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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  March 31, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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damage is stopped, it's not a story that's very well told, right, because the worst has that does it for me today. been averted. it's very hard to look at thank you for watching. another country and say, look, "a.m. joy" with my colleague joy they averted disaster, because a reid starts right now. disaster was averted we never saw a disaster which is circular don't be satisfied with the logic. mueller report. this is bound to happen again we have to be imaginative and not so much look to other because these arrogant lying countries as look at really what's lacking and what's condescending leaking haters of lacking, i think, is an understanding that there has to you and me and the america that be a future oriented politics, doesn't have power are going to that donald trump is talking about, you know, taking america do it again unless we stop them, to an imaginary past and he's and the only way to stop them is with justice, true justice, and offering this crazy reality as a way of sort of coddling people, making them comfortable, making that's behind the bars justice. them feel like they are in some sort of controlled space. good morning and welcome to "a.m. joy." what we need is the opposite of well, we often talk on this show that, which is not calling him about earth two, the alternate so much on his lies as offering universe ruled by donald trump, his handlers and his adjunct a different vision. >> masha gessen, it's always media outlet fox news, a place where the nation is under good to talk to you.
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invasion and facing threat by a i really appreciate you being hoard of migrant children trying here to try to help us get through it, thank you very much. to get in. a place where the biggest threat >> great to be here. >> thank you. is not gun violence or poverty when we come back, i will be or the coming workforce crisis joined by my political panel to from automation, it's discuss team trump's spin on the barr report. the immigration. where anything that doesn't line barr report. on nice donald trump is labeled fake news and where the possibility that an american president was elected with help so, recently my son's band was signed by a record label. from a foreign adversary is all while we're on the road, i can keep my parents in the loop with the whole facetime thing. one giant hoax. now, of course, russia-gate is i created a rockstar. (both laughing) not a hoax and we still don't (announcer) the best network is even better when you share it. know what robert mueller's buy the latest iphone and get iphone 10r on us. investigation under covered about russia's attack on our election. among the few people who do know what's in the mueller report is attorney general william barr who after absorbing nearly 400 pages of mueller's findings plus attachments in about 48-hours' time released a four-page letter summarizing what he called the principal conclusions at the report and snippets of sentence that report that seem to clear the president and his campaign of conspiracy and obstruction. a different vision.
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barr report. a different vision. from there with his attorney barr report. general in full control of the mueller report messaging donald trump took his no collusion version of reality on the road with a patented post-mueller rally in michigan. a different vision. >> special counsel completed its barr report. a different vision. barr report. report and found no collusion and no obstruction. total exoneration, complete vindication. >> well, that of course is not true, even barr's exculpatory letter admits that mueller was unable to exonerate trump on obstruction of justice, but what matters to trump is not reality, but rather ensuring that his base can restate his no collusion claims passionately in the next election. but the actual reality for donald trump and for his party is that a majority of americans continue to live on earth one, where new nbc news polling shows an overwhelming majority do not believe the trump/barr spin on the mueller report.
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40% of americans in the poll take an after barr's letter do not believe that robert mueller has cleared donald trump of so, recently my son's band was signed by a record label. wrongdoing and 31% are unsure, while we're on the road, i can keep my parents in the loop with the whole facetime thing. that leaves 29% of americans basically the size of trump's i created a rockstar. (both laughing) hard core base, who believe his (announcer) the best network is even better when you share it. version of reality. joining me now is masha gessen. buy the latest iphone and get iphone 10r on us. i really wanted to talk to you this morning. good morning, first of all. >> good morning. >> i wanted to talk to you because the thing -- the two things about the trump era that seem to be true are, one, that trump creates his own reality, full stop, and his party follows along with the reality that he creates, but the second one is that donald trump has not been able to really impose that reality on a majority of americans. consistently about the same percentage approves of his performance, about the same percentage it levers up and down by one or two percentage believe whatever it is he says and on this mueller report a smaller than what would normally be his
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base believe his version of the findings and you can see it there that bill barr put out. what do you make of the fact that donald trump has not been able to expand the universe that believe his reality? >> you know, on the one hand it's good news and it is helpful for us to realize that it's not half and half, that we don't have this, you know, divided america, evenly divided america, which is a common misconception. at the same time i'm really, really worried and part of the reason i'm really, really worried is that, yes, we have this majority of americans who don't believe that alternative reality, which is a very -- it's -- it's a crazy reality in a very totalitarian way, because it's like the only available reality in that university and it -- the only way that it can exist if it's impervious to any kind of fact. >> right. he should take this moment >> the problem with the other reality, the more sort of as an opportunity to reset and fact-based reality, is that
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relaunch his presidency. there isn't a lot of fact to show the country that the left base it on. wasn't just wrong on russia, what i mean is, you know, we they were wrong on just about don't have solid ground to say everything. go to the inner cities, go to that donald trump's claims of the blue states, expand this vindication and exoneration are movement. show your heart. you're charming. and have fun. false. at this point we don't know. winning is fun. this condition of not knowing is win over the media, win over a symptom of trumpism. the country, you're wacharming e there's so much not knowing that trump administration and media has been happening in the last outlets are out in force. two years that we've normalized here is vice president mike the not knowing. pence doing his version. >> and, you know, masha, to that >> the special counsel confirmed what president trump said all point i want to play -- and this along, there was no collusion has become emblematic of the trump era, this is kellyanne between the trump campaign and russia during 2016 and the ag conway telling us the way that they view reality and fact. said there was no obstruction of take a listen. >> you're saying it's a false hood and they're giving sean justice. >> okay, well, that, of course, isn't true. but what impact will theil in p spicer our press secretary gave alternative facts to that. >> when you tell me that he should testify because he's going to tell the truth and he shouldn't worry, that's so silly 2016? joining me now is navid jamali because it's somebody's version
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of the truth, not the truth. he didn't have a conversation -- author of "how to catch a >> truth is truth. i don't mean to go like -- >> no, it isn't truth. truth isn't truth. russian spy" david corn. >> and, you know, masha, to your point and the reason a lot of i think where we ended is where people are nervous even when i want to start with you. they see the majority of nothing has changed in terms of americans tend to believe in the vulnerabilities of the actual reality, is that jeanine united states other than the fact that we have a president of pirro described her side, the united states who may have been elected due to some of described the pro-trump side as those vulnerabilities and the the people without power. interference of a foreign power as the people without power. you and me and the america that and the fact that he is now doesn't have power. claiming vindication on anything so she describes them as sort of fighting against the powerful to do with that campaign interference. >> it's crazy. america, but they are the look, the reality is even if it powerful america. they run the country and not doesn't rise to the level of only do the trumpists run the criminality it is clear that russia in some fashion either by country, they have control of the white house and one half of design or by accident held congress, their side decides donald trump ascend to the what we get to know about what presidency. that's the reality. mueller found. they are the ones who are going the other part is if someone is to decide what we get to learn completely innocent, has nothing in -- no skeletons in their about this 22-month closet you don't write a 400-page report saying that. investigation. to your point they do control i'm sure what is in the mueller what we get to learn at this
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report is something along the stage. >> absolutely. lines of donald trump is a dirty i mean, with the mueller report we have now heard from william s.o.b. but nothing may have barr that he is going to release it before mid-april, i hope risen to the level of that's true, and i really -- i criminality. >> you have been in this world. what the barr memo, the barr really wish we would sort of step back a little bit and stop letter or barr report ask alleging is that two things did making claims about things we not happen. don't know. we don't know what's in the >> right. >> one, that the trump campaign mueller report and i wish we actively conspired with the lived in an america where we could just trust what the internet agency, the entity that attorney general said and, you know, trust that that's -- hacked the dnc and they didn't directly conspire with wikileaks that's as complete a summary as to get those e-mails. a four-page summary can be. we can't. but we still don't know what's the question is if what they did in the report. was simply be the recipients of but, you know, what's symptomatic about the clips you just showed is that that clip of very many entreatees by a lot of kellyanne conway goes back to russians who were saying i can january 2017. from the very first days of this get you the e-mails, meet with me in trump tower, i can get you administration the message was this administration will not be the e-mails, if you take all of accountable, we will not even those meetings in a normal pretend to have any kind of situation what would a campaign transparency, it will not even have done if five or six or ten members of the campaign were pretend to give anything but getting those kind of entriesees sort of a clee clair testify from russians? >> i think it's important to
