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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  May 12, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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that's our time. alex is celebrating mother's day. she will be back next week. i will go get hugs from my kids. >> happy mother's day to you. >> i will take it. good day. lashing out, that's what the president is doing on twitter today at his former white house counsel don mcgahn, amidst new reporting on the staggering number of congressional investigations the white house is now stonewalling. mayor peting identity politics. felicity huffman is expected to own up to her role in the
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college admission scandal. what it means for the other high profile defendants who are still deciding if they will fight the charges. first up right here, the focus on the star of the mueller report, don mcgahn. the president insisting that he was never a big fan of his former white house lawyer while claiming he was more likely to fire mueller's obstruction witness instead of the special counsel himself. all of this follows reports that mcgahn denied several requests for him to protect trump from obstruction of justice allegations. they have subpoenaed manage began to testify on may 21. trump is trying to stop that from happening. >> the subpoena is ridiculous. >> there's no executive privilege over the hundreds of thousands of documents regarding events that took place before donald trump was president. you can't have a privilege when you are not the executive.
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>> i'm seeing a failure to appreciate the importance of testifying before congress in a way that's straightforward and truthful. >> the white house is stonewalling 20 investigations. they are ignoring requests for documents or other information. mike, it seems trump is looking at multiple deadlines coming this week. >> reporter: you are right. there is so much to keep up with. in terms of the investigations, the subpoenas, the demands, the requests for documents, for testimony from house democrats, even now, of course, from the senate intelligence committee and that committee, of course, led by a republican senator of north carolina. let's look at the most immediate deadline comesing up here. tuesday, the accounting firm
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dealing with the president's personal finances and those of his company. an expedited process on tuesday. on friday, a deadline for the president's tax returns to be sent to the house ways and means committee. that came on friday. that going out to steve mnuchin. like all of the other subpoenas, the requests for documents and testify, the white house is not expected to comply. they are willing to stretch this process out and have this process play out in a court of law. you mentioned don mcgahn. the president has talked so much about don mcgahn publically. they have asserted executive privilege now over the communications between don mcgahn and the president. of course, that bombshell report yesterday that don mcgahn defied
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the president's wishes to say that he did not believe the president had obstructed justice. this as the mueller report was about to be released. the president has talked so much now about mcgahn and this case, putting perhaps -- i'm not a legal scholar -- but the claim of executive privilege in jeopardy. >> that is the key thing, whether or not they can still invoke executive privilege at this point. appreciate you starting us off. let me bring in federal prosecutor glen kirschner and andrew dezaderio and antonio hilton. >> i want to pick up on what mike was referring to. him saying that because the president is invoking executive privilege, is it possible he can, because he talked about him so much? >> he can. it's a losing argument. the administration, when they
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turned over documents and when they let don mcgahn interview with bob mueller, they waved executive privilege. i have to tell you, i think any judge who is in a position to rule on this issue will find that they waved executive privilege. once you sort of give up that privilege, you can't put the genie back in the bottle. i think this is nothing more than a delay tactic by trump and company. >> might be successful. i want to pick up on something you wrote right there for politico, about trump's battles with congress. >> i think the one that's on the top of everyone's mind is the obstruction of justice investigation the house judiciary committee is con du s conducting now. the ones that involve the president's finances could have greater implications. the house oversight and intelligence and financial services committees are trying to get the president's financial
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records from capitol one, deutsche bank and the accounting firm. on tuesday we will get a ruling from a federal judge about that case. i think all this talk about whether we are in a constitutional crisis or not, that will come to a head once the president is forced to possibly disclose some of the financial records that he has tried so hard to keep secret. >> as you know, the president has been obsessing with mcgahn this week. tweeting about him. mcgahn faces that may 21 deadline to come to congress, that subpoena. what are we hearing about whether or not he will actually appear there and the chances of him talking? >> i think certainly at least in the recent reporting, especially with the bombshell yesterday and everything, the suggestion from his team is their approach has been to kind of be cool and neutral in the waters. they acknowledge the reporting. were potentially behind some of
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the sourcing there. then they also clearly are not taking a super -- >> they're not taking necessarily a super aggressive mode about it. >> yeah, right. >> it is a delay tactic for them. i want glen to pick up on something that adam schiff said today. trump is looking for the executive privilege to invoke that. here is what adam schiff had to say. get your reaction. >> the trump administration has decided to satisfy a blanket no, no to any kind of oversight, no witnesses, no documents, no nothing. claiming executive privilege over things it knows there's no basis for. there's no executive privilege over the hundreds of thousands of documents regarding events that took place before donald trump was president. you can't have a privilege -- an executive privilege when you are not the executive. they know that vast categories are inapplicable to the privilege here. they are stonewalling.
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>> they are stonewalling. you hinted to that. is that what the president is doing? >> it is. you know what? he is not a tactical thinker. he is hurting his own cause. here is why. if he were to say, listen, i am now getting inundated with subpoenas and myself and my lawyers will take a look at these subpoenas one at a time and try to determine whether there's a privilege we can assert. they're not doing that. he said basically, constitutional oversight be darned. i'm not complying with any subpoenas, even those that i haven't seen yet. what that is the president announcing he is basically disregarding the congress' authority and responsibility to perform oversight, checks and balances. it would be no different than if congress said, you know what? we're going to pass legislation, mr. president, and we're not going to send it to you for signature. we're going to declare it's the law.
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that would be congress acting unconstitutionally. that's what the president is doing. i think once the judiciary gets its hands on these shenanigans, they are not going to rule favorably for the president. and i think we're going to see the first instance of that this tuesday when the judge in d.c. federal court takes up an expedited argument and has announced, i'm ruling from the bench right here, right now. i think the judiciary is still going to be something of the saving grace here. >> you have been saying that for some time. you are nodding your head to that. there are a number of key deadlines that the president and the administration is facing this week. >> that's right. the first one obviously is on tuesday when the federal judge and obama-appointed, will rule on the case. that's something that the president and his attorneys -- that was the first lawsuit they ended up filing. the president filed in his personal capacity. those records are related to
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allegations that the president's former attorney and fixer michael cohen made to the house oversight committee regarding this idea that the president was artificially inflating and deflating the values of his assets in order to seek his political -- his personal benefit essentially. i think that's something that once we see how the president reacts to that rule, no matter how it goes, that's going to determine a lot of what house democrats do in terms of what they are talking about, the idea of reviving their contempt authority, the idea you cannot just hold people in contempt of congress but even levee fines or throw them in jail. >> we know that the president is a big loser, according to the reporting as far as a billion dollars in losses through the '80s and '90s. >> more than any other taxpayer. >> yes, 1.2% of the taxpayers who lost over that time period. we know that. we know he has lost a lot of money. what is he afraid of when it comes to the rest of the financial records?
