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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  March 29, 2019 11:00am-11:59am PDT

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bnb and other companies. likes big ceremonies, but the actual work of getting things through it does not mean investors need >> we are boriciworking on a pl. to buy it now. we are waiting for decisions in congress is very difficult. the court. if decisions are held up, if we >> caleb silver. and this short circuits that for thank you for watching "velshi & ruhle." win on determination of show, but it doesn't short i am going to speak to general obamacare, we'll have a plan circuit it in results. letitia james, she announced a that's far better than obamacare >> he is not the first president major lawsuit against several including very importantly drug makers. to issue executive orders. preexisting conditions which i right now kristen welker picks have always been in favor of. we always have that debate how up our coverage. >> hi ali, it is 11:00 a.m. out much teeth does this horde r or? west and 2:00 p.m. in washington. a day after president trump told ashley, no very great rush, what do you make of that? the crowd of michigan that >> it seems to be a fundamental >> there has been consequential misunderstanding by the president sort of how congress collusion is over. the party had given attorney and legislation works. orders, truman integrated if you recall the president is military with an executive one of the big failures of his general barr april 22nd to get order. first two years was inability you can argue that is a pretty major change. for the white house and a lot of them are not so big for republicans when republicans the mueller report in full. controlled both chambers of most preponderated. barr made it clear he'll not congress to pass full repeal and probably the biggest difference comply with their demands. replace of obama or skinny is the conveying of executive what will democrats do next? repeal, something that still >> we'll subpoena the report. bo tking about senator orders around action. he showed in that clip last week this president is going to mccain giving the thumbs down
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demand that anything that is embarrassing to him and i think and tanking it for them. that this was historic, it would that of those 300 plus pages, a the idea that you have a lot of change history, but it is not a lot of that will fall into the time. this is legislation, it is day that will change history. embarrassing category. complicated and something they'll use the tool of republicans and democrats there is one he did where he had struggle with. executive privilege to redact it is something we have to go military spouses in the room, he said people have been waiting that and of course if they do through both chambers of congress and conference for president's to do this for a long time, he was signing an committee. you don't have the luxury and that which i have every time at all. >> i think that when you think executive order that was really expectation they'll do which of the political implications, just promoting an executive we'll find ourselves in a court ashley, you are absolutely order signed by george bush, fight that can get ugly. right. you look at what happened in >> house democrats are ready to 2018 and that has to be in the they had not been waiting, it was done a decade ago. mind of every republican and accuse william barr of a cover >> it reminds you of the fact up to protect president trump if every democrat on capitol hill. he refuses to detail for that this is a president that this is what politico writes and was once a reality tv star, he up for grabs, mcconnell himself understands, likes, and embraces congress. is running for reelection. the big flash. so the big question we are do you think he is targeting another device and debate over asking today is what questions healthcare is the last thing looking for certain groups when that mcconnell needs. about the mueller report are he does these? >> yeah, there are certainly a democrats still looking to answer? geoff, you and i were tracking joining me now, by phone, former it over this week, you had the lot for certain parts of his mueller report coming out. white house attorney, ty cobb, base, evangelical executive now politically speaking, as you he served during the early look at 2020, they're not sure stages of the mueller this gets him and frankly leader orders, spouses, veterans, a lot of things to show there was the
