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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 23, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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thank you. thank you as well. that will wrap up this hour of msnbc live. i'll see you tomorrow morning on today. right now andrea mitchell reports. thank you. impeachment trap. speaker nancy pe he slosi says president wants to be impeached calling the actions villainous. >> the house democratic caucus is not on a path to impeachment and that's where he wants us to be. >> is the president putting his own job ahead of the american people by saying no legislation if you keep investigating? >> that's insane. the president is putting the american people first. it's the democrats that don't want to do anything. nc put buttigieg accusing the president of faking a military. in other words calling him a draft dodger. >> this is something who, i think it's fairly orve lly obv most of us, took advantage of
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the fact that he was a child of a multimillionaire in order to pretend to be disabled so that somebody could go to war in his place. the american taliban. 17 years after being jailed for fighting with the taliban. he's out early for good behavior. >> he's not been rehabilitated. he'll go back into the same islamic terrorist activities he's been doing because evidently he hasn't stopped. good day, every one. wednesday's white house drama is escalating into a full blown feud. nancy pelosi said impeachment is
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off the table. >> i truly believe the president has a bag of tricks and the white house has a bag of tricks that they save for certain occasions. now this time another temper today, john walker lindh, known as the american taliban, tantrum again. was released from federal i pray for the president of the prison. united states. i wish that his family or his lindh was arrested in administration or staff would afghanistan just two months have an intervention for the after the september 11th terror good of the country. attacks. pete williams joins me now. >> president trump's trstrategy you've been covering this for manner decade. pete, why is he being released becoming clear. since he -- apparently, you have he's slamming democrats as a do new evidence, is still spouting nothing party portraying himself as the victim of the mueller pro-isis and anti-american investigation. joining me now is kelly views. >> two reasons. number one, in the federal o'donnell. peter alexander, steve israel, system, you have to serve at least 85% of your prison sentence. he was sentenced e esentenced. michael steel, former press secretary to john boehner. welcome all. first to you, peter alexander. the president is doubling down so good behavior means obeying or his staff is and he is on the rules and not being violent. he can't be locked up for what twitter against congress. >> reporter: you're exactly
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right. you said it. he thinks. e ca he calls them the do nothing he can .n't be locked up to what he believes, which is still support for jihad. party. they don't control the senate so but that's not a reason to keep it won't do anywhere. him in prison. they have made a lot of advances it's certainly a reason to watch as it relates to guns, campaign, him very closely, however. finance reform and other issues. there are very tight restrictions on his release. for example, all of his internet on these key issues he is trying use has to be monitored. to win the messaging battle saying i'm the one trying to he can't speak to one in fight on behalf of the american electronic communications except in english, he can't leave the people. country, he can't have a s sarah sanders came out and said passport. he would like to go to ireland, it's a complete lie that but he can't go. there's very close restrictions and we just know from federal democrat ks s can do two things authorities that the fbi and one. other agencies are going to be what struck me is we heard the president say if you're going to watching him very closely. keep investigating there won't >> johnny michael span, cia be any deals. today the president's counselor officer in that same period where there was a taliban kellyanne conway appeared to uprising after 9/11, the first walk that back entirely. she said to us that they are, the white house, is willing to cia officer killed after 9/11. work on immigration, on >> and of course it happened infrastructure, on all of these just a short time after span topics. there's a lot of confusion right actually questioned john walker now about whether that's lindh. and span's family, of course, possible. the white house, sarah sanders believes that even if lindh said they would work to try go it alone on things like health wasn't somehow directly care, the border, but there are responsible for his death, that
