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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  April 28, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. now, it's time for "weekends with alex witt." frances rivera. >> great to see you on this side of msnbc. good morning to you from msnbc. it is 7:00 in the east, 4:00 out west. i'm frances rivera in for alex. synagogue shooting. another place of worship attacked by a gunman. what we know about the victims
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and the possible motive. we're learning why the attorney general may not testify this week before a key house committ committee. mind the gap. and past and present presidents. hear what they said coming up. breaking news this morning. new details on the sin xwynagog shooting in california. it happened as worshipers were celebrating the last day of passover. police have a suspect in custody. he walked into the synagogue and opened fire with an assault-style rifle. president trump praised the response from law enforcement officers and condemned hate. >> america's heart is with the victims of the horrific synagogue shooting, in poway, california, just happened. our entire nation mourns the loss of life, prays for the
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wounded and stands in solidarity with the jewish community. we forcefully condemn the evil of anti-semitism and hate, which must be defeated. >> caliperry joins us across the street from where this all happened. i'm sure people will be adding to the memorial behind you. >> reporter: we expect people to be coming here throughout the day. the shooting very fresh for this community, taking place about 18 hours ago. it was 11:30 in the morning, when a 19-year-old entered the synagogue behind me. it is full. it is the last day of passover. services were under way. something happened that forced that shooting to stop. a gun, the rifle that the shooter had jammed or could have been an off-duty cbp officer. a custom and border protection officer. missed the shooter and hit his
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car. after that, the shooter called authorities and gave him his location. we heard from authorities yesterday about that moment. take a listen. >> he also overheard chp scanner of a suspect who had called into chp to report that he was just involved in the shooting and his location, which was rancho bernardo. the officers exiting the freeway saw the suspect's vehicle. the suspect pulled over with his hands up and was taken into custody by the police department. as the officer was placing this 19-year-old male into custody, he clearly saw a rifle sitting on the front passenger seat of the suspect vehicle. the suspect, as i said, was taken into custody without incident. >> reporter: two things that authorities are going to be looking at. the first is the scene in the synagogue behind me. the second, the online profile
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of the gunman. there were some things that he posted online before the shooting. one of them, a manifesto. there was some indication, in fact, that the gunman was responsible for an arson attack on a mosque, about a month ago, nearby here, in just a neighboring town. so, authorities are looking into that, as well. obviously, this is going to be key, as the investigation just gets under way, frances. >> chilling to think what would have happened if that gun didn't jam. cal perry for us. joining us is clint van zandt, a former fbi agent and nbc contributor. we know that the fbi and atf are assisting into this case. they're looking into that open let, published under the same name as the shooter. how important will that letter be and the social media posts, in the investigation? >> he's 19 years old. you're a 19-year-old, you're going to find posting things on
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social media. this guy is a copycat. it's a terrible thing because people have died. he copied the recent shootings in pennsylvania and new zealand. he copied the formats of the manifestos. this guy can't think for himself. he looks for other people to think for him on the internet. and just like islamic fundamentalist goes to the internet to get an inspiration sometimes. this guy is doing the same thing with hate crime. two different types of individuals. but looking for the same reasons to hate other people, drawing that from the internet, giving inspiration, emotional support, from others on these same websites. and carrying out an act like this. but does he die? no. he wants to live because he sees himself getting out of jail and
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fighting again, continuing this battle that's going on in his mind. >> that's what's so tough, when you hear that. this guy is a copycat. who's out there saying there's somebody out there doing the same thing. how could this have been prevented? we see this time and time again. thoughts and prayers. we say it over and over again. what needs to be done? >> it takes family, friends and those on the internet who pick this up, who pick this terrible fiery rhetoric up to call somebody. we've said, for years, if you see something, say something. that goes with this, too. if you see a manifesto that he's posted -- and he was going to wear a gopro cam and tape it
