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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 17, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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. this morning newly unredacted documents reveal michael flynn told investigators about efforts to obstruct the mueller probe. some democrats are rethinking about impeaching donald trump. >> alabama's new abortion law is sparking protest. it could have a big impact on 2020 race for the white house. >> president trump unveils a new merritt based immigration plan but nancy pelosi is calling it dead on arrival. good morning, everybody. it is friday, may 17th. you made it. happy friday.
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i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside jeff bennett. we're starting with a newly unsealed court filing from special counsel bob mueller's office. michael flynn says that people connected to the trump administration and to capitol hill contacted him to influence his cooperation with the russian investigation. the filing says this. the defendant informed the government of multiple instances both before and after his argumenty plea where either he or his attorneys received communications from persons connected to the administration or congress that could have affected both his willingness to cooperate and the completeness of that cooperation. the filing says flynn even provide a voice mail recording which a federal judge order to be released in transcript form by may 31st. the judge ordered to release a transcript in what flynn says was a call with the russian ambassador after sanctions were leveled. and all parts of the special
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counsel's report related to flynn be unredacted and made public within the next two weeks. >> the court papers didn't identify who reached out to flynn or discussed the conversations in detail but a voice mail is referenced in the mueller report volume on obstruction. in late november 2017 flynn began to cooperate with this office. on november 22, 2017, flynn withdrew from a joint defense agreement he had with the president. flynn's counsel told flynn's personal counsel and counsel for the white house flynn could no longer have confidential communication with the white house or president. later that night the president's personal counsel left a voice mail for flynn's counsel that said quote i under your situation. let me see if i can state it in starker terms. it wouldn't surprise me if you went on to make a deal with the government if there's information to implicate the president. we have a national security issue. we needs a heads up. remember what we've always said about the president and his
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feelings towards flynn and that still remain. trump attorneys jay sekulow and rudy giuliani said they never heard back. >> elm mitt sullivan the first time a judge has directed the justice department to make public any portion of the report the agency had kept secret. it could set up a conflict with attorney general bill whose teams spent weeks backing out -- blacking out, excuse me grand jury information. details of ongoing investigations and other sensitive information. meanwhile the house intel committee will be acting to enforce its subpoenas to get the unredacted report. adam schiff is scheduling a meeting to plan enforcement action for the justice department not complying with its subpoena. >> house judiciary committee
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jerrold nadler said democrats would probably not impeach trump but that was before the white house counsel sent nadler's committee a letter saying congress has no right to dig into special counsel mueller's findings unless it's for legislation. here's reaction from nancy pelosi followed by nadler's comments. >> last night what they were saying, unless it says ledge. ive purpose there's no reason for us to give you anything. no. it could have an impeachment purpose. i don't want to impeach. i want them to give us the information. president every day gives grounds for impeachment. >> the president's policy now is make being it impossible to rule out impeachment or anything else. >> all right. attorney general bill barr is attempting to justify his increased scrutiny of the fbi's decision in the russia investigation. speaking to fox news, barr compared the russian's interference in the 2016
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election with what america's own justice department did. watch this. >> i've been trying to get answers to questions and i found that a lot of the answers have been inadequate and i've also found that some of the explanations i've gotten don't hang together. so in a sense i have more questions today than i did when i first started. i think people have to find out what the government of doing during that period. if we're worried about foreign influence for the very same reason we should be worried about whether government officials abuse their power and put their thumb on the scale. and so i'm not saying that happened. but i'm saying that we have to look at that. >> joining us now reporter to the "washington examiner". let's talk michael flynn here and the news that broke yesterday. what do you make of the court filing that unveiled new details about flynn's cooperation in the russia probe? >> good morning. what this shows as much as the
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president wants to say that the mueller probe completely and totally exonerated him and showed that there was no coordination at all between his campaign and russia, the information is still trickling out stemming from the special counsel's probe. that may be over but there are still a number of cases like michael flynn's in particular that are still moving through the court system and those cases as we're seeing just yesterday are still going to produce information that may be damaging to the president or at least be cause for concern for him and his attorneys, and may also be useful for house democrats particularly as they continue to mound their own investigations into the president's actions stemming from and related to the special counsel's investigation. >> let talk about that because we just heard from adam schiff who said he's reluctant to issue a subpoena for the full majority and he and other democrats are really reluctant to turn their committees into subpoena factories because they believe