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reality that's impervious to fact to the american people. understand what the russians and we have gotten so used to were trying to do. the real is the russia played that, we now go for six weeks the trump campaign. they made promises to give without a white house press briefing. hillary clinton e-mails to them that used to be a daily thing and that never materialized. and it was televised. do you remember that? on one hand the trump campaign >> yeah. yeah, i remember those days. got nothing out of this. >> but it doesn't even feel on the other hand it's clear that you have a duty as an insane. it's like we don't wake up every american, look, if you see a crime you should call 911. morning and say, this is another this is the same thing. day without a white house press the fact that none of these people -- it shocks me to this briefing. >> yeah. >> this is another day when the day that none of these people media don't have access to the bothered to call the fbi, never state department. thought that a foreign power is >> yeah. and even if they did, i mean, reaching out to me to offer the challenge is even if there opposition research that i was a white house press shouldn't alert the authorities briefing, there is not any, you and any stretch of the know, firm sense that you can imagination it boggles the mind. rely on whatever is said in that we are dealing with people that briefing actually turning out to have no loyalty to this country. be true. it's all a dystopian world and >> david corn, i think you've said it many times that that's distorted. kind of part of the challenge i want to play any sound bite here, right, is that if the because the other thing that has trump campaign was also being become bland and people have gotten used to is donald trump's essentially played and being told by multiple russians we can use of his reality and the way get you those 30,000 e-mails, we will get them to you and you that he communicates that to his supporters and what they say keep taking the meetings, keep back to him really speaks to taking the meetings, then you
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kind of -- i mean, he is not add to that jared kushner saying implementing this as of yet, but i also would like to have a let me play for you the rally that donald trump had after the clandestine communication with you, kremlin, in a facility barr report came out and what where the american intelligence he's using it for. community can't hear, that in take a listen. theory is what might be -- we >> all of the current and former don't know what's in the mueller report, but in theory might we officials who paid for, promoted expect that some of that narrative may play out over and perpetuated the single those 400 pages and maybe that's the reason that we're seeing a greatest hoax in the history of less than enthusiastic idea of politics in our country. releasing an unredacted version ever it? >> there were two things that they have to be -- i'm sorry -- donald trump and the campaign they have to be accountable. did throughout the campaign that i consider aiding and abetting the russian attack, they had the meetings that i just discussed while some of them while the >> i mean, that continues to be attack was under way, while chilling to me. people even had become somewhat it's people have sort of gotten used to it, but donald trump public, and that would be seen as an encouraging sign to the controls the mechanisms with russians. which one could prosecute we have e-mails, dirt to give people, right? you as part of a secret plan to he has now a very loyal attorney help your campaign. general, he controls those oh, yes, we're happy to meet mechanisms and he has a party with you. that has said they would like to we're disappointed we didn't get anything, but when you have now begin investigating hillary clinton and investigating the jared kushner, paul manafort and obama administration, going back donald trump jr. taking those
7:10 am
and doing investigations of the people who simply tried to find meetings while it's being out what russia did to us in our reported that there's stuff out there that the russians are election. >> well, not only does donald trump have his loyal attorney doing, that is a green light, it tells the russians they don't general, donald trump has also mind, they want us to do this, been extremely efficient, they want to work with us, and unusually efficient for his publicly at the same time administration in appointing throughout the campaign they are judges. that's the one thing that has out there saying the russians sort of been working like aren't doing anything, an attack clockwork. at this point from what i is under way and they're saying understand he is coming up on there is no attack. so they are echoing russian one-sixth of federal judges disinformation and helping the russians get away with it. put aside collusion and direct being trump appoint's after just two years. conspiracy, i've been saying this is terrifying. this for two years now, i know i the clip that you played also is sound like a broken regular to i'm always struck by his use of regular viewers, that that's the language. we often look at the way that trump talks, and, you know, he scandal. that trump helped them get away with this because he thought it sounds barely coherent and yet was going to help them and he was on the side of a foreign he has an uncanny talent for adversary. i hope that the mueller report taking language and turning it around on itself. outlines that and gives us a right? the least accountable president greater wider perspective on that part of the scandal. in american history probably is saying we have to hold them >> and, you know, jennifer accountable. ruben, we just spoke with masha he's doing that reversareversal. he's acting as though he is the and i think she had sobering person without power, which is
7:11 am
exactly the same way he uses the realities that the vast majority of americans at least according phrase witch-hunt. you can't have a witch-hunt to the polling that's out since the barr report came out believe against the most powerful man in the world but he uses that over what david corn just said, that and over again. there's something wrong with -- he acts like somebody who doesn't have power. that this isn't okay, right? he is still campaigning against and that he isn't clear of it. the imaginary elites, but he's did mueller clear trump? using words from the political 40% say no, 29% say yes, about conversations like accountability to completely hollow them of meaning. the size of his base, 31% uns e how can you use a word that's been used to mean its opposite unsure, that makes 71% that either say no or they are not really sure. when you break it down by party so much? >> and, i mean, the thing about, what's durable for donald trump i think, americans are not used to this kind of a system, there is that republicans believe him, republicans believe him and are countries all over the world believe in him, you can see that that have this kind of a governmental system and because that bar for clears donald trump americans aren't so used to it i think a lot of people who is at 64% for republicans, 29% consider themselves a part of the resistance to what we're not sure, only 11% say no. seeing aren't sure what to do about it. so that that's durable for him. is there an example in the world of what people have been able to if you look at his approval do in response to this kind of number it's the same, it's 43%, it's down like two clicks from government? >> you know, the problem with where it was before that, that this kind of government is just stays hard and fast. that -- i mean, at this point we i wonder when you zoom out to sort of the world looking at us have donald trump who aspires to in this moment where russia be an autocrat and has to some essentially got away with it,
7:12 am
got away with attacking our extent been kept in check by election, the current american institutions. there is an optimistic view look administration doesn't seem that at how well the institutions enthusiastic about doing anything about 2nd and now they have held up. for two years into this have their attorney general out administration i wouldn't say they have held up so well, he saying nothing to see here. we have another election coming has done profound damage to up, right? political culture and to does the rest of the world that might want to do the same thing political institutions and most of all, of ill, when that kind think, well, it's sort of a smorgasbord, come on in? >> absolutely. i think we're now divided into two americas, one who believes everything donald trump says and one who believes nothing. in a strange way that constant lying what you no, sir hurt him because whatever he says, even if there's some vicinity of the truth in sight, people are not going to listen to him. so that's a protective mechanism, i think the american people have adopted. your point about foreign adversaries and foreign friends is absolutely correct. not only do they look at this but they look at all of the things he has done on behalf of russia as he has been president. he has handed them syria, he has attacked nato, he has suggested that nato perhaps doesn't have a
7:13 am
place, he has started trade wars with our allies, he's done just about everything that reasonably the russians could expect of the united states president. so i think the impression both among our friends and adversaries is this man is a fool, he can be played. maybe he has some monetary interest, but maybe he is just a fool, in the same way that he was played by the north koreans and that is a very dangerous situation because people will attempt to take advantage of that. >> lastly just because you have dealt with these guys, what will the russians take from this? >> jennifer is absolutely right, if the north koreans can play donald trump the russians are far for skilled from this. this is all about manipulation and we have someone that is just not able to counter that. he seemingly seems -- it's like shiny keys, he will go to whatever they say and we have no counter against that because he is the president. >> thank you very much, david corn, a scary day on sunday. jennifer will be back. david thank you very much. jennifer will be back later.