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he must have known something, some of those must do items, the could have given a warning. they believe he was complicit. critical items like debt limit, when he was convicted, when he pleaded guilty, when he was sentenced, right here in government spending. will the president allow the alexandria, ts ellis, the judge government to shut down. will he allow the united states who provided over the manafort to default on its debts. trial, i was sitting in the they said on those issue, they courtroom, he said, there is no are moving forward. they said there are staff level evidence that you had any role in span's death. but his family still believes he conversations continuing right was at least complicit. now. >> peter, you and kelly >> pete williams, as always, thank you so much. o'donnell were reporting that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." yesterday on this confrontation, follow us online at facebook and if you will between kellyanne conway and the speaker. on twitter at andrea mitche"and i wanted to ask kelly about this. reports" and here's ali velshi and stephanie ruhle for "velshi she was just at a news conference with speaker. let's play a bit of what conway & ruhle". >> good afternoon, everyone. said today. i'm ali velshi. >> and i'm stephanie ruhle. >> she did what she does all the we begin with the escalating time which is said, i talked to feud between house speaker nancy pelosi and president trump. the president, not to staff. pelosi calling the president, quote, villainous, and saying he after all she thinks we're all wants to be impeached. staff. i believe she's a sixth or so >> two democratic aides tell nbc richest member of congress and news that's what the speaker behaves that way. told democrats in a spat betwe she treats me as he might treat her maid or pilots or make up
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artist or wardrobe consultants. and pelosi grew hotter on >> i'm not going to talk about wednesday after the president re her. i respond to the president of planned infrastructure meeting. united states. other conversations people want you'll remember this from 24 to have among themselves is up hours ago. nded up giving a eeting with to them. fiery press conference in the rose garden. >> this morning, nbc's caskasie hunt asked speaker pelosi if democrats think they can still work with the president. >> reporter: yesterday among some allies of the speaker when >> madam speaker, would you take another meeting with the this story first came out president after what happened? and can you work with him on anything? >> of course. suggesting it wasn't so abrupt. of course. i mean, we're dealing with a i think the speaker made it plain and knowing her and situation that is becoming more covering her for years, she's predictable, but i do think have in tune with the fact she's a historical figure as speaker. she's also a constitutional officer in line of succession and she represents this co-equal branch of government, the first branch as she likes to point out and did so today. she wants to be dealing with the president and kellyanne conway had tried to engage with the house speaker after the president left the room abruptly yesterday heading to his news event in the rose garden.
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it was pretty clear smack down from the speaker of the house about that issue and asserting her standing. kellyanne conway's version is also quite cutting of the speaker. the speaker today was just more direct about her own place in these negotiations as the speaker with the president. i was alwaso struck by the back and forth i had with the speaker. i asked her if she would adjust her rhetoric or posture knowing the lay of the land as she described it to us. she recognizes the president is doing things as stunts. talked about the fact the use of words that she had yesterday, the cover up was a factor although she didn't believe that was the real reason. i asked if she thought maybe tactically for the pragmatism she might adjust. she pushed me back hard on that and said she's going to pursue legislatively the things she needs to do and will not kowtow,
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that was not her heard but i'm yudsi ing using that in the moment, to the president. she also reiterated something and i followed up about her prayer. i had the sense and we talked about et yesterday, in her prayer it was not the kind of prayer where you often hear people speak of praying for the good of the country. this had a tone of concern in it. she went further and suggested intervention. somehow the president is not fully in control of his faculties. she further went on and said asking who is in charge. we make an agreement with you and then it changes. there was so much in her news conference today to tell us about where she thinks things are and notably they are not on an impeachment path because she believes it's divisive and because she believes the president wants it. andrea. >> michael steel, you having worked for john boehner have dealt with nancy pelosi before she was speaker, after she lost the speakership on both ways
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with her sense of power and how she is handling this president. >> speaker boehner said it doesn't cost anything to be nice. the speaker is keenly aware of her power, her position. i think it does highlight a problem in dealing with this administration that you never know when you're dealing with a presidential staffer, does that person speak with authority for the president. will the president honor that. while there's no reason to be rude, there's no reason to be high handed, there's only the sense that only the president can speak for the administration. >> remember when mike pence told them there was a deal on immigration and there wasn't. >> even to the vice president. you have to have the word of the president and even when you have the word of the president,
