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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  April 21, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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troubling? >> no because first of all, prosecutors aren'trefused to sa that some things in the mueller report were troubling. >> i'm sorry to be laughing, but i remember during the iraq war there was a guy named baghdad bob who would go on television that's our show for today. and just lie shamelessly on we will be back tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern. behalf of saddam hussein. up next alex witt, my new "game and both kellyanne conway and, of thrones" sister. you know, these republican party >> i'm now a "game of thrones" spokeswomen and others, they're fan, you are the catalyst. >> we will be watching tonight baghdad bobs. together. >> thank you so much and happy mueller states explicitly in the easter. a good day to all of you from report, quote, this is not an new york. exoneration, unquote. high noon in the east. so they are just trying to say welcome to weekends with alex white is black. black is white. witt. new reporting this hour about not only are they not the president's public reaction to the mueller report. exonerated, not only is there a >> the president over the last smoking gun, there is a smoking 48 hours has been mounting this aggressive i am living my best artillery range in this report
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life pr campaign, strategy, on obstruction of justice. that's not the case. and i disagree with my good >> the sound and fury coming friend suzanne on this. from president trump as he this is not just a political consumes robert mueller matter. this is a legal matter. coverage. >> will you testify before there is much evidence in the congress, sir? >> chasing robert mueller. report that the president broke the law by obstructing justice. how did he respond to some very pointed questions. to just give you one small we have those details ahead. >> it may be we undertake an example of many, and there are more than 11 sections, incidents impeachment nonetheless. of obstruction of justice, trump >> the i-word leading democrats and his attorneys have been saying repeatedly that when he with measured responses as we try to answer, is it worse than asked jim comey, the head of the fbi, to lay off michael flynn, watergate. but new this hour, new reaction on the renewed debate his national security adviser, that he did not know at that on whether democrats should try time that flynn had broken the to impeach the president given the evidence of possible law by lying to the fbi. obstruction laid out by the but we found out from the report special council. that don mcgahn informed the the chairman telling nbc news he, quote, may or may not start president immediately before that flynn was a lawbreaker, had broken the law, and then trump the impeachment process. >> it is our job to go through all the evidence. went ahead and told comey not to
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>> how much does the politics impact this? >> i don't know. that will come down the road. investigate him anymore. >> do you think this is that is prima fascia obstruction impeachable? >> yeah, i do. i do think that this -- if of justice, full stop. >> but it is not a legal matter meaning there is no indictment. proven, if proven, which hasn't i said it is a political end been proven yet, some of this, because that means there is if proven some of this would be impeachment that's a impeachable, yes. possibility. >> no, we're not disagrees on >> all right. >> obstruction of justice, if the fact that it is now moving proven, would be impeachable. into the political realm. >> and the chairman of the but i want view iers to understd oversight admits this could be a political victory for the the president broke the law. president since the senate would >> he would have been indicted. i couldn't agree with that more. likely not support impeachment. >> there comes a point in life >> how does he get held where we all have to make accountable? is impeachment the best way to decisions based upon the fact do it? that it is our watch. there is also lots of talk about and, you know, history, i think, even if we did not win possibly, censu censure. >> this is something i'm recently struggling with, alex. i supported merrick garland at if there were not impeachment, i least having a hearing when think history would smile upon anthony scalia passed away in us for standing up for the constitution. february of 2016. >> meanwhile, the chairman of the republicans pushed back the intelligence committee says saying there was an election. i also supported the republicans impeachment is worth considering even if it ultimately fails in
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should join the democrats not the senate. >> it may be that we undertake too many months ago on the an impeachment nonetheless. resolution against the president what we will have to decide as a on declaring a national caucus is what is the best thing emergency because it was their job to do as they're supposed to for the country. it is the best thing for the country to take up an to protect the constitution. here it is clear that there are impeachment proceeding because impeachable offenses, and i to do otherwise sends a message understand that it may not be put in the political interest of that this conduct is in the best the democrats right now because interest of the country. there is an upcoming election. but there used to be a saying the republican leadership will good government is good not do its duty. >> and this all comes as politics. in this case it may not be, but democrats are expected to hold a i'm leaning towards it is their conference call tomorrow to responsibility to carry out their duties and start impeachment processes. >> last word, jonathan? >> i think they should move forward impeachment, too. but if it turns out to be not strategize their new moves. democrats insisting the special politically possible, then a council must testify before may tough resolution will put the 23rd. congress on record that the meanwhile, the president's president did awful things. attorney dismising the findings to just do nothing but hold by the special counsel that the hearings would be a travesty of trump campaign expected to
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justice and an abandon of their benefit from information released by russian efforts. constitutional duty. >> there is nothing wrong with >> spirited chat, as always. thanks, guys. she's a long-shot candidate taking information from russians? >> it depends on where it came in the 2020 race for the white house, but where does she think from. you are assuming that the giving she has an edge? of information is a campaign we're going to talk to her next. contribution. why do salads settle on the same 5 things? >> you would have accepted information from russians against a candidate if you were running? >> i probably wouldn't. i wasn't asked. i would have advised just out of excess of caution. >> people have a right to know that information about hillary clinton. this was a one-sided investigation. >> rudy giuliani and the president's council were asked if they accept mueller's findings that russian actors interfered. >> i believe it was. i can't tell you for sure. i haven't examined all that evidence. >> does the president accept there's thousands of ingredients out there. that? >> i think he does. there were a lot of factors that the freshest stuff this planet can grow. go into any election. not buzzword fresh. it's hard to believe this was a but, actually fresh-fresh. decisive factor. >> i think they try to sew fresh. at panera, we hand-pick berries at peak-season. use creamy avocado. cage-free eggs. disinformation. and a dressing fit for a goddess.
