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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  May 20, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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republican justin amash hasn't found any allies after becoming the first congressman to call the conduct of trump impeachable. he laid out his argument over the weekend after he finished reading the special counsel's report and explains his opinion in a twitter thread. days later he remains the only republican lawmaker to break ranks on impeachment and he has drawn the ire of his party's leadership. the president took to twitter to say he's never been a fan of amash. he labeled him a lightweight and a loser. and then there's the minority leader of the house who questioned whether he's a republican at all. >> he's got to understand justin a mash. he's only asked one question. he votes more with nancy pelosi than ever with me. it's a question whether he's even in our republican conference as a whole. >> perhaps the most supportive
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reaction from senator mitt romney, who called the stance courageous, but fell short of endorsing the congressman's opinion. >> justin amash has reached a different conclusion. i respect him. it's a courageous statement, but to make a case for obstruction of justice, you don't have the elements that are evidence to this document. >> so our big question today, does the common sense's move make the calls bipartisan? joining me now is kelly o'donnell, ashley parker and senior washington correspondent and msnbc contributor kimberly atkins. it's great to have you all. kelly, i want to pick up on something we heard kevin mccarthy kind of picking up on there about justin amash and how he fits into all of this. my sense in reporting of it, we're obviously seeing he's not getting a lot of support on the
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hill from other republicans, but he has always been a lone wolf kind out there on his own. do you think this is enough to say this means that if we impeach the president it's bipartisan? >> for democrats, probably no. you're right that amash has had a lone wolf brand. i've covered him over the years as you have. i locked back at some of those stories and it is part of who he is to make a judgment based on his own views, his own facts. sometimes even at odds with his own district. but willing to argue his case. being the only republican so far, it would be the kind of sign for democrats if others followed suit. if this was a cover f you will, for other republicans to sign on to this. it hasn't happened yet. we have seen this with rand paul, republican senator of kentucky. hi sometimes bucks his party and willing to stand alone. so for democrats locking for bipartisanship, they need to look further to go beyond
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justin. especially when you see the reaction from his own leadership. mitt romney was more democratic. a really trying to say that amash walks his own path and not a member of conference. so much of this plays out on twitter. we have seen in the past where he's been critical of the president before. so it's not a huge break. it's still significant and worth looking at, but he's not the kind of person who is going to have people line upping up behind him based on what we have seen so far. >> isn't the president prurveun down a little bit in focusing on this? >> the president of the united states is someone who likes an opponent, any opponent, frankly. that's where his campaign and his aids say he's at his best. that's why you might wonder the mueller report is out in the
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public view and will find him on twitter reeling against bob mueller. so this is a president who enjoys punching. if he has a faux or someone good to go after, he's going to do that. amash has a primary opponent. it seems that person was going to get in the the race anyhow. but is this something where the president tweets once or twice or is this a cautionary tail from speaking their mind and conscious because the president hits the campaign trail and holds a huge rally in amash's district. >> kimberly ath tins, do we have a sense of whether this is the kientd of offense that would rise to that level. it's enough to get the president's attention, even if it doesn't give democrats the cover they need to launch proceedings.