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>> finances can tell you a lot of things about a person. already in the reporting we have gotten from the tax information people have been able to find about president trump, you learn a lot about his interester acti interesterinteracts with family members and the way they run their business. but what people want to know is about conflicts of interest and his relationships, business prospects in the foreign nations in which he has operated for years. that can tell us about perhaps his relationship with foreign powers currently. it could have an impact on democracy and on what we know the case in things we discuss in the mueller report. i think finances kind of open the door to so many areas in which not just democrats but everybody in this country is getting a sense of our president. >> it's not just just losses but who you owe. the irs is required to give congress trump's tax returns
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under the u.s. tax code. why hasn't the treasury department been penalized for breaking the law? >> i guess because they haven't been dragged into court yet. they should be and they will be. they will lose because the statute says that they shall be given over. this one is an easy call for a judge. >> we will leave it at that. thank you for being here on this sunday. appreciate it. still ahead, the identity question. pete buttigieg weighs in on whether democrats should focus on identity politics. what he said that's drawing criticism from within his own party. iand i don't add up the years. but what i do count on... is staying happy and healthy. so, i add protein, vitamins and minerals to my diet with boost®. boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. all with guaranteed great taste. and now try new boost®
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pete buttigieg trading in the quaint nature of south bend, indiana, for the glitz and glamour of las vegas. what he is saying isn't staying in vegas. he spoke last night. he made headlines when he accused fellow dchlz plemocrats playing identity politics. >> we need to choose between supporting an auto worker and supporting a trans woman of color without thinking about the fact that sometimes the auto worker is a trans woman of color and she needs all the support she can get. >> joining me now is our own road warrior josh letterman who
11:17 am
was there in the room. has there been any reaction to the comments? >> there hasn't been a lot of reaction other than in the room where his comments were very well received, even though he was issuing a challenge to members of his own party, to democrats and even to lgbt activists at the human rights campaign dinner. seemed they did appreciate and understand what he was trying to do, trying to reframe this issue so that instead of it being about one minority being pitted against other, that he can frame it as trying to create this new form of american solidarity, trying to say that democrats shouldn't be carving themselves up into groups in a way that makes it more difficult for them to get their message across. we will have to see how some of the other groups that he has been working hard to court are going to respond. it was notable, he made this case at the hrc dinner in las vegas. to a group where he has a lot of credibility. he didn't make it in south
11:18 am
carolina where he had spent much of the last week trying to improve his numbers and his relations with african-american voters. i think the key now will be to see whether this is able to help him to put this issue behind him in and address this vulnerability he has or whether he continues to face difficult questions about whether he is a candidate of white male privilege in an era when democrats are looking for something different than that. >> you have been following for some time now. does it seem like he had a rough week with the health care news that came out? he had a big fund-raiser with gwyneth paltrow in attendance there. >> it feels like the honeymoon period he was in a few weeks ago, where the country was like, who is this guy and his poll numbers were really rocketing to the sky, has faded a little bit. not that he is stumbling the way we have seen some other
11:19 am
candidates really struggle to keep their name out there. but he is in a period now where he has to -- he has been introduced to the american people. he has to keep himself at the forefront of attention in the primary. put his head down and really build out a national campaign organization that's going to be able to carry him through a primary that has many, many months left in it. >> that indeed. it's tough when you are the shiny object on the scene. people are dampen that shine. joining is brendan buck and gabriella domenzine. pete buttigieg taking a risk by calling out his fellow democrats. what do you think is the strategy behind this? >> to be honest, it was music to
11:20 am
my ears. i think back on 2012 when i was a spokesperson for president obama's re-election campaign. we weren't allowed to talk about immigration in english. i was only allowed on spanish-language networks. flash forward to martin o'malley who got all of his standing ovations in iowa when he spoke about immigration, when he did not play identity politics. now on the verge of a 2020 election, having a major candidate say we have to speak for our values that join us, not divide us, and talk to an organization that to be honest has been on the forefront of intersectional advocacy. hrc has been one of the strongest advocates for immigrants, not just lgbt people. it hit me main the right place. >> then you have to talk policies. we won't get there. let's talk about all of this. talk about the generational gap. buttigieg is the youngest, it was highlighted in a recent trump interview, when he
11:21 am
compared buttigieg to alfred e. newman. that sparked but jud eed his re. he guess it's a generational thing. i thought the president was referring to newman from "seinfeld." that was my first thought. all jokes aside, pete who is a millennial, does have a young, progressive voting block that pushed him up in the top of the polls. what are your thoughts on this whole generational divide here that the president kind of brought up? >> yeah, mayor pete and i are the same age. i appreciate where he is coming from on that. >> you don't know who he is? >> i didn't. but now i do. look, i think someone like a small town mayor rocketing on the national scene like this will have to take time to introduce himself. i think he has done that very well. he has shown himself to be
11:22 am
remarkably intelligent, handle himself quickly on his feet on some of the press conferences he has had. a good start. at some point he will have to roll out policies. that's been one criticism he has had is that he has been a little light on that. he hasn't talked about the specific things that he wants to do. he laid out a relatively pragmatic governing philosophy of how he would govern. you need more than that. i'm still -- it's not clear to me what sort of lane he wants to be in. does he want to work in the i have a progressive platform and i can help us create a new progressive american moment? or does is he in the joe biden camp where i want to beat donald trump and i will show you the way to do that? >> do you think the president has to fear buttigieg? >> i can't imagine he does. i think -- i only say that because it's so clear the president is fearing biden right now. he seems to be preoccupied with joe biden that i can't imagine
11:23 am
he has space for anybody else to be concerned about. >> picking up on that, the president said in an interview he thinks joe biden will steam ro steamroll his democratic rivals. why does trump keep talking about joe? >> the president is a distraction machine.he is capab successful at so many things. >> why joe biden? >> because he's the leader of the race. he has the most name recognition. anybody who is up, you want to take down. i think that's clear. one thing that i wanted to say about buttigieg is something else that he mentioned in that speech. which is we can't spend all our time talking about trump. we have to tell people what we believe. i agree with your previous commentator who said that we need to see mayor pete
11:24 am
buttigieg's policy proposals. i think he's on the right track. >> picking up on that, josh is in the four-box prison there. did he present policies in some of the speeches you have heard over the last week or so? >> he certainly has positions on certain issues. he wants to move toward single payer health care. he talked about democratic reforms. he has not laid out extensive policy papers the way ee llizab warren and kamala harris. you talk to officials and to the candidate, and he says that he thinks that democrats have actually hurt themselves traditionally by getting too in the weeds on policy before they have communicated to people why they're doing it, what their values and priorities are, the way trump was able to appeal to a lot of folks emotionally in the last election. he is doing this deliberately. he is waiting to get really into the details on these complicated
11:25 am
issues until people sort of know where he stands and who he is and why he's doing this. he thinks that's a better way to really get at what motivaw ttiv voters. >> thank you for being here with us. up next, a toxic spill in south texas. a barge collision sends dangerous chemicals into the water and the air. we will get an update on the effort to contain this growing disaster. ♪ woman 1: this is my body of proof. man 1: proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. man 2: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis...
