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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  May 13, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> hey, hallie jackson. jake sherman no cynic. no cynic. good to see you. good monday, everyone. craig melvin here. msnbc headquarters in new york city. following breaking news now. the markets are taking a nosedive today after china rebukes president trump's tariff hike with its own sticker shock on u.s. goods starting next month. we'll talk about how all of this will impact your wallet. plus, joe biden kicking off a two-day swing in the critical primary state of new hampshire today. a new poll, and another prit sta primary state showing biden is tracking one key group of voters. crunch time for the rest of the field trying to get a covenant place on the stage for the first democratic debates next month. what it will take to secure the spot, we'll talk with the dnc. we start with a very unhappy market and a white house in re-election mode put on notice
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by china. there it is right now. you can see the dow other indexes all down after china retaliated over the u.s. tariffs. the dow currently off more than 530 points right now. it started the morning down about 460. china's new tariffs as high as 25% on some goods,'s 5% to 10%, on about $ 0 billi60 billion in. in large part targeting u.s. farmers according to cnbc. here to try to make sense of all of it, a cnbc contributor and chief economic correspondent for politico. and on duty for us from the white house, and hans, start with you. any clue how the white house may respond to this? >> reporter: not yet, craig. still waiting from white house reaction since we really saw the market open, and those initial tweets from the president this morning. that was, of course, before china decided to threaten to
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impose these retalia tear tariffs. you mentioned, they don't take effect until june 1. here was the president's warning, i don't want to say taunt, earlier this morning. i say openly that china will be hurt very badly if you don't make a deal, wah companies will are forced to leave china for other countries. too expensive to buy in china. you had a great deal, almost completed, and you backed out. the question really at this hour, craig, i can tell you, i just walked past the west wing. the president is not in the oval. marine's not out there. the questions, how is the white house responsible what are china's done and what the market has done? two responses they need to calibrate and stakes high with the dow cratering the way it is. >> anden these tariffs don't go into effect i guess for two and a half weeks if i'm doing correct math here. could be a deal in the next few days, one would assume. who has the upper hand? the guy facing re-election next
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year or the one who doesn't? >> or the one who never faces re-election's i don't think either side has the upper hand here. painful for both sides. you see that in the market reaction today. you know, farmers are already hurting in the united states. they're going to hurt worse with this retaliation and the big question, craig, if they don't make a deal, do we get to the point where trump puts tariffs on everything that china exports to the united states? the dow and all of markets. i don't think we've seen the big wall street capitulation. it's a big sell-off but a much bigger one to come if the trade war against worse and it could. >> far worse than now? >> definitely. looking at a couple thousand points on the dow if we get to the point it's full-scale trade war, 25% tariffs on everything china exports. the moves so far, 1%, 2%, the market recovers and comes back on hopes for a deal, but if no deal, really, really bad for wall street. >> explain that for folks watching or listening on sirius
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radio, why are markets responds this way to the tariff news? >> responds this way because there's long been hopes there a was a deal to be made. both chine in and the u.s. making friendly noises about the possibility for a deal that would take off off the tariffs and not uhurt the u.s. economy. that's turned around. back it a real cold war between china and the united states. one side could blink. if that will happen, i think markets recover's? from, yeah definitely a deal, to tariffs and prospects looking bleak. i don't see that happening in the next few days. there are no talks. why wall street is selling off. thought they were getting a deal and now they're not. >> and saying otherwise, the president insisting today consumers don't pay these tariffs. the quote, there is no reason for the u.s. consumer to pay the tariffs, from the president's tweet. is there any truth to that at
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all? >> no. there have been a number of academic studies done since the tariffs have gone into effect showing almost 100% pass-through to u.s. businesses and then u.s. consumers. trump is referring to a theoretical study done sometime last year suggesting they organize the tariffs to fall mostly on china hasn't happened. long term hurt china yes? do they have to make other changes? yes. at the moment every data point suggests all tariffs borne by u.s. consumers and u.s. businesses. >> we're using the term "tariff." the reality is, these are bigger ta taxes? >> yes. >> a tax hike, inescapable tax by and large i contend. not like most can avoid buying the products being tariffed? >> yes. exactly right. that's why the big worry is the next trend of terrorists on another $300 billion.
