> the administration wants to the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & if your customer also forgets socks! ignore the vote. & you could send him a coupon for that item. i think it is an important [zara larsson - "wow"] message that the american people ♪ need to receive. we are a reflection of the will ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ of the people. 80% of the american people want ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ to see the report released. ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ that's reflective of the 420-0 vote in congress. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family so it will not be ignored. and it really shows. >> as donald trump continues to with all that usaa offers sell his supporters of a story why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. of vitamndication. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. james comey says there is still it was funny because when we would call one important question that another insurance company, barr's summary does not answer.
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hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. >> what are your questions? we're the tenney's >> they're all about the we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. obstruction piece. ♪ the purpose of the special get your usaa auto insurance quote today. counsel is to make sure the political, the attorney general, does not not make the ultimate call that the president of the united states should be held criminally liable for activities that are under investigation. the idea that the special counsel would not reach a question and hand it to the political leadership does not make sense. i don't mean prejudging, i am grand rapids, that's where just saying it does not make sense on its face so i have a lot of questions. he got enough support to help >> what will the 300 plus pages him win the state by 47.3%. tell us that attorney barr's four page summary did not. according to the washington post, it has done little to joining me, julia ainsley and change the way either side was our political reporter ali preparing for the president's vitali out at the rally in rival. joining me joel benson and ryan michigan and our former assistant general, harry littman, the executive producer
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of a new podcast. julia, what do we know of the length andxt why is the length costello. thank you, gentlemen, the important? >> reporter: katy, in some way president is going to use the we should not be surprised that it is a lengthy report. report as a report, that he's if you think of how long a lot been exonerated even though he's of the indictments where they not. >> they're going to be forced to came from the special countdown release and when that comes out, ecounsel's that'll clear a whole different office. set of stories. >> the length matters. the fact that it clearly states he explains that mueller laid that he was not exonerated on out evidence on both sides. obstruction of justice is going it seems there may have been a to be a simple talking points lot of evidence and reignite for democrats to push back on. calls to see more of that issue. americans overwhelmingly want the democrats are considering subpoenaing a copy of mueller this mueller report released. report because they want to know they are not satisfied with the more of what barr saw when he barr's letter. wrote that four-page better. they're trying to get to the point where the attorney general -- some where north of >> it was a small pocket and 300 pages, that exact number we don't know. very important places that0íañ d it is important when given the that got him into the office,
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pennsylvania was a big state. condition text that mueller went the people that voteq for trump beyond what was asked of him. in 2016 that put him in the oval it seems that he wanted to lay office, what is the sense among out all of this evidence so it those types of people about this was known to the attorney general before he wrote that mueller report, is it something letter, katy. they are hearing or do they feel >> less than a thousand pages. the washington post has been reporting. wh it is a vindication for the what do you make of the length of the report verses the length president? >> i think by and large the of the summary. mueller report is now >> look, some people talk about the cliff notes version from yesterday's news for republicans bill barr which is like a book report on war and peace. and for democrats, it is not it is about russia. we know nothing about what's in news yet because it has not been the mueller report and it is not just the evidence that they'll issued. the president needs some be fighting over. we need to know the analysis, traditionally rural democrats to vote for him. why exactly as director comey >> it is a unique combination of would say did mueller do this voters for trump to win very, very perplexing thing of not reaching a bottom line. reelection in those states verses some suburban voters, did he do it to leave it congress. if he did that and the attorney general decided to basically traditionally republicans voted counter man &him, that's a & for secretary hillary clinton.