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they were also unsuccessful. oh and every ingredient is 100% clean. donald trump won. we didn't need wikileaks. we had wisconsin. come taste what a salad should be. >> let's head to mike. and for your next event big or small, try panera catering. we saw a glimpse of you, my friend. panera. food as it should be. you caught up with robert mueller in washington, d.c. tell me what happened. >> reporter: well, we understood that robert mueller was just state of the art technology makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2019 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. across la faye yet square here. he's been seen there before over the last several weeks attending experience amazing at your lexus dealer. services. he was there with mrs. mueller shaving has been difficult for me. at the 9:00 a.m. service. we had a camera crew waiting i have very sensitive skin, and i get ingrowing hairs. outside. it was, of course, easter so it's a daunting task. service. and, yes, we did surprise director mueller upon his exiting of the church. let's just play the tape. oh i love it. it's a great razor. >> sir, could i ask you a couple it has that 'fence' in the middle. of questions? will you testify before it gives a nice smooth shave. congress, sir? >> i have no comment. just stopping that irritation... >> are you sure about that, sir? that burn that i get is really life changing. >> no comment. >> if you were anybody but the president, would mr. trump be indi
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indicted, sir? now that you have finished -- >> sir, why didn't you make a recommendation to congress one way or the other? did the attorney general accurately characterize you, sir? >> reporter: i think we can parts of me i didn't even know. characterize director mueller's i find out i'm 19% native american, attitude as tight lipped and perhaps not interested in specifically from the chihuahua people. talking to me. it was after all easter sunday what?! that's... i find that crazy. and he was after all coming out of easter services. it traces their journey but nevertheless, that's the in the mid-1800s first time we have heard from from central mexico to texas. bob mueller in quite some time, learning about the risks they took for a better life... even if his only comment was no gives me so much respect and gratitude. comment. >> well, listen, it's no it just shed so much light in my past that surprise he wouldn't comment further, but i have to applaud i never even would've known was there. you on asking all the right 20 million members have connected to a deeper family story. questions. that was for sure. certainly loved the answer to order your kit at those and we will get them from robert mueller himself but probably somewhere on capitol hill most likely. itso chantix can help you quit "slow turkey." joining me now, my panel. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first you got to hand it, you guys, to mike. and ease into quitting. i mean, he went after it, right? chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, beyond the questions that he
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asked, what are some of the things that you are hearing you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. congress would like to ask? >> well, i think congress wants when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, to delve into a number of matters including, as mike i you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. think eluded to there, the key stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, question being what was the role of this justice department aggression, hostility, policy on not indicting the depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, president in mueller's decision not to make a finding or new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, conclusion on any of these ten or eleven examples of or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. obstruction? but i think they would also like decrease alcohol use. to go item by item with mueller use caution driving or operating machinery. through these examples. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. and the more i think about it, the more i think it will be an the most common side effect is nausea. exceedingly unpleasant exercise quit smoking "slow turkey." for the white house. not only to have mueller testify but even attorney general barr talk to your doctor about chantix. who as you mentioned at the top of the show has already agreed to testify twice at the beginning of may to have him led through these alleged instances this is, by any account a of obstruction by the president dividing moment for the trump and try to explain why in that specific case it didn't meet the presidency. moment for the trum presidency legal bar. i don't see how that's going to be something that's positive for the white house. i think that realization is
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beginning to dawn on people there. >> how about you in terms of the looking ahead this weekend. spectacle of all this? do you think mueller will former vice president joe biden is reportedly set to announce ultimately testify publically his third run for president. for congress? >> i think that he probably will. and i think it will be an the latest addition to a crowded enormously big deal. we have had several of these 2020 field. maryann williamson is joining me spectacles, if you want to call now. them that, over the last two a presidential candidate and spiritual author. years, but they have been thank you for joining me on this important moments, comey big weekend. i want to get to a number of testifying. i think robert mueller really topics. your new book "a politics of serious questions for him that love: a handbook for a new congress needs to ask. american revolution." what is your message for this i think there are serious questions chairman adler raised hollid holiday weekend? >> it represents principles of already in some instances not to consciousness. basically in the presence of the prosecute don jr., especially and the people involved in the higher power, anything is trump tower meeting in 2016. he made some judgments about basically accepting information possible. this country needs that now. there's so much chaos and from a foreign government and, you know, those are questions tension and anxiety. that we need to ask because now this is incredible moment to we have rudy giuliani on tv saying it's okay to get consider the possibility.
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information from the russians. so this report is going to have you know, we had abolition in consequences that ripple out in this country. it would not have seemed possible. all directions here. we had women getting the right and i think that there is a lot to vote at a time it wouldn't of questions. have seemed possible. and it will be a big deal. i agree with josh. we had desegregation and i mean, the white house is not going to enjoy that day. >> yeah. what do you make of this, josh? dismantling of white supremacy at a time when it didn't seem because you have democrats possible. saying that the picture that the it's a great moment for all mueller report painted of the americans to realize we'll get president is the worst, some out of this. even arguing that it's worse than watergate. if you're not elected, you may you have on the other hand those that are saying, yeah, total consider writing. you'll get book deals. exoneration. no collusion. no obstruction. honestly, you'll get tremendous has there ever been a document name recognition. that has had such a polarizing reaction in your memory? >> i mean, the only thing i can think back to would be ken starr's report during the you're in this to win it but you clinton era. that let in motion a similar process where house republicans have to admit the odds are stacked against you. how do you conserhe big became sort of gungho about picture for yourself? >> in terms of a professional impeachment. strategy. this is more risk than anything that's what giving democrats a moment of concern here about else. it's more of a risk if you're looking at things in that way.
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pushing forward too aggressively here. in terms of chances, donald republicans had a tone of moral trump is president. the idea that anybody can say righteousness that we see in what, you know, they can predict people like lindsey graham or who can win or who will win. mitch mcconnell. i think should be in the hands and that kind of backfired on of the american people. them eventually with the public. those who appoint themselves as kind of gate keepers. i can understand a degree of hesitancy on the part of whether in media or dnc or democrats even when they get all this evidence from robert anything else who tell the rest of us what is a long shot and mueller's report in saying let's what is possible and predictable. i don't think that's the way it immediately charge into impeachment proceedings. >> but, is there a legitimate should work. >> you have the opportunity to way to interpret this report in platform to get your message out such, you know, polarizing there. you have criticism? >> i don't have a criticism levels? i mean, is it legitimate? about the 65,000. can you really take the words of you know, there's been, also, robert mueller, those written talk that if once you get to the words from the report, and 65,000 which i'm certainly interpret them realistically in hoping it do and on track to do, these two distinctly different that once -- if there are over ways. >> no, i don't think so. 20 candidates they're saying you know, i think that there are somebody will have to have 1% in three major polls. certainly, you know, people if you're not mentioned in bring their biases and their opinions to this. polls, and if you don't get the
9:11 am
you can have opinions of law. same coverage as everyone else, you can have opinions of what's how are you supposed to make -- tolerable. of what's acceptable. but i think that there is an to be to get that over 1%? enormous amount of spin going that's unfair. on, particularly from the white that's a bias. house and from the attorney general about what this report we'll cross that path when we come to it. says. when you talk about, you know, the issue for me, there are two saying things like this report says no collusion, no different political universes. obstruction, that's just not -- the dog and pony show and what that's just not what it says. it is also dishonest on some is happening on the ground with levels because it in some ways voters in new hampshire, iowa, misrepresents what the report actually set out to do. and that's the beauty of you have in the report very politics. serious people and americans are clearly laid out the, you know, serious. americans know we have some the ways in which the serious issues in this country. and when i'm out there and i'm investigation went forward and the questions they were seeking talking to people or talking to answer and whether or not about the things that matter, they were actually looking for we're not talking the horse crimes that the president committed or not. and, so, i think that it's a race. we're talking about the fate of real struggle, basically, in our country. that's where i know it really is this time that we're in because happening and it's happening for there is so many ways of getting me and i'm excited about that. >> i told you as you were information out, whether it is social media or fox news or, you getting miked up and sitting down, i had a conversation with a friend last night. know, even further right more i describe him as being a cool guy. he thinks you're extraordinary. he loves the message you put out