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live. we've seen killers do that, too. you've got these people, in this case, young, no original thoughts. but thoughts he's copying, he's pasting on the internet. it's readable. all they have to do is pick up a telephone and pass it on. somebody will talk to this guy and save him from himself, perhaps, and stop him before he kills. >> is that enough? is that something that is possible, that somebody will pick up the phone and see this open letter and see something that might be suspicious, go and call him. will that be enough? >> it happens all the time. the fbi has a tip line. they get hundreds of thousands of tips a day. that tip line is not perfect. when information comes up, it gives a reason to start looking at somebody not spying on their lives. but is this person capable of
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the murderous rhetoric? someone needs to intervene. set this guy down and say, i read what you wrote on the intern internet. do you mean that? and what's that ar-15 rifle doing over in the corner? >> you touched about this how the suspect wants to live and get out there so he can fight his fight. according to the san diego police chief, he called 911, admitted he was involved, gave his location. what is our responsibility? the media's responsibility? what is everybody's responsibility than going see something/say something here? we should not be broadcasting his name, unfortunately. we have a responsibility to pass that information on. we don't like to give up a guy's
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name like this. we don't like to talk about his manifes manifesto. his manifesto off the internet before it was taken down. i read the whole thing. i understand what it is. there's people who are grabbing that. and they're reposting it different places. he made up his mind. the first time he was confronted, he gives up. he wanted his story to get out. this is not a suicidal bomber. this is a 19-year-old who is conflicted in what he's doing. the rhetoric that burns inside of him, he wants to keep that fire going. >> the motive has not been confirmed. but the mayor told msnbc, that the shooting was a hate crime. clint van zandt, as always, great to have you with me. thank you. >> thank you.
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more breaking news this hour. the d.o.j. threatening that attorney general william barr will not show up to testify on thursday. a senior aide on thursday says it's because of new conditions placed on the attorney general over his testimony. the committee wants to be able to go in executive session and ask about portions of the redacted mueller report. they want to have democratic and republican counsels permitted to ask questions for 30 minutes after all members have finished their five-minute question period. barr is scheduled to testify wednesday for senate judiciary and thursday before the house judiciary. a poll giving a fresh look at the democratic p iic presidenti nomination. joe biden is on top. bernie sanders with 11%. pete buttigieg with 5%. president trump, rallying
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his base, wasting no time attacking the democratic front-runners. >> can you imagine sleepy joe? crazy bernie. i think pocahontas is out. >> barack obama with nelson mandela's widow. sending what may have been a message to president trump. >> leaders who feed fear typically are ones who avoid facts. >> hans nichols with more on the breaking news of william barr. what's behind this glitch? >> we don't know. we've heard from house democrats on this.
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just broke a few minutes ago. we'll have to check with the department of justice and the white house. it could, frances, be an indication of how tightly republicans are going to litigate, especially the white house. everything a democratically controlled congress is going to be asking for. they're in a fight over process here. this has to do with the house side. and it looks like william barr, the attorney general, doesn't want to testify in closed session, open session, go back and forth. it seems to be indicative of people on the side of d.o.j. and the white house to cooperate with all the investigations. as we have heard from president trump, he feels he has been exonerated and vindicated. he doesn't seem interested in cooperating with congressional committees. and listen to how he talked about the general state of how he thinks he did in the rally at green bay last night. >> it's not me. there's a movement like we've
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never seen in the history of our country. but the radical liberal democrats, put their hopes behind the collusion delusion, which has been exposed as a complete and total fraud, the greatest political hoax in american history. it really has been. so, this witch hunt was never really just about me. it was always about stopping you. >> so, some familiar rhetoric there from the president. counterprogram to what was happening here, which was the white house correspondents dinner. president trump didn't mention it. no place he would rather be out of wisconsin. he did bring his press secretary on stage, sara sander sarah san.
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she said it was a different environment. thank you. i want to bring in julie manchester, reporter with "the hill." and emily noh, thank you for joining me this early hour. as we get started, julia, are house democrats demanding with new conditions for barr? >> i think house democrats are definitely setting their standards for what they really want from this. i think this new development just shows continuing tensions in the growing rift between house democrats and the justice department. i feel this is how it's going to be going into the future. the trump administration is digging in their heels on this. the mueller report, now that it's public, they would like to move on. house democrats would like to look into that redacted information and get more information from barr on that.
