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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 8, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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tonight. thank you for being with us and good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. ♪ another school shooting in america. this morning, one person is dead, eight others injured. two suspects are in custody after shots rang out at a colorado school. plus, democrats are standing firm on their subpoena demands to the justice department. the house judiciary committee is preparing to hold attorney general bill barr in contempt of the congress. and senator majority leader mitch mcconnell said the case is closed on the mueller report but top democrats, they don't agree. good morning, everybody, it is wednesday, may 8th, i'm
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yasmin vossoughian along i'd nbc news correspondent geoff bennett. we have a lot to cover concerning the trump administration and congressional investigations. but first, i want to start with that shooting. officials saying one person is dead, eight others injured after two suspected students opened fire at a k through 12 school in colorado. the douglas county sheriff's office said it responded to the s.t.e.m. school just after 2:00 p.m. yesterday after a school administrator called to report shots fired. officials say the shooting occurred in the middle school and officers heard shots as they entered the building. police say that several of the people injured are in critical condition and some are in surgery. while at least three of the injured have been released from an area hospital. authorities believe the suspect is described as an adult male and a juvenile male, both in custody. and they used a handgun. police have secured the suspects' vehicle and searching
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warrants to search the car and the suspect's home. joining us live from colorado is nbc's jay gray. grea jay, thanks for joining us. what more are we learning? >> reporter: yes, yasmin, i can tell you that the investigation is continuing at least through the end of the week. still very active on campus right now. this is where it all unfolded somewhere around 2:00 in the afternoon. the school was filled with students more than 1800 from kindergarten through 12th grade as apparently two of their classmates armed worked their way to the middle of the campus. chaos as the attack unfolds inside the suburban denver school. >> more gunshots coming from the office. >> reporter: students scrambling as two classmates opened fire. >> i'm just a bit shaky, i'm scared, but i'm glad i'm safe. >> reporter: as tactical teams rush in, the gunfire and panic continues. >> there was a young teenage boy shot in the back.
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and he was with a friend and another teacher. >> reporter: an 18-year-old student is dead. eight others are injured before officers capture the alleged gunmen. >> our officers went in, and we engaged the suspects, and we did struggle with the suspects to take them into custody. >> reporter: one of the suspects is an 18-year-old. the other, a juvenile. investigators say the motive for the attack is still not clear. >> we have all of the people that are involved. so we're slowing everything down. and we're going to try to focus on processing that crime scene. >> reporter: this community on edge, is also looking for answers. >> why? you know, with colorado and the school shootings, it seems -- it's too prevalent. it's scary. >> reporter: fear and heartache that lingers this morning. now, counselors will be made available for survivors, anyone involved with the school here. or anyone who feels like they
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need it. campus, of course, will be closed. the investigation will continue, again, at least through the end of the week here. back to you, guys. >> nbc's jay gray, thanks for that reporting. >> thanks, jay. late last night, the justice department told congress that president trump might attempt to seal under the redacted mueller report by invoking executive privilege. while democrats are standing firm in front of the house judiciary committee's 10:00 a.m. vote to hold attorney general bill barr with the refusal to release it. telling jerry nadler, quote, in the face of the committee's threatened contempt vote, the attorney general will be compelled to request that the president invoke executive privilege with respect to the materials subject to the subpoena. boyd requested that nadler delay the subpoena and the vote pending the question. chairman nadler responded
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shortly before midnight with, quote, the white house waived these privileges long ago and added the department seemed open to sharing these materials during a meeting just hours earlier. nadler continued, in the coming days, i expect that congress will have no choice but to confront the behavior of this lawless administration. the committee will also take a look at officials who are enabling this cover ju-ucover-u. the justice department's plan, comes after attorney general said that president trump would not do so. barr wrote this, although the president would have the right to assert privilege over certain parts of the report, he has stated publicly that he intends to defer to me. accordingly, there are no plans to submit the report to the white house for a privilege review. yet on april 18th, less than three weeks ago, barr revealed
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that the white house review of the unredacted report had occurred, and the president declined. to take action at the time. >> following my march 29th letter, the office of the white house counsel requested the opportunity to review the redacted version of the report, in order to advise the president on the potential invocation of privilege which is consistent with longstanding practice. following that review, the president confirmed that in the interest of transparency and full disclosure to the american people, he would not assert privilege over the special counsel's report. >> and in a radio interview, just a week and a half ago, president trump himself boasted that he said, no, to using executive privilege in the investigation. >> well, you know, i could have not let anyone speak during the mueller report, including lawyers and everybody that works at the white house.