9:12 am
there. how differently do you see con spspirac conspiracy. yourself from other candidates whether or not a consensus about in this race? >> thank him from me. what this report says is able to i see myself as different than remerge or whether or not you the establishment candidates. can have a report that the most of the establishment significant population never candidates are just different accepts. >> before i ask you another phase or what is essentially the question, josh, are you getting same old same old. a sense from the white hout a better version. about the reality of the but it is mainly candidates who are saying we'll lessen your president's mood right now? if you look at his twitter feed pain. they're not addressing the underlying forces that are today, the president first making all that pain inevitable. tweets he's never been happier if you don't name the problem, or more content, and then a you're not really planning to solve the problem. we need to name it. short four hours later he is this country is not being run by lambasting democrats, the witch the will of the companies, bi r hunt with a couple of swipes in between. what is the reality here of the president's mood? >> well, i think we know a few things about the president about how things are going right now. you know, you can have this sort of initial elation. pharma and oil companies. the report doesn't say that i am that design for change was real. indicted, right? the worst hasn't happened. unfortunately what we got was but then you can sort of have it someone instead of unrigging it rigged it further. say, wait, maybe robert mueller but that desire to emanate to a
9:13 am
is going to testify. what he says could potentially people knowing in their gut it's mean that congress decides to not the way it's supposed to be. impeach me. you realize actually i'm not out that's here and i two or three of the woods just yet. other people are saying that and >> but, i want just want to get everybody else is same old same your opinion on this as well because the president has not old. nice people. even read the mueller report. good people. it's time for more fundamental so do you think that the disruption of the status quo beginning and end of a four hour period of the president's tweets than being offered. has to do with the fact he's >> we'll have you back on again. watching tv and seeing how this you deserve a platform and you is being spun out there and that have a good message. there's no doubt. >> thank you. is what he's reacting to? >> i think there is an it's a tale of two moods. incredible defensiveness on the exclusive word of a happy and white house's part. yet angry president trump. there was one another from the and catching up on the comings social media director saying how and going of the white house. happy the president was. inside survival guide for the trump white house. it seems like a very strange that's ahead. l guide for the trump white house. thing to mention. that's ahead discover. and, alex, i wanted to say one thing about giuliani's comments this morning, this notion that just because somebody breaks into someone's e-mail account, that might be okay if the information in it is interesting. i mean, that's just an extraordinary kind of statement. there are americans.
9:14 am
i'm thinking of one young man from the 2008 campaign who did it here in prison for hacking into sara palin's e-mail account. there was probably some stuff in hi, what's this social security alert? there that didn't look good for it's a free alert if we find your social security number on the dark web. her. but i don't think anybody said good, cuz i'm a little worried about it's okay to like break into my information getting out. why's that? people's e-mail accounts or [bird speaking] my social is 8- 7- 5 dash okay, i see. [bird laughing] homes. somebody thinks it's hilarious. >> wasn't he a federal free social security alerts from discover. prosecutor, right? >> it is hard to remember those days, yeah. >> very much so. quickly, josh, i want to ask you so, every day, about the conference call with we put our latest technology the democrats that's happening tomorrow about the mueller and unrivaled network to work. report. what are the expectations? why do you think nancy pelosi is the united states postal service makes more calling for it? e-commerce deliveries to homes do they need to get all the than anyone else in the country. democrats on the same page? >> yeah. i don't think they are going to be able to get all the democrats on the same page. but i do get a sense just the way the report has resonated that it's been out that there is a bit more of an inclination on democrat's part now to push forward with something aggressive to investigate this. i don't think they're ready to
9:15 am
declare the opening of an impeachment proceeding yet or an impeachment investigation, but you got a sense especially with the 2020 potential nominee e-commerce deliveries to homes i felt i couldn't be at my best wifor my family. c, contenders for the presidency and some other prominent voices in the party that it seems like in only 8 weeks with mavyret, impeachment proceedings are more i was cured and left those doubts behind. of a real possibly today than they were 24 or 48 hours ago. i faced reminders of my hep c every day. >> all right. thank you so much. but in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured. good to see you both. so will they or won't they? even hanging with friends i worried about my hep c. what are the questions democrats but in only 8 weeks with mavyret, need answered before deciding to take up impeachment? i was cured. mavyret is the only 8-week cure for all common types of hep c. before starting mavyret your doctor will test if you've had hepatitis b which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. tell your doctor if you've had hepatitis b, a liver or kidney transplant, other liver problems, hiv-1, or other medical conditions, and all medicines you take including herbal supplements. don't take mavyret with atazanavir or rifampin, or if you've had certain liver problems. common side effects include headache and tiredness. with hep c behind me, i feel free...
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good day from msnbc here in new york. we're beginning with breaking news on the easter sunday bombings in sri lanka. we're getting word from mike pompeo that several americans have been killed in today's attacks. the island nation reeling after the wave of attacks of hotels, churches, as well as a housing complex. the series of coordinated attacks occurred at eight different locations and at least 207 people were killed. as we said, it includes several a business owner always goes beyond what people expect. americans. at least another 450 others have that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network been injured. the defense minister said seven along with complete reliability. then went beyond. suspects are under arrest. beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins. let's go to nbc's sara hormone to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. following the latest.
9:18 am
to tv on any device. lots of news to get caught up beyond low-res surveillance video. on. what are you hearing? to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: we don't know much gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. about the americans killed. based on the secretary's comcast business. statements, it's not clear how many u.s. citizens are among the beyond fast. dead. he's saying many of the details of the attacks are still emerging. we can confirm that several u.s. citizens were among those killed. he goes on to say the u.s. embassy is working tirelessly to provide all possible assistance to the american citizens who are affected by these attacks and to their families. and condolences have been pouring in from around the world, including from president trump who offered assistance in a tweet earlier today. saying the u.s. stood ready to help. at this point they're describing it as a terrorist attack by religious extremists. he hasn't said what kind of religious extremists. he's saying he believes most of the blasts were caused by suicide attacks. no group has claimed responsibility yet but seven suspects, as you mentioned, have
9:19 am
been arrested. and the government is now just trying to get control of the situation. they put an overnight curfew in let's go now to a series of place across the island. they're telling people we need breaking developments on today's to remain indoors until 6:00 a.m. local time. deadly easter sunday bombings in so for travelers with planes to catch, they are being allowed to leave but they have to show sri lanka. their plane tickets and the series of coordinated passports at police check points. bombings occurred at eight authorities have taken the rather dramatic step of blocking different locations. social media and messaging killing at least 207 people, services. they're trying to prevent false including at least 11 foreign nationals and injuring close to r rumors from spreading. it's the worst violence in sri 450 others. the defense minister says seven lanka since the end of the civil suspects are now under arrest. war ten years ago. the pope even cob demming these let's go to sara following the attacks this morning on what is latest for us. we have just learned about some americans involved. shaping up to be a tragic easter what can you tell us? for the world's catholics. >> yeah. we have just learned that several americans were, in fact, killed in these attacks. alex? >> yeah. quite a week. that's according to mike pompeo. sara harmon, thank you so much for the update on that. we don't know anything about them, how many they are, who everyone, we'll keep track they are, where they're from. of this story as well as the we're still waiting for more information on that. day's other big story. there's a new debate whether
9:20 am
democrats should start impeachment proceedings. but stit was described as a terr this given the evidence of possible presidential obstruction that has been laid out by the special counsel. attack. most of these blasts are now the chairman of the judiciary committee where appearing to be suicide blasts. impeachment proceedings begin is the defense minister hasn't said telling nbc news he may or may not start the process. what kind of religious >> it is our job to go through extremists did this. it is still really early days. all the evidence. >> how much does the politics impact in? most of the blasts are thought >> i don't know. that'll come down the road. to have been suicide attacks. >> do you think it's seven suspects have now been impeachable? >> yeah, i do. arrested in connection with i do think this. these attacks and the government is trying to get control of the if proven, if proven, which situation. they put out an overnight curfew hasn't been proven yet. some of this -- if proven, some currently in place across the island, telling people to remain of this would be impeachable, indoors until 6:00 a.m. local yes. obstruction of justice, if time. travelers who have planes to proven, would be impeachable. catch are being allowed to leave >> they admit it could be a if they show their plane tickets political victory for the and passports at police check president since the senate would points. not likely support impeachment. authorities have also blocked social media and messaging >> it comes a point in life where we all have to make services, trying to prevent decisions based upon the fact it rumors from spreading. this is the worst violence in is our watch.
