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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  May 10, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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i'm in for craig melvin here in new york. right now we're looking at breaking news on the markets as the trade war with china escalates. president trump just hit china with massive tariffs that will no doubt have a major impact on the economy and your wallet as well. we're on the campaign trail. keeping an eye on senator elizabeth warren and kirsten gillibra gillibrand. this is a live look at senator warren's rally. why an unusual meeting between top military and national security advisors at the cia is raising eye brows. we have brand-new reporting on that as well. the market reaction to the increase in china tariffs, the major indexes are down so far today. the dow looking like it's down almost 300 points so far. trade talks in washington resumed just about an hour and a half ago, despite the smiles and the handshakes.
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a major impasse remains, everybody. right now the new rate is 25% on $200 billion in goods. that's up from 10%. it represents nearly one third of china's imports overall. the president tweeted this today, the process has begun. 25% on the remaining $325 billion in goods. according to "the wall street journal," those would fall heavily on consumer goods. that means possible price hikes. here to break this down, hans nichols is at the white house for us. excuse me for mispronouncing your last name. >> you did it pretty well. >> perfect. so china says it's going to take necessary countermeasures here, what does that mean? >> they're not saying what they would do. they have a lot of tools that
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are somewhat opaque. we know they're not going to do a tit for tat tariff because they can't. china imports so much less from the u.s. than the u.s. imports from china. so they can't do a countermeasure that is exactly apples to apples. they can do a lot of other things. there's a worry they could potentially stop buying u.s. treasuries and cause disruption in that market which is massive. there's a concern they're already in their stock market buying chinese stocks to limit the fallout there. there's reporting that that's already happening. there's worry they could do what we call regulatory blackmail. they could tell u.s. companies that are operating in china, hey, you have a bunch of fire code violations, we need to close your stores and we don't have to give you a reason why. those are some of the items china could choose to do. >> the president, obviously, appearing to offer two contradictory messages. he tweeted talks were ongoing
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and congenial. then he said it would be better if these tariffs remained in place, so which it is? >> reporter: when you think of the president's ultimate strategy, to signal the ability to go on in negotiations and to not settle for any sort of immediate short-term political reasons it makes a little sense. we've digested the president's tweets and there were a lot of them. he's talking about these congenial conversations, how thesecongenial. he's said he's willing for these to go on. that's what he's signaling, he's pro tariff. we have a president who claims to be pro tariff who is claiming to be pro deal. it's difficult to sort of make those come together unless you try to figure out what's posturing and what's the president's real position. one thing to watch for today because we know the president watches what does the market do. in the past he's very quick to
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cheer, to celebrate to own stock market gains. he's less quick to do so when the market turns negative. so how the market reacts today and what the president's reaction to that could be an indication of how willing he's willing to go for the long game. >> i'm sure he's watching these markets pretty closely. give me the tangibles here. if i'm sitting at home today watching the show, what is going to cost me more in the future? >> there are close to 6,000 goods that are on this list that will see tariffs go up when they arrive here in the u.s. in a few weeks. these are things like modems, printers, some small consumer electronics. phones and smart watches and larger electronics are left off this list. you're seeing things like frozen fish. certain footwear and apparel that's made of plastic. handbags. it's a very wide ranging list. you can imagine 6,000 items, that's a wide net and it captures a lot of things that
