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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  May 5, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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an emergency landing. dozens of people onboard. the new information just coming in. plus, bar date. an unredacted copy of the mueller report. what happens if he doesn't cooperate. and mixed feelings. the new nbc poll results and how americans feel about the mueller report. but we will start with breaking news and it is a horrifying scene. the plane engulfed in flames as it slid across the runway at one of moscow's major airports. the fire and black smoke visible, as you can see. a new statement confirming there are injuries. we are tracking developments. what are you hearing? >> reporter: hi, kendis. this is a horrific scene. every traveler's worth nightmare.
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we're talking about a jet on its way from moscow to a northern russian city. it was a regional flight. we believe there were 78 people onboard. right now we think one person at least died, based on the russian equivalent of the fbi now opening an investigation and saying there were victims. we think at least one. it's absolutely horrific to watch the landing. it looks like it's coming from the back of the plane. we don't know what caused it but the plane came back in moscow. there's people fleeing from this plane with their luggage, absolutely horrific. kendis, we're going to keep searching for more information
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to try to confirm more facts. aeroflot has confirmed it's one of their planes, a russian-made plane. it's 9:00 p.m. in parts of russia. it's a holiday weekend and information is coming out pretty slowly at this point. >> yeah, in fact, they did release a statement just moments ago. they are confirming that there are victims, as you mentioned. the number is being specified, they said, but it returned to the airport and made this imagine landing moments after it took off. am i correct there? >> reporter: that's what we understand happened. it was going from the airport in moscow to a northern russian city. it didn't get very far. it returned for this emergency landing. you can imagine what it must have been like for passengers in that plane. it does make a hard landing. the plane is engulfed with flames on the back end. you can see the cloud of smoke trailing there. an absolutely horrific scene.
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certainly it's going to be quite miraculous if there are, in fact, survivors, as russian media is reporting that people, some people, were safely evacuated from the plane you're seeing there. >> horrific scene. absolutely amazing right now that we are getting word they are survivors from that plane crash. hard to believe as you take a look at it. the plane fully engulfed in flames and still as you look at that, there are some people who walked away from that flight. our thanks to sarah there reporting, our foreign correspondent. more of that statement i should tell you they said the plane was forced to report to the airport of destination for technical reasons. they have started an investigation into the causes and the circumstances of the incident. we're going to continue to monitor this situation and monitor these images as they come in. back here at home to the showdown between in congress.
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treasury secretary steven knew ch mnuchin is expected to blow past an extension for trump tax returns. michael cohen reports to prison. it's a busy week. add to that former white house counsel don mcgann and requested documents. still undetermined is when robert mueller will publicly testify before the house judiciary committee. democrats are giving a sneak peek at what to expect ahead of mueller's testimony. >> tentatively we had asked for the 15th. i'm not sure there's been any agreement around that. but what we know we have to get robert mueller in as quickly as possible so we can hear directly from him what was in the report and ask him some questions so that we can clarify exactly why he didn't come to a charging decision, what was under some of those ten obstruction of justice potential charges he laid out. the department of justice has
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said it is now up to robert mueller and our judiciary committee to set the date. >> the white house has so far indicated they would not interfere with mr. mueller's attempts to testify. we home that won't change. >> this all comes as a brand-new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows a hung jury over the mueller report. 60% of americans say president trump has not been truthful in the russia investigation. but 29% still think the special counsel clears him of wrongdoing. democrats are now expecting mueller to deliver a unanimous verdict on holding trump accountable for possible obstruction of justice in the russia investigation. let's head out to nbc's hans nichols at the white house for the very latest on all of this. it is a very busy week ahead. >> reporter: it's a busy week ahead, but as per tang to mueller's testimony, the argument, the debate seems to be not whether or not he'll testify but when. that could be an indication that a lot of the questions on what sort of privileges the white house justice department is
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going to assert have been somehow ironed out. at the same time, kendis, i caution you maybe just optimism on the democrats' side. the last thing we heard from president trump on this officially was that he was going to leave it up to his attorney general on whether or not robert mueller was going to testify. there's not been a definitive statement from the attorney general saying that he can testify. at the same time the white house has indicate ed all along throu actions and rhetoric they will attempt to slow walk some of this testimony and whether or not they will assert executive privilege as it relates to don mcgann. there seems to be the optimism, the hope that may 15th is a target date, somewhere around that week. i don't think we can say that robert mueller will testify at that time or if at all that he'll end up testifying. kendis? >> i'm not sure if you're aware of this but while were you speaking we did get a new tweet from the president and it is of note here where the president is saying basically that mueller
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should not testify. take a look at it right now. after spending more than $35 million over a two-year period interviewing 500 people using 18 trump hating angry democrats and 49 fbi agents culminating in more than 400-page report. you see it there. why would democrats in congress now need robert mueller to testify? are they looking for a redo because they hated seeing the strong no collusion conclusion? >> reporter: as of friday when the president was in the oval office and kristen welker asked him, the line was it's up to the attorney general william barr on whether or not mueller should testify. he seemed to seem he had no opinion. now the president has an opinion and he's urging at least saying on twitter whether or not mueller should not testify. there's a distinction, though, and that falls short of ordering his attorney general, william barr, not to have robert mueller
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testify. i think we should wait on this until we hear from bill barr on this. at least we know where the president's head is. it's shifted slightly, and he doesn't want mueller to have to face it. >> you know the white house as well as capitol hill and the doj at this moment, would that mean then that bill barr might follow what the president is advising? he has been on capitol hill saying for a while that mueller should testify. now you have his boss saying no. >> reporter: maybe. we don't know how bill barr is going to respond to presidential directive by tweet. in the past what you saw with other agencies, you saw this with secretary mattis at the dod in the pentagon, you saw officials saying that's just a tweet not official guidance. so if this does materialize from white house counsel, from the chief of staff here at the white house to bill barr giving him an order not to have robert mueller testify that will codify. all we have is a tweet and we
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frankly, bill barr is new on the job. we know he internalizes the grievances. he shares his political outlook on the origins of the investigation, that it was spying, to use bill barr's term. we don't know whether he will take tweets as a directive from the white house as though that's an order that he cannot disobey. kendis? >> we're going to see how it all plays out. our thanks to you at the white house. i want to dig deeper into all of this. joining me right now is political reporter for "the daily beast" and msnbc contributor betsy woodruff, the chief washington correspondent for bloomberg news, and former house oversight committee spokesperson and nbc contributor. thank you all for being here. i do want to pop up the quote there, that tweet. it's a lengthy one. the president using all of the characters i think there. betsy, i want to get your reaction. all of a sudden it sounds as if he's changing his tune a little bit. >> that's right.