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investigation. ty, thank you so much for mcconnell over the finish line. joining us. >> that's right, that's why you i really appreciate it. one last week on colleges. >> my pleasure. have kevin mccarthy who leads how are you today? he previewed that at cpac, and >> i am doing well. the house of republicans, critical to have your voice on wondering why the white house in the cpac speech he brought up an important day. wants to relitigate this issue i want to start with the one big a college student who he said mystery looming over the fact which they rather do exploit the had been targeted on campus for that the mueller investigation is now finished. division on the democratic side his speech. the big question on everyone's over issues like medicare for and then he said i promise you mind, why didn't the president all which is this push that we're going to change that. ever sit for an interview with the special counsel. abolished most private health so he can immediately within can you tell us why, ty? weeks say i changed it, there, insurance. they rather talk about that and it is gone away. >> well, i was not involved in not healthcare, you make a good >> and just very quickly, are those negotiations to the degree there some that really stand out point on the mueller report that i think the public believes. for actually having -- you think that was handled by his personal which most republicans by and about, for example, the travel large sees good news for them and good news for the president. ban, that was big, that was >> ashley, just legally to get significant, and it was your take on the developments challenged in the courts, but it counsel. that we have seen the trump was significant. given the cooperation that was >> the travel ban was big, and provided by the white house and administration obviously moving to over turn obamacare, but at technically it was written twice voluntary productions of all the same time stumbling in court documents and interviews of all as well this week. as an executive order. people in the house. the third time was a prokically >> that's right, that's also one the case law suggests that there of the reasons why when this nation, if you want to get happened on monday, a number of naerdy, and that one held up. people in the white house were there has also been some that caught by surprise. maybe -- to sit for an some people argued against it depend on how they're executed. interview. and some of the president's >> just to be clear, you are he will give directions to a saying you guys turned over so
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cabinet officials and advisers cabinet secretary, then it is up argued against what we talked many documents y. about, political grounds but you made the argument, rudy there are also members of the to the cabinet secretaries where giuliani and jay sekulow, made white house council who says it he has had a lot of turnover, he the argument that mueller had is a bad idea legally because been given so many documents has not stocked the agencies over a million that there was no well with underlings, these are you are up against steep hurdles so this is not a winner in any need for an in-person interview, way shape or form. the people you need to bird dog is that the argument that you >> we'll continue to track it. to make sure, it is a long slide are making? >> it is not just the documents, geoff bennett and ashley parker, like laws. thanks to both of you. but every single white house dhs wants to deport on a company >> they get challenged in court. migrant children, will congress allow it? one of the orders that the white person who has to be interviewed we'll take a look at that after a quick break. stay with us. technology was encouraged by the president house was bragging to me about to do so voluntarily. had to do with the affordable >> despite that though, ty, were care act and a judge just jo you surprised by the fact that there was never a sit-down interruinte that captured carbon like trees overturned that issue yesterday. >> coming up next, a crisis of interview? i know you were discussing one. we could help lower emissions. >> i was not that surprised. the trump white house's own making. >> a little surprised? carbon capture is important technology - one more thing after the break. making one more thing after the break at fidelity, we oubecause e with fidelity, and experts agree. that's why we're working on ways to improve it. >> i was pleased for both so plants... institutions. none of them prov can be a little more... like plants. ♪
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degree of cooperation that this white house did. i think it was a good compromise to be able to be proceed by written questions. >> it prevented a 9-15 months court battle that would not generate much information. >> let me read you what the washington post writes today. negotiations between around thanksgiving 2017 and an interview was scheduled for january 2018, but john doud, the lead attorney cancelled the session. he argued against it because he feared that trump could misspeak or could lie. mueller tried to reschedule the interview to know. do you acknowledge there were real concerns that the president may misspeak or perjury himself. >> i didn't have those concerns. i was not involved in the decisions about whether there would be that interview other
