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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  May 6, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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mark us, curt. thank you. >> are you still writing a book, ruth? >> i'm still writing a book. >> when is it going to end? how much longer? >> there's a lot of reporting to do, but i hope it will be worth the wait. it's going to be about justice kavanaugh and the conservative fight to control the court and the behind the scenes of the confirmation battle. >> well, we can't wait. >> yikes. okay. >> thank you. that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thank you, mika and joe. a lot to cover starting with president trump. escalating trade tensions with china. threatening to raise tariffs after what he calls slow negotiations just days before the two sides were scheduled to meet for what was supposed to be the final round of talks. china says it is considering backing out of the talks altogether sending premarket trading into a complete nose
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dive. >> an about face. president trump changes his mind on robert mueller now saying he's against the special counsel testifying before congress just days after his own attorney general said he had absolutely no problem with it. and former trump fixer. this is historic. michael cohen is checking into prison today. beginning his three-year sentence for lying to congress. tax evasion and campaign finance crimes. there is a lot to get through. we must start in the red. i'm talking about markets. set to drop sharply at the opening bell after president trump threatened to raise tariffs on chinese goods in an attempt to speed up trade talks. instead the chinese government is reportedly threatening to cancel this week's talks entirely sinking markets all over the world. that includes wall street which had ended last week near record highs following friday's blowout positive jobs report. this morning president trump tweeting that the united states has been losing for many years.
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600 to $800 billion a year on trade with china. we lose $500 billion. sorry. we're not going to be doing that anymore. kayla joins me now. here's what i don't get. the president has been spreading misinformation at best about our relationship with china and these trade talks for months. and largely the markets have slugged -- shrugged it off? why are they taking it so seriously now? >> the market was prepped to expect a deal. the president was saying the talks were going well, he has a great relationship with president xi. we heard the treasury secretary say talks were productive in beijing. >> hold on one second. why is it the markets believe that? two days before the midterms the president made it up and say we're close to inking a trade deal and within hours his own administration was like we're not. why suddenly is the market believing trump and steve ma newspaper snn.
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>> before the midterms the president was in touch with china. he knew they were going to try to broker this truce which is what happened. we had the behind the scenes information which was leading to the optimism. the expectation was there would be a momentum toward a deal. because the president and many of his most dove us advisers wanted things at record highs going into the 2020 campaign season. they wanted to talk about the economy. they wanted to talk about stats like the ones we saw on friday. they wanted to remove the from a jiblt coming from the trade tensions. what happened is some of the hawks that had the president's ear came back and said china has backtracked on some of the previous commitments. it's now or never. u.s. officials told me last week the working assumption was to announce a deal in principle by the end of this week. here's the president saying look, we might get that deal by friday. if not, then those tariffs are going to double. >> we should remind our audience
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china is responsible for stealing technology for intellectual property. there's a lot of wrong doing. it's one of the reasons tpp was put in place. the president didn't think tpp was put in place. he wanted something better. the question is what is it going to be? right now the futures have the dow opening close to 500 points down. we'll keep an eye on it. the market opens at 9:30. now we have to turn to the latest twist in the saga over special counsel robert mueller. and his russia report. it could come a week from wednesday. that is the date democrats want mueller to testify in the house. but after previously saying he would let his ag decide if mueller should appear, president trump now saying it should not happen. kristen welker was one who asked trump about this very issue. what is going on? >> well, steph, this marks a major reversal on the part of president trump. as you point out, i asked him about it in the oval office on
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friday. we'll get to that in a second. first, take a look at his tweets this from this weekend issuing this late judgment saying bob mueller should not testify. no redos for the dems. he goes onto point out the special counsel spent more than $35 million over a two-year period interviewing 500 people. using 18 what he describes as trump-hating angry democrats and 48 -- 49 fbi agents. no collusion. so president trump trying to make the case. look. this is finished. this is case closed. it's time to move on. as you know, democrats see this differently. they feel as though they have the responsibility of oversight. they point to the fact that mueller did not make a determination when it came to the critical issue of obstruction. now, the attorney general was asked about whether he thinks mueller should testify recently. take a listen to that and then to my exchange with the president. >> what about bob mueller? should he be allowed to testify? >> i've said i have no objection