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the attorney general has become, if you will, a boogie man for house democrats. he's really the main target in all of this. we remember the rollout of the mueller report. in march, it was a brief four-page summary. he got criticism for that, for that 400-page report. there was that press conference a couple of weeks ago. and finally, the actual report. and there's a lot of conflicting messaging between what barr said in the press conference and characterized for what was in the report. this is another episode of continuing tensions between these both sides in this. >> when it comes to the process, fighting the process. emily, describe what kind of battle you see here, that's getting set up. is it worth it if he doesn't show up and no questions are answered? >> as julia pointed out, the white house is really digging in its heels. and democrats in congress holding their ground. we see the fight intensifying, the gap growing on both sides.
4:16 am
the president has been saying he wants to avoid all subpoenas. we know in the past, presidents democratic and republican have resisted congressional oversight. in the case of president obama, eric holder being held in contempt of court. and this is president trump saying he will go against the efforts of the democratically-run house. whether it's worth it, if a.g. barr doesn't show up, they want to see what's redacted in the report. they probably would have asked him is who saw the report outside of the department of justice and whether there were
4:17 am
different redactions or fewer redactions. >> he's set to appear before the senate committee on thursday. can we see a different line of questions from the senate than the house? >> i think you could. the senate in general is less partisan than the house, just speaking in politics. i think democrats want to take a cue from house democrats and going after attorney general barr on this. the democrats on the hill, there is a bit of tension on how they proceed on the investigations and questioning attorney general barr. i think democrats are cognizant of the fact there is an election coming up. the majority of the electorate shows that report isn't necessarily top priority.
4:18 am
very important for americans. and americans would like to see, and we're seeing this in polling, as i said, they would like to see attentions being paid to health care, the economy, infrastructure. i think democrats are walking a fine line. you might see a toned down version of questioning. >> how are we going to sense that when it comes to the fine line, the dance that the democrats have to make, knowing when it comes to 2020 and looking ahead, constituents and people want to see some progress or policy when it comes to that tangible material. >> we're going to see grandstanding on both sides. i expect the house democrats to ask a.g. barr, if he shows up to testify, whether he was telling the truth.
4:19 am
whether he swears he was telling the truth. in the better he put forth and the news conference of the report itself, how he could have said that the white house cooperated fully with jeweler's investigation, if the report ultimately detailed how he wanted to fire the special counsel. how he sought to resist an interview with the special counsel. there's several questions. >> all right. emily ngo, and julia manchester, thank you for being with me this morning. we're going to talk more about that, the president versus congress, in a fight over southbou subpoenas. will democrats overplay their hand? hand every day, visionaries are creating the future. ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. ♪
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as the officer was placing the 19-year-old male into custody, he saw a rifle sitting on the front passenger seat of the suspect vehicle. police talking about a shooting at a synagogue in southern california saturday. one person was killed during a service in poway outside of san diego. four were wounded. the suspected gunman is in custody. and the town's mayor, calling the incident a hate crime. joining me is andy levine. appreciate you being with me, congressman, as we look at this the day after the shooting, it
4:24 am
came at tend he end of passover six months after the shooting in pittsburgh. talk about what's going through your mind. >> well, frances, it's great to be with you on this sunday morning. but it's very sad. this country is plagued by an p epidemic of gun violence. and we have to reduce gun violence in this country. and we have a growing epidemic of white supremacy. we need clear messages that white supremacy is unacceptable. bigotry against any religion or minority group is unacceptable in this country. and we won't stand for it. >> do you want the words coming from the president? >> the from the president of the
4:25 am
united states. we're in the first at right presidency in our history. and i'm sad we're seeing the results of it. a tolerance, a lack of frontally facing white supremacy and saying it's unacceptable. there's been room for it to spread. we have to stop it. >> you think that could have been at the rally in green bay, wisconsin, where the president was? >> every time he speaks, every time he has, he has to disassociate himself from white supremacy. >> he did condemn anti-semitism and hate during that rally. we're going to turn to this week, and attorney general william barr set to testify before the senate committee on wednesday. but he's threatening not to testify in front of the house committee on thursday. are democrats demanding too much here? what do the democrats want to learn? >> no. you have to step back and look at the situation.