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consumers are buying every day. >> thank you guys both, very much appreciate you joining me on this. let's talk 2020, everybody. this weekend, democratic candidates are taking their message to smaller areas. our road warriors, of course, are on this. ally i'm going to start with you. elizabeth warren is far away from states like west virginia, tell us about the opioid plan she's putting out there. >> reporter: i'm going to speak at a low golf whistper. she's in deep red west virginia, this is a place that went heavily for donald trump in 2016. what she's here doing is she's pitching her opioid plan, which is not just about treatment and prevention, which is one of the centerpieces of the plan. she plans on putting $100 billion over ten years into
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that, but then she's here talking about holding people accountable for this crisis. i'll let you listen to what she had to say a few minutes ago. >> when there's criminal negligence in a corporation that hurts people, then by golly, we need to hold those executives personally liable. i'm talking handcuffs and perp walks. >> reporter: you know, it's interesting as we were talking to people who live here before this, we asked them what this situation has been like here for them. this is a town with a population in the hundreds, which over the course of just a few years, was prescribed millions of pills from one pharmacy in town. that place has since shut down, but we asked one woman what she thinks is to blame. she said she does blame the pharmaceutical companies but she wants to see them held accoun l accountable. in in addition to treatment and prevention, holding people like
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the families accountable. >> it seems like the opioid epidemic is personal. shaquille, thanks for joining us on this. at least six candidates in new hampshire this weekend. what's senator gillibrand hoping to accomplish? >> reporter: this is a repeat trip, a repeat location she goes to. it's her sixth time here. she's right now in a facility -- there's certain places we can't go with our cameras. we're not able to follow her along. she's here to highlight her jobs training program. she says that if you go to -- you'll get free tuition if you complete national service in the country. so she wants to highlight her jobs training program, her free tuition program. she's going to be traveling and she's going to meet and greets throughout the state. she's going to a brewery where she likes to engage with younger
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voters. she's trying to have interactions with voters. something that gillibrand has been highlighting earlier this week is her pro choice stance. it's the idea she wants to and pledges to only appoint judges who would promise and are committed to upholding roe versus wade. there are a lot of candidates who will be focused on contacting these voters. just to give you a sense of the voters that these candidates are going to be hearing from, one voter i met at the house party, mentioned that he saw six or seven candidates. he's been able to ask these candidates questions, talk to them directly. that just shows you these are people here in new hampshire who want to learn, who want to be able to touch the candidate, ask them questions, see how they react to different issues under that pressure. that's what's happening here today for senator gillibrand. she's going to be here on saturday along with cory booker,
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it's going to be a big weekend here in new hampshire. >> later on in the show we're going to be hearing about exactly what new hampshire voters want to hear from these candidates that are going to be visiting later this weekend. all right, thank you guys so much. let's turn to the mueller report, everybody. one of the key figures at the center of the investigation is speaking out in an exclusive nbc news interview. a russian billionaire with close ties to president vladmir putin discusses his relationship with the kremlin and his refusal to cooperate with the mueller probe. kier simmons interviewed him. koo thanks for joining us with this pretty incredible interview to say the least. we have learned a lot from hearing from him and a lot from reading the mueller report. i'm sure he had interesting things to say.
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>> reporter: you know, when i read the mueller report, i know the conversation has moved on to allegations of obstruction. when i read it from here, you know, i read it as a fascinating blueprint about the way that the russian establishment works. also i read it as filled with russian black holes. many, many aspects where mueller simply doesn't have information because he's not been able to speak to russians. here we are, able to speak finally to one. he's given a number of interviews. in our interview he says he was asked by the mueller inquiry to answer so many questions that ultimately it would involved three to four truck loads, he says, of documents and that he was advised legally not to hand that over. he described it as a fishing expedition. i think it tells you something about the way that mueller was looking for a lot more than he was able to gain. he just had one half of the picture not available to him,