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it will play into president trump's line of attack that they are up for a witch00. have democrats come up with a way to put some teeth behind their enforcement demands? >> this is the key test for house democrats. obviously they have made it extremely clear they believe that they are entitled to and want not only the unredacted mueller report but want that underlying documentation as well. the committees have not held back in their request via letters to the justice department and then subpoenas as we saw from the house judiciary committee and the intelligence committee for those documents as well. where we're seeing some hesitation is exactly what action they are willing to take against the attorney general and when that is going to take place. obviously, the judiciary committee voted to hold barr in contempt. when it does end up being up for a vote on the house floor is going to be a few weeks as we heard from democratic leaders yesterday. that goes for the intelligence committee as well where they say
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yeah we believe we're entitled and we want this information, but how far are we willing to go in term of the attorney general's compliance to get those documents in the first place. >> when do you think we could see a vote, a contempt vote on the house floor? >> i believe democratic leaders said it may be june when we see that action taken by the full house. >> thanks for your time. we'll talk to you again in just a little bit. kevin mccarthy says alabama's new abortion law goes too far but declined whether it should be overturned as republicans navigate the growing backlash over the nation's strictest anti-aboring legislation. >> do you think that law goes too far? >> it goes further than i believe, yes. i defend my pro life position for my whole political career. but i also believe in rape, incest and life of the mother. there were exceptions. that's what republicans have voted on in this house. that's what our platform says.
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i believe that's the point of what you find many of us where we stand. >> this comes as the national be republican party struggles to make inroads with suburban women before 2020 re-election campaigns while state republicans move to remove rape and incest stringent abortion bills. "washington post" reports that while congressional republicans are also quietly parting ways with alabama state lawmakers on the issue, more are hesitant to say whether the abortion ban should be struck down. >> 2020 democratic presidential candidate senator kirsten gillebrand denounced the controversial abortion ban enacted by georgia and four other states so far this year. kirsten gillebrand promised to protect abortion rights as president. >> as president, i will both defend reproductive rights from political attacks and make
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guaranteeing and expanding those rights my priority. as president i will codify roe v wade. i'll make it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that women in this country have a guaranteed right to an abortion. >> ukraine's top prosecutor says despite allegations from president trump's lawyer and other republicans his office has no evidence of wrongdoing by former vice president joe biden or his son hunter who was once elm employed by a private gas company in the country. despite contradictions in timeline, trump's allies like rudy giuliani and senator rand paul said biden influenced an investigation into the company while he pushed anti-corruption agenda for the oust of the attorney. but the current attorney general said neither were part of an investigation. he added he planned to offer
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details to attorney general bill barr about the payments so american authorities could check whether00er biden paid u.s. taxes on the income. still ahead new andy poling which democratic candidates are beating trump in a hypothetical match-up. >> in the wide ranging college admission scandal one student is filing a lawsuit to stop disciplinary action by georgetown university. those stories and a check on the weather when we come back. [farmers bell]
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deprived him of due process and violated the university's honor system during its investigation into his admission to the school. joining us here on set this friday, msnbc legal analyst danny cevallos. let's talk about this suit. not only does he want to stop his expulsion from the school he's also seeking compensation for the tuition as well. does he have any grounds >> originally the student wanted to withdraw, keep his credits and have an unblemished record so he could transfer to another school. georgetown said no, we are not giving you that, and that's what precipitated this lawsuit. this case and any other cases that come up surrounding this college cheating scandal is really about two major things. whether or not an honor code applies to a student before they come to the university. in other words, when they are filling out the admissions or application process, and before they are actually students and down by the honor code. the other thing that it raises
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is in the case of georgetown, if they knew that something was suspicious about this application for two years, yet continued to accept tuition in the form of hundreds of thousands of dollars -- >> that's on them. >> have they waived any right to argue about any improper submissions. >> what could this mean for students whose parents are also tied for this scheme? >> let's say, for example, hypothetically this student and all students knew about the cheating before they got to the university which is not true. this student denies he knew anything about it. these cases will be what kind of due process do our students have at universities and having defended some of these cases you fine that it's not a lot. the universities write their own rules, the student signs them as a condition of coming on campus and the university benefits from the rules that not surprisingly were written to benefit the university.