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today, cleanup crews in houston are working to contain a chemical spill in the shipping channel. a massive 755-foot tanker collided with two barges that were containing thousands of barrels of a highly toxic gasoline products. residents worry how this could impact their health. we are following the story from houston. >> reporter: one of the world's busiest shipping waterways still partially closed after a chemical spill. salvage crews scrambling to contain the mess at the houston ship channel and nearby
11:30 am
residents are worried. >> not again. >> reporter: this woman lives two blocks from the channel and is keeping her four kids and dogs far away. >> my kids like to go fishing down there. so does any husband. >> reporter: a tugboat pushing two barges collided with an oil tanker friday. one barge capsized. the other carrying 25,000 barrels of a chemical was damaged. almost 9,000 barrels of the toxic material leaked into the channel. it's form in gasoline we put in our cars. it's extremely flammable. can it be deadly to marine life and to humans if swallowed. >> they are monitoring. if you have health concerns, call 911. >> reporter: epa and local officials are monitoring the air quality. so far there's no health risk. some residents and businessowners are still concerned. this man is worried for his sons as well as his pets.
11:31 am
>> any airborne particulates can affect the animals. >> reporter: he is taking no chances. >> we're using our bottled water. we make sure we don't give them anything from the faucet. >> reporter: they are still traumatized by the chemical fire less than two months ago. >> i was more devastated knowing that these problems keep occurring. >> it's a problem there. officials in houston believe the flooding situation in that area caused that collision. the warmth does continue to be a big problem for many others in the southeast and the northeast. we have been tracking the storms. how is it looking? >> good news, this storm system continues to make its way to the east. houston and louisiana, they are in the clear. they will be picking up the pieces. we are following our next storm system moving fairly quickly. the southeast has seen the brunt
11:32 am
of this storm system from tallahassee to south carolina. under severe thunderstorm watches until 9:00. could see heavier banding. that's why the severe weather risk will continue for 8 million throughout the afternoon. that will start to push offshore going into tomorrow afternoon. up fortunately, the potential for torrential rain is going to be increased throughout the northeast and southeast throughout the day. accumulation totals not going to be as hefty as we saw in the south and deep south. an inch to two inches. for mother's day plans, this is a hindrance to a lot of us. from new york city to virginia here, potential for these flood-prone areas to see the soaking rain all the way into tomorrow evening. >> still a washout for the great lakes area as well. rough mother's day for many. thank you. right here, the bold move that could finally, possibly result in all of us getting a
11:33 am
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the most common side effect is nausea. talk to your doctor about chantix. if the battle over trump's taxes was a game of chess, what new york state lawmakers did was probably the equivalence of the queen moving near a kill point. andrew cuomo says he backs a bill that would allow the new york tax department to release
11:37 am
president trump's state income tax returns to congress. one of the new york state senators who voted on that bill got into a testy exchange over it. take a look. >> you are forcing it. >> we're not forcing anything. >> yes, you are. >> the specified and legitimate legislative purpose the congress -- >> there's no legislative -- this is -- >> the investigations are going on. you know the indictments. >> this is -- you want to destroy somebody because you don't like him. >> we don't want to destroy anymore. we want investigations. if the congress asked for tax returns, he is supposed to give it. that's the law. all we're saying is, we want to follow what the federal laws are. >> you want to follow the law? >> clearly, brian benjamin does not shy away from the fight. he is joining me. you are a glutton for punishment going into the war zone. >> happy to do it. >> he did make some points.
11:38 am
it sounds like the bill is targeting the president right there. i know there's language with it that is saying it's vague and it's just answering a congressional committee's request and it doesn't name the president. isn't it targeting him? >> it's not. what the bill says is that the head of the ways and means committee, the chair of the senate finance committee, or the head of the joint committee on taxati taxation, they can request new york state tax returns for anyone that they deem there's a legitimate legislative purpose. if there's that purpose, they can make that request. we can provide it to them, assuming they also make that same request to the federal. if they want six years of federal returns, like in the case of trump, they can ask for six years of state returns. we can provide it. >> the president was not in office and he released his tax returns, would this move through this quickly? >> it would -- i don't know.
11:39 am
what i do know is that right now, we do have a president who is refusing through his secretary of the treasury and head of the irs to follow a law. since 1924, this law has been in place. congress can request any individual's tax returns. steve mnuchin says there's no purpose. there's no requirement. the state law is more stringent than the federal law. if they don't want to follow the law, we have to make sure we provide information that congress needs to do the appropriate investigations. >> what do you think the state tax returns will tell us about trump? >> since he was a resident of new york state, a sense about his personal income, where it cops fro comes from. it was like leaked he had bad years. who helped him? he is doing tax deals, things with china. he is doing things all over the world. it's helpful to have a sense -- >> the state income tax is a reflection of the federal.
11:40 am
>> he is a new york resident. it gives you some good sense of where some of the money is coming from. that's only fair when he makes decisions that impact the globe. >> how will this actually help those in congress? the democrats house and ways and oversight? >> it will help them because right now they are being stone walled by mnuchin. this would give them information that can help them with the investigation that they are doing. we trust they have legitimate purposes for the returns. if they don't do the subpoena, if the subpoena is not met, then i think congress should hold them in contempt of congress and go to the d.c. district court and seek an injunction to demand that trump -- not trump, that mnuchin provides the tax returns. you have to follow the law. because trump does crazy things, people ignore the fact that he is right now not following the law. this is not about him.
11:41 am
it's bigger than him. it's about congressional oversight. >> i was saying it seems as if it's akin to the queen getting -- moving into position right there. will this work? >> it will work because -- >> why? >> because what it would do is it helps the congress exert its natural oversight. >> checks and balances. you expect it to be a court battle? >> yes. they can do that for the federal. i don't see what will be their ability to do it on a state level. >> i assume you have looked into it. does it seem -- the people are advising you say you stand on solid ground? >> we believe we stand on solid ground to provide the returns. we will provide the returns. the issue is that the irs is not providing returns. we need to seek court action to get them to provide the returns. in the case of the state level, we would just provide the returns. >> it goes to the assembly committee tomorrow.
11:42 am
possibly another vote in the assembly this week. >> they have to vote on it. >> governor is promised he will -- >> he said he will sign it. passed the senate. assembly is looking at it. they pass it -- >> how long before you get sued by the trump administration or organization? >> they should focus on following the law as opposed to suing people. >> have you been a part -- have you seen how things work? >> you can always hope. they want to sue us, they can sue us. the law is the law. it's in black and white. they should follow it. >> if we are talking six months, we would have been looking at president trump's state tax returns? >> no. most people actually provide their tax returns. >> will we based on this legislation? >> yes, we will. i believe so. >> all right. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. coming up, thousands of american-born children -- as i should mention, thousands of american-born children could be left homeless under a new rule by hud.
