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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 22, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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this morning, the death toll is growing after a series of terror bombings in sri lanka. suicide bombers targeted several churches and hotels on easter sunday. plus president trump tweets that he's never been happier but spent the weekend wagie ining a attack on bob muller. and democrats focus on impeachment after the redacted version of the report. others are on the fence.
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good morning, everybody. it is monday, april 22nd. i'm yasmin vossoughian. we're going to begin in sri lanka where the death toll is rising. after a series of coordinating terrorist attacks devastating the island country on easter sunday. according to a government spokesperson, suicide bombers targeted three churches in different cities across the country in three luxury hotels popular with tourists. the spokesperson also said a radical islamic group was behind attacks. nearly 300 people were killed in these attacks in more than 500 injured. sri lanka's foreign ministry says the body of 27 mourners have been recovered so far. several u.s. citizens were among those killed. police in sri lanka said the investigation to yesterday's
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bombings would look into reports that they failed to detect or warn of possible suicide attacks before the violence even broke out. police say 13 suspects have been arrested so far. and in the wake of these terror bombings, sri lanka's government had said it shut down several social media networks including facebook and the messaging service what thesapp. and according to one presidential adviser, it was a unilateral decision. officials blocked the platforms out of fear that misinformation about the attacks and hate speech could spread and provoke more violence. in just is a little bit we are going to go live to sri lanka for the latest on the bombings and what investigators are learning this morning there. also, president trump spent the holiday weekend at his florida club trying to project that he is happy and he is calm. yet his anger over the mueller
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report continued to boil over into public view. the white house took the rare step of releasing photos of the president with radio host rush limbaugh on trump's golf course. unusual since they typically do not even confirm he is playing during his frequent visits to golf properties. now the president later retweeted dan scavino who wrote i am with the president at the southern white house. i have never seen him happier. trump sending that message himself yesterday morning quoting, i have never been happier or more content. yet all day long he continued to fume over the mueller report alleging he has been historically mistreated while aides and allies went on television to report the description of the president's reaction when he learned the special counsel had been appointed. quote, oh, my god this is terrible. this is the end of my presidency. >> i've been at his side for
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practically three years now. i've never heard him utter those words. and we've been in tough, impossible sipgss together. that is not the way he speaks. >> i've been next to donald trump dozens, hundreds, thousands of time. i've never heard him being a debbie downer. anybody who says i was all of a sudden saying my presidency is over is a liar. >> as house democrats look to step up their investigations into the president's 2016 campaign, the president's lawyer rudy giuliani spent yesterday saying nothing was wrong with taking information from the russians. >> the russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping faction. do you accept that? >> there's no reason not to accept that.
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>> and the president accepts that? >> i'm sure he does. >> so it's okay to work with foreign adversaries? >> it depends on the stolen material. there's nothing wrong with taking information from russians. it depends on where it came from. you're assuming that the giving of information to the campaign contribution, read the report carefully. the report says we can't conclude that. people get information from this person, that person. >> you would have accepted information from russians against a client? >> i probably wouldn't. i wasn't asked. i would have revised out of excess of caution, don't do it. >> but you're saying there was nothing wrong with doing that. >> there's no crime. >> i'm not talking about crime -- >> we're talking about morality? >> yeah. >> and the precedent has been set. while leaving services
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yesterday, bob mueller remained tight lipped. here was the brief exchange. >> sir, could i ask you a couple of questions. will you testify before congress, sir? >> no comment. >> are you sure about that, sir? >> no comment. >> if it were anybody but the president, would mr. trump be indicted? sir, why didn't you make a recommendation to congress one way or the other, sir? the attorney general accurately characterized your positions on conspiracy and obstruction, sir? >> okay, joining me now is co-author of the politico political playbook. i would not want to ask mr. mueller those questions. he did not seem pleased. >> he pulled the easter sunday shift, and, you know, it was pretty awkward. >> and i've watched that on loop
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a couple times yesterday. i kept watching it over and over again. i think and correct me if i'm wrong, we have literally not heard from bob mueller, not heard him speak, not heard his voice since the beginning of the mueller probe. >> yeah. and that is -- so it's pretty rare for him to say anything, but -- and there's every expectation that he is going to have to testify in front of congress for at least maybe two days he'll testify in front of the senate and the house. so that will be his opportunity to rebut anything that barr said that he felt misinterpreted his report. and also the fact that barr's initial letter did not mention these ten episodes of obstruction and, you know, all of the other negative evidence against trump in the final report. >> when do you think we could expect to see mueller testify before congress? and what do you think he would