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than to the extent of our legal analysis. there's nothing to stop you from moving forward. >> i think john's initial concern was that they could not itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. agree on the proper scope for stay away from any downed wire, that interview at that time and call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out that his colleagues, jay seku w and keep the public safe. sekulow, was on point of pr, they were able to negotiate a whooo! proper scope that worked out for ed gets copays as lowlily go to as zero dollars on want to take your next vacation to new heights? both sides. >> let me just press you a medicare part d prescriptions. tripadvisor now lets you book over a hundred thousand tours, little bit because it was widely ed gets labels clear as day. attractions, and experiences in destinations around the world! reported of a sort of mock and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants. like new york! interview session with president from bus tours, trump and it did not go as well to breathtaking adventures, ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. as mr. doud certainly hoped tripadvisor makes it easy to find and book amazing things to do. would have gone. but what's the fun in that? do you acknowledge the work and you can cancel most bookings up to 24 hours concerning the president may switch to cvs pharmacy. in advance for a full refund. misspeak or say something so you can make your next trip... monumental! perceived as not true and that pg&e wants you to plan ahead by mapping out escape routes could hurt him ultimately. read reviews >> i have seen it described that check hotel prices book things to do and preparing a go kit, in case you need to get out quickly. tripadvisor way. i think the concern really was,
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for more information on how to was it a perjury trap, of a cfp professional is trained, knowledgeable, be prepared and keep your family safe, visit papadopoulos and mike flynn and and committed to financial planning in your best interest. find your certified financial planner™ professional etcetera and etcetera, i don't think that was the special at counsel's intent. i think there were genuine and there is just one more you might or joints.hing for your heart... find your certified financial planner™ professional concerns at some point that but do you take something for your brain. thing before we go. this week washington's been in a with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, based on the negotiations that uproar over the trump they had to get the scope to a prevagen has been shown in clinical trials administration's proposal to cut to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. the education department's reasonable point in order to be budget by 10%. they want to eliminate $18 confident that the president can you should be mad at leaf blowers. million in funding for special answer the questions factually. [beep] >> ty, did mueller ever threaten you should be mad your neighbor always wants to hang out. olympics. the argument is that we had to directly to subpoena the control spending according to president? >> not during my time. and you should be mad your smart fridge betsy devos. is unnecessarily complicated. shen she was grilled for a second time by the senate. >> was it ever raised during your time? but you're not mad, >> did you personally approve, i >> if it was raised, it would because you have e*trade which isn't complicated. have been raised with doud or think a yes or no will do, the their tools make trading quicker and simpler. so you can take on the markets with confidence. jay sekulow but not to my don't get mad. $18 million cut for the special get e*trade and start trading today. knowledge, i am not aware there olympics. was a threat. >> no i didn't personally. >> chore came up with that gets
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it was always outside a special olympic cold medal for possibility. legally you had to approach the first day with the understanding that may be the case. insensitivi insensitivity. >> let's not use disabled children in a twisted way for >> ty, you were clear your we have right now two big your political narrative. strategy was to giver as much caravans coming up from information not to attack the that is disgusting and shameful. guatemala, massive caravans, special counsel and once you walking right through mexico. >> that was 11:00 a.m., five effe mexico can stop them but they hours later an about face. left, rudy giuliani came on the team and he and the president chose not to. started going after robert >> why would you cut funding for mueller and calling it a hoax now they're going to stop them. if they don't stop them, they'll and a witch hunt. the special olympics? did their strategy work? >> it will be funded. close the border. i just told my people want i were they right? we'll keep it closed for a long time, i am not playing games. >> well, rudy giuliani worked to want fund the special olympics. made that threat on twitter. this latest announcement comes i have overridden by people. after secretary kirsten neilson >> that is the president is asking congress to tackle dressing a problem of his own protect the president. in the end he was successful if what she calls a system wide you look at the results. melt down at the border. administration's making. under cutting his education secretary that became the face their approach was not my of the controversy after approach. thuphe negatives of the mueller publicly backing her boss's according to nbc news, neilson will hold families seeking investigation. i would have liked to see both budget for days. but now devos is hinting she asylums and detentions until sides leave the investigation always opposed the cuts saying
