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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  March 30, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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all right. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. i'm phillip mena. now it is "weekends with alex witt." >> good morning, phillip. from msnbc headquarters in new york, it is 7:00 a.m. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." deadline looming. congress demands the mueller report by tuesday. the attorney general says not so fast and delivers another new letter. decoding that next. we're closing the border. we'll keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. >> shutdown threat. the potential fallout if the president closes everything between the u.s. and mexico. is it even possible? inside the numbers. what would happen if the white
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house and republicans win the battle over health care? hey, hey, hey. hey. that's unacceptable. that's the difference between me and trump. >> green new deal. a spirited tongue hawn hall lea to express how she is different from president trump. that's next. new today, the political and legal fight escalating over congress and the public will see from the mueller report as the house judiciary chair insists it should all be released with no redactions. the attorney general writes in the letter to congress, he is prepared to release a version in april. he is prepared to release the material and ongoing cases and information that would infringe on the personal privacy and reputation interests of
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peripheral third parties. jerry nadler says there is ample precedent for the attorney general. this to the appropriate committees. that is a position echoed by the house intel chair. >> bill barr said i will be as transparent as possible as much as the law or policy allows. if he was true to those words as jerry nadler said, he would not be saying i'm cutting the grand jury material. he would be saying, congress, i'm going to the court tomorrow to seek permission to send it all to you. >> the attorney general also says there are no plans to show the white house the report so it could claim executive privilege. barr's defending his memo from almost a week ago. he says that letter, quote, was not and did not purport to be an exhaustive recounting of the investigation. instead a systi summary of the
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principal conclusions. now this is how the president is framing the report to supporters. >> the russia witch hunt was a plan by those who lost the election to try and illegally regain power by framing innocent americans. many of them. they suffered. with an elaborate hoax. >> thans nichols is joining us from the white house. we will talk about the barr letter in a second. the other headline is the president threatening to shutdown the border. >> reporter: good morning, alex. he is threatening to shutdown the border and attaching a deadline to it. that is next week. he wants to see mexico take action with what migrants coming up from central america and coming toward the southern border. you will recall he did something in december. the threat. he did not follow through. when you listen to him this time, it seems the president is
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ginning for a fight. >> we have right now two big caravans coming up from guatemala. massive caravans. walking right through mexico. so mexico's tough. they can stop them. they chose not to. now they will stop them. if they don't stop them, we're closing the border. we'll keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. mexico has to stop it. >> reporter: alex, when the president has deployed threats in the past, he wanted something. last time he wanted asylum seekers who come to the u.s. to make applications inside mexico. he convinced the government in mexico to take that course of action. it is unclear what the president is driving at here. mexico will have a difficult time entirely sealing the border. there will be an economic cost. so much trade with the u.s. and mexico. on the subject about what the president's position is on
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william barr and how much of the mueller report should be released? the president is oscillating a bit. one moment he says he trusts william barr and says it support to him. later on on twitter, he backtracks. the problem is no matter what the radical left gets, it will never been enough. watch. they will harass and complain and resist. we should take our victory and say no. we have a country to run. alex, that sounds like the president is not inclined to have the letter released. william barr is insisting he has authority and congressional pressure. he has publicly committed to releasing a lot of the report with the important caveat of heavy redaction. alex. >> you have to wonder. once you get the report out there, what more is there for the democrats to demand? put it out and we can move on. we will move on for now. we will see you again, hans,
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thank you. let's degrbring in kevin cerill. good morning to the three of you. elisa, we heard threats like this from the president before. i want you to listen to the commissioner warning early they are week. >> two weeks ago, i briefed the media and testified that our immigration system is at the breaking point. that breaking point has arrived this week at the border. cbb is facing a border security crisis along the border. >> okay. so the president's threat. is it a justifiable one this time around? is there a crisis or is this politics? >> there absolutely may be a crisis. it depends who you ask which side if it is justifiable. there is no doubt that there has
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been an increase of people coming to the border. "usa today" reported they are having a hard time hiring age s agents. they have to promote the program. there has been an increase. both sides of the aisle in congress will say there is a problem down there. how they define and what they should do is where they breakdown. that is why they are having a hard time coming to any sort of solution on what to do next. >> kevin, the likelihood the president follows through on this threat. what is that? could it actually happen? is it even possible to close the entire border? does this alleviate the migrants across the border? >> first, i put that question to congress member dan crenshaw yesterday. he said that he is unsure about whether or not the president will follow through on these particular threats. especially since he has made
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these same arguments before. the second point i would make is the one you alluded to which is even if you were to shutdown the border, there would still be illegal immigrants who would still attempt to get through. the economic impacts of closing the ports of entry down on the u.s./mexico border would have significant economic impact s even in the short-term. the bottom line is this is not so much a fight here domestically with democrats and republicans, but this is president trump trying to put pressure on the mexico government. saying wait. get to the negotiator's table here. >> true. okay. abigail, let's move on to the attorney general's letter to lawmakers. i want to look at what bill barr is planning to redact that would are grand jury material and material compromising intelligence sources.