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it's quick and dramatic pivot. i've reached out to the justice department for comment on whether or not the attorney general's position deferring to mueller on whether he will testify has changed or has not changed given the president's tweet. if i hear anything from doj in the next couple minutes, of course i'll let you know. in the meantime, though, what this means for barr is that it's a rude reminder of the nature of his new job. being attorney general during the trump administration means that sometimes you will find out potentially by tweet it's possible the president gave the ag a heads-up before the tweet went out, although we don't know for sure. it does mean the president might part from you very publicly over twitter. that's something for someone who spent as much time in the justice department as barr has must be a slightly disorienting awakening. >> and, kevin, in the meantime if there is no collusion, and that's a conclusion as the president is saying, then why not have bob mueller testify?
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>> that's a question that republican members of congress are also asking. i mean, look, with the exception really of senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham, a republican from south carolina, who after the hearing from attorney general william barr last week, he came out after the hearing and said that he didn't think that bob mueller would have to testify publicly and it would appear that president trump now with this tweet clearly agrees with him. i think the question becomes for the attorney general just how much longer he will have purview over bob mueller. right now technically bob mueller works for the justice department, works under the attorney general. that won't necessarily always be the case. once the investigation concludes, all of the investigations have concluded. then congress would be able to get him to testify when he's no longer, you know, investigating. but i think it really is interesting when you look at polls whether it's republican
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polls or news organization polls, there does seem to be an overwhelming consensus the american people want to hear from bob mueller. this was an investigation that lasted 22 months, more than 2,900 subpoenas, cost taxpayers a lot of money. and, of course, has dominated the political discourse. everybody wants to hear from the guy who authored the report. there's a lot of questions to be had about it. we'll have to see. >> i can't help notice the timing in all of it because you had a congressman on the judiciary committee just this morning saying they have come to a tentative agreement on when bob mueller should testify in front of his committee. he kind of stepped back from that a little bit but got quite a bit of traction especially from "the washington post" and now the president coming out. >> clearly he's been watching the news. i think his tweet he put out in the last five minutes was provoked by the coverage that, wow, maybe mueller will come and testify on may 15th. it's not exactly may 15th, it
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will be around that period of time. there's no question now that democrats are zeroing in and working out what the scheduling is. the white house will have to make the decision do they want to try to stop mueller from testify before the committee or not? mueller will clearly cooperate with the request. >> you've been following a lot of this. what do you think bill barr will do? >> oh, what we've seen, he didn't show up to a subpoena, judiciary committee the other day. i think they might try to block mueller. >> let's continue to what else we were talking about earlier, betsy, and the big week ahead. out of all the multiple deadlines we mentioned that are taking place this week including barr's response to the mueller report, steve mnuchin on trump's tax returns, michael cohen reports, which is the most perilous? >> it's exhausting. >> which is the most perilous for the white house? >> well, look, the only deadline that we can be highly confident will be met this week is the
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deadline for michael cohen to report to the bureau of prisons. the other deadlines are very much on thin ice. this administration has played really fast and loose with congressional demands for documents and for testify, not just in the democratic controlled house but when republicans including, of course, devin nunez, mark meadows and jim jordan were trying to get information out of the doj involving the mueller probe. this administration has been very consistent and comfortable in stiff arming congress. the fact there is this spate of deadlines coming up in the next week i think should not be viewed as particularly predictive in terms of what the administration will do. remember, barr refused to show up. a top official in the constituent department really important civil rights division refused to show up quite recently. karl kleine, who green lit jerrjared kushn kushner's security clearance
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defied a congressional subpoena. this is an administration that's very comfortable ignoring these deadlines and keeping information to itself that it wants to keep to itself. i don't think anyone should be operating under the assumption mcgann and the irs and current and former administration officials will be particularly pliant. >> grab your coffee or something else, your sedative, because it will be a bumpy week. i'm going to have to leave it there. betsy, kevin and kurt, our thanks to all of you. we are continuing to follow breaking news from overseas. after the break, some new information about that fiery plane crash, the one you're seeing there. some people walked away from that crash. some did not. the information we just received moments ago next. s ago next
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listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. we're back with that breaking news update coming in from that plane crash, a horrible plane crash right there. they called an emergency landing but you can see the plane is fully engulfed. we got an update just moments ago. we were saying it was a miracle everyone may have gotten out
11:21 am
alive. now the update. let's go over to sarah harmon and what she's hearing. >> reporter: hi, kendis. we're getting news now from russian state media reporting that 13 people onboard did, in fact, die. now we haven't been able to independently confirm that but 13 people is quite tragic. they are saying six people were injured. we're working to confirm those numbers. in cases like this with a plane crash in the few hours after the death toll often goes up and down you can imagine in a situation like this it's moving quite quickly. we're trying to pin down more exact numbers for you. i do have a statement from the airport where the plane took off, the sheremetyevo airport. it took off just after 6:00 p.m. from moscow. after takeoff the crew reported a malfunction and decided to return to the airport of departure. 73 passengers and five crew members onboard.
11:22 am
at 6:30 moscow time, that's 28 minutes after the plane took off, the airport says the passenger liner made a hard landing on the runway after which a fire occurred. they go on to say they're providing psychological counseling services for some of the survivors and also, of course, emergency services as the investigation into what exactly happened on that plane that turned it into a fireball continues. >> sarah, our thanks to you for the update there. we should point out it's about 9:22 in the evening, so all of this that you're watching there developed in the last three hours in moscow. we're going to keep our attention overseas for a moment here because the death toll in the middle east continues to rise this hour as israel's defense forces say 600 rockets were fired from gaza in just 30 hours this weekend. thousands of israelis fled to bomb shelters. israeli authorities say at least three of its residents have been killed. palestinian officials say at
11:23 am
least 15 have died including a pregnant mother and her 1-year-old baby who were killed by israeli firepower. this is the worst escalation in tensions between israel and gaza since a brief but bloody war in the summer of 2014 and the israeli prime minister is threatening more massive strikes. joining me now with the very latest is nbc news contributor christopher dickie. what are you learning right now? >> reporter: well, i think it is one of the worst attacks since 2014 and in some cases people are saying it's the worst attack they've ever come under from gaza rocket fire. there's a huge amount of pressure on netanyahu to do something. this is a war nobody wanted. it seems to be a collection of miscalculations and if netanyahu winds up sending in ground troops, he's going to face a lot of resistance not only from the palestinians in gaza but also from his own people.