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which was the russian side. this interview gives you a real picture of the way president putin works in relationship to the very rich people in russia. listen to our conversation about president putin. when was the last time you spoke to president putin? >> a year ago. >> how often did you speak to him at that time? >> not as often as you can imagine. give me any benefits, i got any, not just ten, not 20, one benefit which i really had. my company i had during -- how many, 19 years he's in power. >> what was fascinating to me was he was very reluctant to talk about president putin i felt. i thought that reflected an interesting point. in the mueller report, another russian who runs a russian bank did give evidence and talked about 50 russians being brought in front of president putin on a
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regular basis and being given instructions. i don't believe that he was one of those russians. he says he is now less close to the russian establishment, if you like, because of sanctions. it really is a fascinating thing to understand a little bit about -- in a way the ad hoc way the russian establishment works and the way that putin uses people, different people, particularly the honor guards who are in his sphere, if you like. >> did you buy he hasn't spoken to vladmir putin in over a year? what we do know is the only way that one gets rich in russia is with the help of vladmir putin. >> reporter: it's a great question. i'll tell you why it's a great question. because, you know, in a way i don't think that russia works in the way that you get direct instructions from vladmir putin. what's interesting about the mueller report is it talks about paul manafort channelling information from the campaign through an intermediary that
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allegedly reached this man. he denies it. so there are just shadowy channels in these russian circles that make it very difficult to pin down. and as i say, he claims that, in fact, he did not have anything to do with the trump campaign and that he is not as close to president putin as people claim he is. >> thank you so much, appreciate it. coming up, in a rare move, john bolton holds a meeting with several of the president's top intelligence and military advisors at the cia. this type of meeting is normally held at the white house. so why the unusual change in location? the reasons could be very significant. we have exclusive new reporting on this. plus, what it will take for 2020 candidates to win over voters in key early voting states like iowa, like new hampshire where we just were and in south carolina. i'm going to talk to who we're
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calling the primary power brokers from each of those states. and a historic day for space tourism. sir richard branson will join me live. the world's first commercial space port is set to open in new mexico. is set to open in new mexico you should be mad at tech that makes things worse. but you're not, because you have e*trade whose tech makes life easier by automatically adding technical patterns on charts
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called for a meeting with the administration's top intel diplomat and military officials at cia headquarters. typically, a national security meeting is held in the white house situation room. officials are saying it did not make the decision to strike a force to the middle east. ken delainian is joining us. thanks for joining us on this. obviously, this is an incredibly important sensitive meeting that had at cia headquarters. the people i've spoken to have said iranian intelligence is highly sensitive. more sensitive than most other intelligence that's gathered. could this be one of the reasons why they had the meeting at pentagon headquarters? >> reporter: there's a history of losing cia assets in iran. and if the cia wanted these top
8:19 am
policymakers -- don't forget mike pompeo was there, the director of national intelligence, if the cia wanted those people to hear directly from the undercover officers who are gathering intelligence, they might well have decided to have that meeting at the cia. the other possibility is they were discussing covert action. that's what many former intelligence officers told us was a scenario and while you'd rather have the meeting at langley. it would allow top policymakers to hear from a variety of cia experts. they may have been looking at the results of existing covert action in iran. >> i have also been told as we well know there are security clearance issues amongst the top aides at the white house. and this may very well have contributed to this meeting taking place at cia headquarters, so none of these top aides were able to drop in on a meeting. >> reporter: that's certainly a possibility. that's what some of our sources told us.