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>> if republicans do join with the congressman and this becomes a movement on the gop side, that would be very perilous to the president. we heard nancy pelosi give the benchmark if there was bipartisan support and it was done in a way that wouldn't be devisive, that that would be when impeachment could be on the table. the only other person we have seen as the president somewhat is senator romney and his kr criticisms have been at best very gently worded. so i don't think this is turning into a movement and it's important that it doesn't. >> kelly, we also to go fwook
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mccarthy for a second and preventing this movement. he's trying to say that justin votes with nance b sit pelosi. however, amash has an 88% rating from the american conservative union. he's voted with trump 2% of the time. that number could be a little low r than some of his colleagues. but we're not talking about some sort of what would be caricatured as a squish. >> no, but he's willing to state his mind on different issues and be critical of the the president from time to time. it struck me it was much more of a signal that goes beyond justin amash a signal to other members of the congress who might be feeling a little queasy about the judgmejut come of the muell and might be willing to nudge out a bit if the circumstances
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were right. it seems a preemptive strike more broadly on the republican conference to keep people in line. it's the kind of personality clash if you will where amash won't be bothered by the fact that leadership has criticized him. that lone wolf strategy. it's a free pass for mccarthy and the president to punch back, pumpk dopunch down as you described it to set the landscape so others don't step out on the president here. if he put it is behind his primary opponent, it could send a a quake through the conference. it would seem to be not just amash and the specifics, but a larger message. >> for sure. and that has been what so many republicans have been afraid of. i'm going to put you on the spot here. we have another tweet storm ongoing as we have been having this conversation from justin. he's kind of ticking through all of his arguments again. people who said there were no underlying crimes and therefore,
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the president could not have intended to obstructi the skpres can't be impeached are resting their argument on falsehoods. he kind of goes through one after the other kind of system ic ly really destroying a lot of the arguments frankly that his colleagues are on tv every day make iing. while i would say to your point about it and we have at least eight or nine tweets here so far, this really actually does and talk to republicans on the hill, they often say a lot of these things and i say they have a colleague pushing right back against them. >> right, so i don't know who the second tweet storm, but even his first tweet thread with sbles interest. a the lot of the points he was making were to hear from outside legal experts and certainly from
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democrats, but also frankly and maybe not as precise and well reasoned, but point to you privately even from trump supporters and allies. it really set ises him and say that sort of so clearly, so decisively and publicly. you might hear something a little cloerz to that and he's saying it publicly and the question is as kelly was saying, what are the ramifications? what is the retribution and does he get in trouble or give others the little more cover to follow suit if that's something they were thinking about privately or grappling with. >> certainly these public tweets sound a lot more like private conversations.
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kelly o'donnell, thank you all. it's great to have you. former white house counsel don mcgahn is scheduled to appear before the house judiciary committee tomorrow or face a contempt charge. with less than a day remaining before that congressional appearance, lawmakers still have no cleue whether or not mcgahn, who sat for 30 hours with robert mueller's team will show up. joining me is ken. there will be an underlying meaning he doesn't olympian to come. what's your sense of the likelihood of this happening? >> i asked a good source not long ago on a scale of 0 to 5, he put it at a 1 or 2. i think it may be closer to a 1. his attorneys have said he's caught between the executive branch and the legislative branch here. there's no reason for him to appear until those branches can
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work out their prerogatives about whether he should testify. >> so what's the next step for the committee? we saw the attorney general joking with nancy pelosi about whether she had taken handcuffs to an event they both attended. what can they do to try to get what they want. >> they can hold them in contempt. if they follow the normal protocol, they were held in contempt under george w. bush. it wasn't until president obama took office that case was resolved and testimony was co compelled. so if they follow that route, they are going to lose. what they want to do is put a story in front of the american people. most have not read the mueller repo report. don mcgahn is a key witness. we talked about the idea they can't arrest the attorney general. he as an fbi detail. don does not. there's some brilliance to go further and try to attempt to
11:12 am
fine him or compel him to come and answer this subpoena. >> i'm certainly picking up much greater frustration. my sense of mcghan is he has tried to do what's right by the lu. i think your point he is caught in a vice is probably the right one. he would be there if he could. >> but the law is complicated. executive privilege covers that conversation. but don already maybe has given up some privilege by talking to robert mueller. robert mueller is in the executive branch. this is the legislative branch and it's a different thing. so the courts have been reluctant to referee these disputes and that's why they have taken so long. perhaps federal judges will take a different look at this. some think we are in a constitutional crisis resisting all these demands from congress. >> ken, thank you very much great to have you. still ahead, mixed messages
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after recent visits to wisconsin and michigan, president trump is heading to pennsylvania. the president's rally arrives just days after vice president joe biden held his official campaign kickoff in pennsylvania where he played off his family's roots. >> i promise you this. no one is going to work longer, no one is going to campaign hard er, than the son from scranton, pennsylvania. >> president trump's vut to pennsylvania laurt today is just part of a larger strategy to shore up the russ belt base drushl his 2016 victory. many hopefuls believe the grip on the industrial base is perhaps weaker than it was four years ago. joining me now is hans nichols who is in pennsylvania. and white house reporter eli stoke thes.
11:18 am
hans, it's hard not to read this as a clpback to joe biden's announcement over the weekend. >> reporter: or the beginning of a conversation. we don't actually know how the president will respond and that's one of the things that's interesting from reporter standpoint about these rallies. behind me we have had buss leeing all morning starting at 9:00 a.m. and when you get from the president's red meat on how well the economy is doing, but you see him feed off the energy of the crowd. they are expecting 10,000 here. the question i have about tonight is, a, how does he talk back to biden if he does. and also how does the president talk about immigration. last week we rolled out legal immigration. his heart didn't seem in it and that speech inside the rose garden. let's see what he has to say on the immigration issue.
