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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 25, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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that's our broadcast on a wednesday night. thank you for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquaters in new york. . this morning a growing firestorm on capitol hill after weeks of clashing with house democrats, president trump has declared that the white house is quote fighting all subpoenas. plus former vice president joe biden is expected to jump into the 2020 race this morning. he'll be the 20th democrat to officially launch a presidential bid. north korean kim jong-un and russian president put met for their first summit. it comes two months after talks between kim and president trump ended without an agreement.
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good morning, everybody. it is dais thursday, april 25th. president trump issuing a broad side against subpoenas vowing not to cooperate with house oversight efforts while make bold, downproven or down right false claims. >> the subpoena is ridiculous. we have been, i have been the most transparent president and administration in the history of our country by far. >> here's thing. the trump white house reversed the obama era policy of releasing its visitor logs, documents which activist, lobbyists and political donors are meeting with top officials, nor has the president released his tax returns despite continuing to receive profit reports on his businesses. but trump without any proof claimed mueller gave his financial dealings a clean bill of health.
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>> now the house goes and starts subpoenaing, they want to know every deal i've ever done. mueller, i assume for $35 million checked my taxes, checked my financials which are great, by the way. you know they are great. all you have to do is look at the records. >> yet what has been released in the mueller report so far doesn't address the president's finances at all and rather than letting people quote let people look at the record the trump administration is suing to seal them off. mueller wrote that congress may apply the obstruction laws. trump says he'll not cooperate with their investigation because they are not supporters of his. >> we're fighting all the subpoenas. look these aren't like impartial people. the democrats are trying to win 2020. they are not going to win with the people that i see. and they are not going to win against me. the only way they can maybe luck
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out, and i don't think that's going to happen, it might make it even the opposite that's what a lot of people are saying, the only way they can luck out is by constantly going after me on nonsense. >> yet the hostage untility to congress extends beyond matters related to the russia investigation. yesterday the justice department said that it will not comply with a house oversight committee subpoena for testimony relating to the addition of a controversial citizenship question to the 2020 census. the question currently one appeal to the supreme court could impact the number of immigrants counted in next year's census, shifting resources and political power away from democratic strongholds for the next decade. congress secretary wilbur ross who oversees census bureau told congress doj requested the question be added to protect voting rights but chairman elijah cummings is investigating documents that suggest it's origin was politically
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motivated. bill barr ordered john gore not to give a deposition unless he can be accompanied by a doj attorney. elijah cummings said committee investigators are still hoping gore will appear today. at any moment we're expecting word that former vice president joe biden has joined the 2020 presidential race entering as the 20th candidate in a very crowded field at this point but also as an early front-runner who will face high expectations and rely on the political network he has built over his five decade career. one that includes two previous runs for the presidency in the 1988 and 2008 cycle. biden is warning his supporter of the importance of his campaign's fundraising performance. politico actually is reporting that biden held a conference call with top donors last night urging them to quote do what you can right now. quote the money is important. we'll be judged by what we can do in the first 24 hours, the
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first week according to three people on this call. people think iowa, new hampshire are the first test. it's not. . the first 24 hours, that's the first test. those early states are way down the road. we got to get through this first biden said unlike several current members of congress in the race, biden begins without a campaign fund to transfer money from and the fundraising kicks off in pennsylvania tonight alongside u.s. senator bob kasey, former governor ed rendell and philadelphia mayor michael nutter. it -- we'll have full analysis in just a couple of minutes. also the summit between russian president vladimir putin and north korea's kim jong-un got under way overnight. the two leaders met for the first time early this morning. they shook hands and posed for photos before sitting down for talks. who knows what they are saying right there.
