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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 15, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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as i always say, it's hard to be any development would trigger him. >> what would he say about the some response by the united documentary? >> it's about him. states. president trump calls himself the ultimate decider but he has if it's about him, it's good. >> i'll see you tomorrow morning chosen to do his job on today. differently. andrea mitchell reports starts he does not read his daily intelligence report. the information that comes to now. right now, high alert. him is curated very carefully by the state department takes the extraordinary step of pulling others around him and the president can be president non-emergency staff out of their posts in iraq citing credible easily manipulated. threats from iran without giving he's not looking at the raw any briefings to congress. material. he's looking at the graphics and >> i had no idea what the threat stream is beyond what i read in so forth. the paper. i think there are a lot of he's not necessarily exercising people in my shoes that are going to support standing up to his own judgment. iran but we need to understand >> it was a posting from the what we're doing. >> our troops are not your state department that included pawns. this isn't toy soldiers that you move around the table. public source opinion pieces. these are living, breathing, not just real intelligencintell. feeling people. >> coming up, more from senator tim kaine. a member of the senate armed services committee and foreign relations committee. turning back time, alabama's
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governor is poised to sign a law criminalizing abortion in that >> we can't stress how much this state setting up a battle that could put roe versus wade back is -- i got this intelligence. in front of the supreme court. >> this bill's purpose is to hopefully get to the supreme court and have them re-visit the there was always intelligence actual decision. >> this bill goes all the way to about one particular group or the supreme court and roe v wade another that could pose a threat to u.s. interests in the region is over turned you'll go back to coming from iran or one of its the days where women are having abortions in back alleys. proxies. that's not new. that's been present since the iraq war when we went into shiia under oath. donald trump junior agreeing to return to the senate intelligence committee to answer majority country. this administration took this questions about his meet gts intel general, mike pompeo did wi -- meetings with russians. to our closest european allies will senators get the answers they are looking for. and they uniformly rejected it. >> i think ultimately we'll get they do not see the same threat the facts out and the facts this administration is you can tag about. should speak for themselves. what concerns me is you've covered this region for a long good day. time. we shut down our consulate in leading senators in both parties
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complaining the state department southern iraq that was opened through some of the toughest times in the iraq war. ordered the departure from all we shut that down. critical non-personnel overnight now we're scale back our embassy without any meeting with in baghdad. congress. the fact of the matter is, if democrats are suspicious about white house claims of threat to there's a military confrontation with iran, we know one of the u.s. personnel from iranian places where iran might respond sponsored groups. is in iraq would be threatening giving past calls from john that consulate. bolton before he joined the what concerns me is what they administration topple the regime are doing is they are removing the targets that could be in in tehran. >> congress has not authorized war with iran and the play if the iranians strike back after we attack iran. administration. if it were contemplating this is happening right before military action with iran it our eyes. it's quite here. must come to congress to seek the last thing, there's no secretary of defense. approval. there's a wrong way to do it. we have not had a secretary of defense nominated similar jim a way that endarnngers, our alls mattis stepped down. i think that's because they and interests and people . don't want a strong argument at i'm concerned the administration table arguing against a military confrontation as we know jim t is pursuing a policy that leads us to that wrong way. >> president trump says he's the mattis was. >> fair point. decider. critics are concerned he is not thank you. hearing from those who disagree with hard liners who dominate the national security team as democratic senator tim well as the state department. kaine, one of strongest critics