4:26 am
after the mueller report, the president is in deep trouble. the report lays out how in ten different situations, he obstructed justice, tried to obstruct justice worse than he did. we need to hear from attorney general barr. we need to hear from mr. mueller. we need to hear from mr. mcgahn. this is going to play out over a period of time. you know, i think that in the media and just in general, people could say, oh, impeachment or not impeachment. we took an oath to uphold the constitution of the united states. and that means overseeing the executive branch. we need to have hearings into the mueller report and the conduct of this president so we can paint for the american people a picture of the facts of what has happened. you know, if you look back in american history, people say,
4:27 am
oh, president nixon was going to be impeached. so, he resigned. a year before that happened, the public was not for impeachment and the congress wasn't for impeachment. the watergate committee started in 1973. articles of impeachment weren't until a year later, on july 30th, 1974. articles of impeachment were passed, he resigned one year later. the period we're in now is a period of having the hearings in the congress to let the facts come out. and the house and the senate need to proceed, judicially and soberly. >> i want to bring up the numbers from this poll that shows 56% in congress would not begin impeachment proceedings following the mueller report. what are your constituents telling you? we need to be driven not just by poll numbers but by our duty.
4:28 am
poll numbers in 1973 were not in favor of imbeaching president nixon. after the congress did its work it was overwhelmingly the other way. not only do we have to have hearings but there's other inquiries into the president. those shoes are going to drop. it's our responsibility to take in all this. >> we heard the president, fighting the southbouubpoenas, comes to those investigations. thank you for your perspective. >> thanks, frances. the mayor of powway, california, talks about the violence that broke out in a synagogue, killing one and wounding three. [farmers bell] (driver) relax, it's just a bug. that's not a bug, that's not a bug! (burke) hit and drone. seen it, covered it.
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more on our breaking news this morning, new details on the synagogue shooting in california. one person is dead and three are injured. it happened at people were celebrating passover.
4:33 am
the suspect walked into the synagogue and opened fire with an assault-style rifle. they said the worst was suffered by rabbi israel goldstein. >> rabbi goldstein sustained what is likely a defensive wound, where he has injuries to both index fingers. i spoke with him prior to coming out here. he's in surgery right now. he will likely lose his right index finger. and the injury to his left index finger, hopefully, will not necessitate him having the finger removed. >> joining me now, steve voss, mayor of poway, california. i appreciate your time this morning. i want to find out what you're learning from police, especially with the understanding here that the shooter's gun may have jammed. we have information from the sheriff. do you have updates this morning? >> no.
4:34 am
i've been concentrating on taking care of our community. we're a close-knit city of 50,000 people. law enforcement is doing a terrific job. local, state, federal. we appreciate all their hard work. >> you spoke after the incident, telling us this is not the poway you know. tell us how it has changed over for better or worse. >> poway, the mountains just to the east of us here, where the sun is going to be coming up shortly, we've had wildfires come over those hills. and our folks get out there and fight them with pickup trucks and garden hoses. we had a kid go missing, we turn out by the thousands to help search. yesterday, when we had this hatred come knocking on our door, the community came together and stood together where they could. >> we're hearing more stories about what is happening here. tell us what you can about rabbi
4:35 am
goldstein's actions about this. >> there was courage in there. after the tree of life shooting six months and a day ago, myself and members of the poway department, shared some thoughts and ideas with them on what to do in a situation like this. i suspect that session we had with them probably helped save lives yesterday. but the rabbi was brave. it comes as no surprise to me. i look forward to visiting with him later today. i want him to know and all of our vijewish brothers and siste that we're going to stand with them and wrap our arms with them. >> tell us more of the accounts of what happened. you mentioned the courage and bravery that went on with this. tell us more and share the stories that you heard. >> i've heard of a congregant inside that immediately whisked away the children, to make sure
4:36 am
they were safe. others covered their loved ones, putting their lives at risk for their safety. that's what the faith community is all about. community before self. i'm proud of poway, the hatred that was here yesterday is not who we are. the love that you're going to see here in the coming weeks is who we are. >> investigators are looking closely into the suspect and an open letter, he left his online profile. talk about this pre-dawn arson at a mosque in escondido and how that might be related to the suspect. >> you know, if it's related, it won't surprise me. i don't really want to talk about the suspect. i'm anxious, though, for the suspect to feel the full force of the law. >> i understand that. we heard so many times that these crimes and the suspect, they're copycats, seeing it helping elsewhere, and they want to do it again.
