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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  May 26, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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join us back here next saturday and sunday at 4:00 p.m. eastern. you can reach me on twitter, facebook as well as instagram. let me know what you think. now turn it over to reverend al sharpton and "politics nation." > good evening and welcome to "politics nation." tonight's lead, to impeach or not to impeeach? that is what democrats are asking themselves this weekend. the questions are clear to begin impeachment proceedings against donald trump now, to wait until the election in the hope of getting him out then or to fight donald trump through the courts. either way, the debate is clearly dividing house democrats. >> this is not about a 2020 election. it's about doing what's right now for our country. this is going to be a precedent
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that we set when we don't hold this president accountable. >> the only way to proceed is make sure politics don't dictate a decision to impeach or don't dictate a decision not to impeach. we need to follow the facts. we need to apply the law. we need to make sure the constitution is the guiding principle in the way forward. >> impeachment is a political act. i'm one of those that believe we will have an impeachment proceeding. i'm ready to go. a lot of my colleagues are not ready to go there yet. >> senate judiciary chair republican lindsey graham wanting house speaker nancy pelosi should she choose to do and go forward down the road of impeachment. >> 70% of the democratic base throughout america wants president trump impeached. she knows it an impeachment
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would be political suicide. thoo she's trying to keep the party intact. republicans take back the house. we keep the senate. president trump gets re-elected but her job is very much at risk. >> i ask, if the offenses that this president has done are not impeachable, then what is? joining me now sirius xm radio host and republican strategist rena shaw. she's the founder of women's public leadership network. rena, to you first. when lindsey graham says that the republicans will win the house and the senate if she goes down the road of impeachment, what is absent from that question is the question i raise. that is, if the president has done impeachable offenses, why are we talking about who's going to win the house or the senate. why are we not talking about upholding what the country
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supposed to stand for. >> i don't agree with lindsey graham with much on anymore which is a real shame because at some point he used to be a real patriot. now the reality is that lindsey graham speaks out of both sides of his mouth. however, in this situation where he's talking about nancy pelosi, i don't think he could be more correct. he knows that she's a brilliant strategist in this moment. she understands that impeachment would not only divide the country in a way that she said before but it would be perilous for democrats because t republicans would have ammunition. i think impeachment, although it would be the right thing to do, would just be a terrible strategy to start to reveal to the american public, a terrible strategy for democrats. >> peter, is it not also some that make the case that it would energize the democratic base if they went forward with
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impeachment. >> yeah. >> and out of the process more and more things come out where as many of us feel there's already enough out. >> there's more than enough out. i look at the mueller report as a referral to impeachment. the fact he hasn't been impeached yet with those counts of obstruction, we can talk about at another time. how much more excited could trump's base be? i think the idea that months and months of televising the president's actual crimes, denoting all the crimes he committed in unredacted report, showing the american people what he has done, the idea that will make donald trump stronger is -- it's imcncomprehensible. lindsey graham thinks that. when is the last time this guy was right? he's an empty barrel at this point. >> when we look at the fact many said it would energize republicans base, which is
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debatable as bpeter as raised. many have said that. if that's a given fact or if that is believed in the white house then why did the president storm out of the meeting in three minutes or infrastructure and say stop all the investigations. he should be, if the politics of this is right, why shouldn't he just encourage them to go ahead and even bait them into doing t it? >> this president has revealed himself to be the man child that he is. it's the person that goes by whatever is on his mind that day. he just really acts however he wants to act because he wants to see how he can get a rise out of people. that's how he's done business for years. pete and i don't disagree on much. i'm with pete in how much more do we need to see how much this president has tried to put hand in obstructing jf ining justice. we should be in the streets
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frankly. i don't say that because i'm an activist but i'm not an alarmist. i think this is a terrible time for democracy because the president is a man child and we have to understand him to be one who acts immaturely in order to get his way. he does certain things to get a response. he doesn't really care what response he gets because he tries to use the power of the bully pulpit to work it the way he wants to. that can be debated in many ways. he's the guy that cries fake news or used to cry fake news and how he's the guy who really stands behind and beside fake news. it's unbelievable where we're at. >> if we televised an impeachment hearing, the american people would see all of the crimes that he's been committing. most people aren't reading the mueller report but we would see it played out. we would hear from witnesses. they would have to testify. this president made the impeachment of bill clinton and