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also, heavy influence on the f the white house action on white house from israel, saudi arabia and the uae, all add ver rights. the alabama senate's plan to sars outlaw almost all abortions in -- adversaries of iran. the state and perhaps the nation. could it lean to overturning roe msnbc political contributor ben v wade. rhoades and msnbc political analyst phil rutker. he's talking about immigration and border security. what is the latest from the we'll continue to monitor that and bring you any headlines. pentagon to justice the decision overnight to remove stay with us right here on msnbc. stay with us right here on msnbc. king cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit non-emergency personnel. slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. >> the pentagon is saying this was the state department when you try to quit smoking, decision. this is based on the with or without chantix, intelligence stream we have been you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. hearing about for more than a stop chantix and get help right away week. we don't have anything official if you have changes in behavior or thinking, about what this intelligence aggression, hostility, depressed mood, shows or what the threat is. suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, based on our reporting what we
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have been gathering over the new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, past week and a half is it or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. relates to iran activating some decrease alcohol use. of its proxy forces in the use caution driving or operating machinery. region to attack americans and tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. attack potentially u.s. military the most common side effect is nausea. and their interests throughout the region. talk to your doctor about chantix. it includes going after u.s. ships and other ships out into the red sea. then the potential activation of some of these militia groups in iraq. these are groups that have been there presenting a threat to the united states, u.s. and allies for years. what has the military concern is intelligence showing them they can take the gloves off and go after americans. >> now, kristen welker, what we heard from tehran, after the
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president tried to dial this back after reports of 120,000 troops to be deployed as one of the options called up by the pentagon and offered to the white house at the request of john bolton. what are the pu [horn honks] one of the push backs is there's man this is what i feel like when i wear regular shoes, been no briefing to the hill and the president himself is not on the same page potentially as his cramped and uncomfortable. we can arrange a little upgrade. national security adviser. which is why i wear skechers... >> that's one of the concerns wide fit shoes. throughout the administration they have extra room throughout. they're like a luxury ride for my feet. try skechers wide fit shoes. that has existed since john bolton took over his new position. there's broad acknowledgement that he's hawkish. he's more hawkish than the president himself on a number of these issues. president trump ran on an america first foreign policy so getting engaged in iran in this region more deeply goes against that very philosophy. i want to just speak to something that courtney was talking about which is this intelligence and the fact that really we haven't had any
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official breeiefing. what is this intelligence that led to these various different steps we're seeing coming out of administration. administration officials tell me there's a krecredible and real threat. it's real threat and they know there's a node to give more information to the american public. they are aiming to do that over the next several days. we'll be watching that very closely. of course, it was very notable that president trump was asked about this reporting of the possibility of sending 120,000 troops into the region. the president saying, no, we're not planning that, but he would take that step if he deemed it to be necessary and he would send a lot more troops than that. notable there. this is foreign policy crisis that continues to grow for this president even some year now since he's pulled out of the iran nuclear deal. >> i wanted to play something both lindsey graham and mitt romney raiding questions.
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republicans are raising questions there's been no briefing for the hill. that's very unusual. >> it is unusual. you're seeing the complaints coming from both parties and the democratic presidential candidates also are speaking out a major legal showdown is about this. brewing over the fight for vice president biden who was part of the administration that women's reproductive rights in created that iran nuclear deal alabama that could set the stage in 2015 is saying the president, for a very important supreme court challenge. president trump, has no foreign lawmakers voting to ban abortion policy, no discernible direction here or agenda here and ought to statewide. it's a measure that makes the procedure a felon for doctors to be getting back in line with perform making no exceptions for that iran deal and you're hearing that throughout the cases of rape or incest. presidential field. >> there's been a foreign it was voted down. it's the most far reaching relation committee hearing that effort in the country this year to curb abortion rights. just concludes d. the legislation heads to the a lot of complaints to the under republican governor's desk and secretary thompson that she said it is intended to set up a she had not been briefed about supreme court face to challenge what's going on in iraq. roe v wade. it's not come to her because it's outside her portfolio. it recognized a woman's she and the department defense constitutional right to choose back in 1972. witness, an acting under joining me now joyce vance and secretary there in front of the foreign relations committee and not having any answers about ruth marcus.