8:20 am
when you have a meeting like this at the cia, you avoid what's known as strap hangers. people who don't have any business being in a high level meeting but they invite themselves. that doesn't happen in a secure facility. >> let's talk regime change here. we know john bolton is an iran hawk. we know pompeo has said there's no plans for a regime change. if you're an iranian hearing about this meeting and then also the carrier strike that is headed in the direction of the middle east, they could feasibly see this as a plan to institute regime change. >> yeah, i think you're getting at what is the larger context, why people should care. there are high level meetings all the time, right? this comes in the context of a grave concern among democrats, among independent policymakers, that this administration is marching the united states towards a military confrontation with iran. to the extent there are covert
8:21 am
cia actions going on or being contemplated, those are secret for a reason. but it's the job of the media and the public to scrutinize and ask hard questions about what exactly the intentions are here. what is the benefit to u.s. national security. what we see in the open is an administration exerting maximum pressure on iran, squeezing iran and what experts say it's no surprise we're getting intelligence that iran is urging proxys to attack american forces. this is moving in a hostile direction. the question is how is this benefitting u.s. national security. >> we know where bolton stands, we know where pompeo stands. any idea haspel's thought on this or dan coats? >> they are really playing the role of intelligence gathers here. they've said they are not policymakers, their job is to present the truth to the people who are making policy. but they have been very stark in
8:22 am
their comments about hostile actions by iran, iran being a state sponsor of terrorism. they're not pulling any punches there. it's not clear that they're advocating a policy here. >> ken, thank you. good talking to you. all right, president trump now officially planning to nominate acting patrick shanahan to be the next head of the pentagon. he was not president trump's first choice, according to officials. he also potentially faces conflicts of interest on the road to his confirmation. carol lee is joining me for this. carol, thanks for joining us. your reporting is indicating that shanahan's nomination comes after months of deliberations on this. it came to a head really on a golf course of all places and a chat between the president and senator lindsey graham. >> yeah, that's right. essentially, you know, president trump deliberated over this for so long that even some people who were critics of shanahan,
8:23 am
including senator graham came around and said to him just nominate someone. you can't leave this very important position in an acting role. pick shanahan. he's fine, you know, pick somebody, but make a decision. you know, there were a number of reasons why this was delayed. there was an ig investigation into whether shanahan had acted improperly given his ties to boeing while in terms of contractors at the defensive department. once he was cleared of wrongdoing from there, the president didn't want to make a final decision. a couple people we talked to said part of the reason is he just doesn't feel like shanahan, you know, acts like a defense secretary. he doesn't come off that way. he doesn't present well in person and more importantly for this president, he doesn't present well on television. and so president trump was very warm on him. he and lindsey graham were on
8:24 am
the golf course and lindsey graham said you've got to nominate someone and he's fine. despite the fact lindsey graham had a confrontation not so long ago over the administration's syria policy. the president decided for whatever reason yesterday he was going to tunounce his inteannou nominate. >> they didn't want general jack keane, any idea why? >> he was on the short list of the president. lindsey graham, he's been in the senate for a long time. he now is chairman of a very powerful committee. you know, going over and being the secretary of defense was not something he wanted to do. he conveyed that to the president. you know, jack keane had also decided it wasn't something he
8:25 am
wanted to do. and, you know, became influential in terms of actually convincing lindsey graham to come around on shanahan. largely because a number of people felt to be a defense secretary in an acting role makes you ineffective in the job at a time when there's military issues across the globe. >> now the big question is whether or not shanahan's leadership at boeing is going to cause a problem. we'll have to wait and see. thaur thank you. up next, small states, big stakes. what it will take for the 2020 candidates to win support among voters in the three keep primary states of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. we're going to tap into our primary power brokers next. and we're keeping an eye on our 2020 contenders. right now senator elizabeth warren is speaking to voters in c kermit, virginia. she's explaining her plan to fight the opioid epidemic and said resources she wants to offer would go to all towns in west virginia, not just the big cities.