9:21 am
and, you know, history, i think, even if we did not win, sri lanka since the end of the civil war that. possibly, if there were not the pope condemned the attack this morning on what is shaping up to be a very sad easter for impeachment, i think history would smile upon us for standing the world's catholics. up for the constitution. >> sara, is there any indication >> and the chair of the that the terrorists were intelligence committee said impeachment is worth considering even if it ultimately fails in targeting foreign nationals? the senate. because those three hotels that >> it may be that we undertake an impeachment, nonetheless, i they hit specifically don't they think what we're going to have cater to sort of upscale tourism to decide as a caucus is what is the best thing for the country? and foreign nationals, right, coming to visit? is the best thing for the >> yeah, exactly. country to take up an impeachment proceeding to do these three hotels, those are otherwise sends a message that the conduct is somehow high-end luxury hotels, the kind of places that a foreign tourist compatible with the office or in the best interest of the country might stay if they were visiting the country. so there is a reason to look at not to take up impeachment we what happened and say, hey, know will not be successful perhaps they were trying to get because the republican leadership will not do the duty. foreigners. but again most of the people >> as democrats are expected to killed were sri lanka people. hold a conference call tomorrow. and starting tomorrow, the attorney general has promised to they were completely blind sided give top democratic leaders
9:22 am
by this violence. limited access to a less it is still really early. redacted version of the mueller but it is really sad to watch report. nbc caught up with the special something happen like this. >> absolutely. counsel of washington, d.c. take a listen to this. looks like targeting just anyone >> sir, can i ask you a couple in their way. thank you, sara, from london. of questions. will you testify before let's go to capitol hill. congress, sir? >> no comment. new today house committee chairs >> are you sure about that, sir? if he were anybody but the weighing in on the debate around president, would mr. trump be impeachment proceedings. >> an impeachment is likely to be unsuccessful. indicted, sir? it may be we undertake an impeachment nonetheless. sir, why didn't you make a >> i'm not there yet, but i can recommendation to congress one way or the other? foresee that possibly coming. the attorney general accurately >> we may get to that. we may not. characterized your position on as i have said before, it is our conspiracy and -- job to go through all the >> people want answers to those evidence. if proven, some of this would be questions, for sure. democrats insisting they must impeachable, yes. >> joining me now, democratic testify before may 23rd. bill bar is set to testify at the beginning of may. congress from california. the president's attorney dismissing the finding by the congressman, thank you for special counsel that the trump joining me early your time there on a holiday sunday. campaign expected to benefit thank you so much. from information released by >> good morning. >> so let's get to the question russian efforts.
9:23 am
of democrats. >> there's nothing wrong with are they closer to launching taking information from russians. >> there's nothing wrong? impeachment proceedings than >> it depends on where it came they were a week ago? >> definitely the mueller report from. it depends on where it came from. is providing an underlying basis you're assuming that the giving for that. we do need to continue to of the information -- >> you would have accepted investigate and see the evidence behind that report as i think you saw from some of the other information if against a candidate? >> i probably wouldn't. individuals who have been on the news today. i wasn't asked. that's the next step in the i would have advised don't do process, to continue the investigation by many of these it. >> the president firing off a subcommittees. >> congressman, do you believe series of tweets including this one stating he's never been that the president has committed happier or more content just impeachable offenses? days following the release of >> i think the evidence does the mueller report. suggest that. but i think the bigger question nbc white house correspondent is whether we are going to see kell kelley o'donnell is following the president in west palm bipartisan support for further beach, florida. there's a bit more to the investigations to get to the president's tweets today. truth, to do what we were it becomes quite apparent that elected to do, which is uphold the mueller report is on his the constitution of the united mind. states of america. >> reporter: and it also seems and, you know, i look at this, apparent, alex, that the white house is trying to project a alex. i used to be a republican. and i would hope that regardless certain happiness from the of if it's a democrat or president. maybe a calm or a confidence republican in the presidency or based on the nature of some of the tweets describing his mood in the house that we are making the decision based on simply as well as releasing photos that they have often declined to
9:24 am
doing our job. release in the past. this is a -- this is right showing the president golfing, versus wrong. and it should not be about and big smile on his face. democrats/republicans. posting photos of his it should be about the behavior grandchildren. all of that could be simple and conduct of the president. and if it rises to the level of easter weekend stuff. at the same time, it also impe appears to be a part of a impeachment, all of us should be strategic effort to make it look like things are okay. stepping to the plate. according to our reporting, >> could i ask why you switched there is a sense of relief behind the scenes. parties? was there a specific catalyst relief about the outcome, also, for you? >> there was. it was back in the late '90s. for some of those working with for me, the republican party the president relief his frustrations have largely been directed at former white house that used to believe in counsel don mcgahn who is now environmental stewardship and voting rights and used to outside of the president's believe that deficits were bad, sphere but prominently featured in the mueller report recounting all of that got moved to the back burner off the stove top a lot of his interactions with the president that are a part of altogether. the obstructive acts that are and it no longer reflected the described in the report. values that i have as well as my today rudy giuliani directed his values today are much more aligned with the democratic frustrations in defending the president but focussed on don. caucus. >> all right. i do want to ask you about adam here is a selection of some of that from today's appearances. schiff who suggested that what is happening today is worse than >> i would ask which of the what happened in watergate. three versions is mcgahn how do you feel about that standing by?