11:19 am
let's see what he has to say on the wall. and crucially how strong the economy is. this is a place the president won by 45%, but the shopping mall where we're gathering is about half capacity. and that gives you a sense how this part of the country, it might be doing better, has been largely left behind by the past few decades and they are facing real struggles. >> the heart of trump country. lou barletta was quoted as saying he thinks the president's popularity is underestimated by the polls. we should have learned something in 2016, but i have also seen reporting that the president's team is really worried about pennsylvania. they view it as the lynch pin of their strategy and they do need to focus on it. how high is that concern level? >> it's moderate.
11:20 am
they are going around the president raised $9 million. they see pretty good top line numbers. they have reasons to be confident, but they have also done some polling, especially one-on-one polling donald trump and joe biden. in all three swing state, pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, they are down. the president has little margin for error. the president will have something to say tonight. but he will also be talking about tariffs and the tariffs going away over the weekend. the steel and aluminum tariffs with canada and mexico, talking about trade and the lunch bucket economic issues because they believe at the end of the day, the culture war issues will galvanize the trump supporters and the rural parts of the state, but they will need to convince those suburban swing voters in pennsylvania that the economy is good, they have benefitted from the tax cut package and will need to convince the swing voters, the
11:21 am
blue collar workers, maybe long time democrats who turned towards trump the trade policy, those things are making their lives materially better. i think they understand that if they are matched up against joe biden, that argument will be tougher than if against somebody else. >> we saw the 2020 press secretary talking about this very issue previewing what the president could argue. take a lock at that. >> he's going to be able to look at the people in the eye and say your wages, your paychecks are growing twice as fast for low and middle income americans. that's because of my presidency. because of my presidency, manufacturing is revised. it's such an important part of the economy. we have seen half a million of those jobs come back. president trump has deliverables. joe biden has a failed record as would bernie sanders, who wants to bring socialism to our
11:22 am
count country. >> so you sort of heard her lay a t out, but you also mentioned that mall is half empty. what's your sense of whether people feel the economic benefit? >> people do say they feel better. their pocketbooks are stronger and they have just a little bit more money to spend. but when we talk about the broader cultural issues, this is going to be one of the defining questions of 2020. is it going to be run on cultural issues. you see that percolating up. potentially big supreme court fights. or the issues that the president is clearly also talking about. and that's why it gets fwook what does he feel at this rally. you saw the tweet storm from the president clarifying views. normally the president is silent on abortion, but see if he sticks to that or whether or not he does his greatest hits and talks about the economic strenlt. that's what a lot of voters here want to hear about. now you did just mention bernie
11:23 am
sanders and socialism. when you talk to voters here, you ask are you concerned, worried about joe biden. one of the answer was not concerned at all. terrified. so there's a sense that perhaps biden could hit trump with some of his base. >> the new york sometimes quoting an ohio voter. what i want from a president is the rest of the world to look at him and say don't mess with that guy, i don't want some female that want wants her agenda. thank you both very much. as more and more states same to restrict abortion rights, abortion becomes a key 2020 issue. that's next. abortion becomes a key 2020 issue. that's next. i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap.
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because the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. tennis teaches kids to dream, compete, and succeed. sign up with net generation. a number of red states speet kpooet to past the most restrictive laws in the country, every major 2020 democrat is is speaking out in favor of women's reproductive rights. >> this is something that is is so harmful to women's ability to get basic, safe access to legal abortion. and it's something that women mite may need in their lifetime. it's something that we should
11:28 am
actually protect. >> when abortions were illegal in our country, women died. they died. they were not given choice. it's a fundamental issue. >> in a number of states across the country, republicans are trying to get rid of their light to choose. and the women of america and the wemen of america, the majority them do not agree. >> generic support may not be enough. they write, democrats have long championed abortion right, but are now being called upon to propose specific policy is plans about how to tackle most severe restrictions to women's reproductive rights. join i joining me now is msnbc contributor adrian alrod. and rick tyler. thank you both for being here. i'll start with you. these laws are so incredibly restrictive.
11:29 am
not incloud exceptions for life of the mother. i asked about that, the minority lead er er in the house. he said that's not my position. it seems that this is something that it there frankly had been for many opponents of abortion rights, there was small victories. this seems to reverse a lot of that. >> when women voters see kevin mccarthy abdicating responsibility because this is happening in the states and not the federal level, it gets women even more angry. there's also a lot of men out there. 7 out of 10 americans support roe v. wade being held in place. so this is an issue that is igniting the progressive base, especially in some of the the key states. alabama is a red state that will probably go toward republicans in the presidential.