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and executive privilege, they call it. some people say presidential privilege which is at a very high level. i could have said, nope. presidential privilege. but i said i have nothing to hide. >> the chair of the house judiciary committee says former white house counsel don mcgahn is also headed towards contempt proceeding. this after the white house directed mcgahn not to comply with the subpoena related to mueller investigation. the successor said in a letter tuesday that the records remain subject to the control of the white house for all purposes and that mcgahn does not have the legal right to disclose these documents to third parties. the letter, however, did not assert executive privilege which tends to require a formal decision from the president. chairman nadler replied, quote, even if the president were to properly invoke privilege, any claim of executive privilege has been wavered as a document that
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the white house failed to disclose to mcgahn or his counsel. writing that he expects to hold mcgahn in contempt if he fails to do so. a stunning new report is pulling back the curtain on president trump's finances, revealing that his prior business struggles were far worse than previously thought. "the new york times" said it has obtained tax information on trump from 1985 to 1994. the "times" says the documents show by the time his best-selling memoir "the art of the deal" hit stores in 1987, trump was already in deep financial trouble, losing tens of millions of dollars on bad business deals. the paper says the figures show that in 1985, trump reported losses of just $46 million from his core businesses. mostly casinos, hotels and retail spaces and apartment buildings. those businesses continue to lose money, every single year,
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for a total loss of $1.7 billion. over the nearly ten-year span. now, the "times" goes on to say, year after year, trump appears to have lost more money than nearly any other individual american taxpayer, citing his results compiled by the irs on high-income earners. in 1990 and '91, his core business losses totaled more than $250 million each year. more than twice that as the nearest taxpayer in the irs' information for the two years. the papers add that trump lost so much money he was able to avoid paying income taxes, avoid paying income taxes for eight of the ten years. and charles harder writing it was, quote, demonstratively falsely and the records from years ago are highly inaccurate but the lawyers cited no
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specific errors. one of the authors of that "the new york times" will have this coming up on "morning joe" today. nearly 90% of stocks lost value during yesterday's massive market selloff on fears. while the chinese trade delegation is set to head to washington nor talks on thursday and friday, yesterday's market meltdown show that investors don't believe that u.s. and china will find common ground to stave off trump's latest threat of another round of tariffs. china reneging on trade commitments on the deal which they blame is 90% complete. the trumble administration set up a friday deadline for raising tariffs by 25% on $200 million. and trump who is known as tariff
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man is expected of tariffs on chinese goods which would mean all imported goods from klein would be subject to some duty tax. a recent study shows the devastating effect the tariffs had on the economy last year and directly passed through to u.s. consumers in price increases and not paid by foreign companies as president trump claims. costing americans $1.4 billion per month. here's how the president described the market situation on monday. >> and our country, needless to say, is doing fantastically well. we're setting records. over 100 days of stock market wins. meaning the highest in history. over 100 days we've had of stock market wins. all right. still ahead, house speaker nancy pelosi saying president trump is trying to prel povoke democrats about impeachment.