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should be a matter of profound regret to every member of this house that once again we have been unable to support leaving the european union in an orderly fashion. the implications of the house's decision are grave. >> across the pond there is complete chaos as prime minister theresa may remains at a standoff with britain's parliament on how to resolve the brexit crisis. may's plan on how they will leave the european union was rejected for a third time on friday. britain has until april 12th to come up with any plan, but it's not looking good. a global crises facing a world without a global leadership and could soon see a weakened great britain as well. alley arouzi joins us. britain and brexit if they leave the european union without a deal, spell out for us what that would mean.
7:19 am
>> well, joy, i don't think anybody quite knows. it's an utter mess here and living memory politics and policy has never been so muddled in this country. i've been speaking to citizens and business owners primarily who are very worried about the future. they're baffled as to how a supposedly mature democracy like great britain that plays a central role in global affairs and is one of the world's strongest economies for now has gotten itself into this chaotic disorderly mess and are not showing any signs of getting themselves out. despite an embarrassing third defeat, threats of resignation by her own cabinet and calls for an immediate resignation from the opposition and maebs of her own party theresa may is not ready to bid farewell to the deal she brokered or her team in office. her cabinet and herself are trying to find ways to bring that withdrawal agreement back
7:20 am
to parliament for a fourth attempt, prompting many here to ask the question when does determination become delusion? we have to give her some credit, she's shown stamina and stubbornnessness to press ahead with a deal that she believes is the least bad of all the options for the country, but that determination isn't enough without support that she needs from inside and outside her party. the brexit timetable is slipping away, collaboration is in short supply, members of her own party have said that she's over, this is a disaster, and labor mps just aren't backing her, the irish democratic party which she relies on for support isn't backing the deal so everything remains in the dark for her party and the citizens of this country. >> very quickly, ali, is part of the problem that britain has turned against it, brit tans have had second thoughts? there is a poll out showing 55% of brit tans would vote remain. is that part of the problem? >> that is part of the problem.
7:21 am
i think a lot of people that voted for this voted with their eyes closed, they said we were duped by the opposition, this he gave us false numbers and false figures and, yes, they are having buyers' remorse so to speak. there is on fusion here. people say if there was another referendum vote and it tipped the other way say 52/48 we would be in the same on fusion. >> it is quite a can a none dumb. thank you for sorting it out for us. really appreciate it. coming up, joe biden's response to this morning's allegations that he kissed a female politician without her consent. that story is next. that story it (pirate girl) ahoy!!!!! gotcha! (girl) nooooooooooooo! (man) nooooo! (vo) quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker, and is two times more absorbent. bounty, the quicker picker upper. openturning 50 opens theuard. door to a lot of new things... like now your doctor may be talking to you
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kind of preparing myself to give please remarks, it's the very last days before the election and very unexpectedly and out of nowhere i feel joe biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up very close to me from behind, lean in, smell my hair and then plant a slow kiss on the top of my head. >> former nevada assemblywoman will you see has accused former vice president joe biden of inappropriately touching and kissing her without her consent at a rally in 2014 during her run for lieutenant governor of nevada. msnbc not verified what she said
7:26 am
happened and biden said in my many years on the campaign trail and public health i have offered countless hand shakes, expression of affection and not once did i believe i acted inappropriately. it was never my intention, i may not recall these moments the same way and i maybe be surprised at what i hear, but we have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relate their experiences and men should pay attention and i will. jennifer is back with me and joining us now msnbc contributor jonathan capehart, his podcast premieres in tuesday and fer demand fernand amandi. joe biden is pretty much the front runner in every poll you see out there, the candidate, the candidate that is the sure
7:27 am
thing for beating donald trump. what does this allegation in your mind potentially do to that? >> joy, it indeed is a serious allegation and it's the sort of thing that if it's not handled appropriately or properly by vice president biden could very well stop the joementum in its traction. there is no question that vice president biden is the front runner according to all the public opinion polls. what's driving that is the number one characteristic that democratic voters say is the be all, end all thing they are looking for in the nominee or prospective nominee, who is best positioned to defeat donald trump. the reason i think this becomes a problem is because it raises questions about the duality of the image that vice president biden wants to cast himself as an average voe versus what you can imagine team trump is thinking of in the nicknames of creepy uncle joe. if he doesn't address this quickly i think it could be a problem. one other thing, joy, i think
7:28 am
one has to ask the question while recognizing the serious nature of lucy flores' investigation i think they need to be respected and heard out, it's very -- how should i put it -- the timing is very interesting on literally the brink of an announcement, maybe even days away from vice president biden's announcement for the presidency that this would come out. one has to look at the timing as somewhat provocative especially given that she mentions the incident happened in 2014, we are now five -- nearly five years removed from that and this comes out literally days before a vice presidential biden announcement for the president. >> jake tapper addressed that, he addressed that with lucy flores on this very thing. let's listen to that ex change. >> how would you respond to somebody out there who says, she's attending a beto rally, supported bernie in 2016, politics might be at least partially motivating you here. what would you tell those
7:29 am
people? >> i would say politics was definitely the impetus. the reason why we're having these conversations about vice president joe biden is because he's considering running for president and frankly the reason why i felt so compelled to say something was because over the years as this waiver was documented as it was frankly dismissed by the media and not taken seriously, that conversation was not coming up. >> and, you know, jonathan capehart, politics is layered over everything and we live in a world where the me too movement has had a profound impact on the way politics operates. we had senator al franken pushed out and forced to resign from the senate's senate as women came forward and said there was an inappropriate picture taken or inappropriate hug and he is now out of the senate. one of the people who engaged in the campaign and saying he hl should resign was kyrsten gillibrand the junior senator from new york how running for president.