4:37 am
talk to me about your community and how you're going to instill that, especially when there's so many questions about how this happened, how it could happen and how to prevent it from happening. we do everything in our power to prevent it. hatred and heartbreak is going to come sooner or later, no matter where you are. the choice you have is how you respond to it and how the community comes together. and poway is doing that in true poway style. >> the mayor of pittsburgh reached out to you after this incident. given that, is there anything that you learned from that, from the pittsburgh and what happened there and how you can use that information to make sure that this doesn't happen again? >> you know, all we can do is work with our law enforcement. poway is the safest city in san diego county. 16th safest in the state.
4:38 am
we're proactive trying to keep our community safe, providing the information needed. they came together here and did incredible work yesterday. >> mayor steve voss, thank you so much for being with us this morning. i'm sure you have a lot to attend to in helping your community heal after the wake of this. thank you. still to come, wake-up call. the questions about who should get vaccinated and who could need a booster shot as the measles epidemic spreads to half of u.s. states.
4:39 am
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new concerns spreading about the growing measles outbreak in the united states. the number of outbreaks is expected to go up when the report comes out tomorrow. two schools in southern california remain on high alert. the cases at ucla and cal state, along with new york and new jersey pushed the estimated total to nearly 700 in 22 states. experts say the virus was all but eliminated in the u.s. in 2000, creating a false sense of security. >> one of the things that the anti-vaccine movement has been portraying measles as a benign illness or nothing more than a rash. nothing could be further from the truth. joining me now is dr. john torres. thanks for being with me here. >> you bet. >> we jump into this,
4:43 am
specifically, what's happening in california. you have staffers and students there under quarantine. some under individual quarantine here. given this contagious disease, how long do they need to be quarantined? >> they are quarantining them for twice the amount of time in their body. they typically say, let's do this for 42 days. make sure that everybody is in the clear. it shows how contagious it is. one student in cal state went through the library. and they quarantined 875 people. >> the president weighed in in this outbreak here, endorsing the vaccination for the first time. you have the issue of distrust.
4:44 am
this is the wake-up call and there's also the confusion of who should get vac nated, if they did from a certain time. >> you hear how serious measles is. 1 in 20 get hospitalized for pneumon pneumonia. 1 in 1,000 can die from it. it's contagious. and it can cause issues ten years later. if you're born before 1957, if you're 63 or older, you don't need the measles vaccine because you're probably exposed. if you got the vaccine between '63 and '67, you might have gotten a booster. if you can't find your shot records, it doesn't hurt to get the booster. >> when in doubt, just do it. the united states could lose its measles-free cases. how much worse could it get?
4:45 am
>> two weeks ago, 555 cases. so far this week, 695 cases. i guarantee you the new numbers will be higher than 695. you see how fast this rises across the country. this thing is going to go on. people need to make sure they're vaccinated and make sure their children are protected. >> what's the number one thing here that people need to know? >> the most important thing is to get vaccinated. realize that measles is a serious disease. it can affect children ten years later and kill them with this one thing, a side effect of the measles. >> that's alarming in itself. thank you. the battle over barr. new information out this hour and why the attorney general may not testify this week before a key house committee. house commi. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. it gave me a leaf almost right away. house commi.