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support of individual voters in some small but key early caucus states. how successful are national candidates at reaching individual voters in very different states? to find out how they're doing, we assembled a group who play out sized but key roles. iowa, j.d. shelton campaigned with several 2020 candidatonten. neil levesk. the folks behind the must stop event. and from south carolina, jennifer clyburn, the director of the center for the education equity of african-american students at the university of south carolina. welcome. we appreciate you weighing in on this. it's an important time as we head towards 2020. j.d., i'm going to start with you, you've hit the ground with several candidates like bernie
8:31 am
sanders, kirsten gillibrand. the des moines register sent reporters across the state to find out what voters are interested in hearing from. healthcare, climate change, education, and all sorts of things like that. when you're talking to the candidates, as you see them come to iowa, is this registering with them? are they giving the voters what they want to hear? >> absolutely. we have such a wide variety of candidates. i think there's something for everybody in the field. so i told every candidate if you're willing to come to western iowa and listen to me talk about agriculture i'm happy to show you around. it's been pretty successful so far. >> in your politics you've host host host host host hosted kamala harris and others. >> we've hosted so many candidates we feel like we're
8:32 am
running out of eggs at this point. we have nine candidates coming in, and the one thing they all have in common is that each event is packed with new hampshire citizens. so democrats in new hampshire are really packing into these events. they want to hear from the candidates. it's showing there's a lot of energy on the democratic side. >> do voters feel like they're getting hold? >> a lot of the things in the new hampshire you get to ask the question and you ask a follow up question, which is different than the rest of the country. candidates have to know what they're saying and they have to know the issues. and they're bringing a lot of issues to the forefront like the opioid crisis here in new hampshire. they're bringing a lot of that right directly to candidates and doing so in an effective way. >> jennifer, you've met with joe biden, senator cory booker and much more as well. you're very familiar with this process. what specifically can candidates learn from south carolina
8:33 am
voters? >> our candidates are focused on all the issues that are key to south carolina. some of those issues have already been mentioned, like education. we're going into the 50th anniversary of the academic achievement gap. we need to work on education and helping our children be successful. so they're speaking to those issues. they're also talking about healthcare, access to healthcare. we have hospitals and clinics closing in some of the most vulnerable areas in south carolina. they're speaking to those issues as well. we're looking at agriculture. affordable housing, there are many key issues that the candidates are coming talking about. and they're coming with solutions. and that is what our voters here in south carolina want to hear.
8:34 am
>> what i thought was most interesting about the piece was the economy and jobs was at the bottom of the list. i'm wondering if voters think that's doing pretty well? >> one thing i saw during our campaign was that when i talked to the farmers and had farm forums, the number one issue even though the tariffs and the abuse of the renewable fuel standard, we talked about healthcare. look at how universal healthcare got passed in candidate and it was from saskatchewan farmers. farmers don't have employer insurance. and so we need to find solutions to that. that's why i think that's at the top of the list. >> how do you think farmers are feeling today with this trade deal going on back and forth between the president and china and not having resolution on that?
8:35 am
>> it's only getting worse and worse. and they're getting into planning season this year -- actually right now and it's just very difficult to know what's coming next. we have so much grain left in the bin from last year. it's starting to get very w worsoworr woriso worisome. >> if there's one issue that you feel like is missed, what is it? what is the biggest pitfall these candidates could make? >> i think not talking about issues that are on the ground. one thing we've seen is that they kind of have stock away from the mueller report issue. and they're switching gears into other things -- >> is that a good thing? >> i don't know if it's such a good thing. i think the mueller report, the conclusion of it was like watching the kentucky derby. kind of left on both sides saying who really won here. and so you're seeing some of the candidates switch gears, senator harris seems to be doing this at this point. so we'll wait to see.
8:36 am
i know on democrats' minds, donald trump is front and center. and so that's one of the biggest issues on the ground here in nunew hampshire. >> so much of the reporting we have done indicates that voters aren't interested in hearing about the mueller report. they want to talk about the issues that are affecting their pocketbooks daily. they want to talk about issues that will be affecting their children. what you're saying possibly changes that narrative, neil. >> i think the reason why a lot of these house parties and a lot of these events are filled is that democrats want to get rid of donald trump. and we can say they're interested in other issues, but i think the number one issue is donald trump. he'll be continuing to do that. he's a big figure in american politics. if you're a democrat, obviously, that weighs heavily in what you'll do next year at the new hampshire primary. >> on the campaign trail -- go ahead. >> yes, i was going to say the
8:37 am
vetting parties here in south carolina are really focusing on the health and wealth of our children like you mentioned before. i do understand the importance of the mueller report and things like that. but we are really looking at the health and wealth of our children because they are the backbone of success in this country. so i do believe that when the candidates come and they're looking at those umbrella issues of how we take care of our own, that is what's going to move voters here in south carolina. i understand the importance of beating the incumbent, but more importantly, we're focused on how we're going to move forward. move my family forward. move my children forward. and that's what's on the minds of south carolinans here. >> all right. thank you guys all very much.
