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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  May 14, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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d cancers, including lymphoma, clear skin in many adults. have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system off to hallie jackson. problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening >> we'll talk to one presidential candidate as heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where another jumps in the race. we're starting this morning certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, right off the bat with our eyes hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like on the market. it is starting to rebound after their biggest one-day loss since symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. january. you see the dow up 110 and the man 3: ask your rheumatologist about humira. roller coaster ride because of that escalating trade war as woman 4: go to to see proof in action. president trump considers clapping back on china's latest terror threat while suggesting he is still open to a deal. >> do you guarantee a trade deal with china? and then there were 19. >> we're in a great position that's how many major democrats, right now. no matter what we do. by our count, are now running >> the former aid package the for president with montana $15 billion, can you elaborate what that looks like and where governor steve bullock jumping it is coming from. in this morning. >> it is being devised right noa. our farmers will be very well highlighting the fact that he won his re-election in 2016 the taken care of. >> this story and many others same night donald trump carried we're looking at. the state by more than 20 kristen welker at the white points. >> a state that trump won by 20 house and ali velshi why this points, i don't have the luxury of just talking to people who matters to you at home. agree with me.
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kristen, let me start with you, i go all across our state's first. the president clearly has this 147,000 square miles. i look for common ground to get on his mind as he fired up a tweet storm this morning. things done. >> firing off a tweet storm that's how i was able to bring democrats and republicans defiantly, hallie, defending his together. i'm steve bullock and i'm policies towards china. running for president. this trade war which has been controversial. this is what he tweeted today, >> steve in is montana where he when the time is right, we will will make his announcement in a make a deal with russia. but as i have told him many couple hours. another candidate now making it times before, this must be a great deal for the united states official. or it doesn't make sense. >> this isn't a bad candidate to the two leaders will meet at the follow there, hallie. this is actually our second time out here to montana. g-20 summit next month. i was out here a few months ago one of the biggest beneficiaries to meet up with the governor of what is happening now and back when he was mulling his bid. i first turned my eye towards hopefully china will do us the the governor here of montana. honor of continuing to buy our it was last summer when i heard from some iowa activists, great farm product. democratic activists up in des what exactly is the moines that said the governor administration doing to try to from montana stopped into town help those farmers? we know that already there is a for house parties and they found him relatable. they found that he was $12 billion bailout package if you want to call it that. authentic. that they, they felt like he had a lot of farmers said that a good presence there in iowa.
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didn't go nearly far enough. so, that's when i decided i now some scrambling behind the think we need to come out here to montana. i want to play you a little bit scenes to come up with more aid of sound from our interview with to the tune of $15 billion. him earlier this year. we're tracking that very >> democrats are at fault as closely. president trump set to depart within the hour, hallie. we're hopefully asking him about much as anyone else. writing out parts of the all of this. country. he's heading to louisiana. showing up matters. we just had the opportunity to you're never going to be able to speak to congressman steve swho govern if we're losing the entire country. if they don't understand and feel that we're out there defended the trade policies and fighting for them. that it was going to be china who will bear the brunt. >> hallie, bullock served as peter alexander pressing him on whether or not ultimately the reality u.s. consumers and u.s. farmers will bear the brunt and attorney general before winning we know that larry kudlow over the governorship and won 2016 despite donald trump winning in the weekend acknowledged that the state. that is, in fact, the case. he has a republican legislator he is working for and just this >> the president heads to last legislative session and louisiana. i know we'll see you out there she's looking at that debate on the south lawn, kristen, trying to get a question to the president and the big one, of stage to present himself as a course. younger alternative. will he go ahead and put these he has progressive credentials new tariffs on $325 billion and said also he is able to go worth of chinese goods? that is the last, the ultimate into the rural communities and make the case by listening to straw. folks out in ing a agricultural