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both kim and putin have high hopes for the summit even though moscow say the talks won't produce any formal agreements. the kremlin has been eager to play a role in newark's nuclear talks. putin told kim we welcome your efforts to develop an interkorean dialogue and normalize north korea's relations with the united states. this is kim's first trip to russia. it comes about two months after his second summit with president trump failed because of a dispute over sanctions. joining me now live from vladivost vladivostok, russia, nbc news foreign correspondent -- say it again five times. >> vladivostok. >> what more can you tell bus the summit so far? >> reporter: well, look it's
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quite fascinating. here are two leaders that traditionally america would call foes. of course president trump has called friends. meeting and taking notes. it's going to worry folks in washington because, of course, one of the questions will be whether president putin might offer to loosen sanctions and that way take the pressure off north korea in terms of denuclearization. it was very warm and friendly. i guess that's to be expected. there's a tradition of warm relations between north korea and russia. the two men met for around an hour and a half we're told. that's a lot more than the 50 minutes that was allotted. now they are meeting with officials. tomorrow kim jong-un is expected to make some cultural stops here in the city of vladivostok. queen, the question really is
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this an opportunity to put pressure back on washington. certainly although this is happening here a long way away from the united states this is all about sending a message to president trump. >> thank you so much. deutsche bank is cooperating with federal prosecutors beginning the process of providing some of president trump's financial records to the new york state attorney general's office. cnn is reporting the documents concern loans made for a variety of trump organization projects including trump international hotels in washington, d.c. and chicago. the trump national golf resort outside of miami. and his unsuccessful bid to buy the buffalo bills back in 2014. it's coming in response to a wide ranging subpoena issued after trump's former lawyer michael cohen testified before congress that the president inflated his assets to secure loans and lines of credit providing copies of financial statements to confirm his account. deutsche bank was one of the few financial institutions to
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approve trump's loans issuing him more than $2 billion over the years as his businesses struggled according to previous reporting by the "new york times". joining me here on set, nbc legal analyst danny cevallos. how worried should the president be about what deutsche bank has revealed so far? >> he should be worried because it's a crime to inflate your value to a bank in order to obtain a loan. even if the loan is given and you pay it back, you still put the bank at considerable risk by deceiving the bank about how much money you have to pay in case you need to payback that loan in a hurry. so that is the idea behind it. even if there's no ultimate loss to the bank we still have from text banks from being defrauded by people who inflate their assets. >> we don't know what are in these documents that have been released. we do know that the trump administration has been challenging the release of many of his financial records for quite some time. obviously the tax returns which
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has been the theme of this whole thing. does deutsche bank's cooperation with all of this, is that going weaken his argument here, weaken his stance. >> deutsche bank must cooperate. this is not a thing the president can oppose as he tried to do in other avenues. deutsche bank is going to turn these documents over. and trump is likely going to argue that even if he did inflate his assets, that it was a reasonable estimate, that there are many ways of valuing assets and that even if they were inflated and even if it was wrong that the bank never really took them seriously, never really relied upon them or those particular inflations when the bank issued a loan. so that might be what trump says in defense. however, any time, any time a citizen has a bank turning over his or her records to an attorney general or law enforcement agency that's always going to be a problem. >> thank you. still ahead, everybody,
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we're learning new details about the suicide bombers involved in the coordinated attacks in sri lanka. and candidates make a pitch to women of color. those stories and a check on your weather when we come back. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey,
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welcome back. the number of measles cases in the u.s. is surging. there are now 671 reported cases so far in 2019. that's the most for a year. since the disease was declared eliminated in this country back in 2000. ann thompson has the latest on this. >> reporter: measles, the most contagious disease in the world spreading in hot spots around the country. this week new cases in california, new york and new jersey. >> one of the things that the anti-vaccine movement has been doing is portraying measles as a benign illness or nothing more
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than a rash. nothing could be further from the truth. >> reporter: this woman knows all too well. four years after her son got the measles as an infante, doctors told her to be on the look out for sspe a deadly nervous system disorder. >> being scared for years that your kid will die out of nowhere is terrifying. >> reporter: sspe is a rare but long term complication of the measles virus. mostly affecting those who get the disease in the first year of life. >> the way it manifests is sharp declines in behavior and cognitive function, eventually seizures, complete loss of motor functions. it's practically 100% fatal. >> reporter: it can show up a decade after the measles disappear. there are other issues too. potential hearing loss. and recent evidence showing the measles suppresses a patient's
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i immune system for up to three years. two california universities had someone with measles on campus now fears univaccy natured students could be at risk. let's get a check on our weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> good morning. we did see some serious storms in areas of texas. we had to deal with flash flooding yesterday morning in dallas. things have moved out of that region and shifting the threat into louisiana and arkansas. had an ugly morning along the border of arkansas, louisiana and mississippi. from greenville to vicksburg, a lot of strong storms. eventually this will shift into areas of the gulf coast. 7 million people in new orleans, hattiesburg, pensacola involved in this. we're concerned about small tornadoes or water spouts coming in and large hail and damaging winds. this will move into the east coast. anyone with plans as we go throughout your friday, northeast all the way through
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the southeast that's when the rain will move our way. through friday the heaviest rainfall totals will be in areas from ohio, pittsburgh can end up with an inch of rain. much of new york state and new jersey. tracking severe weather here, just another friday with a lot of downpours. southeast the rain will be heavy especially today in areas of louisiana and then we'll watch that tracking along i-10. so as far as the forecast goes for today one more beautiful day. florida looks great from the mid-atlantic to the northeast. rainey weather from st. louis into areas from memphis to new orleans. texas you get your reward day, your clean up day. 82. 86 in san antonio. phoenix heading up there almost to 100 degrees. for friday as we mentioned there's the rainey weather all through the northeast. temperatures will be cooler with the rain. 50 in boston. one of your typical raw spring day. southeast you get cleared out behind those storms as they push through. done look like it's too bad.