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i'm pleased and grateful the their cases are decided. president and i see eye-to-eye behind with some dignity and i joining me now is on this issue. think that dignity sort of being this is funding i have fought restored in the wake of the for behind the scenes for the soboroff, thank you for being last several years. results which showed that there you have it, a fire storm here, appreciate it. >> reporter: you got it. mueller was the honorable guy >> the administration says and a big about face. border crossing is at a 13-year that i thought he would be. high. why is this happening? i'm kristen we'llilker, catch h >> reporter: that's the big >> quickly, are you saying that question, why are we seeing more families in particular from rudy giuliani and some of the president's aggressive attacks central american countries tonight at 5:00 and 10:00. stripped away of the dignity of especially guatemala in between >> i'm glad you said that the process? >> i am saying it drove up the ports of entry in order to because when people saw you at 2:00 eastern, i started negatives of the institution of getting #baby watch tweets. declare declare asylum. you have people coming and the special counsel and >> she is just working a long tactically that may have been that's not uncommon and we have seen it before in previous years day, we had to give her a little beneficial for the president. or administration. this add mministration had made rest. >> i told people if i had a i regret that it can do that. over the course of the long a policy. the critic of the administration hangnail i would not work as battle particularly when tin th much as she is working into her says by limiting the amount of people who legally come in, it presidency. >> i'm not playing games, that is forcing people to cross in was president trump's message president's years that he was between those ports of entry and today as he threatens to close wrongly accused. adding to an already unstable the u.s. and mexico border. this was political exercise situation. when you hear the president
11:09 am
talking about closing down legal before he was even in office. i think his frustration -- he ports of entry as a mean to stop earlier the president was this from happening. visiting ongoing repairs at lake they do the exact opposite as a wore it on the sleeves and he matter of fact. did not hesitate to call them out. >> let me ask you about the okeechobee. fresh water that is struggling you will only see people going questions of obstruction as you into the ports of entry. with toxic algae. know. >> part of the challenge it he was supposed to be touting president trump has said that he seems like you are mapping out is totally vindicated. the progress made, but the here is there is a system over conversation took a turn to i want to bring you from barr load at dhs. other news making headlines. summary. this report does not conclude >> reporter: yes, tlhere is a the president committed a crime on obstruction. it also does not exonerate him. system over load but why and the so when the president says he solution they are proposing. onofhe has been exonerated, is he we heard from secretary neilson accurate? >> yes, i believe so. that today they'll be seeking bill barr and professionals at for legislative fixes of what they call poll factors here. the justice department and the we are talking about two things, one is the settlement agreement deputy attorney general spent three weeks going back and forth on the facts. which limits time that migrant families can be kept for detention and the other one is the facts been presented by for people coming across the mueller. they concluded a, not only no border. the reality is what the administration is asking for is a couple of things. one is to detain migrant basis to proceed on obstruction. b, they did not reach the families in definitely as a article of the constitutional
11:10 am
where the argument is under deterrent and the second one is article two and the president to be able to turn around has complete authority over it. migrants that come into this country to seek seasylum and se >> nancy pelosi says it is not up to the attorney general. congress needs to see what's in them back to the country. that's just putting people into the report because mueller is clear that it does not exonerate him on the question of more danger and a deterrent never works and people continue to come and you are exacerbating obstruction. can the attorney general make the problems. that assessment? >> i agree with john who wrote a piece today highly regarded >> miss escobar has strong words constitutional law professional who said that's a political for neilson. >> i am calling secretary trick. you have to keep in mind, neilson to resign. democrats wrote these >> you are calling for secretary regulations and this law that kirsten neilson to resign? changed to a law that was in the >> absolutely, absolutely. the community is having to come up with the resources and solutions that she is unwilling investigation that was designed to or unable to come up with. that's unacceptable. to limit. barr went as far as he can go >> jacob, strong words, is she under the statue by saying that the anomaly or are you getting he views it in the public's the sense that more and more