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that list, should it come into effect is all consumer goods's iphones, soap, toilet paper, everything that you buy at walmart or best buy, and that would be 25% higher prices on all of that stuff. they've tried so far to ease the pain on consumers. make it intermediate goods such as businesses use. go to $550 billion, that's everything. immediate tax on consumers, and e, yes, tariff is another word for tax. >> thank you. hans nichols, keep us posted. and former vice president biden in new hampshire in the next hour. part of a two-day swing in the granite state. biden surprising -- surprising a lot of campaign 2020 watchers. not because he's a popular figure among democrats, rather, because he has manage sewed fd o stay focused and avoid the gaffe of former presidential runs. here to talk about that, nbc road warrior mike memory
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followifollow followi followingish d issteve kornackie as well. i start with you. so far seemingly surprises by a biden who has displayed a bit more discipline than in previous runs. should they be that surprised? >> reporter: craig, you know i've covered joe biden a long time and we like to note how often he tends to go off-script. so far in the last couple weeks since announcing his candidacy, joe biden trending carefully. in early states limited exposure to voters and reporters doing a handful of local interviews not engaging with the national press and rammys in iowa, south carolina, nevada, hasn't taken questions from the audience. this has to change. e see behind me the line for joe biden at what is a smaller more intimate campaign event in new
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hampshire. talked to one of his top supporters that said, yes. at this event today, a house party tomorrow, joe biden will have to take questions from voters. they expect his in the first in the nation primary state and we know joe biden sees it as a marathon not a sprint. he would have waited longer if he had the choice. he had to get ready to be ready for the first debate. run-up to the big kickoff in philadelphia, joe biden trying to get through the early first fee events before getting ready for that debate and as we go forward more engagement with reporters and the press going forward and possibility for joe biden to go off-script and maybe make a gaffe, too. >> thank you. mr. kornacki, i turn to you. a new poll out of the palmetto state of south carolina, and good news for joe biden in this particular poll? >> yeah. what we've talked about, a biden bounce. seen it nationally in polling since he got in the race. saw it in new hampshire. keep first primary state.
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saw it in the poll last week and south carolina, the democratic race out of iowa and new hampshire heads south. south carolina critical. also the first state where african-american voters make up a major part of the democratic electorate. with that in mind, here you go from the post interior. their new poll over the weekend. biden out in front in south carolina by 31 is points over his nearest competitor bernie sanders. so, yes, very clearly that biden bounce extending to south carolina. i mentioned south carolina again. black voters play such a large part of the primary there in 2016 more than 60% of the primary voters in south carolina, democratic primary voters, were african-american. with that in mind, look at the breakdown by race. among white voters in south carolina, biden is in first place. look who's in second place. pete buttigieg running at 18%. second place in south kaycaroli white voters.
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and look at this, joe biden doing 20% better in south carolina at nearly 60% among black voters. pete buttigieg second place, 0% with black voters in south carolina. something we've seen with him as well. his appeal demographically narrow. that is certainly continuing in this polling in south carolina. so for joe biden, craig, so much attention we've paid to iowa and new hampshire. obviously we will pay to it, but south carolina looming now in the early going as the a very strong place for joe biden. >> i love that stacey abrams is polling at 2% besides the fact she's not running for president. cory booker's number, steve kornacki, if i'm not mistaken, fairly reliable poll out of south carolina recently. he was -- almost double that with black voters. are his numbers, is there an inverse here? between visits and at his polling? because seems as if more than often he visits the palmetto state the poorer he does with black voters? >> struggling nationally, to