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material effecting other investigations and the material infringing on the privacy or reputation of third parties as described. do you think under these guidelines there could be potepp potential for barr to redact something to help or protect the president? >> yes. that is a concern of democrats right now. on thursday, you had a group of democratic staffers who spoke with reporters who laid out their arguments for preventing barr from taking, you know, doing a number of redactions. they are pointing to watergate. the starr investigation. they are pointing to the precedents set by the house last year regarding certain doj documents and evidence looking at the clinton e-mail investigation and mueller investigation. the arguments made by democrats are there are precedents that say the doj is comfortable turning over this information. they will continue to push that
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and push barr to release as much of the report as possible. they are pushing back against any redaction. barr laid out a number of things there. grand jury material and you are looking at watergate and starr and what was turned over to congress included grand jury information. when we are looking at house republicans and what they do earlier. you saw them hand over documents related to fisa warrants. democrats are really hinging upon the precedents previously set and pushing for a full transparency on the report. >> how, eliza, does the possibility of embarrassing lawmakers and the president's perception of transparency in the process which has been promised, by the way. >> it depends upon the redactions. i think the public can
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understand intelligence methods or some things the public can understand. if they keep that out and the precedent is to release that information and that appeals to the public, they may ask for more. that is what democrats are doing. keeping their fight on getting the full report. getting as much as possible. they are asking for it by next week. bill barr is saying that will not happen. democrats united around that strategy. there is not much else they can unite on the mueller report. it depends on how that resonate with the public. there is some part that the public is willing to accept. if there is precedent, i imagine they will want to see as much. >> there is also if the white house looks at it first. kevin, barr said nope. i will not give it to the white house for review before congress. he writes, the president would have the right to assert privilege over parts of the report, he has stated publicly
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he intends to defer to me. does this at all help democrats think, at least we will not get executive privilege used on this because they have advanced look and say we cannot release. >> i don't expect democrats will praise president trump over the handling of the mueller investigation. we got details within the last 24 hours. the attorney general states this is more than 400 pages. it does not include tables or things tacked on to the end. i was talking with republicans. they said remember the vote the other week. 420-0. 420-0 in the house of representatives where the republicans in the house voted with democrats to say yes, release the report. look, if you look at any poll from rasmussen to quinnipiac or wall street journal. the american people want to see the mueller report released.
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sooner rather than later. >> the poll is saying that. you bring up the point. 420. unanimously. republicans, democrats, everybody agreed to that. abigail, last question to you. barr said i'm going to deliver the report by mid-april. you have jerry nadler saying i want this thing by tuesday. he's reiterating that democrats want the full report. we don't want to see redacted version according to him. is tuesday never going to happen? also, unredacted report? it is just not going to happen? >> obviously, democrats will continue to push that. i spoken with a couple democratic members of congress who said it depends what the conversation looks like. nadler pushed back on barr. hoping for mid-april. maybe sooner. one thing that is important to keep an eye on is what explanation barr might give for the amount of time he is requiring. i think that democrats want this
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now. they don't want to have a number of days continue to pass where the president and his allies can continue to push their message while democrats wait for the full report. >> good point. guys, thank you so much. eliza, kevin and abigail. the renewed promise to deliver better health care, but where is the plan and do republicans even have one? >> we're going to get rid of obamacare. i said it the other day. the republican party will become the party of great health care. it's good. it's important. ormptanting yo t? itt lovely. i'm here to let all these folks know how easy it is to save money on their car insurance with geico- oi oi oi set the pick! kick it outside!! shoot the three! shoot the three!! yessssssss!!!!!! are you...ok? no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy. could we get some ice? just one cube of ice? geico®. proud partner of ncaa march madness®.