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to him. >> should mueller testify? >> i don't know. that's up to our attorney general who i think has done a fantastic job. >> again, just as of friday the president indicating he had absolutely no plans to stand in the way of mueller testifying. now a very different tone. white house officials not giving any indication yet as to why we're seeing this shift from the president. however, it is worth noting so far this is just an opinion. we haven't seen the president actually say he's going to move to take any tangible steps to block mueller from testifying. it is the latest escalation between this white house and democrats on capitol hill. >> kristen welker, thank you so much. we should note the president tweeted this weekend that the mueller report totally exonerated him. that is not true. now let's talk about someone else. donald trump's former fixer. this is stunning. michael cohen, his own r ray donaven is down to his last
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few hours as a free man. he's going to hold a news conference before he heads to federal prison to start his three-year seasons for -- sentence. he spent a decade as president trump's personal fixer. for years he was one of his biggest supporters before cohen changed his tune after he cut a deal with prosecutors. i want you to listen to this. >> the words the media should be using to describe mr. trump are generous, compassionate, principled, empathetic, kind, humble, honest, and genuine. >> i am ashamed because i know what mr. trump is. he is a racist. he is a con man. and he is a cheat. >> empathetic, humble, compassionate to a con man a racist, and a cheat. michael cohen showing that he
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clearly at some point or another was a liar. politico senior legal affairs contributor has been covering the cohen case since the beginning. he joins me now. josh, i'm intrigued by what exactly michael cohen is going to say before he heads into prison. as someone who has covered him extensively, help us understand the evolution of michael cohen who he is, where he was, and where he's headed. >> well, stephanie, it hasn't really been a steady evolution on the part of cohen. he has obviously moved from being squarely in the trump camp and one of the president's most vigorous defenders to being a harsh critic to the president. there's a lot of twists and turns along the way. sometimes it's hard to know with michael cohen what he actually thinks. it seems his relationship to the truth much as some would say with the president is rather malleable. and even that testimony he gave just a month or two ago in front
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of congress we've seen him change his tune on several aspects of it. and several things cohen said were sort of immediately challenged by other people. cohen said things about not having sought a job in the administration and not having sought a pardon. a lot of people said that wasn't exactly true. he's a man who has significant credibility problems, but also someone who obviously for years had tremendous insight into all the dealings of the trump organization and the president himself. >> he's somebody who said he'd be willing to take a bullet for the president. i want to bring in kathy park. outside the minimum security prison in otisville, new york. this is where michael cohen will serve his sentence. what is this morning going to look like for him and what is this news conference about? >> reporter: well, stephanie, good morning to you. we are still waiting for michael cohen to appear for his first day of his three-day sentence. his press conference is to be
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determined. it was mentioned on saturday when cameras were following him around in manhattan that he was going to hold one before he showed up here. but so we're kind of in a holding pattern, and whether or not he even decided to do that. but back here in otisville we are standing in front of the prison right now. which is about 70 miles northwest of new york city. and lots of media presence out here as well as security. and we're actually right in front of two-mile drive. this is the only way in to this federal prison. we actually had a chance to talk with a former case manager who used to work at otisville for many, many years. he was able to kind of give us a sense of what day one will look like for michael cohen when he checks in later today sometime before 2:00. he said he will show up. he will be screened and then he will be processed at the medium security prison which is also on this site. and then later on he will be
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transferred to the minimum security camp. that's when he will be issued the uniform, the prison uniform, getting the towels. that's pretty much it. any semblance of a normal life he had before will be erased. of course, we're standing by for his arrival and we'll let you know when that happens. back to you. >>, before you go, with this news conference, do you believe there's anything else michael cohen still has in his bag of tricks. any valuable information? >> i think there is. he was privy to all kinds of business dealings on the part of the president. and the president has always seemed nervous about the things michael cohen had to say. and we do know that prosecutors in the southern district of new york in manhattan have been looking into michael cohen's allegations for sometime. the problem is that michael cohen has so little credibility that they're in a situation where his word alone is not worth anything and everything he says has to be verified by other
