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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 23, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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here with us, good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. ws headquart ers here i new york . less than a week after bob mueller's redacted report was released to the public, president trump said he's not worried about impeachment, not even a little bit. this is house speaker nancy pelosi tries to tamp down talk about impeachment and senator mitch mcconnell say it's time to move on. the death told continues to rise after the bombings in sri lanka. dozens of people have been arrested. good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, april 23rd.
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i'm yasmin vossoughian. we're starting with president trump who is saying he's not worried about impeachment in the wake of the mueller report. while his twitter account is telling a pretty different story as trump wrote or shared 41 tweets between monday morning and midnight with 26 more, half of them concerning the russia probe. late yesterday afternoon trump appeared to announce he would be doing an interview with a friendly anchor on the fox business channel but it never materialized leaving his unscripted commentary limited to his online post where he wrote this. isn't it amazing people closest to me and knew the campaign better than anybody were never even called to testify. trump himself refused special counsel's multiple requests for isiah thomas down interview. the president tweet this. only high crimes and misdeamnors can lead to impeachment. there were no crimes by me, no collusion, no obstruction so you can't impeach.
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after his appearance at the white house easter egg roll trump briefly responded to questions. watch this. >> are you worried about impeachment, mr. president? >> not even a little bit. >> not even a little bit and nobody disobeys my orders. another poll shows president trump hitting an all time low. the morning consult politico poll has him dropping five points 39%. tying the record low number he posted after his reaction to the deadly racist violence in charlottesville in 2012. 57% disapprove of trump job's performance. this follows trump hitting a 12 month low in a poll conducted in the wake of the mueller report. meanwhile the top democrat on
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the house judiciary committee jerrold nadler has subpoenaed former white house counsel don mcgahn for his testimony about potential acts of potential obstruction of justice ascrib as described in the mueller report. julie, thank you for joining us today. what do you think congress can get from don mcgahn's testimony here? >> don mcgahn is a very critical witness, if you will, in this entire mueller report saga. don mcgahn told mueller in extended hours of testimony that president trump had essentially ordered him to fire special counsel robert mueller and then had said he should put out a statement later saying he denied that president trump ordered him to fire mueller. so there's a lot going on here and we're seeing that democrats
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really fopt cuss -- want to focus on obstruction of justice. don mcgahn can give more information on the issue of obstruction. over the weekend we've seen the president's chief allies and surrogates, his personal alternative rudy giuliani have gone after mcgahn saying if mcgahn had an issue with president trump's actions or rhetoric in office why didn't he resign. we do know don mcgahn said he would rather resign than fire robert mueller. democrats looking to center in on that issue of obstruction and they are obviously going to start with don mcgahn. >> let's talk about some of these poll numbers i just read out. 39% dropping five points, it seems and then 57% disapproval rating. this is some of the lowest numbers the president has ever seen. of course i refer to the
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comments he made at charlottesville, after the charlottesville riots at that point, that's when the numbers were low as well. what do you make of these low numbers that the president is getting post-mueller report, and also put that in that we're awaiting vice president joe biden to announce he's getting in the field. >> for months president trump's poll numbers have fluctuated in this mid-40% range. this is a major dip. democrats have gotten a lot of criticism for maybe focusing too much on the mueller report, saying voters -- voters want to hear more about kitchen table issues like health care and the economy. that criticism should be aim at president trump as well because while president trump says he wants to focus on those issues he's tweeting about it constantly and there's andy
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poling that shows the american people is fatigued by this entire mueller report saga. there might be fatigue there and the president's negative tweeting about all of this could be playing a role in this. however i think when former vice president joe biden jumps in the race, you know, i think a lot of voters will be looking at these two characters. >> with talks of impeachment from the left, how that is going to affect the president's poll numbers if, in fact, it keeps them low or possibly, he could possibly gain some points if there's more talk of impeachment because they could see sort of the democrats digging in on this versus looking ahead. >> looking at these poll numbers one thing that stuck out the me is if he's dipping below that 40% range i'm wonder if his base that has been steadfastly loyal to him in the past starting to chip away there. however, i think impeachment could galvanize his base.