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what happened overnight, we see you all the time. senators are not happy. let me play graham and mitt romney for you. so happy to see you both. >> removing personnel from we're so happy to see you, embassies and consulates is joyce. >> thank you. >> such a star for us and always clearly a serious move by the either alabama or new york. state department. let's talk about this very they feel the threat. serious subject. i would urge the state this is the most serious department and dod to come down challenge. we have seen georgia and other here and explain to us what's states but this one seems to be particularly hard edged in that going on because i have no idea it would make it a felony with what the threat stream is beyond what i read in the paper. penalty for doctors for forming abortion up to 99 years in jail. >> we're not aware of the specific intelligence. >> there's no hiss for agenda that's being closely held. >> closely held. not even the intel committees here. they said the reason the bill is and armed services, of course, lindsey graham, have not been to draconian is they want to briefed. >> well, i think this is really give the supreme the opportunity extraordinary. first of all, you had the to reverse roe v wade. british deputy commander of our efforts against isis in the >> they want it to be. region brief at the pentagon yesterday that he did not
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it's established law. justice roberts has tended to believe there were any i creancd threats from iran in the he j n agree with established law. this is a different supreme region. our closest ally is saying this court. intelligence does not exist. you not only clarence thomas, what this feels like is the rerun of what we saw before you have justice kavanaugh as well. >> this is a terrible law. iraq. john bolton n manipulated it's outrageous. it's blatantly unconstitutional intelligence about weapons of mass destruction to build case given where the court was not for a war with iraq. just in 1973 but in 1992 and we know that president trump lies regularly. he lied about iran not being in just a few years ago affirming compliance with the irran nucler its precedents. however -- justin women's health agreement. jim mattis said they were co versus texas. the court said you can't have complying and trump said they weren't. we have pattern of them not just restrictions on abortion if they making reference to intelligence pose an undue burdens to the we can't see, we have a pattern woman seeking an abortion. this is a different court. of them lying about it and our closest ally is saying this i'm going to go out on a limb intelligence doesn't exist. and say i do not think that this it appears as if john bolton is law is ever going to go into determined to put this country effect in alabama. on a collision course with iran i do not think it will be the
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which would be devastating in vehicle for the court to the middle east. we're having no real debate overturn roe. about it. we're seeing these leaks and i don't think that you have -- references to intelligence you need four justices to take a that's not being shared with the case. and you need five to overrule it. this court may be more inclined to overrule roe than it was when justice kennedy was there. united states congress. there's no thorauthorization fr it might be inclined to overrule congress. all of the threats have come precedents than previous court from washington. vs been but i do not think not from tehran. we should be very concerned about where this is headed. there's ann eagerness for the justices to get themselves >> we're all trying to be as involved in a big societal mess responsible in our reporting. a lot of us lived through the and uproar. >> especially right in the middle of a presidential 2003 wmd false claims and very election. >> i think ruth makes a concerned about now being caught fantastic point. last summer the 11th circuit, up in something like that ever again. the court that hears appeals we have cabinet secretaries, from federal cases in alabama considered another alabama colin powell, also determined abortion provision. that panel concludesed they did not to ever go through anything not have the ability to reverse like that again. he was mislead by the roe versus wade whether they wanted to or not. intelligence community. the court made it clear in that courtney, you and i covered this opinion they thought roe was bad back then. i was told today by some
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credible sources that there is a distinction between the claims that were perhaps exaggerated by jurisprudence. pompeo or others when he went alabama's lieutenant governor on the floor of the senate said he and diverted to europeans on monday and did not persuade our believed that president trump had what he referred to as super allies at all that the tanker charged. innocents were related to iran. he had super charged the judiciary to make roe right for reversal. >> you're in alabama and what will the governor do? is there any way to predict it? is it possible we're seeing two >> i suspect she will sign the bill as soon as she has the opportunity to review it. alleged streams of intelligence. >> there are more women running one that might be more kredsable or president than ever before. than the other. >> we know -- the one thing that about this very thing. let's watch. we have heard out of the u.s. >> what they did in alabama, military about this threat is what they did in georgia is that it's multiple streams. it means it's both coming in unconstitutional. >> this is an outrage. it's nothing short of an attack from various ways they gather on women's basic human rights intelligence. everything from potential and civil rights. communications to human it's something women of america intelligence to gathering will have to fight against with everything they've got. >> let us all agree that women's information based on the region and who is there. that's part of the multiple health care is under attack and streams. the other part is it's numerous