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richard nixon look like child's ply. -- play. he only cares about what is in his interest today. >> and the temper tantrums. he need a pacifier. man child -- >> i don't think a pacifier. >> not a baby pacifier. >> he didn't have the money to pay for infrastructure which is why he walked out the meeting. >> correct. >> you said that you disagree with lindsey graham and it's a shame he used to be different. though i agreed with him before. no withstanding that, have you ever thought you'd see a republican president normalize kim jong-un by actually agreeing with him on him demeaning and insulting a major candidate for president and a former vice president of the united states. for kim to say that joe biden has low iq and the president
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tweet he agrees with him, i mean this is a dictator that is an adversary to the united states. >> i have to take a deep breathe because it's tough. this is happening the weekend of memorial day where we should be honoring our legacy of how our hero heroes, brave men and women put their lives on the line and to say the things this president has said, i'm sure he's not a republican. i can tell you that much. that's why i don't stand behind him or beside him. i feel where we're at now is unusual times because we have allowed man who is a narcissist, who wants to protect his business empire, who wants to grow rich off the american presidency to control the narrative out there about what our values are. the republican values parties are. those values are hidden now because he chooses to side with dictators. >> let me raise another question to you pete. if he's not a republican, isn't
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the long standing danger now what is a republican? how do the republicans come at the 2020 and define what a republican is? >> i understand her concern here but he's a republican. you know what, he has every republican but maybe where you know in all of congress supporting all of his crimes. that if barack obama or bill clinton or any democratic come anywhere near them, they would have impeached them. all of these republicans are supporting this president in every possible way, rhetorically, legislatively, judicially. they are supporting his whole agenda. trump is the whole republican party. either you are in or you are out. >> you're a strategist take trump off the table. is there not a fear if many republicans that make quietly or privately disagree with him that they can't do it publicly
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because they would get a primary and republican voters would vote against them. >> of course it's that. it's elementary and it's simple because this party does a good job of dounifying when the times right. they kick those of us to the curb that don't get in line. where we're at is we have allowed our values, our message that many people, including myself even though i'm a young strategist have worked so hard to communicate. do this and do that. if one republican steps out then their head is on the chopping block. american politics have long been obsessed with power.
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we're seeing this circling down the drain. >> can he be beaten? >> yes, i believe he can be beaten. >> i'm talking about in an election, not just in an impeachment? >> yes. everybody has to organize. each american viewing and listening and thinking about theepz issue-- these issues. he can be beaten. i hope he will be or else it's the end of democracy as we know it. it's already starting to be if he doesn't pay attention to the subpoenas. >> i worry he can't be beaten. >> we're all concerned he can't be but he must be. we have to beat him in all of these. >> i'm going to have to hold it right there. i'm out of time. i'll have more later in the show. you go to your corners. i'll ring the bell and bring you back.
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beyond fast. when primary season starts early next year, there will be no shortage of candidates for voters to choose from. how many of those prospects actually have a good shot at beating donald trump? my next guest believes democrats best chance lies with former
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vice president joe biden. joining me is democratic congressman of virginia. he's a member of the congressional black caucus. why do you think joe biden has the best chance of beating donald trump out of 24 candidates? >> well, first of all let me thank you for having me on your show. >> thank you for coming. >> joe biden has demonstrated his loyalty to president obama. he was a great vice president. he was a good first mate, if you will. when i know we look at policies, folks act like he just arrived to the progressive wing of the party but in reality he put in the first climate bill back in 1986. he put forward the violence against womens act. he's got good progressive qualities. he can unify the party. he's been there. he knows what he's doing. he will be a great president and he will absolutely beat donald
2:17 pm
trump. >> the credits of joe biden in the democratic party progressive wing, i don't have to tell you've raised the omnibus crime bill in '94, that one of the writers and anita hill. do you think he's overcome that or can he? >> i think he can. he just shows people who he is and whose he is. i think that's already being reflected in the poll numbers and in the positive reaction to his campaign. me americans long more normalcy after this trump calamity. >> i want to show you this poll from emerson college nine days ago. it shows biden with a clear lead over 34%. bernie sanders has over 17%.