8:38 am
we'll be talking to you a lot over the next year and a half or so. up next, big news in the world of space tourism. you're going to hear it right here first. the next step for tourists heading to space becoming a reality. the founder of virgin galactic, sir richard branson. the governor of new mexico will join me live to break some news coming up next. you don't want to miss it. up nt you don't want to miss it. ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! keep goin' man! you got it! if you ride, you get it. ♪ here i go again geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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that's one small step for new mexico and one giant step for space tourism. today in santa fe, new mexico, the state of new mexico and sir richard branson, the founder of virgin galactic are going to open the world's first commercial space port in the desert. joining me is new mexico's governor and sir richard branson. thank you for joining me. i'm sure it's an incredibly exciting day. sir richard walk me through what you're announcing today. >> a few years ago i met her predecessor, governor richa richardson. he said the new mexico government would be willing to build a space port. and so we said if you build a space port we'll bring you a space line. and it's taken us a few years to get here. the new mexico has built a
8:43 am
beautiful space port. we're in the final stages of our test with virgin galactic. we decided we should move the whole operation to new mexico. create a lot of jobs here in new mexico. bring people to new mexico. >> you say final stages, sir richard. what exactly does that mean? when could we expect that people could be taking a flight to space? >> not long now. i mean, we'll take a few months. and then i'm hoping you know, later this year to go up myself and once i'm up we'll open the door to the 700 or 800 astronauts in waiting who signed up to go to space. >> minor details here, sir
8:44 am
richard. how much does this thing cost? how much is it going to take an individual to take a flight like this and what safety precautions are being taken? >> so the cost is -- the initial cost is $250,000. so it's not cheap. but it is in the early stages of space exploration. we've that in years to come when we have many spaceships operating out of new mexico the price will be able to come down. we'll be able to broaden the market. as far as safety is concerned, i mean, we had 14 years of 800 engineers working on this project. we've got brave test pilots who are putting it through its paces at the moment. and, you know, once they've tested and tested and tested it, then we'll be -- i'll be ready to go up and we'll be ready to send people up. >> i just like to congratulate
8:45 am
sir richard and point out that commercial space operation is not just tourism, but has incredible both defense and scientific aspects. this is a three-way partnership with the private sector, the state of new mexico and the federal government. we are creating incredible job opportunities. we want to be coined as the space valley of the country. and we're going to be training every astronaut. that's certainly our vision. in addition to bringing real productive tourism in a brand-new emerging market. and a state with two national labs, no better place -- best airspace in the world, unrestricted airspace. this is an incredible opportunity and an incredible partnership. and we are gratified by this courage, vision and leadership and ready to support it. >> governor, do you see this as a long-term partnership here
8:46 am
considering the jobs it offers your state? >> absolutely. it has been. the state invested in the infrastructure. we've had other companies. we've got other investments. i also want to point out that sir richard and virgin galactic have invested in our school systems. we've got s.t.e.m. programs. we want to create that high tech, high quality work force that you're going to need for this environment. this really is a long-term partnership. frankly when i was campaigning for this incredible job i have right now, two years we identified that aerospace would be one of our top economic sectors and this is proof positive that you build it, you create good effective productive partnerships, and this is the kind of effort that can and should and will occur. >> virgin is joining other private firms. you have elon musk's space x,
8:47 am
jeff basezos' blue landing. his goal was to be setting up the infrastructure to one day create colonies in space going one step further, places for people to actually live. you think this is a realistic goal? >> yes, i do. you know, we have plans for a virgin galactic hotel floating just off the moon. whether it will happen in my lifetime, we'll have to see. but, you know, i think all three of us dream. we'll dream quite big. we try to make our dreams become reality. and, you know, it's with the help -- as the governor said -- of states like new mexico that put their support behind us that helps us make all this possible. >> not to make light of the situation but i can't help but