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actually be able to clarify about the 480 pages in the mueller report? because the likelihood is if this is a public testimony, he will have to remain silent on many of the issues that the public want answers on. >> i think he'll testify in the next six weeks as public interest remains strong on this. democrats don't want to drag this thing out as more than it already has. remember, 2020 democratic candidates don't want to talk about mueller. they're going to be telling their congressional democratic colleagues to kind of wrap this up as soon as possible. >> yeah. >> and so i think in terms of what he would say, hard to know, but he is going to be asked
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tough questions about why he didn't prosecute, why didn't recommend charges. and also just go through, you know, line by line some of people's questions about the actual report. >> though liz let's warren, i will say, she's been speaking out about the mueller probe. we're going to talk about that later in the show. she's going big on it. so we are going to talk about that later. daniel, thank you so much. going to talk to you again in a little bit. all right. let's talk 2020, everybody. moments ago we got word of another candidate. massachusetts congressman seth moulton. he is the fourth sitting member of the house to run this year. a marine veteran of the iraq war, he was elected to congress in 2014 and notably led opposition to nancy pelosi in the house of elections last year. moulton posted a campaign announcement on his website this morning. all right.
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still ahead, top democrats including several white house hopefuls are weighing in on whether they think president trump should be impeached following the release of the mueller probe. we're going to bring in dan ny cevallos for that. plus a check on your weather when we come back. 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath.
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welcome back. while 2020 democrats mull over how to proceed after the release of the special counsel's report, senator elizabeth warren as i mentioned earlier, she says it is time for impeachment hearings. it started with a tweet late friday that slams president trump's disloyal behavior that she demands congress do its constitutional duty and initiate impeachment proceedings. she told a new hampshire crowd this weekend, quote, i get there
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are a lot of folks who say this is politically charged. democrats shouldn't go here. but there are things bigger than politics. this is one of them, she said. but while warren is stepping forward, they've been a bit more cautious. on friday julian castro used softer language to say it is reasonable to open up proceedings. while kamala harris said she wants to hear from bob mueller himself before passing judgment. watch this. >> would you support impeachment proceedings to begin? >> i believe that there is room for that conversation, but right now what i want is i want mueller to come before congress to testify. there is no question that there is good reason to believe that there was an obstruction of justice by this president. no question. >> a campaign official tells nbc news while warren believes impeachment is the right course
2:15 am
of action, she will keep her focus on policies. >> do you think this is impeachable? >> yeah, i do. i do think that this -- if proven, if proven, which hasn't been proven yet. some of this would be impeachable, yes. obstruction of justice would be impeachable, yes. >> and you're going to go about to see if you can prove it? >> we're going to see where the facts lead us. >> i can foresee that possibly coming. but again, the fact is that i think we have to do -- be very careful here. >> impeachment is likely to be unsuccessful. now, it may be that we undertake an impeachment nonetheless.
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we have to decide as a caucus what is best for the country. >> nancy pelosi is still committed to taking impeachment talks, quote, one step at a time. top priorities remain hearing from mueller and hearing an unredacted version of his report despite the house democrat opinions, it would be an uphill bart without enough potential votes in the senate. sources telling nbc news that he has been telling allies he believes democrats are on the same path as republicans were in the '90s while trying to impeach bill clinton. joining me on set, dan ny cevall cevallos. you have a good easter? >> oh, yeah. >> let's talk about what we just heard from jerry nadler. they've been using this terminology a lot over the weekend. if proven, then impeachment might be a good route to take.
2:17 am
so my question to you is -- there's 480 pages of the mueller probe. much of which has been laid out. many of the things have been laid out in ten separate instances as we spoke about when it comes to possible obstruction of justice. what does nadler and his like, what do they want to hear in order to prove an obstruction of justice case? >> the mueller report is as you said, 400-plus pages of investigation conducted by essentially the doj. but what nadler may be saying is that it is a different standard that the doj used in concluded that there were no crimes committed. because crimes are not necessary for impeachment proceedings. in a sense, congress has its own standard, its own elements to make out, to decide whether or not they're going to hold impeachment hearings. crimes are not necessary.
