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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 6, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg is on a campaign swing and craig melvin is not here because he is there to interview him. you can watch their conversation tomorrow morning on "today" and here at 11:00 a.m. eastern on msnbc. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. andrea mitchell reports starts recognize now. >> right now, constitutional show down. the attorney general refuses today to deliver the unredacted mueller report to house democrats by their deadline. and they get ready to rumble by threatening to hold him in contempt. >> we'll see the members of the judiciary committee debating on this issue of holding the attorney general in contempt of congress. it is a rare and can be a very serious penalty. war drums. the trump administration sends a military message to iran after what the white house claims is new intelligence of an iranian-backed threat to u.s. forces in the region. >> john bolten and other
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officials say the specific reason is that there was an imminent threat from iran to attack u.s. interests in the region and the "new york times" reported a short while ago that those interests are in iraq. >> and it's a boy. prince harry and the duchess have a boy in the first windsor with an american mother. >> mother and baby are doing incredibly well. it's been the most amazing experience. and good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington where the bad blood between attorney general bill barr and house democrats hit another level this morning after barr's refusal to meet the deadline. the committee will vote wednesday on whether to ask the full house to hold the attorney general in contempt. the president is now also opposing having robert mueller
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testify to congress despite having said last week he would leave that up to the attorney general who told the senate he has no objections. also today, michael cohen arriving at a minimum security federal prison about 70 miles north of new york city to begin serving his three-year sentence. he took a parting shot at the president whom he had served for a decade. >> i hope that when i rejoin my family and friends that the country will be in a place without zeen phobia, injustice and lies at the helm of our country. there still remains much to be told. and i look forward to the day that i can share the truth. >> joining me now, nbc white house correspondent kristin welker, bob bower, msnbc legal analyst, a former u.s. assistant
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attorney. . first of all, i guess to kathie park. michael cohen having just gone in, i know he didn't say anything as he went in, but he is obviously now going to have a completely different experience although otisville is a minimum security, at least the facility he will be in -- and from the aerials it looked rather nice. >> reporter: andrea, yeah. it was listed in forbes magazine as being one of the most cushious. some of the former employees say there is nothing cushy about prison. he will lose all control and have to follow the rules. i have this inmate handbook here. it details the dos and doenn'tsf what he can and can't do while he is in prison. just moments ago you mentioned we saw him heading up this road here, two mile drive. he was stopped briefly but didn't say a word, a far cry from what we saw about two hours
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ago when he left his park avenue apartment. over the weekend he was kind of just hanging out, walking around manhattan and enjoying the last hours of freedom. we saw him with a haircut, went into a coffee shop and posed with a fan, as well. but then there was another time when he snapped at a photographer for getting too close. a wide range of emotions, a lot of flip-flopping. we heard from him earlier today before he entered the prison. day one of his three-year sentence and we are told that right now he is going through the processing phase in the main facility. eventually, he will be transferred to the minimum security camp. we were described that his area will be held is basically made of cinder blocks that are waist high. he will be in there with other high profile inmates like the situation from the "jersey shore" as well as the fire festival fraudster.
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he is at complete mercy of all the rules here at this prison. >> thanks very much. christen welker, let's talk about this confrontation between the president and congress and of course the attorney general. first of all, the president now saying that he is against having mueller testify. and attorney general barr not producing the unredacted report to congress. >> reporter: this is a standoff, andrea, that seems to escalate by the day. so to your second point, you now have democrats indicating that they are going to move to take the first procedural step toward holding the attorney general in contempt, of course, something that would be extraordinary and extremely rare, republicans accusing the democrats of playing politics because what they want to see is the full unredacted report. they set a deadline by today and barr has not met that deadline, that redacted information, of course, a lot of it confidential but members of congress say that
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they, in fact, have the clearance to see that type of material. so that is one piece of this standoff. the other piece has to do with the president really shifting his position on whether mueller should testify. i asked him just last week if he thought that mueller should testify. he said that's up to the attorney general who he added was doing a fantastic job. really indicating he wasn't going to stand in the way at all. then over the weekend, the president tweeting that he is opposed to mueller testifying basically saying this is case closed. it's a done deal. dems don't get a redo. but as we have been reporting on for days, democrats feel as though they have an oversight responsibility here. so clearly they are not going to let up. in fact, new indications over the weekend that they are moving toward trying to narrow down a date for mueller to come testify. >> a number of questions about that. bob bower, you used to have don mcgahn's job as white house counsel. is he in the same category as
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mueller with the president now saying he doesn't want mueller to testify? is mueller still technically a d.o.j. employee? will this have to await him leaving and make his own decision? can the president assert privilege over don mcgahn? >> the president can seek to assert privilege. the claims may be contested and may not be sustained. i suspect in the barr matter there is one aspect on twitter that may be overlooked which is he said he should not testify. he has yet to say he is directing that he not testify. i suspect we may be seeing something of a dance here, a back and forth in which there will be a negotiation between the attorney general and the house of representatives and perhaps some accommodation reached short of a full legal show down. that wouldn't be unusual. it could go to a legal show down. recall that president trump spent a lot of time hectoring jeff sessions in public.
