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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  March 29, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> british lawmakers rejected because bookers know that the perfect place to stay... m the world's #1 choice for booking accommodations. prime minister theresa may's third brexit plan. >> the mood on the street is ugly. thousands of people behind me, shouting things like "betray"be "a and "traitor" to those in parliament. >> a huge defeat for the prime minister. >> it should be a matter of profound regret to every member of this house that once again we've been unable to support leaving the european union in an orderly fashion. the implications of the house's decision are grave. >> there has to be an alternative found. if the then she must go. >> president trump has never been shy about talking about his wealth and status. >> i'm smarter than them. i went to the best schools they didn't. much more beautiful house. much more beautiful apartment. >> the new report says president
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trump may have inflated his assets on loan applications. >> we went back and looked at those and saw all the different ways in which they were misleading. we know there's a huge amount of interest in these statements from investigators. >> the political and humanitarian crisis in venezuela is growing more and more dire by the day. >> this is the moment the lights went out again in caracas wednesday night. >> my father was sick for three months until he died during the blackout. >> we have like five days without electricity and without water. we need a new government, we need somebody who works for the people, for the country, because nobody is doing anything. we've got breaking news right now from the white house. the administrator of the small business administration, linda mcmahon, has announced that she is leaving her post. an official has told nbc the announcement could come as early as today. let's go to hans nichols at the white house with the latest on
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welcome back to "velshi & this. of course, hans, most people ruhle." as capitol hill investigators don't know linda mcmahon as the shift squarely onto president trump's businesses, house committees are looking into the small business administrator, president's financial dealings. they know her from her wrestling this week it was learned that empire. house oversight and reform >> i'm glad you said wrestling committee chairman elijah empire, not sports cummings sent a letter to a entertainment, you avoided that pitfall, whether or not wrestling is real. what is real is she will be leaving the administration, accounting firm asking for all statements of financial according to an administration official. this is a cabinet level condition, annual statements, position. under some white houses they've periodic financial reports and had the sba, head of the small independent auditor's reports, business administration, not be covering the president's in the cabinet. the president decided to put it revocable trust, his in the cabinet. it's really a way for the white organization, his d.c. hotel, house to liaise with some of the and the now-defunct trump smaller businesses out there because some of these big corporations have entree into foundation. washington, they're at the white democrat raja krishnamoorthi is house all the time. this is a way to sort of reach a congressman from illinois. out to smaller people -- smaller businesses, i should say, let's start with this, we were talking about the accounting definitely not smaller people. the question is how will they fill that role. stuff earlier. will the president decide to danny cevallos said if you lie pick an outsider like he did about your net worth or your with linda mcmahon or will he go
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with someone more traditional? financial condition to part because in a lot of ways somebody from their money, the president trump and linda crime is in the intent, it mcmahon were cut from the same cloth. doesn't actually matter whether they're both iconoclasts, they the bank got paid back and there was no harm. you heard the reporter saying no both enjoyed and reveled in one put up their hand and said we were harmed by president challenging the status quo, trump inflating his net worth. challenging authority. as you've heard the president in what do you make of that? the past, he's been very >> they might not say it praiseworthy of her. publicly but maybe if you ask we'll see whether that continues them privately, they might say and she gets a proper sendoff it. certainly if they said it later today, ali. publicly, i think there would be >> and they have a relationship some retribution in the form of that existed outside of politics as well, there was a connection some kind of tweet that might hurt them or some other between the mcmahon family and governmental action. >> so you're looking to get some the trump foundation as well. hans, thanks very much. of this information. april 7th, i'm told, is wrestle what will you be looking for? >> as your previous commentators mania, since you seem to know a mentioned, there are some legal issues associated with the lot about wrestling. president or the trump organization inflating their net there are mass protests both value because obviously there's for and against brexit in potential bank fraud, there's insurance fraud and so forth. london. the political mayhem reached you know, when i was looking at the financial statements the other day at the hearing and he says that his brand equity is like $4 billion one year and the chaos a short time ago. next year it's like $6 billion, lawmakers for the third time it's like, where do you get