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ali velshi, that is something you're watching. the dow is doing better today than it was yesterday. >> a lot better. up a half percent. drops of 2% daily which sort of of the country and this is how gave me the sense yesterday that he is going to be making his formal announcement here later this isn't a selloff. not sort of a massive collapse. this afternoon. he grew up just down the road folks still think that these two and he's going to be making that guys are going to come to some kind of a deal. what the president has proposed announcement at the high school where he went to a high school. now is putting a tax on every this is a place of 30,000. single consumer product that china exports to the united there is a big name i.d. at play. he will have to introduce states. himself to a lot of folks over in total china exports $325 billion as you said. the next year. these are estimates now. he is prepared to do that next thursday when he goes to iowa about $25 billion of that stuff are things that consumers don't buy like minerals that go into for a three-day swing. your phones or pharmaceuticals, >> vaughn, have fun out west. appreciate it. we'll head back out east to but, basically, $300 billion concord, new hampshire, where joe biden is at a coffee shop worth of consumer goods that the united states is planning on there. we're telling you how he slapping extra tariffs on. zero question that that is going to end up costing american customers more money. this state since declaring his candidacy. because it gets passed on to the he's pointing at the cameras and consumer. very few companies can hold may come over and take questions those increases to themselves from reporters. the former vice president and not pass them on. talking tough on president some will do so, but you will trump's moves on tariffs and
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see increases in clothing. trade. this is a lane and an area where that is one of the biggest things we get from china. joe biden potentially sees some room to run. most of our cell phones, by the to try to score some points way, made in china even though against president trump, some of them are made by particularly given how american nonchinese companies. farmers in places where biden feels like he can connect are laptops, same ideas, toys, hurting from those tariffs. joining me now is another presidential candidate, michael bennet, the democratic senator kitch kitchenware. literally if you go to a super from colorado. store and you buy stuff 70% plus is made in china. the problem, hallie, what the senator bennet, thank you for president wants to do with tariffs and bring some of that manufacturing back to the united being with us. states. but people will tell you, for how do you differentiate instance, in south carolina yourself? you're running in the more where they used to make furniture or in the midwest moderate lane but you voted with where they would make certain president trump too much on appliances, that is not judicial picks and not manufacturing that we generally want to do in the united states progressive enough supporting because our labor rates are too medicare for all. do you want to win them over and high. so, you are going to see how do you do that? >> of course i want to win them increases in the cost of these over and i don't accept that i'm things. you're not necessarily going to running in a moderate lane. be seeing a parallel increase in no one has worked harder to wages, which is where the problem lies. create opportunity in america than i have in this race. >> ali velshi, i know you'll i spent years before i was in this job working as superintendent at denver public stay on top of that. schools and spending every day secretary of state mike of my life with teachers and
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pompeo will sit down with kids and principals in their classrooms trying to take the vladimir putin and they will be system that was reinforcing the talking about iran on the heels economic inequality we have in of new plans drawn up by theict this country and make it better. aing defense secretary for a so, i am, i am actually willing dramatic, dramatic troop surge in the middle east. "new york times" says patrick to contend that we need to change what the definition of shanahan presented a plan to top progressism is in that race. national security officials last week that would send 120,000 i think it's part of what we need to do as democrats and as americans to make sure we're not troops to the region if they the first generation of americans to leave less accelerate its work on nuclear opportunity to people coming after