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plus, uber and lyft expected to protest around the world today. we'll tell you what to expect and why the drivers are taking part. also, meteorologist bill karins is going to join us with a check of the forecast coming up. we'll be right back, everybody. [leaf blower] you should be mad at leaf blowers. [beep] you should be mad your neighbor always wants to hang out. and you should be mad your smart fridge is unnecessarily complicated. but you're not mad,
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let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. welcome back, everybody. house speaker nancy pelosi is saying the primary person advocating for the impeachment of president trump is, in fact, president trump. >> trump is goading us to impeach him. that's what he's doing. every single day, he's just like taunting, taunting, taunting, because he knows that it would be very divisive. but he doesn't really care. just wants to solidify his base. but that's what it is. so, we can't impeach him for political reasons and we can't not impeach him for political reasons. we have to see where the facts
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take us. >> you know, if this is true, from the house speaker, the president is probably looking at then president bill clinton. yes, he wasn't running for re-election at the time. he wasn't impeached by the house but the senate. joining us from new york, danny kev valu cevallos. you hear nancy pelosi saying, look, the person who wants to be impeached, advocating for impeachment is the president himself. what do democrats need to do to establish, in order to pursue impeachment, if they in fact are deciding to take that route? >> to impeach an official, including the president, all that is needed is high crimes or misdemeanors. of course, there's treason, bribery. those are the specifically defined crimes in the constitution. and high crimes and miss demeanors are commonly not of as
2:17 am
requiring actual crimes. but that's not the case at all. the framers were obsessed with public corruption. and they almost included maladministration. and at the last point, changed to high crimes and misdemeanors. all it has to show that trump committed some act that is corrupt and against the united states and abuse of his official power. >> so, danny, as we know, the house judiciary committee is set to vote today to hold the attorney general in contempt. it will then move to the full house later this month. but what are the legal implications here for barr? we talked earlier how unlikely it is that the doj would take criminal action against the man who leads, bill barr, but what are the legal implications for him? >> congress has tremendous subpoena power. unless and direct set subpoena power at the executive branch and tries to hold the executive branch in criminal contempt. because then, a rift opens and
2:18 am
the space time continuum. because you're essentially asking the attorney general to prosecute the attorney general for criminal contempt. that's why in the past decades of all of the criminal contempt allegation. brought against the executive branch, they've resulted in exactly zero prosecutions, zero presentations to a grand jury. >> danny, thank you so much. let's get a check of your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. hi, bill. >> good morning. multiday severe weather outbreak continues. we were fortunate yesterday. 14 reported tornadoes. most of them were where we thought they would be, northern texas and oklahoma. a lot in rural fields. i didn't see any reports of damage or injuries or fatalities. we still have a tornado watch in southern oklahoma but we haven't hadal any in a couple hours so that's good. today is a big day. today, we have the largest
2:19 am
encompassing area of severe storms possible and a lot of big cities in the way. oklahoma city, dallas, san antonio, waco, shreveport, little rock, texarkana, springfield included, too. 32 million people at rick. this area of orange in here, if we're going to get tornadoes, that's the best chance of them occurring would be in this vicinity. forming near waco and austin, and moving northeast in that direction. then tomorrow will be the end of our little severe weather outbreak here. it shouldn't be as bad tomorrow but heads up for areas like memphis, mississippi, little rock, all of that area and sliver of eastern texas. besides that, we've had too much rain. it's one storm after another. all of the rivers are super high and soil is saturated. we get a storm that produces 2 to 3 inches of rain in oklahoma city and we get flash flood watches for 18 million people because the water levels are just so high in all of the rivers and streams and ponds and
2:20 am
whatever else is out there. this is the additional rainfall, 4 to 5 inches. houston, by the way, yesterday, some areas had 11 inches of rain and epic flooding so you could get more heavy rain today. also in areas of arkansas, right up towards memphis. airports, guys, dallas, san anton antonio, minneapolis, a lot of problems in the middle of the country with delays and cancellations, too. >> so, we're still tracking rain for the weekend, how's it looking? >> you have to wait. >> that's a teaser. we can't give it all away now, geoff. we've got 40 minutes left. still ahead, a controversial bill that would ban abortion as early as six weeks in georgia. that could head to the supreme court. that story and more, coming up next.