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evidence and other information. can he give anything up that's helpful enough that they might be willing to make a plea to a judge and ask that the three-year sentence be shortened a little bit? >> we'll soon find out. a big day for michael cohen. thank you both so much. now we need to head overseas. the u.s. sending an aircraft carrier, warships and fighter jets to the middle east as a, coat, unmistakable message to iran's regime. but so far the white house is not saying exactly what prompted the move. here's mike pompeo talking about it overnight on a flight to finland. >> it's something we've been working on for a little while. it is absolutely the case that we've seen escalating actions from the iranians and we'll hold iranians accountable for attacks on american interests. >> richard engle joins me here
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in new york. i'm so glad you're here. this means a lot. what is the white house doing? >> well, if you look at the political chess board, i think what you're seeing here with this aircraft carrier is just one piece, and it's quite a troubling picture when you look at it as a whole. >> paint it. >> it seems like this administration is trying to paint iran into a corner. maybe even provoke some sort of conflict with iran. so take it one piece at a time. you're seeing this aircraft carrier floating near iran. that's a provocative action. if you're in iran, that's a threatening thing. >> isn't that like me going one inch away from your face going hit me? >> more or less, yes. >> the reason the white house is saying it is that they say this is to prevent iran from carrying out an attack. so to go back to your analogy, it's putting your face one inch from iran and saying i'm doing this so if you hit me, i can hit
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you right back. then look at another piece on the chess board. the u.s. just increased sanctions on iran, tightened sanctions on iran, denying iran to really sell its oil around the world, threatening turkey, india, china with sanctions if they do any business with iran. so you're floating this aircraft carrier in front with the threat that should anything happen to american interests in the region, we're going to whack you. you've just taken iran's ability to earn a living, support itself by tightening the sanctions. even though the rest of the world says that iran is cl complying with the old nuclear deal. look at the timing. this come right after the israeli prime minister got reelected by the skin of his teeth. and the saudis would like this and the saudis are very close to the trump administration. bolton is an iran hawk. he was giving speeches. >> help me understand john
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bolton as he relates to iran. >> there are several iran hawks. people in this administration who have for years been speaking about, been advocating for a hard line against iran if not direct violence against iran and regime change in iran. rudy giuliani has been one of them. john bolton has been another. and they have spoken at gatherings sponsored by the mek. the mek used to be a terrorist organization. it was taken off the terrorist list. iran certainly considers it a terrorist organization. you go to these speeches. generally the mek gives you money to appear at the speeches, and you talk about regime change in iran, and bolton and rudy giuliani have both been deeply tied into the mek, and both have said that they have not disclosed how much they've ever taken in financial renumerations from the group. >> on a 1 to 10 scale, how
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concerned are you about the recent actions from our administration against iran, in terms of creating real conflict? >> i think probably about a 5 at this stage. there's a lot of time between now and the next election, so just under two years we're looking at. that's enough time. that's enough time to find some sort of provocation, go onto a conflict footing which may have an impact on the political conversation in this country, but if you look at this administration, which is so close to president trump personally, so close to israel, so close to saudi arabia. bolten and others in the inner circle, this warship going there, tightening sanctions on iran even though the rest of the region -- the rest of the world said iran didn't do it, it's a troubling picture. i'd put it at a five. >> putting it at a five, a troubling picture. we're so fortunate that the expert is here. richard engel. now we have to take you to north korea, also causing new headaches for the white house
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after kim jong-un's military apparently test fired several short range missiles. we are in seoul, south korea. what happened? what is the significance? the president has been saying for quite some time the evidence of his good relationship with kim jong-un is that we haven't seen any tested missiles. >> reporter: well, steph, it's important to remember that kim jong-un's mothannouncement was announced in 2017 saying the regime had reached its technical goals in missile development and it wanted to shift the focus to production. mike pompeo yesterday was quite explicit in saying that in their view the tests didn't violate the pledge on icbem testing, so it gave the impression that the u.s. is okay with it. it suggests the trump administration is focussed solely on disarmament right now. and may tacitly allow or at
6:18 am
least not dispute any sort of test that doesn't directly threaten the united states. however, short range ballistic missiles are a concern here in south korea. certainly in japan. and as well for the thousands of u.s. military personnel who are based in the region. and we have to look at the pattern, the talks that hanoi collapsed in february. there have been no talks since. the lines of communication have been silent. last month north korea tested a tactical weapon. kim jong-un look a trip to russia. had a meeting with vladimir putin. now this test on saturday. and u.s. analysts are looking at the possibility that this is a new type of short range ballistic missile that was tested. one they believe was unveiled at a military parade last year. the question now is how far is kim jong-un willing to push it to get some leverage with the united states, and how much latitude will he be given to preserve at least the appearance of a policy that's working? >> all right.