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there were certain things he never went so far as to demand that sessions do. it is not clear yet that the attorney general to whom he cannot afford to use, it is not clear that he will force him to go back on his word having said it was up to him. >> regarding mueller that is. >> speaking with respect to bill barr at the moment. >> what about mueller? >> similarly bill barr has said that he had no objection to mueller testifying. it puts the attorney general in a very difficult position if the president now overrules him. i have not seen the evidence he is prepared to go that far. i think we need to hear from the attorney general next. >> and one more thing i want to bring into this, as well. what about the question of contempt of congress? how much constitutional power does congress have? does the house alone have to hold the attorney general in contempt without the senate going on? >> i'm sorry, is that for me? >> sure. jump in here.
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>> so congress at this point basically once they hold him in contempt would have to go to the courts basically and institute a civil procedure, i believe. i mean, there are more direct avenues, but i think given that we're talking about the attorney general it ultimately would end up with them instituting a civil proceeding in court and getting a court to then hold him in contempt which can be enforced by the court. i think they should do that at this point. first of all, we are talking about what is trump going to do? is trump going to direct that barr doesn't testify or mueller doesn't testify. trump doesn't get to make that call. this whole talk about executive privilege over mcgahn, it is really overblown frankly. i don't know how else to put it. most of mcgahn's testimony i think wouldn't have been ruled privilege by any court to begin with which is probably why they went ahead and let him testify.
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it has now been waived. as to barr and mueller, there is not a legally colorable claim as to why they shouldn't testify. any lawyer including bill barr that tries to argue that i think is really just failing in their duties as a lawyer and should be looked at by the bar, meaning the bar thlicenses lawyers. we have to get off the idea that trump gets to decide and we are sort of playing into that hand because there is a law still tlmpt a. there are privileges that can be exerted lawfully and arguments made. you can't make completely frivolous claims in court. what trump would be asking barr to do in most cases is make frivolous claims. >> and, of course, he may be playing for time, though. the longer they delay having the testimony, the longer the
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narrative gets out there that there is no collusion and no conspiracy and he is totally cleared without the key witnesses appearing. i wanted to ask you about the oval office. this was happening around the time we were on the air on friday. you tried to ask the question about his conversation with vladimir putin which once again the russians briefed more fully and released a picture before the white house did. and you asked whether or not the president had raised the whole question since he brought up mueller -- you raised the question with him, did you discuss russia's meddling in the election. let's play a little. >> sort of smiled when he said something to the effect that it started off as a mountain and it ended up being a mouse, but he knew that because he knew there was no collusion whatsoever. so pretty much that's what it was. >> you tell him not to medal? did you tell him not to meddle. >> excuse me.
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i'm talking. you are very rude. so we had a good conversation about many different things. >> did you tell him not to meddle in the next election? >> we didn't discuss that. >> first of all, you were not rude. second of all, i can say this, you don't have to agree, but this is not the first time he has been that aggressive. i'm just saying that there is something that you three women have in common and it's not being a white man. that said, how is it that the president of the united states can talk to putin, say that the mueller report joke that he said, they joked back and forth clearing him which it didn't because it had extensive reporting, new information about russia's meddling and not ask him or put him on the spot about russian meddling? >> that was what was so stunning.