4:46 am
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4:49 am
breaking news on capitol hill this morning. the justice department is threatening to call off attorney general bill barr's testimony before the house judiciary committee on thursday. the senior democratic aide for the committee tells nbc news,
4:50 am
the justice department is taking issue with conditions being placed on the a.g. over his testimony. let's bring in bishop garrison and republican strategist, brian darling. good morning to you both. as we jump into this, beginning with you, bishop. we have the conditions at issue here, including to go into closed sessions about the redacted mueller report. and democratic and republican counsels to question barr. democrats had questions about these last week. were demes moving the goal posts here? >> i believe so. the biggest thing here is we're looking to be beyond partisan politics. we need answers. we've discussed this for months, since the beginning of this investigation. idea this is suddenly a partisan issue, is what we need for
4:51 am
congress to be able to have this oversight. it's a part of their constitutional obligations to ensure that we see a thorough investigation. that's what congress has tried to get to a part of. >> how do you determine these developments here? >> i don't have a legitimate role using their power to influence the 2020 elections and engage in a partisan witchhunt. my view is that we have the mueller report. the mueller report is out. the house asking for new materials and redacted portions of the report, asking for the underlying documents is moving the goal posts. we have the report. they don't need to do the partisan investigations because they don't really want to get to the truth. they want to hurt donald trump and help the democratic nominee for 2020. >> i just want to quickly
4:52 am
replay. respectfully disagree with my colleague there. i think having an understanding of the documents, and parts of this is redacted. and we don't know what they say. it's important to have a full understanding of what is missing. congress can do that. i as a part of the public don't need to know. >> so, bishop, given that -- thinking of the level of reasonability here for those demands. are the democrats asking too much? we don't have confirmation on the reservations. >> i don't think they're asking too much at all. they have oversight over the executive. for the executive to say we're not going to show up, not going to adhere to lawful subpoenas to
4:53 am
provide you with this information is not going to sit well with the american people. >> barr is supposed to testify to the senate on wednesday. how do you see that playing hout? >> he is having reservations of testifying before the house because he believes they are going too far. there is a big difference. you'll see a difference in the questioning. it will be interesting to see. you have a number of candidates on the judiciary committee. it will be a grilling on both sides. we have a separation of powers issue here. the attorney general doesn't have to show up if he doesn't want to. it will be hard for the house to force the attorney general to come and testify. we're going to turn to 2020 and this explosive new claim from president trump in a tweet last
4:54 am
night. he accused the dnc of attempting to destroy bernie sanders in favor of joe biden. are there any real concerns of the dnc favoring one candidate over another? >> as someone on staff in 2016, we've seen these issues play out. i think it behooves the president to stop this for the good of the american people, for the good of our system, our political system. i think it also is -- it plays in its favor to have some type of disagreement, some type of infighting on the side of democrats. that's what he is trying to get here. >> when it comes to this, is this the president thinking it's easier to beat bernie sanders than joe biden? is he seeing biden as his biggest threat. we'll be talking about how he's young and vibrant, as opposed to joe biden? >> i think he likes instigating
4:55 am
democrat on democrat political violence. he loves to see the infighting. he loves to instigate it. bernie sanders accused the democratic national committee of favoring hillary clinton over him. he's stoking that flame. it's a wide-open race. who knows how it will play out. clearly, what trump is going to do is try to mix it up with the democrats and pit one democrat against another. >> there's a lot of them. want to bring up this nbc news/"washington post" poll out this morning. you got joe biden is leading it 17%, for democrats and democrat independents. bernie sanders, pete buttigieg, harris and o'rourke. how are you reading those numbers? >> on several weekends on the show, the american people are ready for change. they're ready for stable leadership. they're ready for adults to once again to be in the room. and you see that as --
4:56 am
throughout the results of that poll. you have a mixture of known names and a mixture of individuals who are new to the national scene. and the democrats want to have an opportunity to engage with these leaders. >> brian bishop, i appreciate your time. thank you both. how president trump's approval rating compares to past presidents. and guess what, he is not going to like that comparison. nothing to worry about?aris. well sooner or later... every chip will crack. >> mom: hi. >> tech: so bring it to safelite. we can repair it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance, it's no cost to you. >> mom: really? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. shaving has been difficult for me. i have very sensitive skin, and i get ingrowing hairs. so it's a daunting task. oh i love it. it's a great razor. it has that 'fence' in the middle.
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that will do it for me on this hour of "weekends with alex witt." i'll see you at noon eastern. now, it's time for "up with david geron." good morning. ♪ >> this is "up." i'm david gura. we begin with the deadly synagogue shooting in southern california. four victims have been identified, including the woman who was killed. and officials are calling the shooting a hate crime. >> i can only tell you we have a fatalit fatality. it was a hate crime. and that will not stand. >> i will bring you the latest from california. breaking news this morning on the mueller report. attorney general bill barr may be a no-show at this week's scheduled house judiciary committee hearing on the investigation. why the


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