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we clear it out for a pretty nice weekend. we'll give you that weekend forecast coming up. here today is bring your kids to work day. i think i'll have a special helper coming up. >> mike barnicle. just chat it up. >> we're excited to see your kids on the next hit. still ahead president trump weighs in on america's opioid crisis and vows to end the deadly epidemic. we'll show you his new comments coming up next. next we have to be able to
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welcome back. following the deadly terrorist bombings in sri lanka authorities now say it was nine suicide bombers mostly from educated middle class background who carried out the attacks on easter sunday. officials say the bombers were all sri lankan and one was a woman. authorities are investigating whether the islamic state played a role in the attack after the terror group claimed responsibility for these bombings. according to the associated press sri lankan police are still looking for any possible explosives that may have been left behind. authority have been using drones to set off more controlled detonations of suspicious items. the danger has not passed. japan's government has apologized to tens of thousands of people that were forcibly sterilized under a now shuttered program. officials acknowledge the government's remorse over the move yesterday after parliament approved legislation earlier in
2:22 am
the day to compensate the victims more than $28,000 per person. an estimated 25,000 people were given unconsented sterilization as part of a law which allowed doctors to sterilize people with disabilities. the law remain in place until 1996 when it was quietly renamed the maternity protection law and the discriminatory condition was removed. >> britain's top intelligence agency is brushing off president trump's claims they wiretapped his campaign. it prompted a spokesperson for the agency to call his accusations ridiculous and should be ignored. but something not to be ignored. all this happening just one day after trump accepted a formal state visit to tcu schedule e h
2:23 am
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text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ you inspired us to create internet that puts you in charge. that handles anything. that protects what's important. and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple, easy, awesome. welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. it is the bottom of the hour. let start with the morning's top stories. the battle between president trump and house democrats over cooperation on oversight efforts continues to intensify. the president is vowing to fight what he says are partisan investigations in the wake of the mueller report. nbc news chief white house
2:27 am
correspondent hallie jackson has more on this. >> reporter: from the president, a subpoena stonewall. >> we're fighting all the subpoenas. look, these aren't like impartial people. the democrats are trying to win 2020. the only way they can luck out is by constantly going after me on nonsense. >> reporter: so why not cooperate with house democrats investigations? because the president argues his white house is already cooperated plenty with robert mueller's. >> they checked my financials and checked my taxes, i assume. it was the most thorough investigation probably in the history of our country. >> reporter: the white house is fighting to keep the president's tax returns and other financial documents private and will probably oppose a subpoena compelling former white house counsel don mcgahn to testify. and the president is also tweeting that he would head to the u.s. supreme court if democrats tried to impeach him but keep in mind the supreme court has no power to overrule
2:28 am
an impeachment conviction. so in his first comments responding to the mueller report, vice president mike pence offered no regrets for russia trying to discord in the 2016 election. >> do you regret using emails stolen by russian intelligence officers during that campaign and do you pledge to not do so in this upcoming presidential campaign? >> united states has taken strong action against the founder of wikileaks. we're seeking extradition and holding him accountable. the questions that were raised by the special counsel, the questions that were raised in the last election and its aftermath have been answered. >> senior advisors for president trump's 20 campaign we20 campai pennsylvania yesterday. now according to politico, trump's campaign is moving to shore up the state after the
2:29 am
2018 mid-terms resulted in republican candidates getting blown out in races up and down the ballot. compounding the situation is a state party organization driven by turmoil and infighting. politico is reporting and has confirmed the private meeting with half a dozen party officials. trump won pennsylvania by less than one percentage point in 2016 and re-election aides view the state's 20 electoral votes as crucial to his 2020. as we await joe biden's entering the presidential race the former vice president has cemented powerful relationships. bid inis banking on his long time union allies. in recent weeks biden has delivered speeches to the international association of firefighters, the international brotherhood of electrical workers and i had most recent public appearance was to rally striking supermarket worker
2:30 am
outside of the stop n shop in south boston. moan's rally is expected to take place with steelworkers in a pittsburgh union hall and the firefighters union is expected to deliver a swift endorsement providing needed resources in the early contest states. biden has the early lead. a new poll shows he's also ahead in the general election. the morning consult politico poll shows biden leading president trump nationally 42 to 34 while another 19% are not decided on who to support and another five say they would not vote. the poll shows president trump is suffering from a massive gender gap with biden leading among women voters by 17 points as trump has just a three-point edge among many. candidates are beginning to take swipes at each other as they fight over the party's voter.