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there's no guarantee that 280 characters won't reverse it in the evening or morning hours. >> i wanted to put up how much was accomplished when richard nixon was being impeached and forced out of education getting legislation through in a bipartisan way be week before he was forced to resign. the legal service was to create lawyers for the indigent, the endangered species act. you can see all that was done while he was under impeachment from newt gingrich. bill work still went on. how does the white house saying he's not going to perform his role as president until the investigation goes away? >> it's indefensible. they must exercise the
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constitutional obligation. as you just said it has an obligation to the american people to do things like reduce prescription drug cost and improve paychecks. they can do both of those things. let's just step back for a moment. nan scy pelosi, i served with h, she has nine grand children. she p knows how to manage a good temper tantrum when she sees one in the president of the united states. we see a guy who has spent an entire career as a new york city real estate tycoon. what we saw yesterday is how those negotiations are conducted. you go into a meeting where you want to buy a building. you don't like what you're hear. maybe you're offended by something. you storm out and wait for people to beg you back to the deal. that might work when you're buying new york city real estate. it does not work when you're trying to negotiate a budget deal, debt ceiling and building infrastructure for the american people. president trump will have to rethink these real estate tycoon
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strategies. >> john meachum, our friend, had this to say about what the president is doing on the 11th hour. >> it's easy for me to say but it strikes me if i were a member of the house of representatives, i would be inclined to proceed, to have hearings on impeachment given that the president, we have evidence of attempted obstruction and we also have the political box checked which is he's not -- he's saying he's not going to do his job because people are investigating him. that's a fundamental prima facie of the rule of law. >> michael steel, when are republicans going to step up to this issue? one congressman, amash, speaking out but john meachum referred
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the andrew johnson, the president impeached and was for criticizing congress and congressional investigations. >> i think the senate is going to continue processing nominations, continue putting conservatives on the courts. i think we hit a crisis point later this year. the infrastructure is optional. the debt limit is not optional. >> let me just close this by saying one thing. the disaster relief for puerto rico which should have been approved before they leave for the memorial day recess is not going to be unless a miracle happens overnight. that is inexcusable. thank you all. coming up, overruled. a federal judge says the
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president cannot stop his banks from turning over financial documents to congress. you're watching andrea mitchell reports. stay with us. g andrea mitchell reports. stay with us ♪ ♪ memories. what we deliver by delivering.
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another big legal set back for president trump in his attempts to keep his financial records from congressional investigators. now a second federal judge has ruled against the trump family and its legal argument this time in the case of deutsche bank and
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capital one whose records have been subpoenaed. the judge described the subpoenas as broad but clearly pertinent. joining me jeff mason white house correspondent for reuters. this ruling was categorical just as the previous was this week. the president must be feeling pretty embattled. sgh rig >> right. the house counsel used the term the president regard s congress as a nuan clrce. we're seei inin ining vindicati congress is a co-equal branch of justice. courts are not likely to be
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receptive to the arguments the president is making. the judge's decision was pretty unequivocal. it was ruling on injunctive matter. not only do you not win today, i think you're not likely to win in this case down the road. that's very strong. that's not uncommon when you kind of have a census to what the outcome will be after you researched the law. it's clear the law would lead to this outcome. they probably have their order written in advance. waited to see if anything would come out that shifted their decision. clearly they didn't and wrote the ruling right there. >> jeff mason, i'm inferring this has been troubling to the white house because this was his red line. the same time as albany passes a law that the state tax return for the trump organization and donald trump, individually, can be released. being signed by an drdrew coumo.