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welcome back. georgia now has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. after republican governor brian kemp signed a controversial heartbeat bill into law yesterday, fulfilling a campaign promise. the life act makes georgia the 16th state to effectively make abortions illegal after the sixth week of pregnancy, before many women know they're pregnant. it also criminalizes abortion providers with felony prison time up to 99 years if convicted. it's one of nearly 300 anti-abortion bills introduced in 36 states including a
2:24 am
separate bill in the georgia senate which would make it a felony to receive an abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest. the signing sparked outrage among women's health advocates and former gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams who called the bill a direct recall of voter suppression. more than half of pregnancy-related deaths are preventible but the number continues to rise according to a report by the cdc. at about 700 a year. the agency considers maternal deaths rare, despite an uptick in decades putting u.s. at global step with global mortality rates which fell 44% between 1990 and 2015. the u.s. currently ranks as one of the most dangerous places to give birth among developed nations. with more than 50,000 people suffering serious child birth complications annually, the cdc
2:25 am
says for every three mothers dies, three could have been saved especially for african-american women who are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications, it comes along with a report from the american college of gynecologists and obstetricians which asks people to have an examination 12 weeks after delivery, that 40% of women do not return for. some of the statistics in that story, and "the new york times" did a piece on this yesterday are just staggering. what's happening a lot in these african-american communities is they do not have access to proper health care. they are not heard when they show up at the hospitals, they are not believed. that they feel something is wrong. you don't equate that with the united states of america. >> that's right. >> it shouldn't be happening around the world. >> and it's a dangerous cycle. >> it shouldn't be happening around the world or globally certainly in our back yard.
2:26 am
senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is urging to move on from the mueller report. we'll tell you what he said. plus, the white house is launching a new bid to overall the immigration system. the details of what's in the administration's new plan coming up next. up next. t pain of active psoriatic arthritis. t pain it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. get real relief, with cosentyx.
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♪ welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. alongside nbc news white house correspondent geoff bennett in for ayman. in a speech from the floor,
2:30 am
majority leader mitch mcconnell called on lawmakers to move on from the mueller report, arguing the case closed. >> two years of exhaustive investigation, and nothing, to establish the fanciful conspiracy theory that democratic politicians and tv talking heads had treated like a foregone conclusion. they told everyone there had been a conspiracy between russia and the trump campaign. yet, on this central question, the special counsel's finding is clear, case closed. case closed. >> case closed, but tell that to the democrats thoor still t who trying to see the full unreda unredacted mueller report. >> are they behind this saying case closed, wanting to move on? >> publicly, yes. they have made a political calculation that it works for
2:31 am
them. and it certainly suits the president's purposes to keep moving on. >> all right. so, shortly after delivering that speech, mcconnell who is seeking re-election next year, send a tweet asking for donations underneath a photo of himself and trump. when asked about his case closed comments, mcconnell doubled down, telling reporters it is time to move on. >> we had two years for mueller to take a look at this. he filed a report. it's on the internet. everybody can see it. it's over. i mean, i can understand why our friends on the other side are disappointed. they've been trying to look for some way to overturn the 2016 election for two long years. this an objective evaluation of what was alleged by a guy that everybody knows has no ax to grind. and he filed a report. it's time to accept the
2:32 am
recommendations of mueller's report. and to move on. >> top democrats have been quick to react to senator mcconnell's comments calling for the case to be closed on the mueller investigation. here's a bit of what was said yesterday. >> it's just a matter of observation, that's just not the point, the case is not closed. >> so, our leaders say let's move on, it's sort of like richard nixon saying let's move on at the height of the investigation of his wrongdoing. of course, he wants to move on. he wants to cover up. >> this is not about politics. this is about the constitution of the united states of america. we took an oath. not to try to protect donald trump. we took an oath to protect the cons -- and serve the constitution of the united states of america. and the way we do that is we begin impeachment proceedings
2:33 am
now against this president. >> all right. let's talk christopher wray here, so the director of the fbi is refuting his boss' characterization of the investigation into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia of spying. speaking yes, chris wray offered his answer when asked about attorney general bill barr's statement last month. listen to this. >> when fbi agents conduct investigations against alleged mon st mobsters, suspects criminals, do you believe they're engaging in spying when following fbi investigative policies and procedures. >> well, that's not the term i would use. >> do you have any evidence that any illegal surveillance into the campaigns, or individuals associated with the campaigns, by the fbi occurred? >> i don't think i personally