7:30 am
there is a lot layered in here that is political and aside from that of course the importance of the allegation itself. what do you make of it? >> well, the first question i had, naveed brings up a good point in terms of the timing. i was wondering, you know, people were talking about vice president biden going for the democratic nomination in 2016 so why not come out then? but let's put all of that aside, lucy flores has come out, has told her story, she was on with jake, on face the nation and so now we're talking about it, the vice president put out a statement that i think goes halfway there in that he's saying that he has a different perception, that he is listening respectfully, but i don't know if this is going to be good enough. the democratic party today is a completely different party than when he ran the first and second time for president. you know, the other thing here
7:31 am
is -- i'm glad you brought up the pushing out of senator franken. i don't know if the democratic party even has the patience anymore to entertain someone like vice president biden who has these accusations against him running for president. it's not like we didn't know about all of the awkward situations, to be charitable, awkward situations the vice president has put people in. we've seen c-span video, we've seen photographs over the years, none of that is new, but now that he is thinking of getting into the race this is going to be something he's going to have to contend with, not just with one statement, which personally i think goes a good few steps where he needs to go, but i just don't know if that's going to be enough for the democratic party of coming up 2020. >> jennifer rubin, already some of the other campaign -- or some of the other candidates, democratic candidates for president have already
7:32 am
responded. we haven't heard from kyrsten gillibrand yet, but an elizabeth warren tweet out, lee ann caldwell said warren is asked about joe biden, she said she believes lucy flores. asked if he shouldn't run, warren says that's up to him. we have a response from amy klobuchar. let's listen to that. >> i have no reason not to believe her, jonathan, and i think we know from campaigns and from politics that people raise issues and they have to address them and that's what he will have to do with the voters if he gets into the race. >> and the reality is, jennifer, each of these campaigns is going to have to respond to it. bernie sanders also had to put out a statement about sort of the atmosphere in his campaign for women, it will be interesting to see what his response is going to be. but the reality for joe biden is that if he runs for president, he is essentially putting his entire life and record out
7:33 am
there, right? at the moment there's such good will toward him among base democrats because he was barack obama's wing man, he was president obama's wing man. that will change if he runs. he's going to have to litigate from this, anita hill and everything else. >> this is exactly what some democrats, people who like joe biden, people who respect joe biden were saying, that there is this big issue out there and it's not like it was a state secret. as jonathan pointed out, we all saw it constantly and i think what pied ebind biden is hintin here and there is i didn't realize what i was doing was wrong and now i see it in a different light. whatever that statement is there's a lot of that out there and the question, i think, is do democrats say, do you know what, i don't think we really need this right now, and do they say, let's look for somebody else? this was one of the major issues which i think he and others had to weigh in deciding whether he should come into the race. there are other issues as well,
7:34 am
having to do with race and the criminal justice system, there are other issues having to do with his family. so it's not like other candidates don't have problems, it's not like he doesn't have other problems, but this one was a big one. you're right, i think, joy, about when you get into the race hillary clinton can testify to this, huh, that when you are in some other office you may have a lot of good will and then you get into the political arena and it changes. i will point out one thing which i think is fabulous and that is we have multiple women presidential candidates and so now when something happens you hear multium women speaking out and that's a big change. >> everybody loves you until you run. that's the reality. >> that's exactly it. >> okay. jennifer rubin, jonathan capehart thank you very much. coming up, a mayor of an american city is running for president and it's not the one you're thinking of. that's next. you're thinking of that's next. helps keep me feeling dry,
7:35 am
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7:39 am
running for president, to be your champion, the same prospects of the american dream that my father was able to achieve, you -- we need to bring that back to every american. >> presidential elections typically don't have mayors in the running, but the 2020 race could line up not one but two mayors. mayor from south bend, indiana, continues to rise in the polls even though he's yet to officially announce his candidacy. now a mayor in florida announced he's running for president, wayne mess am. he's one of the few running in the battleground state. he joins me now. good morning, mayor, how are you? >> good morning, joy, how are you? >> i'm wonderful. thank you for joining us. let's talk about this run for president. i mentioned relative sizes of
7:40 am
miramar and south bend, two small cities. southbound 102,000, your city, miramar, 160,000 residents. i think one of those pictures is the south bend mayor. some say a a leap. why are they wrong. >> we're the gateway to the caribbean. miramar has one of the fastest growing economies in the country. we're stealing jobs from china. we passed a living wage. we're fighting oil drilling outside of our city. i've sued the state of florida so we can have access to be able to discuss gun control in our city. when you talk about progressive issues in the city of miramar, american people know that mayors get the jobs done. we're -- this is the most wide
7:41 am
open presidential nomination process on a democratic side in some years. i think people are looking for a fresh approach to bring big ideas to challenges facing american people. >> let's quickly go through. for a lot of democratic voters, the only question they want to know is are you going to beat donald trump. what's your answer to that? how would you speak to donald trump. >> i speak directly to issues that plague americans. just the other day i was on fox news. i'm not afraid to go to the other side to debate critical issues like access to elk had. you look at the crippling student loan debt crisis. i released yesterday a plan to provide student loan debt forgiveness. there's over $1.5 trillion of outstanding student debt crippling our economy and preventing americans who have student loan debts and be able
7:42 am
to take the risk to invest in college, create jobs. we're looking to address these issues that are hitting the american people hard. what's coming out of washington is not solving these challenges. i have no issue and no problem being able to discuss these issues and why our plan will work for americans. >> in order to get to -- have the opportunity to face donald trump, you would have to win some primaries, actually get the nomination. florida is a state that is considered a swing state because it has swung back and forth between the parties in presidential elections although it's very, very red when it comes to state rnnt. has a significant african-american and hispanic election which is why winnable. 16% african-american and 25% latino but donald trump won it. he won by a small margin but won in florida in 2016. andrew gillam, a dynamic
7:43 am
candidate in tallahassee was not able to do it. why would you be able to do what hillary clinton and gillam could not do. >> florida is a diverse community, it will be ground zero, a pivotable state. i look to earning support of fellow floridians. being the only candidate announced coming from florida, the south, we have a great opportunity to be able to talk and solve the problems of the american people. so i'm convinced that americans will see that the issues that we are fighting for, in terms of making sure they can achieve the american dream, the same american dream that attracted my immigrant parents from jamaica to this country to allow me to live the american dream. i've start add business, a successful business, i passed a living wage inn americans get a chance to look at wayne messam and the candidacy i would
7:44 am
approach, it's a mayor who knows how to get the job done, who speaks to the issues that directly impact their families and their lives so they can have a second chance at the american dream, one that has been eroded. there's no international leadership coming out of this white house. when i recently got back from israel to look at the conflict between israeli people and palestinian people, these are issues that directly not only threatens our national security but we have to restore america's footing as an honest broker internationally. i look forward to speaking with the american people to ensure they can have the confidence in me that not only can i be the president but someone who reaches them. >> we are out of time. i'm going to ask you for one word answer which of the four primaries do you think you could win? one word answer. >> i think south carolina and nevada. we're competitive in other states. >> not a one word answer but you got it in there. mayor, thank you. appreciate it. thank you, more am joy after the break. thank you, more am joy after the break.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
and drew gillam andrew gillam. so right on time, 3:35, 35 to 40 minutes, it happened at 3:35. >> according to this letter, one of the main conclusions is they could not find evidence that anybody, any u.s. person, anybody associated with the campaign, anybody associated with the president was involved with that disinformation campaign. >> the president has said from the beginning no collusion. turns out that robert mueller, the special counsel, agrees.