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next battle 2020. eye on iowa for the democratic candidates with 19 stops in the hawkeye state. julian castro has seven. john delaney has six. amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren have four and two stops respecti respectively. plenty of campaigning left with ten months away in 310 days. the collusion delusion is over. >> he believes, the president celebrating, what is the mueller report vindication. the odds on proving the president has the best odds. a 40% chance of winning
4:19 am
re-election. the top three democrats trailing him. bernie sanders at 12% and kamala harris at 11%. meantime the president is threatening to shutdown the southern border. nbc correspondent kelly o'donnell has more from west palm beach. it is good to see you. kelly, the president issued this warning before. what is different this time around? >> reporter: he certainly is coming off what he perceives as a victory in the mueller report. looking ahead to 2020. we know that there's really no issue that has been as productive for the president and his allies as the issue of immigration. it fires up his base and fires up the president. perhaps that is why he is returning to it now. it is coming on the heels of the declaration of national
4:20 am
emergency at the border and trying to get border wall built along the border to deliver on that promise. aga again, ahead of the 2020 campaign. it seems it is converging. the circumstances, timing of campaign season and the president's reliance on immigration as a core part of his political story. what he is doing now is threatening to cut off the kind of day-to-day commerce we have seen. the international trade we have seen across the u.s./mexico border and even travel. saying he would do that unless mexico does more to stop i llegl immigration into the u.s. ratcheting up a threat aimed at mexico. >> a very good likelihood i'll be closing the border next week. that will be just fine with me. >> reporter: president trump issued that kind of warning before. now ramping up the pressure.gil mar-a-lago.
4:21 am
to a repairs tour. at florida's lake okeechobee. he said he will penalize mexico economically for failing to curb the migrants. >> i'm not playing games. >> reporter: and on the campaign trail. >> another two caravans are coming up. mexico could stop them. >> reporter: the president lashed out over asylum claims. >> i'm very afraid for my life. >> reporter: mocking some at the southern border. >> it is a big fat con job, folks. con job. >> reporter: the trump administration making dire new claims about an immigration crisis. friday, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen released a statement saying the system is in free fall. she also wrote to congress asking for authority to deport unaccompanied minor children from central america more
4:22 am
quickly. citing the danger posed to children by the borders and the realities of a system reaching peak capacity. friday house speaker nancy pelosi shot down nielsen's request. writing, democrats reject any effort to let the administration deport little children and we reject all anti-immigrant and anti-family attacks from this president. the president was asked by reporter s about the death of te 7-year-old girl from gunshatema. she died in december. the president characterized it as dehydration and claimed her father acknowledged not providing her sufficient water during their journey. lawyers associated with all of this put out new information, including medical records which show she had a bacterial infection that shutdown her organs and not dehydration.
4:23 am
she was seen by u.s. medical personnel when she was apprehended along with her father. there is no notation according to the associated press of any medical problem. that gives you the idea of the dire circumstances. the journey is difficult. there are questions of the children who have been in u.s. custody and if they are getting the proper care. in this case, the president had the wrong facts of the circumstances surrounding her death. alex. >> she died of sepsis as you described there. horrible to be perfectly honest. kelly, thank you. also new today, escalating tensions with u.s. and venezuela. now concerned about the deepening ties to russia and china with nicolas maduro. we have gabe gutierrez standing by in caracas. >> reporter: duelling rallies are scheduled here to show the deep divide.
4:24 am
the u.s. ramping up the pressure on venezuela and warning russia to stay out of it. after a series of blackouts paralyzed venezuela, the red cross is prepared to bring supplies into the country. the first time nicolas maduro has publicly agreed to allow relief from the independent aid organizati organization. many families desperate for water and food. people gather here. according to the u.n., 7 million people are in need of help. the red cross can help 650,000. more than 3 million venezuelans have left amid the economic collapse. >> shameful. i work. i deserve better. >> reporter: angela says her father, low on pain medicine, died during one of the blackouts. >> i don't know what to do. >> reporter: on friday, this chinese plane with medical supplies landed in caracas. parking next to the russian aircraft.