11:43 am
hear me out. the new rule would keep families with at least one undocumented member from receiving federal housing assistance, according to ben carson, secretary of the department of housing and urban development. if the rule takes affect it would open the door to verified legal citizens struggling to obtain affordable housing. families of mixed immigration status can receive housing subsidies as long as one member is a legal resident at the moment. it's in public comment stage and not in effect. that college cheating scandal. one defendant ready to plead guilty tomorrow. what that might mean for the other celebrities fighting charges. emu & doug ♪ what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need!
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or a family history of colon cancer. maybe i'll be at your door soon! ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. covered by medicare and most major insurers. he wants a donation. >> apparently we're in competition with one other family. >> that was felicity huffman in "desperate housewives" in what seems like life imitating art. she's scheduled to face a judge tomorrow in boston over the college admissions scam scandal that led to the arrest of dozens
11:48 am
of parents. she pled guilty last month to fraud charges. investigators say she paid $15,000 for someone to correct the answers on her daughter's s.a.t. exam. she's not the only famous parent caught up in the scandal. lo lori loughlin and her husband have pled not guilty and intend to go to trial. joining me to break down all of this, danny savolos and angelique rochet. you have been following this for a while. this has you heated. why so? what does it say about america that this is a scandal? >> i think singer said it, there's a back door and there's a front door. front door meaning you get yourself into college, which is that idea of why we have a system, why you go to college. you get educated, you earn, you get a job. it's this american dream. there's a back door that we have been talking about for a long
11:49 am
time, which is rich donors who do institutional advancement. $25 million has been invested in this side door where there have been students who at times -- when you look at lori loughlin's kids, don't value the educational opportunity they have been given, who have been taking advantage of an idea that so many folks cannot afford. >> and have been fighting for. let's talk about the legal aspects here. as we mentioned, huffman is due in court tomorrow in boston. the prison term is estimated to be four to ten months following a probation year. she going to go to jail? >> she's got a good chance of getting a straight probation sentence. she will argue she belongs in a lower range. theadvisory. they have been that way for a long time. the judge will calculate the guidelines but ultimately, her defense attorneys will make a strong argument for a straight probation sentence.
11:50 am
>> as you know, felicity huffman is married to william h. macy, the famous actor, academy award winning actor. he is not charged in this. she has made a has made a publi apology. is it enough? >> you know, i think -- you kind of said it here, there's this idea of how do we lower the sentencing. that starts with this idea of is the person understanding of what they've been charged with? do they understand the size and the extremity and the demeanor of what is happening right now? >> i think huffman has taken a step forward. whether it's being contrite or hearing the attorneys, she understands what is going on when you have the mastermind of the entire scheme being a cooperating witness. >> what's going on with aunt becky, lori loughlin and her husband? of course, they're both charged in all of this. her husband being a well-known
11:51 am
fashion designer. they're accusing of paying some $500,000 to get their daughters into usc as bogus crew recruits. they don't play crew an ended up being influencers there. what's their play, legal play here? >> only viable defense here is that of galactic ignorance. in other words, i didn't know what i was paying the money for. whether or not a jury buys it remains to be seen. there's white collar criminal defendant can't accept that the wheel turned to them and they're in trouble, that they are -- the full weight of the government is now against them. they're not the traditional criminal. the guy in the black mask with the gun and the bank. they're not doing this. >> do you think they knew this was a crime? >> oh, i absolutely think they did and didn't care. >> well, that's the key.
11:52 am
white criminal college defendants, they plead a the love ignorance. in the criminal justice system, it benefits defendants to know less stuff. ignorance is a virtue when you are a criminal defendant. >> and -- >> yeah. i hear that and i think that is interesting and i think that is a position that -- that's the position if i was their attorney i would chi to take but i think that boat has sailed because of their demeanor in public, because of how she is treating this in the way she is talked, the way she's signing autographs and taking photographs. she is literally looking at the papers, the facts in front of her and still not accepting it. >> would you have advised her to plead guilty? >> seriously consider pleading guilty because hers is a textbook example. you will notice after she pleaded not guilty, the government added more charges.
11:53 am
this is textbook federal government 101. this is what they do. they build a case for months, if not year, and if you don't plead guilty early and often then they bring the dump truck, they back it up to the door and they dump more charges on you. aunt becky is looking at real prison time. >> here's what the u.s. attorney had to say sometime ago. >> three people who organized these scams, two s.a.t. or a.c.t. exam administrators, one exam proctor, one college administrator, nine kocoaches a elite schools and 33 parents who paid to guarantee admissions at certain schools through bribes and fake academic and athletic credentials. >> while we talk about huffman and loughlin, there are a lot of people involved this potential scam. >> oh yeah. >> what impact will somebody
11:54 am
saying, yes, i'm guilty have on the others saying it wasn't me? >> generally in big cases like this, with a lot of federal criminal defendants, there is a race to plead guilty because if you plead guilty too late and look to cooperate, there may be no opportunities left and a tremendous increptive to plead guilty race to the courthouse, plead guilty, start cooperating because you don't want to be out. >> what is different of those spending money to buy a billing and all of a sudden their kids are there at harvard and wharton to maim a couple? >> i think for those disadvantaged and don't have an opportunity it is not but at this point there's a sensationalization of criminalization happening. like, there's already been talk of an adaptation of this story
11:55 am
for tv and i think the judges are also facing this idea of what does this look like to the public? what does this look like to the next parent who thinks about using the side door? i think that makes the stakes even higher in this particular case. >> does it make it worse that they're instagram influencers? >> that is a really case. aunt becky's daughter made about $1 million or more a year just from being an instagram influencer. she didn't need to go to college. >> what? >> i know. you're kendis. take a selfie. >> all the it takes. >> i got to get up there. >> ig story. didn't need to go to college for this. >> and then loses those sponsorships. that is some real desire that didn't lay with the daughter and arguably really more with the parents and why did they need that? that's a real question that family has to answer. >> all right. note, no sweat on it. instagram influencers. i appreciate the big work you
11:56 am
all -- >> jealous. >> thanks to both of you. all right. coming in the next hour here on msnbc, sticking with trump. what would it take for republicans to break with the president. "saturday night live" asked the question and we'll put it to our experts, still ahead. [farmers bell]
11:57 am
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good sunday afternoon.