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that would expose donald trump to a lot of visibility on his earnings and sources of his income. >> absolutely. that's what he's been trying to avoid for some time. look back to 2016 being the one presidential candidate in decades who didn't release his tax returns. even though he said then he would release them once they were through audit. it's now 2019 and we haven't seen them. they have done everything they could to prevent his financial records from becoming public and these court rulings are a set back and will give democrats in the house some visibility if it succeeds and does not fall back with his next set of appeals. >> according to nbc news, two other banks, wells fargo and td bank have already turned over records which we did not know about. what about appealing the cuomo, signing that law. can that be taken up in court?
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>> it can. the argument they are making is it's a bill of attainder. >> it goes back to the 18th century. >> it needs to be punishments. this isn't -- that's in courts don't have a very expensive view. this will be seen as a punishment. one more important thing getting back to the deutsche bank. both here and in the don mcgahn matter, what you're seeing are third parties who are now sort of pulled into the web. it's not just about the president versus congress and deutsche bank and capital one have their own legal interest to protect. if there's subpoenas going to the banks, they have every reason to try to comply here. >> deutsche bank has been under a lot of scrutiny for other issues that have come up. they are not going to be very likely to fight this themselves. it's the trump organization and family that's fighting it. >> that's it. given that history and huge fines. millions of dollars in fines that deutsche bank faced in the
9:21 am
last five or ten years. they don't want to be seen as not complying with a lawful court order. this just isn't about the president and congress anymore. i think everybody is looking out for themselves and they ought to. >> elliot williams, jeff mason, thanks so much. coming up, taking on trump. navy veteran mayor pete buttigieg takes on the president over the bone spur. stay with us on msnbc. he t boner stay with us on msnbc. i don't keep track of regrets. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life. leaders of the democratic party.
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for over two years, this president has broken the law... and nothing happened. you told us to wait for the mueller investigation. and when he showed obstruction of justice... nothing happened. when this president took money from foreign governments and blocked the release of his tax returns... nothing happened. and when his administration illegally refused to testify nothing happened. now you tell us to wait for the next election? really? really? really? this is why we volunteered, raised money, went door to door and voted in the last election. our founding fathers expected you - congress - to hold a lawless president accountable. and you're doing nothing. nothing. nothing. he broke his oath of office. he's defying you. he's laughing at you. and he's getting away with it. this is our democracy. but congress is part of the system and the system is broken. we have to fix it. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a devastating search and rescue effort under way in missouri after a catastrophic tornado swept across the state killing three people in the south western town of golden city. another tornado ripping apart buildings, trapping people in their homes, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. the capitol -- capital jefferson city took a direct hit. the mayor speaking out this morning on the "today show" about the road ahead. >> we're in good hands here. we're take karg care of each ot. we're going to get through this.
9:26 am
serving in vietnam with an interview with the washington post. >> do you think he should have served in vietnam? >> i have a pretty dim view of his decision to use his privileged status to fake a disability in order to avoid se serving in vietnam. >> you believe he faked a disability? >> do you believe he has a disability? >> yeah, at least not that one. >> manipulating the ability to get a diagnosis. if you were a conscientiouos objector, i'd admire that. he pretended to be disabled so
9:27 am
someone could go in his place. >> let's get the inside scoop from robert costa. >> tell us about this interview. that's basically calling him a draft dodger. >> he called him a draft dodger. he said he faked a disability. this was not the only instance where mayor buttigieg took on the president on military issues. he called out the president for recordedly considering pardons of soldiers, u.s. soldiers who have been convicted of war crimes and underscored his own service in afghanistan as he took on the president's record on vietnam in deferment. >> i wanted to play another of the clips from this extraordinary interview. this is robert costa talking to mayor pete about racism.