4:25 am
both countries backing maduro as tension with the u.s. escalate. >> venezuela is a big fat mess. >> reporter: the trump administration and other countries recognize juan guaido as the interim president earlier this year. hoping military defectors would oust maduro from power. that hasn't happened. he still has supporters. castro says she would have never owned this small apartment if it wasn't for the socialist government. she calls guaido a traitor. >> what is your message? >> translator: remove the economic sanctions. >> reporter: the white house is warning russia against sending more troops or military equipment in venezuela. the red cross says it wants to stay out of politics and bring aid to the people who so desperately need it. alex. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you for the live report from venezuela.
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the mass illegal immigration across our border is a direct consequence of democrat supported loopholes. democrat promises of amnesty. >> mexico is tough. they can stop them. they chose not to. now they will stop them. if they don't, we're closing the border. we'll keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. >> the president is taking aim at democrats and mexico as he threatens to close the mexico border next week. joining me now is matt cartwright. congress member, good to have you back on the broadcast. can the president shutdown the border? >> happy saturday. how are you? >> i'm great. anyone along the border is in question. sir, how does the president
4:31 am
shutdown the border? is this feasible? what would this look like? >> well, alex, i hope you recognize this for what it is. a massive attempt to distract us from what our focus is on in the house. that is, of course, rebuilding american infrastructure, expanding health care and making it more affordable and bringing down the cost of prescription drugs. to try to distract us from that, we have the latest issue about the border. the president has brought this up before. he threatened to close the border before. this is not news. it is simply a distraction. >> okay. to your point, yes, this is what we heard consistently from the white house for well over two years. do you think the president is overhyping the crisis at the border? might democrats be under playing it? if this is all about politics
4:32 am
and this is a crisis, what type of crisis? a humanitarian or a national security crisis? >> the answer to your question, alex, is yes. the president is overhyping it. that's what he does. he's really good at overhyping things. he is sticking to his core competency. democrats are for border security, alex. that's why we beefed up the dhs budget on border security much more money for inspections at the ports of entry. we're talking about better technology. scanning for people and contraband. democrats understand this. we understand our obligation to respect the american people and sovereignty. you know all our position on all this and the american people do too. we don't need to be distracted
4:33 am
by the latest attempt by the white house to do that. >> let's talk about the mueller report. the attorney general, as you know, is planning to redact information from the report that he determines may damage the reputation of people called peripheral to the investigation. is this a national security argument or is this about politics? >> well, you are asking everybody to speculate about how much the attorney general will redact from the mueller report. my guess isn't any better than anybody else's. i hope he will redact the bear minimum to protect against disclosures of national security secrets and to protect people from undue intrusion into their personal lives. >> are you worried about that? he would redact something to protect the president? >> sure.
4:34 am
that's a natural worry. i am encouraged by the fact i think the white house has said they're not invoking executive privilege. they left discretion up to the attorney general to do that. we will hear from the attorney general next week on the appropriations committee. i think the week after next. april 9th he's coming in. we'll talk about that. i'm also even more interested in why he wants to repeal the affordable care act and knock 20 million people off their health insurance in the country and put people with pre-existing conditions back at risk for having to pay unbelievable premiums for health care and on down the line. something that has become very popular and necessary in the country. all of a sudden, the justice department has decided to legislate on health care. >> look, i'm going pick up on health care. you brought this up. you serve in the veterans affairs appropriations sub
4:35 am
committee there which is a great concern for you. i'm curious what the response is of your constituents when they hear the president wants to fully repeal obamacare again. are they worried? can democrats overcome any of the proposals? >> my constituents are worried on a wide range of topics coming out of the white house. i did a senior fair in scranton. everybody is asking me. matt, they want to cut medicare and cut social security. they want to cut medicare by $500 billion in ten years. in direct contradiction of the promise not to touch medicare. this is what i'm hearing. i have to tell people "they" is not me. it is coming from the white house. you know, they want to cut meals on wheels. and they want to cut special olympics and all of these popular programs. part of me wants to say the
4:36 am