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rejected, those are the nays, these numbers? they seem like they're random and pulled out of the air. prime minister theresa may's i think that this all goes to proposed plan. another issue, which is his tax now britain could crash out of returns, his financial position, the eu. his entanglements. the reason we say crash out of these are very -- the eu is that in two weeks' >> will this get you donald time if there is no deal in trump's tax returns? >> we don't know. place, the trade relationships between britain and the european i'm not saying they will necessarily turn over those tax union, which are formidable, returns. but the question is how do they will no longer exist. all relate to each other. as for the prime minister, her on the one hand a tax return future is at stake as members of might minimize his financial parliament call for her standing and in order to resignation and for a new general election to be held. minimize his taxes. on the other hand, these she had promised she would statements of financial resign if they voted for her condition, when he's seeking a plan. yesterday the parliament voted loan or maybe an insurance on about eight different things policy, might inflate his and were not able to do it, to condition. so maybe the truth is somewhere get anything done. in between, we just don't know. joining me now live from london, >> let's talk about the intel committee. we're a week out from having nbc news chief global received the mueller report and correspondent bill neely and the one thing that the country can agree upon, there's not much nbc's ali arouzi. in there that everybody agrees let's start with you, bill. upon, but one of the things is bill, in the best that you can that russia was trying to do, because you do this well, interfere in the 2016 election. what has now happened? you on the intel committee were trying to get to the bottom of >> well, in six hours' time, this at a hearing yesterday that started off going off the rails as your republican colleagues
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ali, this was meant to be the asked for the resignation of hour and the day that britain adam schiff. but that aside, did you make any left the european union. instead it's the day when headway in figuring out how we britain's deepest political crisis in half a century has protect our elections moving simply deepened even further. forward? >> well, first of all, let me just say one comment about adam the prime minister theresa may schiff. has now tried three times to get i thought that he did a remarkable job in defending that deal that she negotiated himself yesterday, and he did for two years with european not begin his statement by, you leaders through parliament. today, just a few hours ago, for know, talking about the issues that the other side brought up. the third time she failed. secondly, going to your question, i think that we she failed by less. in the first instance she lost learned that the russians not by 230. then she lost by 149. only were trying to interfere today she only lost by 58. and did interfere in 2016, they're likely going to be in you might say, surely that deal the 2020 elections. is now dead. many of our election systems are it ain't necessarily so. set up at the state and local they are trying to, in the best level, and so we're not just doing enough right now to help those authorities protect themselves. monty python phrase, revive the i think that's the main thing that came out of the dead parrot. conversation from my standpoint the european union is crying yet. >> we had one of the people who out, please tell us what you want, say yes to something, is testifying on the show, and because as you said last week, she was saying, one of the things we've heard from all of or earlier this week, sorry, the intelligence officials who
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just a few days ago, they tried do believe there were russian other alternatives. they had votes on eight attempts to interfere in the elections, and that is that there is a problem because there alternative things and each one is something missing from the top down. of those was a "no." you on the committee shared the so the crisis deepens. and as you say, in two weeks time the default position is view, the intelligence chiefs that on april 12th, britain will share that view. the president still doesn't seem crash out of the european union to fully acknowledge this. without a deal. >> that's correct. he continues to call it a hoax. many people here protesting on he will not acknowledge it, even the streets are for brexit and many of them would be quite though the entire intelligence community does unanimously. happy to see that happen. one other issue i want to bring they are shouting today, to your attention, which is that our intelligence committee has a "traitors," at theresa may and her government, they're shouting scope of investigation or oversight that's far broader than what special counsel "betrayal," because for them the mueller looked at. we're looking at counterintelligence. it's the issue of what are the result meant that we should leave the european union. ties between our government that hasn't happened. officials and potential foreign the european union is adversaries like the russians frustrated, people across the country are angry and fed up at that could cause these people to the shambles, that's the word be subject to manipulation or the main opposition leader jeremy corbyn used today, and a shambles i'm afraid it is. leverage, because those ties are not revealed to the public. >> ali arouzi, bill is saying the eu is asking britain, tell that's why we need to see the mueller report now.