11:30 am
this start ed ed to happen acro the country. just because it's not happening in your state doesn't mean as a voter you're going to not get angry about this. especially with independent voters, those suburban educated swing voters who are the one who is flipped the mud terms for democrats, and will be the key swing voter in the 2020 elect n election. they are angry and mad and activated. >> and rick, those are exactly the people that i wonder about in terms of how this impacts the president. in many ways, the culture war sometimes are republicans. everybody to their corners, but when you have the kind of most extreme version of this conversation, it really does alienate those kinds of voters that the president is going to need. >> it does, but let's remember that roe v. wade basically federalized abortion laws because now they are in the states. so alabama decided to go with this law.
11:31 am
which i would say is is extreme. i would like to see that it bothers me when both sides turn this issue and gets so hotly political instead of both sides figuring out how to reduce the number of abortions. there could be a lot of agreement on that. but some success the pro-life movement has been successful up to a certain point. then they keep reaching and reaching and reaching. this law in alabama and now missouri have been designed to overturn roe v. wade. i don't think that's going to happen. it will probably be ruled against in a lower court, and i have serious doubts that the supreme court is going to take it up. the life movement does vote on sing is the issue. i don't have the numbers. >> we have never seen the risk that it is now.
11:32 am
>> i don't know if it's going to translate into a huge mobilization toward voters the way that the evangelical right will mobilize toward the polls over the life issue. >> here's a question for you. elizabeth warren has now a plan to codify abortion rights in federal law. wants to create rights in roe v. wade, pass federal laws for efforts that limit access to reproductive health care, guarantee health coverage as part of all health coverage. is this ground that democrats -- we have seen frank ly the party of the national level shooting away from doing legislation like this. is this push across the country. i think we can show a map as to where this is happening. we have 30 states that have introduced or considered passing laws eliminating abortion. do you think the national party is going to be willing to take
11:33 am
this on at the federal level or is that a touchy subject? >> i think they will be willing to take this on because we have never seen this issue. the choice issue being at risk the way it is now. democrats or americans have never faced this since roe v. wade was decided by the supreme court. so that's why i think this issue is going to resinate. i also want to say that when it comes to the 7 in 10 americans who not want to see anything impacted, those are the people that are solidly with trump. so talking about independent voters, swing voters, those are the very people who are going to want to see this addressed and want to see this codified into law. >> thank you both. this is a very emotional conversation. president trump declared bernie sanders candidacy all but over on twitter today. looks like bernie sanders is history.
11:34 am
joe biden is pulling ahead. i'm only here because of sleepy joe and the man who took him off the 1% trash heap president obama. china wants sleepy joe badly. this wouldn't be the first time he tried to put his thumb on the sca scale. but sanders seemed to believe the reports are exaggerated. wrapping up his tour of southern states in alabama as we speak. joining me now is garrett headache, who has been covering the campaign for the last few days and is with them in alabama it sounds like you have had a grand adventure covering bernie sanders. what is kind of the focus of this southern tour that he's on. having covered him in 2016, my election is that he lost the primary because of what happened in the south. is this an attempt to right that? >> absolutely. there's reports of bernie sanders political demise have been grossly exaggerated by the president at every stop on this
11:35 am
tour. the energy for sanders supporters brings to events is unlike anything else we have seen. i have covered a number of candidates. these folks are committed to 3rd and th candidate. the southern swing is about expanding that base. how do you do it? sanders has to reach out to african-american voters. they were not with him in 2016. he will need them in 2020 if he wants to improve on that second place finish. that's what he's been up to tod today. he was touring around going to several historical sites and the civil rights movement in birmingham literally in the shadow of the streets. so i'm disrupting the rally here a little bit so i'm going to try to keep my voice down, but the bottom line is sanders is take his message and largely the same me message in 2016 to a new audience here cry tricing to impress justice.
11:36 am
>> garrett haake, thank you very much. coming up tonight, 2020 democratic candidate kamala harris discusses her plan to close the gender pay gap. that's at 6:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. the trump administration identified 1700 more migrant kids than it may have separated from families and could find more. families and could find more (wheels screeching) (clapping) (sound of can hitting bag and bowl) (clapping) always there in crunch time.