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>> when you go up against a university you operate in a fish bowl. my thing with this, to play devil' advocate, if these kids, these student didn't know what their parents were doing they are now suffering the consequences of their parents' actions that could mar their educational future. >> this georgetown case highlights that issue. in the case of a state of the union that knew nothing about the deception, is it a fair thing to takeaway that student's opportunity at an academic institution and leave them strand and unable to find a new home at another university with a blemished record. >> you get expelled from georgetown university but then you want to apply to another university and it's on your record who says that university will take you in despite you were getting good grades at georgetown. >> it's unlikely. your case is strengthened if you
2:18 am
are like this georgetown student you had the s.a.t.s and the grades to get into georgetown without the nonsense, then that's an even stronger case if the student knows nothing about it. these cases will be about the kind of due process students get. it's not something we would accept in our own criminal judicial system. >> danny cevallos thanks for your time. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> weekend forecast is stormy and dangerous because of severe weather athlete. this morning heavy rain racing down through areas of west virginia, little bit of lightning with that. storms that were over the ohio valley are now washing out. still some rain in iowa. for today 18 million at risk. three different spots. storms this afternoon forming in areas of ohio, west virginia and right through virginia. washington, d.c., fredericksburg into richmond areas.
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tornado threat will be in nebraska late today and also areas of west texas. most dangerous day of the weekend where we could have severe weather outbreak looks to be saturday. this is where we have 37 million people from iowa right down through much of texas and louisiana and arkansas, eastern sections of oklahoma. this area of orange looks like a really good chance of a significant wind damage threat as those storms blow through. we'll have isolated tornadoes too. saturday is our dangerous day here. on sunday that storm system pulls up north. what's left of it will still bring strong storms to areas rlt of the great lakes especially from grand rapids to indianapolis to evansville. the other issue is, again, we've been reporting all spring about the rivers and flooding in areas of the midwest. we'll add another two to three inches. isolated problems with flooding. so for today, there could be some scattered showers and storms in the northeast. it's only going to last maybe about 10, 15 minutes.
2:20 am
mostly be during the afternoon. majority of the day is dry. it will be warmer too. 82 in d.c. heat starting to build in the south. there's your 91 in st. louis. the summer-like temperatures will continue atlanta to d.c. on saturday looks nice in the 80s. the stormy weather in areas from texas, stormy in areas through the rockies and finally through your sunday pretty nice. new york city 77 degrees. could be a stray shower storm in d.c. but, again, hit or miss. won't ruin your weekend and strong storms possible around chicago. the trend over the weekend is severe storms and warmer temperatures. the maps are looking more like early summer. >> got to couple with some weekend plans to take advantage of this weather. >> i'm just sitting around my backyard for not sleeping during the week. >> hammock. i put you in a hammock. >> i live in brooklyn.
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but i like the smell of it laughs ♪ another national poll shows joe biden building a big lead in the democratic primary. the fox news poll places biden at 35%. 18 points ahead of bernie sanders who dropped six points from march to 17%. with every other contender in
2:24 am
the single digits. fox news poll also finds biden is thriving in a general election match-up among all voters. biden leads president trump by 11 points. 49-38%. sanders has a five-point lead over trump 46-41% and it turns out 41% was the most the president could muster when put up against other democratic candidates as well. president trump has said 2020 democratic. candidate pete buttigieg does not look presidential. in a new interview president trump weighs in on pete buttigieg's attempt to become the first openly gay man to be nominated for the presidency and what it means for a more inclusive society. >> don't you think it's just great to see the fact that you got a guy there on the stage with his husband and it's normal. >> it's fine. i do. >> isn't it a sign of great progress in a country -- >> yeah, i think it's great.