us. weapons. that plan has not been verified by nbc news but courtney is here and i think that's a pretty progressive idea and i think it's a pretty urgent problem with what we should know. that we have to deal with. courtney, we're teeing up, >> probably a tall task, right, right. we'll talk about this later in to get the democratic party to change the idea of the show to mike pompeo sitting progressivism. particularly when you are down with vladimir putin and facing, frankly, sir, a bit of a they have a lot on the agenda. name recognition issue. one thing will be iran. half of democratic voters don't know who you are. put this in context for us. how do you plan to try to break this new reporting and what it through? >> well, i think that's what means. >> iran and syria. this campaign is for. the "new york times" story. for me, it's just putting one everyone needs to take a step foot in front of the other. we are a long, long way from back and look at what this is and what it is not. the pentagon is constantly making this decision as updating contingency planning. democrats and even a longer way you know, we just saw venezuela, from making it as americans. you know, when barack obama was
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this build up in venezuela and turning into a potential civil in this race when he was running, he was 30 points behind war there. well, when something like that hillary clinton today. happens, the pentagon, the joint when joe lieberman was in this staff, they update their race, he was the leading democrat in the race. contingency planning. so, i think it's good that we everything from doing nothing to the very worse-case scenario. something like what the "new have the opportunity now. we have now 22 people in the york times "reported on 120,000 race, which i think is great. u.s. troops, soldiers, sailors, i don't think the country knows what the national democratic marines moving into the region. party stands for any more. this is an opportunity for us to that is a worse-case scenario. have that discussion. not just on the cable if iran would attack a u.s. television, but in people's installation or some kind of living rooms and in iowa, new attack of the united states that the united states had to respond to. it is not uncommon. hampshire and other places. and, by the way, i think what last week we saw the u.s. you hear from people in those talking about some intelligence, places is very different from some threat streams coming out what we hear on the national news at night and that's when we of iran and iranian proxies for have to elevate and lift up attacks against americans in the during the course of this campaign. region. when something like that >> one of the opportunities for happens, it is very common for the plans, the contingency you to introduce yourself as you're talking about would, of planning to be updated and then briefed to the national security course, be on the debate stage. apparatus and the have you hit that $65,000 donor administration. what patrick shanahan did. threshold yet to participate? we know about this meeting after >> have not hit it yet. acting secretary shanahan came anybody who would like to go to back and talked about it and
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said out of the meeting they and give me a came out with the statement that mike pompeo came out with later dollar or so to help us hit it. i got started late because i was that day. diagnosed with prostate cancer they didn't move any troops into and i had to spend five weeks the region as we saw. if you're talking about 120,000 taking care of that. i am totally fine now and more troops that is not something that turns on a dime. important than going to my website, if you haven't been that would be weeks and months' screened for it, you should be screened for that and any other long deployment of u.s. troops cancer you can. into the region, hallie. but we are working hard. not something that is happening you know, i started late and i've got to catch up. oe but i think, i think we'll get overnight or even happening right now. worse-case scenarios. >> courtney, thank you. there. >> senator gillibrand called more on the russia investigation, not the mueller investigation. but a new kind of review into that $65,000 random and the initial investigation itself inaccurate. do you agree? because after months of the >> i think they have to pick something and i think picking president demanding to investigate the investigators, that and picking a 1% threshold, as he said. the attorney general is putting someone in charge of that. you douknow, i don't think that tapping the u.s. attorney in connecticut to look into the random. it's what we have to do. >> take on your candidate hat origins of the counterintelligence during the for a minute and senate 2016 campaign. news first reported by "new york intelligence committee member times." hat. big news subpoenaing donald pete williams is with us along with nancy cook and reuters trump jr., the president's son. has the committee in contact white house correspondent jeff mason. so, pete, some important timing with him and his attorney?
