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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  May 26, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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breaking news overnight, new pictures and survivor stories after an apparent tornado sweeps through a hotel. a firestorm on facebook of videos of nancy pelosi spread across social media and stays there. and the president hands over a 60-pound trophy on his visit to japan. we begin with this breaking news. a deadly tornado has ripped through el reno, oklahoma. it happened overnight. you're about to see what's left behind. this is drone video showing the path of that twister. it's left debris just about everywhere. nearby mobile homes have been leveled. recovery crews are going to determine the extent of the destruction. emergency teams are sifting through rubble. they're looking for survivors. dozens of people taken to area
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hospitals. at least two people are reported killed and el reno's mayor is asking for everyone's prayers. >> el reno has suffered the last couple of weeks for flooding. we've gone over the largest tornado on record out here. our first responders are experienced. they're qualified. our community is very resilient to this. we asked you to pray for us and pray for the first responders and help with what they're going through. it's a very traumatic event. pray for us here. the main thing is, we have to get together. el reno is very strong. we're a strong, vibrant community that depends on each other. >> a tornado warning was issued minutes before that twister struck, giving people a chance to get to a safe place. this is nbc affiliate oklahoma news 4 covered the breaking story. >> we're going to point out the
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drone video is telling here. taken about 15 minutes ago. there's a cluster here of dense debris. and it's in the middle of the other trailers here that are here, near the middle of this trailer park. the debris is pulled to the northeast from the point of impact. i have to point out all of the flurry of activity, somewhere in the neighborhood of about ten search and rescue workers that are literally working this pile of debris, piece-by-piece. this was 15 minutes ago. >> that's substantial damage. in 25 years of storm tracking, when you see second-story buildings with so much roof damaging and structural damage, down to the floor, it's really bad. i was able to look at the trailer park just off to the west.
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from the hotel area, it's bad. >> no way we would have gotten out without help. >> your son came by. >> i told him we got hit. the boys are fine. and within five minutes he was there. >> she told me that her son had to come and lift the roof of another trailer that flipped over on top of their trailer to let her and her sons, his grandkids, get free. >> what a story there. the national guard is also at the scene, assisting in rescue and recovery efforts. we're going to monitor continuing developments and bring you more pictures as we get some daybreak light. president trump's financial records from deutsche bank and capital one will not have to be turned over for now. the president's attorney, jay sekulow, telling nbc news, in return for that, the lawyers
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have agreed to an expedited appe appeal. this comes after a judge in new york refused to block the subpoenas earlier this week. the white house doubling down on the president's vow not to work with democrats until all of their investigations end. >> this is an effort by the democrats. it's like the russia collusion witch hunt hoax 2.0. they accused the president of colluding with a foreign power, of treason, no evidence, no proof. and now, they say he's engaged in a cover-up with no proof. and not one journalist said, hey, madam speaker, what is the evidence? if you have the evidence, why do we have investigations? >> democrats pushing for robert mueller to agree to testify in public. california representative john garamendi telling me just how crucial it is for the country. >> nearly two years of investigation, extraordinarily
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important moment in our nation's history. he cannot wide. we cannot allow him to hide. he must testify publicly. he needs to look right into that camera and tell the american people what he found. it cannot be any other way. we have to push back. if he wants to be in private, i'm sorry, mr. mueller. president trump now slamming that federal judge who blocked construction of parts of his southern border wall. the president tweeting, this is a ruling against border security and in favor of crime, drugs and human trafficking. we're asking for an expedited appe appeal. also new today, golfing, dining and attending a sumo match, just some of the highlights from the president's four-day trip to japan. let's go to nbc's hallie jackson, following the president in tokyo. hallie, another welcome to you. you have the president keeping you extremely busy with these activities. but trade remains high on his agenda, yeah? >> it does. the president is downplaying, alex, expectations for any trade
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deal happening during this trip or after the g-20 summit at the end of june. the president tweeted about this. he called a fox news reporter and told him over the phone that he has no expectation of getting to a trade deal before the japanese parliamentary elections happen. what does that do? that gives shinzo abe a little breathing room to deal with his domestic situation, before grappling with the u.s. on the golf course or in the car, the two of them did talk about trade. here's what he had to say when the two leaders were enjoying dinner at a hibachi-style restaurant in tokyo. watch. >> thank you. we had a great time and a great stay and tomorrow is the main event, important event in the history of japan.