7:49 am
that is stunning. >> welcome back to "am joy." well, as of this show last sunday, we knew very little about what attorney general barr would include in his summary of the mueller report. after 3:00 p.m. that changed with networks going into rolling coverage over the report to congress. for a few hours, at least, trump got some of the positive press conference he's craving. a feeling of vindication after screaming, no collusion, no collusion, after no one reading one word of mueller's report, just a four-page interpretation. that didn't last long. they started poking holes in barr's letter. the focus shifted to one of the few lines quoted from the mueller report itself saying donald trump had not been exonerated on obstruction of justice. as the week went on, at least one legal analyst in the world of trump tv, this time fox business, went way off message, agreeing with democrats on a crucial point.
7:50 am
>> i think that congressman schiff is correct. in that report will be evidence of existence of a conspiracy. not enough evidence to prove the existence beyond a reasonable doubt. in that report will be evidence of obstruction of justice, interfering with an fbi investigation for personal gain, but not enough evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. >> but after the initial reports of vindication for president trump, did the early coverage taint the jury pool in the court of public opinion. joining mes author, analyst, co-founder managing editor, and democratic pollster and host of strange days podcast. thank you for being here. i'll start with you first, the reaction to that judge napolitano's just honest appraisal of the fact we don't know what's in the mueller report. barr's summary was awful exculpatory. there may be a discrepancy
7:51 am
between what he wrote and what's in the report. the angry tweet to the response to judge napolitano. judge napolitano sounds like janet napolitano. once a tea party analyst, mainstream media, leftist, convinced him to advocate for their hidden agenda. hidden agenda anti-trump at fox. time to get rid of napolitano. i noticed he's starting to push his views to the left of the left. the reaction inside the trump world was that youmont say nothing of the no collusion. judge napolitano strayed out of that bubble and got hammered for it online. >> heaven for bid you actually hint at the truth. fox news operated as de facto state television since before even the trump administration, so i think they are behaving, and their fans are behaving as they should. but i think the larger point here is that the pabarr letter enabled the right to essentially
7:52 am
act in two ways. one, the president was able to act as if exonerated and also able to act as if they were able to change the subject. the press was actually able to help with that second point. frankly, that's a point in which the press should be held accountable. >> the challenge is the initial reporting, if it's just based on the barr letter, the pabarr letr says donald trump has been exonerated. he, himself, william barr did exonerating on obstruction of justice. that's what the letter says. the media are reporting what he said. let me play some of the early cnn coverage. this was not specifically but the way the coverage looked in the initial go-round. >> this is a win for this president who for now two years has essentially been screaming no russia collusion, he is
7:53 am
backed up by mueller. >> but in fact, he was backed up by barr. so that was the challenge. it took a few hours before people talked about the mueller report became people talking about the parr repobarr report. >> only accurate headline, trump claims mueller headline. i thought it was reckless and dangerous. we had journalists blindly accepting the word of a trump administration official. this is a trump administration has that lied about everything for two years. specifically an attorney general who was put in that position because he had telegraphed to trump you will never be indicted for obstruction of justice if i am attorney general. that is his job literally. so lo and behold we get this barr press rallies that says no obstruction of justice and everyone runs wit. "new york times" says this was a powerful boost for trump in his re-election and things like that. can you imagine if janet reno put out a four-page statement on
7:54 am
the starr report during the clinton '90s and said everything is fine. i'm going to put this in lock and key and release it in a month. "new york times" would have published their own articles of impeachment and the newsroom would have marched it up to the state capital. this was really reckless, i think. quickly it continued through the week where the press kind of pretended they read the mueller report. the mueller report is out. the mueller report confirms. no one had read it. on a scale of one to ten, trump burying the mueller report was two for d.c. press the most important government report probably in the last 25 years and no one has read it yet. >> tivoffany the strangeness of the first several hours, initially the headline -- actually the headline of the story is "inside trump's winning weekend:a new presidency." that's hu good the headlines work for him. a source with president trump at
7:55 am
mar-a-lago when the mueller letter came out says trump was initially frustrated with barr over the line saying the president hadn't been exonerated on obstruction of justice so that he essentially thought the letter was bad for him. once he started to watch the tv coverage and realized he was getting positive headlines, he was like, i feel great. >> we all know the president doesn't read as much as he watches tv. this the thing, i want to echo what eric said. he punched on something so significant. this is yet again a huge failure on behalf of the media. this is not the first time. this is one time where fox is not stand alone. across the board, there were no innocent bystanders here. across the pord you saw people blindly accept william barr as the president's handpicked attorney general summary and conflate these two things. conflate barr's summary with the report. you had reporters and anchors asking things like, well, now
7:56 am
that mueller has said there's no collusion, what should democrats do. i would have to consistently correct people. i haven't seen the report. i don't think you have either. why are we saying and echoing and sounding like an poll gist for the white house as if we owe this president make huge apology. we didn't prove he didn't collude. we didn't know anything. none of us have seen the report that barr took three days to summarize 300 pages. that's ridiculous. this happens after gifting this man with wall-to-wall coverage of his rallies. again and again putting on known liars like kellyanne conway, sarah sanders to echo his lies to now gift him with, by the way, mueller found you innocent. we know that's not true. just the week the ap style guide, all of us journalists know it well, they had to put out guides to tell journalists, hey, guys, when something is racist, it's okay to say it's racist. this marks disconnect between media and consumers.