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context here. it sound as though the u.s. what is the status of him attorney from connecticut had responding? >> i can't talk at all about been in charge of this for the what is going on in the process last couple of weeks. of the intelligence committee, we're just now finding out more? >> that's what i'm reporting this morning, hallie. but it is vital for the this was actually done nearly a month ago and the fact that this is going to be done, that the oversight. we're not prosecutors. review was going to happen is this isn't a criminal proceeding something the attorney general has been saying for several in the congress, but there is weeks. massive evidence that the he wants to know whether the russians interfered with our intelligence assets of the u.s. 2016 election. were properly predicated when notwithstanding the fact that they were applied against the president trump didn't have the trump campaign in the period strength or courage to bring it leading up to the inauguration. up with putin the last time he talked to him. so, this is strictly during the congress needs to do his job. i'm proud to be on the campaign period. he has said that he's been committee. around before when intelligence >> it sounds like you're defending them, the subpoena of assets were abused. donald trump jr., because rand looking into civil libertarians paul, your senator on the other side of the aisle says he thinks without the necessary predicate the entire senate, the caucus, he wants to make sure it was should vote on this. done right this time. one person, meaning the since he made these comments intelligence committee chairman initially, you know, you've should not make the call. heard from several former leaders of the fbi, the former is he right? >> i think he's wrong. fbi director james comey, the what he is suggesting is a former deputy, andrew mccabe and further breakdown in the norms of the rule of law in america. then just last week the former
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general counsel of the fbi all and we shouldn't take that of whom have said they're lightly. you know, this whole place is confident that the fbi did all based on a set of norms and the right things by the book in rules and our commitment to looking at these allegations self-government and our that first arose against the trump campaign. but it's going to be somewhat commitment to checks and balances and all of that is being called into question by a more orderly, i guess or more president. the only president i think we've had certainly in my lifetime structure is the word i'm that's attacked those norms and looking for, this review. attacked the rule of law. and it's up to the rest of us initially it was being done by and it's up to you, hallie, and people inside the justice department, that is literally true, but not inside the main me and everybody who has a voice in this country, including the justice building because durham members of the senate of the is the u.s. attorney in president's own party to stand connecticut. >> pete, can you stand by for up to him. one second. and to protect the rule of law and to protect these i want to bring in nancy and jeff on this. investigations so the american people can know the truth. we heard from my colleague, not for partisan reasons, but so stopped by and talked with reporters and unsurprisingly he that we can continue to exercise talked about this story. our responsibility for i want to play you a little bit of what he had to say. >> it's important that we rule self-government. and deliver to the next generation a country that is out if there were people at the better than the one that we founded. fbi that were using their that's what this is all about. positions of power to carry out >> and on that note, quickly, "new york times" is reporting a political agenda, their own today that the attorney general personal political agenda has now assigned and nbc news instead of doing their jobs. >> jeff, this is something we
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confirmed that u.s. attorney in have heard not just from the connecticut to look into the origins of robert mueller's president but steve scalise for russia investigation. do you think that is a necessary months and now john durham leading the charge here. >> first thing that comes to my step? mind is the president sees >> i think everybody knows what the origins of the mueller vindication of the fact that he investigation was. chose ag barr. if you read the report, you can going to be very pleased that see massive cases of russians the attorney general is doing this and also be pleased that interfering in our 2016 this is not the only investigation looking into the election. by the way, if you talk to investigators. there are others and the anybody, you know, any ambassador for any european inspector general and some in country, they'll tell you they utah, according to "new york are on full alert every day because of russian interference times." a few different avenues right now, branches, looking into what and the support. russia is doing for right-wing actually happened. >> unsurprisingly jay sekelow parties that are trying to split their countries apart. that's what happened to us. we don't need some prosecutor in said the origins of this investigation have to be connecticut or anywhere else trying to ascertain what the reason is for the mueller examined thoroughly and the investigation was. appointment of the u.s. attorney what we need is for the american would be the appropriate. people to have the benefit of seeing the unredacted mueller and controversy this morning report and all the supporting from democratic corners that documents underneath the mueller this is moving forward even report so they can make a though as pete pointed out, the judgment about whether or not this president is complying with attorney general said, hey, i the rule of law.