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problem. that's a problem for the >> is it the worst thing in the political official as comey says world to stop talk about this to take on himself and it means and talk about healthcare? that the judge was taken outs of >> making it for healthcare won't work. congress' hands. >> would it be the worse thing that would be something that for the president to stop talking about the mueller report congress, i think would want to and the russia investigation and reassert its rights about. start talking about policies in >> let me play you what the terms of his 2020 chances? judge is saying about the report >> i think republicans are on "fox business" of the better right now focusing on prediction that he's making, what democrats are focusing on. harry. >> in the 700 page summary of >> i am saying half of the the 2 million pages of evidence, democratic candidates percentage wise want to no longer have there is some evidence of a conspiracy and some evidence of private healthcare insurance. obstruction of justice. most americans are not going to once the 700 pages come out and agree with that. if we focus on democrats want to move the healthcare debate and acknowledge of the house care this is my criticism on the system we have right now, attorney general, he should not republicans are in a much better tipped his hands-on this. position. the democrats will have problems if we are talking about getting rid of the aca. and a field day of what's in >> i don't want to be doing there. right. if there were no evidence of conspiracy and no evidence of >> right now where the trump campaign is and policies are
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obstruction, the attorney general would told himself. he did not. getting rid of athe aca and the >> he seems to have an idea of affordable care act. how long the report is. if they want to run on he thinks it is 700 pages and healthcare, you can look at the 200 million pages of raw evidence. we'll find out if that's true. the exit poll and midterm >> harry, what do you think of his idea that there will be evidence of collusion and overwhelmingly win when it was obstruction here? >> yeah, 700 or 300 or 1,000, it in the agenda. does not matter. rather than the bare bones, i that's in no way of a winning issue for donald trump. prosecuted this person and i >> the president just handed declined on this person. that to democrats. >> yes. he gave a narrative. it was his mission and that's >> yes, on a silver platter. what he provided. >> i don't see a scenario where there will be a wealth of both evidence and legal analysis. senator mcconnell and somehow a minority in the house is able to bring up a healthcare replacement bill. i was in the house when we had the evidence is going to be a fiep the healthcare. fight. there is going to be a fight over grand jury materials or classified materials or >> if the courts do it. executive privilege. in the first instance of what we want to know should not be a fight. what exactly was mueller's legal he's going to have to own that. analysis and what was attorney that court case is going through with their support. general barr's legal analysis >> the party of the healthcare.
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for being able to reach the we'll see what happens. bottom line that bob mueller >> good to see you. decided not to. this week some different news. when congress gets his happennd we got devastating reminders that material, they'll know much that house survivors of the mass more of what the shape of things will be. a lot of evidence was in plain shootings are left behind. fathers of the parkland sight, barr said and we also said interestingly there are survivors join me next. other materials as well. >> there is some stuff on from central mexico to texas. collusion, of course there is some stuff on obstruction or learning about the risks they took for a better life... whether or not it was criminal, gives me so much respect and gratitude. it is some what besides the it just shed so much light in my past that point now, it is whether or not a political matter or congress i never even would've known was there. wants to hold the president 20 million members account by impeachment or other have connected to a deeper family story. order your kit at oversight. >> ali vitali, what are you [zara larsson - "wow"] hearing out there in michigan ♪ from supporters today? ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ >> i am sure you will find it ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ unsurprising that they're happy ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ to see the mueller's investigation going into a close. i want to show you our camera, it is a sea of red hats out here
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in grand rapids waiting for the president's rally to start. he's going to take the stage. you will remember michigan was a key place for him in 2016. this is a county that he won. this is a county that he's hoping to win again and a state that he's hoping to win again. a lot of people out here who are open and continuing to hear his message but specifically they are feeling good of the bill ba barr's summary of the mueller report. take a listen to what one person said. >> i thought it was a scam from the beginning. >> reporter: why? >> because the information that was shared was untruthful and it is proved to be accurate as far as the details of the dossier and all of that stuff. it seems unbelievable to me that story was perpetuated to be ♪ criminal for donald trump. so, recently my son's band was signed by a record label. i am so relieved that it is a record deal? unbelievable. over.
