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tv   MSNBC Live With Ayman Mohyeldin  MSNBC  March 31, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> it's an act of decembsperati? >> thank you. i'm ayman mohyeldin here at msnbc world headquarters. already joe biden is in damage control mode forced to answer questions about his past and a woman who claims unwanted kissing from the then vice president. the fight for the truth. democrats battling to get the full mueller report out without redactions and attorney general barr takes a black marker to it and at least one republican suggests the document should never see the light of day. plus, israel on the edge just before an election to decide if netanyahu holds on to power and the middle east peace plan. all of that coming up straight ahead. we want to start with the allegations facing former vice
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president biden. lucy flores, a former nevada assembly woman accuses him of behaving inappropriately with her in 2014 running for lieutenant governor of that state. watch. >> out of nowhere, i feel joe biden put his hands on my shoulders get up very close to me from behind, lean in and smell my hair and then plant a slow kiss on the top of my head. >> so biden responded friday first to the allegations and then yesterday in a statement. his latest statement reads in part in my many years on the campaign trail and public life, i have offered countless hand shakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort and not once never did i believe i acted inappropriately. if it is suggested i did so, i will listen respectfully but it was never my intention. >> frankly, just didn't even
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know how to react. i was just shocked. it felt powerless. i felt like i couldn't move. i just didn't even know how to process it. never do i claim that this was -- that rises to the level of a sexual assault. what i am is saying it's completely inappropriate. for me it's disqualifying. it is up to everybody else to make that decision. >> nbc news did not verify what she said happened. joining me to discuss this, john brabender, aeysha moody mills and mark. we heard lucy talking about this today and according to the latest nbc news/"the wall street journal" a majority of democratic voters say they're enthusiastic/comfortable with biden. could this affect his decision to run or not? >> that's a good question.
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we haven't seen him say yes i'm definitely running. all the signs are there but the date seems to keep getting pushed back and back and back and last week was a bad week for him. there wasn't just this allegation that happened on friday. you know? on monday there was questions of his son's business dealings and stacy abrams saying she wouldn't be an early vp pick and did a campaign stop and a hell of way to run and he didn't make it out of the starting gate. the difference is that joe bide season a much bigger figure in the democratic party now than before he was president obama's loyal number two. the vice president, the wing man of obama and that counts for something. we are there's an open question about whether what some people say is a highlight reel of him i think the phrase that people use
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is being handsy with women is going to haunt him. he is a 76-year-old white male in a party that is trending toward being younger, more non white and progressive and combined could make it a very challenging environment for joe biden but i wouldn't count him in or out. >> aeysha, biden expressed regret of the clarence thomas hearings. listen to this. >> she was abused through the hearing. she's taken advantage of. her reputation was attacked. i wish i could have done something. to this day, i regret i couldn't come up with a way to get her the kind of hearing she deserved. >> does a biden nomination bring too much baggage or democrats looking to beat donald trump in 2020? is this trying to address coming
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out now making it too difficult for the democrats to rally behind biden? >> i think it's too early. i'll say that biden has, you know, 40 years worth of a record to examine. and he's got to be prepared to be called out for some of the things he may have done 20, 30 years ago, 10, 15 years ago. and actually have an explanation and a conversation about that and be able to prove to us that he is evolving and understanding that what might have been okay with social norms for a gentleman of his generation 15, 20 years ago, whether it be the way the way he engaged in the policy discourse and debated legislation or interacting with women, what might have been around 20 years isn't acceptable now with the base and to the extent that he is ready and it sounds like through his
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statement he is willing to be a part of a conversation about evolution and to really atone for and to face head on the things that he has done and then to have a conversation and make an argument for what he has learned and the man he is now and where he takes us in the future i think it's a good thing we are teeing this up and having this conversation. and i'll offer this. one of the things about vice president biden that has been interesting to me is that relative to most of the people in the field he seems to be the guy who has a gaffe but he also has seemed to lean in a bit to wanting to hear more, learn more, understand where he might have wronged somebody and then say, you know what? i probably should have done things differently and learning something and if nothing else, i'm appreciating the fact hi leans into it. >> considering that the president has faced far worse allegations, we know the record of allegations of sexual
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misconduct and that "access hollywo hollywood" tape, is there a point for the republicans to use the case against joe biden to mount a campaign against him in 2020? would that be taken seriously? >> look. here's where i think the real problem is. biden has a problem. his statement says he doesn't think he did anything wrong. it shure sounds like he did. we are going to hear from other women, it's highly likely, and republicans can say that's just joe biden. and i think that's going to be a terrible message to women voting in 2020. i think, you know, that wasn't certainly the tact they took with al franken so to make an exception of joe biden like the fact that this is just his pernltd to act inappropriately i think the real question is how do the democrats hand this will?