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told you about this a month >> we are fully out of time, agoe. >> democrats are just wondering colorado senator michael bennet, if this is the best use of the please, come back. much more to talk with you department of justice resources. so interesting to me the role about. come back on the show. thank you, sir, appreciate it. the attorney general is playing coming up after the break, alabama lawmakers expected to in this. trump, president trump and vote today on a bill that would attorney general barr didn't necessarily have a close all but ban abortions there. relationship before barr entered the administration and now barr states angling for a security very quickly has become one of the most sort of valued and battle over roe versus wade. how are blue leaning states taking steps to protect abortion rights? we'll talk about that next.ect r n trish rights we'll talk about that next if you're turning 65, you're probably learning treasured cabinet members. he is investigating the investigators as trump has long wanted and handling of the mueller report and that is a real interesting evolution in the last few weeks. >> pete, also going down this morning a judge is set to rule on this trump administration lawsuit seeking to validate a house oversight subpoena. what can you tell us about that? >> this is the request by the house to try to get lots of business records from the trump companies and they had said that they need this for investigative purposes. the trump administration, not
7:12 am
the administration, but the trump companies. this is sort of theive proot side of this fired back and said, look, you don't have any right to this because you can't just investigate anything you want. the house said they want to look at potential crimes. that is something the justice department does, not congress. you have to have some sort of legislative purpose. that's where the two sides were. initially the judge said let's do this preliminary fashion and then he said, no, i think i want to rule on the merit. about medicare and supplemental insurance. he could decide whether, in fact, this could go forward or medicare is great, but it doesn't cover everything - not and take a preliminary step on where it goes from here. only about 80% of your part b medicare costs, but this is one of the first of these show downs between, in which means you may have to pay for the rest. this case, the private side of that's where medicare supplement insurance comes in: the trump operation and congress and undoubtedly more, like, for to help pay for some of what medicare doesn't. learn how an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, example, the request for access to the trump taxes. >> this is to be clear, separate insured by united healthcare insurance company from tax returns. might be the right choice for you. other financial documents related to the president's a free decision guide is a great place to start. business. pete, what is the timing on when we might hear from that judge call today to request yours. and when this might all go down? so what makes an aarp medicare supplement plan unique? >> he moved things very rapidly.
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a sort of preliminary stage of well, these are the only medicare supplement plans this and then he told the lawyers, you know what, i think i have enough here let me move endorsed by aarp on and decide the case on the and that's because they meet aarp's high standards merits today. i mean, if he's moving this of quality and service. fast, he could do it from the you're also getting the great features that any bench and write an opinion, but medicare supplement plan provides. it will be pretty soon. >> pete williams, we know we'll for example, with any medicare supplement plan hear from you when that comes you may choose any doctor or hospital around. first, counter in. that accepts medicare patients. former trump staffer and reality you can even visit a specialist. with this type of plan, there are no networks omarosa manigault newman. or referrals needed. she joins us, next. also, a medicare supplement plan plus, the 2020 democratic goes with you when you travel anywhere in the u.s. field is getting one bigger with a free decision guide will provide a breakdown montana governor steve bullock of aarp medicare supplement plans, getting in the race. one of the 19 colorado senate and help you determine the plan that works best for your needs and budget. call today to request yours. joins me later this hour. senat joins me later this hour after my dvt blood clot... let's recap. there are 3 key things you should keep in mind. one: if you're turning 65, you may be eligible for medicare - but it only covers about 80% of your medicare part b costs. a medicare supplement plan may help pay for some of the rest.
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alone. for comparison's sake. look at all of 2017 when 63 abortion restrictions went into effect. it's part of a bigger push to trigger a supreme court fight so the justices have to reconsider and maybe overturn roe versus wade. joining me now is the director of reproductive rights, nancy show the ladies the money. cook and jeff baden are back that's the demand from a former with us. trump staffer filing a lawsuit kelly, thanks for being on. against the president and his this is not just alabama. 2016 campaign. and now another high-profile we can show a slue of states who former trump aide wants on in on are moving toward more that. restrictive abortion bills. oma how are advocacy groups trying omaroa. looking to join that motion filed accusing the president of to fight this? >> sure. sexual misconduct and pay you're absolutely right. discrimination. monday's motion claimed that the more than 300 bills have been introduced just this year alone. campaign paid women nearly 20% that's on top of the 400 abortion restrictions that have less than their counterparts. already been enacted at the johnson wants to exclude the state level just since 2011. so organizations here in the scope so others, including south, i'm coming to you from omarosa, can sign on. atlanta, are fighting back in author of "unhinged." every way they can. what's important is that there