2:25 am
it's something that perhaps some people will have a problem with. i have no problem with it whatsoever. i think it's good. >> former president jimmy carter is back home after undergoing a hip replace metropolitan surgery. the 94-year-old will undergo physical therapy at his home but recovering comfortably after breaking his hip. acwording to the carter center he plans to resume teaching his regular sunday school class this weekend. i.m.pei died yesterday. in a career spanning more than 50 years pei designed dozens of buildings and structure most notably the john f. kennedy library in boston and the glass pyramid outside of paris. work kept him traveling new york city has always been his home. pei and his wife of 72 years
2:26 am
were avid art collector but among friends and family he was known for his love of poetry, nature and of good meals. he was 102 years old. an incredibly talented man to say the least. huge loss for the community. coming up, president trump looks ahead to 2020 while unveiling a new immigration proposal and "the washington post" has new details about what he's envisioning for his long promised border wall. new reports say president trump does not want to go to war with iran. we'll show you his latest comments on the issue coming up comments on the issue coming up next.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside nbc news white house correspondent jeff bennett. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. president trump has unveiled a plan to overhaul u.s. immigration by changing the system to a merritt based one rather than family based. his proposal includes new security measures at the southern border and increased educational and skill requirements under the plan. immigrants have to pass a civics test and get points based on their age, ability to speak english, education and job offers. >> companies are moving offices to other countries because our immigration rules prevent them from retaining highly skilled and even, if i might, totally brilliant people.
2:31 am
we discriminate against genius. we discriminate against brilliance. we won't any more once we get this passed. if for some reason, possibly political, we can't get the democrats to approve this merritt based high-security plan, then we will get it approved immediately after the election when we take back the house, keep the senate and, of course, hold the presidency. >> hours after president trump's rose garden speech house speaker nancy pelosi put out a statement saying this in part. this dead on arrival plan is not a remotely serious proposal. president trump has lots of plans for his long promised border wall with mexico, according to "the washington post" the barrier president trump wants to build will be a steel ballard fence which he's fine with and not a concrete wall as he promised.
2:32 am
trump recently told white house aides homeland security officials and military engineers that the ballards or slats as he prefers to call them so they absorb heat making it too hot to scale. and the tips of the slats be pointed not rounded and described in graphic terms the potential injuries that border crossers might receive. the president has also said the wall's current blueprints contain too many gates to allow vehicles and people through and he wants the openings to be smaller. according to current and former administration officials trump's frequently shifting instructs and suggestions have left engineers and aides confused. trump has demanded dhs officials come to the white house on short notice to discuss wall construction and on several occasions woke kirstjen nielsen up to discuss the project in the early morning. a fourth migrant child has died in u.s. custody since
2:33 am
december raising concerns about the government's handseling of families crossing the border. u.s. customs and border protections said the boy's mother told agents her son was sick on april 6th. three day later they were aprehaended in el paso, texas. the 2 1/2-year-old guatemalan person of interest was taken to a hospital after having a high fever and difficulty breathing. the hospital diagnosed the toddler with pneumonia and transferred him to a children's hospital where he remained hospitalized for a month before dying on tuesday. officials did not respond yesterday to questions from the associated press seeking more details surrounding this young boy's death. all four children who have died in the u.s. have been from guatemala as more than 114,000 people have been apprehended trying to flee the violence and the extreme poverty there. joining us now, reporter for the "washington examiner," melissa
2:34 am
quin. what do you make -- let's talk about this immigration plan first. that was the big news yesterday. and the michael flynn stuff as well. let's talk this. you heard what nancy pelosi had to say. this is basically dead on arriveal plan not a serious plan in her mind. is this a serious effort to get the democrats support, do you think? >> it certainly seems like the aim of this immigration plan is more within an eye towards 2020 and really rallying support in unity among republicans in congress as well as, of course, helping the president with his own re-election efforts. we could sort of see that in the tepid and lukewarm response we did hear from some republicans who sort of said yeah we're going wait and see what the specific details of this plan is for, what the specific details of this plan are. what's interesting in terms of democratic support which we know is none it leaves out two crucial aspects. the first one is what to do with