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thank you janice joining us in seoul. we now have breaking news that many of us have been waiting for about the royal family. nbc's keir simmons joins me from windsor castle. keir, it seems like yesterday my friend katy tur and i were blowing kisses and waving at meghan markle just as she left the castle and was the new duchess. what's going on this morning? >> reporter: yeah. so much bad news around the world. a little bit of good news from here in windsor. i spoke to bucking ham palace 20 minutes ago. they confirmed the duchess of s sussex is in labor. they have put out a statement. the duchess went into labor in the early hours of this morning. the duke of sussex was by her side. an announcement will be made
6:20 am
soon. so soon could mean any time in the coming hours, because we have been told that they will make an announcement that there is a new baby once the family have had a chance to meet the new royal arrival and harry is comfortable to make a public announcement, but because she went into labor in the early hours this morning, perhaps the birth is happening around about now. as anyone would know who has had children, these things are unpredictable, but there are lots and lots of smiling faces here. that long walk that you talked about where you saw the carriage for the wedding, that is where journalists are flocking to get the news. we don't even know whether it's happening at their home or at the hospital. all of this will emerge in the coming hours. >> there's lots and lots of smiling faces from journalists. but you and i know as parents that during the throws of labor
6:21 am
there's almost no one in the room that's smiling. >> that's right. >> exciting. we're going to keep you up on that huge day for the royal family. sending them all good luck at this very moment. coming up, the stock market. looking at a dark day after president trump threatens new tariffs on china days before the two sides were scheduled to meet to wrap this deal up to finalize it. emphasis on were scheduled. but next, will he or won't he? congress says they have asked robert mueller to testify on may 15th. with even republicans champing at the bit to speak to the counsel. suddenly the president changes his tune on the testimony undermining what his own attorney general testified to just a couple days ago. so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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welcome back. i am stephanie ruhle talking about the fight between the trump administration and house democrats could get to another whole level today as the administration faces deadlines to hand over the mueller report and the president's tax returns. and the white house has shown zero intention of meeting either one of these demands. at the same time the president is now flip-flopping on whether he is okay with bob mueller testifying on the hill. i want to bring in washington post white house bureau chief phil rucker and joyce vance. both msnbc contributors. joyce, to you first. can the attorney general or the
6:26 am
president stop mueller if he wants to testify? >> once bob mueller becomes private citizen mueller instead of being special counsel mueller, a government employee, there's really very little that the white house can do to prevent his testimony if he chooses to do so. but even if he's free to testify, stephanie, he'll still be under the same restrictions that have sort of cautioned what we've seen about the mueller report. he won't be able to disclose grand jury, talk about national security information, and so forth. there will be a limited scope to his testimony. >> phil, i'm granting you the gift of going inside the president's head this morning. i want to read a quote from a top republican on the judiciary committee last month. he wrote to jerry nadler this. if you seek both transparency and for the american public to learn the full contours of the special counsel's investigation, public testimony from special counsel mueller himself is
6:27 am
undoubtedly the best way to accomplish this goal. there's other republicans, lindsey graham, he also offered mueller a chance to testify. so you've got two top republicans, attorney general bill barr last week said he had no problem with robert mueller testifying. help us understand where the president's new position has come from and how hard is it for him to enforce it seeing what the rest of his party is saying? >> yeah. steph, it is a new position. previously the president was saying he would leave that decision to the attorney general, the very well respected attorney general in the president's estimatation to decide whether to let the special counsel testify before congress. now, of course, he's saying he doesn't think mueller should testify, and i think what's going on here is trump, you know, realizes how damaging that testimony for mueller could be. it's one thing for the special counsel to document all the examples of possible obstruction of justice in a 448-page report.