7:18 am
are things you can do even if thanks for being on the show. >> good to be here. you don't live in one of these how are you? >> i'm good. thank you. states that have increased their can you explain why you're seeking to join this lawsuit? >> my attorney john philips came hostility torwards abortion to me and said, you're never right. going to believe this. >> how do you protect when he brought the information legislatively those rights? to me and showed me what others is this just a function of were paid. fighting this in court? it does seem like one of these the men on the campaign versus the women, including myself. bills, one of these laws will end up making it to the i have to be honest with you, i was surprised. justices. i feel like i'm a good >> that's certainly the goal. alabama, ohio, kentucky, negotiator. i like to negotiate my salary mississippi, georgia, they all but i was told this is what all are very clear that their goal the men are being paid and on is to take us backwards 46 years par with what they're being paid and overturn roe. only to find out that was a lie. but at the same time, as you mentioned, alabama will be voting today to criminalize to hear there were so many other women who got paid 20% less abortion. rhode island will be voting as across the board. i'm talking about on the local level, state level and, of well to advance a bill that course, on the national level. protects abortion rights. so, when the information was presented to me then, certainly, illinois has a similar bill. new york did that earlier this i wanted to join the efforts and year. unfortunately we'll be looking really hear what they were at the situation in the future where your ability to access trying to do in this pay disparity. >> let me get specific with you. legal abortion care will depend the lawsuit says that males, on the state you live in. >> the supreme court, this fight they allege, were paid $4,500 a over the court has long been a
7:19 am
month. and how much were you paid more mobilizing issue for monthly for your trump campaign? republicans than for democrats. >> all of this is public. in 2016, 21% of all voters said i was paid $7,000 a month. future appointments were the my male counterpart was paid most important factor. president trump won those voters by 15 points. $11,000 a month doing the same do you see that changing some do job, except the difference is, i you think this issue will end up had more experience and more mobilizing democrats more than education. in addition to that, there were they've been this year? >> absolutely. other female staffers, same i think there's a clear through situation. line from the women's march to some of them had more the me too movement, the experience. kavanaugh confirmation protests some of them had more education and they were paid less, as and certainly the november 2018 well. so, in my case, $7,000 a month elections where we saw a wave of and my male counterpart $11,000 progressive women elected at all to $12,000 a month doing the levels of government. same job. >> typically you didn't know what's happening in some of during the campaign there was these red states is not a this disparity you only said you reflection of the will of the american people. found out after when your lawyer so i think voters are actually brought you this info? highly motivated. i think the story of 2018 and >> you don't find out until the financial disclosures are 2019 is about women. public. they're filed months after the >> president trump sees this as a political issue as my campaign. in this case we won in november colleagues know as well. and this information wouldn't have been available until nbc news points out the january, you know, after the white house. president has taken steps aimed but even then, i never took a look to see what my male in turning abortion into a rally counterparts were being paid. i took them at their word that cry for conservatives.
7:20 am
the women were being paid. >> absolutely. i think this underscores the fact this would be a major issue here's the interesting thing. in 2020 both on the republican side and the democratic side. kellyanne conway led our all the way up to the supreme campaign and we were led by a court. woman. it's going to mobilize people on you would think the efforts to both sides. keep pay disparity out of the >> i was told even, you know, trump campaign would have been the president feels so strongly there, but that wasn't the case. that this is a good political issue for him that during the >> i want to get on the record drafting of the state of the what the trump campaign's union address, officials told me response to this. the trump campaign has never discriminated based on race, he added in more language about ethnicity, gender or any other abortions and the talking point basis. any allegation suggesting he has about late term abortions. otherwise is off base and i feel like he's seized on that in a way he never has before. unfounded. your response. >> recently he screened a >> the numbers don't lie. in this case, it's not their side and my side. anti-abortion film at the white it's the numbers. the data is right there. it is public information. house and had a number of you can go through and look. we had an expert go through and look at each of the salaries. activists -- >> he didn't attend. >> i appreciate you coming on to but this also continued in the talk through that. we'll be keeping an eye on that inauguration in the transition vote set to happen later on this and, currently, you see it in afternoon in the alabama state the administration. i believe 19 members of his senate. president trump is set to leave the white house in a few cabinet are men. the other five are women. minutes. you can see the white house there. you know, you can see that he he might be taking some questions from reporters on his way out the door.