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over 200 since something like this has happened. it is a great honor to be representing the united states. the prime minister and i talked a lot today about trade and military and various other things. and i think we had a productive day. and tomorrow, likewise, will be a very productive day. i just want to thank you that it was an incredible evening at sumo. >> these two leaders had a mostly social day today. you can call it with the golf course, the sumo match, the dinner. tomorrow will be more formal talks. the centerpiece will be something that you heard the president reference in those comments, and that is meeting the new emperor of japan and the empress. president trump will be the first foreign leader to do so. he is looking forward to this. that will be one of the highlights here. >> beyond the social aspect, north korea. i know the president has brought that up. what's he saying? >> this is something likely to
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be on the agenda. we know for the talks tomorrow. and the president is kicking off the trips and discussions with an interesting tweet. he is talking about north korea's recent missile tests, launching what he described as small weapons. saying some people were distu disturbed by that but he was not. this does a couple of things. number one, it undercuts his national security adviser, john bolton, who just this weekend, told reporters here in teak owe that the missile tests violate security council resolutions. with this tweet, the president appears to be downplaying this. and japan is concerned about pyongyang and the missile tests. while president trump wants to build a relationship with kim jong-un and move forward with more talks down the road, japan is watching this with a very wary eye. this could be a point of contention, when the two men meet tomorrow here in tokyo,
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alex. in addition to north korea, the president, as you noticed, praised kim jong-un for attacking who could be a rival, joe biden. that's raising some eyebrows, as well. >> that was charming. hallie jackson in tokyo. good to see you. joining me now, julia manchester with "the hill." after a golf game with abe, the president tweeted this. numerous officials told me that the democrats would rather see the united states fail than to see me or the republican party succeed, death wish. even on foreign soil, politics never stops for this president. >> it doesn't stop, alex. this underscores how much 2020 is on the president's mind right now and how much he's thinking about joe biden. i think president trump is obviously keeping a very close eye on the biden campaign. and it seems, in a way, biden is coming under his skin. it's remarkable that the
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president is on foreign soil, amid these nuclear -- these missile tests from north korea. he's in japan, not too far from north korea. and he's negotiating on trade. he is still talking about 2020. it's remarkable to see where the president's head is, in terms of joe biden. >> doesn't talking about joe biden even further elevate his profile? hasn't his advisers said to him, stop talking about the candidates? >> it absolutely does. and a lot of the democratic candidates -- we've seen them sniping at trump and they realize that if trump fires back at them and insults them in some way, obviously, trump is a good brander. and that's helped him in his own brand in attacking his former opponents, whether they're republican and democrat in the past. however, i think democrats look at it as wearing a badge of pride, when this president is
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insulting their candidate. yes. he's absolutely leveling joe biden to a higher level by attacking him while he's overseas with other priorities. >> yeah. let's bring in francesca chambers from tokyo. good evening your time. talk about where you are, the mood to all of this and the reaction to the president. >> sure. well, let's start off with that comment about joe biden. joe biden loves to talk about how he's constantly in contact with foreign leaders, with whom he's had a relationship with for many years. president trump swatting back at him saying japanese officials told him that democrats would rather see the country fail than allow republicans to succeed. also, trump saying he expects to talk trade with abe tomorrow. he told reporters there would be no in depth discussions on
4:12 am
trade. but the president is tweeting about it and saying at a dinner tonight, he wants to broach the topic tomorrow. >> the president did not attribute that quote, something he complains about all the time when people comment about the trump administration. but what do you make, francesca, of the president apparently contradicting his national security adviser, john bolton, while he's overseas. how about that? how is that being perceived? >> well, john bolton made the comments to japanese press while they were in tokyo. you can look at it as a direct contin contradicti contradiction. or you can say that this is not acceptable, and president trump says i'm your friend and you should still come to the table because i believe i can make a deal, even though some of my people, a reference to john bolton, think this is
4:13 am