2:18 pm
head to head polls between trump and some candidates nation wide are pretty one sided. biden beats trump. sanders beats trump. warren beats him and kamala harris, the senator from california beats him and he's tied with beto o'rourke on this emerson college poll. why don't you think any of these others can hold that and beat donald trump? >> i haven't said they can't. i'm saying that joe biden is the best choice to be the next president of the united states. yes, electability is important but also policy and experience. we have both of those in joe biden. again, the eight years as being president obama's first meat he was fantastic and loyal. when the president made a call, he backside him 1,000 percent. that type loyalty commands loyalty. when the dust settles, we would
2:19 pm
have nominated joe biden and he would be well on his way to the white house. >> you know the eight years president obama was in office, i worked on many things closely having access to working with them with criminal justice and civil rights matters. there's no doubt joe biden was a very loyal vice president. i heard you in our conversation mention president obama a couple of times. is that part of the strategy that joe biden is going to do is run on the closeness to barack obama and many of the democrats that have a very positive view of former president kind of use that to remind them that he was the co-pilot those eight years? >> i think so. you run with your strengths. that's one of his strengths. he was a great adviser and vice president to president obama. there's nothing wrong with doing
2:20 pm
that and i would encourage him to do that. >> let me ask you your reaction. how do you feel as a biden supporter as a member of congress when the president of the united states in writing on twitter, which is the way he writes, agrees with a criticism of the north korean dictator kim jong-un saying that joe biden has low iq? >> you know, again, the fact that donald trump would side with a putin or the north korean dictator is just a sign that we need to get rid of that man who is in the white house. that's not the way the american presidency should be contact du. it's beneath the office. it's deceptive on his part. >> there's been a lot of debate in the democratic caucus from some members that want to accelerate and move toward
2:21 pm
impeachment. the speaker said let the investigations play out and see where it goes and we'll get to impeachment if it leads there. where do you stand in the caucus, i'm talking about the democratic caucus in terms of impeachment? should they be moving now or should the investigations play out and we see where it goes? >> i think the speaker is doing the right thing. i think the investigations need to play out. i'm not certain the american public understands the difference between impeachment and inquiries. it's clear the public doesn't want impeachment but they want to know what happened. they will not read the reports that have been filed but they will listen to the i vest gags as -- investigation as it plays out. part of what we do in congress is to educate our constituents and we need to take the time to educate them about what this president has gone and at the
2:22 pm
same time provide for their needs. this congress is doing both. not only investigating the president but doing the work of the american people in terms of providing a method for better health care, standing up for consumers. pushing back against corruption. all those things we need to do at the same time as we're investigating. i think we're doing a marvelous job of that and i applaud the speer speakers leadership.ting in a z presidency that i've said is the most polarizing and racist since andrew jackson. given the outright statements
2:23 pm
and actions this president has tak taken, does that give you and a lot of people of dealing with bigotry and bias as we're reminded what happened 400 years ago to african-americans? >> absolutely. the past can be prolonged. we need to be vigilant that this president doesn't take us back to those days of jim crow and massive resistance. if left to his own devices, clearly he would. it's in that spirit of what happened in 1619, 400 years ago in jamestown that we stand up. that we remember our ancestor ssancestors and push back. >> thank you congressman. up next, i agree with vice president mike pence. you heard it right and i'll explain after the break. and il explain after the break. this is anne marie peebles
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now in place of this week's gotcha. i'd like to celebrate a milestone with a milestone because this is generally where i would take aim, if not at the
2:28 pm
trump administration itself, then certainly its lackies and fellow travelers. this memorial day weekend, vice president mike pence gave me something i've never had from him or anyone else in the white house. something to agree on. >> i couldn't be more proud to stand before the graduating class of 2019 that includes the highest number of african-american women cadets in the history of the united states military academy. >> that's right. the united states military akoo academy at westpoint new york graduated its largest number of african-american women on friday. 34 black women will now serve as u.s. army second lieutenants and as they recently told my nbc colleague morgan radford they're not afraid to live up to another
2:29 pm
title, role model. >> what do you hope other little girl who is are watching you graduate take away from seeing you here? >> i hope those girls can see themselves in us. when you're a little girl, you want to be a pretty princess. i want women to be soldiers. i want these little black girls to say, hey, i can do it too. it is possible for me. >> we salute or queens in uniform and feel safer already. to mr. pence, i'm sure i'll see you back here soon. for now, no shade. no really. you proved the whole expression, even a broke clock is right twice a day. we'll be right back. lock is rig twice a day. we'll be right back. 2019 ford r, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here?