7:21 am
doesn't care about diversity in his cabinet. we'll be there. we have plenty to talk with him nor in his administration. about. everything from china, trade and tariffs to that investigation of very few are african-american. the investigation. most of the women are paid less or the review that the attorney and he tried protections for general has put the u.s. equal pay rolling back some of the obama era initiatives. attorney in charge of. i'll see you there. so, it's pretty clear where the right now, more news with craig president and his administration stand on pay equality for women. time is up. enough is enough. melvin in new york. good to see you. >> an administration that you worked for after the campaign. craig melvin here on another did you ever think maybe this very busy news day. was something you would want to bring up during your time as a white house official? did you not have -- >> i'm so glad you ask that. in russia, secretary of state i'm so glad you asked about that mike pompeo is meeting with vladmir putin on his first because under my portfolio in diplomatic trip to that country. public liaison was women's on the agenda, among other efforts. so, ivanka trump said in her things, the growing crisis in speech at the republican iran, venezuela, nuclear arms convention and she said control, north korea. we're about to hear from both of throughout her tenure at the white house that she was going to fight for equal pay for the women. but it's just all talk. th them. president trump is getting she's talked the talk, but she ready to leave the white house hasn't walked the walk. moments from now for an you will see the efforts for infrastructure event in this administration are zero in louisiana. a live look there at joint base terms of making sure that pay andrews.
7:22 am
disparity is eradicated in this we might hear from the president country. soon as a hearing is beginning so, i'm a little disappointed in federal court right now over that ivanka did not follow up on his lawsuit to stop democratic subpoenas for his financial her promises and commitments to this country to make sure that records. and wall street rebounding women get equal pay for equal today after president trump goes on a tweet storm over a possible work in this country. >> before i let you go, have you trade deal with china. spoken with any of your former we'll look at that. colleagues on the trump campaign? do you think more of them might congressman seth moulten sign on? what have they told you? >> i was surprised by how many will join me to talk about his women reached out to me. one who worked on the national foreign policy experience differentiates him from this level with me who said that she crowded yet still growing finally went and looked at the democratic field. public disclosure, financial we'll get to all of that in just a moment. we start with the secretary disclosure records and to use her words, to find out her male counterpart was being paid $6,000 more per month than what she is. i expect a lot of women will come forward once they see across the board how they were treated by this campaign. >> omarosa, thank you for joining the show. coming up next, face to face
7:23 am
and head to head because in less than an hour mike pompeo sits down with the russian president. we're asking a member of the foreign affairs committee what needs to happen. next. needs to happen. next if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you.
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we are back with some breaking news now. the house and house democrats on that committee are looking to hear from the former white house counsel related to the mueller investigation and his time in the white house. mcgahn and his lawyer on instruction of the white house, they say, have not complied with those subpoena requests. it is topical then that we have congressman, democrat from rhode island joining us now. congressman, i will ask you to wear your house hat and then switch to your house foreign affairs hat. let me start with this don mcgahn news. do you expect him to show up on the 21st? >> yes. we expect that mr. mcgahn will appear on the 21st.
7:28 am
>> have you heard from him or his lawyers? >> conversations between the committee and mr. mcgahn's council. our hope is he will appear before the committee and we need to hear from mr. mcgahn and a number of other witnesses. i hope he will appear and testify before the committee and the american people. >> if he does not comply with that subpoena to appear, do you believe he should be held in contement co contempt? >> our oversight responsibilities will be completely eliminated if the executive branch just gets to decide who will appear and what witnesses will come and what daume documents we'll get. this is an important responsibility we have and we need to be able to compel witnesses and the production of documents in order to do our
7:29 am
work properly and make informed judgments and we intend to use the tools at our disposal to enforce the subpoenas of the committee. >> what is it, specifically, congressman, that you are hoping to hear that you didn't hear in the mueller report? >> i think don mcgahn is an important witness referenced in the mueller report extensively. we need to hear from him and what the president directed him to do and the context of which it happened to further understand what the judgments were made in the mueller report and what the president's conduct was. you know, the american people have a right to see these witnesses testify. to help understand what is in the mueller report and to also add to the information we have from the report so we can make a judgment about next steps. >> let me ask you, you also sit on the house foreign affairs committee and a lot of international news making headlines as we look to that meeting in half an hour between mike pompeo and vladimir putin.