unacceptable. >> julia, look. we saw this feud between the president and speaker pelosi big-time. both sides throwing jabs at one another. both sides insist they have the upper hand in this fight. how about you? did anyone gain from this politically? >> i don't think anyone gained from this politically. when you look at undecided voters. this satisfied the trump base. but a lot of americans looking in on this are looking at this as washington as usual. infrastructure is a point where republicans and democrats, one of the rare points, there has been more adpreemt. these two leaders weren't able to come to that agreement. president trump walked out, citing the ongoing investigations into him. and there was that video of nancy pelosi that was spread online, including by president
4:14 am
trump's rudy giuliani. he walked it back eventually. it underscores the horrible tension within washington. and a lot of americans, they look at it and think washington as usual. >> that tension in washington, relative to the president's mood in tokyo there. do you see any evidence of this sti spilling out. we had some tweets. and we had a selfie on the golf course and the president at the sumo match. do you get any sense of how he's feeling on this four-day sojo n sojourn? >> he was fuming on the plane about this. but we haven't heard from the president himself since he's been here. he made a few comments at dinner tonight about trade. perhaps you can read the most in his mood as he sat in that sumo match. he had a great time. he had his arms crossed and his
4:15 am
lips were pierced. he didn't seem to be enjoying the dance they were doing in front of him. >> we're about 18 months from the 2020 election here. number of policies that need to be dealt with, is there any indication that ether side will yield? are you getting any indication from the trump camp? >> the white house says that president trump does want to continue working with democrats on legislation. like infrastructure and drug pricing. the president coming out at the white house in the rose garden the other day, once he called off that meeting with democrats, walking in the room, telling them off and saying see ya later, didn't help the situation in washington. it remains an open question as to whether the gridlock will clear up before the election. >> okay. thank you, ladies. good to see you both. francesca and julia, much appreciated. impeachment. could it be that the president
4:16 am
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the only thing i hear among my constituents right now is, we have to get rid of president trump. that's the only message i'm getting. it's interesting that a lot of my colleagues say they're hearing about health care and so forth. i'm really not. there's such incredible concern about the future of our
4:20 am
democracy right now that they're pushing hard to get rid of the president. >> johnnie yarmuth joins me now. i want to revisit that comment. we were all over that comment yesterday. is that really the biggest issue that your constituents are talking about? if so, how are they framing it? are they angry? do they have expectations? what do you say to them? >> i say i share their concern for the threat to democracy this president poses. there's two things. there's a rationale analysis of the threat this president poses. and then, there's a reaction to the angst he creates on a daily basis. i read maureen dowd's comments this morning and that's how my
4:21 am
constituents feel. how do we deal with such extreme abnormal behavior that's coming from a person we see every day? >> what do you say to those who say democrats have to win on the issue of policy, policy, policy. we have to put forward what we believe in to beat donald trump as opposed to the prospect of we have to beat him however we can do it. >> well, i think we have to show the american people a vision for how the country should be. and that's what we're doing in the house of representatives on a daily basis. we're passing a lot of very important legislation, just like we did on thursday when we passed a bill dealing with retirement security. a very important piece of legislation that was, by the way, overwhelmingly bipartisan. we'll see if mitch mcconnell, the grim reaper is willing to consider it in the senate. we have to show that vision for the country. but i don't think that most voters vote based on policy.
4:22 am
they vote based on their gut and whether they feel comfortable and whether they trust a certain candidate over another. i hope the next election for president is contrasted because i think donald trump will be sent into retirement if that's the case. >> on the issue of impeachment and the inquiry, should that take place as a matter of principle? that seems very political. >> well, impeachment is a political act. i believe we will have an impeachment proceeding. if we don't, we've neglected our duty under the constitution. if we don't impeach this president or attempt to, based on the litany of offenses he has committed, impeachment means nothing. we have to remove it from the constitution. this man has done far more in terms of committing impeachable offenses that richard nixon
4:23 am
thought about committing. it's documented in the mueller report. we have violations of the emoluments clause. he continues to violate the emolumentss clause each day. we've got the basis for doing it. i think we do need to continue with the investigations because we do need to determine whether there are foreign entanglements, financial and otherwise, that are affecting our foreign policy before we begin an impeachment inquiry. i think we're going to end up there. and i think speaker pelosi is doing the right thing. and i think she, as well as the majority of our caucus are understanding the inevitability of our impeachment. >> impeachment, as you state, is a political process. but if it's being pursued on
4:24 am