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if you want a conviction, it's a good idea to have crimes. but it's not required. >> impeachment proceedings were political to a certain extent. it could be a move saying this is what we felt about whether he's going to be physically removed from office. >> impeachment proceedings were fascinating. they are like a trial cosmetically only. they are really only a political proceeding. yes, we have a burden of proof. but beyond that, for the most part you have a jury that is unlike any other jury in the judicial system. they're the most biased, opinionated journey of all time. they've been elected based on their bias and opinions. it would be a jury that's completely unacceptable in any courtroom in america. so in a sense they are nothing like a trial except they sort of look like one. >> but the president is accurate in the fact he is setting things up if it were to go in that
2:19 am
direction the way clinton was impeached. because he was initially impeached by congress. then he was acquitted by the senate. if this were to take place in this current government, the likelihood of that happening as well is pretty high according to the majority in the senate. >> slim chance to be -- he could be impeached but it's not likely he would be convicted and removed. the report doesn't conclude a crime was committed. . you are going to need a high showing of criminality to just garn see that -- >> and they can't get the vote in the senate. >> exactly. that's what makes it nothing at all like a trial. it isn't about the burden of proof at the end. at the end of the day, it is about the votes in the senate. that's not really the way you would look at a burden of proof in a criminal trial. just say, hey, how many people like him, how many don't like
2:20 am
him. that's how we know if we can convict and impeach the president. all right. let's get a check of your weather now with bill karins who is back from an extended easter vacation. >> yeah. i visited 12 states in i think days. >> no. you did? >> oh, yes. we road tripped. >> what was your favorite state you visited? >> you're going to do that to me? >> yes. >> actually, in north carolina my kids and i ended up in a tornado warning. we were about five miles from the tornado. >> i was like, don't worry. i got this. >> my daughter was like, i'm scared, daddy. i said i got this. you're not going today. if you're watching these storms off the coastline of virginia and maryland and delaware here, this rain is going to move up today. you're starting off dry, but your afternoon is going to be a kwoelt, wet, early springlike day. especially there in boston. so the rainfall totals through tomorrow possibly an inch to an inch and a half. so no reason to do any watering
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at all in eastern portions of new england. that rain is going to kick in. it only makes it to about new york city. most of the steady cold rain will be eastern new england. here's the timing of this. this is 8:00 a.m. this morning. by noon today, it moves into boston. by 5:00 p.m., providence up through boston. starting to arrive in areas of maine. it kind of lingers here through 11:00 p.m. tonight. keep that in mind for your forecast. as far as the week ahead, rainy weather in wisconsin and areas of minnesota. we watch the stormy week ahead in areas of texas. we'll get severe weather and bad weather this week. watch the dallas to ft. worth area later on this week. >> all right. thank you, bill. still ahead, new reporting that president trump is apparently fuming over don mcgahn and his participation in the mueller probe. plus we'll go live to sri lanka for a live report on the easter blasts.
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welcome back. let's get back to sri lanka where the death toll is rising after a series of coordinating terrorist attacks devastated the island on sunday. suicide bombers targeted three churches in different cities across the country. and three luxury hotels. a popular site of tourists.