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differentiate himself in the field. overall booker at 4% here. again, look at the number among african-american voters running at 5% here now. look, i think when you look at a cory booker in a race like this, maybe even kamala harris doing a little better, the other candidates who early on at the beginning of this race said south carolina might be a strong state for them. one of the things somebody like booker needs, think back to barack obama in 2008 when he won south carolina overwhelmingly. that race turned when barack obama won iowa. won the leadoff iowa caucuses. beat hillary clinton there and all of a sudden he jumped way ahead in south carolina and won the state by almost 30 points. a lesson. if you can show viability in those early states, a real pact to winning the nomination, a path, cory booker may have goodwill in south carolina right now. that goodwill may turn into support, if you can prove something before south carolina about your viability to win the
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nomination. >> and the "new york times" has a big, new piece out on the importance of iowa for all of the candidates. this is what, what it said about kamala harris whom you have covered a fair amount. ms. harris'est more low-key. visited iowa only once sis march and iowans grumbled her absence is part of a veteran effort to carefully manage expectations. basically gambling a lot on south carolina. what do we know about biden the momentum there and what that could mean for kamala harris' campaign strategy? >> so talking about kamala harris' campaignen strategy, craig, her campaign is building for the long haul as well. when i peek with her advisers and senior aides they tell me, looking at constellation of early states including iowa, has not been as often as competitors but looking beyond that why you saw her in the upper midwest making an argument to voters and those are color there about electability. no question former vpd joe biden
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is seeing a bump, no the just in iowa but a number of early states in these early weeks of had is campaign. the harris campaign isic 345ing in-roads there, too. launched something called camp kamala. grass roots organizing effort in iowa. expanded nationally. one way to try to differentiate themselves and support her campaign chair there, a popular african-american candidate. you'll see her i think continue to build out in iowa. they have an understanding as all of these campaigns do, there are a limited number of tickets in the huge field out of the first elimination caucus state and have to figure how to get momentum from iowa and build it on to other states that bloom largely in their calculus. >> and how difficult has joe biden's entry been for african-american leaders specifically in south carolina, and d.c., to choose a candidate in this race? >> absolutely. former have is someone with long, deep relationships with the black community, here in washington and south carolina
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where steve noted african-americans make up such a large share of the vote. that is certainly a cause for consternation. a lot of them think of him fondly not just because of his role as vice president, former, to the united states, but weighing in heavily looking for plaque support, kamala harris, cory booker, have to collect the black vote to be successful in the long haul. it made it a little more difficult because biden came in with so much strength. interesting to see where the chips fall. that will be telling when we get to the first debate stage in june. >> yes. you know, i was down there last week in south carolina. i don't think a lot of folks necessarily appreciate a fully -- or fully understand the infrastructure joe biden has had in that state for years now. just a lot of people who worked on campaigns and raised money for him over the years. thank you. thank you all so much. some of the president's supporters love liberal populist
8:15 am
proposals, but not democrats who are pitching the proposals. they like the message, not so much the messenger. we'll tell you which 2020 contenders policies are scoring big. policies. also, democrats vying for the white house scrambling to qualify for a position onstage as just mentioned for the first democratic debate. we'll talk to a member of the dnc about the desperate measures have are taking. and new data just out showing the number of measles cases continuing to soar. the latest on the worsening outbreak in a live report. don't tell your mother.
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breaking news now. the supreme court just ruled that a lawsuit accusing apple of operating its app store as a monopoly can go forward. nbc justice correspondent pete williams is outside the supreme court this morning for us. pete, what is this case about? >> reporter: exactly right. this doesn't decide who's right here. whether apple is violating antitrust law, just that the lawsuit can go forward. the issue. if you want to buy and app for your iphone there's only one place to buy it. the apple app store. you can't buy an app anywhere else for an iphone and a group of consumers sued saying it sets up an artificial monopolistic climate making prices too high. if it were about open marketplace apps might be cheaper. apple said these consumers can't sue, because apple doesn't set the price. the developer sets the price.