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we can move onto making the whenever we're about to get on a stage for a huge audience, country better than what it is i always give my dad, like, a facetime kinda moment. now. >> some you see the crowd, you see the emotion. you know, he has that experience for the first time with me, questions of obstruction i think from democrats or people from and that's really important to me. washington. >> i have no concerns of his i created a rockstar. (both laughing) integrity and what he has done. (announcer) the best network is even better when you share it. buy the latest iphone for you, >> reporter: and katy, i have and get iphone 10r on us for someone else. been hearing words all day like and get apple music on us, too. indicated and relieved from only on verizon. supporters. those are the words we are hearing and i imagine we'll be hearing more of that on stage. so how are you enjoying your it's just lovely.ament? supporters are very much in the i'm here to let all these folks know how easy it is same mindset today. to save money on their car insurance with geico- >> grand rapids is the site of oi oi oi set the pick! the last trump rally during the kick it outside!! 2016 election on election day. shoot the three! shoot the three!! it was after midnight. ali vitali, julia ainsley and yessssssss!!!!!! harry littman, thank you as are you...ok? well. no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy. there are glowing calls today for the democratic chair could we get some ice? of the house intel community to just one cube of ice? step down. geico®. proud partner of ncaa march madness®. all nine republicans on that committee signed a letter calling for adam schiff to resign his chair, that the
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jackie speire. >> i was never going to see him again. congresswoman, do you still have confidence in the intel committee of adam schiff? >> of course, i do, katy. my 14-year-old daughter was directly above me in that for two years we were under the authority and control of the classroom where scott beagle was republican majority and it was during that time devin nunes poisoned the well by going into murdered. the white house and coming up >> he was the last kid to get with information and coming back back into that class. having a press conference saying he's going to take it into the white house. it was orchestrated today and i am sure a lot of you,y from the white house and the president tweeted about it and members all signed letters. brother, i didn't plan for it to they spent each of them, the go viral, i just wanted to share majority of their time not it with the world. talking about questions they had no brothers or sisters or family for those that were there to testify but systemically trying members or anyone should ever to attack the integrity of adam have to see that text with anyone. >> more than a year later t survivors of the parkland shooting are still suffering.
11:13 am
the new york times has talked to many of them. schiff. it was reprehensible. mass killings as well. >> talking about gun violence what i do think is important is that the american people had a can lead to sudden spasms. hearing in public that they can listen to and listen to experts on russia. former ambassador of russia. two parkland students died by former ciaa desk chair of suicide. on monday, the father of a russia. little girl killed at sandy hook and experts who just written the also took his own life. putin play book part two. their death put a spotlight on we need to get serious of the survivor's skills on what need adversary nature of russia to change in washington so loved engagement inta our state. ones don't feel like they are being left behind. joining me now is the father of the young man that spoke a week they all say that our system is after the parkland shooting. too poor. two of his sons were in the i don't care if you are a school and they republican or a democrat, you want to make sure your vote counts. if you have putin trying to put his thumb on the scale and affect our elections, we are in
11:14 am
deep trouble. >> do you agree with congressman schiff that there is evidence of collusion. >> i hate the word collusion. it is conspiracy or coordination. was there an interest in coordination with the russians? has taken his own life as well. you bet there was. i love what don jr. said when he it is a very stressful time in got the e-mail and was asked if the country as far as these he wanted to meet with the types of events have have occurred and it is a very, very russians who had dirt on hillary clinton and you have paul trying time. manafort meeting in a cigar bar >> does it make you worry about your son? >> it does, my wife and i are in new york city with kilimnik talking to them constantly about who has ties with the russians' what has occurred and how they're feeling and checking in gbu which is their kgb or spy with them and we talked to him operations. he hands them polling data? several times a day, and she i think it is pretty clear there still going to stoneman douglas was an effort to engage and of and he is talked to very course the hacking of the dnc regularly also. and the dump and the president i conditionaled a business trip this week so i could be there is saying, you know russia show and be around for the kids who us where the e-mails are for are on break this week, but we have to be really communicating
11:15 am
clinton. >> so do you think there is and really looking for signs. and you know, signs are not evidence of openness to always apparent, but we have to coordinate as you just laid out. be looking for several and make what's the remedy in congress? sure that our kids are not >> the remedy in congress is to perceiving this in the wrong get serious. i mean very serious about our way. >> how are your sons doing? voting systems throughout the >> well i would say there are decent days and bad days. you know it has been very few country. high moments in the past 13 they provide the hardware and months. it is still a struggle. software and many buzz in that sam has been on the road so to software. it is poorest and hackable. speak, exercising and using his and if we care about this as one of our witnesses today said all voice to push out sensible gun european countries are using reform, and matthew on the other paper ballots. hand has been not talking about it very much, and that of course >> if you believe the campaign does worry us about him a little is evidence is an effort to conspire or openness to conspire, what's the remedymuel bit, but we're staying in touch. my wife is very close to the kids and we're trying to keep shows there was not enough to find him guilty or indicted of a