12:00 pm
i'm kendis gibson at msnbc headquarters in new york city. trump takes on kcongress. a new report shows how far they'll go to stop the investigations. joe biden and sauns on the opposite ends of the party spectrum and may need each other to survive the crowded field. "saturday night live" poking fun at republicans' devotion to this president. but asking an important question, what would it take for them to break with trump? >> you have a president who's a financial genius and a business jesus like donald trump, you just got to trust him. this man has lost 100 times more money than i've ever made. >> got to love her version of lindsay graham right there. thanks. we are going to begin with what democrats calling a constitutional crisis. "the washington post" now counting 20 house investigations that the president and his allies are blocking. they're also ignoring 79
12:01 pm
requests for documents and information of democrats coming as trump faces multiple deadlines this week for his financial documents. fis up on tuesday, a federal judge fast tracking a ruling on the subpoena for irs records and six years of trump tax records. they have had that deadline before. if the white house continues to impede oversights efforts of congress democrats warn thiey might have to take drastic efforts. >> we're fighting all the subpoenas. >> having obstructed the justice department investigation now obstructing congress does add weight to impeachment. >> i think we made a mistake by a party waiting until the mueller report came out. the fact of the matter is that this is our constitutional duty. we don't have the full mueller report but let's have that debate. >> every single day the president is making a case, he's
12:02 pm
becoming self impeachable in terms of some of the things -- >> self impeachable. mike vik yeah at the white house. >> reporter: we are talking about don mcgahn and doesn't necessarily represent or defend the president as an earn as an individual. a white house counsel's more here to defend the presidency itself. to defend its as an institution. and don mcgahn has sort of been directed the ire of the president coming over him and now culminating in tweets from the president to don mcgahn about don mcgahn saying on may 11th that, of course, yesterday, never a big fan. this after, just after the election when president-elect trump tweeted dan has a brilliant legal mind and a deep
12:03 pm
understanding of constitutional law and see a pattern here. people one embraced by the president, lauded by the president, eventually pushed away by the president. of course, don mcgahn, a very important figure in the mueller report, a prominent, featured role there at the center of claims for which robert mueller did not exonerate the president against this central accusation or allegation i should say of obstruction. mcgahn having spoke with the special counsel and his team extensively during their investigation. the president calling don mcgahn twice on a weekend trying to get him to call rod rosenstein the deputy attorney general to see if he could get robert mueller fired. and of course, that is the nut of the issue and that is why congressional democrats, house democrats, so eager to have mcgahn before the house judiciary committee and the deadline coming up.
12:04 pm
>> trump hinted that he'll assert executive privilege to stop from coming. you think that will take place? >> reporter: there's a strategy of the president and the team whether it be the contempt citation against the attorney general bill barr, the request for documents from a different committee about the security clearance procedure for his son-in-law and daughter, on down the line. the irs tax returns from the president that have now been subpoenaed. the secretary of the treasury mnuchin, the irs commissioner. all of the things we cited at the outset reported by "washington post," all of those document requests and separate branches of this investigation a consistent line by the white house, the administration. they're not giving an inch and seeing him in court. kendis? >> i don't think the president played football but doing a very good job of impression of heisman trophy by keeping everybody at bay. >> reporter: exactly.
12:05 pm
>> thank you. well, joining me is wanda summers of the associated press, ken voguer, "the new york times" political reporter and ned price, national security analyst and former special assistant to president obama. wanda, let me start with you. are you expecting mcgahn to testify? >> i think i agree with mike. i think it's pretty unlikely given we have seen the lengths the president is willing to go to to stop the information from getting up. he's impeding the multiple investigations that "washington post," ap and others have reported on. i think the last thing that the white house wants to see is mcgahn testifying before congress. >> ned, you served within an administration. could the white house actually legally assert executive privilege to prevent mcgahn to testify, considering what the president has done before in
12:06 pm
regards to mcgahn? >> that's the key point, kendis. it's dubious because mcgahn spent some 20 hours in front of the special counsel already. a good chunk of the report is released and redacted form. so i think the white house would really have to stretch credulity but same time i wouldn't putt it past them. they tried to do the same thing in other areas where it's just as dubious and i think some other areas go to court in the same way. >> talk about the tax returns and this fight. it's i think a fight, an exercise in futility in many ways. what should we expect if once the treasury secretary mnuchin breaks the law and fails to give congress trump's tax returns? >> this fight is just getting started and will see it in court in a big way. my question is what we would see if the returns were eventually released either the state returns in new york or the federal returns. and i think thanks to some
12:07 pm
really stellar reporting by my colleagues at "the new york times" as well as by other reporters digging into trump's finances we know a good deal about trump's finances, particularly his unparalleled losses over the course of time, late '80s, early '90s when he was sort of most in the public spotlight as an up and coming developer in new york and really foerged his image as a business genius. we know, of course, that was really not the case and so while we might learn a little bit more and more recent information perhaps about -- >> can i pick up on that? you are doing awesome reporting on it in "the new york times." what else could be out there we don't know? >> we might learn a little bit about his business partners, who he was working with, i don't think necessarily given the way we have seen him and his business partners and just folks in this industry real estate generally set up their corporate
12:08 pm
structures that we would necessarily learn the ultimate sources of his income. we would instead see shell companies that were passing money through to him that might provide some bread crumbs to allow us to ultimately maybe trace some of it back to the original business partners which, of course, the things that we as reporters are most interested in learning about. >> although the white house is blocking oversight efforts of congress, democrats are still pumping the bakes on impeachment hearings. >> we are already a bitterly divided country and impeachment process will divide us further. once we start, it is a boulder off the side of a cliff. it gathers a certain momentum of its own until it hits rock bottom which is the senate and then trying to push the boulder back up the hill. >> you're following the developments here. do you expect democrats to launch proceedings against trump before 2020? >> oh? >> democrats --
12:09 pm
>> juana first. >> i think democrats are keenly aware of the reality and hear them really delicately threading that needle understanding proceedings is one of the most divisive things that a congress can pursue and building the case and house speaker pelosi said that this week saying they're gathering the facts. she painted impeachment as a process, not a single event and hoping to get to break down the stone walls in federal court that the president is throwing up to get the information and prepare a case for the american people. it is unclear whether the end is impeachment or in their opinion hopefully democrats beating them at the ballot box. >> i think juana is right. there's base pressure for pelosi to proceed and she'd made a calculation might not be the issue as she in her assessment already made clear it is not the right issue for democrats to be riding headed into 2020 so she
12:10 pm
needs to do just enough to sort of satisfy the democratic base and keep them feeling as if the democrats are putting the pressure on trump but maybe hold back from that ultimate step of bringing impeachment proceedings and potentially drive swing voters from democrats and back to trump. >> meantime, ned, do you think congress will have no choice but to go to the courts for the requested documents they hope for? how long will this whole battle process take out? >> well, i have no doubt some of this will end up in the courts and i think we have already seen indications of that in certain key areas. i think i would add one point to the previous conversation, kendis. it's not that democrats preparing the case but trump is building the case for them. i think there's a misperception it's to do with the mueller report or with trump taxes or a combination thereof. it's much broader than that.