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you have the president essentially saying that he had spoken to russian president vladimir putin, that the two mocked the mueller report. putin he said said it started out as a mountain and turned into a mouse. then the central question we know from the mueller report that russia is still trying to meddle in u.s. elections. that's why i asked the question. he didn't like it the first time. i asked it again because i felt we needed an answer. and he acknowledged that he didn't raise it. a lot of his critics noting that it felt similar to when he was in helsinki with that joint press conference with president putin seemed to take his word over his own intelligence community. sarah sanders said he doesn't have to raise that issue every single time he meets or talks with putin because he has been clear the u.s. will not abide by meddling. this question will continue to dog this president even as his
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administration has taken some steps they would say to sure up elections to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> a striking departure from the facts of the matter. the secretary of state denied the reality that the president has been tough with putin on this issue which is again quite striking. thanks to all of you. coming up, warning shot. the trump administration sending a message to iran claiming that iran sponsored militia are moving military or a threat to our military. you're watching andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc. you're watching andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor,
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the white house with a very unusual announcement that it deploying forces to the persian gulf in response to what john bolten says is new intelligence of an iranian sponsored threat to u.s. forces in the region. the national security adviser announcing the deployment to the middle east in what bolten calls a clear and unmistakable message to the regime. the key question is what is going on? what prompted the action against the background of increasing threats. joining me now nbc national security and military reporter from the pentagon and msnbc senior foreign affairs analyst, a former senior state department
9:19 am
official. what is your information? because i think you have been reporting that the carrier group is already there. >> reporter: thriwere already in sort of -- they weren't quite in the region. they were in the medlast week. as we know a lot of carrier deployments, when they transit they will go through the med on the way there. that's not uncommon. what has been really striking about this announcement is that it came from the national security adviser. the idea that he announced a carrier striker group is unusual and they telegraphed a movement. that is something for operational security concerns and reasons, we don't hear about the movement of u.s. troops so particularly something like a carrier strike group, where they are going and when. >> is there a possibility that this is saber rallying, having to do with perhaps some intelligence or perhaps not that it is tied to a political event
9:20 am
which is the anniversary of the u.s. getting out of the iran nuclear deal this week? >> it is mahard to say. the number one objective for anyone in these jobs including the national security adviser is protecting our people. if there is a specific threat obviously we will do all we can to protect our people. this type of intelligence pops up all the time. it is hard to tell exactly what is just aspirational and what is an operational plan. i would be surprised if there is a real operational plan here. i would say when it comes to the iranians, one tool is we have no diplomatic channels with iran whatsoever. john bolten likes to name teddy roosevelt quite a bit. he doesn't seem to tie the lesson. iranians know if they ever attack us in the region or try to do something against our navy, we will completely annihilate their navy. this is the home of the fifth fleet. so i'm not sure what the statement was about.
9:21 am
i kind of prefer to speak softly, carry a big stick. and also i think the fact that the u.s. s. abraham lincoln was on the deployment, it calls into further question what the statement was all about. >> this all took place while the secretary of state was on a flight to finland meeting with foreign minister ltoday. there were plenty of opportunities in the first 24 hours after that bolten statement for the secretary of state to do things privately. >> certainly. there are ways to get messages to the iranians. i think cutting off all diplomatic channels and communication i don't think is smart. in the middle of the cold war, ronald reagan -- we still have multiple channels of diplomacy
9:22 am
open. right now we have no channels of diplomacy open. the risk of a clash are increasing. and this is a type of statement i think that is best to convey privately, make sure that our people are in place and make sure they are protected and we are ready to respond aggressively should the iranians do something stupid. it just calls into question what this is all about. it also calls into question prioritization. john bolten speaking from the white house a week ago with putting the besiege of the united states of america on the line basically about changing madureo in venezuela. we all support the venezuelan people in their thirst and drive for freedom. obviously, that plan didn't work. so now we are shifting to this situation with iran. and the national security strategy most importantly says the real threat here, against china and russia and president