7:30 am
iran is top of the agenda and comes on the heels of new reporting in "new york times" this morning that the white house is planning to deploy as many as 120,000 troops to the middle east. your reaction to that? >> well, this is very disturbing. what we ought to be doing is de-escalating the tensions with iran. the american people do not want another prolonged war in the middle east. collectively, we spent $6 trillion, $5.9 trillion on the wars in the middle east. nearly half a million lives have been lost. the american people do not want another long military conflict in the region and we need to be working with our allies closely to try to de-escalate the tensions between iran and the united states and continue to focus on a diplomatic solution. this is, of course, complicated by the fact that we had an agreement with our international partners with iran to eliminate the possibility of a nuclear weapon. we walked away from that agreement. the iranians continued to comply
7:31 am
with it. now they're threatening not to and to begin enriching uranium but we're in a tough spot because our european allies pleaded with us to stay in the agreement and now we've imposed new sanctions on iran. this has gotten very complicated. but we really need to de-escalate this in furtherance of a diplomatic resolution working very closely with our allies in the region and avoid, at all costs, a military, prolonged military engagement. >> you talk about a diplomatic solution. the top diplomat is overseas. what, to you, would be the best possible outcome from these talks happening today between the secretary of state and vladimir putin? >> well, i mean, first, it would be helpful if the administration understands the motives of vladimir putin. this notion that he's really wishing for good outcome in venezuela and he doesn't want him involved in other places around the globe that are real threats to national security interest of the united states is very naive. so, making it very clear to
7:32 am
vladimir putin that he should, you know, refrain from engaging any further with the iranians. that he should not complicate the issues in sear i yria and t take the attack on our democracy seriously. they never should do it again. showing some force that we understand the threat they pose and expressing an intention to meet it and, particularly as it relates to securing our democracy. but i think, you know, at least the public statements from this administration somehow think they can just make things up with the russians and we're going to get along. look, everyone wants to have good relations with other countries. but we need to understand that russia is acting contrary to our national security interests all over the globe. and we need to make certain they understand we're not going to tolerate it. >> congressman david on the house judiciary and house foreign affairs committee. thank you for coming on the show. appreciate it. now to some other developing news. this coming over from over at the white house.
7:33 am
peter alexander is there for us. all about whether the president's re-election campaign will promise not to use stolen information from foreign adversaries a. this is something i had the chance to ask the president about yesterday in the oval office. i want to play a little bit of that tape. on your campaign, sir, will you commit to not use any information from a stolen adversary? >> i probably never did use, that is what the mueller report was all about. no collusion and i would certainly agree to that. i don't need it. >> now, peter, new word from the president's campaignen oth eon right? >> we are hearing from the senior campaign official telling nbc news confirming the president's pledge to you and the oval office yesterday saying this is president trump's campaign. his campaign will continue to follow his lead. i would parse on the language of the president's commitment yesterday in the oval office when he said i would certainly agree to that. he said i never did use stolen information in the last campaign. a lot of ways to sort of frame this.
7:34 am
right, the president, obviously, talked routinely about wikileaks information presumably that was stolen or obtained in potentially nefarious ways. we know the top democrats, the dnc have all pledged not to use stolen information. and the president himself can be wiggly in the way he describes this right here. which is why that exchange, i think to some degree, was notable yesterday. but you will remember, also, his own personal attorney rudy giuliani in recent weeks said there is nothing wrong with using information from the russians. this takes on significance heading into the 2020. russia and other foreign nations are trying, again, to interfere in our election process. hallie? >> notable about face from the president's campaign just a couple weeks ago. would not make that commitment. peter, thank you much. coming up, democrats piling
7:35 am
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