principle, why have the proceedings not begun already? is there not enough there? why is there such dissension within the democratic party if it's a principled matmatter? >> that's a good question. i am ready to go. a lot of my colleagues are not ready to go there yet. there's a political consideration here of many of my colleagues. they think that rushing without the completion of these investigations is probably a mistake. they may be right. i have concluded personally, that impeachment is a necessity because we have an obligation under the constitution. >> so, in terms of opposing at this point, despite the inevitability, that nancy pelosi is accepting that, at this point, she has not pushed for it. why not? have you spoken to her about it and got her conditioning for it? >> i haven't spoke spoken individually to her about that. but i've been in caucus meetings
4:25 am
when she's talked about it. she feels strongly that the investigations should determine if there's an impeachment inquiry. one thing that her position says is, not everything should relate to the mueller report. the mueller report was one aspect of the president's conduct. the mueller report documents at least ten obstruction of justice incidents. clearly, i think in a very convincing way. but the narrative out there is, as the president tries to create that. the mueller report was, at best, inconclusive. and trump's opinion was exculpatory. we need to build a bigger case, i think. as i think my colleague, john
4:26 am
garamendi said, earlier in the program, the american people need to be educated about not just the offenses of the trump administration and the president himself, but also the process. >> i'm curious. what happened in the caucus meeting, though? there were reports of some members of the judiciary committee who left upset. >> well, they're the members closest to the process. they will be the ones who actually -- if there is an impeachment -- articles of impeachment advance, they're the ones that will be considering that in that committee. they're the ones that have southbou subpoenaed a lot of information. they've been denied that information. now, we're winning in the lower courts. hopefully those decisions will be sustained. i think they recognized, with their backgrounds, that the same thing that i do. the impeachment is the
4:27 am
prerogative and the investigation of the united states congress when offenses have been committed. and in their judgment, they're where i am. they're ready to go. >> i'm curious what we can expect from nancy pelosi since her meeting with the president on wednesday. she's a very intelligent woman. very experienced. she knows the effect of the words, the language she uses. everything got ratcheted up. do you think we'll see this hard ball being played with donald trump and how effective do you think it will be? >> in terms of effectiveness, i judge things in the political world whether they move voters or not. i don't think the president is moving voters and speaker pelosi is not moving voters with these incidents. however, you have to stand up to a bully and the speaker is doing that extremely well. i have the same situation in kentucky as the only democrat in the delegation. i'm asked to comment on what
4:28 am
mitch mcconnell does all the time. sometimes i would rather not comment on it. but you have to. and that's where she is. and the problem i see with this kind of back and forth is that, it does distract from governing. i think the biggest problem we have right now in washington, is there really isn't a governing mentality. it's a competitive atmosphere. it's all electoral in nature. again, democrats do like to govern. we are working on that every day. we have three or four committees involved in investigations. the rest of the committees are doing their legislative responsibilities on a daily basis. >> john, good to see you. enjoy memorial day tomorrow. joe biden versus the rest of the 2020 pack. i spoke to someone who knows the vice president well. and he told me the one thing biden has to do to become the nomin nominee. nominee. all money managers might seem the same,
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now, to the morning headlines. rescue and recovery teams are in el reno, oklahoma, after a tornado ripped through late last
4:33 am
night. you're getting the first look in daylight. a hotel collapsed. a tornado warning was issued just minutes before the twister touched down. dozens of people are being treated at area hospitals. two people have been reported killed. residents in tulsa are being told to go to higher ground today. that's been swelling the o arkansas river. the national weather service predicts thunderstorms in the plains and the midwest for this memorial day weekend. the president arriving in trial, being dropped off by marine one for his round of golf. aerial video gives us a rare look at the president on the grs golf course. the two will lead summit talks on monday. they are hoping to ease u.s./japan trade tensions.
4:34 am
to the race for 2020. joe biden's double-digit lead for democrats reaffirmed in a national poll. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell made this prediction. >> if joe biden can go through the next 12, 13 months, without making major mistakes, i think he's the nominee. it's as simple as that. >> let's bring in bishop garrison and brian darling, founder and president of liberty government affairs. gentlemen, good sunday morning to you. bishop, do you think that's a hair picture of the democratic race right now? biden's strategy is don't slip up. is that what everyone is counting on so they get an edge and get a big break? >> i think what the governor is saying there, it's more than a simple don't slip up. it's show the american people who you are. show not just your base but independent voters and conservative voters that you have a platform.