9:28 am
>> is president trump a racist? >> i think so. i mean, if you do racist things and say racist things, the question of whether that makes you a racist is almost academic. the problem with the president is that he does and says racist things and gives cover to other races. >> i think pete buttigieg has distinguished himself from the star start in his willingness to take on president trump in direct ways while the rest of his presentation is very moderate and optimistic and hopeful and positive. he's been talking about the porn star presidency and going right to the president from day one. it's not the first time someone has said this. paul ryan said that the president statement about the judge was racist. this is not news that people have accused the president of
9:29 am
this. he's going to make the point that not only does he have a lot of terrific credentials like being a military veteran and highlighting that but he's willing to take on the president in direct terms and that obviously is appealing in a primary campaign. >> to both of you also there are protests today. the other democratic nominees and candidates for the nomination, a lot of them are out protesting against mcdonald's in favor of the minimum wage today and there's a new poll that's come out. i want to share that with you and let's just caveat this is early. the polls are just a snapshot but it does show us a little bit about the horse race and these rankings. we see a number of the women are move up in this poll. joe biden has gone up six points since april. kamala harris breaking through in double digits.
9:30 am
elizabeth warren double digits. buttigieg down a bit. down two from last time. beto o'rourke flat and klobuchar up two. with all of our cautionary comments today about polls, where do you see the race standing right now, robert? >> these candidates have a choice to make. it's early in the race. the debates are about a month away. are they going to start to take shots at other candidates to try to breakthrough. it's not about petty personal shots but about policy. repeatedly i asked mayor buttigieg about vice president biden, his record on the crime bill, on credit card companies. senator warren has taken on vice president biden on credit card companies with many of them based in delaware. she said vice president biden was on the wrong side and you see now candidates try to differentiate themselves because the vice president has pulled ahead. senator warren has laid traction
9:31 am
by laying out some of these policy proposals and swinging once in a while. >> one of the things that happened to take note of, ha harriet tubman was supposed to be on the $20 bill and steve mnuchin told people over at treasury they won't do this until 2024 or later. trying to get the president off the hook because clearly the president trump does not want to do that. he's such a big fan of andrew jackson. >> this is another example of the fact that when given the opportunity the president is not trying to engage in a persuasion campaign for re-election in 2020. it's all about mobilization. he's not concerned about any push back that he will receive to the news that he's not interested this putting harriet tubman on the bill. this will go over no matter how much it upsets people. it's just not of concern to the president that this is a
9:32 am
political problem for him. he does what he wants and he stays in his lane. he does this again and again and again. he finally came up with an immigration proposal that sounded like it was appealing to the middle but every one made it clear it didn't intend to be become a real plan. until and unless something changes, all of these things, are of a piece he's piling to his supporters only and not interested in getting new one. >> it's apparently 2028. those bills would not be in circulation assuming some other president doesn't intervene with the plan. if you visit washington maybe over memorial day there's a wonderful harriet tubman exhibit. robert costa, thank you so much. coming up, rex in effect. what former secretary of state rex tillerson told a congressional committee in seven hours of testimony that has president trump calling him dumber than a box of rocks. yes, you heard me right. yes, you heard me right. when you shop for your home at wayfair, you'll find just
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as tensions with iran continue to intensify, nbc news is learning that the pentagon is presenting plans to the white house to send 10,000 more t mid. joining me now is maine independent senator, a member of the armed services and
9:37 am
intelligence committees, angus king. we heard the first major briefing from the military and from secretary pompeo. first of all, what do you think about this plan to present the president with the option of sending more troops? >> the first thing to be said is iran are not good guys. they are bad actors in the middle east. hezbollah, hamas, syria, assad, ieds. no brief carry here for iran. on the other hand, what's worrying me about the situation is we seem to be on a ladder of escalation and the danger is miscalculation. i don't think either side wants war. i don't think iran wants war. i don't think president trump wants a war but what happens if there's something in baghdad or some activity in the persian gulf that cuts off the world's oil supply or something that's a
9:38 am