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us what you want. you're out there with the the four-page barr report is not people. if i could ask you the same question about them, what do what the american people want. they want the mueller report. they want? >> hi, ali. they don't want the cliff notes welcome to the latest episode of version. that didn't even amount to a brexit chaos. cliff notes version, given how i'm here in the middle of voluminous the mueller report parliament square. apparently is. and thousands of people have >> thank you for being with us, gathered here. representative raja krishnamoorthi of illinois. it's fair to say that pretty he's on the house oversight and much everybody here wants the reform committee and the house intelligence committee. next, the epa administrator united kingdom out of the claims that co2 emissions are european union. they're happy that vote didn't down. go through today but there is a for fact's sake, they reached a record high last year. palpable sense of anger and you're watching "velshi & ruhle" live on msnbc. live on msnbc. disillusionment with the government in general, they don't feel like they're getting what they want. there are banners all over the place saying, "brexit means brexit," "we want to leave now." most of the folks don't support either mainstream party, the conservative party or the labor party. funnily enough, when you talk to people here, they say they want
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a donald trump type figure, somebody that's not a member of mainstream politics here, somebody that will deliver to them what they want. there's a big screen behind me here. every time you see figures that are nonmainstream, there are huge cheers in this crowd. as soon as you see figures from the ruling parties, from the your brain changes as you get older. labor party, the place erupts in but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient boos and hisses. but of course that only gives originally discovered... half the picture. in jellyfish. half of this country does want in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to stay in the european union. to improve short-term memory. and they're worried about what's prevagen. healthier brain. better life. going to happen, which shows deep divisions within this country. there are wounds in this country that show no signs of healing gimme two minutes. and i'll tell you some important things to know about medicare. anytime soon. as bill pointed out, it looks first, it doesn't pay for everything. like on april the 12th, they are say this pizza... going to be heading for an exit is your part b medical expenses. this much - about 80 percent... from the european union without the deal. and that leaves this country, medicare will pay for. what's left... this slice here... well... again, in the dark. it leaves many citizens here, you have to pay for that. many businesses here, wondering and that's where an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, what the future holds for them,
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♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ a record deal? unbelievable. whenever we're about to get on a stage for a huge audience, i always give my dad, like, a facetime kinda moment. you see the crowd, you see the emotion. you know, he has that experience for the first time with me, and that's really important to me. i created a rockstar. (both laughing) (announcer) the best network is even better when you share it. buy the latest iphone for you, and get iphone 10r on us for someone else. and get apple music on us, too. only on verizon. now to our continuing coverage on climate change. a new report conducted by the international energy agency shows carbon dioxide emissions created by humans reached a record high in 2018, climbing for the second year in a row. this is not good because it directly contributes to global warming, that's a fact. you might remember this tweet from the president who once called carbon dioxide, quote, the main building block of all life. yikes. carbon dioxide is a gas produced by the air we exhale and by burning carbon. in high levels it can be
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dangerous for your health. carbon is necessary for the formation of life. here is what the epa administrator said last week. >> we're reducing our co2. we're meeting our paris climate accord targets better than most of the other industrialized countries. we're doing a lot here in the united states. our co2 levels are dressing. we are reducing co2. we are taking it seriously. co2 is going down. and we're trying to address those problems. >> well, for factor's sak's sak proved not to be true. global energy consumption grew at 2.3% last year, nearly twice the rate of growth the world has seen in energy consumption since 2010. as a result carbon dioxide emissions increased overall by 1.7%. there's no other way to do this, it's an up arrow, it's going up. who is responsible for it? the report found that china,