6:28 am
it's another thing for him to sit before congress on camera and hour after hour detail the evidence he compiled in this investigation. but it is a little bit ironic that the president would say on the one hand he believes the mueller report has totally exonerated him, found no conspiracy, no collusion, no obstruction, and on the other hand not want him to go before congress and state those conclusions himself. >> and a new talking point, we heard it from mike pompeo and other members of this administration now referencing the mueller report as, well, robert mueller wrote it down. joyce, talk to me about these deadlines. jerry nadler has given bill barr until today to hand over the full unredacted report. what do is deadlines mean? thus far deadlines and subpoenas appear to be bird cage lining to republicans. >> yeah. i think that's absolutely true. and this is a lot like parenting small children. if you're really going to draw a line in the sand at some point you have to mean it.
6:29 am
it will be very hard to walk back from this deadline. this is the second opportunity that they've given to ag barr to turn over an unredacted mueller report. at this point in time if he doesn't comply, congress has to be ready to really take this one into the court system to be firm about it or they'll lose credibility. >> phil, we're expecting to hear from secretary mnuchin today on president trump's taxes. any idea whether he's going to hand them over. my guess is no. >> that's a good guess. a big, fat no. look, this is a key issue for president trump. he for years has sought to prevent the american people from seeing his tax returns from seeing his financial statements in the last few weeks. he's gone so far as for the trump organization to sue various financial institutions to prevent the records from surfacing to the congress, and so i would imagine that the treasury department is going to
6:30 am
craft a legal argument preventing the tax returns from going to congress. >> a lawsuit may or may not be successful, but it will eat time and running the clock is the president's latest strategy. joyce, phil, thank you so much. we're going to leave it there. we must go to wall street, because we are just two seconds away. there it is. the opening bell on a morning when asian markets and stock futures have tumbled after presidential tweets about the china talks or lack thereof have investors rattled. my dear friend dominic chu has his eyes on the markets and i'm joined here by dan nathan. futures down 500. now the markets are opening -- here we go, down 450 right out of the gate. how is this -- why are investors suddenly spooked now? >> well, i think it has to do with where we closed on friday at an all time high.
6:31 am
we've had a q4 2018 meltdown. we've spent months rallying back to make a new high. fantastic levels as it relates to the stock market. high levels of kpa sen si. when you get a headline like this, we know this is something that's caused volatility on risk assets the world over over the last 18 months. you have to take it seriously. i don't think that 1 .5% on the opening after a record high, after a 24% rally from the december lows is that bad. >> why were we taking it seriously that the president or steve mnuchin were telling us the truth that we were close to getting a deal to begin with? >> it was about a week ago, probably a week ago that we heard from steven mnuchin speak agent the global conference in los angeles that we were in the final laps of trade negotiations. that may be part of the setup with regard to the markets. there was a sense in the
6:32 am
marketplace building that we were kind of getting toward some overarching trade deal that would happen maybe as early as this month. the end of this month. but this particular kind of headline coming out especially with president trump saying it for the record on twitter is what made the markets get a little more skittish. this is localized right now. there are specific parts of the market outside of obviously chinese stocks, but it's technology companies and industrial companies in america that have the most exposure to business in asia that are getting hit the hardest in early trade snchlgt. >> axios is reporting a source close to the u.s./china trade talks says the president's view is he's negotiating from a clear position of economic strength, especially if you look at the amazing jobs number on friday. are any investors going to see it that way? china doesn't mind if they take ping. president xi will have that job for the rest of his life.