4:35 am
you have the ability to be the leader that we need this these times. it's more than don't slip up. joe biden has been there before. and he's going to ensure that people understand that he has a message. that's one of change and a hope for a better tomorrow than what we're see right now. >> brian, does this snapshot of the race, does it help republicans? it lets them focus on takiing o 1 of the 20-plus candidates? >> i think in some sense, republicans will focus on joe biden. all of the candidates running. this is a unique campaign we're seeing right now. a number of candidates roll out
4:36 am
every day. they are trying to figure out how this is going to play out? taking a run at joe biden. i think republicans like myself are sitting on the sidelines and watching this play out. >> we're a month from the debates. dnc chairman tom perez said he is committed to making sure we don't see a repeat of the republicans' kiddie table scenario from the 2016 election rounds. how hucmuch is riding on the wa they're distributed between these two night? you don't want the heavyweights going against each other. what does that leave for the others? >> absolutely. you want someone to say this is a fair and equitable process.
4:37 am
you want to make sure that will have the campaign and given time to present themselves to the american people. you also want the ability to say that everyone that has the ideas are going to put them forward. we don't want to see a kiddie table. maybe night a-1 and a-2. you're not looking to say this is varsity versus j.v. >> do you think the first round of debates will start to actually win the field. you think that candidates that don't make the stage or make waves, that it's early for them and there's time to catch up. how do you think it will play out? >> there's time to catch up. will was a big sport of my
4:38 am
former boss, rand paul. and candidates didn't have time to make a case. they had to make a sound byte fast and news quickly. we didn't see anybody drop out early in the race. but we saw a lot of movement by virtue of the fact that a candidate made news or didn't make news. they're going to go after joe biden. a lot of them will be targeting joe biden. >> let's look at this tweet. charming is one way i described it as earlier. north korea fired off small weapons, which disturbed people and others but not me. i'm confident that chairman kim will keep his promise to me. i smiled when he called swampman joe biden a low i.q. and worse. maybe that's a signal. >> let's keep in mind, this was
4:39 am
his second tweet. the first one had a glaring spelling error in it, as do many of his tweets. i hate that we continue to have to give this any type of news about it. it gives the president what he wants. it makes these types of noxious, horrible, visceral comments, it makes them news. ultimately, you're seeing on memorial day weekend, the president of the united states siding with a dictator over a former vice president, a gentleman who has dedicated his life to public service and has been serving the people since he was 29 years old. it's really disheartening that we even have to deal with this and have comments on it at all. it's disgusting and it degrades all of us, to be frank. >> i hear what you're saying there. brian, i want to look at florida. it has joe biden and the
4:40 am
president, they're dead-even 50-50. how do you read the state of florida at this point? >> florida is the big enchilada. it is early. you see if he is even with donald trump. we're going to have a dogfight. there's going to be a battle for the middle. it will come down whether the people of florida care about having a great economy or if they get distracted by impeachment. >> distracted by issues of impeachment? >> it is a distraction. >> come on. >> i don't think people in florida care about impeachment. they care about if they have a job. >> i'll let you fight amongst
4:41 am
yourselves. as we say thank you to you both, we're just getting started. it is "up with david gura." >> one of our guests, tim o'brien has written about the defense that president trump keeps using. he is doing what he is doing because of his concern for the presidency. tim says this is an important moment in u.s. history. we need to have a conversation of the role of the presidency. and there's a belief that democrats have, to win over white, working class voters to win the presidency. if you look at the data, there's other demographics that are important to democrats. alex harris has written about this. elizabeth warren's outreach and also, what she calls the legacy of racial discrimination. >> a guaranteed interesting topics there. to delete or not to delete? the legal questions about
4:42 am
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visit your local chase branch. new criticism as a viral video tweeted out by the president distorts house speaker's nancy pelosi's speech to make her appear incoherent. the video was viewed on facebook more than 2.5 million times in his first 24 hours. take a look.