2:34 am
have any evidence of that sort. >> so wray also said he has no evidence that the fbi monitored president trump's campaign during the 2016 election. president trump has signed off on a new immigration plan spearheaded by his son-in-law and adviser jared kushner. kushner received a positive suggestion from senators on the hill. the two-part proposal includes a border security plan that would modernize a plan to boost border security. and a merit-based system that would give preference to those with job skills. under this, the number of illegal immigrants entering the u.s. would remain at current levels according to officials and lawmakers. following a meeting a senior administrative official today politico, quote, what we're doing is keeping the numbers the same. just changing the composition. that would give kushner the
2:35 am
ability to define his stance in the leadup to the 2020 election. joining us now from washington is editorial director at politico, blake houndshell. blake, good morning. >> good morning. >> given what kushner is proposing, how significant would this change be to the current immigration system? >> well, i think it would be a fundamental way in the way we do things. typically, we have this longstanding system where people are allowed to bring family members, close family members, that's called chain-linked migration to some folks on the right. and they want to point to a system like countries like canada and european countries have which would fundamentally alter the character of the immigration system which is why i think it's going to be so controversial. >> let's talk about the contempt vote that's going to happen around 10:00 a.m. when it comes tole attorney general, blake. what can we expect ahead in the
2:36 am
coming days? >> keep in mind, as of last night, the democrats and the justice department were still negotiating. the justice department sent a bunch of talking points around last night, defending their position. jerry nadler was walking out of pelosi's office, it seemed like he had her backing to do whatever he wanted to do. right now there's a little posturing and negotiation. it seems nadler is ready to pull the trigger on a contempt vote but anything could happen. keep in mind, this really is like a negotiation. and what nadler is trying to do is to pry open, the full report. but the broader principle is he wants to establish congress' right to have whatever it wants coming out of doj. this is really about principle, less than the smipecifics of wh they're fighting over. >> blake, thanks for your time. former president joe biden was rallying in nevada.
2:37 am
biden took on president trump but was left temporarily speechless as i just was, by one supporter's remarks, watch this. >> really does -- >> that's very nice, thank you. >> trump is hitler! >> the last thing -- i'm not going to too down to his level. the president has deliberately attempted to divide this nation, and he's decided to be president for his base. i'll be president for all americans. >> michael cohen claims to have helped liberty university
2:38 am
president jerry falwell jr. stop what cohen describes as racy, quote, personal photos being leaked months before his 2016 of donald trump. falwell approached cohen in 2015 after someone attempted to blackmail him with photos normally kept between husband and wife. according to a source familiar with cohen's thinking, cohen then met with an attorney for the person making the demands and arranged for the photos to be destroyed. but cohen claims to have kept one of the racy pictures which he reportedly described as, quote, terrible in the recorded conversation. nbc news has not had an opportunity to hear the audiotaped phone call. months after resolving the incident, cohen repeatedly reached out to falwell ahead of the crucial aisle of caucuses and pleaded with him to back
2:39 am
trump. falwell did that. reuters claims to have no evidence that the two matters are directly related. jerry falwell jr. denied the report yesterday and told fox radio that he's never solicited cohen's legal or professional time. still ahead, markets suffer another day of heavy losses as news of the trade talks continue to mount. we're going to london for the very latest on whether a deal can be reached. plus, bill karins is back with more on the severe weather creating dangerous conditions until parts of the country. stay with us.
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fresh accusations of backtracking renewed fears that the already fraggic u.s./china trade negotiations could be unraveling and it's weighing heavily on global markets.
2:43 am
cnbc's joe mins us. 470 points lower than the days of volatility. with checks of the indices from 221, again, levels not seen since the beginning of january. asian equities didn't fare that much better either. chinese equities down 1%. that takes the full loss for the week to 6%. trading north of 16% for the year as a whole but some investors still have a little bit of hope, we know that the vice chair will be attending the discussions over the next couple of days. so, perhaps, there is some hope o after all that a trade agreement can be reached. >> let's talk about the strike. a lot of people are waking up trying to figure out how to get to work. geoff and i are taking the subway back. >> yeah. >> which is fine. thank god for the subway in new york city.