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i don't think it's anything to do with donald trump. >> mark, in your piece today you pointed out that several 2020 hopefuls are rallying behind saying they believe flores. biden has run for the president in the past and became president obama's vice president and in the big picture, might be hard for you to assess this, has his moment simply passed in american politics? >> yeah. i'm going to take a pass on that one. we'll let the voters decide that. i think the statement that was made earlier is curious and interesting is that both republicans and democrats certainly on the opposite side of biden should he run are in agreement with this. if joe biden does run and does have me too or the appearance of me too issues, if his son does have questionable business dealings in ukraine, it's going to be far harder for joe biden if he is the nominee to draw a sharp contrast with president trump where it's no longer, hey, i'm the democrat and i'm all
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good on me too issues and foreign entanglement issues when in fact he might not be so good on those issues. i'm not prejudging him, not saying he's one way or the other but in the heat of a campaign and defining yourself, it's far harder to draw that sharp contrast if you have this potential back and that might be weighing you down. >> stay with us. thank you for your time. joining now, the reverend al sharpton. great to have you with us on set. let's get your thoughts on the controversy. on the spectrum of significant developments, where does this fit? is this a serious moment for joe bide snn. >> i think we'll see. i think that really it was said already in this segment he'll deal with decades of his record
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from anita hill to the crime bill which he addressed when he did our martin luther king day breakfast and he will have to deal with them. now, knowing joe biden, he will if he announces and i think he will, be prepared to have deal with them and i think he has to but i also think that other candidates, maybe not related in terms of an inappropriate kiss or touching someone but some of them voting with the crime bill and other issues that come up and not a one way street when we get into the debates and into these primaries. >> let's pick up on that point as we mentioned this week is a big convention with all -- many of the appearances scheduled. you sigh them there on the screen. some of the presidential kand
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dates. what are you hoping to hear from them addressing the national action network? >> they should talk about we are in the most racially polarized presidency in our lifetime. what will they do substantively if they're the president to close the race gap in economics? blacks, yes, unemployment is down and still doubly unemployed to the whites. how about the criminal justice matters we keep seeing? policing issues around the country. how will you deal with the issues of educational inequality? i want to hear them face the real issues of civil rights with a substantive policy layout of what they intend to do and add voluntary katding and i don't think has been given enough action in the campaign given this president who has in many ways tried to roll back things like consent decrees with policing and in other areas that
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involves race and gender in his administration. >> there have been a lot of specifics on the candidates and the list is long. kamala harris, she is under some scrutiny and some criticism for her time as the attorney general with some of the issues that she advocated for, the policies. do you get a sense in the same way that joe biden has admitted mistakes, wants to reverse course on the criminal justice reform or bill? do you get a sense from her that she will address the issues in the same way? >> i do. i've heard her begin to address them. i think he'll continue to and i think she will have to be forthright as others. even some of the progressive candidates. bernie sanders voted for the crime bill. i think that people want that all dealt with and that's what we are going to want to hear it national action network convention. if you cannot own what you are
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evolving from them then i think people have the right to look and say why are you evolving trying to in some ways justify it? >> i don't want there to be an endorse. but any candidate you look at their history and say he or she is a little bit further out than the others? >> no, not at this point. that's why we are going to be listening. i think that there's some that are very impressive. some have a better record in areas than others because they have served in some areas than others. i think all of them in terms of civil rights and civil liberties are head and heels ahead of president trump. >> this is an issue that the country needs to have. thank you very much. you can watch him right after this on "politics nation." big guests coming up at 5:00 joining reverend sharpton to talk about the 2020 race, the mueller report and the big
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battle brewing over health care. that is just under an hour from now. and coming up, the battle brews over the mueller report. how much of it will be attorney general barr allow to be released to the public and will it be enough to satisfy democrats in congress who are gearing up for a big fight? few have pure grace. many have strength... few have raw power and many possess beauty but only a few can touch our souls. there are many suvs, but there's only one legend. the 2019 jeep grand cherokee the most awarded suv ever.