2:35 am
more than a million people who are here in the united states and receive protections under the daca program and also what to do with the 11 million illegal immigrants who are currently in the united states. that's why it's dead on arrival once it gets to the democratically controlled house. >> let's talk about illegal immigration. i talked to people close to the president who says when it comes to the president's proposal to stop illegal immigration the cruelty is the point. that's the point of the family separation policy, the point of why he's trying to put spikes atop the border wall, it's meant to be a deterrent. how do you think some of the more graphic details of this proposed border wall to paint it black to make it hot and putting spikes, how do you think that will go over? >> i don't think that any of these ideas are going to be looked upon too kindly particularly by the president's political opponents, and given what we have seen from the administration and the criticism
2:36 am
that they have taken because of their policies regarding illegal immigration. i do think we have to take this with a grain of salt. we have seen the president constantly shift sort of his ideas for what he wants out of this wall. first it was concrete. now it's steel slats. he wanted it to be see through this way you could see drug smugglers hurling their drugs over the top of this wall. now he's saying he wants to it be topped with these black spikes. until we do actually see something concrete and specific from either the department of homeland security or the white house, we should meet this with a little bit of skepticism. >> you can't help to wonder if it's the optics of dealing with immigration because he wants to be tough on immigration and the border wall. or what exactly is happening here because i think that's the real question, just seems like you said so many things that are in this plan that just seems cruel towards immigrant. you think back to that rally
2:37 am
when there was a rally gore in the crowd that yelled at the president let's just shoot them. >> this is a play for 2020. >> melissa quinn thank you for your time. during a meeting on wednesday president trump told senior aides including acting defense secretary patrick shanahan that he does not want to go to war with iran. according to reports in the "new york times" and the "wall street journal". both citing multiple administration officials. nbc news has confirmed those reports. it comes as threatening rhetoric from several members of the trump administration, especially national security adviser john bolton and as the u.s. is ramping up military assets in the region, including a carrier strike group, two destroyers, bombers and missiles. reports also state u.s. intelligence images shows iran has placed missiles on small boats in the persian gulf. the "wall street journal" reports that u.s. intel also appears to indicate that iran believed america was planning an attack which prompted teheran to
2:38 am
move defensive preparations and prepare for possible counter strikes. two american officials told the "new york times" that iran began mobilizing its forces after president trump issued new sanctions on teheran's metal industry last week and after trump designated iran's revolutionary guard as terrorists. the president addressed the possibility for war yesterday. while speaking along the president of switzerland. >> president are we going to war with iran? >> i hope not. >> so meanwhile secretary of state mike pompeo is blaming former president obama for the escalating tensions. >> it's important for everyone to understand that this is 40 years of aggression. the islamic republic of iran. to put it into just three days or five days or seven days, takes out of context the threat and the desires of the islamic republic of iran. the things you see us do to
2:39 am
achieve derear evens of republic. iran is a direct response to eight years of an administration that allowed the terror regime to expand. all of these things iran did happened because the previous administration appeased the islamic republic. of iran. we are pushing back and when you push back the evening does increase. >> congressional leaders in the so-called gang of eight received a classified briefing yesterday. three sources telling nbc news there will be an all senators classified briefing next tuesday led by general joseph dunford, mike pompeo and patrick shanahan. a classified briefing for the full house of representatives is also expected. still ahead, everybody, a rare look into president trump's wealth. new financial disclosure firms offer a peek. >> how 2018 compared to the
2:40 am
revenue he previously raked in. bill karins is back with a check on the weekend forecast. that's coming up next.