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locations that they are looking we will not stand for it. at. we know this better than anyone we will not stand for it. that it's really difficult to >> so you can hear what the get the military and presidential candidates are administration to talk about any saying. kind of specific and incredible i think that the male candidates threat. when you have a case like this where they are accelerating the would also be in very strong deployment of an aircraft accord with that. carrier and task force. there's also a michigan case they are bringing americans where there was a procedure home, it's important the point out that that's not an where the governor would veto it but the law could then with accompanied tour. there are no family members are not living there with the dip petitions, if a certain number of petition gos s go into the legislature, it could be signed into law. >> that's true in alabama too. employ -- in if unlikely instance the diplomats. it's incumbent upon this governor didn't sign the bill, administration to give us some the republican super majority kind of information about why. could go ahead and bring the i think it's fascinating that bill on board. it's interesting to note there's they haven't told the hill about a six month grace period before this but i will say, with this administration, i've seen a this bill goes into effect which pattern of that where even the looks like a period of time meant for litigation to ensue. republicans on hill who used to ruth may be right and this bill get briefings on things or a heads up, they are not seeming may be reversed and never go
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into effect. to get that in other area, >> unless we have a group of trump judges gone wild who think homeland security issues and they are not bound by -- we just issues of intelligence and heard it in justice kavanaugh's national security. >> one of the things that was confirmation hearings. lower court judges need follow said in the alarm from the white the rules the supreme court has house was if iran took any steps set out. if normal judges follow normal towards nuclear development and iran did say that in 60 days rule, this law is unconstitutional until the supreme court reverses itself. >> there are an unprecedented number. 100 federal judges at all levels who have already been confirm they might begin enriching y bid the mitch mcconnell senate. it's considered their greatest uranium. could that be the signal that sets off some sort of u.s. achievement. don mcgahn working with mitch mcconnell. to be continued. joyce, it's a great pleasure to see you. ruth, also a pleasure to see you. thank you. coming up, second time around. donald trump junior agreeing to testify to the senate intelligence committee. will democrats get the answers they're looking for? you're watching andrea mitchell reports. stay with us on msnbc. g andrea reports. stay with us on msnbc.
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one possible break in the white house refusal to cooperate
9:18 am
with ul call congressional inquiries, don junior reversed himself has agreed to testify behind closed doors at the republican led senate intelligence committee. one source to the president's eldest son was telling nbc news that interview will be limited in time and scope. moments ago a different story from the committee's top democrat. senator mark warner saying no limits had been agreed to. >> we've made no compromises with any of our witnesses. anyone that reporting otherwise isn't telling the truth. >> joining me now is susan page. eugene scott and rick tyler. welcome all. lim limits? no limits? you can see a lot of push back from the democrats. it's behind closed doors.
9:19 am
>> interesting some of the sources close to donald trump junior were saying otherwise last night. indicating this was a compromise that was very much along the lines of what he wanted to see. it means the stand off may or may not be over. >> which would mean don junior might try to back out of it. we don't know. what would have propelled him to agree to come back after this blanket refusal. why all of a sudden would he agree to show up? >> he as a track record of showing up a bit. the reality is he has testified before when asked to testify even though he made a big fuss about it. certainly wants to clear his name. knows if he doesn't testify,
9:20 am
democrats will consistently use this against him but his whole strategy has been say no immediately. i won't do it. kind of like trump senior and try to find middle ground. >> it may be a family play book. maybe in the genes. he can also take the fifth. >> he can. they try to get out of it and then they can't. it's sort of an amateur hour. mark warner knows what the negotiation is. trump is refusing to answer all the subpoenas to do with the investigation. don junior is not an employee so they can't claim executive orders. he did you waoesn't want to go will. >> they want to talk about russia. both the trump tower when it started, when it stopped.