9:23 am
trump's tweet again just may have complicated the negotiations with china. is lot is going on, if you don't prioritize national security, if everything is important nothing is important. i think we have a lack of focus and quite a bit of incoherence right now. >> thank you both so very much. continuing on foreign policy, the president spoke with japan's prime minister this morning to alleviate concerns on two critical fronts, first china. the president's tweet threatening an increase in tariffs stunning investors who have been optimistic, spooking financial markets around the globe. on north korea president trump standing by kim jong-un despite multiple launches this weekend of guided munitions into the ocean by north korea this weekend. joining me now msnbc political analyst peter baker, chief white house correspondent for the "new york times." and msnbc korean affairs
9:24 am
analyst, former director of asian affairs in president bush's national security council. following up on something the president was active this weekend on twitter in his conversation also with president putin on friday, clearing putin of any russian involvement in venezuela. and the shocker there is that only two days earlier both the secretary of state and john bolten had deliberately blamed russia, they said, for basically telling i guess on tuesday they came out on camera both saying that russia had told maduro not to leave for havana. so the president again giving putin the pass when his own foreign policy team are not. >> this is a dichotomy of this president's policy toward russia and has been so since the beginning and hasn't changed because of the mueller report one way or the other. he takes a soft line on putin and lets the administration take
9:25 am
a hard line even if the two seem completely at odds with the other on facts as well as on approach. it is not unusual for the president to be somewhat more diplomatic, let's say, than his secretary of state or adviser might be in certain circumstances. this is not a president who is known for being more diplomatic than other people. secondly, sends a conflicting message that i think vladimir putin takes advantage of. he doesn't care very much about what subordinates think. >> with that, he shares something with jong-ukim jong-u does not care with anybody else says. he only cares what the president says. when the president says i love kim jong-un and sends him nice letters that's what he takes to the bank. >> i think what the tests have shown is there a basically a green light for north korea to go forward with improving their missile force. what they tested over the
9:26 am
weekend were high end precision guided munitions, probably a short range ballistic missile. these are advances in their capabilities. what is clear from the activities, the north koreans walked away from the hanoi summit believing pressuring the president works. he is eventually will have to come back to the table. by the tweets that the president has sent in response to these, there is really no pressure on north korea to stop unless they launch a long range icbm. >> he has crossed the red line, but the president is not calling him on it, because south korea and japan are obviously as concerned about perfecting these short range weapons which also effect u.s. troops. >> absolutely. i mean, they are demonstrating they can hit anywhere in south korea or japan. they have crossed the red line
9:27 am
in the sense not just of u.s. policy or what should be u.s. policy but in the sense of u.n. security council sanctions. they are banned from launching or having ballistic missiles. >> the markets are notably freaking out a little bit, economic term, shaken by this. the chinese delegation was due here this week. maybe this is taking a hard line on twitter to try to toughen up the u.s. bargaining position, but that's not the way things work. >> no. it suggests that if you add all of these things up, you see a world defining donald trump. the north koreans are defying him. we are not at the end. he may get there. obviously, the palestinians aren't exactly awaiting the jared kushner peace plan. there is violence in gaza. >> the worst in years.
9:28 am
>> the worst since 2014. and obviously the irans are doing something. he is finding a world that he is not the master of as much as he would like to be. he is looking for tools to get there. he alternates between the coziness with vladimir putin and kim jong-un and the saber rattling with iran and now in some ways in an economic way with china. >> hamasand gaza fired so many multiple bursts of rockets that they actually overwhelmed the iron dome, the rocket defense because there were too many coming at one time. this is the first time in quite a few years that israeli civilians have been killed. >> very scary information there. it started out as a localized incident, ambush of israeli soldiers and grew from there. the fact that both sides came to a sort of quick cease fire, they
9:29 am
don't want another war. they don't want another 2014 all out conflict. at any moment it can flame out of control. >> it's so good to see you peter baker. thank you so much. and coming up, baby boy. the duke and duchess welcoming their first child. good news with a live report from windsor next on andrea mitchell reports. windsor next mitchell reports. i don't keep track of regrets. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life.