11:16 am
crime our finger on this as best we >> that's something that needs to come out before the american can. >> in the aftermath of shootings like this, there is a ton of public. it is interesting that we spent attention paid to those that the last week basically spouting survived and the victims on what the president have said themselves, but as the time goes on that attention shifts when we have not seen the report. the republicans and democrats elsewhere. and even though people don't forget, it can seem like the should not wait to see the country has moved on. report. what do you think survivors need let's see how damming, if it is damming about the obstruction of in order to make sure they feel justice and the interest in like they are not being left cooperating or coordinating. i think this is far from over. i think the victory lap is very behind and may not have been forgotten. >> i think there is two parts to premature. that answer. >> jared kushner is back on the we need to push forward on legislation, and currently there hill today, if you were in front is, i believe, 79 bills in of that committee, what would you be asking him? various stages of getting >> i would be asking him about why he was so interested in a back channel to russia. approved or not approved pd. i would be asking about his engagement with -- i would ask we need our laws enforced. engagement with -- i would ask him of lastly and most importantly, and his family has in saudi there seems to be a mental health initiative because we,
11:17 am
arabia. here is the issue. we have people in the white house who has financial all of these people, from interests which they are relying on foreign involvement whether it is banks or funding and columbine, 20 years this has that's not what the presidency been going on, and there was more suicides after column bine than there was deaths from the it is not benefiting from the shooting. and we just need to be focused office but protecting the american people. it is all about our national on mental health. security. congressman jackie speier. we need to be focusing on the mental health of the victims and thank you. >> the president wants to kill obamacare. >> senator king will help me make sense of it. the president got a brand new people that are surviving the bag and he plans to wave it victims. around in michigan. >> please say hi to your son, >> former trump campaign's sam, he was on with me after the shooting and we hope both of your sons are doing well, thank adviser, george papadopoulos wants a pardon. he joins me next. you very much. he things you want to do. >> thank you, katy, you're one of his favorites as well. and on the way, you'll get timely investment help to keep you on the right track, >> if you or someone you know without the unnecessary fees you might expect
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ed gets copays as lowlily go to as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions. ed gets labels clear as day. and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants. ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy. according to a new report by the associated press, the warning that pardons could ignite a political fire storm that over shadows what donald trump sees as a moment of triumph. the preside it is a historic day. what the president believes to today is opening day for major be the unfair treatments of league baseball. target of the mueller yes, it happens every year but investigation. joining me now george papadopoulos, he pleaded guilty this one is a big one.
11:22 am
to lie to the fbi. he is out with a new book called this is the 1250th year, back in "deep state target." george, thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me, 1969 there was the cincinnati katy. >> i want to get to a section of the book in a moment. red stockings, now they're just >> first, the question that i the reds, as teams take the have asked multiple times on this show and because you were field you will see patches somebody who pleaded guilty to commemorating 150 years of it, can you tell me why you lied? >> yes, so thanks a lot for playing ball. having me. in my book, i explained the many it means that spring is back, variables that actually went birds are chirpling, sunshine into pleading guilty to the and warms, and it means that my federal government. and you know it is not simply a baby is coming. will he be a mets, yankees, case of mystery member of when dodgers fan or my senior producer who says the red sox, you met somebody like i did. who added that to the prompter? there was a lot involved in my case that people did not take me out to the ball game. realized. i was threaten with a charge of take me out to the crowd, buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, acting as an agent of the i don't care if i ever come israeli government for obstruction of justice. back. so it's root root root for the it is all public knowledge now. home team, ali velshi take this before at the time, i did not
11:23 am
understand what my case was all from me now, please. about. >> there was a time i was a effectively what happens is i younger man and i would never met a man where the fbi and the miss an opening day. mueller lied the world'i about. >> i just got nervous singing on television. >> you have a great investigation, you're back at 5:00? >> i want to go to a game. there was a russian asset who >> it is a nice day here in new york for one. was dangling dirt on hillary >> yankees but the dodgers are clinton. my team at heart just so you he publicly stated this man was know. working for the fbi and he was >> i'm a yankees fan as well. setting up george papadopoulos. essentially looking back, it was >> bye. a mistake to plead guilty. >> easily the largest theft of a i pled guilty and i served my time. secret ever. that was actually part of the that's how pete williams process that was corrupted in my characterizes the breaking news we have out of baltimore, situation. >> you are saying you were set up by the fbi directly. maryland. >> i am telling you and the pleading guilt on stealing a world and that's what my book is about, it is about the huge trove of classified information campaign that was targeted at mecj documents. bring us up to speed. strange characters that were who is this guy, harold martin, targeted towards my direction were all connected to western what do we know about him and what he has done.