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president trump in 2018 on the campaign trail for republicans said they are going to impeach me. that's why we need to hold on to the house and elect republicans. democrats pushing for impeachment they may be galvanizing their own base but could be galvanizing the republican base as well. turning to the latest in the deadly suici lly suicide bombir lanka, the death told has risen to 310. october cording to the associated press 40 people have been arrested including the driver of a van allegedly used by some of the suicide bombers and the owner of a house where some of them lived. adding to the tensions at least three more bombs exploded in parked vehicles as troops tried to diffuse them. no one was injured.
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the local muslim group there blamed for the attack may have had backing from international terrorist organizations according to "the washington post". fbi agents are being sent to assist sri lanka police in their investigation. president trump has filed a new lawsuit in an effort to block house democrats from obtaining information about his past financial dealings. according to "the washington post," president trump has filed suit against house oversight committee chair elijah cummings as well as the president's own accounting firm. last week the house oversight committee subpoenaed an accounting firm that trump used for years. a new lawsuit asks to squush that subpoena. trump's lawyers are asking a federal judge to temporarily block the subpoena until the court has had a chance to review their request. as the post is pointing out the move amounts to trump the executive leader of government
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asking the judicial branch to stop the legislative branch from investigating his past. former house counsel from both sides of the aisle tell the "post" the challenge is a long shot and apparently a delay tactic. the supreme court take up discrimination case to decide whether lgbtq workers are protected bylaw. and how pressure against iran can backfire to cause u.s. gasoline price too soar. also a check on your weather when we come back. n your weather when we come back. 25% of your mouth.
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all right. the supreme court will take up lgbtq protections next term about adding three high-profile cases the question the legality of firing gay or transgender people. justice will determine whether title 7 of the 1964 civil rights act which grants job protections on the basis race, religion, national origin and most notably
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sex extends to sexual orientation and gender identity. only 22 states and the district of columbia have laws that expressly protect the employment rights of gay and trans workers. they are the first lgbtq rights cases to appear before the court since the retirement of justice anthony kennedy who was replaced by brett kavanaugh. joining me now is legal analyst danny cevallos. good to talk fwou this. we had a landmark win over the last 20 plus years. why has it taken so long for this to make it to the supreme court? >> the simplest answer is because the language of title 7 does not provide protections for the lgbtq community against employment discrimination. now, the reason it takes so long is that when you ask the federal courts to read rights in a
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statute that don't contain them you have to go through the appellate process and you get a circuit split. you have different federal appeals courts reaching different conclusions. it's a messy result. the most direct solution to the problem is not the courts. it's having congress amend the statute that's remain unchanged since 1964 to add those rights. >> why hasn't that happened? >> that's the real question. as a lawyer i'm a little protective of the judiciary and i think when people say this has taken too long to reach the courts i think, well, the simplest most direct solution is not the courts. because when do you that, when you ask courts to read rights into a statute that arguably do not contain those protection this is exactly what happens. you have this circuit split happen and the supreme court has to take up the issue. and then you have nine unelected, unaccountable judges deciding the issue where you can
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have congress who is elected by feminine, accountable to the people, simply take out a pen and go through title 7 and add the necessary language so it would be completely unassailable protection for the lgbtq community both the transgender community and the rest of the lgbtq community in employment. >> this seems to me like it should be a no brainer whether job protections extends to sexual orientation and gender identity. will it be in the supreme court considering now the makeup of the supreme court. we have two pretty conservative justices appointed by the trump administration over the last two years now on the supreme court. >> right. you have two conservative justices but more directly you have two sy who are originalist type judges who are prone to look at the language of the statute. and if the language of the statute does not provide those protections, they are not going to read any intended result into a statute that doesn't explicitly reside in the words of the statute.