2:44 am
talk about uber and lyft, obviously, the drivers are going to be on strike this morning, major cities across the country. what are they looking for here? >> yeah, so, actually, i want to give you numbers. i like my numbers. uber technically has 3.5 million workers under contract here. to give you some context, mcdonald's employs only 200,000. a lot of workers globally going on strike today for uber and lyft in protests over wage play and employee benefits. technically, they're not considered employees. they are considered contractors. we know a couple weeks ago, uber expected to ipo at the beginning of this week as well commanding that at $19 billion. what workers are saying they're paving the way for the ipos at high valuations but not receiving compensation in return. if they were to classify the
2:45 am
workers as formal employees instead of contractors it would eat in the bottom line. and as far as travel there, your return home should be okay. others such as l.a., i think it's going on for 24 hours and at least eight u.s. cities in total. >> people have to plan accordingly in light of the strike. joumana, thank you for your time. >> so, along with uber and lyft strikes we need good weather. you have to find a different means of getting to work. >> if you need help finding the subway, i can help you get there. >> i know where the subway is, karins, okay? >> we're going to launch this wet weather for the east coast, eventually, but that won't happen until friday. all of the problems right now, dallas-ft. worth thunderstorms rolling through, a lot of people waking up in the middle of the night. there was a lot of active lightning with that storm, too.
2:46 am
last night, 14 tornadoes but still a lot of torrential rain. houston area, by the way, they got nailed yesterday. i mentioned it earlier, in the southwest portion of the city, they had up to 11 inches of rain in some spots. there's a lot of pictures like this. houston is very flat and very susceptible to torrential rain and getting flash flooding events like this. it's possible they could do it today with more thunderstorms. let's take you through the forecast if you're just joining us, 32 million people at risk of severe storms. areas of greatest concerns will be the afternoon. in east texas heading into louisiana and southern "argo." there's also a huge risk of flash flooding in this region, too. we're going to get drenched with rain and the rivers are already at flood stages. nowhere for the water to go. let's take you through the threat. here go the storms as they push past dallas. there's the storms over eastern portion of texas. this is when they could be tornadic later this evening towards the evening.
2:47 am
then as we head towards this thursday, that's when things weaken a little bit. we'll get more storms firing up over mississippi, areas of louisiana, possibly. by the time we get to thursday night, we push some of the wet weather through the ohio valley. through friday, some of the areas up to the northeast, it's not a soaking rain everywhere but we will get to hit and miss showers on the storms through friday afternoon. yasmin, as a heads-up to yourself and a lot of the other mothers in the northeast, there's no problem with celebrating on saturday, instead of sunday, right? >> okay. >> time shift of mother's day. >> sunday looks like another all-day rain event in the northeast. >> which is a great day for a spa day on mother's day, right? >> hint. >> hint to all of the dads out there. looking to get a gift for their moms. not their moms, their wives. thanks, bill. >> thanks, bill. still ahead, secretary of state mike pompeo makes an unannounced trip to iraqal
2:48 am
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coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. welcome back. breaking news out of the middle east. one year to the day after president trump withdrew the united states from the nuclear
2:51 am
agreement, rouhani says he's sent letters to the remaining five signatories of the deal, saying tehran will keep its ruhr y uranium and heavy water and no longer sell it to other countries. in addition, he is giving those countries 60 days to help reach new terms with the deal and go through with promised purchases of iranian oil. rouhani says after the 60 days, iran will scale back more with the nuclear deal, increasie ini their uranium rich level. >> this comes as mike pompeo arrives in london after an unannounced meeting in baghdad yesterday. he had a meeting with the president yesterday instead of going to germany, where he was set to meet with angela merkel. at the last minute, the state department said pressing issues had arisen. it comes amid rising tensions with the u.s. and iran and days after the u.s. announced it was
2:52 am
senni i sending a strike group task force to the middle east of what was credible threats by iran against u.s. forces. >> talking about the caravan that left virginia, which we talked about yesterday, and thought it was headed to san diego. we heard about the stop it was going to be making in the middle east because of threats coming from iran. they weren't necessarily specific about these threats. the question now is -- and i talked to richard engel about this monday -- is iran, the foreign minister zarif said he felt like the united states was trying to provoke iran into a fight. because of what they're stipulating at this point, are they taking the bait? we'll have to wait and see how this all rounds out. certainly seems like tensions are rising in the region. coming up, axios' mike allen has a look at this morning's one big thing. on "morning joe," the white house pushes back as democrats move ahead with a vote to hold the attorney general in contempt. the latest on this morning's
2:53 am
expected vote against bill barr over the mueller report, as president trump appears ready to try and block lawmakers' access to it. plus, more on the groundbreaking "new york times" report, shedding light on donald trump's finances. one of the authors joins the table to break down her reporting. "morning joe" is moments away. ( ♪ ) only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief.