9:25 am
comparison? >> i think he is spot on. the first version is the that is exactly the situation. president told me to fire him because he was upset about and we're still going to need to conflict of interest. he corrects it and says, oh, do further investigation through the committees. mistake. he never told me. but based on just what we have he never said fire. seen in the mueller report. by the way, i will tell your and i never told him i resigned. viewers, just read the table of he has conflicts and shouldn't contents and you will be left be special counsel. >> he shouldn't be special dealing with the magnitude of convey. what is -- >> fire is get rid of. this investigation and what the if he fired him, it wouldn't president and those around him have done. i think it's also very, very have been obstruction as long as important that we not lose he was replaced by somebody, he sight. this is not just about the would have been. president, his behavior. and they were good reasons. it is about a foreign government arguable reasons. actively trying to impact this election and will continue to do >> reporter: an attorney for don so in the future. mcgahn previously, before so we need to take action in that area as well. today's series of interviews >> is that what you think is said it was a mystery to mcgahn what makes it worse than why giuliani is re-litigating watergate, is the foreign involvement component? events described in the mueller i mean certainly watergate was a report that mcgahn said were domestic massive divide among accurate but determined by mueller in his team not to rise those who supported the to the criminal level of an president and those that did not. you see that in evidence right obstructive offense. so asking the question why go now in the tenure of our country back over it?
9:26 am
it appears part of the white domestically regarding donald trump. house strategy through rudy is is it the foreign component that has you saying this is worse to chip away at mcgahn's than 1974 2 to '74? credibility. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you >> i think that's the part we very much. >> happy easter. need to focus on because that >> happy easter, my friend. joining me now is democrat should have bipartisan support. we should want fair, honest, from michigan and chief deputy free elections here in the united states without the influence of a foreign whip of the house democratic government. the fact that the president, not caucus. thank you for being here on a once with this report coming holiday. out, has made mention of the okay. the report. the "washington post" is reporting the democrats are clear evidence of russia's struggling to find clear involvement in trying to influence our elections. messaging to counter the president's me messaging it's sad. demeanor. do you agree with that? it is a sad day for america. do you expect it will be every patriot should be standing discussed in the conference call up and saying, this is wrong. you have tomorrow? all of us should be fighting to make sure our elections are fair and free. that means making sure our >> well, i'm sure we'll have a voting booths and the voting wide range conversation about process has the appropriate safe guards in place to make sure where we go from here. this does not happen again. i think it's a mistake for us to view it as a messaging >> what do you expect on this challenge. conference call from house it's a much more weighty moment than one that ought to be democrats? is it about messaging? relegated to the sort of issue is it trying to get everybody, of messaging. we clearly that's the way the
9:27 am
as we have said, on the same page? is that even possible? white house is approaching this. but i think it's dangerous in >> usually, when we are in this moment for us to think too much about that. we have some big decisions to washington, d.c., we have a weekly caucus. make. many of us will withhold making because we are all doing district work right now, we are those final conclusions until we actually have a chance to read simply doing it by phone call. this is simply an opportunity the entire report. for those on the call to ask i've got say, alex, from what questions of the leadership. so i think that's what we're i've seen so far, it's distressing. going to see play out. we're also going to get a better clearly what mr. barr indicated in his letter is not supported sense of what are the next steps as far as the investigative by what i've seen so far in the process as we dig in deeper on the mueller report. report. so they have viewed it as a >> what about top house and senate democrats that rejected messaging challenge and a bill barr's offer to review this messaging problem. i think it would be a big less redacted version of the mistake for us to follow suit. >> do you expect to learn much mueller report that was made on friday but with limitations more in the unredacted or at certainly on their ability to even discuss what they have learned. is there any room for least lesser redacted vote that negotiation on either side as far as you are aware or is there top leaders will be able to get ahold of tomorrow? a settled matter? >> well, there shouldn't be room for discussion or negotiation on >> it's hard to say. again, i've only been able to it. 435 members of congress read sort of the top line about unanimously, every single republican and every single 20 pages or so of the relevant democrat, demanded that the
9:28 am
mueller report be deliveredreda. sections. it's hard to say. if those redacted sections don't somehow contradict or change the narrative around what i've been so anybody on either side of the able to see so far, it's a aisle that would settle for less than that is going against a pretty damning report. but, you know, i would encourage resolution they put their name people, though, to read this. on. the members of congress deal with sensitive classified information every single day. to take the time. we're quite capable of looking parly those folks who might have at the full mueller report without redaction, as well as some doubts. read it. the underlying evidence. from what i've seen, reading to have the attorney general about a president of the united barr suggest that he has to play statesing with being engaged in the kind of activity this report this role of redacting information so that we can't see depicts, it's a frightening the full report is asinine. thought that this president has gone this far. >> was there anything that surprised you about the report >> really great to see you that you read? again. thanks so much for joining me. have a good day. i mean, granted you're 20 pages >> thanks, alex. worse than watergate? in. i'll reiterate that we'll compare what richard nixon >>well, yeah, i think so. did. my next guest voted to impeach richard nixon, so what does she think? oes she think? [knocking] i've been pretty clear about saying we shouldn't be happy or looking for the president to
9:29 am
have gone over the lines and it appears he has. the extent to which, the obsession he had about trying to stop this investigation from going forward is actually pretty ♪ frightening. it raises a question about what else we don't know about this president. and, obviously, we can't draw conclusions from this about ♪ other, you know, other areas of the president's service. it paints a picture of a president who is so narcissistic, who is so obsessed memories. and has no moral grounding that what we deliver by delivering. he seems willing to get to try to do everything he can to get people to lie for him. ♪ mmm, exactly!ug if there's anything that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, surprises me, the number of accounts where the president was so you only pay for what you need. attempting to get those around nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? him to lie to the american people and to lie to the special oh! we just spend all day telling everyone counsel in order to protect him. how we customize car insurance whether or not the underlying because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees facts depict a crime is another another bird that looks exactly like him. question. but it certainly is a crime to ya... he'll figure it out. tell people. to try to get people to lie to a
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9:32 am
pass and judge us as having tolerated this behavior. right now i have to say it's distressing to see this president to go so far to interfere with the process that is intended to get to the truth. he has such a disassistant relationship with the truth. we know he lies all the time. the fact this in the moment of this very serious investigation, he tried to get others to lie for him. it raises the question whether it's an impeachment offense. there is a new reaction >> michigan democratic today from adam schiff who is representative, thank you so doubling down on his claims that the special counsel's finding against the president are far more troubling than watergate. much. a possible timeline to impeachment? take a listen. that's next. eline to impeachment? that's next. >> the obstruction of justice, r. because seasons change in particular in this case, is but true character doesn't. far worse than anything that richard nixon did. wow, you've outdone yourself this time. in every way this is more hey, what're neighbors for?