2:25 am
a local radical islamic group was behind these attacks. the bombings began just before 9:00 a.m. nearly 300 people were killed in the attacks and more than 500 were injured. joining me now from sri lanka, janis mackey for us. just some devastating news coming out of that country over the last 24 hours or so. what more are we learning about this? >> reporter: well, police, the government, now the fbi is on the ground here. and they're all trying to piece together what happened. yasm yasmin, just behind us is the shangri-la hotel. you can see the restaurant there has been blown apart. what we know so far is that these were highly coordinated attacked on three chunrches at three hotels in three different cities. police are saying they believe
2:26 am
they know who was behind the attacks but they aren't willing to yet name the group. there have been 24 people who have been arrested so far including some women. forensic analysis at the six different sites at the three hotels and three churches show these were suicide bombers. the secretary of defense telling nbc news today that security officials had warnings about ten days ago that something could happen and that will be another question that will be asked why no precautions were taken. it is staggering. the death toll now nearing 300. more than 500 wounded as investigators try to find out what happened here. >> one can never expect this type of magnitude of an attack. just shocking footage and video coming from there. thank you so much. all right. still ahead, everybody, much more on the president's easter weekend. spent fuming at bob mueller's
2:27 am
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the best place to listen. to start your free 30-day trial, text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ you inspired us to create internet that puts you in charge. that handles anything. that protects what's important. and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple, easy, awesome. i'm yasmin vossoughian. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the head stories. president trump back in washington this morning after spending the weekend in florida celebrating easter an the release of the redacted mueller
2:31 am
report. and both the president's defenders and critics were out this weekend weighing in on what exactly were the court's final findings. kelly o'donnell has more. >> reporter: in the sunshine of palm beach, president trump headed to church. >> happy easter, everybody. have a great day. >> reporter: but his easter message stopped short of answering questions about the outcome of the russia investigation. back in washington leaving an easter service, robert mueller who has spoken through the 400-plus-page report declined to engage. >> can i ask you a couple questions? will you testify before congress, sir? >> no comment. >> reporter: but for the president's defenders, there's plenty to say. >> i believe he's truthful. >> reporter: disputing the mueller report's description of president trump's intentions. >> if the president wanted to fire bob mueller, he would have. in order, he has the authority to do that. >> reporter: pressed to explain why members of the trump
2:32 am
campaign had shown a willingness to receive russian help, rudy giuliani said this. >> it is now okay for political campaigns to work with material stolen by foreign adversaries? >> it depends on the stolen material. >> reporter: and this. >> there's nothing wrong with taking information from russians. but the former u.s. attorney distanced himself. >> i probably wouldn't. i wasn't asked. i would have advised just out of excess of caution, don't do it. >> reporter: and for democrats, a divide over pursuing impeachment. >> we may get to that. we may not. as i said before, it is our job to go through all the evidence. >> reporter: do we nonetheless go through an impeachment because to do otherwise would signal that somehow this president's conduct is okay. >> reporter: next up for congress, calling key witnesses to testify. that could include mueller himself or don mcgahn who provide sod many of the behind the scenes details about his interactions with president trump that are included in the mueller report and were under
2:33 am
review for potential obstruction of justice. yasmin? >> thank you to kelly o'donnell for that report. so president trump is seeking retribution against one of his former top advisers. the trump campaign has dropped the law firm of former white house counsel don mcgahn. nbc news and other outlets report that multiple sources say trump is fuming after watching coverage of the mueller report and the details that mcgahn refused to carry out his order to fire mueller. in "the washington post," rudy giuliani asked this. if mcgahn thought any of those things were crimes, why did he stay there? a lawyer for mcgahn responded, it's a mystery why rudy giuliani feels the need to re-litigate incidents the attorney general
2:34 am
and deputy attorney general have concluded were not obstruction. on "meet the press," giuliani went further. >> why isn't the president -- why isn't the president angry at the russians? why is he so angry at bob mb mcgahn? the russians tried to show his campaign wasn't legitimate. >> why wouldn't you be upset with someone that tried to accuse you of treason. >> what a weekend, everybody. nadler says he will call don mcgahn to testify. also president trump's claims of total exoneration are ringing hollow with the public as a poll finds. in the wake of the mueller report's release, his rating dropped to a new low this year. conducted friday after the redacted report's release shows
2:35 am
the approval rate has sunk to 37%. down six points from where it was just after a.g. barr released his letter. that's his worst performance in this poll in more than a year. joining me again is daniel litman. and here at the table author of the book "the oath and the office: a guide to the constitution for future presidents" corey brechneider. let's talk about this since this is the first time on the air with us since the release of the redacted report. give me your biggest takeaways. >> on the obstruction of justice point, we now know why there was no recommendation to indict. that's because of these memos that say during the nixon and reiterated clinton administration that say it's not possible to indict a sitting president including on
2:36 am
obstruction of justice. it looks like what mueller was doing was giving the evidence with the understanding he wasn't able to go forward. even if he found there was calls to indict this president. >> you brought up good point in that bill barr, the attorney general, could have overturned, if he wanted to, these memos if he felt like the president should be indicted. it was on him. >> exactly. there was not a recommendation to not indict. basically there was a process of passing the ball first to mr. barr and the thought was if there was sufficient evidence and i think there is to indict, then yes he could have said these memos were flawed. the arguments for them are terrible when you actually read them. they suggest the dignity of the office required that we not indict a sitting president. but actually this president has shown himself to be deeply undignified, i think. there's also an argument in my mind that was rejected in the clinton v. jones case. the president is at the head of