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because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. we have a baby boy. it was amazing. absolutely incredible. i'm so proud of my wife. as every father and parent would ever say, your baby is absolutely amazing. this little thing is absolutely to die for. i'm just over the moon. >> over the moon. prince harry this morning announcing his wife has given birth to their first child. buckingham palace officially recognizing the new addition to the royal family with this announcement posted as it traditional. nbc's royal contributor joins us
9:34 am
now with more from windsor. what do we know about the baby and the way it was anonsed? >> reporter: it wasn't that traditional in the sense of prince harry deciding he wanted to address the cameras saying they had a baby boy. it came within 45 minutes of us hearing that the duchess was in labor. it was a quick scramble to make sure everyone in position for this momentous day that we have been waiting for sometime because his wife was a little overdue. they have both been waiting for the new arrival. it happened in the early hours of this morning. thees theese -- we understand the labor was quite rapid. she delivered fairly quickly. now they are back home. we know megan's mother is with them. no confirmation that the birth
9:35 am
happened at home, but speculation is rife that that is how it did happen. the couple was craving that privacy. they didn't want to let people in and have a step moment like the cambridges. they have the very private birth that they craved. now we expect to see the baby not tomorrow but maybe the day after once they have had time to adjust to their new life as a family of three. >> a very parochial question. will this child have dual citizenship? >> reporter: we believe so with a british father and american mother. she has been living there in the last five years and being registered there, we would expect that. no confirmation from buckingham palace, but that is the current thinking. >> thank you. we can lay some claim to this child who is seventh in line for the throne. thank you very much. right now, president trump
9:36 am
is in the rose garden presenting the commander in chief's trophy to the west point football team. burn notice. bernie sanders goes on the attack against joe biden's record. the inside scoop next right here. record. the inside scoop next right here. at carvana, no matter what car you buy from us,
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joe is a friend of mine. and we will have this policy discussion in a very civil way, but joe voted for nafta. he voted for those two tom brady policies together you are probably talking about the loss of more than 4 million jobs. >> bernie sanders teeing up a fight against his top competitor in the 2020 field at this point, joe biden after the former vice president made it clear he is not going to attack fellow democrats but just go after donald trump. biden was in south carolina. a big support group for biden and a notable source of weakness for sanders in 2016. eugene robinson and msnbc contributor and ron mcclain. former chief of staff for then vice president joe biden. what's going on here? bernie also sent out a mailer. he is going after biden more
9:41 am
than any of his other competitors. >> we had senator sanders' choice. we are at the stage where vice president biden is focussed on laying out his ideas, his vision, his agenda for the future. his campaign is about joe biden. if senator sanders wants to make his campaign about joe biden we will have two campaigns about joe biden. right now joe biden is focussed on what he can do to make america a better place and to get donald trump out of the white house. >> eugene, does this shape up as the two 70-year old plus guys against each other. >> the two elderly white guys are leading this race right now. that's just the reality. it's early days. let's at least wait until the debates start and see who else emerges to be in the top tier candidate. right now, you've got biden with
9:42 am
a clear lead in the polls and bernie sanders as a clear second in the polls. it's not surprising that bernie sanders goes after the guy who is ahead of him. and in that case who is going to contrast his views of trade policy and economics with those of joe biden and biden has a long record and bernie will go after it. >> the african-american vote in particular african-american women critical, south carolina an early primary. you are a south carolinaen by birth. tell me about biden versus bernie in south carolina because south carolina was a significant problem for bernie on the road against hillary clinton. >> it was. it's where clintb creon creamed he can't afford to get creamed there again. sanders simply has to do better among african-american voters if he has any hope of winning the nomination. you can't be the democratic nominee if you perform so weakly
9:43 am
with african-americans who are a major constituency. south carolina is the first primary when you really get to see the african-american vote play a major role. joe biden is counting on south carolina to -- in this position when we get to voting. he is counting on south carolina to cement his position as a front runner. he, too, has a history. that's going to be an important battle ground and important demographic. >> he has some real allies there who have long been allies of him in past elections. let's talk about the president and his tweets. why the heck was the president of the united states tweeting about the controversial decision of the kentucky derby which was the letter of the law with the rules and regs in american racing, not international racing as i have now understood it,
9:44 am
unpopular with a lot of fans. the best horse didn't win but the horse did get in the way and interfere with several horses and could have been a significant collision there. >> on the one hand, i think there is the political analysis that says that trump was trying to suggest that anytime referees point out wrong doing, it's not right and just let people fight it out. he is trying to prime his base to support his continued lawlessness. i think the other way of looking at it is we have a president who fundamentally doesn't do his job. he is not focussed on creating jobs and fixing health care. he is tweeting about sporting events. this week he is meeting sports teams. he is doing everything other than working on fixing america's problems. so tweeting about the kentucky derby is just a typical day for donald trump. >> let me talk about the tiger woods' issue. i really enjoyed the masters and love watching tiger woods win.
9:45 am
the medal of freedom has been given as a lifetime achievement. it's 50 years plus created by john f. kennedy. and it is with only a few exceptions that i can recall, one was joe biden getting it as a surprise quote/unquote from president obama in january of 2017 just before they left office. in general, it is a class, a group, six, eight or more of americans who are significant sports figures, muhammad ali, hank aaron, willie mays, people who have achieved something way farther down in their life. already, eugene, the president has diminished the award, the honor, by giving it to mrs. addleson, a big g.o.p. contributor from las vegas. and in a group, but to give it to tiger woods so quickly after the masters when there is a business relationship between the golf properties.