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india, and, you guessed it, the united states accounted for 85% new details this hour on how of the net increase in co2 president trump allegedly emissions. meanwhile emissions declined inflated his net worth to get that year in germany, japan, more money from lenders. our big question is, is that mexico, france, and the united mortgage fraud? today "the washington post" lays kingdom. the higher energy demand was out how the president added driven by two things. a robust global space to his already existing properties to make more money. particularly in india and china and now investigators on capitol where poorer people are coming out of poverty and doing things hill are trying to get to the bottom of this. that cause them to consume more "the washington post" states that when donald trump wanted to energy, as well as extreme make a good impression on a weather conditions that pushed the need for both heating and lender, a business partner, even cooling. a journalist, he sometimes sent get this, the united states had them official-looking documents called statements of financial condition. the biggest growth in oil and now, those documents could run up to 20 pages full of numbers, gas consumption worldwide. laying out trump properties, gas consumption here in the debts, and his multibillion united states dropped 10% from dollar net worth. 2017. but "the washington post" found that is the fastest increase that the numbers were flawed. since 1971. some didn't include properties joining me now, former epa that had big debts against them. some assets were undervalued. administrator gina mccarthy. some numbers were just plain thank you for being with us again. inaccurate. and in 2011, trump's financial gina, fossil fuel emissions in the united states have fallen
10:14 am
statement said he had 55 home lots to sell at his southern significantly since 2005, a talking point the trump administration touts, despite california golf course. but "the post" found that the the fact that most of that city records showed that trump actually happened in the prior administration. only had 31 lots that were ready now we're seeing reversals in for sale there. that process, co2 emissions in virginia, trump complained his vineyard had 2,000 acres. going up. how do we get on the same side it really has about 1,200. as germany, the united kingdom, france, and japan? trump tower, he said it has 68 >> i think it's easy to say, stories. it's actually got 58 stories. it's two words. it's clean energy, and the third get this, in 2013, trump added brand value, meaning his name as word would be leadership. we need u.s. leadership. an asset, valued at $4 billion these elections have consequences. what you see in the united that doubled his net worth from states is 2014 to 2016, we had $4.6 billion to $8.6 billion. leveled off in terms of our joining me now, "washington emissions. now it's starting to creep up post" reporter who wrote this again. you're seeing that china and piece, jonathan o'connell, as india are also increasing their well as our friend nbc legal emissions, because they're so analyst danny cevallos. heavily reliant on coal. thanks to both of you for being here. and part of the challenge that jonathan, let's get up to speed we had to face was the u.s. on where these investigations stand, what documents congress needs to help and work with other countries. we need to stay in the paris is going to sort of zone in on to get to the bottom of it. >> sure. agreement. we need to continue to reduce again, these are mr. trump's or our own emissions through president trump's statements of financial condition. regulations and other market
10:15 am
forces. we have to do our part to be a he called them that. we know only a few examples of legitimate player how he really used them which i internationally, to drive these think is probably what reductions down. frankly, we have no leadership investigators are going to try in the united states right now in the federal government. to get at. we have a challenge to move when his attorney michael cohen issues forward in congress. testified in front of the house, he said that they were passed to the only good news that's no deutsche bank when mr. trump tried to buy the buffalo compan discouraging is that a lot of change is happening despite the we don't know many other fact that we have a president examples of how mr. trump tried who is withdrawing from paris, to use them even though we know who is trying to roll back rules he produced them for 20 to 25 and is actually denying climate years. science. >> it's a well-established fact, >> on the other side you have the green new deal sponsored by danny, that the president lies when it comes to this kind of congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and senator he had thing. where does it become a legal problem? >> it's perfectly fine, probably, to line to ma journalists, to lie to reporters -- senator ed markey. about your net worth. it was put up for a show vote in it may just be puffery. you're not inducing them to give the senate. you anything in return. it takes a turn towards the >> eliminating, listen to this, illegal when you start deceiving eliminating the use of all banks and other lending institutions, where you start fossil fuels nationwide in ten years, get rid of it all. inflating your assets or your value in order to induce them to it might sound like a neat idea in places like san francisco or
10:16 am
give you a loan. and the key under the statute is the intent to expose that bank new york. places that the democratic party to some actual loss or just seems totally focused on these potential loss. days. in other words, it doesn't but the communities practically matter if they give you a loan and you end up paying it off everywhere crushed. >> so president trump made some anyway, no harm, no foul. sort of reference like this last that doesn't work because you night, republicans deploying the expose the bank potentially to a issue from urban democrats to potential loss. that is the key to the bank appeal to urban voters. fraud statute. >> jonathan, you in your report across the country, we are point out that in 2011, donald seeing leadership from places like mexico and wisconsin at the trump valued a westchester county estate for a lot more state level. than the $20 million value the green new deal brought a lot of energy on the table and a lot assigned by local assessors. of positive momentum. you have young people engaged. is there anybody other than you have states engaged. congress looking into this? because obviously there are in new mexico alone, they just levels of cheating, you know, somebody might just get their loan paid off and no harm, no signed a bill to actually foul, but when you assess your value of land incorrectly, achieve zero in 2045, going to somebody gets hurt. clean energy. >> sure, i mean, new york state we'll look in the same idea and officials are looking into aspects of this already. we may not know as much about other states like wisconsin and we have seen change happens in