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so, this is the kind of case now that it's before the supreme court and there's a particular makeup, a conservative makeup of the supreme court. it is possible that they may not read those rights into title 7. >> probably not going to be the end of this. >> not the end but there's a way to make the end of it. simply amend the statute. that's it. it's congress' duty. let's get a check on your weather now with meteorologist bill karins. >> good morning. once again all eyes on texas. where we had the big storms fire up last night and severe weather over the next two days. rest of the country looking beautiful. so here's how we're doing this morning. heavy rain shifting from areas of texas over lubbock into western oklahoma. these storms aren't too far away from oklahoma city. rainfall totals over the next three days taking it all the way out to thursday, this area of pink is three inches of rain. from dallas to fort worth, southward to waco and austin over to san angelo a good
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section of central texas with two to five inches of rain. southern louisiana, especially by the time wednesday night thursday heavy rain. let's track this for you. we're including dallas and fort worth, could possibly get airport problems. one round of storms this afternoon in dallas. by wednesday that next round should be south you especially by san antonio to austin to waco. not until thursday do we take this mess and start to push it into areas of the ohio valley, tennessee valley and some storms along i-10 down towards new orleans. it will take a while until it gets to the east coast. for today, today is your reward day. what a beautiful day in new york city. 74 degrees after yesterday's ugly, cloudiy, messy rainey day. boston you have to wait. tomorrow is your reward day. 83 in d.c. today. that's nearly about perfect for springtime. of course, allergy sufferers will have their complaints. >> i don't think anybody will be complaining. between me and the people in the
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building at this time of day that's the talk. 70s and sunny. love it. still ahead the american medical association heads to court today to block a trump administration rule change aimed at women's health. we'll talk to "morning joe's" medical contributor about that coming up next. out that coming up next e part ribs. two parts incredible. steak & ribs starting at $14.99, with your choice of sauce or dry rub. and keep the ribs coming with our 3-point rib bloom and new aussie twisted ribs, starting at $9.99. hurry! these deals won't last. and new aussie twisted ribs, starting at $9.99. ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! keep goin' man! you got it! if you ride, you get it. ♪ here i go again geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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of confirmed cases reaches a five year high. 626 people across 22 states have contracted the highly contagious vaccine preventable disease according to new numbers from centers for disease control and prevention as infected people travel to and within the u.s. at least 359 of those cases were in new york city. virtually all in brooklyn among orthodox jewish community. officials expect that number to rise after this weekend's easter and passover gatherings. cdc continues to stress the importance and safety of vaccines. the american medical association is heading to court today in an effort to fight a new trump administration rule surrounding title 10 that limit what physicians can and cannot talk about when it comes to reproductive health issues. title 10 provides funding so every person has access to basic preventative reproductive health
2:22 am
care. earlier this year the trump administration issued a new rule prohibiting the use of title 10 funds to promote, refer for or support abortion as a method of family planning. the new rule is expected to go into effect on may 3rd. joining me now is dr. dave campbell. dr. dave, thank you for joining us this morning on this important topic. a lot of physicians are basically saying that this is asking them to commit medical malpractice, this gag rule. how will this impact physicians and patients going forward? >> the problem that is being created is the patient-physician relationship is being dictated now by this new governmental rule. and we've all as physicians long held that we need the ability to have frank and confidential discussions with our patients in
2:23 am
the examination room to provide them all of the options for treatment. and that's the rub. we're now told what we can say and what we cannot say, which is a big problem. >> and then talk to me about what you see happening if this title 10 gag rule goes into effect next week. we do know the trump administration plans looking ahead to want to defund planned parenthood. this is one step it seems in that direction and as you well know and as i would like to you explain to some of our viewers that planned parenthood. >> just providing abortion service but providing preventative health care for many women in lower income communities. >> well, the clinics such as the planned parenthood provide much more than the abortion on one side of the equation. they provide screening for cancers like breast cancer and cervical cancer. they provide testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections that
2:24 am
hundreds of thousands of tests. so there's a chilling effect on planned parenthood clinics but other clinics that have nothing to do with abortion. title 10 prohibits funding for abortion. that's not at issue. what's at issue with the ama taking the trump administration to task is intrusion into physician-patient relationship. >> dr. dave, could this be a slippery slope type of scenario where right now the gag rule is applied to title 10 but could be applied to other scenarios, maybe if that title 10 doesn't affect you necessarily, if you have a heart issue, or something else like that, that the government could basically stick their hand in that and say physicians can't necessarily talk about other openings that you have if you're looking for medical care outside of what you
2:25 am
are currently receiving? >> yes. certainly to intrude into the relationship that a doctor has with their patient for any disease, diagnosis or treatment, is antithetical. this is the fluctuating policies regarding family planning. >> thank you. we'll see you in a little bit. nancy pelosi surging caution when it comes to impeachment talk. what she told fellow democrats about moving forward. senator elizabeth warren releases a student loan debt forgiveness plan. we'll have what she's proposing coming up next. i'm working to make each day a little sweeter.