11:24 am
they don't want to be losing soldiers. the irony is this is coming on the eve of the euro vision song contest which is a very big deal in europe, brings a lot of attention to the country that's hosting it and israel is hosting it this time, so it's all supposed to be good news on the beach, lots of songs, everybody feeling good. instead what's going on, as my correspondent there said, it feels like an external heartbeat as the iron dome, anti-missile system keeps blasting away at these masses of rockets pouring in to israel. >> and, in fact, they have had to change some of the events related to eurovision. it is a huge event, a concert where people come from all over the world and israel is finally getting to be the focus of that. speaking of the iron dome, we are familiar with the iron dome but yet israeli officials say some 600 rockets have been shot into the area. why isn't the iron dome stopping
11:25 am
those? >> reporter: well, it is stopping most of them but it's only about 90% effective. you have, let's say, 60 rockets that actually hit targets. some of the targets they hit is in an area iron dome doesn't work hard to defend. one car that was hit i think a man or a woman was killed in the car was out in a fairly isolated area. other rockets are coming in and they are hitting houses. they're hitting apartment buildings, and that's just the percentage that gets through. so it's not 100% safe system. it stops a lot but doesn't stop everything. >> a few of those rockets have been going through and hitting many civilians on the israeli side. meantime, of course, way down in the distance all the talk of jared kushner's long promised peace plan. with all that has taken place this week it would appear to be dead on arrival when it does get there. >> reporter: well, yeah, probably it is going to be dead
11:26 am
on arrival. probably it was always going to be dead on arrival. the basic thrust of that peace plan is palestinians have lost, get over it. accept whatever we're going to give you and we'll build a future that way. that's been tried before. it's not going to work this time. >> all right. thank you for joining us from paris where you've been monitoring the event in the middle east with israel there on the brink of war, the escalation, the highest since 2014. thank you. still ahead, stumping on a sunday, the democratic field continues to grow. so how do they compare? and speaking of the presidential hopefuls, "saturday night live's" kate mckinnon had ideas for elizabeth warren. >> i'm over here working around the clock to give you free college but, oh, look there, beto o' dork did parkour in a starbucks. wow. whoops, i've just figured out universal pre-k but what's that
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mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll is out and giving us new insight. 41% of registered voters say they're either enthusiastic or comfortable when it comes to trump being re-elected. 41%.
11:31 am
47% say they're enthusiastic or comfortable with joe biden winning back the white house for the democrats. this could heat up the rivalry between the former vice president and bernie sanders. we find nbc news. what's on tap? >> reporter: bernie sanders rolled out a major package of policy initiatives hitting on rural america in the agriculture committee. a couple of points, one of them being he's calling on essentially these major agricultural corporations to be broken up using antitrust laws. the other part is calling for a moratorium on future mergers of agricultural corporations, making the case family farmers are struggling, a great number of them didn't even break even, in large part because of those tariffs placed by this white house.
11:32 am
democrats need to stand up and speak out and come into rural america and make their case. another point was moving the current u.s. commodity industry to more of that they use for the dairy industry in canada where essentially you guarantee family farming operations that we have a place to sell your goods and in return we will give you this certain price. it guarantees family farmers year in and year out that they will get a certain amount of money that they produced guaranteeing the future not only to meet the cost of production but also the standards. >> major policy standard there in iowa where many of the farmers have been hard hit. let me bring in in jonathan allen.
11:33 am
welcome. julie what do you make of these new polls? 41% say they're okay with the idea that trump can be re-elected. >> this is the most polarizing. people either love donald trump or hate donald trump and no amount that will change their opinion about him which means there's a very small electorate for everyone else to fight over. >> if i'm donald trump or you're donald trump are you happy that's your base? 41% going into the rest of 2019 and 2020? >> it's not a bad place to start from. 41% is not a bad base to start f. i'm donald trump, what i fear is a strong, well-funded republican primary election because that potentially could peel it off. his numbers with republicans are so strong, i don't see that happening. >> still to be seen whether or not there is somebody with that, the former governor of massachusetts says he's got some funding. talk about the democrats.
11:34 am
how are they putting themselves apart? it's dizzying. >> soon we'll have a whole number percentage of the democratic electorate that's running for president. a new generation of the brady bunch. i think they're having a little bit of trouble distinguishing themselves except for the top tier of four, five, six candidates. the electorate doesn't want to hear them tear each other apart. i think we'll start to see more of that and you'll hear from the policy differentiation. the prebaby boomers leading the way in polling.
11:35 am
elizabeth warren with the big policy pronouncements she's made, the big declarations on policy, and getting out first on impeachment. i think that was one of the major contrasts she made. you saw kamala harris move in behind that and then joe biden pretty quickly. >> you are the political consultant, talk from a race standpoint, a poll position, whose poll ranking and standing in the poll right now as far as candidates? buttigieg or here are some of the national numbers you can see. elizabeth warren getting some traction. >> a bunch of guys who didn't want to contrast with each other and policy. the one guy who stood out against the entire field and the
11:36 am
question here for the democrats is who is the donald trum in that sense of the field. everybody loves uncle joe. everybody is comfortable with him. sanders has done this before. buttigieg at the moment is the flavor of the month. i don't know if that will continue. who will be the person that will stand up at those debates and differentiate themselves when they don't want to attack each other? >> i think it's important to remember a lot don't know and democrats don't know who the candidates are yet. if you look at joe biden's polling numbers, he's the former vice president of the united states. love him or hate him, everybody pretty much knows who bernie sanders is. a lot of that is still a reflection of name identification. i think some of the candidates, even an elizabeth warren people watch msnbc really know her well. even a warren, kamala harris, pete buttigieg has gotten a lot of attention lately, they are still introducing themselves to a lot of people who will vote, beto o'rourke still introducing himself.
11:37 am
>> i was surprised about two weeks ago vonn was in columbia, south carolina, and there was a black family who said they didn't know there was a black woman running for president, kamala was there running. who is the jimmy carter in the bunch? "the washington post" had an article just a couple days ago talking about the last time we had this crowded of a field was when carter won. we had some 17 democrats in the field. who is the peanut former? >> policy is not the issues they're fighting over. sanders is more to the left of biden but certainly this is not a policy discussion. it's an electoral discussion, electability discussion. who is that person that's going to, in the democrats' eyes, be the best contrast to donald trump because this is the first time that i've seen where it's not so much about electing your
11:38 am
favorite candidate. this is an existential election for democrats in ways that i think no other election has been. >> if you go back to jimmy carter, he won as a moderate, benefiting from at least playing around on the lines with race and then gets elected governor and gives this inaugural address seen as incredibly progressive on race. this profile progressivism on race and a huge differentiation within the democratic party as a presidential candidate. maybe that's not the way to do it, but we're not seeing that
11:39 am
differentiation yet. >> i guess it's why the debates will be that differentiation factor, the debates that will air here on msnbc in just about a month. here on msnbc in about a month. thank you. appreciate it. we'll move on now because the president's former fixer and personal lawyer, michael cohen, is planning to use his final moments of freedom tomorrow to hold a press conference. >> are you going to have a press conference before you leave monday? >> yes. >> what do you plan to say at the press conference? >> be there. >> michael cohen there with a fresh cut, scheduled to begin his three-year prison sentence tomorrow and days before he's supposed to check in, his opinion of president trump remains a little mixed. so get this, during an interview, cohen told the new yorker magazine when he's good he's great. when he's horrible he's the worst human being on the planet.