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the trump administration is rolling back on yet another obama administration initiative. in 2016, obama's treasury department announced it would release a new $20 bill commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the 19th amendment. harriet tubman would be the face of the new bill. this week trump's treasury secretary steve mnuchin has done an about face and said the new note will be delayed because of security concerns and the need for more time to solve quote, counterfeiting issue. this move to do more with race than security? back with me radio host pete
2:34 pm
dominic and rena shaw. pete, for harriet tubman to replace andrew jackson who was a slave owner and a defender of that on the $20 bill was very much a breakthrough that the obamauncing it on the 100th anniversary which is not now with mnuchin set the clock. it set it till where after trump has left office. is this a real signal of their continuation of going away from anything black or obama or is this really about security, in your opinion? >> it's definitely not about security. they can't get anything done at all. this is the poke an eye in president obama. it's obviously discrimination. it's obviously a hand out to the white supremists who support him. this country has not properly accounted for slavery.
2:35 pm
not only do we need to account for it, but to put harriet tubman the most famous, potentially, abolitionist on the 20 dollar bill. >> who started as a slave. >> andrew jackson cleared the indians to create more plantations. he was an avowed white supremacists. he was the worst before we got to trump which is probably why he hung jackson's picture back up in the white house. i like the people getting stamps and stamping her face over andrew jackson. we could have a national holiday like juneteenth. i could name a hundred people of color whose face should be on that bill before andrew jackson. if you let me keep talking. i will name them. shirley chisolm.
2:36 pm
martin luther king junior. >> rena, what happened to the republicans saying they wanted to reach out to african-americans and latinos and it seems like every chance they get to make a step forward, this was already done, they say we're not going to do that. >> he has people like stephen mill ner ter in the white house advising him. they walk and talk the way that white supremists do. we shouldn't be surprised they think it's a good move to put this on the back burner. they are doing a disservice to the president. this would look great in 2020. this is the 100th anniversary of the ratification that gives women the right to vote. we're in a terrible place when we talk about women and trump. this would have been something. it would have been symbolic, a gesture. let's not talk about the problem
2:37 pm
trump has with women of color and strong black women in this country today. this would have been a gesture that meant something. he can't have any remnants of the obama era. it's so sad he can't take the words of the treasury secretary under obama who said that harriet tubman demonstrated leadership and participation in our democracy. that to me is so poignant in this moment especially at a time when our democracy is under such great fire. how could we expect him to have any understanding and especially when he last month called the con federal commander robert e. lee a great general. >> called him a great general and he said they were fine people on the other side of charlottesville who were there to defend keeping the statue of robert e. lee up in charlottesville. it's not only the slave owning and the race which is clearly offensive, insulting and immoral, you're talking about somebody that was the general of
2:38 pm
a treasonous army to overthrow the union. >> we're still celebrating. it's not only president trump. we're still celebrating con fei confederate generals as heroes. they need to put up statues of abolitionists and the victims of slavery. it's time america celebrated slaves and slave, not the institution but those who suffered from it and tear down those traitorous, treasonists, i call them terrorists for slavery, mass incarceration. >> the republicans have said that the republican party is the party of abe lincoln and frederick douglass. how do you hold up andrew jackson and hold up people like
2:39 pm
robert e. lee and said you're the party of frederick douglass who fought to keep douglas a slave or re-enslave him is since he ran away from slavery. >> these people would be rolling in their graves if they saw today's republican party trying to celebrate them when the fact that the party resembles nothing of lincoln's vir which ytues an. i used to attend the dinners for republican parties and now i've heard that some of them have changed their name to trump-reagan dinners. >> i don't know if lincoln could come to a lincoln douglas dinner with some of these republicans. >> probably not in this era. we need greater civic literacy in our schools. we need it taught. we need a greater understanding about reparations. i'm so glad that some of these 2020 contenders having these honest conversations sump ch as
2:40 pm
hisw -- elizabeth warren. she's ignited a great conversation. she's asked real questions. she's seriously inquisitive. where we are at as americans, our democracy has to come under fire to value what we have. we have no sense of history and how great tim my indicatihe imi trump's actions could impact us. >> what troubled me is when i had the candidates is we are talking about not dealing with the fact that this country is built on this, prospered from it and the union was saved because of it. we're talking about normalizing, raising and installing and honoring people that tried to destroy the union. who tried to destroy the country and what it stands for. >> it's america in 2019.