president really is not aware of these things and that's coming from mick mulvaney or some of the ideologues that work for the president. i think the president reversed the decision on special olympics after betsy devos caught it full force in the committee hearing. >> right you are. representative matt cartwright. thank you. we are just getting started on saturday. at the top of the hour, we have "up with david gura." what do you have? >> two stories. the washington post about donald trump exaggerated his wealth and statements of financial conditions. in the article, alex, they note how long this has been going on. interesting back and forth between trump and one of his biographers that led trump to being deposed about finances. we are lucky that reporter is tim o'brien. he is with us this morning. you remember the back and forth
4:37 am
whether robert mueller would insist on an interview with the president of the united states. that never materialized and a lingering question as we await the full mueller report. that is why. in that is something phil rucker took a look at. he will join us on "up" as well. >> so am i. i'll be watching. thank you, david. coming up next, oac town hall and the moment she scolded an audience member. the big moment that garnered a headline. the big moment that garnered a headline oh my dr p drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪
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we have a chance of killing obamacare. we almost did it. somebody unfortunately surprised us with thumb's down. we'll do it a different way. we'll get rid of obamacare. i said it the other day. the republican party will become the party of great health care. >> the john mccain reference again. the president digging in on the sharp turn to eliminating obamacare. surprising democrats and republicans alike with the shift days after the mueller investigation wrapped up. we have joe watkins, former white house aide to george h.w. bush. honestly, the john mccain thing, joe, again? it is getting old. let's look at what "the new york times" had. it was an article with the impact of removing obamacare
4:42 am
which touches the lives of most americans. look at the numbers. 21 million people could lose health insurance. 21 million. 60 million medicare ben fi beneficiari beneficiaries. 133 million people could lose coverage with pre-existing conditions. he has no plan, joe. why is the president reviving this battle now? do you think he underestimates the political risk? this is what people will vote on next year. >> it affects people run for the house and senate and republicans didn't do well in the 2018 cycle on health care and right now, republicans are tasked with scurrying to find a plan to work to put together a plan if it replaces aca and if it could actually work and not repel american voters. american voters expect something that will protect pre-existing
4:43 am
conditions. they have a lot of expectations. meeting those expectations will be hard for republicans. that is what republicans are tasked with. finding a plan and putting together a plan in time. >> it's so interesting, lauren. it feels like the white house is punting and congress is punting on this. you have mitch mcconnell. he totally wants to stay out of it. he said i look forward to seeing what the president is proposing and what he can work out with the speaker. no one wants to touch this. does it suggest to you that the president may have handed democrats a gift here? >> i think politically democrats are the only ones that win here. look, all of the polls, before the 2018 midterms and now reinforce the same thing. americans on both sides of the aisle want to protect all of the nuts and bolts of what is in obamacare. the reason why is the efforts over and over again failed in congress to repeal obamacare
4:44 am
because the american people have been extraordinarily vocal about their commitment to retaining these coverages. it is like a house of cards. you can't have coverage for pre-existing conditions if you don't also have larger numbers of people in the pool which is why obamacare is structured the way it is. remember, the way obamacare was built, it was built largely because of objections from the republicans. that is why we don't have a single payer system. we are talking 70% of americans support the coverage that exists in obamacare. the republicans got killed on this in the mid terms. the number one issue that voters voted on in 2018. the number one issue they vote on in 2020. kevin mccarthy was appalled after he called the white house and said what gives. everyone loses here. >> especially voters in parts of the country. the kaiser family foundation.
4:45 am
the stats show trump voters are the ones that stand the most to lose if obamacare is struck down. joe, you have west virginia, mississippi, kentucky right at the top of the list. >> florida, too. >> biggest impact would be felt here. do you think trump voters realize they are most hurt ? >> if they didn't, they will realize it. these numbers are on point here. this is one of the reasons why so many republicans were surprised by the president's move to do this. especially right after the mueller report. this is putting the republicans in a difficult position. how do you fashion something? lauren was right saying in 2018 the republicans took a hit at the polls because of health care. if they don't fashion something that works, we will take a hit again in 2020. >> lauren, let's talk about the town hall with alexandria ocasio-cortez. it happened last night. here is a clip of her speaking
4:46 am
about the need for action on climate change. >> entire united states government knew that climate change was real and human cause in 1989. the year i was born. the initial response was let the market handle it. they will do it. 40 years and free market solutions have not changed our position. this does not mean that we change our entire structure of government. what it means is that we need to do something! something! and that is what this solution is about. >> lauren, quickly, do you think aoc is the best spokesperson for the democrats? >> she has done an incredible job of moving public opinion toward the idea and concept of a green new deal and concept of taking stronger government action. she deserves enormous credit. she has done that.