2:31 am
pete buttigieg recent lie hit bernie sanders in an interview with the "new york times". here's what he said that sanders is left wing proposals, they were no longer as provocative as in 2016. people were refreshed by the novelty of that boldness. he also expressed skepticism that 77-year-old democratic socialist could win the general election adding this. i have a hard time seeing the coalition coming together there. sanders campaign manager responded telling the times the vermont senator his unifying agenda made it the best possible to defeat president trump. one of the country's best evangelical frankly graham has asked pete buttigieg to repent for being gay. he tweet this yesterday in part quote as a christian i believe the bible which defines homosexuality as a sin, not to be flaunted, praised or
2:32 am
politized. graham's comments come on pete buttigieg's comments that god doesn't conform to a political party. >> it counsels me to be as humble as possible, to counsel me to look after those who need defending and couldn't be more radically different than what i see certainly in this white house where there's a lot of chest thumping and self self-aggrandizing and a believe it's so easy for poor people. so different when i read scripture. one of the things about scripture is different people see different things in it. at the very least we should be able to establish that god does not have a political party. >> okay. so the 2020 democratic primary field took their campaigns to
2:33 am
houston in order to sway a growing bloc of voter, women of color. eight of the candidates hope to win over one of the democratic party key constituencies. they hit on a number of topics including criminal reform, immigration and women's rights. take a listen. >> would you broadly use your party power as president to release federal prisoners who are in prison for drug crimes. >> we have to recognize there are a lot of folks incarcerated who should not be incarcerated and still in prison. they were convicted under draconian laws that have inckar scar certificate -- incarcerated them for a lifetime on a public health issue. >> yes, it will but it will not
2:34 am
employ those practices that we've seen not just under this administration but under the previous administration. >> why should women of color choose me? it's because i have a track record. i have a track record of getting things done for vulnerable communities especially women of color. >> all right. so joining me here john. we saw in alabama, right, african-american women but doug jones over the edge to win that seat. this going to become very important african-american women specifically women of color specifically for the 2020 candidates. how do you win those votes? >> that's a very good question. i think that's -- >> who has the edge? >> it's hard to say this early in the race. i think we saw at this conference yesterday a lot of women of color are not that enthused that the leading
2:35 am
candidates are all white men. i mean now mayor pete buttigieg, he's now moving up into third place in the polls ahead of people like elizabeth warren and kamala harris. black women are really the back bone of the democratic party and have often said they feel their vote has been taken for granted. anyone who wants to win the nomination needs to do well in south carolina where there's a bloc of black voters. if they don't win over black women they could really struggle in the long run. >> we heard joe biden moved his campaign launch specifically because of that event, because of the she the people event. what do you make of a decision like that. does biden and i had camp understand the importance of that vote? >> absolutely. biden is a very seasoned politician. he's run two failed presidential campaigns as we also know. i think he'll struggle somewhat with black women in terms of
2:36 am
questions about the anita hill, his role in that. and his treatment of a black woman also more recently we've seen that some women have said some unsolicited physical contact made them feel uncomfortable. i think he'll realize that running without barack obama is not so easy and that he won automatically be granted the black vote and will have to fight to earn that vote. we saw yesterday one of the organizers of she the people kind of shrug when asked are you feeling enthused, are you excited about joe biden's candidacy and the line was more or less of it would be nice to see somebody other than a white man in the front. >> we reported on this phone call that joe biden had, i believe it was last night, basically stressing the importance of the first 24 hours of his campaign. and saying, look, we can figure out the primaries later. right now we have to focus on these 24 hours. especially the fact that he doesn't have a lot of money and the fundraising.