8:20 am
all apple does is charge a 30% commission to make sure it can review the software and see it's compatible with its system and contains no malware. today by a vote of 5-4 the supreme court sided with the consumers and interesting lineup of justices, by the way. brett kavanaugh, latest trump nominee on court sided with the courts four liberals say issing the consumer lawsuit can go forward. the majority opinion here today says that the consumers are paying the price to apple, and that even though it's the developer that sets the price, apple's commission plays a role in that and the fact that it's a closed loop also contributes to this. so the lawsuit can go forward and there's a lot at stake here. even though the after app cost is only $1, in 2017 apple collected $11 billion from its app store. so if this lawsuit disrupts the app store it could have an effect on apple and open apple to other lawsuits over a
8:21 am
monopolistic pricing. a lot at stake for apple but probably another couple years before there's a final ruling. this will go back to court. apple can appeal and come back to the supreme court on the actual merits on on today's question, which is, can the lawsuit go forward? >> pete williams. helping us understand what this means. pete, thanks as always. back to politics now. to iowa, where that state may have only six electoral votes but its early caucus system, just talking about this, the caucus system gives iowa a critical role in any presidential campaign. 2020 no exception. democratic contenders have been crisscrossing the hawkeye state to make their faces and some some cases their names known to voters. so what's in the hearts and minds of iowa voters? reporter for axios there last week covering the campaign, here for a debrief and as i
8:22 am
understand it, you watched a focus group of iowa swing voters last week and wrote that they loved, loved some of the liberal proposals such as elizabeth warren's proposal to erase student loan debt but not sold on the democratic candidates. they liked the messages, perhaps in is kas, not so much the messengers. what did you get what they were looking for in a candidate? >> you know, this is one of the more fascinating focus groups i watched as part of this partnership doing for the 2020 election, because in past focus groups whether ohio or wisconsin i heard a lot from obama, trump voters souring on president trump's personality. but in iowa, they liked the president's governor, he's a businessman, takes a strong approach to trade deals, the way he handles things but are drawn at the same time to liberal populist policies you mentioned.
8:23 am
some of which proposed by elizabeth warren like student loan debt forgiveness. majority people in the focus group love that because they personally are dealing with the effects of student loan debt. also they really resonated with the idea of taxing big banks to pay for president trump's infrastructure plan. i thought that was fascinating because it's echoed in elizabeth warren's message. at the same time some of the folks in this group have different views what type of job the presidency is. one man said it's a man's job. that is a challenge for elizabeth warren when dealing with however small or big that group of people might be who believe that. and sort of -- mutual wo-- >> said it out loud? >> yes. people have no reservations speaking their feelings and opinions. he said that out loud at the focus group. other things that came up i think are potential interesting problems for some democratic candidates was that each group of voters thought president trump would have the easiest
8:24 am
time beating a candidate who a gay. obviously mayor pete. on the flip side, thought president trump would have a harder time beating a candidate of color. that's in part because these folked voted for obama in 2008 and 2012 and more around, i think, based on anecdotes, more people of color than people who are gay. >> elizabeth warren took her campaign to the small town in west virginia last week, and warmly received by the crowd. according to politico was warmly received and even applauded at times. these groups, they like her policies, why don't they see her as a candidate they can support? if they like her ideas why not like her as much? >> right. i think whether it's baked in ideas about who is supposed to be president based on the types of people who have been president who have been all men and mostly white men, i think that is somebody for people to get over and i think we're seeing elizabeth warren come into her own and come into her own in these deep red districts that are called trump country.
8:25 am
because there are people who really like president trump for different reasons. one thing making them like elizabeth warren even though they liked trump in 2016, president trump had a populist message pushed in he didn't see through to fruition. made forgotten unseen folks in the white working middle class feel seen and heard and didn't follow through on everything they were looking for. now someone like elizabeth warren who is pushing these populisted? s and policies in a more genuine and authentic way because she actually has policy proposals and plans to back them up is resonating, and now getting over maybe the personal personality factor for her. >> and political reporter from axios. fascinating debrief there. >> thank you. >> thank you. come back soon. after a splashy 2020 campaign launch, texas congressman beto o'rourke has fallen back a bit in polls. the blitz his campaign has planned for this week. first, though -- five years after the death of eric garner, a trial getting
8:26 am
under way now. the disciplinary trial for the new york city police officer accused of using a banned choke hold that led to his death. that trial started about two hours ago. officer daniel pant layo could e fired from the nypd if found guilty of violating department rules.