11:40 am
an msnbc national security analyst and barbara mcquaide and contributor, welcome to you both on this sunday. michael cohen posed the question why am i the guy heading to prison and trump isn't? do you share the question with cohen? >> it's a good question and there's a very simple answer. he isn't the president of the united states. michael cohen is susceptible to indictment and to charges and to conviction in a way that donald trump is not. he think the heart of the question is actually spot on. michael cohen is different from your average every day criminal. i say that because he was the president's personal lawyer and fixer but michael cohen didn't commitment crimes for his own personal benefit, is different from other criminals in there was no damageable benefit he
11:41 am
gained, everything he did or nearly everything he did that he was charged with was for the benefit of one person and that was donald trump. raising money for the payments, lying to congress to align his statements with what donald trump had said publicly. it's a very good question because donald trump was in on this. others in and around the campaign are in on this, others around the trump organization were at least witting of this. and michael cohen is the fall guy. >> it will be interesting to hear what he does say, who he may throw under the bus. cohen is heading to the same prison as jersey shore's the situation and the infamous fire festival founder billy mcfarland. is this a cushy prison experience there? >> i don't know that any prison experience is cushy.
11:42 am
i wouldn't want to go to any even for a minute if i couldn't leave. it assesses the security risk and also the medical needs of all of the inmates and decides an appropriate place to go. probably very little risk of escape. very little risk that he will commit acts of violence against others and perhaps whatever his needs are in terms of drug or alcohol treatment can be met there. that's what the basis is for deciding what prison somebody goes to and so for white collar criminals it often is a place that has very low security, feels more like a camp than a prison with bars. no place i would want to go. >> it keeps him away from his wife and his kids located about 75 miles north of new york city. the shoe designer, steve madden, who had his own stint in that prison said how he might feel
11:43 am
that first night of his sentence. take a listen. >> you go in there, take me the first night, tell me what he will be feeling. >> it's very scary. you just can't believe where you are and you're forced to face certain truths and try to find your character. it makes me think just because you are a character done mean you have character. that certainly applies here with michael. >> steve bannon talking here on ms. what does this mean for cohen's new reality, need? >> i think this is closer to a cub fed than a super max. prison is prison. your average convict and inmate wouldn't face, we have to remember that he has been called
11:44 am
a rat by the president of the united states. others have bragged, prison tends to be trump country, will be loyal to this president, will have an affinity to this president and they may have it out for michael cohen. even though this is a relatively low security prison. michael cohen knows and has said publicly that he faces risk that other inmates don't because of one person and that one person's very large megaphone and that's donald trump. >> i want you to pick up on that point right there. as you know the president has branded cohen a rat and the former case manager, warns that anybody in the public could drive up to the camp, walk right into the visiting room, all the way to where michael cohen is sitting literally within feet and take him out. is cohen in danger? >> well, i hope that's not the case. i would hope the bureau of prisons has people there not
11:45 am
only to protect guards from prisoners but prisoners from outside threats. i think one of the deals the bureau of prisons makes with inmates who comes in is to protect their safety to a reasonable degree of their ability. i would be surprised that somebody could just walk in and take michael cohen out. that said, i am sure he is susceptible to danger and sometimes when that happens the bureau of prisons needs to move somebody to a place where they can secure their safety. sometimes that can even be solitary confinement that is often not optimal for a prisoner's well-being. michael cohen may prefer not to be in solitary confinement. they do have an obligation to keep him safe. >> we'll leave it there. ned price and barbara mcquaide, quite a situation. all right. thank you. appreciate it. still ahead -- >> down to the line, maximum security wins the kentucky
11:46 am
derby! >> when did steve harvey start calling races for horses? the kentucky derby that prompt add tweet from president trump.
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the owner of the horse who was believed to have come in first in the kentucky derby, did come in first, is threatening legal action. you have no doubt seen the controversial the controversial ending. maximum security right there in front. but in a shocking twist for the first time ever the winner this year went to the second place finisher. race officials said the horse interfered with other horses in the final turn and cut off competitors from passing him and the outrage pouring in from everybody including the president. blaming the controversy on political correctness saying that the best horse did not win. joining me is correspondent ron mott and donna brother, a former jockey an a nbc triple crown analyst. ron, i do want to start with you. what is the mood like right there at churchill downs today?
11:51 am
>> reporter: well, kendis, usually after a kentucky derby everyone gets excited about a potential triple crown run and they will have some excitement about the horse declared the winner, country house, a 65:1 longshot yesterday and his khans of a triple crown probably not that strong and disappointment here in louisville for how the race finished. a lot of people said the best horse finished in first but we had the foul. disappointing finish for the connections of that horse and betters lost money here on that race yesterday so it's a disappointing sunday after a thrillinging kentucky derby. >> there was a person that got the top four correct an on a $2 bet and won thousands and thousands of dollars. this was a tense review period. lasted 20 minutes. maximum security's co-owner is pondering an appeal. what would that look like? >> reporter: i haven't had a chance to talk to that owner,
11:52 am
obviously. there are a couple of options to appeal from the stewards and donna is an expert in this field. i don't want to speak to what's going through the minds of the stewards but usually seeing if a foul aif he coulds the outcome of the race. they thought that the call may have been questionable. the call to overturn the winner and dq maximum security there yesterday and award country house the race so there are some options for the ownership of this horse. probably after some time they may decide not to do that. >> donna, i want you to weigh in. you have experience racing. what do you make of what happened here? of course, after it took place you saw the un0 fushl winner. i'm like, why? why? it's clear who won. what took place here? >> clearly there was an
11:53 am
infraction around the turn and if it happened in the fourth race on a wednesday it would have been a no-brainer but it was a kentucky derby. 145 years of history here and never had a disqualification of the winner but when the stewards watch the replay, undeniably maximum security from the two path to about the fourth path a couple of horses were bothered there so i think the long decision came not from whether or not to take the horse down. you had to. you can't change lanes like that. even if those horses maybe with respect going to have are a top placing. the long decision was just how many horses did he bother? which horses exactly did he bother? where did they fennish? the rules of racing are that you have to place the horse behind the hoes that they bothered. the horse that they bothered with the lowest is number 18. he finished 17th and had to
11:54 am
decide where do we put him? >> what's really the problem with what exactly they did here? could be dangerous for the other horses in the back? what's the problem? besides the rules. >> yeah. that is the problem. so when you watch the replay closely, you will see that war of will, his front legs were literally intermingling with the back legs of maximum security and within a hair of that horse clipping the other horse's heels and falling. imagine if that horse fell in the kentucky derby at that point. could have been tragic. honestly a worse call is to do nothing. a race on wednesday the race could have come down and to let it stand there would be a precedent that the officiating is dirfferent on a big day thana small day.
11:55 am
that's just what happened here. >> this is the super bowl of horse racing. part of a series, of course. there's so much pomp and circumstance associated with the kentucky derby. in light of some other issues with horse racing lately, where you had nearly two dozen horses who died at santa anita, was this an added black eye for your sport? >> it wasn't good. it's not the thing to happen on derby but the added black eye is if the officials don't make the call. you have to maintain your course. we want this sport to be as safe as possible for all of the participants, the horses and the riders and the stewards' job to try to keep it safe and taking that horse down, they said you can't do it on wednesday racing and thursday racing and derby day either. >> we're glad everybody is okay out of it. controversial indeed. ron and donna, thank you guys.