9:33 am
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9:34 am
american people and is engaged allergic reactions, kidney injuries and capillary leak syndrome... in actions that are similar. ...have occurred. the important thing is we don't report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing... have to do comparison in the ... or allergic reactions to your doctor right away sense of what's worse. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes... nixon was really bad. and let's not forget that his ...fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect... efforts started with a break-in is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor... into the democratic national ...about neulasta onpro. committee in order to try to pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. undermine our free elections. so we have the same thing going on here where russia with the obvious interests, support, encouragement of the trump campaign interfered in our election. it's outrageous, in fact, that we don't know whether to this day whether trump was elected by the russians or not. and we could find that out. but in any case, the fact of the matter is let's look at the similarities. why force nixon out of office? that he dangled pardons in front of people to try to get them not to cooperate with the special prosecutor. we see evidence of that here. those are identical acts.
9:35 am
they conform the basis with the impeachment of trump and his removal from office. >> i want to ask you specifically about obstruction. and here is a conversation from may 1st, 1974. it was between richard nixon and john dean. ready? how much money do you need? the president asked dean. i would say these people are going to cost a million dollars over the next two years, dean replied. we could get that, the president continues. on the money, if you need the money, you could get that. you could get a million drollar. i know where it could be gotten. it is not easy, but it could be done. that is the president trying to cover up an underlying crime. there was no underlying crime in the mueller report in terms of within the body of the report, right? i mean, the president was not found guilty. so do you think people forget that it was that bad as well in
9:36 am
1972 to '74? >> there was very bad, but congress acted. we were never able to prove whether richard nixon ordered the watergate break-in. but we know he ordered the cover up. we know that he tried to commit perjury and get the cia to stop an fbi investigation. we know he fired the special prosecutor. senator kamala harris is all of those things were done to only 2020 campaign trail today. cover up. did we ever know the original she's spending the holiday weekend in south carolina. she's talking to voters in town crime? we never knew that. halls. we're following along. that never stopped becau eped u. yesterday you were outside the congress has to act now. it can't push this under the pigly wiggly. i had to say it one more time. rug. it's the greatest name ever. they were given the responsibility by the framers of the constitution through the let's talk about some of the impeachment power to protect the issues that she's focussing on country and the democracy from a rogue president. that's what we have here. >> what about when richard nixon and the infamous oval office today. >> reporter: good afternoon. tapes, what abodirected the fbi
9:37 am
you get the full spectrum of stop investigating? >> well, nixon was trying to life on the campaign trail and kamala harris was at the church stop the investigation because he didn't want the embarrassment behind us. actually just left the service. of the political embarrassment more than 2 hour service. of showing that his people might it was a black congregation and have been his campaign was involved in the watergate from the pulpit asked everybody break-in. what did he do? to get on her feet and welcome he had his top aid and he her to south carolina. everybody reached out and said ordered him to call the cia and get them to stop the fbi go make history. this is her third day in south investigation. well, we have information that's carolina. she had a town hall on friday as very similar here. well as one yesterday. we have evidence that president at an event she struck that chord of easter saying that this trump called dan coats, the director of national country is going through dark times but what comes that have intelligence and told him to try is a rebirth. to get the comey investigation as we mentioned what happens on stopped. we know that he tried to do this the campaign trail. there's the political end and with mike pompeo. we know he tried to do this with the impeachment proceedings. others. so we know that he tried to shut down this investigation just he, i asked her about that after one meaning donald trump, just the of her campaign stops in is what way richard nixon tried to do she told me. it. it was really bad. it wasn't -- we never in the >> reporter: what is already house judiciary committee publicly available. would you support impeachment accused nixon of committing a proceedings to begin?
9:38 am
crime. >> i believe there's room for we were not dealing with that conversation but right now violation of the criminal law. what i want is i want mueller to we were dealing with egregious come before congress to testify. i want to be able to see the abuse of power, which is to use the power of his office to shut full unredacted report and down, to stop and to tamper with specifically, also, the witnesses to stop an underlying evidence. investigation into the actions of his campaign and himself. >> reporter: is it not enough in your eyes? >> former congresswoman, your i want to see the evidence. i'm a prosecutor by way of perspective is much appreciated. background. i want to see the evidence. thank you so much. >> feeling the heat? fearful if they don't hold the >> reporter: you heard her say president accountable it might that line. i'm a prosecutor by the way of normalize this type of behavior background. she wants more and that's what she's insisting on at this in the future. be sure to catch ari at 9:00 point. she's heading out of south carolina this afternoon. eastern right here on msnbc. she'll be up in new hampshire before heading west to houston, pay as much for insurance... as not safe drivers! texas on wednesday. >> it means so you some travel ah! that was a stunt driver. ahead of you, my friend. safe travels. that's why esurance has this drivesense® app. thank you so much. new today chair of the house the safer you drive, the more you save. don't worry, i'm not using my phone intelligence committee adam and talking to a camera while driving... i'm being towed. by the way, schiff said democrats will meet
9:39 am
i'm actually a safe driver. to discuss impeachment. i'm just pretending to be a not safe driver. >> some top democrats including cool. bye dennis quaid! when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. senator warren said the house should do the constitutional duty and begin impeachment proceedings. do you think they're wrong? >> i think it's a very difficult decision and we're going have a caucus about this over the next couple of weeks to try to figure out what the best course is. not for the party but the country. and joining me now is "washington post" for the san francisco chronicle as well as jay newton small contributor for ♪ time magazine. ♪ good day to you. thank you for joining me. ♪ how significant is this? do you think democrats may be able to reach a consensus on how to move forward on the issue of impeachment or not? >> i don't see any sign of a consensus among democrats. at this point, you see top party leadership being his assista assistant -- hesitant as we go there. we see nancy pelosi and jerry
9:40 am
nadler say we want the full report, we want to hear from mueller. that was their talking point before the report came out. i think everyone was expecting more redactions. in reality, it was a fairly lightly redacted report. a lot of it you can sort of understand what mueller was able to conclude. so i think at a certain point it will be hard for democrats to continue to cling to the talking point of wanting more evidence. they have to come to a conclusion. are they going to say no we're going to move on to focus on this electorally at the pal lot box or continue to pull the various levers of legal options the house will have. >> what about the democrats who have been holding the conference call tomorrow about the mueller report? what are the expectations from it? >> well, i think you can see the democrats in a bind in the (gasp) (singsong) budget meeting! sweet.