9:21 am
>> now the senate intelligence committee knows more than they knew the last time around with donald trump junior. there's some inconsistencies. >> big ones. what he told his father. whether he knew it was to get dirt on hillary clinton or whether it was to discuss adoption or some other thing. >> they're in a position to ask tougher questions, tougher follow up questions. what makes this important, this is a republican lead committee that has chosen to force donald trump junior to testify. there's a lot of house democratic controlled committees that are eager to push figures around close to trump to testify. what that he had this different is this is republicans saying they need more answers. >> let's talk about imgragmigra because they were h the
9:22 am
republican caucus, the lunch meeting yesterday. they have a new immigration plan set today. senator graham would stop asylum seekers from being able to seek asylum seekers at the border. they would have to go to embassies in their home countries to see asylum that would defeat the purpose of escaping threats from their governments or malitias. >> that's pretty consistent with what we're hearing coming from the white house. this push back on the way asylum seeking works currently. this idea it's not fair or right to americans to allow the process to remain the place. not that surprised to see graham back what trump has proposed even in tweets or unofficially regarding how immigration should change. we moe sfootephen miller was at this meeting.
9:23 am
>> cukushner did not have clear answers prompting stephen miller to interare you positive arupt conversation. that doesn't look good. >> kushner has this reputation of breezing in and breezing out of meetings. it came to a head yesterday. he was asked what should have been easy questions to answer and he found he didn't have the answers and miller had to fill in all the gaps. i think a lot of republican senators instead of coming away united against the plan in which there were scant details, they cam came away thinking kushner knows little about our immigration policy. >> it's not surprising miller had all the answers. >> it's his plan. >> he worked on the hill. >> thaes he's done this. kushner had no answers about something so powerful and close
9:24 am
to the president. >> we'll have to leave it there. thanks to all. coming up, tug of war. is the trump administration gearing up for war with iran? tim kaine of the armed services and foreign relations committee is joining me next. stay with us on andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. ea mitchell reports on msnbc remember that day? that day you met your hero? - ms. bird, do you think i could be a champion like you? - of course you can. and you can call me sue. - [jibber] jibber jabber, coming through! salutations, famous female of orange round ball. - would you like an autograph? - [jabber] excuse me. (crowd muttering) - [woman] is that paper mache? - it's you. - [woman] wow. - [narrator] jibber jabber ruins everything. - is it? - [woman] i am confused. - [narrator] at symetra life insurance company we're cutting through it, to help you choose the retirement benefits and life products that work best for you. the retirement benefits and life products behr presents: outdone yourself. staining be done... and stay done through every season.
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tensions are escalating today after the state department ordered non-emergency u.s. government employees in iraq to leave the embassy in baghdad. this happenings at the same time as thousands of u.s. troops in iraq and syria have been put on high alert after what it calls credible threats from iran or its allies. is this bluster or is the u.s. moving toward a war with iran? joining me now is tim kaine who serves on the foreign relations armed services committee. thank you very much. i saw your questioning as well. we've been making a big deal out of lindsey graham now as well saying at 10 dl:00 this morning that nobody on the hill has been briefed about these threats. now i get a text from a u.s. official, an administration official that there is hearing on the hill today. have you been told of any briefing rather?