11:56 am
all right. coming up in the next hour, team coverage of the terrifying and deadly plane crash. at least 13 people are now dead. what russia's government is now saying about the crash. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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12:00 pm
13 people are dead. new details about the dramatic emergency landing coming in. also breaking, president trump is out changing his tune and ramping up the fight with congress saying robert mueller should not testify. and how many's too many? democratic field of candidates set to expand again. who's expected to enter the race and how will voters respond to nearly two dozen contenders? new developments in two plane crashes. one out of russia, one out of florida. russia, a plane in a fireball making an emergency landing there at one of moscow's major airports. at least 13 people confirmed dead and multiple injuries and people replace missing. here in the states, in jacksonville, florida, a passenger plane in the st. john river after skidding off the runway, as well. s in's tammy leitner is in
12:01 pm
florida. we'll have insight and let's start with foreign correspondent sarah harmon for the very latest on the fiery crash overseas. sarah? >> reporter: hi, kendis. the more we learn about this crash, the more tragic it bombs. 13 passengers and crew now confirmed dead, among them were two children. it's still unclear what caused this russian-made plane to turn into a fireball. this flight operated by aeroflot from moscow to another regional russian airport. the airport says there were 78 people on board. we know there were some survivors because there's ucg of people coming off the emergency slides from the plane. what exactly caused that plane to be engulfed in flames is now going to be the focus of what the russians are calling a criminal investigation.
12:02 pm
13 people dead. among them, two children. the more we learn, the sadder it becomes, kendis. >> and of course we know that it's the largest airline there. they have released an a statement saying they have started an investigation and, sarah, as you mentioned and learning that this plane they noticed something was wrong and tried to turn around pretty quickly. >> that's exactly right. it took off about 6:00 local time and it was a hard landing 20 minutes later. what's unclear is when exactly the flames showed up. whether that occurred before the emergency landing or during it. that's part of the investigation. we know that they're going to be talking to witnesses, to the surviving passengers and also airport officials to try to figure out what happened here. absolutely horrific scenes there in moscow and we're just learning more about just how terrible it must have been for those passengers on board.
12:03 pm
>> yeah. many of those passengers describing the scene saying they felt as if they were going to die right there but many of them did survive. i do want to bring les into the conversation. les, as we look at these images right there, we have the benefit of a couple of things i imagine. we have video evidence of the plane coming in. and we also have some survivors to help with the investigation. as you look at this, what do you think? >> it's pretty horrific. i mean, that's a pilot's nightmare. any fire on an airplane. what i find curious, some reports indicates they made two circlings over the airport. because they were a high amount tuesday and nedded to get the airplane now i don't know. but this makes me curious. what cause third degree? there was some indication that it was shortly after a lightning strike in a storm. most airplanes are designed with static wicks to dissipate that
12:04 pm
kind of a strike and makes me curious, also. what i saw on the rollout was interesting to me. you couldn't see in the beginning of the touchdown but it almost looks like there was enjoin fires and hard to say. i'm almost willing to bet the main gear collapsed due to the fact of a hard landing or something else occurred that cause itted it because by the time it stopped it was 90 degrees to the runway. when's tremendous about this, the crew is proactive and the people that survived was a great number. just looking at that inferno. it was incredible. >> quick acting right there. it's a good thing it was right there at the airport where you had all those emergency equipment on the scene there. okay. so this is taking place in russia. it is -- they have a spotty aviation past. but this is their main carrier, number one airplane there.
12:05 pm
what happens with this investigation in particular over there? >> well, it seems that they have an interesting culture as opposed to the ntsb. the philosophy here is to determine why it happened so it never happened and they're indicating a criminal investigation. maybe there's more information we are not aware of at this time but that airplane is a super jet 100 is what they call it and it's a regional carrier or regional jet, very comparable to some of the ones we have that jet blue, for instance, flies here in the states. not the same airplane but designed from about 30 other country conglomerates. boeing participated in design of this aircraft. it's a fairly recently designed airplane. so there's not a lot of history behind it but as far as aeroflat
12:06 pm
they have qualified people, pilots. been around for a long, long time. >> they fly to the united states. they have several locations here they fly from into moscow itself. a couple of quick other questions. i don't know if you noticed the video and the aimages coming ou. you have several passengers walking off with their carry-on luggage. >> yeah. >> what? >> and it's a great point. this is a worldwide problem. if you talk to a flight attendant who's been involved an evacuation and just amazing that people take the -- it's almost criminal because you can potentially slow down the evacuation process by taking something or block the evacuation exits. flight attendants, if you talk to them, like i said, they just -- they don't understand
12:07 pm
why passengers go through this whole process. >> yeah. hard to believe they're walking off with the bags. les, hang on for a second and turn to jacksonville, florida. boeing 737 ended up in the water there. the ntsb is expected to hold another briefing on that charter plane that crashed into the st. john's river on friday night. tammy leitner has the latest on the investigation. tammy? >> reporter: hey, kendis. we hope to get more information because they did recover the flight data recorder. and hopefully they will have a little bit more information possibly why this plane ran off the end of the runway. we have gotten a little break in the weather right now. but it's been raining off and on all day. a lot of thunder, lightning. we spoke with ntsb an hour ago and hampered their investigation and brought it pretty much to a complete stop today.
12:08 pm
it's just not safe for them to get out there and do any investigating. the plane is still on the river and they just can't get out there and do anything. the earliest that they're expecting to get the plane in from the river is tomorrow. kendis? >> tammy, while everybody is saying that it is a miracle that 143 humans or so able to get off the plane safely, there's several pet who is died as a result of this. >> that's right. there were four animals on the manifest and, you know, there's no official word yet but it is not looking good. initially the investigators, they didn't see any pets in the cargo area getting everyone off the plane. investigators told me they actually sent later their investigators back in to see if they could see any of the animals in the cargo area. they didn't. they're sending divers on to the plane today 4:00 weather
12:09 pm
permitting. because everybody's obviously very concerned about the pets. kendis? >> yeah. les, as you look at the images coming out of jacksonville and the river there, take mote of the tracks off to the left. of that image right there. it appears to show that the plane ran off the huntway as it was coming to a close right there, to a stop. >> there's going to be a lot of factors. we are in an active field investigation with the ntsb. what i know about this particular situation is that first of all miami air is a charter operation and this particular charter from guantanamo bay to jacksonville going on for quite a long time. so this is nothing uncommon. 737 -800. different from the max. older model. the airplane when it's stretched to that point it does land to faster and tammy brought up an
12:10 pm
interesting fact right now. we are experiencing a florida summer weather pattern and what happened at the night of the crash. is that there was a lot of thunderstorms, frontal system went through with a line of thunderstorms so the runway was wet. the problem with this particular runway in jacksonville and it is not grooved. most of modern carrier airports have groove runways which basically takes the water and channels it in the grooves and takes it away, otherwise it potentially causes hydroplaning. if you combine fast speed with possibly not touching down at the appropriate point and then getting to where you showed in the foot and of that potential stop the anti-skid system would activate potentially if it didn't activate that could have
12:11 pm
caused a problem. if the reverse thrust didn't activate that could have caused a problem or activated only on one side. we don't know what the situation is but those markings indicate that the crew attempted to stop the airplane before it went into the water and it apparently went into the water at a much slower speed and why we have all the survivors from the aircraft because it obviously as you can tell it was just the nose of the aircraft that was damaged and off but it went in at a slow speed. >> two major investigations under way into two different plane incidents. one here in the united states. the other one just happening a few hours ago in russia. we're going to continue to watch all of those events. our thanks to sarah, tammy and les. thank you. more ahead, breaking news, president trump changes the tune saying special counsel robert
12:12 pm
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12:15 pm
we're back with more breaking news. president trump is feeling the heat and doing a complete 180 urging robert mueller not to publicly testify before congress. this comes just two days after he said it was up to his attorney general to make that decision. you see the tweet right there. >> i don't know. that's up to our attorney general who i think has done a fantastic job. >> well, joining me now is lin sweet of "the chicago times" molly hooper and sadie german. i want to start with you, lynn. we want to start with the tweet in itself. a lot of caps used in it. what do you make of the about face there? >> i make he is trying to redefine what's going on having second thoughts.