11:11 am
pressure are building on interest because of his finding secretary neilson or more and and he'll disclose substantial portion of the report. more people are holding her responsible. >> reporter: the separation of >> but, it is a criminal felony children with parents and their children at the border, they had a credibility problem. to include grand jury information and certainly other what they want to talk bt about interests to be protected. different from the reality on so they know they can't get it the ground. all. we heard the president last they just say that in order -- night, "a big fat con job," >> let me ask you though. democrats are saying they want to see this report understanding people coming into seek asylum. that some is going to be we spoke to senior dhs official protected by the grand jury, that information will be likely asking what's the percentage of be redacted. should the report be made public, is that crucial at this fraudule fraudulent families coming into moment? >> i agree with the attorney the country, only 1%. that official could not give us general to the extent of that statistic offhand. that's the problem the secretary portions of the report, neilson continues to put up a substantial portions of the report can be made public. case from stopping people from i think they will. coming into this country, attorney general is permitted to deterrent based policy when the that. flow of people coming into this >> ty cobb, former white house country don't match up of the attorney, i really appreciate justifications that they are you joining us and appreciate
11:12 am
giving. that's why it is not surprising your perspective. >> always a pleasure and always to me, frankly but you continue nice to talk to you. >> take care, ty. politics to hear calls from democrats for the secretary to resign. >> you have been tracking this issue for a long, long time. davi chris, hethanks to both of always appreciate your perspective. >> reporter: thank you, good to talk to you. >> while you were not looking. there is the swamp and there is you for being here. david, let me start with you, your take aways of what we just this. a literal swamp monster made a cameo of yesterday's heard from ty cobb? confirmation hearing, david >> well, i also was surprised at the time when mueller did not demand to speak to the president directly. i wrongly predicted at the time that he would insist on that. bernhardt. that's really because you can't make this stuff up, folks. we'll be right back. quo obstruction of justice is e focused on corrupt intent and that's a very difficult element that we have been getting. being a usaa member, because of my service in the military, you pass that on to my kids. something that makes me happy. being able to pass down usaa to my girls to figure out. the first thing that mr. cobb means a lot to both of us. said that i thought that was he's passing part of his heritage of being in the military.
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we're the edsons. worthy that mueller did not my name is roger zapata. insist on that. we're the tinch family, and we are usaa members for life. we know mueller was not over ruled by his superiors at doj, to begin your legacy, get an insurance quote today. bill barr made it clear. he made a tactical decision that he could stand to get written answers. i thought that was interesting. it is strange to say as mr. cobb did that the president said he's exonerated and the report you read out loud does not say that. there is a lot of unanswered questions that we have to wait until we see the report to be answered in full. >> what was your take away? i was struck by the fact that he sort of under sores -- mueller never directly made it. ty had a clear strategy. give all the information up front. >> that's right. clearly ty himself and other lawyers and attorney barr's four
11:14 am
page letter, seems to be a strategy. one point following up on a comment that ty made on this interview, one of the item in the report that barr is working on redacting is grand jury, it is unlawful to make grand jury material public. there is a legal way that you can publicize grand jury material, if you go to a court and a judge authorize for it to make public. when the chairman of the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler, spoke with bill barr two days ago. nadler said listen, we would love to go to court with you and join you in a petition to get those redacted be lifted so the american people can see this grand jury material that currently can be shown. bill barr respond to this, "i will think about it." >> do you see the fights are
11:15 am
going there. democrats are not backing down >> without a doubt. there is a couple of potential reasons that barr could cite for redacting portions of that woul become executive privilege. if there is at the beginning of this show, if there is, that's something that can trigger a lengthy legal fight over the definition of how presidential powers work. >> david, let me get your take on this, where is this battle going? democrats are not backing down and they're threatening quite frankly to subpoena barr the report and mueller. do you think it goes there? >> it very well could go there. there will be some words exchange and the usual kind of brink mansh brinkmanship. if barr does hold back or grand jury rules or classified information or even [zara larsson - "wow"] investigation related ♪ information pretending to the