2:37 am
talk to me how important the first 24 hours is and the disadvantages that biden faces right now. >> absolutely. so, you were just talking about it a few minutes ago. biden has been ahead in the polls for months even though he hasn't actually declared but in terms of other benchmarks, in terms of other barometers for how well to do in long run, we don't know anything about fundraising. one of the biggest numbers that bernie sanders has is he's raised $18.2 million. in his first 24 hours he raised 6 million. biden knows people are looking at fundraising for measuring front-runner status. in terms of hopping the race right now joe biden is the first candidate to challenge bernie sanders front-runner status. he's way behind. he's coming in about two months after everyone else. i think one of the more interesting things i was thinking about, we have like roughly 20 candidates in the race at this point.
2:38 am
in april 2015 at this point bernie sanders hadn't even declare yet. he declared on april 28th 2015. >> shows the state of our politics. >> it shows we might see some burn out down the line. people are going to dropout rapidly, maybe even before some of the primaries. >> thank you so much. still ahead the acting head of homeland security speaks out on his regrets over the trump administration separation policy. the president lays out his plans combat this country's opioid crisis. the steps he says his administration will take to fight the deadly problem. and bill karins is back with the latest on severe weather moving across the country, and a little blonde surprise.
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like... a business borrowing solution to help get a little more space with a lot less mom. or home insight, to search for a new house within your budget. because, they really need their space. pnc - make today the day. welcome back. in a new interview acting chief of the department of homeland security kevin mcaleenan said he has regrets about the trump
2:42 am
administration policy that separated migrant families at the southern border. >> did you have any regrets about the way that was carried out? >> yeah. i think when you lose the public trust in a law enforcement issue and you have to recalibrate at the presidential level that means it wasn't successful. >> looking back on it did it work? >> the enforcement of the law against parents who violated border laws and brought children with them was effective. i want reduced the flow. but it didn't work in the sense that we lost the public trust and the implementation of that initiative. >> president trump stood firm on combatting the opioid crisis in atlanta yesterday. >> we'll not solve this epidemic overnight. but we will stop -- there's just nothing that will stop us no matter how you cut it. i know some people in this room nothing stops you. nothing stops you i can tell you. we'll never stop until our job is done.
2:43 am
and then maybe we'll have to find something new. and i hope that's going to be soon but we will succeed. >> so trump also promised to provide more funding for opioid treatment, stronger screw the any of big pharma companies. let's turn to weather now and get a check with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> with a partner. with a buddy today. today is bring your kids to work day. they do a great thing for the kids all day long. i got my kids here extra early to help with the forecast. this the taylor and she has your weather headlines. >> good morning. a tornado hit bryant, texas yesterday. nobody was injured. large hail the size of golf balls covered the field in west texas. some cars were damaged in dallas. one man had to climb on his car roof to escape the floodwater. these are your weather headlines. i'm taylor kairns.
2:44 am
here's my dad with your forecast. >> we don't need your forecast. >> excellent job. nice job. >> i think you just lost your job, let's be honest. sign her up. >> a chance i can retire early. we are watching thunderstorms this morning. early wakeup call in areas of mississippi. storms in texas yesterday are today this a over new orleans, panama city. east coast you're all clear for your travels throughout the day today. let's take you into the extended forecast get you through your weekend. friday is the travel day. delays on the east coast. more a soaking rain. not severe elements like last friday. the reward is actually a nice saturday through the mid-atlantic and southeast. it's going to rain early in the day on saturday in areas of the northeast. try to get rid of that as we go throughout the day and get some
2:45 am
snow in higher elevations. great lakes doesn't look that great on saturday. on sunday some rain showers lingering here in areas of the northeast. that's your weekend forecast, kiddo. you did fantastic. >> taylor, can i say it's very nerve-racking to be on national television and you killed it. you did such a good job seriously. you might have a future in this. >> she doesn't want to take your job yet. >> all right, guys. thank you. still ahead an ex-aide to information chris christie learns her faith. facebook troubles continue to mount as the company is bracing for a massive fine from the federal government. we'll be right back. 'll be righ. evens tone and texture. so skin looks like this. and you feel like this. aveeno® positively radiant get skin happy™
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to be hit with a multi-billion fine by the u.s. government over accusations of privacy allegations. the company announced the anticipated move by the federal trade commission yesterday. the social media giant says it expects the ftc to hit the company with a one time charge of $3 to $5 billion over an ongoing inquiry by the agency. facebook stressed could it not be guaranteed or it could be guaranteed when the fine would come down or how much it could actually be. the company and ftc have been in talks for months over a possible penalty after the agency investigated whether the company broke its promise to protect
2:49 am