2:37 am
the executive branch would be debilitated by indicted him or her. and the response is they can work it out. >> as clinton did. >> exactly. so i think the reasoning of those mem os is flawed. >> daniel, talk to me about this back and forth with don mcgahn, the president's former white house lawyer. obviously he's back and forth between mcgahn and rudy giuliani and how he is now fuming in what came out in the mueller report. >> trump feels like this is sabotage and back stabbing by individuals on his own team. my favorite part about the mueller report is where he asked don mcgahn we why do you take all those notes? a real lawyer doesn't take
2:38 am
notes. he said that's not true. i'm a glood lawyer. i take notes. i think he feels like his people let him down by talking to mueller. but remember, he had a legal strategy for a whole year which was complete cooperation. and so that's why everyone talked to mueller. the white house turned over hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. and so that -- and that was a decision blessed by trump. so it's not like everyone was freelancing here. >> actually, there was a report that came out last week. prior to the mueller probe coming out. talking about the fact that they were going to be the focus of the president's wrath. and it looks like that's exactly what came to fruition. daniel, also give me a reaction to giuliani saying that there's nothing wrong with taking information from the russians because it's not really -- that was pretty shocking to say the least. it's setting a precedent, it
2:39 am
seems, for future campaigners for president. >> who's to say that the trump campaign or democrats won't accept help from foreign adversaries next year? and the fact that he said that, i was talking to a former aide to giuliani yesterday, they believe he's gone off the deep end. who says these types of remarks? the proper response would be the u.s. government should make sure that foreign governments do not interfere in our elections. you can say that without saying that trump has to get charged or, you know, he did anything wrong in 2016. so it feels like rudy giuliani is taking the side of russia and saying, you know, we're happy to accept any help. it just depends on some of the specifics. >> yeah. corey, talk to me quickly about the options the democrats have in regards to impeachment which i know you think is the right move to make. although it's more of a political move, really. because the votes don't exist to
2:40 am
get him totally impeached. talk about that and also talk about the option where he could feasibly be prosecuted after he leaves office. >> i think that the mueller report really passes the buck zwron congress. the constitution asks the congress first, did this president commit high crimes and misdemeanors. that's not a legal category as you say. that's a political one. but to me the fact that the president has failed to abide by his oath to faithfully execute the office and faithfully execute the laws suggest that he has demeaned the office and he's committed a crime that's central to his ability to pursue his duties. so i think there is a strategic question. the more the american people learn about the constitutional process and the duty of congress and meaning of high crimes and misdemeanors, i think they could begin to learn. and those votes en though they're not there in the senate, they could come to be.
2:41 am
>> quickly after he leaves office? >> yes. i think the framers believe if -- hamilton for instance thought a president was immune from prosecution until after impeachment. but we would impeach a president who committed is a crime and then they would be tried after leaving office. that's the assumption of any argument for immunity. >> all right. thank you, guys, both. also we're going to see you again on "morning joe" in a bit. boeing a facing renewed scrutiny following a report raising fresh concerns. but the company safety standards details on the practices being carried out by the aerospace giant. but bill karins is back with another check on your forecast including the potential for severe weather. we'll be right back. for severe weather we'll be right back. we have to be able to
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facilities. according to a report from "the new york times," the company pressured workers at its north charleston factory to speed up production while ignoring employee complaints about potential safety risks and defective manufacturing. "the times" says it reviewed hundreds of pages of internal emails, corporate documents, and federal records and conducted interviews with more than a dozen current and former employees. the paper says the information reveals a culture that values production speed over quality. with boeing at times ignoring issues raised by employees as it faced long manufacturing delays. boeing has denied manufacturing problems with the dreamliner and in a statement to "the new york times" said, quote, boeing south carolina teammates are producing the highest levels of quality in our history. however, the newspaper also reports one major carrier qatar airways had been frustrated by
2:46 am
manufacturing issues at that particular facility and as a result since 2014 the airline has only bought its dreamliners from a different boeing facility. let's get a check now on your weather with bill karins. >> happy earth day to you, by the way. >> happy earth day. >> as we go throughout the day and much of this week, monitoring areas of severe weather. we had a tornado outbreak through the end of last week. this one actually looks kind of quiet, thankfully. april and may are our biggest tornado months of the year. it is light today. we will see a risk of severe thunderstorms in some areas. we'll watch that from the lubbock area. the bigger story is the slow moving storm through texas. about three days of this. heavy rain could lead to flash flooding. we have flash flood watches in areas. dallas ft. worth, waco down to austin. maybe 2 to 4 inches of rain this week. flash flooding i think the worst
2:47 am
day would be thursday night into wednesday. here's how it's going to play out. notice by 7:00 p.m., not really much to talk about. then the storms were up this evening. then a new line of storms come in tuesday afternoon. possibly involving dallas to waco. then as we go throughout tuesday into wednesday. a heavier line of storms. that's why they could get more of the significant flash flooding. ugly day for our friends in boston. 50s, breezy, chilly rain. also in wisconsin also cloudy and cool. tomorrow is going to be a much better day in areas of the north for people. probably about 75 degrees and a lot of sun. >> now we're talking. thank you, bill. still ahead, the trump administration reportedly nixes the idea of carrying out a regime change in iran. details about mike pompeo's confidence in the american adversary. we'll be right back. n the eramin adversary.