12:16 pm
not surprising about his first statement. clearly if he really believed that the report had the conclusions that he said they did which quickly we'll get to that he should have no problem with mueller testifying for some follow-up questions but the report half of which was about potential obstruction of justice did not clear him of that. it certainly planted information with the house that could be stuff to consider if they ever wanted to move ahead with impeachment. i think what president trump is trying to do and skilled at doing is trying to turn the conversation to his advantage. >> sadie, you covered the justice department on a daily basis. and you've covered william barr. barr said repeatedly that he's okay with bob mueller testifying. now you have the president saying this. what is barr's next move? >> well, it depends really if
12:17 pm
the special counsel is still considered a department of justice employee. if he's not and there are indications he no longer is then i think there's nothing to stop him from testifying and seen evidence of a rift between him and the attorney general that i think democrats want to press him on. the attorney general said he had no problem with this but we'll have to see what happens. >> you have people keying on a certain date. may 15th. the ides of may as the case may be, i guess. what are the chances of mueller testifying on may 15th? >> actually, congressman david sicilyny of rhode island, a democrat o democrat on the judiciary committee clarified his remarks saying the 15th of march is looking -- >> or may. >> the date that democrats like to hold this hearing. unclear if mueller agreed to that or unclear if he's checking the schedule to see if he can
12:18 pm
show up. but at this point i think what has been striking about how this whole -- how the reports unveiling has unfolded and this is over the past several weeks, where's bob mueller? we haven't heard from bob mueller. i forget what his voice sounds like almost and the thing is that, you know, as we have members of congress come out and say we want to hear from mueller, we want to hear from mueller, we haven't heard mueller weigh in on whether he wants to hear from himself. you know? >> yeah. >> joking about that. so it's unclear where it stands but going to sadie's point, i think that when we see donald trump come out and say he doesn't want mueller to testify at this juncture this comes after that rift has emerged between barr and mueller. and remember, barr called one of those letters snitty and i think democrats want to hone in on what he meant by that and where
12:19 pm
mueller stands on that conversation they had. >> linda, meantime there's a brand new nbc news reporting poll and "the wall street journal" poll shows 60% of americans say trump has not been honest in the rodriguussia investigation. >> i think we know enough now from experience that the trump -- that one of the velcro aspects of the trump presidency is an acceptance of a president who does not tell the truth. and that is something that is reflected in this. and i don't know how this will necessarily translate into political support. it seems to -- me and my analysis right now that's a factor that may not, may not have the political distinction where it would have been a crippling finding. >> sadie, this is a big week ahead for anybody who's watching
12:20 pm
there in washington for trump and congress, especially coming off the tweet from the president. tomorrow is the deadline for attorney general bill barr to give congress access to the unredacted mueller report. steve mnuchin to turn over trump's tax returns or not and the president's former legal fixer michael cohen go to prison after a press conference and on tuesday former white house counsel don mcgahn to hand over documents relevant to the information of potential of justice. it's a lot to get through. that said, what is the white house and doj or at least william barr more worried about? which of these deadlines? >> well look. i mean, the attorney general, i have gotten to know the attorney general a little bit and he is not a man particularly worried about a deadline from congress for a subpoena. but he's given no indication to change his mind. especially in a case like this where the justice department has said, you know, legally we cannot furnish this information. but the democrats want to hold
12:21 pm
him in contempt, take a more aggressive move and possibly impeach him and the ultimate i think moral of the story here is that these are fights to be headed to court and they could -- the outcome of that could radically change the relationship. >> molly, you are out there on capitol and congress and appears to be a war mentality between congress and the white house right now. >> well, and here's one interesting point. remember in article 1 of the constitution the founders gave congress the power of the purse. the money. they basically -- congress gets to decide how much money is spent in the federal government and if this contempt of congress strategy going down that road, the court strategy doesn't work for democrats one thing that they can do and i have heard whispers of this is they can withhold funding for various parts of the justice department. fbi. keep in mind, there's a hearing this week on the senate side and
12:22 pm
the appropriations committee where christopher wray i believe in front of the committee for the fbi budget, but another way that congress can go about getting the hands on an unredacted copy of the mueller report or gets its hands on more documents than they have right now and won't take as long as it would if they go through with the contempt of congress, you know, route. the subpoena route. compelling individuals to appear. because when you withhold somebody's funding, they don't do like that. part of the job is reporting to you, you being congress, well, deals the end to get made that way. >> the power of the purse and the power of subpoena both very, very powerful there on capitol hill. linda, meantime, you saw the events including you heard molly talking about christopher wray
12:23 pm
on capitol hill. what will you be looking forward? >> i would look forward to questions that may have to do with the views on the other jou outstanding investigations that stem from the mueller report. that would be something i would imagine would be a line of questioning. i think his views might be solicited of whether or not the ten episodes of obstruction of justice or potential obstruction of justice outlined in the mueller report he may be asked what he -- his view of them, what might be more important. he might be asked about the voracity of james comey's recollections. so there are all kinds of questions, different from democrats than republicans who tend to defend the president, once he is a sworn witness in front of a congressional committee. it can go anywhere. >> it will be a fun week ahead. something like that. >> absolutely. >> all right. still ahead here, too big to
12:24 pm
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new polling out today gives us a fresh look at 2020. biden leads pack with 47% for enthusiasm and more important number may be 23. that's the number of candidates looking to take back the white house from donald trump next november. there were only 20 horses that competed in the kentucky derby race yesterday. there are around ten avengers in the latest film "endgame." seemed like a lot. new piece in "the washington post" write it is last time the field was so crowded a peanut farmer won and bill deblasio is considering jumping into the race this week. let's bring in nicole and author and daniel moody-mills. and completing the black and
12:29 pm
white look is isaac claybar. thank you guys all for being here. >> right on. >> i didn't get the memo. can you let me in on all of it. >> that's how we roll. >> let's start with the bill deblasio. "new york daily news" cover asked why and said 23 and me. so bill deblaz yes. >> that's good. >> we'll pop it up there to see. he's -- no one is showing up to his events necessarily in iowa. overwhelming amount of new yorkers don't want him to run. why's he running? >> why not? which is the question that every candidate is asking themselves. if you have money, you get a chance to get national attention and a chance to influence a national debate. four years ago, bernie sanders influenced the democratic conversation as a candidate. >> yep. >> who are the outside influencers who didn't run that
12:30 pm
influenced the 2016 race? put aside putin and robert mueller and you can't think of someone outside that really influenced the race. in today's politics it seems like you don't get punished for running and coming in second ux third, fourth, 22rd or 33rd. you get a chance lightning strikes you goat have influence over a national conversation. >> the peanut farmer in that sense. there there's "the daily news" in the meantime and people saying we get it. the mayor is popular in the city. mayor pete buttigieg. >> i love this. >> what city? >> love it. >> what are new yorkers -- you're the new yorker. what are new yorkers -- >> they don't like -- >> reaction to this. >> they don't like him as the mayor of new york. >> a term of endearment. >> ran against somebody that was lackluster and carlos danger.