minor thing but leads to a retaliation. i've looked at all the intelligence. i'm on the intelligence committee. the unanswered question is whose provokinining whom. as we escalate sending more troops, moving aircraft carriers, we view it as prevenn tapti -- preventative. it could lead to a preemptive attack by them. wars start by accident. i think that's the gravest danger we face in this situation. i would like to see some direct contacts between the administration and iran to try to diffuse the situation. >> it does look as though the current cycle of threats from iran, which have been credibly reported and i don't see the intelligence but talk to a lot of people who have, those threats started after the state department designated the
9:39 am
revolutionary guard, a terror group and took other actions to really squeeze their oil exports down to zero. that's the chicken and egg. who started it first. with them being bad actors in a lot of ways as we have all been reporting for decades now. the other point today is that overnight tis it's stemmed to b stepped up. is this worrying? >> i think that's very dangerous and somewhat predictable. i believe our and indicatibdica the nuclear deal is one of the great mistakes we have made in the last four years because this is exactly what is happened is we have walking away, we have empowered the hard liners. we have undercut, i don't want to call them moderates, but they weren't the hard liners in iran and basically the hard liners can now say and supreme leader
9:40 am
is now saying we told you you couldn't trust the americans. we made this deal. we abided by it which every one agrees they did and america walked away any way and broke their word. that was one of the great mistake that led us into this situation of confrontation. there was no reason to take that course and i think we're now seeing the fruits of it. if there was any hope of some kind of, i don't want to call it normalization but improvement of relations, it's now diminished as the supreme leader is criticizing those who made that deal. >> i want to ask you about rex tillerson. he was blasted on twitter. the president is talk about hill for testifying for seven hours. the president tweeting rex
9:41 am
tillerson, a man who is dumb as a rock and totally ill prepared and ill equipped to be secretary of state made up a story. he got fired. that i was out prepared by vladmir putin at a meeting. i don't think putin would agree. look at how the u.s. is doing. well, first of all -- >> where do you want to start? >> he's referring to putin as his witness, his defense witness for the fact he was not out prepared. i want to play mike pompeo on cnbc asking asked about this. >> there was a report that he was interviewed by some congressmen and was asked about the president. president trump's values. he said that he, meaning rex tillerson, was guided by american values such as democracy and freedom but he could assessment for the president. what do you make of that?
9:42 am
>> it's pretty outrageous and probably explains why he's no longer the secretary of the state. >> the criticism of rex tillerson aside, to have a former secretary of state treated this way on twitter by the president and criticized by his successor is pretty extraordinary. >> i don't know exactly what rex tillerson said. i haven't seen the transcript of that seven hour interview but i think it's important. the first thing i thought of is who hired rex tillerson in the first place? the president of the united states. nobody forced him to hire rex till rse tillerson. he brought him into the add mrgts. whatever you feel about exxon mobile, i don't think somebody gets to be the ceo of exxon mobile if they're dumb as a rock. i think it's extraordinary that this kind of really sort of -- to call it a personal attack is to dignify it.
9:43 am
the context of i don't want to characterize what he said in seven hours based upon a couple of secondhand reports of a few sentences here and there. >> in fairness to every one concerned. i do want to you about your new cyber security plan. are you proposing this because you think the administration is not doing enough? there's been some concern after tom bosert left the white house that kirsten was good on this one issue and there's nobody running cyber security. >> the project i'm working on and i'm co-chair with a republican from green bay, wisconsin, it's not about this administration or the obama administration. it's about the fact we don't have a coherent cyber doctrine and strategy. our mission is to do just that.
9:44 am
right now we are continuously, currently, today at this moment under attack. i talked to a utility executive recently whose utility is attacked three million times a day. three million times a day. i've talked to small banks that are getting hit $100,000 times a day. sometimes by state actors. sometimes by garden variety crooks. this is a huge challenge for the united states and it's one that we have to face. right now, we really don't have a doctrine. one of the biggest problems i see is our adversaries pay no price for attacking us. they pay something of a price but nothing that would cause them to change their calculus and say maybe we better not do this to the american election system or to the financial system or the electrical system. we have to set up something that says to the world, we're not going to be a cheap date in
9:45 am
cyber. you're going to pay a price if you come after us. >> thank you very much. coming up, stay with us right here. , stay with us right here (woman) when you take align daily, you have the support of a probiotic and the gastroenterologists who developed it. wherever you go. (vo) align naturally helps to soothe your occasional digestive upsets 24/7 with a unique strain of bacteria you can't get anywhere else. (woman) you could say align puts the "pro" in probiotic. so where you go, the pro goes. (vo) go with align. the pros in digestive health.