7:57 am
this is how you continue to dumb down the american electorate when you don't give people the benefit of the doubt of reporting the truth. you're so concerned with being first and less concerned with being accurate. this is a problem in our democracy. >> it's interesting because the ap style guide story, the big story was percent versus percentage sign. we talked at the top of the last hour to mosha who said despite the fact the polls so this whole gambit didn't work. donald trump is disbelieved and william barr disbelieved there's doubt it was clear, so doubt it worked outside his bubble. for other folks that into about it, that trump is trying a thing in our democracy that isn't typical, and that's the idea that he can force the press to give him the coverage he wants. there's a piece, trump is forcing the media into -- after
7:58 am
tweeting law enforcement officials as an untrustworthy cabal, trump's defenders now assign complete credibility and good faith to william barr. not only barr for more partisan, he auditioned for the job with a trump memo meant to remain secret. i have that here. it says, i, william barr, do not believe the mueller report makes sense, and i do not believe a president can obstruct justice. to the media's point, the press is being bullied into saying trump is cleared. >> not to pile on, the motto is democracy dies in darkness. democracy also dies in the absence of critical thinking. in this case the media played a very negative role in applying what they need to do, which is context. the american public, and i think all of us fit into this description, we were waiting to see and hear what those findings
7:59 am
were. i postulated 10 days ago i was not going to believe the mueller investigation was over until robert mueller told us so. ten days he said that the same rule applies here. i'm not going to believe anything about the findings of the mueller investigation until robert mueller tells us what they are, whether it's with the release -- full release of the report, which is now anticipated to take place in mid april, a 400-page report, i might add you, or with what i think should happen as soon as humanly possible, with the special counsel being subpoenaed to testify under oath in congress about what he believes were the conclusions of the report that bears his name and signature. one caveat, joy, i will say. we have to wait until these findings are released in the report. but i do think it's interesting given the tempest we've seen and clear disconnect with attorney general barr's memo and now speculating as to the findings,
8:00 am
i think it is incumbent on special counsel to issue even ifters ten word statement, there are other issues to be clarified or rubber stamp of the general conclusions of the finding. so much here hangs in the balance with the special counsel and the special counsel alone being the arbiter that speaks to the american people. >> can i just ask -- sorry, if i can jump in really quick on that point and say, all our panelists made amazing points. it highlights some media outlets are more concerned about offending these trump voters than they are about speaking the truth. even on the heels of this, in the aftermath of barr's summary, you still see all these panels and curiosities about where did maga country stand on it, how do people feel about this, this is something you've seen consistently for the past two years. i don't remember all this
8:01 am
curiosity about obama voters. i don't remember people sitting around wondering what obama voters thought consistently. a disconnect with the media, they are out of step with the demographics and the way the country is changing. >> real quick, this is a big issue for you, if bar -- if the redacted mueller report comes out, how might the media treat that differently? >> i think the redaction battle is going to drag on for months. the idea we're going to get the report is accurate. i don't think the report is going to be 80% different than what barr said. i think we're going to see interviews, grand jury testimony. we're going to get way more context for 400 page report than press release. the redaction, you guarantee it's not going to be a clean report in that they already change. a week ago barr said this is what i'm going to redact. a week later he adds a whole new category what he's going to redact.
8:02 am
>> the challenge to give you the last, jamil, whether or not the american people will ultimately get a narrative on what robert mueller believes happened if the redactions hide the bad stuff. >> exactly. what we need is fully unredacted report. that's what nancy pelosi requested and what the american people deserve. the role is to question authority not get back to the narrative. coming up, rob reiner has a few things to get off his chest. he joins us to do that. next. s to do that next you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. so why accept it from your allergy pills? most pills don't finish the job because they don't relieve nasal congestion. flonase allergy relief is different. flonase relieves sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose, plus nasal congestion, which pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. and 6 is greater than 1. start your day with flonase
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>> when the president says total exoneration on obstruction, kellyanne, that's just not true. >> the president is probably comparing that report and ultimate conclusions of no conspiracy, no collusion, no contact with any campaign i managed into the final successful phases and have always been offended that anybody would think we would cheat, lie, steal or talk to any russians. that's ridiculous and always was. >> that sounds like another case of alternative facts to measurement while this play play well with trump's base, i'm sure it does, that that think it cleared trump are in the vast minority. co-founder to the mission, rob,
8:07 am
thanks for being here. let's talk about the outcome of this report. a lot of people put everything on robert mueller. a lot of people in the resistance said mueller will save us. when the report from william barr what out, the conflation with the mueller report sank spirits. >> we haven't seen reports so we don't know what's in there. mueller had a very narrow charge. one was to find conspiracy, whether or not there was. the other was to find whether or not there was obstruction of justice. conspiracy is a very, very specific crime, and it requires a quid pro quo. it requires cooking up something. they are going to cook something up. that may or may not have happened. but in order to find out whether it happened, it takes year of counter intelligence investigation to find that out. put that all aside. i'm going to make it very simple. fork forget -- we don't know what's in the report and we'll find
8:08 am
out. what we do know is right there in front of us. i robbed a bank. i robbed a bank. i come to you and i say, i robbed this bank. can you hide me and don't let anybody find me? and you say, okay, and you hide me. this is what happened. the russians robbed the bank. they stole something. trump was told, hey, they robbed the bank. if you find out, let us know. they are going to try to disrupt our election. you go. you don't say anything. you know you've hidden the trintrin criminal, and youant do say anything. you're aiding and abetting the crime, obstruction after the fact and obstructing justice by not telling the authorities that you know. trump's campaign, they were
8:09 am
briefed. they knew that the russians had committed a crime, and they hit it from the public, what they knew. >> because they were benefiting from it. >> they were benefiting. that's a simple way to look at it. that we saw. we saw all that happen. >> seeing that happen i think is an important thing. there is this thing where the trump team says, kellyanne said there were no contacts with russians. there were numerous contacts with russians documented in some of the finest reporting of the modern edge. she's saying, no they aren't. >> hundreds of contacts we know about and there may be many more. this the gas lighting on steroids. you've got -- that's the way authoritarians work. they want you to believe something you saw didn't happen. so you've got not only trump who is a master at it and just says it over and over again. you've got fox news, except for
8:10 am
napolitano, who is probably going to get fired soon, you've got fox news, basically a chunk of the mainstream media backing that up. you've got the kellyanne conways and sarah huckabee sanders and barr. an assault are gas lighting so it's hard for the public to figure out what's true and in the true. >> one of the definitive books on fox news talks about the fact richard nixon wanted a version of fox news. he wished he had it because he felt he could have survived watergate. >> absolutely. if you look -- my favorite thing about this is -- not my favorite thing. it's horrible, the whole thing is horrible. william barr wrote a memo that said essentially the president cannot obstruct justice. when i saw that, you know, why don't they dig up richard nixon's grave and tell him you could have been freed if you knew that you couldn't obstruct justice. that was the first article of