12:31 pm
i remember why he's here. >> i ran that campaign. my campaign was nicole malaitacois and got 30% with no name new york female running against deblasio and people i talked to they didn't like deblasio. they didn't like him as a mayor. look at the things that are going down. >> lots of things -- >> governor controls the subway system. >> thank you. >> i think that what this shows me, every time that there's an announcement of somebody else entering the race, it is a mediocre white man entering the race. when i die i would like to have the same amount of hubris to think i have something to offer in that way. the polling for him, not only is no one showing up in iowa no one shows up for him in new york. >> does he have the money for it? >> let's look at the cats and -- the mayor donors filling the coffers of these candidates.
12:32 pm
bill deblasio is not going to be able to have what it takes to get the money to compete. >> how much money do you need to stay viable? if you're an incumbent lawmaker, especially in the biggest city in the city -- >> what is the advantage? >> that's a different and fair question. what does he stand for? what makes him unique from the other 22, 23 candidates? >> nothing. >> it's very hard to tell but you don't need a lot of money and if you have an instagram account. >> mayor pete stands for something. he stands for change. he stands for something. mayor deblasio -- blah. >> you cover metro politics here. what does mayor deblasio cover that will get him a lane. i hate to say the term. >> the idea was income inequality and the idea of a family that looks like new york city. a blended family.
12:33 pm
public school family. worked in 2013. not going to work as well in the 2020 field that is already historically diverse. >> but that's a picture. we want policy. >> fair. >> many of the men that are in the field right now offer very -- they're very short on policy because if we cared about policy then elizabeth warren should be polling at the top and off the charts with a playbook and a policy agenda and how to pay for it from child care to debt free tech college to breakp tech. >> you have the why. "new york daily news" put up there. what is the good? about deblasio. >> he is a concern who leads the biggest city in the country. >> okay. >> he has a track record of addressing some of the more challenging issues facing urban
12:34 pm
america which is not to say he's always succeeded but he's at least been confronted with the challenges and had to come up with an answer. not always an answer he wanted to give initially. public housing on his watch has become a horrific nightmare for the people living in it. >> home less. >> homelessness is a big issue. policing. >> segregation. >> i love the set-up for the question trying to focus on the positive and within ten seconds -- >> that's because -- >> if you invite him on, i'm sure he'll tell you about it. >> let's talk about the crowded field because there are a lot of people out there. we were talking about how -- will it hurt the democratic -- the democratic primary nominee? >> if they get too bloody i think it will but so far everybody's been pretty significant an the swings are pretty light. i think bernie sanders, you
12:35 pm
know, putt out something but it was light. nobody has gone really nasty ugly. now, the republicans, my side, we went below the belt and then we had the, you know -- on top of that, an avalanche of trumpisms. you know? little marco, lying ted, low energy bush, jeb. we had all that going on. they don't have any of the nastiness and you would think by now with more and more people every day getting into the race -- i mean, look. mayor deblasio has high name i.d. and the people getting into the race are pretty significant. >> are you -- wait. are you okay? >> she said something -- >> she said something. >> are you all right? >> it is the me lany be best channelling. >> i'll say this. i don't think democrats hit below the belt. i think they recognize every single one of them what's at stake and the person to be charging at and need to be
12:36 pm
attacking is donald trump and the entire trump administration. going after each other is going to do -- is going to have a remix of 2016 that we don't want to see which is this long drawn out primary that left us all exhausted. >> we'll see if they keep to that with the democrats next month. we have to leave it at that. thank you. noel, stay with us. daniel, isaac, thank you. still ahead, new information about north korea's latest missile test and what it means for president trump's on again/off again relationship with the his bff. nothing to worry about? well sooner or later... every chip will crack. >> mom: hi. >> tech: so bring it to safelite. we can repair it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance, it's no cost to you. >> mom: really? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace.
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north korea state media is reporting that kim jong-un supervised a drill of multiple rocket launches this weekend. south korea is calling for its northern neighbor to stop acts that escalate military tension in the peninsula. nbc's jackie mackey frayer joining us right now from the capital of seoul. janice, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. south korean officials did confirm those projectiles were, indeed, short range ballistic missiles that were fired. likely the first zest of a missile unveiled last year. now, kcne the state media agency in north korea released photos showing the launch and kim jong-un oversees it, what they
12:41 pm
called a test strike drill. those reports emphasized the technical success of the launch and didn't refer to the u.s. or south korea. while the test would violate u.n. resolutions, the ones that are the foundation for sanctions on north korea, it does fall short of breaching that self imposed moratorium that kim jong-un announced on longer range ballistics missiles. however, short range ballistic missiles are a reason for concern to japan and south korea as well as the thousands of u.s. military personnel that are based in the region. president trump so far doesn't seem too bothered by it. his focus appears to remain strictly on disarmament. the question now, though, is how far is kim jong-un willing to push this in order to get sanctions relief as talks stalled? both kim and president trump
12:42 pm
appear to be using the same pressure strategy is also reason for concern here given that this is the most significant provocation that poses a threat 0 any progress made in the last 18 months. kendis? >> all right. our thanks for the latest there on the renewed tensions in the peninsula there in south korea and north korea. thank you. in today's round-up of other stories, new staffing announcement of white house. president trump is nominated mike morgan to head up i.c.e. a street in los angeles now bears the name of the 44th president. festival and ceremony celebrated the naming of obama boulevard across the city's historic black neighborhoods. reality star kim kardashian and the legal team apparently helped fear another inmate. kim posted a photo of the family
12:43 pm
of florida inmate jeffrey stringer saying they would soon be reunited after 22 years. stringer convicted on a low level drug offense. kardashian was -- has been dedicating much of her time to prison reform and studying an attorney. the owner of the horse who came in first in the kentucky derby is threatening legal action. you've no doubt seen the controversial ening. maximum security came in first but for the first time ever the winner went to the second place finisher. race officials say the horse interfered with the others in the final turn. thereby cutting off competitors from passing him. possible legal action ahead. up next, the good, bad and the ugly. from kfc on capitol hill to a low bar for america's attorney general. the moments that captivated the nation. ♪
12:44 pm
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12:48 pm
ourselves, let's look back at the week that was. we saw a congressman there on capitol hill eat from a bucket of chicken. smiling there. you had a senator from colorado who became the 21st presidential candidate in the democratic field. nevertheless, we have survived the good, bad and ugly moments of the week. so here to give their take on all of that is noel nickpor and a political comedian. i'll give my good to your melania look. do you feel warmer? >> i did. i channelled here bringing back the jacket over an outfit, i'm like i kind of like that look. i have gotten a lot of negative feedback on twitter. >> all right. let's talk about this. a new segment trying to look back at the week and a lot of good, bad and ugly. so let's start with you, noel. let's start with the good.