11:24 am
intelligence iúygroups. >> he was a government contractor that worked for more than 20 years and he was most >> yes, you believe you were set recently assigned to the up of the 2016 campaign. national security agency in maryland. he is from maryland, his name is why did you lie to investigators harold martin, and authorities about that meeting? discovered in 2017 that he had >> this is why it is so important for me to get my version of events out there. taken an enormous number of in that initial meeting with the documents home and staffed them f fbi, i told them that this in his house, car, and storage individual told me that the russians had thousands of hillary clinton e-mails. shed in printed form and digital moving for waing forward, the s form, but they said the total amount of more than half a million documents, easily became really strange after i was dealing with bob mueller and if fbi. dwarfing the number that edward they did not seem to be interested with this guy. the situation was chaotic and it is not what you think it is and it took me really six-f=wñ mont get pen and paper to get my story out there because no one actually understood why i was involved in the probe to with.[g it had nothing to do with russia and had a lot to do with my involvement or alleged
11:25 am
involvement with the israeli government. >> so you are saying this is a set up for something else. >> yes. absolutely. >> let me ask you that everybody else lied to the fbi, why was so many in trump's orbit and why did everybody lied and so many plead guilty. why the fbi have so much on not just you but on mike flynn and rick gates and paul manafort and others? >> may case should have served to the rest of the people that were sucked up into this. when i was looking of charges of lying and obstruction,réx6 i do know why if for what this people lied about actually. my,
11:26 am
that's the only way as americans to finally get a clear picture of why or why not people were lying and why they were really involved in this case and let america decide and put all the chips on the table. mueller and what the president himself has. >> i realize the campaign is looped -- luke warm about connecting with russia. but trump has been talking about russia his entire run. >> regardless of what the campaign may have said to you, you believed that donald trump really wanted to have a better relationship with us. >> by the time i joined in 2016,
11:27 am
donald trump was vocal of having some working relationship with russia. the campaign was fully aware of what i was up to regarding and trying to set this meeting up between trump and putin. i told donald trump to his face and jeff sessions to his face of that infamous march 31st meeting that i can do this for you and it is in the interest of the campaign. jeff sessions was thenthusiasti about it and i proceeded. i ended up introducing trump to the egyptian president. that was my job. i was a foreign policy adviser. my role was designed to help him with the speeches and help him fashion and articulate a really interesting foreign policy perspective and introduce some type of leaders around the world. there was nothing illegal about vladimir putin. that's what i was trying to do. >> why do you think donald trump wanted to be close to vladimir putin. do you think because he was trying to build a trump tower in
11:28 am
moscow? >> you know i have nothing to do with candidate trump or president trump's business so i have no idea. i do think it was a strategic logic behind working with russia. if we don't work with russia, china is a huge threat to the u.s. interest. they're in syria and ukraine, that's what my firm believed why donald trump wanted to work with russia. >> the russia attacked our elections, do you think it is a good idea to work close with russia of all that you know now? >> leading up with my involvement to my campaign, i was hostile to russia. if luyou look at my work, everything about my career leading up to joining these two presidential campaign of ben carson campaign and donald trump campaign were about undermining russian influences around the world. i have no reason to believe that russia did not try and interfere with the 2016 election and i
11:29 am
believe that many other government tried as well. any presidential campaign of the election season is the most highly watched event around the world. both allies and foes are going to try to interfere. if russia is the high topic and we are going to focus on them, we should. they should be punished but we should look at other facts as well. >> our intelligence agency have concluded. george pappapadopoulos, thank y for joining us. >> appreciate it, katy. >> president trump wants to replace obamacare for the election, just do not ask them how. >> what is the plan so 20 million americans are not suddenly without health insurance? >> you should rest assured that 20 million americans -- why should i be rest assure if there is no plans?