9:46 am
he named avilla after tiger woods. he has gone to business abroad with woods announcing a development in dubai. this smacks of something. >> how much that president trump does, does not smack of something. he is to base the award by already making it political. he gives this award which was a hallowed award, maybe someday it will be again -- to people he wants to associate himself with. so he likes golf. he also has a business relationship with tiger woods. tiger woods winning the masters was a huge sports story and for somebody who likes the office as much as the president, this is a story with which he likes to associate himself. tiger woods is a professional athlete who will not snub the
9:47 am
white house. so he gets the award. this is the way donald trump works. it's not the way it used to be. >> eugene robinson, have to leave it there. coming up, what i like about you, the double standard women candidates face when it comes to likability. face when it comeso likability. it's probably gonna be dinner and drinks. discover. hi, what's this social security alert? it's a free alert if we find your social security number on the dark web. good, cuz i'm a little worried about my information getting out. oh, why's that? [bird speaking] my social security number is... 8- 7- 5 dash okay, i see. [bird laughing] is that your daughter? no, it's a macaw. and his name is timothy. timmy, want a cracker?
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he's very likable. i agree with that. i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough, hilary. i appreciate that. >> remember that? in the 2008 presidential campaign in new hampshire, hillary clinton could not shake the political curse of being likable when she went onto win the primary and of course not the nomination. now in the 2020 field, packed with diverse candidates, white men are still taking the top
9:52 am
spots. pushed by madison avenue and preached by self-help gurus, likability is a standard shows us was created and sold by men. it's a tricky fit for women. the good news what was invented once can be reinvented. how about some reinvention. joining me the author of that peace, and columnist for the daily beast who's written for "the washington post" about this issue. talk to me about likability and why it seems to be an issue. male candidates seem to be defined by different standards than women. >> male candidates are defined by different standards and as i argued in this piece, it's because men invented the criteria for likability. men have established the standard of likely each other since theke late 19th century. it was an important way for
9:53 am
businessmen to learn to trust each other and make connections and women really stand outside the circle of likability all together even though it's possible for us to like individual women in particular circumstances. >> and, margaret, this issue of likability for women running for president, it ham strung hillary clinton when she had to prove she was tough enough in 2008, and then after being secretary of state, she talked about her mother struggles and stressed the femininist side, or the female side of the equation. but i didn't mean are still sorting through this. elizabeth warren is criticized for being too much of a policy wonk. amy klobuchar is criticized for staff issues. >>r many of the men up there treat their staff like rented mules and you never hear about it. and the first thing out of the
9:54 am
box with amy klobuchar is she's tough on her staff. and whether elizabeth warren moved around her kitchen in the right way, having a beer with her husband, those things are purely sexist. when it was hillary, it's -- i want a woman for president, i just don't want this woman. now there are four women leading and it's much harder to say, i don't like any of these women. elizabeth warren has all of these plans and so she's considered the nerdy professor. there's still this undercurrent of labeling women in these ways. hillary was at her most likable when she cried or nearly cried in new hampshire. still like women weak, otherwise we're going to pick on your voice and your hair and whatever about you that we just don't like. >> it also affects people's perceptions in other
9:55 am
professions. when you're choosing a president, people are reacting to very personal built-in biases, are they not? >> they are. i hate to say it, but i think likability is an idea that's made in the media and i mean that very broadly. it started with advertising, learning to like products through advertising them by sponsors who we already liked. it was also very gendered back at the beginning. if you t look at someone like welcome mckinley, mckinley became popular because newspapers in the late 19th century made a big deal when his wife was sick he didn't go to congress and do any of the work he was doing. so mckinley's reputation was built on stories told about him in t the media and unfortunatel what we see about many of our
9:56 am
women candidates are stories about how unpleasant they are. we're still talking about amy klobuchar eating her salad with a comb even though i think some journalists tried to do it and it was almost impossible. we hang our like ability factor onke certain kinds of things whe someone like joe biden, for example, and i'm from pennsylvania, everybody from pennsylvania loves joe biden, but joe's likability is about smiling and hugging people. >> which getshu complicated als. >> come back, as we continue to analyze this campaign. thank you so much. and a look at the dow joens down 220 points after president trump announced tougher tariffs on china on sunday. stay with us. a on sunday. stay with us if you have moderate to severe psoriasis
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thank for being here. here is stephanie ruhle. >> thanks so much. hello, everyone. i'm stephanie ruhle. my partner is off today. it is monday, may 6th, let's get smarter. president trump escalating trade tensions with china, threatening to raise tariffs after what he calls slow negotiations just days before the two sides were scheduled to