12:11 pm
this is about governance in the darkness. it's about the emergency declaration, recovery efforts in puerto rico, his private conversations with vladimir putin including one on one conversation that we have heard next to nothing about. this is not about diskreetd scr of one or two issues but an administration that sees itself as above a branch of government that's supposedly co-equal and just as the administration stonewalls the 79 individual requests for information they have failed to respond to or have not done so fully, i think democrats are able to build the case for impeachment. i think we have to remember in addition to all the watergate, there's a key plank of the proceedings and president trump is building that case every day as we have seen with these issues. >> sounds like you bought into the self impeachment thing, as well. heard of self deportation and
12:12 pm
now self impeachment. it's like a throwback to the wgla political days. >> rosalyn represent. >> rosalyn strong. thanks, fellas. still ahead, the crowded field of democrats right now two candidates leading most of the polls, joe biden and bernie sanders. why they might need each other to keep it that way. this daughter was home visiting when mom saw a chip in her windshield. >> mom: honey is that a chip? >> tech: they wanted it fixed fast so they brought it to us. >> mom: hi. >> tech: with our in-shop chip repair service, we can fix it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance a safelite chip repair is no cost to you. >> mom: really? drive safely. all right. ♪ acoustic music >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace.
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as you know, it is commencement season and lucky for the slew of democratic candidates, campaign season goes hand in hand. corey booker broke before the campaign trail in the state and our own road warrior shaquille brewster has been following him where a meet and greet is under way. shaquille? >> reporter: kendis, that meet and greet just wrapped up but we got a chance to speak with corey booker about a comment of today interpreted as a jab against senator warren. he said proposals you hear about breaking up specific companies like amazon and facebook are similar of comments from president donald trump saying he would go about it in a different way. listen to what he had to say. >> from the pharma information to the farm industry, we see corporate consolidation in a way we haven't in a generation and hurting a lot of people.
12:17 pm
>> reporter: why not name the companies? >> i believe very strongly that i will have if i'm president of the united states a doj and ftc that goes after, looks at more recent mergers and starts to put a better scrutiny on the mergers being proposed. >> reporter: and this was senator booker's 30th stop to in the state of new hampshire, 40th trip to state of new hampshire and by the end of the day, hits all ten counties showing you how seriously he's taking the state right now. he took selfies with people, had his mother on the campaign trail and something that many of the supporters really appreciated. so it was a good time that was being had in that diner there, kendis. >> a key thing to have your mom on the campaign trail with you to get some votes. our thanks to seshiehaquille brewster. to the other "b"s in the race, there's two that need each
12:18 pm
other. bernie and biden there. but with different paths and platforms, how does that work? beto is planning a reboot. breaking it down, tiffany cross, macker of the beat d.c. and matt macovic former press secretary to senator kay bailey hutchison there in texas. welcome to you all. >> thank you. >> diverse options in the democratic field, why are there two white men in the 70s leading the pack? you see the polls there from monmouth. >> right. well, first, corey booker had his mom on the happy trail and happy mother's day to my mom who i left to be here with you. >> i appreciate it. >> but let me talk about this because i think it is an important issue when you look at bernie and joe biden leading the race. look. i think we have the look at the lens through which these things are viewed and when you look at american newsrooms, bilines are overwhelmingly white and male
12:19 pm
and after a while it's a self fulfilling process and looking at even some of the decision makers in the echo chamber of white news, it is white and male. i've seen panels talk about the black vote without a black voter on them. when you have the pressure and attention to new hampshire polls and iowa polls, two states that are 93% and 94% white respectively. so you have to skew those things through that lens. look. it is a large crowded field. i think we're still early so i don't put a lot of credence in too many of the polls. a week is an eternity in politics. >> yes, it is. >> they're not running against donald trump right now. they're running against each other and danger in focusing on the two candidates. >> okay. >> sorry. >> no. that's it. picking up on that and don't focus on those candidates, here's what sanders had to say about biden on al sharpton politics nation. >> he said he is the most
12:20 pm
progressive guy in the race. you would concede that? >> no. i don't think that joe is the most progressive candidate in this race. so, you know, we have real differences but i like joe. i respect joe. and i look forward to an issue oriented campaign, nothing to do with personal attacks. >> brings up an interesting point there, matt. will sanders benefit of painting biden as the establishment figure? >> good question. keep in mind i think in iowa and new hampshire you have a 15% threshold to get del kategates it's in the mutual interest to stay above 15. i think both think they can beat the other. biden thinks he can beat sanders because the donor base are scared of sanders being the nominee and sanders thinks he can beat biden like he thought he could beat clinton now that
12:21 pm
super da super delegates will not be on the first ballot. getting the field above 20 candidates we'll see where it goes. the first televised debate is in june which i think msnbc is hosting. >> june 26 and 27 from miami here on msnbc. you have seen the president's tweets and comments of biden. in general, you get a sense that the president's worried most about biden? yes, leading but still. >> is that to me? >> i was going to ask matt since he -- >> sorry. yeah. is he worried most? look. i think he should be only in the sense that i think biden is strongest candidate that the democrats could putt up and that's particularly because he can change the map. he can go after trump's strength in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. particularly in pennsylvania. but sure. he's been very much focused on
12:22 pm
biden. he'll focus on whoever's at the top of the polls and try to knock them. it's in trump's interest that they have a long, nasty primary and may. this thing may go to the convention. we don't know how long it's going to go and go after biden right now and may change when the polls change. >> talk about yet another "b" in the race. and looking again at the monmouth poll out of new hampshire, beto o'rourke who generated a lot of enthusiasm announcing the race. on the cover of "vanity fair." his dog looked sad on the cover. probably more sad right now polling at 2%. what's behind his plummet and he says he's trying to reinvent his campaign right now. >> yeah. again, i this was a candidate who was propelled mostly by the media and not necessarily by the voters. i think he ran an impressive senate campaign in texas. took a long time to launch in
12:23 pm
the presidential race and then said some things that were a bit offthe putting i think when he said he was born to do this or watch him and think -- >> is it too late for him? he'll be on rachel tomorrow night and "the view" on tuesday. too late? >> i don't think so. we are more than a year away from the election. it is not too late for any of the candidates. the matt's point, look, this is a long campaign and i think what you will see on the democratic side of the aisle is a healthy discussion of ideas and policies and ideologies and not something you see on the other side of the aisle and all great. they have to earn the vote of the american people. but i just want everybody to be mindful that the demographics of the country change and you have to speak on both sides and speak to the rising majority of the country and not be laser focused on playbook from, you know, 2008. it is a different country now. it is a post-trump world and we have to change the conversation and i think the people who benefit from that are not just
12:24 pm
cable news audiences or newspaper readers but voters, some of these people first-time voters looking to people like us for information and so, you know, we have to make sure that the conversation is inclusive. >> all right. tiffany, matt, stick around with us. in the meantime, i should point out that as we celebrate mother's day, the moms, grandmothers, stepmoms, aunts and others, the driving force in our lives, several of the presidential candidates are doing the same and many hit the campaign trail and some took time to reflect. >> i'm going to run for president of the united states because as a young mom i'm going to fight for other people's kids as hard as i would fight for own. >> my mom can see what we have been feeling and seeing and hearing from our fellow texans. that there's nothing that's going to divide us. >> my mom taught second grade until she was 70 years old and she said if you don't tell the
12:25 pm
truth, you make responsibility and don't blame it on the other kid. >> it is what we always told you, this is america. you can be anything you want to be. >> you see, i learned from my mother so many years ago in this community that when we want change, we don't wait for change. we work for it. >> my mother used to say, don't sit around and complain about things. do something. and basically, i think she was basically saying, you got to get up and stand up and don't give up the fight. still ahead here, off to russia. america's top diplomat going to russia for the first time as secretary of state. will he address russia's meddling? what happened when a jet loaded with passengers touched down with no front landing gear? that story next. experience the style, craftsmanship, and technology
12:26 pm
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ready to treat differently with a pill? - hi,- hey! [beeping] [♪] - hmm! yummy! - pretzelrami is back, with our famous pastrami and a bigger soft pretzel roll. and try the new turkey bistro with warm turkey and smokehouse bacon. or the new hot club chicken dijon with black forest ham. the new hot pretzels, only at togos. how far would you go for a togo? - i own you, doug. let's get up to date with our roundup right now. another week, another rough plane landing with 89 passengers on board coming in for a rough landing in myanmar in asia without its front wheels.