9:29 am
>> first, lindsay is right. we have not been given any briefings about this intel. we have heard information that is going to enable us to ask some skeptical questions about the intel when we get briefings. i just learned hearing that there is an effort to have an all senators briefing next week. for example, the announcement of withdrawing personnel from iraq, that the lincoln deployment has to be escalated because of concerns about iran. the whole series of things, no briefing yet. maybe we'll get one next week. >> may be one today. maybe it's gang of eight. >> some of the key committee chairs and rankings. we shouldn't be at a point where news is coming out about war plans, 125,000 u.s. troops, some of the rhetoric that's been used by the administration against ie ro -- iran. we shouldn't be at that point
9:30 am
without having brought in the committees. this is a president who thinks he can do it without congress. he's not briefing us about every new move in the trade wars, the imposition of new tariffs. i was asking today about really important national security information that i asked about 45 days ago. transfer of nuclear technology information to saudi arabia that they were supposed to let the public know about. they did not. i've asked for this information now a month and a half has gone by. they haven't given it to me. there's a whole series of things in the national security space where we have to do our job to exercise oversight because that's how the american public learns what's at stake. i'm deeply worried about getting into a completely unnecessary war and especially a president thinking he can do it without coming to congress and the american public. >> i want to drill down on that saudi nuclear issue with you in
9:31 am
a moment. first on iraq. with know the embassy is the most heavily fortified embassy in the world. what is going on here and is this different than the allegations, the suspicions about the tanker damage near the strait of hormuz that was briefed to the europeans on monday with the secretary of state saying they didn't buy it. they don't think it was iran. now we're being told there's a credible threat in iraq. could this be a separate threat level? >> i think there's two questions that congress needs to know and the american public. what is the intel suggesting threats posed by iran to american interests? when you had the key british commander in the battle against isis say the u.s. was hyping, over hyping the intelligence,
9:32 am
that raises concerns. i have heard similar allegations from american security officials that the intel is being overhyped. until we get the briefings from the administration and get asked some questions face-to-face, we don't know. that's the first question. what is the intel and is it being over hyped. the second question american public needs to know, to the extent there's concern about iri iranian activity. is it activity they are initiating or is it something the u.s. is doing? >> the u.s. has taken a whole series of steps with iran. when the u.s. withdraws from diplomatic deals, it raises the question of unnecessary war. announcing the lincoln deployment is now all about trying to combat iran. the report of war plans to
9:33 am
involve the 120,000 troops in the region to counter iran. we need to know the answer to two questions. what is the intel about the iranian threat and how much of the iranian threat is because the u.s. is instigating and provoking iran. that's an important question to ask when you look at the record of statements that national security advise r john bor johns made about regime change in iran. words that senator cotton has stated about ease of a military victory over iran. we have to worry if the threat is being provoked by the united states. >> senator, you have a son in the military. you have a marine. as a parent, are you satisfied that our commander in cheeief knows what he's doing?
9:34 am
>> i'm not. when he pulled out of the iran deal, remember this, at that point secretaries mattis and tillerson and the head of the joints chief of staff said the iran nuclear deal serves the nations interest. we should stay in it. he overruled them. our allies said it's making us safer. he overruled them. they said iran was complying with the deal. he overruled it. even israeli defense and intelligence officials that i talked to one-on-one felt that the deal was not solving iran's bad behavior but reducing the risk of nuclear weapons. he's overturned all the advice from the people around him and know what they are doing. i think he's following advice from people who sadly, i don't think are really up to the challenge and understand the situation. they are certainly not at the level of those advising him to stay in the deal.
9:35 am
we're talking about 125,000 troop, he can say things like that like he's moving little soldiers around but my military families have suffered through repeated deployments. deployment after deployment after deployment to the middle east. if this is just bluff talk by the president, they don't take it as a bluff. they take that as a very existential challenge to their family life. is there another war in the middle east. are we going to have a multi-yearlong in the middle east with more deploydeployment. that kind of thing is psy psychologically terrorizing to military families. i'm going to do anything i can to make sure we don't get into a war. the president should not think he can just threaten or bluster
9:36 am
or do this alone without submitting it to congress. that tells you he doesn't think he can convince congress. >> senator, also want to ask y about this. you raise the question at this hearing. i saw you raise wit the energy secretary. now you have raised it with the under secretary of state. it's been 35 days that you pointed out. seven approvals have been given, tentative but we can'tdays, sev approvals have been given, but we can't seem to get any information ourselves out of this. they've always been public in the past for nuclear equipment to go to saudi arabia. why do they need nuclear energy and why are they getting it without any kind of briefing for you? >> that's what we need to know. because of worries about nuclear arms proliferation, an american
9:37 am
company can't transfer nuclear know how to a foreign country unless it's approved by the department of energy. in past administrations, whenever such approvals were given, the fact of the approval was public. when was it approved, who did it go to and what country. during this administration, they've kept them all private and it was in march we realized there had been over 30 of these approved, seven to saudi arabia. i asked in march, april, i asked again in may, give me the dates of the approvals, what companies were given the approvals, what countries. and i asked about saudi arabia. where we improving american companies giving them nuclear technology after the state sponsored assassination of jamal khashoggi, after the jailing of women's rights activists?