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that puts you in charge.ju. this is xfi. simple, easy, awesome. welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. house democratic leaders are promising to push forward with aggressive investigations into president trump in the wake of the mueller report but refusing to commit to impeaching him. four democratic leadership aides tells msnbc news say during a conference call yesterday house speaker nancy pelosi, her leadership team and the chairs of major oversight committees outlined how they would move forward following the report's release. sources say during the call pelosi told her fellow lawmakers
2:30 am
say we have to save our democracy. this isn't about democrats or republicans, it's about saving our democracy, adding if it's what we need to do to honor our responsibility to the constitution, if that's the place the facts take us that's the place we have to go. pelosi rejected calls from several democrats to begin the process to remove president trump saying saving the democracy does not necessarily constitute impeachment. telling her colleagues this. we don't have to go to articles of impeachment to obtain facts. the presentation of facts. in a letter to democrats sent earlier in the day pelosi wrote while our views range from proceeding to investigate the findings of the mueller report or proceeding directly to impeachment we all firmly agree that we should proceed down a path of finding the truth. as republican senator lindsey graham prepares to investigate the origins of the russian probe, mitch mcconnell is telling democrats to back off. >> i think it's time to move on.
2:31 am
this investigation was about collusion. there's no collusion. and no charges brought against the president on anything else. and i think the american people have had quite enough of it and it's time to move on. >> if the house were to go ahead and indict -- >> i think the speaker has been discouraging talk of impeachment but that's really up to the house. if they want to do that, they can. >> so this as advocacy group for republicans for the rule of law released a new ad calling out gop senators for their silence.
2:32 am
wow. okay. so last night democratic senator kamala harris became the second 2020 presidential candidate to fully endorse starting the impeachment process to remove president trump from office. over the weekend harris held back from following senator elizabeth warren's call for impeachment saying she first wanted to hear special counsel mueller testify before congress. and notably leading contender senator bernie sanders declined to join in as well. listen to this. >> i think we have very good reason to believe that there is an investigation that has been conducted which has produced evidence that tells us that this president and his administration engaged in obstruction of justice. i believe congress should take the steps towards impeachment. >> for the next year, year and a half going right into the heart of the election, all that the congress is talking about is impeaching trump and trump, trump, trump and mueller, mueller, mueller. we're not talking about health care. we're not talking about raising
2:33 am
the minimum wage to a living wage. we're not talking about combatting climate change. we're not talking about sexism and racism and all of the issues that concern ordinary americans. what i worry about is that works to trump's advantage. >> senator elizabeth warren has unveiled her plan to wipe out hundreds of billions of dollars in student loan debt. the senator's proposal unveiled on a post would cancel $50,000 in student loan debt for every person with a household income of under $100,000. the plan calls for substantial debt cancellation for every person with household income between $100,000 and $250,000 according to an independent analysis submitted as part of her plan. the amount much debt that would be eligible for forgiveness would vary per person but overall three quarters of households who likely to see all their federal student loans forgiven. getting rid of this debt would
2:34 am
reduce the ratio wealth gap. she's calling for reduction of public colleges which senator bernie sanders proposed in the 2016 presidential race. she also wants to create a fund of at least $50 billion specifically for historically black colleges and universities and also seeking to cut off all federal subsidies for profit colleges. joining me again from washington, the reporter for the hill, julie manchester. how is senator warren's plan to reduce student debt going over? >> it's going to be quite popular with a lot of millennial democratic primary voters. this is something that bernie sanders in 2016 was able to appeal to quite a bit of millennial voters back then. i think senator warren who also like senator sanders is considered one of the more progressive members of the senate is trying to stick out in this primary field.