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congress's deadline for receiving the mueller report is two days away and attorney general barr and the star work
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to make further redactions republicans and democrats are digging in the heels over what the public will see. many of the left are calling for a full release of the report and many in the president's orbit want americans to simply move on. >> congress mostly democrats, in fact, all democrats in congress, want to keep going. our attitude is enough is enough. you had your two years, the money, the opportunity to look everywhere and you did. and there's nothing there. there is no there there. >> when the president says that it's total exoneration on obstruction that is not true. >> the president is probably comparing the report and the conclusions of no contact with a candidate i manage and have been offended that anybody would think we would cheat, lie, steal or talk to any russians. >> president trump in celebration mode ads you can imagine. in a tweet a short time ago the
1:19 pm
president once again calling the investigation a hoax and saying it never should have been allowed to happen. but a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows 40% don't agree with that. a third of that poll remain unsure. let's turn to the panel. staff writer for the atlantic and contributor natasha bertrand, washington correspondent tessa barrenston and democratic strategy gist aesha moodie-mills is back with us. you wrote the 115th congress set a precedent for asking for and receiving highly sensitive and classified information of russian interference and dems are looking for the same degree of transparency. can you explain what you mean by that? >> yeah. so, in their 'tempts to get the
1:20 pm
full mueller report, not just the summary of barr, not a report heavily redacted, they are pointing to various precedence of the republicans in the last congress, one of them being the overt demands to find out more about the russian investigation and how it began, the find out more about the hillary clinton e-mail investigation and pointing to the justice department's kind of acquies acquiesceness in those cases and turning over documents in the e-mail case of hillary clinton alone that were sensitive and many classified and sensitive documents of an ongoing investigation so democrats now are saying, look, if doj willing to hand over the underlying documents in those cases and things as sensitive as washts which authorize surveillance on u.s. persons, then why can't we get the evidence now in such a high profile, important
1:21 pm
investigation so that is something they'll be pointing to when they try to get the information out. but, you know, the o precedent is the watergaete roadmap for grand jury material so this is part of their broader strategy here, remains to be seen if it works but it's ironic the republicans demanded more transparency from the justice department and are now trying to tell the democrats to move on. >> there's a question of what extent certain information will be scrubbed. i know that in your latest article you note that it's typical justice department practice to not reveal information that is gathered about people who aren't going to be charged so the question then becomes, is that something william barr could do? could he possibly scrub any info about trump taking the position that president trump despite the investigations out there,
1:22 pm
despite the southern district of new york, the other potential investigations on this one issue he is innocent and as a result he should be scrubbed like any other american would be? is that likely to happen do you think? >> i don't know about likely but certainly a question that people have had since the beginning of this, about whether if trump is not charged which many thought he wouldn't be anyway, because he is a sitting president of the united states, if we wouldn't learn any details of him about this report. in bill barr's most recent letter he said he was scrubbing information of third parties uncharged and that seems to imply it doesn't include president trump and still a question. his letter answered some questions people had about transparency. we know he is going now to release at least some portion of the report itselfings not another summary. we know he is not or doesn't
1:23 pm
plan to send it to white house for privilege questions and senator coons told me before the most recent letter was his concern of transparency. that is a remaining question of what details about the president might be scrubbed from this. >> paul, if congress gets the report and we take congressmen like adam schiff and nadler and speaker pelosi for more not less of barr's report could his redactions be challenged even if they were considered over the top or unwarranted? do members of congress have any legal recourse to try to get that information? >> they most certainly do. what they can do is what they have yet to do and that is issue a subpoena mandating the turnover of all of the information inside that report and i'd add, as well, another important aspect of this report first off rule 16 does require
1:24 pm
secrecy of grand jury material and true so far as it goes and an expolice sit exception. the district court can allow for the release of grand jury material and can't imagine a district court here that wouldn't agree that release is appropriate in a case as high profile as this one. finally, there is a vehicle to share classified information and that is, of course, sharing information with representative schiff's committee and they receive classified information and they can receive much of the classified information so while there are legal obstacles to disclosing the information today they're not obstacles that can't be overcome and like any jury we are waiting to see the evidence before coming a verdict. we need to see what the report looks like completely. >> talk to us about the notion of impeachment. it seems to have died down since the release of the summary and the new nbc news/"wall street