12:49 pm
what was your feel-good moment of the week? >> well, the feel-good moment of the week was the republican jobs report. you cannot criticize 263,000 new jobs added to the economy and unemployment at one of the lowest rates ever. >> yeah. one of the lowest rates in some 49 years. that said, black unemployment is still fairly high. >> oh well, thanks. i was smiling. >> among -- as well as among hispanics. i'm sure the white house was celebrating all of that. dean, you work and the production staff of "snl." >> for years. >> for eight years. >> it has to do with something in this building last night. not just adam sandler returning to host but did a tribute to his late friend chris farley. it was a song and did it before netflix and never before on the
12:50 pm
very stage, the two shared and made comedy, two great buddies in the 1990s and a moment he said the idea of cheer so maybe hear us and that's a line of the netflix special but he was emotional about it. it was a beautiful moment. funny. he wasn't there just to make us cry. he could have. but he was there to make us remember the joy that chris farley brought. he was there and people talk about him lovingly and when people talk about chris farley, they lit up. gleeful. he brought so much joy to so many people. >> this wasn't the first tie adam sandler has been -- >> 24 years. he's not hosted. >> 24 years? >> first time since chris farley passed away about 22 years ago to host. he didn't host. i don't know why. i don't have insight into that. first time back and to make a big thing for the tribute to chris farley and the fans loved it. it exploded on twitter. trending this morning. it was a great moment.
12:51 pm
>> i left the building just about this time yesterday. saw all the fans outside. i'm thinking the moment and the songs that are going to be talking about involve sean mendez but no. >> no. >> that moment there on "snl." noel, what's the bad? what stood out the most? >> the bad for me, just me personally, the measles. outbreak. that's actually scary to have the measles that we thought, you know, it was finished, you know, come back. and the other part of my bad with the measles out is the fact that a lot of people are getting bad information, or misinformation, about why not to vaccinate your children, meaning it caused autism and a lot of other false narratives out on vaccines. so for me, that was the bad is this huge disease, you know, that's -- we thought we had done away with it and coming back to where now they're saying if you
12:52 pm
were immunized check that in certain years or whatever to make sure you have a booster so the measles, that's the bad. >> we did ask for a bad. >> it's a disease. >> mostly a new york thing and now it's spread. >> people air travel. >> yeah. >> you can go to new york for vacation with your family and come back and spread it to kansas. >> cruise ship, as well. last week. >> that. >> quarantined, as well. dean, you chose a moment this week when senator kamala harris was stumped. right? >> yes. >> has the president or anyone at the white house ever asked or suggested that you open an investigation of anyone? yes or no, please, sir? >> the president or anybody else? >> seems you would remember something like that and be able to tell us. >> yeah. but i'm trying to grapple with the word suggest. >> why do you say that was bad? >> as bad as measles. pretty bad.
12:53 pm
why that was bad is that it wept on -- bad for bill barr and america and the idea of transparency from a person in the cabinet saying i have to grapple with the idea of suggest. be blunt. it looked like he was not telling the truth. maybe even lying there because if you -- if someone in your office said, hey, boss said, were you stealing office supplies? i'm grappling with the word steal. to me, the idea of him playing games and she's like infer, hinting? bill barr, time to be transparent. >> the reason i challenge that one is because -- >> there's no challenge in this segment. there's a challenging? >> it is his bad. >> okay. >> you can. really quickly. >> when you are an attorney, everything is literal and he's literally thinking about that word. remember bill clinton said the definition of is is. >> bill barr and -- >> okay. all right. we'll take that. so what do you say that this
12:54 pm
political moment, that was ugly? what would you say was the ugliest for the week for you? >> the ugliest actually for me what i told the producer that i want to talk about was that race, the kentucky derby race. a really black eye on the derby. it was sad because the winner was actually in the middle of i think an interview with msnbc and then over the loudspeaker, hold the ticket! hold the ticket! the guy's like, oh gosh. that was -- i think that was really an ugly moment. >> the agony of defeat right there. i like the smack talk of the jockeys. he's a baby. dainty. >> the other side is the politics of this. donald trump had to insert himself into the kentucky derby on twitter today literally saying not a good decision and only the days of political correctness could such an overturn occur. i thought he would like it.
12:55 pm
reminds me of the 2016 election. the orange-haired horse won. maybe he bet on it. maybe putin is betting on it. maybe you know. he has to spend time and add to it in the tweet he misspelled kentucky. trump today. i'm not kidding. called it political correctness in the 50 shades of ugly this was just ugly and happened hours ago. >> an ugly moment showing a potentially dangerous moment for the governor of kentucky delivering the trophy after all of this and the boos from the audience. he is a governor in trouble come next week. that was an interesting moment. appreciate you guys sharing your good, bad and ugly. all right. thank you, guys. >> thank you. all right. in the next hour, more from the deadly plane crash in russia. what we know now about the victims and what investigators are saying about that tragedy. you need to buy a car
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
well, that will do it for this hour of "msnbc live." i'll be back next weekend. the news continues right now with morgan radford. morgan, good seasoned afternouno you. >> to you, too, by friend. thank you for joining us. this afternoon, two big breaking stories we're following right
1:00 pm
now. president trump suggesting for the first time that he may block special counsel robert mueller from testifying. we'll have the details on that live from the white house coming up. but first, breaking news following involving multiple fatalities in moscow where a plane in flames made an emergency landing just shortly after takeoff. investigations are taking place into what happened. let's bring in sarah harman with the latest and kyle bailey, an aviation expert and pilot. sarah, do we know anything about the people who were on board? >> reporter: morgan, good afternoon. investigators are going to be working to determine why this passenger plane became effectively a fireball. it took off from moscow's main international airport 30 minutes later it was back at that airport after a rough emergency landing. things get a little unclear


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