12:30 pm
the pilot bringing it down like textbook. no one was injured. however, this marks the second incident of a malfunctioning flight in less than a week in this country. heavy flooding and raining had canal street living up to the name. cars were stranded. according to the national weather service, the city is drenched by nearly four inches of rain over the weekend. peggy lipton known for "the mod squad" and the series "twin peaks" dying of cancer of 72. lipton was nominated for four emmys and won the best actress in a tv drama in the '70s, as well. she survivored by her ex-husband quincy jones and their two daughters who include the actress rashada jones. shifting gears, secretary of tate pompeo departs for russia today, his first to that country as secretary of state.
12:31 pm
the state department officials said that this week pompeo's planning to confront putin on russia's effort to meddle in the u.s. elections. something the president has brushed aside but it comes off a rough week for the administration's foreign policy. over the last few days, in fact, iran has backed and pulled back from a nuclear deal, north korea tested another missile and the stock market fell sharply due to the chinese tariffs. though it did recover a little bit. let's bring in foreign policy strategist and former adviser to georgian president molly mchue is with us. >> thank you for having me. >> can headway be made by the secretary state coming to nipping at the election interference by russia? >> i think it really depends on what secretary pompeo has in mind for this meeting and been discussing recently with his colleague foreign minister lavrov. is he going to talk about north korea and house russia continued
12:32 pm
to prop up kim? is he going to talk about venezuela and russia funnels money to maduro? is he going to talk about syria where russia has been ma anyplace latting the administration's weird obsession with iran to determine the outcome of the region post-syria conflict? or is he going to talk about u.s. interests and russia's continued attack on the united states? i don't think there's a common policy driving any objective. particularly when the president continues to undermine messaging on russia and that sort of lack of policy focusing on russia, the lack of a strategy approaching any negotiation with putin probably means he'll come out with something crazy on the list. >> him meeting putin this week after canceling abruptly a meeting with angela merkel last week of germany and canceling a visit with our danish
12:33 pm
colleagues. >> so he sort of canceled with merkel and always bad. they could have at least done a sidebar, another meeting or something and then canceled a trip to greenland, as well. a really big deal in terms of nato and the alliance and repositioning u.s. resources and assets focusing on the arctic and the new northern atlantic strategy and canceled the things that are important to the allies and meets putin at sochi which is like the palace of putin ambitions and don't have a clear agenda going into this in terms of what we the united states want and that's a bad way to start a negotiation. >> molly, you follow foreign policy very well. "usa today" quoting a former senior white house to president obama saying the u.s. is courting danger where there's no reason to. when it comes to north korea, iran, venezuela, is that a fair characterization?
12:34 pm
and is this administration's foreign policy a mess at this point? >> the lack of unifying theory behind any of it is really disconcerting to allies and enemies alike but not in a way to disadvantage the enemies. you see this sort of -- our allies have absolutely no idea what's going on, no idea who to talk to in washington. the president's sort of all over the place with messaging and then you have this weird duality in terms of dealing with enemies where the things sort of dealt with completely by personality politics and the belief that the personal relationships of people solve the crises when they have made them much worse and then on the other side the issues delegated to various sub seszives in the administration to pompeo and bolton who are very focused on issues like venezuela and iran and again it's not clear the president understands the policies on those things and pursued and this sort of rift in the administration, the lack of
12:35 pm
sense of control, we don't have a secretary of defense, we're not using economic, diplomatic or military leverage well. it really i think makes us look weak and adrift in the world. >> if we're not using diplomatic, economic or military leverage, i don't know we're left with. >> nobody does. >> molly, thanks to you very much. >> thank you. joining me right now is one of the reporters from politico interview sitting down with -- or got an interview with the president makes headlines. daniel lipton and ken vogel is back with us. daniel is here with us. happy to have you. you had about 15 minutes to talk with the president on friday. there were a number of he headlines. what stood out to you the most? >> the fact he gave mayor pete buttigieg of alfred e. newman
12:36 pm
and i think that his encouragement to bill barr to look into joe biden and his sons and work in ukraine -- >> he basically kind of fessed up and said he'd be back with bill barr looking into his opponents and he said he would think it was appropriate for him to talk to bill barr about this topic when if hillary clinton was elected and she was president and she said, oh, it is okay for me to ask my attorney general to look into donald trump or whoever she faced and marco rubio, fox news would be going crazy. >> listening to the president say this, is that like a mouth drop moment for you? i mean, this is not normal. >> that's true but the fact that he often says stuff that just you completely think this is not very usual for a president so we were kind of just trying to transcribe everything like mad. >> okay. >> and the fact we got that
12:37 pm
interview and just talking to him is surreal experience. he loves to flatter reporter who is talk to him. and he's a great interview. he's very jovial and conversational and what we're thinking in the moment a little bit. >> all right. you broke the story of giuliani's visit, potential visit to ukraine. where does this all come from and who in the president's inner circle is the one to find something like this and get it on the president's radar? >> well, giuliani for one. we reported, we reveal that giuliani had been working with some of these ukrainian officials including the top attorney general there the prosecutor, to push the office and ukrainian officials to investigate some of these matters that could go down to the political or personal benefit of the president and sort of a piece of what daniel learned from the president in his interview with him which is that the president or the people around him are willing to use or
12:38 pm
at least intimate that they might use the official levers of the united states government in order to extract some kind of personal or political benefit, you know, in the case of what daniel was talking about. >> sounds like we have heard this before. >> yeah. right. the lock her up chant certainly. even more perhaps the analogy's better with some of these former soviet countries like ukraine or african countries where there has been a tendency that the united states specifically discouraged among leaders to use the judicial process to try to exact revenge on political rivals in the case of ukraine. part of the manafort's work in ukraine was trying to diffuse criticism of the client there for a prosecutor of a former rival and the president saying he might do the same thing in the u.s. >> daniel, really quickly, what was the president's mood like? >> very happy. he feels like he is in a good swing and as i talked to one
12:39 pm
former trump adviser, this is not a guy who sees danger very well down the curve and so, you know, a lot of his advisers aren't very excited about 2020. they view joe biden as strong in the swing states. >> the conversations, as well. happy to have you here. >> thank you. >> ken vogel, thank you again. up next, do republicans have a breaking point? "saturday night live" mocking the devotion republicans have towards president trump but it's an important question. what would it take to break the republican/trump firewall. ght, ! and you want to make sure to aim it. i'm aiming it. ohhhhhhh! i ordered it for everyone. [laughing] (dad vo) we got the biggest subaru to help bring our family together. i'm just resting my eyes. (dad vo) even though we're generations apart. what a day. i just love those kids. (avo) presenting the all-new three-row subaru ascent.