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welcome back. president trump's 2018 financial disclosure report offers a rare glimpse at his business success since taking office. in documents president trump claims to have made at least $4434.9 million from his golf clubs and hotels. now overall the trump administration saw revenues slightly decline last year according to the documents. the most substantial loss to note is trump's prized palm beach resort mar-a-lago. revenue down by $3 million last year compared to disclosed figures of upward of 25 million in 2017.
2:44 am
trump's hotels in chicago and hawaii as well as golf courses in los angeles and new jersey also saw decline. trump international hotel in washington, d.c. helped steady, raking in $40.8 million which is up 1% from the previous year. the president's annual disclosures are only a mere snap shot his finances compared to years of tax returns that democrats continue to push for. >> let's get a check on your weather. >> we've been talking all week long we have potential for a tornado outbreak. if it happens it could be today and tomorrow. both days have a chance for significant tornadoes. the reason why is in may you get these huge temperature contrasts, our battle is still setting up. sum certificate trying to move in. cold air is left around. chilly air coming out of the colorado rockies. warmth spreading through the rest country. these systems feed off of this. 91 in st. louis while rapid city
2:45 am
is at 48 degrees. there's your contrast in temperatures. then into saturday all the warm air gets pushed to taste. charlotte could be 91 degrees. denver we're only in the 60s. look what's happening in montana. ugly weekend in the northern portion of the rockies and plain. early next week the heat remain. raleigh near 90. new york city finally getting into the 80s by monday. all the warmth will be stuck in the southeast. here's how are you weekend outlook will play out. saturday is our most dangerous day for thunderstorms from oklahoma to texas. then a flood threat with heavy rain back up in areas of iowa and missouri. by sunday rain and stormy weather is up here in the great lakes. i didn't talk a lot about wet weather on the east coast. finally for once we'll have a primarily dry weekend. we haven't had that since march. >> like six weeks or something. every friday and every sunday i feel like has been wet. >> i don't want you to yell at
2:46 am
me. in new york city 4:00 to 6:00 a quick shower or thunderstorm. >> you know how it goes. >> that's what i was going to say. when you specifically hone in on a time it gets dangerous. >> i know. >> i'll how old accountable. >> 4:00 to 6:00. >> like for 20 minutes during that period. >> okay. any more than 20 minutes. >> i'll be sweating it out later. still ahead former epa administrator resigned nearly a year ago but the scandals that plagued his time in office are still being looked at by investigators. an early look at the market as trade tensions with china continue. we're back in a moment. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
2:47 am
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welcome back. the epa inspector general has recommended the agency consider removing nearly $124 the,000 in excessive travel expenses by former epa chief scott pruitt. investigators concluded the 40 trips pruitt either took or scheduled during a 10 month period in 2017 cost taxpayers almost $1 million. the questioned amount identified for recovery is for money spent flying in first class or business class instead of coach. the epa said in response to the report that the agency policy allows for travel other than coach class while pruitt's lawyer said the report confirmed he followed proper procedures while at the agency. pruitt resign in july amid controversy over his spending,
2:50 am
travel and ties to lobbyists and outside groups. european finance ministers are breathing a sigh of relief this morning following news of the trump administration may delay auto tariffs by six trum administration may delay auto tariffs by six months. good morning, willem. we we know the white house has until midnight to decide on the tariffs on european cars and car parts. >> that's following six months after having the commerce department investigate whether there was a national security threat. this is in preparing for format trade talks for the u.s. they've decided what their negotiation points are going to be. this would not help smooth things over. cnbc reporting that is going to be delayed, that imposition of tariffs. this morning quite a few things. one, it would be unwise to do. that's what the french finance minister said, separately it
2:51 am
would be bad for global growth. another story involves amazon. the company spending almost $600 million along with some other investors in a food delivery service that's based here in the u.k. you see their riders all over the streets here in london. it is a rapidly growing business. they're looking to expand and spend more money. they can then compete with the likes of uber eats. we've seen their share prices fall in response to this news. >> let's talk about another company, pinterest. apparently shares plunged yesterday after that company released its first quarterly earnings report what do you think brought on this dramatic drop? >> it quite interesting actually. they were down 19% at one point. they settled at around 15% lower. that means investors saw 2.5