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get back to our breaking news. market sell-off in reaction to increased china tariffs. the dow very much in negative territory approaching, almost down 600 now. top of the show, if you recall, the dow down about 536. the other markets we should also point out keeping an eye on those. also down. for a sense how this is playing in china, let's go to china. janis mackey frayer our correspondent in beijing and for purposes of this conversation, point out actually lives in beijing as well. janis, how is this being reported in the chinese media? >> reporter: well, there was the promise by beijing they would retaliate and there was every
8:31 am
expectation they would follow through on it slapping their own tariffs on u.s. goods. the chinese media long played this as china wanting to be pragmatic. that the u.s. was starting to be heavy-handed and unfair and that's why negotiations have deteriorated. the editorials and coverage today focused a lot on president trump's tweets over the weekend. especially the suggestion that u.s. companies would leave china. the sense here is that, that's absurd. u.s. companies spent years trying to break in to the chinese market. a market of a billion-plus people, a thriving market and a self-sufficient one. a country that has its own industries to making its own mobile phones, its own internet, own airliners. a sense from the chinese perspective this is the piece of the pie u.s. companies have want add part of and competition is one of the stumbling blocks, craig. the subsidies china's government
8:32 am
offers to many chinese companies in the form of grants or cheap loans. ed u.s. says this muddies computation tags macom competition and limits the playing field. the sense here that both sides are going to double down. >> yes. >> reporter: china offered a few weeks before the tariffs kick in. so they're matching what the u.s. is offering on that. >> janis, people, just regular chinese folks, if you will, what do they say about all this? what's their take on this back and forth? >> reporter: well, there is the sense here that american companies want a part of the chinese market, but they don't want to play by china's rules and there is a lot of national pride in the fact that china has these self-sufficient industries. has its own internet. its own space program. so there is the sense that it does need american companies to come and do business here.
8:33 am
of course, for american companies, this is a thriving market they do want to be a part of, but the fact that chinese -- china's government has been offering these subsidies is a real sticking point. so these have been some of the core and fundamental issues that have dogged past administrations. president obama, president bush before him. and it always seems to come to the same head with chinese officials. there is the sense here that the u.s. in introducing this new round of tariffs on friday is simply trying to use pressure tactics to get china to make a deal, were but also a sense of reality, craig, the economic cost of losing the american market for china is simply too high. >> thank you for that from beijing. former congressman beto o'rourke is on an all-out blitz right now with both big donors and the media as well. the associated press puts it, he's planning a re-introduction
8:34 am
as the 2020 buzz fizzles a bit. msnbc's gary haig follows the campaign with you new reporting about a busy week ahead for beto. what does the campaign have in store? i imagine they would probably disagree with the characterization that they're fizzling a bit? >> not a re-introduction and not a fizzle but see it as coming into another stape of this campaign and we're seeing significant tactical changes. he's thus far not done the big new york media circuit or the fund-raising circuit and now is doing both. a big finance event tonight in new york city. another one in houston tomorrow. in between sitting down with rachel maddow with the ladies of v "the view" and announced a town hall. a campaign they tried to run much as they could like his texas senate race putting the candidate everywhere. talk to people one on one, the reality, that's not enough. they think the campaign was realistic about the idea he was
8:35 am
never going to run wire to wire as one of the favorites, but success begets success. they need to have him in that top tier, in that conversation, or else they have a bigger problem. >> are they changing strategy now because they've concluded their strategy isn't working? i think changing their strategy now because they can. a campaign that was launched, the plane already in mid-air. didn't have a staff. no one in early states. he was meeting with volunteers essentially that did his introduction in some of the early states. only in iowa even now would they have what i consider a full-fledged president's campaign blats heoperates when the state and not. they are still putting this together. acknowledgement they need more buds, mo buzz as they put it together. it's still may. >> and a monument poll i want to show quickly that's out. look where beto is in this particular poll, right now
8:36 am
polling 2% behind klobuchar, booker, warren, mayor pete pulling well ahead of beto. do we think beto o'rourke has been more adversely affected by joe biden getting in the race? mayor pete's current surge, has that affected beto more than perhaps his campaign was anticipating? >> the sense i get from talking to voters in the early states, i call it the tinder problem. always another candidate you can swipe to. right? always somebody else getting in. voters don't feel they have to make a commitment. joe biden, at least the voters i talked to, tends to be an event for other candidates to take that caveat as it is. joe biden is a safe place. they know they like joe biden and can support him and not so much about the others. candidates gets in, pop, come down a little. folks are still swiping. >> still swiping. enjoyed that analogy. tune new to beto o'rourke tonight with rachel madmaddow, 0