8:11 am
impeachment. if he had fox news and he had somebody like william barr, who also was very good at making iran contrago aw go away, he wo have been free. >> despite what can be done despite shapiro says they are without power when you're an adjunct -- people without power, in the actual majority, but in the minority in terms of who controls the levers of government, just controlling one house of congress, people want to know what can be done. >> here is what can be done. it's going to be a battle, because the other side is going to try to obstruct as much as they can. they are going to try to claim executive privilege. you can't see grand jury testimony. there's intelligence aspects that can't be revealed. you have to hold hearings and
8:12 am
continue to hold hearings so that as much of the truth can get out in the next year and six, seven months. then you've got to get this guy out of office. we as democrats and we as patriots and we as americans have to say no more of this. no more of this authoritarian figure ramming stuff down our throats. we all have to come together. that means whoever gets the nomination for the democrats, we all have to coalesce behind him or her. whoever it is -- by the way, i think there should be a man and a woman on the ticket. i really do believe that. so we have to coalesce and get this guy out of office. it's not going to be done in some magical way where, poof, he's going to disappear. >> i'm going to keep you around, not going to let you go, because i want to talk about the 2020 election and a little bit of the campaign politics in this fair state of california, in your state that i am now hanging out
8:13 am
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8:17 am
last night president trump's favorite show justice with jeanine was back on the air, so was his least favorite show, "saturday night live." this time it wasn't a rerun. take a look. >> now robert mueller finishes his report, william barr summarizes the report and donald trump tweets his reaction. >> i'm submitting these 330 pages. >> i am writing almost four pages. >> i reading zero pages. >> in conclusion it is my hope that this report will be made public with a few redactionses. >> hello redactionses. >> we're going to black out everything except the words no and collusion. >> that cracked me up. more on donald trump versus entertainment industry and how that could affect 2020 race especially right here in california. too long. ♪
8:18 am
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we've been following the mueller investigation a few years. i think we mentioned it on the show a couple of times. this in finale. this is worst than the finale of "lost." if trump isn't working with the russians, then what the hell is wrong with them. >> probably nothing bothers and frankly enrages donald trump
8:22 am
more than the rejection from the television industry. he freaks out on twitter. don't get him started. trump returned the disdain in kind until recently hinting he may attend this year. he has refused to show up at the star-studded white house correspondence dinner to avoid being roasted by comedians and skipped kennedy center honors where obamas held court to standing ovations for eight years. in many years entertainment whether in hollywood or new york is political. hollywood stars long championed liberal causes. in the state of california where we are this weekend has been a fundraising bastion for the democratic party. what california has not been for a long time a decisive state in the prim areas because primaries come so late in the game. this year it changed. back with me at the table rob reiner, actress and producer yvette nicole brown. we have a lot of stars at the table. donald trump is not going to
8:23 am
leak this stage. >> good. >> let's talk about california. all three of you are both incredibly talented, also you guys are plugged in in terms of politics. california changed a lot this year. let's put up the calendar. the iowa caucuses, iowa, new hampshire, nevada, they all happened one after another. literally, february 29th, south carolina, a week later super tuesday. what's now on super tuesday? california. between california and texas, that's a third of the delegates to become nominee. that's a huge change. do you think that change advantages anyone or do you think it just makes it more difficult for any of these guys to run. >> it would seem like kamala would have the edge in california. >> a state so diverse and adds so much to gdp had a role in picking presidential candidate. i think it's odd iowa and these places new hampshire they get
8:24 am
crisscrossed left and right. people like them over and over again, who do you like? who do you like? you've seen them up close several times. we see them once, we're used as an atm. it's not only time but pastime. >> you were talking about the diversity of the state. >> you talk about iowa and new hampshire, it's all white. california is america. it is the picture of america. it's the most diverse state. we're a pluerality of white and they aren't even an skrort anymore. california, kamala will be benefited. you have texas the same day. beto o'rourke, castro, these people might be benefited there, too. so there's a lot in play and there are a lot of great candidates, so we'll have to see how it plays out. >> massachusetts. >> my hope is this time around we have to get into policy positions. i like to like people. it's nice to have likable people
8:25 am
running the country. i like to know what i'm doing and have a plan. i haven't seen a lot of plans with some of these people on the cover of magazines, god bless, he's a lovely man. i need to know what he's going going to do. i don't need to vote you because in the past you've been successful, what are you doing now. i need that. >> california, you mentioned it being used as an atm. a lot of people will come to you, come to the entertainment industry saying support me, do videos for me, throw a fundraiser for me. what are you going to be looking for in terms of how do you pick between 17 or 18 or 37 people running for president. >> my feeling is we have great candidates. whoever emerges out of this, we all have to coalesce behind that person. man, woman, we have to comalesc. the main goal is to get this evil cancer -- >> lunn tiatic.
8:26 am
>> out of the white house. >> you said man, woman, does there have to be a woman on the ticket? >> yes. >> whoever gets the nomination we all vote, and do it without whining. i don't want to hear i'm voting for this, holding your nose. act like it's the best thing you've seen, christmas morning, click it and get it over with. >> by the way, they will be the best. because they are going to be a combination of policy positions and who you are drawn to and that's what we're going to have and who can beat trump. that to me should be part of equation. who is best positioned to beat trump. >> that's all i'm thinking about frankly because you can talk about policy all you want, if you do not remove him, none of that matters. frankly, people say we shouldn't be one issue. they are trying to throw us off. truth is you can't get a new green deal, talk about immigration or health care until this man is removed. >> one of the things that on
8:27 am
that side of it that people in the conservative world complain so much about, about this world, hollywood, it's sort of dead set against them. that adheres them even more to donald trump. do you think that's a valid thing? >> here is what i want to say about california and hollywood where people come from. we don't ask for anything. we're not, you know, a special interest. we care about equality, about human rights, about dignity about giving people education, health care, protecting the environment, and we don't ask for anything in return. we're looking out for the humanity, the commonality between us all. >> also what they are missing, most of the people they are saying shouldn't speak of would benefit to what he does. let's face it, he likes to give tax breaks to rich people. a lot of people of hollywood have money. a lot of people saying not this
8:28 am
guy, you should pay attention. >> they talk about elites, positives looking like negatives, that's a tactic itself. what's great about california is inclusiveness. what's great about california we are looking out for everybody and we also have culture. celebrity culture. celebrities are small business owners and self-motivated and all the things you talk about america that's great about america, but suddenly it becomes bad. you voted twice for celebrities, ronald reagan and a reality star. why don't you come get a good one, a real one. >> the reality is people come from all over the country. they aren't just grown right here, it's really a diverse set of people from all over the country who made it and have become successful. i want to talk about this cultural -- the attempt by donald trump to sort of change that, right? he's now appointed all these board members to the kennedy center. i've been to the kennedy center honors once. it was amazing. there was a standing ovation for the obamas.