6:33 am
>> they have a 2025 economic plan. it's important not to think about the trade negotiation through the market lens. our stock market is over $30 trillion in market cap. theirs is about six or seven. them being down 5% is not that big a deal relative to their economy or who owns stocks there and relative to where that stock market has been. so you think about the economy, they have the wherewithal. i don't think tweet storms will be the sort of thing that president xi will fall to his knees. it's also important to remember while mnuchin last week said we're in the final stages of a trade deal. we were learning from reporting we were willing to give up on some of the most important aspects of the trade deal to get -- >> go into this. it's really important to remember china is responsible for a ton of wrong doing. they do steal technology and i.p. we do have to go after them. >> it's really interesting when you think about larry kudlow. he's been against tariffs for 30
6:34 am
years. >> his entire career. >> his entire career. what he was most focussed on, this is a tactic to threaten tariffs and right the ills about forced technology transfer and i.p. theft, then it's worth it for our markets doing the way they were. last week we learned that they were beginning to maybe give up on that just to get a trade deal. i think what's rarimportant to remember is we don't -- >> despite. last week ivanka trump at the institute on the stage was saying how fantastic u.s. and how much better than nafta. it's nafta 2.0, and it's not in place yet. we do not have it. >> and trump has been threatening auto tariffs with europe. we have these -- japan also. this china trade deal could be like a domino for all these other ones and really what's happening is we keep talking about the u.s. economy is doing well on a relative basis to europe and asia, but we have a fragile global economy right
6:35 am
now. any fissures in the china trade deal will reverberate to deals not done. and a slowing economic growth would basically smash all the gains we've had in global risk assets because of all this financial fiscal policy really easy fiscal policy. we had the big tax cut. and monetary policy with interest rates at zero for a decade. >> ill take this opportunity to remind you president trump said trade wars are easy to win. thank you both so much. next, a shocking new report shows that all of our modern voting systems can be hacked, including haper ballots. so what is or isn't congress doing about it? first, moments ago the cdc released a new number of measles cases. there have been 60 new cases reported in the last week alone, bringing the total for the first five movnlnths of this year to
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♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back. i am stephanie ruhle. get ready for this. all modern voting systems can be hacked. that is what an alarming new cyber security study found. it find that even paper ballots that are scanned by machines provide little protection against hacking if they are
6:40 am
never examined or if the ma veen does not accurately record the vote. the federal government says it will work with states to identify potential risks. senate leadership is not planning to move forward with an election security bill that establishes cyber security standards. joining me on what our voting system is facing is jacob ward. tell me about the vulnerabilities. the 2020 campaign is just a door knock away. >> that's right. we need to think about this. it's certainly going to effect the outcome of the 2020 election if the studies are to be believed. really the finding here is that the systems you and i rely on, i got to say from a -- from the perspective of something who observes the tech community and spends its time in the tech community, it's a strange thing to watch this problem just flum mox everybody. you can go to an atm and
6:41 am
withdraw money and have it accurately recorded within your bank account in a way that you don't double check at that moment but can double check later. we have systems throughout our lives that allow us to basically cast the equivalent of a vote and have it recorded in a way we can double check. with votes you can't do that. you can't allow people to walk away with a paper receipt of their vote. that creates the temptation they might sell it off to somebody else. there are secondary complications. for some reason we can't crack this nut. at least because there isn't the political unity to say we need to spend the billion dollars which is what they estimate we would need to replace the systems we have and get a reliable system in place. it's a frustrating topic. >> i need you to explain this card yan report to me. according to guardian, maryland's main election vendor was bought by a company with a direct tie to a russian oligarch, and it was the fbi that had to notify them. and they didn't tell them until three years later. what does that tell you?