4:46 am
>> we had long on the floor. >> good morning. sorry for the delay. we had a little -- it took a little longer on the floor than i anticipated. >> joining me now, katie phang. are there legal and ethical responsibilities for news outlets, and facebook says we're not in the news business. do they have any responsibility here to combat and take down these videos? >> that's a great question. there's a difference between journalistic standards and integrity and the facebook model. facebook in and of itself does not constitute a journalistic model. really, facebook is looking to maximize profits. what's disturbing is, alex, if you look at the community standards and policies, they say that you can have fake news on
4:47 am
facebook, but you can't use a fake fro file. there's such a fine line. those are the words, alex. they alou users to decide if it's news or not. but how can it be on your news feed if it's not news? >> i would take the position with facebook of putting aside your algorithms. the fact that you use third-party fact-checkers doesn't save you from putting up fake information. but the reality is also, alex, if you want to get your information, and you want to get your real news, i guess you should not be getting it from facebook. >> they ruled the video is fake. couldn't they face libel or slander lawsuits for allowing a fabricated story to spread?
4:48 am
>> dissemination that this can be viral in a heartbeat. they basically say, it's a first amendment free speech issue. you're allowed to put it out there. you are putting into someone's opinion that that is the issues. that's not the case. what happens is, you further, facebook's proliferation of fake news, by continuing to click it if it's click bait. >> what's the difference of taking it down? >> youtube's standards are different than facebook's. you can see crazy stuff on youtube than what you see on facebook. facebook is a two-faced standard. they say, again, you can't use a fake profile.
4:49 am
we'll show you down for a fake profile. but you can put fake news up as long as we know two you are. facebook needs to be heavy regulated and it's not. from a law standpoint, until we have stronger laws that are prohibiting this content, you'll see this stuff every day. >> thank you for straightening it out as best you could. the mixed messages from the president and his administration about north korea. the imply daications next. icatio. her saturday movie marathons are a never-ending montage of comfort. tv sfx: where have you been all my life? namaste? namaste right here on the couch. but then anne laid on a serta perfect sleeper. and realized her life was only just... sorta comfortable. where have you been all my life? not just sorta comfortable. serta comfortable. kiss your old mattress goodbye and save on the all-new serta perfect sleeper.
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new today, president trump appears to contradict his national security adviser via twitter saying, unlike some of his people, he is not disturbed by north korea's recent testing of small weapons and that he remains confident in kim jong-un to keep his promise. joining me now, retired army colonel jack jacobs, msnbc military analyst. colonel jack, this is interesting. is this a case of good cop-bad cop, and what do you think the effects of it are going to be? >> they're not organized. trump just says whatever he wants to say. he's completely and totally
4:54 am
wrong about korea. i mean, he said that he relies on, he trusts, he has confidence in kim that he'll keep to his word. his word was that he wasn't going to test any missiles. he's in contravention with a number of u.s. consulate resolutions. trump desperately needs a foreign policy success. he's banked on north korea doing what it said it was going to do and it hasn't done anything. there aren't even any talks anymore. bolton has said something completely different, and no, no, it's not good cop-bad cop, it's just that trump says whatever he wants to say and doesn't consult anybody, alex. >> do you think donald trump is putting his money on the wrong entity here? it seems like he's the only one
4:55 am
who believes that his relationship, his bromance, if you want to call it that, with kim jong-un will be able to save the day. when you have your national security adviser saying this is not good and calling out kim jong-un for what he has done, violating what he said he would not do, to your point, is the president putting his money on the wrong horse? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. i don't think he has a very deep understanding of national security issues and certainly not in the western pacific. he's there visiting japan. abe is very much concerned, all of our allies, and even those who are not allies, who are just friends in the western pacific are very much concerned about north korea, and they've asked the united states to make an effort to rein in north korea, and trump just ignores it completely because trump as an individual doesn't listen to his advisers and doesn't have an understanding of the dynamics there.
4:56 am
it will be interesting to see whether or not bolton now decides he's not going to say anything anymore about north korea and let trump just carry on talking about north korea the way he wants to talk about it. >> all right. retired army colonel, medal of honor recipient jack jacobs, thank you. how trump handles moments on international stage. that's coming up in just a bit. . that's coming up in just a bit you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms
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that is going to do it for me on this hour of alex witt. i'll see you tomorrow at noon earn. coming up, it is "up with david gura." this is "up." i'm david gura. so far there has been golf, selfies and sumo wrestling. what's missing from president trump's trip to japan, any signs of progress on policy. >> prime minister, i talked a lot today about trade and military and various other things, and i've always wanted to see sumo wrestling. >> it's likely north korea was one of those things that the president's national security adviser said one thing about the rogue regime, the president said something else entirely. >> i think we're doing very well with north korea, a lot of progress is being made. and a new agreement between the president's attorneys and congressional investigators as


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