10:17 am
23 states apart of the u.s. climate alliance who have agreed what's going on on as there is. to push to achieve the paris one other question here before agreement. we have cities and towns all we get going too quickly, nobody over the united states stepping up and doing what they can. has raised their hand like a banker or insurer to my knowledge and says -- mr. trump has obviously been sued many times, but i have not seen we have young people, the reason anyone, no banker or insurer has why this is so concerning is said, hey, listen, we used this climate change is about our information to give him a policy health today. it is about our safety and our or a loan or something and now we feel we have been wronged, future. americans are understanding that which normally you would see in a situation where there was some it is about them and their type of alleged bank fraud or families and they are starting insurance fraud or financial to step up, polling shows that fraud. >> what does that make you the vast majority of people in think? does that mean it was a little this country actually want bit here and a little bit there action on climate. and nobody understood the scope of it so there's no claim from why? because they are feeling it an individual? today. you saw all of the things >> well, one thing to remember is that all the examples of happening. these that we have seen carry with them a cover sheet from an >> yes. accountant showing that with the you have to be buried in the sand to think this is 50 years accountant saying basically, we can't attest to any of these to come. numbers, mr. trump told us this >> we can't stop acting and stop stuff, we don't know if it's looking at all of the great
10:18 am
right or not. change and energy that's happening. and any really obviously large we have solutions and we have to keep driving forward with. or accomplished financial institution like a deutsche bank >> gina mccarthy, a former would be able to see that pretty administrator of the epa. clearly. so it's hard to tell what these documents accomplished for mr. coming up in the case, monenext trump. >> they would be able to tell a expect from mortgage rates and 68-story building is really a stocks in the coming months. 58-story building. we just put up that disclaimer, you are watching "velshi & ruhle" on msnbc. danny, trump's accounting firm adding a disclaimer saying this is just information that our client has given us. billions? they're telling somebody, this is information the client gave americans shouldn't have to choose between us, we're not telling you that it's true. buying medication and buying food for our families. >> that's right, and accountants do that fairly often. it's time for someone to look out for us. my accountant has to rely on the hogwash that i provide h t and congress, stop the greed. with accountants all over the country. so disclaimers like this are not cut drug prices now. that uncommon. and arguably the stronger the disclaimer and the more rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis. outrageous the puffery, i mean, after all, what would an when considering another treatment, ask about xeljanz xr
10:19 am
accountant do with trump's own a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe estimate of his name brand value, how are you supposed to rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis actually analyze that or actually take that seriously? >> goodwill is one of the for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. difficult things to analyze, it can reduce pain, swelling, right? the person who has it always and significantly improve physical function. thinks it's worth more. i happen to think my branding, xeljanz xr can lower your ability ali velshi, is worth more than to fight infections, including tuberculosis. probably you would. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, >> evaluating a brand is difficult from the outset. including lymphoma, have happened. i don't think that anybody looking at these documents would guess that mr. trump or his as have tears in the stomach or intestines, company did a serious, you know, serious allergic reactions, low blood cell counts, higher liver tests and cholesterol levels. assessment of what his brand was actually worth when he puts the don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. number $4 billion on there with zero explanation. your doctor should perform blood tests before it's hard to see -- for me it's and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. hard to see what legal weight that would carry. >> guys, thank you for your tell your doctor if you've been somewhere fungal infections reporting, jonathan and danny, are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, jonathan o'connell, "washington post" financial reporter, danny or are prone to infections. is our nbc legal adviser. don't let another morning go by without asking your doctor later today i'll speak with new about xeljanz xr york's attorney general letitia james. she is taking on donald trump and investigating his finances. that's at 3:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. coming up next, the political crisis in venezuela.