2:35 am
we're seeing senator sanders, you know, leading the polls kind of with the former vice president joe biden who hasn't officially jumped in but i think senator warren is trying to make herself stick out and appeal to that progressive primary vote within the democratic party that senator sanders has been able to appeal to. remember this is a major issue within the democratic primary. if we go back to 2016 we saw that senator sanders proposed this college for all act. we saw actually many democratic contenders in the field now, senators supported it then. this is her way of sticking out. >> what do you make of house democrats calculated step as impeachment talks grow. senator harris, warren, calling for impeachment. bernie sanders saying we need to talk more about health care than impeachment looking ahead to 2020. house speaker nancy pelosi has been pretty steadfast about impeachment talks for quite some
2:36 am
time now even. before the mueller report broke. saying that we need to be very cautious in using the word impeachment and moving gordon a possible impeachment. >> well, i think speaker pelosi has a lot on her hands right now trying to keep her caucus unified. we've seen her struggle to keep them together on this issue of impeachment and i think going in 20 she realizes tissue of impeachment is a bit of a political risk because if you look at various andy poling impeachment in the russia probe is not necessarily the top priority for voters. i think a lot of democratic leaders in the house such has steny hoyer and pelosi are questioning whether we should focus on impeachment or focus on issues like infrastructure, health care, economic reform that could impact americans at the local level and really impact their pocketbook, something they will vote on. so however you're seeing a lot of progressives saying it's our duty to investigate this issue
2:37 am
of obstruction of justice and mueller has punted this and impeachment could be a result of this. a major divide going forward. be interesting to see how house democrats can coordinate with democratic candidates in 2020. >> julie manchester, thanks so much. controversial prospect for the federal reserve is out. president trump tweeted yesterday this. my friend herman cain, a truly wonderful man has asked me not nature him for a seat on the federal reserve board adding herman is a great american who truly loves our country. less than a week ago cain told the "wall street journal" he was very committed to sticking with this process but in a new interview cain tells the "journal" once he learned the salary amount and forego his speak engagements his income would be impacted. another potential trump fed nominee steven moore is facing criticisms for several columns
2:38 am
he wrote from 1998 to 2003 against the femininization of basketball denouncing coed and women should be barred from refer rheeing men's basketball games unless they were good looking. and lamented is there no area in life where men can take vacation from women. in an email moore dismissed his previous statements said this was not a serious article. it was a spoof passengers almost 20 years old. i don't stand by any of those comments today yet moore did not respond to follow up questions noting comments were numerous and not a single article as a spoof piece. wow. still ahead, the new report offering a bleak outlook for the future of medicare in a social security. plus donors for one of president
2:39 am
trump's rivals open up their wallets ahead of 2020. and bill karins back with another check on your beautiful forecast ahead in some parts of the country. we'll be right back. country. we'll be right back. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, every day can begin with flakes. it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around?