4:47 am
i think the challenge for her and the challenge for anyone that's trying to craft real solutions, one of the things she said last night which you did not show is she doesn't care if she will work with congress to get this done. she is focused on public opinion. if she wants to get something done, you have to show an ability to work with the existing members of congress. not just blow up the system. we will not get meaningful legislation. that is what we need. >> there's something i want to play, joe, another moment from the town hall last night. i want us to watch it and get your reaction on the other side. here it is. >> the entire green new deal. it is literally impossible with the number of committee references that you have in the course of that. so is it possible we say, listen, climate change is the thing we are seeing the whites of its eyes. we have to act now. can we come back maybe to universal basic income later?
4:48 am
>> no. >> no! >> hey, hey, hey, hey! that's unacceptable. that's the difference between me and trump. >> that's good. i agree. >> that's a good response. >> i thought that was terrific on her part. i thought it was so on point and the right thing to do. republicans have not been kind to aoc. man, she did the right thing. she was kind and we don't need that incivility. >> she was good. she said that's unacceptable. that's the difference. she got it from both angles. lauren and joe, good to see you. another side to the story. the details we are learning about hope hicks and the conversation that caught the attention of the special counsel. guys do whatever it takes to deal with shave irritation. so, we re-imagined the razor with the new gillette skinguard.
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a former trump communications director is facing new accusations this week as claims emerge about poszable obstruction. former trump legal person says hope hicks lied to mueller about
4:53 am
the trump tower meeting to mislead the special counsel and public. >> i pointed out the statement was inaccurate and there were documents that would prove that. hope hicks replied to me when i said, look, there are documents. she said nobody is going to see the documents. i said we can't talk about this anymore, you have to talk to your lawyers. that could be construed as obstruction. the threat to withhold documents, what does that mean? nobody is ever going to see them. what are you going to do, destroy them? >> hope hicks denied this claim. however, would this be considered illegal? go through the motions here of what could have been intimated. >> take a step back, this is a spokesman for the legal team. he was not an attorney in, especially not in the sense of working directly for the white
4:54 am
house. when hope hicks calls him on a conference call with the president and talking about destroying documents, there is no way, no how privilege is going to attach to this and to the degree hope hicks is talking of destroying documents that could amount to obstruction. normally, there's not a lot wrong with lying to the press, maybe not to the public, but, if you start lying in the course of or to deceive investigators in a federal investigation, that is very clearly a crime. so, what he talks about in the podcast is the distinction that generally lying is maybe immoral, but not illegal, however, lying to governmental authorities, especially in connection to an investigation gets into obstruction very, very quickly. >> we know mueller finished the investigation without reaching any legal conclusions on obstruction. even if mueller believed hicks did lie, what would that mean, there's not evidence to convict?
4:55 am
is that why he didn't pursue that? >> we are speculating what mueller believed in terms of obstruction. >> right. >> in my ways, mueller reached conclusions, sorry, strike that. mueller articulated the facts to barr about obstruction, but declined to reach a conclusion as to obstruction. there are several reasons for that. i think one of the most significant are under the principles of federal prosecution, you need more than probable cause. you need probable cause and a compelling reason for federal prosecution. that's their own policy. it may not have met that exacting standard. as the barr letter said, explicitly, there was evidence on both sides of the obstruction issue. it is anything but a clean bill of health. >> look, this is all relative to, allegedly, the russia investigation. that would have been what the president was talking about, if the documents were destroyed,
4:56 am
what was surrounding this trump meeting. >> yes. >> would this lead to any other investigation out there that you know of? >> it could possibly. we know that mueller farmed out a number of these investigations to other u.s. attorneys offices and they could be ongoing. that is possible. >> okay. thank you, as always, my friend. how businessman donald trump inflated his net worth and how it may cost him. inflated his net worth and how it may cost him. ♪ carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole.
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that's a wrap for me on this hour. i'll see you at noon eastern. stay where you are. it's time for "up" with david gura. ♪ hello on a saturday morning. this is "up." waiting on the mueller report, which is attorney general now says will be available in mid-april, if not sooner, with redactions something the president supports. >> i have great confidence in the attorney general. if that's what he would like to do, i have nothing to hide. >> it's been a week since bill barr released his memo. they are complaining the four pages is not adequate especially when it comes to obstruction of justice. >> that was the


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