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lowering interest rates. >> here is the thing, this is what's called a yield curve. anybody wf you put it in a year, they give you a little bit. you are supposed to get m is ha yield curve is inverted which means the longer you commit your money for, the less you are actually getting for . >> what is this about? it is a lack of growth around the country. the u.s. is facing an economic slow down, too. it is not that extreme right now. last week we saw the ten year yield curve and the three-month invert. i would loan you money in a short term for a week because i don't think you will pay it back. i will get more relief. >> some people say this is a concern about recession. recessions in history since world war ii, the average time
10:24 am
between them had been five years now to the deepening crisis and nine months. you and i remembered well since in venezuela. we worked together in the last national security adviser john bolton is warning russia about session. we double the length of times between sessions. its military presence in the when you take the inverted yield country. earlier today bolton said the curve and this amount of time u.s. considers, quote, such and a market that's been doing provocative actions a direct that. there is some people that are saying is there a recession coming. they say we are overdue and it threat to international peace and security in the region. has been too long. the united states has been we have really low interest rates and makes loaning a lot calling on president nicolas easier for businesses. we had a really strong job maduro to step down for months amid an economic crisis. market so we may be overdue but now the national assembly that does not mean it will be leader, juan guaido, says like last time. >> last time was a jungle preparations are under way for a mass mobilization to do just that. let's take a quick look at how variety. we don't know we are in it until venezuela got to this point. we are in it or after the fact. back in 1998, hugo chavez was the job growth has been strong. elected president after a decade in the '90s that saw a banking we could see one and the in crisis, high inflation, and rising poverty. this guy was elected to fix that. he promised to fix the economy and revitalize the country's ver verted yield curve. >> if you have good credit and very valuable oil industry. down payment, you can get a the country's oil company had
10:25 am
30-year fixed mortgage for 4% been nationalized back in 1976. chavez didn't do that, but he right now. exerted more control over it, >> people are buying homes, giving the company exclusive meaning people are going to home rights to oil exploration and depot and spending on their production. after a work stoppage caused production to plummet in 2002, home. this kick starts the economy in a lot of ways. it ramped back up, bringing in >> if you took this all the way back, mortgage rate of 10% or billions of dollars. if you've ever bought gas at a 11% or 13%. citgo station, that was a >> we are going back 2010 above venezuelan oil company. now, chavez used the money from 5%. lyft had an ipo today. the oil to pay for things like these are all companies that are housing, education, health ipo'ing, they're going politic. clinics and more which helped that's a sense of strength and some people but artificially excitement of the market. lyft came up and investors bid boosted the country's standard of living. chavez died in 2013 after it up. should regular people worry appointing his deputy, nicolas about this or concern themselves with this? >> a lot of people are concerned maduro, as his successor. maduro has not gained the cult of personality that chavez had of this. lyft lost $900 million last but he's exerted much more year. a lot of these companies are control as the venezuelan losing money. if it does well, we'll see uber economy has collapsed under him, a situation exacerbated by and pinterest and uber and air in ing oil prices over the last
10:26 am
bnb and other companies. it does not mean investors need caracas, venezuelan, and the former spokesperson for the u.s. to buy it now. mission to the united nationsnt >> caleb silver. thank you for watching "velshi & ruhle." i am going to speak to general official. gabe, what's happening in letitia james, she announced a venezuela right now? >> hi, ali, good afternoon. major lawsuit against several as you know, this is a country drug makers. that is used to food shortages, right now kristen welker picks used to power outages over the up our coverage. >> hi ali, it is 11:00 a.m. out last several years. but as the scale and magnitude west and 2:00 p.m. in washington. a day after president trump told of this recent series of the crowd of michigan that blackouts has left a lot of people desperate here, and as you mentioned, escalating collusion is over. tension between the u.s. and russia, china is also bringing the party had given attorney humanitarian aid to venezuela today. the white house, as you mentioned, is now warning russia general barr april 22nd to get and other countries that back nicolas maduro, warning them against bringing in military or the mueller report in full. barr made it clear he'll not equipment here. we've been speaking to people on the ground who comply with their demands. increasingly desperate as they what will democrats do next? try to deal with these food >> we'll subpoena the report. shortages. one woman, angela carlucci, told this president is going t