8:37 am
eastern only on msnbc. it is crunch time as garrett mentioned. crunch time for the on the bubble democratic candidates hoping to land one of the 20 coveted spots on the debate stage next month. to get in they have to receive donations from 65,000 people in 20 different states, or get at least 1% of support in three pre-approved polls, but just because they hit the goals doesn't necessarily mean they're automatically in. i want to bring in communications director for the dnc. do you guys -- you've laid out objective criteria for what it takes to get on the debate stage in florida next month. what happens when more than 20 people qualify? >> our goal all along has been to be inclusive, fair and transparent and set the threshold back in february when the full field is set. if more than 20 people qualify then the people that would get on the stage first are the people that make both
8:38 am
thresholds. polling, grass roots, fund raiding followed by polling, then followed by just by grass roots fund-raising. you remember in 2016, it was just about polling. on both sides. people would make the debate stage if just about polling. but we saw there would be a large field and wanted to be as inclusive as possible and sheriff tom perez stated from the start he doesn't want to have jay-z and what republicans did. what a disaster it was and we negotiated the best outcome for candidates. two consecutive nights on primetime on three networks. nbc, msnbc and telemundo. first time ever done. a huge win for democrats and we're really excited about it. >> two nights of debates. as you know, starting to see, and have for some time, seen several candidates using this as a mechanism by which to raise money, asking for donations. like senator kirsten gillibrand who asked for a dollar from
8:39 am
donors to guarantee a spot onstage. what's the party's plan for backlash from candidates who do not make the cut? not just the candidates, supporters. their supporters as well? >> first of all, this is the largest stage we've ever seen. 20 people is a lot of candidates, let me remind you. but same time we're were transparent about this all along. you know if our democratic nominee will beat donald trump they need a grass roots fund-raising infrastructure. this is clear. you have to have a strong candidate who has invested time and money into their lists into building a grass roots infrastructure so we can beat donald trump. we take it very seriously and know not all the candidates will make the stage and have been transparent from the beginning how to actually make that stage and try to be as inclusive as possible. >> what's the party doing on the ground now to win back voters in states like wisconsin? states like michigan? places like pennsylvania? what are you guys doing now that
8:40 am
you weren't doing two years ago, three years ago? >> first of all, our convention is in wisconsin and we're very excited about that. taking the fight right to donald trump. also we've started organizing programs earlier than ever to put 1,000 organizers on the ground in states that donald trump won. this hasn't been done before early in the dnc, because we understand that our primary might run long and we want to make sure we have the infrastructure in place in organizing and data and technology so that we can beat donald trump. we're ready to go. we're starting this organizing program, and training this summer. hopefully we'll have those organizers on the ground so that we can compete early and often. >> speaking of data and technology, you guys protecting those servers? >> absolutely protecting ourselves from the russians and anyone else attempting to interfere in our election to help donald trump. >> leave it there. thank you. >> thanks for having me. by the way, in is case you have not heard, only on the networks of nbc, msnbc and
8:41 am
telemundo, first president's debate be of the 2020 election cycle in miami, pla's june 26th and 27th's you'll hear a lot more about that in the next month or so. and america's worst outbreak of the meesiasles continues to r out of control. and one of the most famous actresses in the college admissions scandal expected to plead guilty today in a courtroom in boston. we go there next. next at carvana, no matter what car you buy from us,
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breaking news in that measles outbreak. the worst in roughly 20 years in this country. the number of cases according to the cdc still on the rise. the centers for disease control reporting 75 new cases, which adds up to 839 cases across 23 states since january 1st. the number breaking last week's record where officials said the outbreak reached a level not seen by this country in the past 25 years. nbc medical correspondent dr. john torres joins me now with more on this. first of all, what can we do we're not doing to stem the tide? how can we stop this outbreak? >> we're doing everything we think we need to do but learning as we go along. two things to do. one, vaccinations. it's importance. stop it before it takes hold in an area. once it takes hold like on a cruise ship we saw,
8:46 am
quarantining. harder to do. the vaccine part, get the vaccinations. with measles, tends to be 95%, a little higher. 95% of the population has to be protected in a community for everybody to be protected. some places it's not quite that high and colorado lowest in kindergarten vaccinations rates for for mmr and detap. make sure your children are vaccinated. >> people weren't getting kids vaccinatied because they're ignorant and mean it in the literal sense that they just don't understand how it, woulds or have bought into this anti-vax nonsense? >> a balance of both. they're note getting the message about vaccines and why they're beneficial to them and understand that vaccines might have an issue and look at that instead going, you know, there's problems -- nobody naturally would want their kid shot with a