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for when you need to take credit cards when no one carries cash. or requesting a call to help get a new credit card- one that hasn't followed the family goldfish. pnc - make today the day. president trump made it a point to say during his 2016 race that he was self-funding his campaign. but now politico reporting that trump is pursuing the wealthy donors who shunned him in 2016 and is especially hoping to win over gop rival jeb bush's massive funding network. republican national committee finance chair said this. i'm really hoping to make sure we get every person that was a rubio or bush supporter in '16 and going back to the romney people from 2012. many of these same donors, frequent source of contempt in trump's 2016 stump speeches and
2:43 am
remarks. >> jeb bush is a puppet to his donors. no question. he has lobbyists. i know them. >> that's all of his donors and special interests. >> i'm their worst nightmare because i'm not taking their money. i'm richer than they are. i don't need their money. >> last month jeb bush said that president trump should get a primary challenger in order to give republicans a choice. and a newly released government report paints a grim long term outlook for medicare and social security. the annual report released by the trump administration yesterday details a quickly approaching timeline which would diminish retirement payments and increase health care costs for ageing americans. by 2020 the cost of social security will exceed its income for the first time since 1982. according to the report. the program's reserve fund is expected to be depleted in 16
2:44 am
years which means at the time recipients will get small payments than usual if congress does not take action now. medicare's hospital insurance fund is projected to be used up by 2026, the same date that was project a year ago. that means dock, to hospitals, and nursing homes would not receive their full compensation which could lead to more out of pocket costs for patients. let's get a check now on your weather with nbc meteorologist karen cairns. >> we'll be doing this show until we're 80 then. >> i mean, yeah. night is what is it. >> we should be so lucky as dan told me in my ear. >> he'll be right with us too. heavy rains moving into oklahoma and north texas this morning. we do have some flash flood warnings in effect from rural sections of western oklahoma. later today we'll see severe weather threat in texas. mostly in western texas, san angelo is included. 1 million people at risk. large hail to gusty winds.
2:45 am
nothing too dramatic or too damaging. by the time we get to wednesday we shift to severe weather athlete in san antonio to waco and austin. dallas hit or miss storms. anybody going flying out of these airports on tuesday, today or wednesday could have airport delays. let's talk about some warm weather for once. where our storm is located still chilly in texas and oklahoma but around it very warm. warming up in areas of the mid-atlantic today. new york city should being a great. much of new york state. even the northern plains will be warm. anybody spending any time on the west coast, even stacks could be up to 80 degrees. today 83 in atlanta. new york city town 73. eight degrees warmer. even denver is going to be gorgeous, minneapolis at 77. by the time we get to thursday we hold on to the warmth for one more day on the east coast. can't last forever. looks like friday will be a rainey day up and down the eastern seaboard but the reward would be a nice saturday. some of us would take that
2:46 am
trade. >> nothing lasts forever. >> nothing. like a "game of thrones" thing. prices are hovering at their highest level after the trump administration announces it is cutting down on countries importing iranian oil. we'll go overseas to break down how that may impact what you pay at the pump. we'll be right back. right back. to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
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north korean leader kim jong-un will soon meet with russian president vladimir putin. kim will travel to russia for a summit in hopes of bolstering foreign support for his country's economic plans. the news comes amid the rogue nation's stalled talks with washington following his second summit with president trump. north korean officials have since looked elsewhere for economic aid after the u.s. refused to loosen sanctions. a kremlin supposed person claims putin and kim are on track to meet by the end of april. no official date has been set. the summit will mark the two leaders first meeting together. trump administration is announced it will no longer waive sanctions on any countries that import oil from iron. the move comes as part of an aggressive pressure campaign by the trump administration to further weaken advertise lammist regime in iran with the goofls forcing political change. however, this means that eight governments that had previously been granted waivers including
2:50 am
china, india and turkey, may now face u.s. sanctions if they continue to buy iranian oil after the may 2nd deadline. oil prices rose by 3% following the sanctions decision the high far this year. for more on the trump administration's decision, thank you so much for joining us on this. how will it affect the prices at the gas pump? >> rightly so. we've seen huge moves already in the energy market. yesterday's wti rose 3%, today we're seeing another 1% move in the price of oil as well. all energy stocks are trading higher, back to levels not seen since last november. now, the move not to continue with those waivers came as a big surprise to almost all analysts