11:16 am
various matters that mueller ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ spun out. i would not be surprised if the end push does come to shove and ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ rather going to court together ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ as jerry nadler suggested on the same side of something of the house executive and executive branch ends up in court on a fight. we'll have to see how forward bill barr can lean to get as much of this out as he wants to do. i would be surprise if mueller's team did not write the report in such a way to facilitate its eventually public release. they had to have known there he called it historical would be intense public interest in this. i hope they would written it in ground breaking. a way that the problematic he brought in a string cortet. material could be relatively easy segregated and the bulk of and it is one of many executive it released quickly. orders that seemed flashier than >> that's a fascinating point. the call is just growing louder they are. from democrats. the 101 executive orders that was reviewed, the order
11:17 am
we'll have to see where it all goes. >> betsy and david kris, thank committ committed committee or you. >> a third time is not always a politics. very little seeked action from charm. we are live in london, brexit is cabinet members. breaking down as we speak. something that trump could a new request from dhs and what accomplish with a simple phone could mean for migrant children detained at the borders. call. thank you for being here, we stay with us. s. stay witush opening doors with cologuard. really appreciate it. turning 50 opens the door to a lot of new things... so for this study, what stood like now your doctor may be talking to you about screening for colon cancer. out to most? luckily there's me, cologuard. >> there is a lot of excitement, the noninvasive test you use at home. there is a band playing, pens, it all starts when your doctor orders me. then it's as easy as get, go, gone. sharpies, it feels big, it feels huge, it feels monumental. you get me when i'm delivered... you look at the order and many right to your front door people don't look at the order, and in the privacy of your own home. even in the room, i'm not sure there's no prep or special diet needed. they're aware what's in the you just go to the bathroom, to collect your sample. order, and it says please after that, i'm gone, publicize this already existing shipped to the lab for dna testing law, or please this will have a that finds colon cancer and precancer. task force t following. cologuard is not right for everyone.
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well, today was supposed to be the day the u.k. left the
11:21 am
european union. today is the day thousands of people took to the streets of london to protest the ongoing brexit crisis. lawmakers voted down the minister's plan for the third time. the deadline is two weeks away. theresa may promised to resign if her plans passed. >> mr. speaker, i fear we are reaching the limits of the process of this house. this house has rejected no deal. this house rejected no brexit. on wednesday it rejected all the variations of the deal on the table. today it rejected approving withdraw agreement alone and continuing the process in the future. this government will continue to press the case that the results of the referendum demands.
11:22 am
joining me now from london, aal ali arouzi, tell me what the people are saying to you? >> reporter: there have been thousands of people here. they are happy her vote went down but they did not want to see this. there is anger of the ruling party and opposition party and the labor party and people don't feel that democracy has been served yet. a lot of the people i spoke with say they revoted for brexit and that's what should be delivered and it has not been. they're scratching their heads wondering why the united kingdom is still part of the european union. they have been holding banners saying brexit means brexit and we want it now. they are angry but there is wide variety of people here. as you speak to the people here,
11:23 am
some of them want a donald trump type figure to take over. others say they are particularly homeless and they don't have anybody to support here. they don't support the mainstream or right wing party. there is a massive sense of confusion in england in the united kingdom. certainty and uncertainty here these days. being here in the middle of parliament square where most people voted for brexit that they want the united kingdom to leave the european union does not get the entire picture. there is also half of this country that want the united kingdom to stay in the european union. they fear the economy here will get much worse than it already is if they leave. they believe the united kingdom is one of the three major players in the e.u. and it won't have that sort of clouds anymore if they leave.