6:42 am
what does that tell us about the lack of oversight? >> you know, it's really -- it really i think is a byproduct of the incredible political divisions on this subject. there are people in politics who just say oh, this isn't a problem. we don't need to bring a bill to the floor to make this better. other people are screaming this is an emergency. certainly we know the machines are outdated. the touch screen systems we have are now older. they're getting on toward 10 or 15 years old. you shouldn't own a laptop for more than seven years. the systems are starting to break down. they're manufactured by a wide variety of vendors. there's no central authority overseeing it. the federal election rules offer guidance, but it's essentially up to local election officials to buy the systems and implement them and the rest of it. and in one study i was looking at, when you even if local election officials what is the goal here, what do we want to have happen, only two of the
6:43 am
people surveyed said that increased voter turnout should be one of the metrics of success. if we can't agree on what we're after here, it doesn't make -- i'm not clear how it is we're supposed to arrive at a solution. so as you say, it's just a very blown apart market. there's very little oversight that certainly in the private sector anybody would be cool with. it's a swamp. it's a real mixed up situation. >> well, that's why we're grateful that you keep reporting on this, jacob. up next, big news. it is a boy. meghan markle has given birth to a baby boy. we're going to have more on that coming up next. see? i wasn't going to end the segment with you being scared or sad. how about some amazing news? it's a baby boy.
6:44 am
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meghan and myself had a baby boy early this morning. a very healthy boy. mother and baby are doing incredibly well. it's been the most amazing experience i could ever have imagined. how any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension, but
6:48 am
we're both absolutely thrilled. >> harry announcing the birth of their baby boy. meghan markle delivered that healthy baby boy just after 5:00 a.m. local time in england earlier today. there is no one i would rather celebrate this moment with than another woman who knows just what it's like to have a baby. my dearest friend and colleague at msnbc, new mother, katy tur joins me my phone. katy, i believe that announcement harry gave was just outside windsor castle. that's where you and i were around this time just after the two wed. what do you think of this moment? >> i'm so excited you had me call in. as you know, we are both very enthusiastic about the royals and about prince harry and megh meghan markle. i'm so excited they had a boy.
6:49 am
i'm just as excited as the horse behind harry. another boy. you can probably hear teddy in the background. i think he's excited too. >> of course. he's now going to have an international friend. as you and i could tell last year when waving to her and she was clearly winking back at us, i'm guessing she will be watching in the coming days and weeks. what's your advice for meghan mark snl. >> my best piece of advice other than try to try to sleep while you can, is with a boy, make sure you put a diaper over him when you change him? it's a locked and loaded weapon over phenomenon you're a couple feet away. i've learned that in the past few weeks. mostly just sleep. sleep as much as you can. get all the help you need or, i don't know, stare at him for hours at a time. it's amazing. they change so fast. i've had teddy for three weeks, and he's becoming more of a
6:50 am
human every single day with ek presentations and his reaction. i don't know. it's exciting. it's amazing. it's overwhelming. it's exhausting. it's everything you would imagine it to be, and so much more. >> luckily with every passing day, the new mom, she returns to becoming a human. katy, thank you so much. c congratulations and custom pee tepees. >> you just can't take the name theodo theodore. it's already spoken for. >> have a great day, my friend. katy, congratulations, again. money, power, politics is next. stick around. we're digging into philanthropy. it's down. we will figure out why. y brough. >> mom: hi. >> tech: with our in-shop chip repair service, we can fix it the same day...