1:25 pm
journal" poll shows 47% don't think congress should pursue impeachment. and a third of those polled as you see there think an investigation should continue into the president. if this report does show that the president came close to committing a crime even though he may not have committed a crime, do you think the public appetite for impeachment will grow? >> here's what i believe. i believe that first of all all of this donald trump saying he is exonerated is xleetdly false and it's important for the public to understand that this report and what barr's going to present and hopefully it's thoroughly the full investigation is actually just one issue and it is around russia collusion and supposedly not evidence of russian collusion but -- but donald trump by his own admission in most of the public conversations
1:26 pm
is a bully and a crook and probably is enriching himself through doing this job and certainly his family. he is probably obstructing justice in some kintd of way. he is probably endangering american citizens abroad. and on and on and on i could go. those issues are the issues that impeachment would explore and a variety of things of this administration and the president not in line with the way that the president of the united states should do his job and i think the american people deserve there for to be a conversation and investigation into that. what it is called, officially called articles of ip peachment or not, i think frankly in this moment feels like semantics because what the democrats are doing in the house is that these -- the committees are trying to get to the bottom of understanding his tax returns and paid the taxes he was supposed to and understanding, you know, like if he is actually
1:27 pm
enriching himself and his family and i think that the questions are real and important and various questions that are still unanswered that we need to explore. >> all right. thank you all very much for joining us this afternoon. coming up, making them pay. president trump making good on a threat to take away money from three central american countries where caravans are coming from. the impact of that decision next. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed,
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after months of threats, state department officials say president trump is now directing them to cut off aid to honduras, el salvador and guatemala for the influx of migrants. the move is an about face after the administration pledged in zes to mobilize $6 million in public and private investments to the northern triangle. friday the president accused these three countries of sending migrants to the border on purpose. >> we stopped payment to honduras, to guatemala, and to el salvador. we were paying them tremendous amounts of money and we're not paying them anymore because they haven't done a thing for us.
1:32 pm
they set up these caravans in many cases they put their worst people in the caravan. not putting the best in. they get rid of the problems. >> all right. joining me is the national correspondent for pbs news hour and christopher hill, former ambassador to iraq and south korea. i know you have recently spent time down there along the southern border. what was the situation like on the ground in terms of what the president has described it versus what you saw down there? >> look. ayman, there's a lot of overlap. we have to be clear about this. what's baffling about a threat to cut off aid to the countries is what you and i have seen in all the years spent overseas in war zones, disasters, this is the kind of aid that can help to alleviate some of the root causes causing people to flee in the first place, economic instability. the violence. that's what we have been seeing. the numbers of families and
1:33 pm
children coming from the three countries in central america in larger numbers than years past. they're taxing the system there and fleeing the same factors so that perfectly lines up with what we heard from the administration. more families and children coming. at the same time, you have to take a closer look at what the trump administration has been doing at the border. we heard from customs and border patrol officials about the specific requests of headquarters to say give us this. it would help alleviate the stress. we can have the kids being held this n this cement facility a place to play during the day. they have been asking for money for border officers. but all the other requests have been turned down so part of this is a larger pattern of the trump administration, an effort to slow if not altogether stop the
1:34 pm
flow of legal migration across the southern border. they have a legal right to cross our border and seek protection but it's also happening at the legal ports of entry. multiple places along the way. texas, arizona, new mexico. we say a backup outside of those legal ports. thousand people long in some cases. people just waitingmbassador hi extent is the reality now a result of decisions that this country has made going as far back to the '80s, the countries in the northern triangle, not stable, democratic or prosperous enough and as a result dealing with the lingering affects of those decisions? >> well, i think we are certainly dealing with a lingering affects of very tough, you know, civil wars, of which the u.s. at various times took sides, armed various