8:29 am
the obamas were so embedded cultural culturally, bringing jazz to the white house. >> mike huckabee with his kettle and spoon band and yahoo and yoohoo and bologna casserole. something i can skip. >> there's a rope the creative community doesn't want him because we don't respect him. he knows he's not wanted at these places so he doesn't show up. i was a couple of years when they had norman leer and i helped induct him and all that. it was funny because ll cool j.j. got kennedy center, the first rapper to get a kennedy. they had a great program with busta rhymes. i kept thinking imagine donald trump sitting here watching
8:30 am
buster rhymes rap on stage. >> it's an attempt to co-opt it. it's a six-year term. it's going to be a strange mix of people. >> yeah. >> his entire group is a strange mix of people. i think he excels at picking people for jobs they aren't qualified. we can talk about betsy devos. they are all the people who shouldn't have gotten the interview for the job they have. huckabee is wrong. >> huckabee can play the bass, though. >> let's line up for that. also if you go and participate and you're an artist, it's a career killer. he's a tar baby. if you sit next to him, you will have malignant cooties you can't get rid of. he's radioactive, beware. >> the betsy devos situation, the attempt to defund special olympics. the feature of this administration is that he will set up his people and then he
8:31 am
will knock them down himself. betsy devos was talking about his policy, the budget out of the white house that had no funding for special olympics. maria shriver is here, very important, funding for special olympics. he said, oh, no, i fixed it. he causes a problem and fixes it himself. atmosphere strange thing. what are you all looking for? i want to pivot back to the primary for a second. everyone assumes everyone in california are for kamala harris. are there other candidates making waves? are there people -- visits? >> first, kamala, i love. i really love elizabeth warren. she has the most policy points that i'm like, okay, girl. because of the pock hanta, people are pushing her aside. >> it's important, are other
8:32 am
candidates coming here? >> i'm sure they will. i'm sure they will. by the way, we talk about california meaning something in the democratic primary, california should mean something in the national election. that go back to the electoral college and all that. i love joe biden. and the reason is i believe he would -- i think he has a good chance to stand up against trump. i think he's the best positioned. i think kamala or stacey abrams needs to be on the ticket there. >> run, stacy, run. >> if he wins, i think he could stand up to trump. if he wins he puts america back on the stage immediately, we're respected all around the world. our allies will take us in. again, i'm for whoever -- i'm in. i love kamala, too. >> i love coming to california because i get to see you in person. we're going to talk walking dead
8:33 am
lat later. it's a thing, you'll catch it on iheartradio between. coming up, the special of the week next. up, the special of t week next. at they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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we punctuate with this sound. that is correct. tell us who won the week. this week we're going to do things differently. why? because we already know who won the week. the winning was confirmed at last night's naacp image awards. >> tonight i stand before you as the first woman and first african-american to chair the powerful u.s. house financial services committee. and it is indeed the honor to hold the chairwoman's gavel. and yes, i got the gavel, and i'm not afraid to use it. >> reclaiming her time, joining me now is congresswoman maxine waters honored with chairwoman's award at naacp congresswoman. >> yes. >> your speech. >> yes. >> can we talk about your speech? >> sure, let's talk about it. >> you have this refrain, i have
8:38 am
my gavel, and i'm not afraid to use it, and by the end, everyone was chanting along with it. >> yes. >> what did that mean to get the honor last night? >> i was extraordinarily excited and absolutely, you know, feeling that this was a special moment in my life, that the naacp, the oldest, most effective civil rights group in this country historically sought me out for recognition. and so i felt particularly humbled and honored. >> you know, black women in the united states congress shirley chisholm, so many black women held the cbc up and been its conscience as the cbc has been the conscience of the congress with john lewis and others. >> that's right. >> now we have the largest congressional black caucus in history and black women and women of color are leading the growth. is there something that changed about the country or has the need for that kind of leadership changed in. >> i think that black women have come to the realization that
8:39 am
they have power and they have influence and they're ready to use it now. they have watched others exercise power not always stepping up to the plate when they should, not always in a confrontational mode, really socializing in ways they want to get along. old boys club. women don't feel like that. we've been excluded for so long, we've not been at the table, and so now, we're demanding. we are confronting, and it's our time. it's our day. >> and it's important you say that. when you did the i've got the gavel and not afraid to use it, there is a thing about women seeking power that repels a lot of people. you're told you have to be soft and gentle. don't be open saying i have this power. you don't believe that. >> not at all. i come from a huge family, there were 13 children in my family, and we were competitive, and i had a very strong mother, and so i never knew that i was not supposed to be nice all the
8:40 am
time, and never show anger, but always look as if you're satisfied. i was never reared that way, and so i'm just being authentic. >> and you're also in a position of taking on directly -- >> that's right. >> -- the president of the united states, the most powerful single office in the country. >> that's right. >> does that ever feel at all intimidating to you? >> no, i'm not intimidated by this president. i think again and i've said over and over, i think he's a plorableuman being, and i do believe come to the point we're able to say that. wave watched him die over 8,000 times, it's been documented and literally obstruct justice right before our eyes and i can count many different incidents i have concluded is about collusion. instead of somehow saying he's the president and we must treat the president a certain way, no matter what they say and what they do, i'm not with that.
8:41 am
i'm not with that at all. >> obviously the great state of california, borders mexico. >> yes. >> you have the president threatening to shut down the southern border, take away all foreign aid from guatemala and honduras in crisis and the that's the reason for so much migration toward the united states. what does that do, in a state like california, this is directly threatening to the way the state operates. >> well, i want to tell you, what this president is doing with the people who are desperate at the border is inhumane. it is absolutely not what a credible human being would do, not the way a credible human being who cares about people would act. this president is saying to the world that we don't care about hunger, we don't care about people whose lives are being threatened, who are looking for some help. the united states is supposed to be and has been held out to be that kind of country that welcomes those people who need to be here, with open arms,
8:42 am
because of their plight, because of what is happening in their lives, and he's undermining all of that. our reputation is really being diminished with this president. our allies have no faith in us. we have people who are not willing to stand up for us anymore because of this president, is shameful, and needs to be impeached. >> we know you believe that, congresswoman. last night, in one of the other big speeches, the black panther cast got up and deni guerrara said something about the d diaspara. could you speak for a moment about that? this is the most diverse state in the country. the african diaspara is all represented here. is that important? >> it's extremely important. the world is not divided and separated in ways that we thought of in the past. of course, we have geographical separation, but because of
8:43 am
diaspara and people are here from all over the world and so many people are here from africa, we have a responsibility to communicate, to work together, and to bring the culture and the creativity right into our communities and that's what she was talking about. >> congresswoman waters, recipient of the president's award at the naacp image awards last night, congratulations on that. >> thank you so very much. >> and all of the service you've done to the country. >> you're welcome. >> thank you for being here. we love you claimed some of your time with us. i want to congratulate my "am joy" team, nominated for two naacp image awards. i traveled to cali with this lovely merry band of "a.m. joy" team members. we were thrilled to be in categories full of amazing people. it is not a wad night when you lose to oprah, michelle obama and jada pinkett-smith. we loved them and all the nominees and more "a.m. joy" after the break. >> thank you so much.
8:44 am
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gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. that is our show for today. thanks for watching. "a.m. joy" will be back next saturday 10:00 a.m. eastern. alex witt, i'm still in your hood. >> i'm so jealous, but i'm so proud of you and your whole team for being nominated on these amazing awards. did you great. >> thank you. >> if you're losing to oprah, michelle obama, it's a good day. >> just having my name with their names made my entire life. like, i'm good. >> going forward, that's going to be the norm, my friend.
8:48 am
thank you, safe travels home. see you soon. >> have a great day, thank you. hi noon here in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." the public is unconvinced about one aspect of the first word from the mueller report and has to do with the president and whether he's innocent. >> i didn't know how to react. i felt shocked, powerless, i felt like i couldn't move. >> the woman who says joe biden touched her inproet prappropria speaks out as the vice president releases his first statement on the controversy. border
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