8:47 am
needle and injected with things that they think might be dangerous. so they look at this saying, is there an issue behind it? we're trying to get in and say, no. it's beneficial, helpful. we're finding the message we're giving, doctors going out there telling people isn't liking. now looking at grass roots campai campaigns. getting people from their oun communiti own communities to talk about the benefits. >> thank you. actress felicity huffman back in a boston courtroom expected toplead guilty in charges related to that massive college add min scandal. huffman admitted to paying $15,000 to boost her daughter's s.a.t. scores. she's just one of the dozens of wealthy parents who paid lard sums of money to get their children to top universities. under her expected plea deal the star could face between four and ten months in prison and a $20,000 fine. senator bernie sanders set to team up with alexandria
8:48 am
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and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection or flu-like symptoms or sores, have had cancer, or develop new skin growths, or if anyone in your house needs or recently had a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. talk to your doctor today, and learn how janssen can help you explore cost support options. remission can start with stelara®. a big push today for the green new deal. senator bernie sanders and
8:52 am
alexandria ocasio-cortez will be headlining a climate change rally in washington this evening. the rally gives 2020 candidates an opportunity to identify with the high profile issue. early splits have emerged from the plan which includes a rapid transmission and the role fossil fuels should play in the transition. the co founder of the sunrise movement that organized the rally. climate change and the environment near the top of eaches that 2020 voters say are galvinizing them this time around. how do you translate those concerns to action? >> that's right, we have seen as early as recently as last week that climate change is now a number one issue amongst democratic voters. voters in some of the key primary states like iowa and new hampshire are citing that they
8:53 am
want their presidential candidates to support a green new deal. so for the last month we have been on tour across america for the road to the green new deal tour. in iowa, in michigan, in kentucky, in california, in louisiana and states across this nation making the case to the public and galvinizing thousands of young people to say that to join incampaign for a green new deal. we are culminating tonight with this exciting event with representative ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders. >> you have sarah sanders on the agenda tonight. i know you are not a political analyst. you are running a political movement. who gains more from the rally tonight? the movement or senator sanders? >> i'll say that it's not actually a campaign event tonight. we are bringing senator sanders on board largely because he has agreed to lend his mic and platform to helping us make the
8:54 am
case to the public and to politicians across this nation for why the green new deal is a positive economic vision for america. so we are grateful to him for being there. >> democratic contender, vice president joe biden reportedly crafting his own climate change policy he hopes that will appeal to both environmentalists and blue collar voters who elected donald trump according to sources. senator sanders responded in a tweet saying there is no middle ground when it comes to climate policy. do you agree with that sentiment that there is no middle ground when it comes to climate change policy? >> i do agree. i think the thousands of scientists who have been raising and sounding the alarm about this issue for decades would say so, as well. right now there is no middle ground approach to addressing the greatest threat of our lifetimes. and i think that if joe biden wants to be relevant with young
8:55 am
voters if he wants the energy, passion and votes and there are a lot of votes to be had that he should back the green new deal and say he won't take oil and gas money. we are seeing also that i think a lot of the energy that he has experienced so far in this race has been because he has come on the ballot recently and he enjoys a lot of support because of his affiliation with barack obama. but at the same time i think as we get towards the debate stage voters will be able to discern between uncle joe and president joe and the policies he is putting forward right now do not measure up to being commence rate to the scale of the climate crisis. >> coming up, president trump goes after former white house counsel don mcgahn in a series of tweets. what's his strategy here? of tweets. what's his strategy here wake up! there's a lot that needs to get done today.
8:56 am
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9:00 am
the trade war. and the markets are reacting badly. >> all in all a very difficult day for the stock market. that having been said, we are one tweet away from a rally. >> leader of the pack, joe biden leads big in a new early state poll built largely on success with black voters and the perception gnat he is the democratic most likely to defeat donald trump. >> biden surge we have been seeing nationally evident in south carolina, as well. among african-american voters, biden doing 20 points better with black voters than bhiet voters. >> don't speak. donald trump goes on the attack against former white house counsel don mcgahn following reports he twice said to trump no to requests to publicly state he did not believe the president obstructed justice.


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