1:35 pm
participants but i think what's happening today is frankly speaking something different. first of all, the democrats may not know who's going to -- who they want for the next president and donald trump sure does and so i think he sees this as politically very expedient and so often foreign policy is really a function of a sort of proxy issue to show how tough you are and i think the president clearly is trying to show he's a tough guy and if the countries aren't going to help us we cut them off but then you have to ask, what kind of assistance are we giving them? not just handing them cash. seminars, humanitarian programs. it is a concept that in depth what you are trying to do is create the circumstance of people won't want to leave and exercise the rights at the u.s. border but rather stay where they are so a lot of what we do in this regard is designed to do that. it's not just helping them. it's helping us. the u.s. does not give money to
1:36 pm
other countries or give programs to other countries out of our largez but helps them and us. i don't think the president has that concept and thinks we're giving money and going to show how tough we are in stopping it. as for civil wars of 20 years ago, i'm sorry, the president needs to deal with what we have now and not what happened in the past frankly. >> some questioned whether the president has the legal authority to cut this money off just like that. given the fact it's money appropriated by congress and depending on where this money is coming from, does the president have the legal authority to cut this type of funding or could congress override him and still make sure it gets to the central american countries? >> well, congress hasn't shoeb it has the capability of overriding him but i think it's pretty clear, no, he doesn't have the legal authority to
1:37 pm
withhold the funds. i mean, other administrations have done this. this is not unprecedented. but clearly this is the president essentially encroaching on the congress's prerogatives with respect to appropriations so i think when you let the president get away with a so-called emergency decree you get more and more of the stuff until, you know, congress frankly and not talking just democrats here but two thirds majority of congress, you know, takes the backbone that they clearly left in a glass of water next to the beds and put it back in them and try to deal with this. >> ambassador hill, i'm going to ask you to stick around. thank you for your time and as always excellent reporting. coming up, the world reacts to the conclusion of the russia investigation. and of course, the folks at "saturday night live" with late-night laughs at the expense of the mueller report. >> in conclusion, it is my hope that this report will be made
1:38 pm
public with a few redactions. >> hello redactions! >> we're going to blackout everything except the words no and collusion. biopharmaceutical researchers. driven each day to pursue life-changing cures...
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of progression of moderate to advanced amd. that's why i fight. because it's my vision. preservision. also, in a great-tasting chewable. time now for we said, they said. it is of course about the reaction to the mueller probe from across the globe. >> is donald trump really in the clear? >> we cannot be sure because nobody has read the full report. only two people read it so far.
1:42 pm
the attorney general br and rod rosenstein. >> what mueller did is essentially people say pass the buck to attorney general william barr who then ruled that no crime committed. >> it appears that the bob mueller report is a bit of a failure. it's not turned up any big indictments of russian collusion rmt . >> fallout, as well, of the barr summary. >> donald trump also supported the release. strange because it seems like he hasn't read the summary. and he hasn't read it enough to understand he's not exxoonerate >> adam schiff lied to us saying that he had evidence of collusion. that is a blatant false lie. >> isn't all of this celebrating from people on the trump side a little premature at this point? >> i don't think there's anything to celebrate.
1:43 pm
here you have a stealth coup attempt to remove a president elected by the american people. >> and there was, of course, plenty of strong opinions abroad, as well. irish times predicted the legacy of the inquiry an even more divided america. and germany's dw news said the report gives no respite for donald trump adding when it comes to traditional standards of political culture trump comes out of this episode as anything but unsullied. we'll be right back. whenever we're about to get on a stage for a huge audience, i always give my dad, like, a facetime kinda moment. you see the crowd, you see the emotion. you know, he has that experience for the first time with me, and that's really important to me. i created a rockstar. (both laughing) (announcer) the best network is even better when you share it. buy the latest iphone for you, and get iphone 10r on us for someone else. and get apple music on us, too. only on verizon. you get the price match guarantee. so if you find your room at a lower rate,
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overseas mass protests of palestinians along the line of demarcation of the gaza strip was deadly. dozens were wounded and three shot dead. it happened after militants fired rockets from the gaza strip into israel. the military said following a day of palestinian mass protests. this is the very latest violence in just part of the week's long tensions of the sides over a black aide on the gaza strip. the issue even cut short israeli prime minister netanyahu's trip to d.c. last week.