11:30 am
>> what is the plan going to be from the white house in order to replace it because again we have not seen a plan that has a consensus from many republicans. >> there will be meant of tiple to come and you will see the health and secretary services will be doing that. >> senator, thank you for joining us, i talked to mark shorts at lengths today on "meet the press daily," i asked him over and over again of where is the plan on donald trump's trying to tear down boobamacare. are you hearing anything of what they are working on right now. is there something that's in the process of coming together? >> i almost laughed out loud when he said we got plenty of
11:31 am
time to put together a plan. they had nine years and for him to say well, we were supposed to have 24 million people and we only had about 12. they grossly about strategisabo affordable care act. not many people signed up because they have been doing everything they can to cripple the affordable care act. they don't have a plan. you know it will be amazing if they come up with anything remotely like a mplan. the only plan was making blocks and grants to the state and say you can do what you want with this money and it is a way of u funds for medicaid and undermine. there is a lot of provisions of the affordable care act other than the ones providing coverage for people, for example, being able to keep your kids on your
11:32 am
policies until he or she is 26 years old, that would go away. the donut hole is closing for seniors and medicare on drug benefits. that would go away. there is enormous ramifications. i have seen figure up to 15 million people would have preexisting conditions that would fot not be able to get insurance. well over 300 people would be affected by the appeal of the affordable care act. i don't understand why these people don't want people out of america to have health concerns. it never made sense to me and it certainly does not now. >> how is it going to potentially affect your colleague in main, senator susan collins collins? >> she was one of the ones voted against the repeal efforts in the summerq senator john mccain and lisa
11:33 am
murkowski. she knows that i marched behind her in the parade that summer and saw people coming up to both of us and in a parade they usually say congratulations, happy 4th, welcome to town. this time they said save our healthcare. please don't let them take away the healthcare that this child has today. i suspect that susan collins is going to be a tough sale supposedly replace the affordable care act. >> i wish they start talking to us about fixing it instead of being so in on destroying it. >> do you have any idea of what republicans are telling donald trump? some republicans say now is not the right time and they don't want to relitigate this 2018, those elections basically all about healthcare. you had republicans trying to run under this as well. josh hawley ran on protecting
11:34 am
preexisting conditions. obviously, republicans see healthcare as an issue they need to be stronger on. do they behind the scenes want to keep obamacare in place and keep them steady and don't want the president to take it. what are you hearing? >> i can't report on private conversations. i think republicans are stunned on this move the other day that the president had a good day on sunday where the barr's letter came out and he was taking a victory lapse and it was a self-inflicted wounds to take this step which was against the advice of attorney general and ahead of home and human services which is what we are learning. i think it was advice of a lot of the republicans. they had something that was going for him and all of a sudden, they shifted the ground
11:35 am
to an issue that had a great deal to do with the democrats taking the house in 2018. >> quick question, if the court rules and the president's favor and dismantle obamacare, do democrats have a plan to replace it and they'll be putting forward. there are a number of plans and they'll come forward with those plans when the time comes and the pressure will be on the republican senate and the president to either cooperate and try to work something out or to be intransigent and going back to the position of we don't like people to have health insurance. it is a loser politically. it is bad policy and it hurts people. these are real lives. these are people of the whole thing of k;nppreexisting conditions -- these folks want to take itxñ away.
11:36 am
it makes no sense and rdpolitic. senator angus king, thank you for unioning ujoining us. >> next, the president is armed with a new political weapon in his back pocket.
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