8:48 am
think of the jetson's when i imagine how we could be living. sir richard, i want you to comment on other topic, which is income inequality in this country and the state of global economy. you're one of the wealthiest individuals on the planet. you're worth billions of dollars. what role do you think people like you should play with regards to income inequality? what responsibility do you bear here? >> we have a very important role. if anyone is fortunate to be successful, sometimes extreme wealth comes with it and there's a responsibility to redistribution that wealth by setting up, in our case, many, many different kinds of programs. i mean, organizations to get out there and tackle the problems of the world. to reinvest our moneys into
8:49 am
creating new jobs and new innovations. you know, to give a good percentage of our money away to charity like bill gates which says he'll give 50% of our money away when we die. but also i think to say in a general sense the extremely wealthy most likely should bare more of the burden they currently do. that's something for the country to decide and different countries decide it in different ways. >> and do you agree with the likes with warren buffet and bill gates saying individuals like you should be paying higher taxes in this country? >> yes, i mean, i'm not american but i think the answer is yes. i think that, you know, the enormous tax breaks have benefitted the very wealthy. and that is wrong.
8:50 am
and we don't need them in the way that other people do. >> congratulations to you both. it's certainly a spectacular an. richard branson, thank you. appreciate it very much. we'll be right back everybody. l.
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both suspects in this week's colorado shooting were expected in court a few hours. the hearing was pushed back to
8:54 am
next week. how the local district attorney says they both could face murder charges. ron, do we know why the hearing is postponed? >> reporter: the short answer is no. we heard back from the information officer for the court who told us because both cases are sealed by the court, they can't tell us what decided that they needed to continue this until the middle of next week. whether it was defense attorneys asking for a delay, whether it was the prosecution asking for a delay. the prosecutor did seem to want to push ahead and delay it. we learned it's been continued until next wednesday. the 18-year-old when charges are filed against him will be filed as an adult. there is an underage suspect in
8:55 am
the case that d.a. has not determined whether he will seek to move that case into the adult court system. we'll have to wait and see. >> we'll be covering it when it does happen. good talking to you. coming up next hour, president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani says he's headed to ukraine in an effort to urge the incoming president to pursue investigations that will benefit president trump. he has a pretty incredible explanation of why. that's next on andrea mitchell reports. andrea mitchell reports. [leaf blower] you should be mad at leaf blowers. [beep] you should be mad your neighbor always wants to hang out. and you should be mad your smart fridge is unnecessarily complicated. but you're not mad, because you have e*trade which isn't complicated. their tools make trading quicker and simpler. so you can take on the markets with confidence. don't get mad.
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all right. that wraps up this hour after msnbc live. andrea mitchell reports starts right now. trade war. donald trump taking on china. raising tariffs on $200 billion in goods and the markets are reacting. >> in are close to 6,000 goods that are on this list that will see tariffs go up when they arrive here in the u.s. in a few weeks. >> it could cause a recession. it's dangerous game to play. barr jokes. the attorney general making light of the house judiciary committee holding him in contempt. >> this must be a record of attorney general being proposed for contempt within 100 days of taking office. hooray for hollywood.
9:00 am
mayor pete speaking to a cold out crowd in an iconic gay bar before a high dollar fund-rai r fund-raiser. >> yes, west hollywood we know that you're not free as the county clerk gets to tell you who you ought to marry because we know that love is love and freedom is on the line. good day. president trump spent the morning in the twitter frenzy. flailing through a series of rapid fire tweets and retweets in an attempt to put the best spin on the white house's failure to reach a trade deal with china. the president following through to raise tariffs on $200 billion in good from 10% up to 25%. talking today continuing between u.s. trade representatives and


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