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to help you grow and protect your wealth. fidelity wealth management. okay. this week president trump has kase lated his trade war with china. estimated that it costs the country $1.4 trillion in market value. now, you all have heard of tariffs in the support. do you support the president's tariffs now? >> there's a simple answer to
12:43 pm
that. there was no collusion. >> okay. but i'm asking you about china. >> ya-huh. >> pretty good impression of chuck todd and mitch mcconnell. "snl" poking fun at the republican loyalists and asked an interesting question, though, is there anything the president can do to lose him support among the party? helping me is eli mystal and welcome back matt mckoviac. okay. listen to a little more from the skit. >> what would it take for president trump to lose your support? area one, robert mueller testifies before congress and says he believes trump committed obstruction of justice. do you still support him? >> well, we need a leader that's willing to do what he's got to
12:44 pm
do to win. >> that's absolutely right. the best way to uphold the law is to be above it, chuck. >> you get a sense of a basis of truth to that humor. >> that's laughing so people don't have to cry. look. for republicans to break with trump they would have to have a conscience and since they don't appear to have one i don't see that coming. the benefit, though, is that for people like me who have been saying this about the republican party forever, didn't just start with trump or w. this is how republicans have been forever and now people like me are in the great position where we never have to listen to republicans again. family values? you don't care when children are caged and kidnapped from their families. small government? ha ha hah! law and order? i don't think so. all the republican lies feeding us for the past 30 years they have proven they don't actually care about their platform. >> but, ben -- matt? haven't you seen some chinks in
12:45 pm
the armor there including ben sass breaking with the president recently who had a long time serving iowa state lawmaker as a republican decided to switch party? there's some breaks in that armor right now? >> well, i think in a couple policy areas there have been some breaks. my co-panelist mentioned the separation issue. the president backtracked on that within i think 48 hours. so i'm not quite sure what he's referencing there. on other policies, with china, there's diminishing support on capitol hill for the president's addition altar i haves against china. now, he republicans want to see him go after china and don't like tariffs as the approach to do that. but keep in mind as long as trump has 90%, 92% support of republican voters doesn't give elected officials a lot of room and looking at the areas of the accomplishments, areas that
12:46 pm
republicans are pleased with. conservative judges over 100 confirmed, a strong economy, rebuilding the economy. defeating isis. a long list of things this president's done with capitol hill republicans on board. >> but let me ask you. it's your party. he's 90% to 92% approval within the republican base. and that base has been dropping. those who are identifying themselves as republican. >> well, i'm not sure i necessarily agree with that. we generally had a third of the country that's republican, a third that's democrat, a third that's independent since about the year 2000. >> latest polling said -- but okay. >> sharply split. yeah. i mean, the country's been split along partisan lines since 2000 and had close presidential elections. these elected officials are vulnerable in primaries or in general elections and most of them only really vulnerable in primaries and if the president has strong support of primary
12:47 pm
voters they won't get far from where the president is. >> the 92% of the support is an indictment of the republican base. all right? yes, they have the -- republican senators have room to oppose the president. it requires a conscience, a sense of decency. he didn't backtrack. he was kidnapping kids and separating families after courts told them to stop and didn't keep records and not reuniteded some of the children that have been taken away from their families and all the republican dos is like furrow their brows and i think that most of the republicans enjoy these policies. they don't like the style. they don't -- they wish he would put the dog whistle back in and not swoallow it. >> i wish you were more fired up. matt, thank you for joining us. ellie will stick around. >> the good, the bad, the ugly. some of the best and worst moments of the week. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we know sooner or later...
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12:53 pm
. . . . bad things happen. let's just leave it at that. >> yeah. tiffany, meantime, the trump -- unveiled new nickname that made your bad moment of the week. >> yes. the media chasing trump giving candidates a nickname, absolutely complicit in this asinine behavior and the more they give presidents headlines, children grave attention and then you get more bad behavior and they have to stop doing that. of all the things that reporters could have asked mayor pete about, to ask him about a
12:54 pm
nickname with major policy that the voters deserve to hear about it, it's a mace take. >> don't you think it exposed the generational divide of the president referring to a character that -- >> i don't think that's the most important thing -- >> back of 1952 -- >> we know there's a gener generational and intellectual divide and it's a disservice to readers and voters. we wanted to focus on what was entertaining. let's focus on substance. >> don't be so thirsty. >> stay hydrated. ellie, your ugly of the week deals with sports an politics? >> red sox won the world series. i'm a mets fan and obviously bitter about that and the problem is that the white players acceptedha trump's invitation to go to the white house. >> except for one. >> most of thet black and brow players did not.
12:55 pm
the focus on the black and brown players stayingla home opposed the white players abandoning their team, abandoning their team in process and going to see trump. i think jameel hill is out front on this with writing about this. can youbo imagine in the revers if all the black and brown players accepted an invitation of raul castro, they would have a heart attack on air. but because the white players accepted the invitation, most sport writers silent about the abandonment of their team. >> you have to love that the white house misspelled sox and what they won, the world cup. >> world cup winning red sox. >> tiffany, the ugly moment at a trump rally? ugly when trump supporter yelled out and suggested that we shoot immigrants crossing the u.s. border. it's despicable behavior. i have heard people in media describe it as a joke. didn't sound like a joke to me
12:56 pm
to hear the pro-life voters to murder people seeking asylum. it's mother's day and still mothers separated from their children today as we speak from this government ripping families apart. there's nothing funny about it. i think it's dangerous when you have this president laugh at such things and don't have media holding them accountable dismissing it as it's something to be laughed at, a joke. it's not funny. >> let's leave it there. let's hope for a lot more good than ugly in this coming week ahead. we'll be right back. back. , is another one around the corner. or could it be different than i thought? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis is fda-approved
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well, that will do it for this hour of msnbc live. i'll be back tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. you can follow me on facebook and twitter meantime. the news continues right now with my league richard liu. >> see you again at 6:00. thanks. thanks for joining us this hour. the president versus congress. donald trump and his allies essentially stonewalling nearly two dozen investigations into the president. could impeachment be the only way forward for democrats if they want to get the information they want? candidate pete buttigieg in controversial democratic waters challenging the party on the issue of identity politics. what this says about the 2020 election. in an effort to make sure that more of america's moms stay alive after childbirth,


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