2:41 pm
unless and until, you understand what you did wrong, rena mentioned history and teaching history. until america understands what we did, what slavery was and unless and until we tear down the statues, the monuments and the parks and schools named after confederate generals who did horrible things to people of color and supported them, you have to tear them down and put them in a museum and build a monument to the actual heroes for americans who never learned history to learn it and those who did, to never forget it. this is a thing in america that we don't have. they have done this in brazil where they commemorate slaves. they did it in germany. america needs to do that. >> rena, how does those that disagree with this recapture the republican party post-trump. how do you repair the damage that he has very blatantly and
2:42 pm
dramatically has done in terms of race and in terms of bigotry and bias in this country? not only race but women, gender and sexual orientation. how does the republican party ever repair that image? >> they don't. >> i'm an optimist and i see with this view, no matter what's happened over the past two and a half years, i'm still hopeful for our democracy. i know the republican party has more than just serious problems on its hands. i've caught aflac f lot of flake maining in this party. really go after electing more diverse republican voices to congress. we're not only going to find them and support them financially. we're going to do it by identity, sexual orientation and
2:43 pm
socio economic status. it's a long term proposition. i'm in this for the long run. trump only gets two terms. we can get back to the messages. i've gone across the country and met republicans that keep me hopeful that are concerned about the occupant of the oval office and that's why i helped launch it. >> well, keep hope alive. thank you. nc coming up, black americans are one of the strongest segments of the electorate but a new report says black folks feel increasingly undervalued and uncared for by politicians. that's ahead. be right back. that's ahead politicia be right back. i've always been excited for what's next.
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giving you a nice big edge over your competition. that's the power of edge-to-edge intelligence. as 2020 candidates clamor for the black vote, a new report illustrates just how much work lies ahead. the 2019 black census report billed as the largest survey of african-americans since reconstruction depicts a black voting base that recognizes its power but feels overwhelmingly
2:48 pm
unengaged and unappreciated by political leadership. more than 73% of those surveyed say they voted in 2016. a third of whom say they did additional electoral work like fund raising or registering voters. if you're a 2020 candidate, here is where your challenge lies. 35% of black census respondents say that politicians only care a little about voters of color with more than half, 52% say they care not at all. joining me now is the co-founder of black lives matter and special projects director for the domestic workers alliance. alisa, these are fascinating facts. we don't have the full report out. i think it comes out till tuesday, if i'm correct. you didn't slip me, your og, a
2:49 pm
copy of the report but i'm going from the headlines. >> i got you from. >> tell me how the report came o out. this is some real deep diving into how the people feel in the black community. >> that's exactly right. the black census project is the largest survey of black people that's been conducted in more than 154 years. when we say the largest, we mean we surveyed more than 30,000 black people in all 50 states from rural and urban communities from lgbt communities and straight communities. we surveyed black people who are formerly and currently incarcerated and black people who don't get asked what we want for our futures and what we want from politics. you're right. the results we found were shocking. we found black people feel as if we are not being engaged by
2:50 pm
political candidates and that political candidates don't really care about what goes on in our lives. this is devastating because black voters are the strongest base of the democratic obviousl because the black voters are the strongest base. black voters are facing a number of daunting challenges that all 2020 candidates have awe mandate to really express what their solutions are to the problems that we face. and the truth is we can't just have candidates going around talking about things luke health care or talking about things like wages without talking about the real impacts that black communities specifically are being impacted by. if we're not looking at the impacts of structural racism on issues like wages or health care where there are lawmakers that are blocking federal funding for expanded access to health care that impacts black voters specifically, then we won't be actually able to turn out the black voters and energyize the