10:27 am
us she struggled to find food and water for her young daughter as well as her father several weeks ago was low on medicine, he was cancer-stricken and actually passed away during one of these rolling blackouts. she told us why she thought the take a listen. >> i never thought i was going to be like this. i can show you my fridge, if you want me to. this is the worst part, because i just have greens. i can't afford to buy meat. there's store downstairs where you can buy meat but if you don't have light, how can you keep it safe? i deserve better. i don't know if i have to go or if 'it's better if i wait a little bit more. i don't know what to do. i really don't know what to do. >> so now, ali, the question is what will happen in the coming
10:28 am
weeks and months. the guaido opposition government had predicted there would be large scale military defections and that's what the u.s. is hoping for. bu in fact we have spoken with several maduro supporters who say that they plan to stay and fight, that they call guaido a traitor. now, tomorrow, dueling rallies are scheduled here in venezuela, as these tensions escalate between the u.s., not just venezuela, but the countries that are supporting the maduro government, ali. >> all right, gabe, thanks very much, gabe gutierrez for us in caracas, venezuela. hagar has been involved in american efforts in other countries when we don't like something a government is doing. to what degree is that stuff that the person that gabe was talking about, how much of that is nicolas maduro and his mismanagement of venezuela, how much of it is oil prices, how much of it is america and its allies that don't like the socialist government in
10:29 am
venezuela? >> the vast majority of it is nicolas maduro and the decline in oil prices. under hugo chavez, you didn't have the same issues. he brought this leftist, socialist type of government and ruling, there was obviously corruption and other repression but people weren't suffering the way they were under nicolas maduro. he had a much more dictatorial, autocratic style of governing. when oil prices declined, that's when he really tried to seize control, that's when the corruption got worse, that's when venezuela got much harsher in its treatment of oppositionists, in its narco trafficking, related to the highest levels of the government. that all worsened under his presidency. the sanctions against -- the u.s. sanctions against venezuela have not created the crisis. they have probably contributed to its exacerbating, though, certainly following those sanctions. bonn saw the day that john
10:30 am
bolton came out with notes on his paper that talked about troops in venezuela, that seemed designed to be noticed. how does this play out? we're talking about sending troops to other places, there seem to be hints from this administration, and the russians have troops there. >> one of the things that's so shocking and why i think the administration is right in being completely flabbergasted at russian presence in venezuela is that this is our hemisphere. when we talk about venezuela being a national security threat and imposing these sanctions and prioritizing this issue and why we are declaring juan guaido as president is because this is our business. this does pose a direct threat to the united states. having russian presence there is of great concern. now, how it plays out, it's hard to know. when we talked about troop presence, we were talking about it in come on me bm colombia, e how it grows beyond that in venezuela. i like to liken it to arab spring. when i was in the white house
10:31 am
handling syria, there were a lot of familiarities, a lot of similarities, that the u.s. hopes happen such as military defection. >> they're still at the moment supporting maduro. >> exactly. i remember thinking the syrian military would defect from assad and they didn't, it was just a handful of folks. that does make a difference. whether that means we actually put the investment to send troops in, that seems a little far-fetched to me. >> do we know what the people of venezuela want? >> it's hard to say. we do have to follow their tide. at the end of the day this is allegedly about supporting democracy and it's clear that the venezuelans are aware that this is a home-grown crisis, especially when you're talking about economic opportunity. 80% of the population didn't even know who guaido was. at the end of the day that's
10:32 am
about supporting free and fair elections, we do know that that is what they want. >> thanks for joining me, the former spokesperson for the u.s. mission to the united nations. next, a member of the intelligence committee and the oversight committee, we'll hear the latest on the house investigations into russian attacks on american elections. so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? pie! pie's coming! that's what it takes, baby. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7. [zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪
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