2:52 am
billion wiped off the company's value. they essentially matched expectation when it came to revenues. they grew around 22% compared to the same period last year but their losses were slightly over $40 million. that was higher than investors had anticipated. that seems to be the reason we saw the share price plunge so dramatically. >> thank you so much, willem. have a great weekend. >> coming up on "morning joe," new documents of former national security adviser michael flynn told special counsel bob mueller about efforts to interfere with the russia probe. >> and just one day after declaring his 2020 presidential bid, new york city mayor bill de blasio will join joe and mika to
2:53 am
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welcome back, everybody. joining us from washington with a look at axios am, the co-founder, mike allen. how are you doing? >> good morning. it's a happy friday. >> talk to us about axios' "1 big thing" today. >> axios' "1 big thing" is a growing chance of a brokered convention for the democrats. so democratic rules and technology like online fund-raising make it easier for more people to get in. that's where we saw the field ballooning even more with mayor de blasio, who is hit again on the cover of the the "new york times" post of his hometown paper. because we have more candidates and technology and the rules by the democratic party are going to make it easier for them to stay in longer, so more
2:57 am
candidates staying in longer increasing chances by the time democrats get to milwaukee in mid-july for their convention, we will know going in for sure who the nominee is. >> so convention is july of next summer. when will we know if there's going to be a brokered convention? >> thank you for point being in the 2020 in the 2020 vision. the political director for president bill clinton has done a lot of math on this and he tells axios that march 17th, 2020 is the key day. that's just after super tuesday, which falls march 3rd. on march 17th, we will know 70% of the delegates. so when you have 70% of the delegates, that's when you probably will know and that's a couple big days like florida and illinois on march 17th, that's when we'll probably know if we're going to know the answer, if there will be a clear nominee or if we'll go into the convention with a brokered convention and an uncertain outcome for the first time since
2:58 am
1968, that chaotic convention in chicago that inspired rule changes to prevent just that. >> let's turn to the fight over abortion rights as we've been talking about for the last couple of days or so. how are we seeing some states work to strengthen abortion laws? >> this is the flip of the story we've been watching all week. legislatures are rushing to enact abortion protections as this wave of red state abortion restrictions rolls on. now we're starting to see in other states the reaction. this shows what a culture war this has touched off. axios reporting this morning that planned parenthood federation of america today is going to announce they're going to start a six-figure digital ad campaign in key states aimed at women, asking them to go to their legislature. this is just the first of a big wave of spending and rhetoric that's going to come out of these legislate of actions.
2:59 am
>>one other topic because there is nor looming financial crisis on the horizon. tell us about what it is and how it could affect the markets. >> the axios market experts are telling us there's the possibility of a coming credit crisis. the country has more debt than ever and consumers have more debt than ever. one of the big warning signs is credit card defaults, which are up especially in the 18 to 20s age range. what's interesting about this, the why it matters is that these debt signs on both the corporate, the national and the consumer sides, they're all counter to the general overall narrative of a great economy. there's a lot of good signs of that, jobs and stock market, but this credit data tells you a different reality. >> we know that aoc and bernie sanders had a plan looking into the credit crisis. how is that playing into the narrative? >> this is an example of how democrats are going to take
3:00 am
these big issues touching people's lives, we call them the table issues, pocketbook issues, they'll using them to send a message they care about you. president trump may be out bragging about the stock market and about jobs, but what about your reality? what about your family? what about your community? democrats think that that is a key message. >> making it local. >> mike allen, thanks for i don't -- your time. have a great weekend. >> that does it for us. i'm yasmin vossoughian along with geoff bennett. "morning joe" is on now. >> said trump, i love when things are merit based, just ask my presidential adviser, my


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