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today a 16-year-old
11:40 am
guatemalaen boy passed away in u.s. custody. the fifth migrant child to die since december. customs and border patrol said he was, quote, found unresponsive this morning during a welfare check. but the cause of death is not known at this time. this as the trump administration identifies 1700 more migrant children it may have separated from their families at the border. that's in addition to the thousands we already know were separated under the administration zero tolerance policy. that number could grow even more. that's because the administration has 35,000 more files on children they need to go through. all to determine whether they, too, were separated at the border. joining me now is jacob sobor f soboroff. you have been doing incredible reporting tracking all of this. can you just put into context, how many kids did we know were separated and not reunited and how many more is this?
11:41 am
this seems outrageous frankly. especially if there's so many more sitting out there. >> i think the two stories that you just mentioned are extremely interrelated. first, let's talk about the 16-year-old guatemalaen boy found dead in custody. you said it was during a welfare check at a border patrol station in the valley. these young boy we have learned was first at central processing station there where we eyewitnessed the many of the separations taking place. and he was then discovered during a welfare check, which border patrol performs on young kids. the most important thing about the death is it's the fifth death of a minor custody since december. and in december, when the first child died in custody, cbp made an extremely pointed point to let us know no child had died in the last ten years in border patrol custody. so how is this connected to this huge number of new cases of
11:42 am
separated children? deterrence. deterrence is the keyword. the separation policy was designed to deter people from coming into the united states. as has much of the border patrol and immigration policy over the course of the last couple decades. it causes people to go to more dangerous and deadly journeys, take more risks coming to the united states and frankly die while trying. so these latest numbers, the trump administration has been ordered by a judge to reveal how many children it separated before the zero tolerance pol y policy. we knew about 3,000 during zero tolerance. now we're learning at least 1700 may have been separated before that time. as you mentioned, they still have to go through around 35,000 files to determine if there are more children they separated. the trump administration doesn't know how many are separate d at
11:43 am
the border. >> it's been almost a year since this family separation policy was terminated. how is it that we are still struggling with this? >> they never had a plan. as we reported a couple weeks ago, the trump administration had no way to put parents and children back together once they with respeere separated. this was a happen hazard policy put together by members of the trump administration, executed without coordination between all the relevant agencies is. and you ended up in a situation where now we know 3,000 children during seethe roll tolerance, 1700 before and potentially even thousands more were separated without the adequate recordkeeping in order to u ultimately reunite parents and children once the time came they were supposed to be put back together. the acting secretary of homeland security said the intent was always to renuance if i these
11:44 am
children. if that was the case, the e-mails don't reflect that. >> you point out all these problems. the white house just last week with great fanfare in the rose garden unveiled an immigration plan. it makes few mentions of kids, but it does say that the proposal will change the law to stop child smuggling and reunite children with their families back home. does this have anything to do with the kids that we physically separated from people at the boarder? this does not seem as though it addresses the core of this issue at awl. >> it doesn't. i'm glad you brought it up. we will deport unaccompanied children back to their home countries when they set foot on u.s. soil. right now, it's illegal. they are not allowed to do that under the trafficking protections act for victims of human trafficking. the trump administration wants to do away with those for example, protections and turn around unaccompanied minor children when they set foit
11:45 am
foote on this soil. they write that to look like they want to reunite parents with children they have separated. but it has nothing to do with it at all. >> excellent breakdown of that. jacob soboroff, great to have you. this weekend the president threw cold water on the potential of war with iran. but then he tweeted. that's next. hn deere 1 series tractor. because changing your attachments... whether it's for this job... this job... or even this job... should be as easy as... changing your plans. nothing runs like a deere. run with us. search john deere 1 series for more. get your 1 series for just $99 a month at your john deere dealer. when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in.
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white house continues to mix its messages. in a weekend interview on fox, president trump tamped down speculation his administration is on a war footing. >> i'm not somebody that wants to go into war. war hurts economies. war kills people, most importantly. >> but hours later he followed up with a tweet, if iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of iran. never threaten the united states again. joining me here in washington, jonathan allen and ali aruzi. i'd like to start with ali. there had been some sense people on both sides were trying to tamp down this escalation of rhetoric, but then the presidential tweet over the weekend and he's tweeted some more today about iran seems to be ratcheting thicks up again. what's the view on where this stands?