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do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. so, what do you think? now i feel i can do more to go beyond lowering a1c. ask your doctor about jardiance today. time now for money, power, politics. is philanthropy by millionaires and billionaires good or by words of a frequent guest does philanthropy launder bad reputations. my next guest just wrote in "financial times" how he believes cynicism about phila h philanthropy could mean a lot of people will stop giving to charity completely. joining me the author of that piece and the book "giving done right" phil buchanan. we have to go, michael cohen just walked out of his apartment this morning on the upper east side of manhattan as he makes
6:55 am
and he's speaking before the cameras now. >> i hope when i rejoin my family and friends that the country will be in a place without injustice and lies at the helm of our country. there still remains much to be told and i look forward to the day that i can share the truth. and thank you, all, very much. >> michael. >> i want to bring in nbc justice reporter and investigators reporter ken delaney. we thought we were going to get a whole lot from michael cohen as he leaves his apartment in new york city and heading to report to federal prison this morning. what does he mean he looks forward to one day telling the truth. he has ample opportunity right
6:56 am
there. >> he met with special counsel robert mueller's office eight times. presumably he told the truth during those encounters. look, he's clearly a dpi that is feeling almost the weight of the world on him in terms of going to report to a prison in new york. one of two people out of the mueller investigation who got serious prison time. and he's told associates in recent weeks that he feels like, you know, he's going to prison for things that president trump ordered him to do and things he did on trump's behalf and it's just not fair. clearly feeling the animosity and ill will. >> at this point, michael cohen is going to jail for crimes related to the president. what can michael do in terms of, if he wanted to take a shot at the president, he testified publicly just a few weeks ago. he had ample opportunity. at this point, is he just setting the stage to write a book? i mean, get on with it already,
6:57 am
michael cohen. >> he's certainly doing that. remember during his congressional hearing he hint he provided a lot of information to the southern district of new york in terms of criminal investigations that could implicate the trump organization. we have not, in fairness, heard a lot about that since, stephanie. our reporting suggests that he may have overstated and overplayed the extent to which he was providing prosecutable information to the southern district. people have told colleagues that just because michael cohen said he was talking to prosecutors in new york about something does not mean that they're investigating and heading towards a criminal case. it remains to be seen, really, how much more fruit his cooperation with prosecutors will bear. >> at this point, any more cooperation he could give that would change his sentence? >> well, at this point, he's going to prison. so, presumably, he's done speaking. but he's been in recent weeks meeting on many occasions with
6:58 am
federal prosecutors and it is possible that at some point in the future they will file a motion, you know, after the fact, to seek a reduction of his sentence. that is allowed under federal rules and that is what he was hoping for when he met many times with prosecutors in the southern district of new york. clearly robert mueller's office relied on him heavily. his testify is cited many times in the mueller report and debuted him as a reliable witness in terms of the things they were investigating regarding russian election interference and the trump campaign. >> a number of investigations still going on, specifically here with the southern district of new york and that is michael cohen's turf. do we think he could be involved in any of those investigations that are still open? >> yes. i mean, clearly, he communicated to the public during his congressional testimony that he considered himself a key witness about things that happened in the trump organization that seemed to him, improper. including, you know, he raised
6:59 am
issues about insurance fraud and overstated financial statements and it remains to be seen, stephanie, to what extent that is going to end up in a criminal case. we know that the southern district is investigating individuals and the trump organization is pursuing the case that started as the hush money case that landed michael cohen in prizen. remember, we should keep saying this. michael cohen implicated the president of the united states, candidate trump at the time as a felony in part of that case and we could see michael cohen as a witness down the line in one of these southern district cases. just remains to be seen. >> quickly, how many open investigations are there at this point? >> we don't know. we know there were 14 referrals mentioned in the mueller report. >> we know it's not all wrapped up and done just like robert mueller did not exonerate the president. that wraps us up for a very busy, busy monday morning. i'll see you again at 1:00 for
7:00 am
today's "velshi & ruhle." my friend and colleague hallie jackson in washington, d.c. >> thank you, steph, i appreciate it. good morning from washington. we are following a lot of breaking news. michael cohen just left his new york city apartment and he is on his way to his new home for the next three years. federal prison in otisville, new york. cathy park is there with a look at his new life. i want to start with you. we are waiting for cathy park and we are getting breaking news on the markets. let me go to the panel who is joining us now with stocks down big time after president trump threw a twitter wrench. stephanie ruhle will stick around and kimberly atkins along with shannon and bloomberg news white house reporter, as well. kristen, do we have you from the north lawn? >> you absolutely


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