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welcome back, everybody. joining us from washington with a look at axios am, the co-founder of axios, mike allen. good morning to you. >> morning. >> talk to us about axios' one big thing today. >> the axios one big thing is trump is furious. definitely a continuing series. the president is furious at his former aide and long-time friend david bossie. top official on the campaign. it's for the way he's using the president's name for fundraising. saw earlier on "first look" this
2:57 am
week, axios reported that david bossie's private group had been using mailers that looked like they supported the trump campaign but, in fact, the money went to bossie. only 3% of the money that was raised in 2017 and 2018 went to actual republican candidates. the president's campaign yesterday saying there's no excuse for anyone to deceptively, is the word they used, deceptively use the president's name to fundraise. axios' jonathan swan reports the president personally authorized that statement. doesn't mention bossie, but you can't mistake it. >> so if only a small fraction of the money raised went to trump-aligned candidates, where did the rest of this money go? >> funny you should ask. it went to salary for david bossie. it went for books that include books by david bossie. and back into more fundraising.
2:58 am
axios' jonathan swan, harry stevens, who worked on this story for weeks, talked to elderly contributors who thought this money was directly going to president trump. the why it matters? there is nothing that will make the president matter than someone who will try to make money off of him. >> the president of hbo sat down with philadelphia's district attorney to discuss major change in policy there, specifically on drug possession. want to take a listen to that, then we'll talk. >> what is something you think would work in the criminal justice system that most people would think is crazy? >> essentially, die vesverting possession of drugs cases. it is different than dealing. it is different than carrying drugs you intend to sell or deliver later. it is possession. we're talking about people using drugs, the vast majority suffering from addiction. i do not see value in convicting
2:59 am
people like that. thereby, making it harder for them to get a job. it seems to me to make sense to hold them accountable in ways that do not require a conviction. we are very close. >> that could be an incredible policy change. how would this change things up if enacted? also, did he talk about how he'd hold them accountable? >> he did. experts in the field tell us this would be a first in the nation policy. that clip we just saw was axios' steph kite talking to larry in philadelphia, one of the most progressive prosecutors in the country. he was saying that rather than lock someone up or give them a criminal record for drug possession, they might be diverted to some type of community service or they might go into some sort of treatment program. what he's arguing there is that this criminalization doesn't solve it. that'll be part of the second
3:00 am
season of axios on hbo, which premieres on june 2nd. >> one more question for you here. what else are you watching today? >> so we're watching the fight at both ends of pennsylvania avenue. the quote yesterday from speaker pelosi, when she said the president is daring them to impeach him. that's a change in her rhetoric. both sides getting hotter. >> mike allen, thanks so much. we'll be reading axios am in a little while. you can sign up at sign >> that does it for us on this end morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside geoff bennett. "morning joe" starts right now. you're not suggesting though that spying occurred? >> i don't -- well, i guess you could -- i think there's a spying that did occur. yes, i think spying did occur. >> do you


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