users privacy. the company last year came under fire again for the improper handling of people's data involving the cambridge analytical scandal. former aide to governor chris christie has been resentenced. bridge get kelly appeared before a judge yesterday. she had her sentence reduced from 18 to 13 months in her role of shutting down the george washington bridge. she was convicted one 2016 what prosecutors and a co-conspirator said it was a plot against a mayor who wouldn't endorse christie. kelly didn't hold back on her former boss. >> mr. christie, you are a bully and the days of you calling me a liar and destroying my life are over. chris christie was allowed without rebuttal from anyone to
2:50 am
say out of one side of his mouth to say i was a low level staffer a woman only good enough to plan menus and invite people to events and then say i was somehow powerful to shut down the george washington bridge. the fact of his mouth i am somehow powerful to shut down the george washington bridge. the fact that i am here only proves that justice is not blind. it has favorites, it misses the mark, it misses the truth and it picks winners and losers that are sometimes beyond anyone's control. >> so kelly is due to report to prison in july but she is appealing her conviction to the u.s. supreme court. and after -- under a bill passed yesterday, florida rights can have rights restored if they pay restitution as well as any
2:51 am
applicable court fees and fines with interest first. florida's amendment was considered a left-hand mark civ -- landmark measure. it was argued financial requirements should be included. the measure could prevent hundreds of thousands of voting as florida currently has no way to track restitution, a system that would cost millions to create. there are no estimates of how many have registered to vote. however, the tallahassee democrat reports that new voter numbers have already doubled what this were four years ago. coming up, jonathan swan has a look at this morning's "1 big thing." and more on the president's vow not to cooperate with house oversight efforts as trump's
2:52 am
justice department joins in the defines of lawmakers' request for information. and former aide omaros omarosa manigault newman, seth moulton, viola davis coming up on "morning joe." morning joe. applebee's bigger, bolder grill combos. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood.
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welcome back, everybody. joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m., national political reporter jonathan swann. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> talk to us about axios' "1 big thing" today. >> so much of president trump as fight with congress focuses on the power of the house democrats
2:56 am
but we take the opposite look this morning, which is just how easy it is and historically for presidents to basically raise the middle finger to congress because that is the strategy now that the president is taking. his lawyers have studied precedent, looked at what the obama administration did with eric holder, they've looked at harriet myers under the bush administration. both times gummed up in the courts, the clock runs out and nothing actually happens. that's the approach they're taking now and democrats are now realizing that and trying to find other avenues. >> so how do they fight it? how do they fight these stalling tactics. >> there's really limited things they can do. they're obviously looking at holding witnesses in contempt. we talked to house democrat being aides yesterday. they're looking at other avenues to put political pressure on this white house.
2:57 am
one, they're looking at whistle blowers. we've seen it in terms of leaking the president's private schedules, in terms of giving the raw documents for the jared security clearance. so that's an angle that is probably more fruitful than fighting subpoenas with contempt. >> let's turn to the president's legal troublines in new york specifically. what new developments are you learning about the investigation into trump's businesses? >> there's a story on cnn which has caught the eyes of a lot of people in trump world, the cnn story is that deutsche bank has begun the process of providing documents with respect to trump financial and loan documents to the new york attorney general. now, if that's true, and i haven't been able to independently confirm that, it's a much bigger deal than anything that's going on in the house.
2:58 am
i spoke to the president's personal lawyer, jay sekulow, and he wouldn't confirm this but he did raise the prospect of litigation if that happens. we're seeing the trump organization very aggressively pursue people seeking the president's tax returns and finance. they're already suing an accounting firm the president has used. >> what can we actually learn here from deutsche bank? how significant is this? what could be in some of these papers that are being released? >> well, the allegation that michael cohen made on the hill was that the president inflates his, you know, value of his properties and other things to commit insurance fraud. so that is the allegation. and we're seeing now congress and other investigators like the new york attorney general pick up on that allegation and chase
2:59 am
it. >> jonathan swan, thank you. we're going to be reading axios a.m. in just a little bit. that does it for me on this thursday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. at long last we're stopping the drug companies in foreign countries from rigging the system. i know all about the rigging the system because i had the system rigged on me. i think you know what i'm talking about. unfortunately that will be your sound bite tonight. system was rigged. >> yup, it's our sound bite. the president says he wants to move on to other subjects but even when reading a speech about drug abuse, he can't stop
3:00 am
fixating on the mueller report. along with joe, willie and me week have mike barnicle, steve rattner and white house correspondent for pbs newshour, yamiche alcidor joins us. and joe bide i don't know is set to enter the 2020 race this morning. he's back and he's officially in today, joe. >> he is. first of all, it so funny talking about donald trump talking about a system


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