2:48 am
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who called his loss a gift to the kremlin as a pro-russian
2:51 am
insurgency continues to gain ground in eastern ukraine. new to politics, he was best known for his sitcom role as a history teacher, elected president after he is rant for president goes viral, a message he adopted throughout his campaign. >> the potential for efforts to carry out a regime change in iran is reportedly not on the table according to axios. secretary of state mike pompeo said the administration is, quote, not going to do a military exercise inside of iran to expedite regime change. axios says pompeo met with about 15 american-iranian leaders inside a hotel. the most provocative question he
2:52 am
faced was, quote, if regime change does not occur internally, what is the end game? pompeo replied we're careful not to use the language of regime change and said the administration would not intervene militarily. coming up, everybody, axios's nick johnson has a look at this morning's "1 big thing." and coming up on "morning joe," president trump tries to project confidence in the wake of the mueller report, as democrats in congress carefully weigh their next steps on the matter. and new york city mayor talks about his plans for 2020.
2:53 am
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ski. welcome back, everybody. joining us from washington, nicholas johnson. good morning to you. happy monday. hope you had a good weekend. talk to us about axios' "1 big thing." >> the "1 big thing" is job of the future is editor in chief. the invention of the smartphone has changed things, it makes the war for attention, the method of advertisi advertising, where you find things you wapeople want to loo
2:57 am
it doesn't work any more. >> let's talk about this other axios report, which is this closed door meeting with iranian leaders in dallas. do we have any idea how they went about choosing who was going to have access to the secretary of state? >> we don't know exactly. the trump line is as hard as any. the flip side of that coin is pompeo coming before these other groups saying we're not involved in rejom change, don't look for military action on that. at the exact same time as we were reporting out that, "the washington post" was breaking the news pompeo was going to remove import waivers for
2:58 am
iranian oil. so just because pompeo is saying they're not looking at intervening militarily doesn't mean they're relieving pressure at all. my good friend swan talked to people in the oval office and it was donald trump being furious at a lot of the staff for to the getting stories about the comey and russia investigation correct and he said i'm going to go on lester holt's show and fix it. and the reasons he said were explic explicitly -- it showed the dangers the president has when he acts as his own press director. >> let's talk also about the president's current mood. woo have been told by the
2:59 am
president himself on twitter, by his social media chief, i believe, or the person that's running his social media campaign, that he has never been happier than he is right now, than he was over the weekend. what are you hearing? >> you can see in his tweets, there's still a lot of anger and about the hoax and witch hunt, especially with mcgahn, who did a lot of contemporaneous note taking about the possible obstruction allegations. the president is very angry about that. a lot of aides spoke to would this be the moment that they're someone trump could go after. >> nicholas johnson, thank you. to all our viewers, you, too, can sign up for the newsall
3:00 am
right -- newsletter. that does it for me. "morning joe" starts right now. >> the president tweeted morning "i have never been happen why are or more content because your country is doing so well." >> happy people always tell you how happy they are, much like smart people who always tell you -- >> i went to an ivy league college, i was a nice student, i did very well, i'm a very intelligent person. >> i'm so happy and i'm so smart. good morning. welcome to "morning joe." it's a happy day, monday, april 22nd. by the way, it is earth day. >> and i'm happy. >> better .


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