9:41 am
if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. it's no wonder everything seems a little better house. he ulz sort of litigated this with the creamy taste of philly, made with fresh milk and real cream. entire mueller investigation and the court of public opinion and have not caring what was happening on the legal side of things. so you have the court of public opinion really being spoiled to some degree by months if not years of trump saying it's a fake investigation. there's no collusion. there's a large part. base that will never believe anything in the mueller report is impeachable and none of the is real. politically speaking now it'll play out in the field of politics, it's not really is it really worth for it for democrats in their base to take on impeaching the president and risk offending the independents and moderate republicans leading watt i for the next election. >> you write it has put
9:42 am
congressional democrats on the spot. go into detail. >> sort of what we've been talking about. democrats have built up quite a bit to this. new today, president trump's aids are digging in on their they set the full goal posts and claims of total exoneration. they built it up. they're trying to control the taking step back, one of the message as impeachment talk interesting things about the mueller report is how much investigative reporting it has ramps up with democrats. here is kellyanne conway. vindicated over the past couple of years. a lot of what was in the report >> the central premise here was collusion and there isn't any. we actually already knew. i am really shocked that -- >> exactly what you were talking about. two years he looked at base of that, it takes a little obstruction of justice. bit of impact out of it. >> and if he could charge a it's summary of what we've known crime, he would have. to this point. >> do you think the totally it's going to come time for house democrats to decide what exonerates him? >> yes. >> let's bring in jonathan and do they actually want to accomplish here? are they going to conduct hearings to try to generate suzanne. hey, guys. information their candidates can thanks for joining me on this use on the campaign trail? >> wait a second, how can they sunday. suzanne, you first here. do you think the mueller creates possibly make a consensus more problems for the president than his people are willing to
9:43 am
decision without having access admit? to the full report, which they are they undersellings the don't have yet. risks? >> it is just to continue their >> yeah. narrative. what they're dealing with is a >> there's a lot of information president that's very upset that here. it's a question of what you so many people on his staff, expect to come out of the full even if they are not there report that we don't already know at this moment. anymore, were talking so openly and freely to mueller. it doesn't look like there's a i think that disturbs him more. ton more they're going to uncover. they're going to have to start and the fact that the report did reckoning with what are they actually trying to accomplish conclude that russia did help donald trump win this election. he is so concerned about having it look like he won on his own, it is very troubling to him. here. do they want to focus on 2020 there is nothing criminal to go and make a case to the american people they shouldn't re-elect after the president on at this him? i think that's where a lot of the party wants to move. time. it is not in the legal arena. it is moving into the political >> what about the messaging? i want to talk about that for a and government arena of the house. >> you know, don testified. moment. in the first days after the release of the underrated but that august tweet the mueller report, democrats president sent out saying he struggled to find a clear messaging and talking point. insisted he allowed mcgahn and is that a fair characteristiczation, in your all others to testify. i didn't have to, he said. so he's the one that gave the green light to do it. i spoke yesterday, jonathan, to
9:44 am
mind? >> absolutely. let's sort of move on to the president trump's secretary. next page. it's a loser of a conversation let's watch a clip from that for us. and a lot of democrats who are exchange. >> the republican party feels incredibly vindicated. angry and stuck on this and say it's a smoking gun. the senators and congressmen it means we should impeach him. you see the party split in those two carps. what is better for the future or what is better now. but the sort of political fact of the matter is the senate is never going to actually remove donald trump from office. any impeachment potential impeachment in the would go as far as the house. it's a politically significant move. not really anything that will get the president out of office. you think what is the best way to get this man out of office? >> all right. good to see you both. thank you so much, again, for joining me on a holiday sunday.
9:45 am
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justice but also on collusion or conspiracy. whatever you want to call it to move forward with impeachment on this president. >> that's going to be a very consequential decision and one i'm going reserve judgment on until we have a chance to fully deliberate about it. new reaction today from congressional democrats who appear to be struggling with the issue of impeachment. a new poll shows that 40% of americans support the idea of doing it while support against impeachment is down now 7%. it's gone down to 42 from 49%. joining me now is democratic congressman from california. welcome back to the broadcast. it's good to see you. and, sir, if we look at impeachment, it appears to be a topic your party cannot agree on. you previously efforted to begin debates to impeach the president. i'm curious from you stand now after the release of the mueller report >>well, to some degree, i think
9:50 am
it's a question of semantics. what we need is public hearings. we need to call a special counsel in. this report, i think, is very damning. and the president is a master at spinning his perspective. if you look at the first part, the first line, it's clear that the russians were involved in getting president trump elected. 126 million americans they contacted the special counsel said it was systemic and sweeping. we need to get to the bottom of that. if i'm an american voter and i know the russians want trump and the republicans in office, i should be aware of that. and the second part of the report is very damning, as to the moral authority of this the president and his administration. teddy roosevelt famously said the presidency was a moral position. can anyone read that report and think that the current occupant has any kind of moral authority? >> you've been quoted as saying there's so much corruption in this administration. mueller's report, do you see it
9:51 am
as being a road map for congress and, if so, what is your intention of what best to do with it? >> i think it's a road map. first, and i hope the oversight committee does this and i have been encouraging my colleagues and the chairman to do this. we need to look at social media. the american public needs to be aware of how unique this was used to get president trump elected this past time. and so they're aware. if you're a conservative, you need to be aware of the information you're getting. so we should have hearings. i would like to subpoena all the social media companies so we can find out exactly where those contacts were so the american public can see that. and the second part and obstruction, i thought the special counsel was clear. i'm not a lawyer, on pointing out there is an obstruction case here. he specifically said he didn't believe there was a case for him to make because of how he read the direction from the department of justice. but he also said that it was no exoneration. so that, to me, it was a clear
9:52 am
road map. >> your fellow california democrat said a bit earlier that the findings from the report they are more significant than those of watergate. from what you read in the report, do you see evidence that supports that? >> absolutely. watergate was a walk in the park compared to what is in the report. as it was described, a second rate burglary. we removed a president because of that. and in the best interest of the country. this is much more serious. this administration will go down in history as by far and away the most corrupt administration in this country's history. warren harding would blush at what this president does. >> we heard the president's personal attorney trying to defend. is that something that needs to be mulled over again and again going forward? should it be left in the past? >> hillary clinton why don't they bring up james polk or go
9:53 am
back to harding. it's about distracting the american public, whether you're liberals or conservatives, from the facts in front of us. i think we have to be responsible about this. adam schiff to have him and jerry nadler and elijah cummings being chairs of these committees. we have to focus on the fact and the facts will lead us to the truth and the american public will see that. ultimately you have to have faith in the american voter. >> democratic congressman from california, thank you so much for your time. have a good holiday. >> thank you. the trump white house has seen more cabinet level turn over than the past two presidents combined. what does it take to keep your job in this administration? what does it take to keep your job in this administration
9:54 am
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president trump is insisting that everything is just fine days after the release of the mueller report. in fact, he tweeted this morning he's never been happier or content calling the economy stronger than ever. sources close to him paint a different picture. >> the president over the last 48 hours has been mounting this aggressive i'm living my best life pr campaign. pr strategy that is not the case. based on our reporting, i've been talking to sources last night and yesterday morning who say he's furious. he's been watching the coverage. he's mad at don mcgahn. >> yeah. >> that's hallie jackson talking
9:58 am
about her sources. joining me now is white house reporter for "the atlantic." a survival guide for the trump white house. that's worth a read. i did. thank you for joining me on this holiday. sources close to the president told nbc this morning that most of his anger is being directed toward don mcgahn. is it fair for him to lash at mcgahn, as you heard chuck todd say, ultimately protected him. >> i think chuck has a good point. and not just on mcgahn but rob porter. another former aid in the trump white house also refusing to carry out certain orders that
9:59 am
had he done so would have made life more difficult for trump. so it's an interesting story of the trump presidency that a strategy of essentially delaying, ignoring, trump's orders have helped him. it's curious why he's mad at mcgahn. >> isn't it curious you've talked about two, in particular, their former. who is still remains around the president to protect him from himself? there's no other way to put it. >> yeah. who is left to speak truth to power and stand up to the president and tell him he's wrong and protect, you know, protect him from his own worst instincts and ill considered actions. some of the guardrails, as we put it, in the atlantic story recently are gone. mcgahn is gone. john kelly is gone. hope hicks is gone. it's not clear that the president has people of some stature. people who he has great regard for left to keep him in bounds.