1:48 pm
christopher hill joins us once again. ali, the news out of the region today, tell us about the situation on the ground after this deadly escalation that we have seen. >> hi, ayman. the situation seems a little quieter tonight on did gaza toronto here marking the anniversary of those demonstration movements. and overall, there hasn't been as many deaths as was feared. the israeli defense force estimated the number of protesters at about 40,000. and several thousands israeli troops deployed along the border. the idf said explosive devices thrown over the border fence and israeli forces responded with live bullets, tear gunshot and other dispersal means. three palestinian protesters all teenage boys have been killed and more than 300 have been wounded. palestinian health officials say that another man was shot overnight by israeli troops.
1:49 pm
close to the border fence. hamas said it's going to try to keep crowds at a safe distance from the fence with egyptian and u.n. mediators trying to prevent further escalation. today, israeli authorities opened the gaza strip gate and the cease fire talks may be advancing and it's been a very bloody year there. since the protests started march 2018, 190 people have been killed and almost 30,000 injured. obviously that triggered anger and disbelief across the world. but sadly, the violence continues. ayman? >> ali, stick around with us. i want thoughts on where the israeli prime minister stands as of now back in the region and taken some criticism for his slow response to this situation and also positioned himself by allying with some extreme right wing elements of israeli society
1:50 pm
and politics and positioning himself as the right choice even in the political spectrum as being the right choice for israeli voters. what is the danger of netanyahu appearing too soft ahead of the election given who he's gotten in who he has gotten in bed with. >> yeah. he is taking a fourth term. right now he has stiff competition who is an officer. they are neck and neck in polls right now and also there is a prediction that there will be a massive indictment against him for corruption. what he has done is say i'm israel's defender. i'm the right choice. what he has done is aligned with the jewish power party. that is an extremist organization. it was a terrorist denounced by the right and the left. he says i need this coalition. i will be in bed with a jewish
1:51 pm
power party. the danger here is the palestinians who oeched their prison needed the escalationment they need a restraint and easement of this blockade that's been going on for 12 years. it is courting and hopefully it seems there will be deescalation. it is by the right wing side of the his party who all of a sudden says we can't con cede at auchlt we need an all out war. he is the most extreme french what he is neck and neck and facing most likely corruption charges. it will be the ones who are screwed. >> and he cut short his visit and went back to israel.
1:52 pm
it is something that is obviously not recognized by the international community. let's talk a little bit about how this administration has tried to help him get reelected. are you concerned by recognizing we have moved one step close tore recognizing claims effectively killing a two-state solution and possible peace deal. >> i don't know what the next shoe will be that falls. certainly the trump administration has made some strategic decisions. the firgs one is they want to help them win an election. it is kind of decisions you have to make from time to time. i'm not sure they really appreciate the effort to put one's thumb on the scale here
1:53 pm
and effect the outcome. i think many israelis. you no, know sh those are itemst don't seem to exist. we waited for months and years now for the president's son-in-law to come up with a peace process for the israel issue. it hasn't happened. at some point i realize israeli peace processes are trying to put hope over experience. you want to see u.s. diplomats trying to calm things down and certainly convincing the palestinians at the end of the day there will be something in it for them. it looks like just politics on the part of the trump add frags. i think we sketched it out
1:54 pm
beautifully that he has put himself in on his own. this is fraugt and until there's a serious effort to work with other mattering vls, i think it will get worse before it gets better. >> they wrote in the washington post he writes as we approach the fifth anniversary the factors that motivated us to use protests have not changed. approximately 97% of our water is undrinkable. facilities are limited. cancer patients forced after being denied thafl permits. >> what are the efforts, if any, are being made. >> these are poisoned fruits.
1:55 pm
they blockade for the past 12 years to punish hamas. they were living in open air prison in one of the most densely populated places on earth. it is a humanitarian crisis. the water is tainted with sewage water. the people just want to grieve. that's why they want to symbolically and also in returns who they say are that israel took in 1948. the palestinians in gada are suring. if you looked at the as yuleties 24rs rear two dozen died and the situation will be worst for them. >> i remember in 2008 israel
1:56 pm
said it was launching it here we are. the rockets still continue. the policy is not yet working. thank you gentlemen. tonight an interview with former state attorney lopez tonight at 7:00 ooets earn right here on msnbc. n right here on msnbc. the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪
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