11:50 am
>> reporter: good afternoon, iran's foreign minister shot back at the president's tweet calling it a he gave the president a history lesson, saying iranians stood tall for millennia, agres ors like alexander the great and genghis khan are gone. casey, that tweet encompasses what the wider establishment in iran feel, which is that president trump is a bully who doesn't want to fight, however, that's not how they feel about the iran hoax he surrounded himself with in the administration and in the region. they believe john bolton,
11:51 am
saudis, israelis want a confrontation with iran, feel they wanted one quite some time, and this president gives them the best opportunity to do that, so they're digging in quite deep in iran. they want to project an image of strength and shoot back at everything the president says. >> and ali, there was a rocket landed near the u.s. embassy in baghdad, state department said there were no claims of responsibility and no in has been ted facility was struck, but they take the incident very seriously, we will hold iran responsible if any of the attacks are conducted by proxy of militia forces and will respond accordingly. >> reporter: i don't think the iranians are looking to start a
11:52 am
war. it would have very little up side for them. yes, they could cause america a lot of damage but it would be detrimental for iran. their message is that they're ready for one should one break out. and under these current circumstances they feel they need to project an image of strength, sort of abiding by the nuclear deal, playing the soft approach. they feel hasn't worked up until now, so they need to flex their muscles a bit. they said their missiles can hit the u.s. flotilla in the gulf and proxies can wreak havoc in the region. they want to now say we're tough shall don't mess with us. >> jonathan allen, what's going on. the administration is sending incredibly mixed messages. you reported that military officials have been building a case to enter conflict to attack
11:53 am
iran without congressional approval. >> there is some question whether they're doing this because they intend to take offensive action against iran or if they're doing this to signal that they're willing to take offensive action against iranful there's a two-part test for using the 2001 authorization of military force from congress in order to go after iran or any other country. what it is is whether they have harbored or assisted al qaeda or anyone related to al qaeda, and is that country also a terrorist threat to the united states or are they helping people that pose a terrorist threat to the united states. we heard the secretary of state mike pompeo repeatedly make the argument that iran hosted al qaeda members after the 9/11 attacks. we are now seeing, for instance, with the rocket attack but also the evacuation of the u.s. embassy in baghdad, we are seeing the argument made that iran poses a terrorist threat to
11:54 am
the united states. this is a way basically the administration weighing the legal justification for possibly being able to go to war with iran without going back to congress for a new war resolution. >> and the looming threat with members of congress demanding briefings today as well. quite a bit to be learned on how intense it is. thank you both very much. coming up. "game of thrones" is over. but don't worry, no finale spoilers here, mainly because an entire country, literally over a billion people haven't seen it yet. one more thing is next. t. one more thing is next ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new loaded fajitas.
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one more thing before we go. did you hear, the "game of thrones" finale was last night. of course you knew. no spoilers. don't worry if you haven't seen it yet. we have some outraged fans to talk about because as the clock struck 9:00 p.m. eastern last night, thrones fans settled in for a divisive good-bye to the series. but not as it turns out in china. as the show's open rolled across the world last night, fans in china saw this. nothing. an hour before the finale, the broadcast carrier in china that airs "game of thrones" announced it was postponing the final episode. they claim there were media transfer issues. we know what that's like in
11:59 am
television, but it appears the final episode, final installment was actually scrubbed because of trade tensions with the united states. the carrier will not confirm that's what happened, but hbo has, telling "the wall street journal" that china restricted tencent video from airing the finale. hbo said it had no trouble with last night's transmission. the journal points out, targeting pop culture to register anger with a foreign government is nothing new for chinese authoritarian leaders. as of late it is common. in the past two weeks as trade talks grew bitter, chinese state run tv sidelined programming to air anti-america themed films during prime time. well, we're sorry for those "game of thrones" fans in china. that's wrapping it up for us this hour. kasie hunt in washington. follow me on twitter, catch me on sunday night. right now, ali velshi from new
12:00 pm
york. >> good to see you. have a great rest of your afternoon. >> you too. this is a public health problem of significant proportions. any minute, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will introduce a bill on the senate floor, raising minimum age to buy tobacco and e cigarettes from 18 to 21, with no exceptions. the bill called the tobacco free youth act, and it is aimed at eradicating what the majority leader calls a public health crisis among teenage smokers. it allows states to enact laws with higher age restrictions if they choose to do so. 14 states raised the minimum age for buying tobacco to 21. as vaping is more popular with high school and middle school students. across the country, adolescents are more likely than adults to use e cigarettes. one in five uses e cigarettes. between 2011 and 2018


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