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behind each of our nation's five and a half million military care gavers, a unique story of bravery, true grit and unconditional love. >> you're high school sweethearts. >> rival high schools. >> you could have anything within in next 72 hours from hissen hhi hidden heroes, what would it be? >> i need a vacation. >> every story begins with an individual who raises their hand no serve our country. sometimes in the course of carrying out that duty, they fall. when that happens, their caregiver, often the love of their lives is the person there to lift them up. >> the today show along with tom hanks shining a light on ca caregavers car
9:50 am
caregivers of military veterans. >> reporter: if more veterans once they return from the front lines, another battle awaits them at home.them, and for them, spouses, children, families. these are the hidden heros. >> hey! >> reporter: joe dorsey, a purple heart recipient, was injured in an ied explosion while serving in iraq in 2004. he came home with shrapnel wounds, head and neck injuries, and ptsd. >> he would come home and it's a welcome home parade, a lot of fanfare that goes along with it, but then life goes on. for a lot of veterans and their spouses, you're kind of left with kind of those hidden moments and those hidden experiences that maybe you don't share with everyone. >> now go back to page eight. >> reporter: a public school teacher, andrea sometimes uses her sick days to care for her husband, as he continues to cope with the visible and invisible wounds of war. >> the world goes on, whether you're having a tough day or whether you're not. so when you decide that you don't have any other choice, you have to keep going. i have to just take on these
9:51 am
challenges as they come and i am strong enough to do this and if there's going to be a military caregiver, then i'm going to be the best one that there -- that i ever could be. >> reporter: her husband is in awe of his wife, calling andrea his rock, as she picks him up on his toughest days. >> for her to stand by my side and be as supportive as she has, it means more than anybody will ever know. >> reporter: just a few weeks after her husband, andrew's, fourth deployment to afghanistan, amy jenkins got a call she will never forget. >> the only words i heard were his broken voice and it said, hey, baby, i'm alive, but -- that was heart wrenching, heart wrenching. >> reporter: an enemy attack left andrew with a traumatic brain injury. his condition forever changing their lives. >> all of the deployments before that had taken little pieces,
9:52 am
but this one took -- it took his spunk. and i miss -- i miss him. i've had to learn, i have to fall in love with him all over again. >> reporter: amy doesn't have to look far to find support in taking care of her husband. their three children have become caregivers, too. >> my children encompass what it means to love without boundaries. when they notice that i am stressed, they will try to pick up the slack. there is nothing that my children would not do for their father. >> reporter: her husband knows how lucky he is to have them by his side. >> i owe her my life. i do. the amount of stuff i've put her and the kids through, not just through deployments, but through the aftermath of deployments and all the demons that you face and all the struggles -- >> so make sure eat healthy today. >> reporter: robert grier sr. served in the air force in the korean and vietnam wars, reve e
9:53 am
reversing roles, his son, robert jr., became the primary caregiver for his 86-year-old dad when his late mother was diagnosed with alzheimer's. for military caregivers, there are no days off. >> it is a labor of love. it's almost like having children. it's the hardest job you'll ever love, you know? there's constantly curveballs that happen with us. >> reporter: his father is eternally grateful for his son's he feelle le selflessness. >> son, i love you. you mean tremendous to me. >> i wouldn't have it any other way. >> love you. >> give me -- >> reporter: once strangers with familiar stories, now finding comfort in one another. >> what can we say but thank you, savannah guthrie. we honor their service ahead of memorial day. we'll be right back. i was there, just not always where i needed to be.
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