10:00 am
>> the white house done its best to spin a favorable narrative of the mueller report. are staffers concerned behind the scenes that democrat's investigations are going to turn up more bad news? >> none of this is good for the president. it was a damming report. democrats basically have a two-prong strategy. the house committee democratic chairman are going to go after this hammer. they're going to get the unredacted mueller report and try to investigate and duplicate mueller's investigation and find out more. and contemplate impeachment proceedings and try to expose what happened over the past two years in this white house. whereas democratic candidates on the 2020 trail, i'm told, will probably stick to a more affirmative or positive message. probably not talking about mueller report quite as much. i think they understand that it might not resonate in the heartland and among rank and
10:01 am
file voters as much as it does in washington. i think we expect to see the two-track strategy playing out. ? in your article you mention that kiersten nielsen was the president's 15th cabinet level departure since he took office just over two years ago. measure it by three years into the white house, president obama had seven cabinet-level departures. george w. bush had four. what does it say about the administration? >> it says it's hard to work for donald trump. it's hard to stay in his good graces. and we discuss in the story, one way to do it is through flattery. performing well on teleconference. and what i mean by that, not necessarily performing well before a large wide audience but to an audience of one under the assumption that trump may be watching you. you better represent him well and defend him well. that's one key to survival. flattery also reported. we talk about mike pence.
10:02 am
mike pence is an interesting case. he can't be fired necessarily but ostracized. he could be marginalized. and trump could drop him from the 2020 ticket. what we hear from our sources is pence is every bit as flattering to trump in private as he is in public. that's one time proven strategy, actually. >> it's a great article. thank you for joining me and discussing it. have a good holiday. thank you. the mueller report works with watergate? we have a debate on that ahead. e we have a debate on that ahead
10:03 am
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i would say in every way this is more significant than watergate and the fact that a candidate for president and now a president of the united states would not only not stand up an resist russian interference in our election but welcome it goes well beyond anything that nixon did. the president of the united states to take putin's side over the intelligence agencies goes well beyond anything richard nixon did. >> adam schiff with his take on the mueller findings. joining me now, former senior adviser of hillary clinton's campaign, democratic strategist and former nevada state gop chair. welcome to you all. don, did you just ditch me out?
10:07 am
you just took off? >> back to the decembistrict. >> okay. would most democrats agree that this is worse than watergate? >> i think that they would. we have on record the president with serious evidence of at least ten instances of obstruction of justice. as my friend glen kerr sher in points out, one who impedes or attempts to impede a federal investigation is guilty of obstruction. the only reason that the president is not currently indicted is mueller is not willing to make the call on whether or not the sitting president can be indicted. this is far more serious than watergate. nixon resigned because he thought he was going to be impeached, based upon circumstances of the potential wrongdoing far less than what the current president has done so i think the democrats have a moral impeertive here and almost have to impeach. i'll say that political expediency aside, this is a
10:08 am
moment where the conscious of the country is called into question. >> adrian, do you agree with don? he's putting out words in direct contradiction to rudy giuliani who he says the message battle is going very well for them. do you agree with what don's saying and do you think the trump camp is winning coming to shaping the narrative at this point? may be because the dem message appears splintered. >> democrats are trying to figure out what to do. congress has to exercise proper oversight authority which is essentially their duty in the constitution. to hold trump accountable, to make sure that we send a strong signal to future candidates, future presidents that this type of behavior is not acceptable. cannot ever happen again and same time we also know that the votes are not there to impeach. they're there to impeach in the house but not there to impeach in the senate. so i think that's where you are seeing the back ian forth. i was just appalled by what rudy
10:09 am
giuliani said this morning on "meet the press" where when chuck asked him, is it okay to coordinate with an adversary, foreign adversary on stolen material and use it and he said it depends on the material. i mean, this is where the heads are for these guys. they're saying, sure, we may wok with a foreign government in 2020. depending on what the stolen material is. to me, that was such a damning statement that he made and congress has an absolute responsibility to look into this. >> yeah. after a statement like that, it's easy to forget that he was a federal prosecutor. amy, the mueller report, does it create more problems for the president than the people are willing to admit? >> i don't believe so. in order to find that someone has been found to obstruct justice there has to have been the intent for criminal intent found and that's where the
10:10 am
report that mueller had put together found that there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. so, you know, obviously if there was no intent there was no intent for a crime to cover up that existed. i think, though, what we need to remember here is with the possible impeachment process going forward, going back to bill clinton, you had a republican-led congress. and at that time, the public was so outraged that in the next election they voted the republicans out of office. so i think democrats need to keep that in mind. >> you know what, amy? let me read you something from the mueller report and see if you can still say what you just said. if we had confidence after the thorough of the details we would so state. based on the standards we are unable to reach that judgment. accordingly, while the report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him.
10:11 am
>> fair enough. i mean, there are some actions in this report that could be, you know -- very questionable. so i cannot agree 100% that this is going to be favorable for republicans. but as far as the criminal intent between russia and the campaign, we have found that's not true. >> but that's not what we're talking about. we are talking about the collusion? okay. that's not there but it's very clear that the president attempted to impede the federal investigation and that is per se obstruction of justice. >> like i said, there are definitely 10 definitely some areas that will be questionable. >> with this new poll, 19% more people believing the president or someone close to him broke the law. how significant is that for democrats? >> you know, it is significant, again, because thank god, alex, democrats hold there's one branch of congress and exercise oversight authority but, you know, again, coming to donald trump's solid base, he can
10:12 am
literally do anything and he's not going to lose that solid base and talking about here pertaining to 2020 is how does this impact independence? how does this impact swing voters? >> okay. guys, that's going to be a wrap. i'm always glad to see you three on the sunday to end the day. thank you so much. have a great holiday. >> thank you. five unresolved mysteries from the mueller report. what are they and why they matter coming up. i don't keep track of regrets. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life.
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we are all out of time here. happy easter to all of you celebrating. i'll go to my hard working colleague. kendis gibson, take it away. >> as you do every weekend, alex. happy easter to you. happy passover, as well, to many celebrating. i'm kendis gibson at msnbc headquarters in new york. a rare sighting in easter sunday, we are not talking about the easter bunny. >> will you testify before congress, sir? >> so that's what robert mueller sounds like. speaking, briefly. first time on camera since the release of his report. plus what's next? democrats on capol
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