9:38 am
were we still improving that? that would raise huge concerns about an arms race in the middle east and there's been reporting that they've built a plant to conduct missiles. they could carry nonnuclear or nuclear warheads. that would pose significant security threats to israel as well as exacerbate tensions with iran in that region. we need to know this and the administration is not giving it to us. >> senator, tim kaine, thank you so much. when you get answers, get back to us, please. >> i'm going to do it. >> thank you, senator. and back to politics, today in new hampshire, kamala harris making a big announcement about assault-type weapons. >> we're not waiting for a tragedy, because we've seen the worst. are we waiting for a good idea? nope.
9:39 am
all the good ideas have been had. i'm announcing it for the first time today here with you, to take executive action to ban the import of assault weapons into our country. [ applause ] >> joining me now is nbc political reporter from new hampshire. kamala harris a major proposal today. how does she suggest getting -- that was a different senate in 1974 and a different president. democrats in both places in charge. >> right, andrea, and in addition to supporting those legislative proposals that we talk about all the time, the assault weapons ban and the universal background checkings. she wants to put pressure on congress to act. she's saying if congress does not present her a proposal within her first one days as president, she would take executive action and she would
9:40 am
use the atf to use that bureau to have a ban on the importation of certain assault weapons like the ones used in the vegas shooting or the pulse nightclub shooting. it's a moment that got her a big applause in the town hall meeting. it was a standing ovation and it's getting her some praise those saying she's not only looking at the result of gun violence, but she's targeting the source. so a lot of people praising her for being a bit bolder than what we've heard so far. >> and she was also asked about all the talk that she would be a good running made for joe biden. and i want to play a little bit of that and talk to you on the other side. >> even though, listen, i think that sure, if people want to speculate about running mates, i encourage that. i think joe biden would be a
9:41 am
great running mate. >> she went on to say he knows the job of vice president. i'm not sure he can still hear me. >> i missed your question. >> i was just asking you about kamala harris saying that joe biden would be a good running made for her. i'm not sure you heard. we played that tape. i'm afraid we lost him. i'm sorry. we will have you back and talk about that coming up as well. next the president and ceo of planned parenthood discussing the controversial alabama ruling. the controversial alabama ruling [ "done melody" plays ]
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or send it. and before we go, remembering a trailblazer. a great public servant died yesterday at the age of 88. she was the founding head of the congressional budget office. she joked he owed getting that job to fanny fox. alice was the first woman vice chairman of the fed, a cabinet post as well in the clinton administration as head of omb. she was a scholar at brookings.
9:46 am
she was a financial officer trying to get the district of columbia budget in order. in all things she did, alice excelled in what had always been an all-male world. she was a national treasure and she was a friend. that does it for us, for this edition of andrea mitchell reports. and here is ali velshi and stephanie ruhle for "velshi & ruhle." >> i probably last spoke to alice about a year ago. but in all those days when we used to have reasonable conversations about federal budgets and how to understand the relationship between economics and government spending, alice was a go-to, a reliable person who always made time to come onto our shows. >> one smart, cookie. >> i'm ali velshi. >> and i'm stephanie ruhle. it is wednesday, may 15th and we begin with breaking news. tensions are escalating between
9:47 am
the united states and iran. potentially endangering americans who are currently in iraq. the state department has ordered a partial evacuation at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. all nonemergency governmen
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