11:24 am
>> ali, standby, you are absolutely right in terms of that bigger picture. 45% support leaving and 55% remaining. i want to bring in bill neely outside parliament in london. if you could put this in a broader context. this is the third times that this vote have failed. what does it mean? >> reporter: three times, she spent two years negotiating with the european union with and three times they have turned it down. behind me you can hear quite angry people. that's the mood here at the moment of a sense of betrayal and anger. for theresa may, it is an
11:25 am
problem. she even offered to resign, even if that's not enough to get it through. she only lost by 58 votes which is a lot better than 2030. you wonder where she goes from here. one place that she will be going is brussels on april 10th to talk once again to european leaders because on april 12th, that is now brexit day, it is the day by default will crash out of the european union unless there is a plan b or something else can be agreed. >> talk about the possibility ahead, could there be another general election? is that something you are tracking? >>. >> reporter: on monday parliament will look at a range of options. they tried this a few days ago and there were eight options on the ballot paper and each one of those was rejected. each one got a note -- you can
11:26 am
hear a lady behind me saying theresa may has betrayed brexit. that's the mood here. on monday they'll try to come up with a plan b. the european union is saying please stop telling us what you don't want and tell us what you do want. just give us a yes to something. we are willing to give you a longer delay. you know we are willing to think about anything including you obviously staying in the european union. the mood is moving towards a possibility of a national election. i don't think a second referendum was on the card. what if the second referendum is 52-48 the other way. what do you do? i am not sure if that's anything possibly poison politics even
11:27 am
more with the people like the lady behind me or angry in a sense that their views are not being listened to. there is a toxic atmosphere here. ali was saying out on the streets people are shouting betrayal or traitor and so on. it is not easy to see. politics from many people say politics have failed here. we have a prime minister who's in office and not in power. so tlhere is a short and easy word for what's happening here. it is a mess. >> as this mess unfolds, there is potential real life consequences for the people living in the u.k. i want to bring ali back. i am going to read from our report. some of the predictions are terrifying. children need food and medicines and basic supplies such as
11:28 am
toilet papers, farmers may be forced to slaughter their anima animals. talk about the angst ans and concerns that this is going hurt the people of u.k. >> reporter: i didn't hear what you are saying. deep concerns here of the economy. e european union lot of the goods that are sent out of this country. there are major economic concerns here. one interesting fact that i was reading was that organic food market is a huge industry here but if they leave the european union, the union says that market will no longer be allowed to be called organic food.
11:29 am
this is going to have a huge effect here. a lot of the folks here in parliament square protesting that the u.k. should leave the european union, don't seem to care. they just say we want to get out and we'll figure it out then. we voted and we want our democratic voice heard. that's the end of the matter. on the other end of the political spectrum. it is a very different matter. it is a deeply divided country. one lady tells me there are huge decline developing within our family and among her friends and it is hard to see how that's going to close in this country going forward. it is an uncertain time for great britain and the political class here are completely unable to pull this through. they're being called incompetent by the people we speak through here. they make a complete shamble of this process.
11:30 am
neither party is popular. behind me are these french movement that are far right and that's a great concern for this country. >> well, it is a political crisis that's unfolding and we'll continue to track it throughout the day and night, bill neely and ali arouzi, thank you so much for your reporting on that. president trump wants the gop to become the party of healthcare. the top republicans in the senate may not be on board that. senator majority leader mcconnell is speedometers on t responsibilities on the white house. quote, mcconnell says, i look forward to see what the president is proposing and what he can work out with the speaker. >> thanks to both of you, geoff
11:31 am
bennett. >> geoff, this is a remarkable situation. it is not the first time that mcconnell had broken with the president. president trump has to come up with a plan. >> here is what's causing disconnect. president trump often engages in what you can call bumper sticker politics, saying things like repeal and replace or republicans are now the party of healthcare. mcconnell does not have that luxury. unlike the president, he has to be invested in all of the political and policies and details and nuances. mcconnell and we all know it is democrats that campaigned heavily on things like healthcare and the economy and it is democrats who were successful in flipping the house. there is also this view that they really want to see how invested president trump is in all of this. this may seem like ancient
11:32 am
history. think back to right before the midte midterm. president trump announced for a tax cut of 10% for middle class americans that never materialized. before republicans go all in on this healthcare thing which they don't seem to think it is a political winner for them. they want to see how serious president trump is about all of this. >> i think you are right. it is an important point and sort of uor that. i asked president trump this plan?day about the timeline.
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