2:51 am
and policy makers out there. they expected some sort of a phase-out process but that didn't turn out to be the case. the big question is whether or not the key importers, and there you mention china, turkey, india, will actually abide with these new demands out of the u.s. turkey have already said they will not. they will continue buying iranian oil. india said they'll be looking for alternative sources but the big elephant in the room, china, most analysts agree they will look to reduce the amount of oil they're buying from iran but not take it to zero. the question is how on earth will we compensate for the lack of iranian oil? the u.s. said they will look to work with saudi arabia and the uae and they will be looking to help mitigate it from the supply side. all eyes on the opec meeting
2:52 am
coming up in a couple of months. this adds to another constructive tail winds where oil prices already benching near new highs. >> thank you so much. coming up, everybody, axios' mike allen has a look at this morning's "1 big thing" and coming up on "morning joe," the duelling dialogue over impeachment. this has speaker of the house nancy pelosi works to address growing calls by democrats to impeach the president. former hud secretary and presidential candidate jewulian castro says it perfectly reasonable for impeachment proceedings to get under way. reasonable for impeachment proceedings to get under way
2:53 am
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♪ memories. what we deliver by delivering. welcome back, everybody. joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m., the
2:56 am
co-founder, mike allen. >> axios' "1 big thing" is a scoop: joe biden's announcement message. look for him to become number 21 for 2020 probably tomorrow or thursday morning. and we're told that in his announcement message, he's going to go hard against president trump but not attack other 2020 democrats in the race. so the vice president is going to talk a little bit about the climate of the nation and drawing on his long connection with americans and saying is this who we are, is this who we want to be. he's going to talk about the kind of politics he wants to run against, the kind of leadership we need in this era and not be explicit and say it not going to be a freshman senator that's going to provide that. >> we're talking about how he's going to go up against the
2:57 am
current president and the issues he's going to launch with. what about his preparedness for attacks from his fellow 2020 democratic candidates? >> friends and advisers tell us the vice president is totally ready for this. they say they know the field will try to cut him to shreds, he's the senior democrat leading still in lots of polls and he says he's completely ready for it. the vice president says i've been hurt a lot in my life, they can't hurt me. separately, he says, he's never been as convinced as anything in his political life as the fact that he can beat donald trump. so this determined heir that they say he's going to convey a sign of his new engagement. we're told he's personally been making phone calls to wealthy democrats, donation calls. so very involved. so after that video announcement, look for him at a fund-raiser in philadelphia and
2:58 am
then early next weeks in pittsburgh. >> axios is also looking at the biggest spender on digital ads. who has been shelling out the most money there? >> axios' sarah fisher has who has been spending the most money. this is a battle of billionaires. the biggest spender on the democratic side is tom steyer with his climate and impeachment messages and on the republican side it's donald trump, a lot of facebook, a lot on immigration, targeted at seniors. the two of them are by far and away the biggest spenders in the run up to the 2020 race. >> you're also previewing what you're calling a huge move by china supplant the u.s. on the world stage. >> china is starting to look a lot like a super power.
2:59 am
president xi in beijing has 40 nations to come and talk about his belt and road initiatives, which builds projects throughout the world. what's fascinating about this is the u.s. does not have a high-level guest. putin is the guest of honor and the u.k. is going. so the fact that some liberal democracies are participating is something washington isn't going to like, but the why it matters of this is that the u.s. still dominates in technology and the economy and the military. but when china shows it's willing to work with all kinds of leaders around the world, spend around the world, when xi says come, a lot of countries will. >> make ike allen, thank you. that does it for me on this tuesday morning. "morning joe" starts right now, everybody. i think the next president needs to be a lot quieter but send a signal that we're
3:00 am
prepared to act in the national security interests of this country, to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. >> cost of an education here will be less expensive in nominal dollars in 2020 than it was in 2012. congratulations. you got to clap for that. >> and then i started running and every single time i have run, i have won every single congressional district in my state, including michele bachmann's. it's when you guys are supposed to cheer, okay? >> all right. >> no, hers was the best. hers was the best. that was okay. >> jeb is the oh gee one. >> and the greatest guy. >> hold on, though. i thought jeb's was funny. it was totally one of those moments that was totally misplayed. i actually laughed when he said


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