2:51 pm
black voting base that is critical to beating trump in 2020. >> one of the >> one of the things that has troubled me even with so-called progressives is that we hear talk about the class gap which is real but not the race gap because even in the -- in the class gap, there's a race gap. there's a gap between what women make and men, but there's even a gap between what black women make and white women and criminal justice and on and on. and this is the first report that really brings out this is not alicia talking or this is how al. this is how our people feel. >> that's exactly right, and this is the first report of several that we will be released from the black census we're respondents. we're looking at gender, age, and we're also looking at these respondents by sexuality. and this is important, again,
2:52 pm
because it is these communities that are experiencing issues at a heightened rate and experiencing them from a perspective of racial discrimination as well as perspectives of gender discrimination or sexuality discrimination or age discrimination all at the same and, time. and, you know, to be honest, rev, i would hope that at this point that 2020 candidates know that they cannot just do things like go on talk shows or show up at restaurants for photo at opportunities. at this stage, rev -- and you know this as well as i do -- these candidates need to be articulate about how structural racism is impacting the lives of and americans. and if they're not able to do that, unfortunately they will not see an energized black voter and base. and what the black census project offers is that that's going to be disastrous for democratic candidates in 2020. >> and they need to come with content, not just a slogan or
2:53 pm
two, not just a sound bite, but specific policies that address how they're going to do it. they have to convince people that feel neglected and feel rightfully feel neglected and rightfully feel ignored that this is well thought out and they intend to do this >> specifically. >> that's absolutely right, rev. that's why the black census project actually also offers policy recommendations from the respondents that we talk to. what we found is that our communities are clear about the solutions that we want. the problem is that candidates aren't engaging us the in such a way that they're mining those solutions from our communities and thinking about ways to move those solutions through our legislative bodies in america. the other thing i think is really important, rev, is if these candidates aren't thinking about making sure black people get to the polls, we see another issue that is impacting our
2:54 pm
democracy. 2020 candidates need 2020 candidates need to get very literate the in walking and chewing gum at the same time. we're going to have to be able to talk about how to prevent voter suppression, how to expand election access, while also expanding the rights of all americans and specifically black people to live full and dignified lives. and for the strongest base in the democratic party, if candidates cannot speak directly to the issues we care about beyond style and beyond symbols, then what we will see is that black voters will not be engaged, and again, that's going to be disastrous in 2020. >> thank you for coming on before the release. as i always say about you, you have proven as well as others that labored with you, black lives matter is not just a >> slogan. >> thank you so much for having >> me. >> up next, my final thoughts. stay with us. ughts. stayit wh us uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is.
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2:59 pm
confederates and saved the union and marched around those mass graves seven times to remind people and to bring people and cement memorial day. i think of soldiers that would go to foreign shore of my community and come back and still have to sit in the back of the bus and couldn't use a water found da i think fountain. i think of those of different races and gender that had to fight for their rights and the solders fought to protect the country and make it live up to its meaning. i spoke this week at the conference of reformed jews in washington and said that we've got to rise above cheap language that many of us, including me, have used in the past. it has divided us. and remember what we're all about because you can't fight for anyone unless you fight for we everyone. we must deal with racism and
3:00 pm
anti-semitism and homophobia and we xenophobia. we must stand up. we can't salute soldiers that fought for us if we disgrace their sacrifice. happy memorial day. remember the meaning. that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next saturday at 5:00 p.m. eastern. up next, "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> this sunday, the trump/pelosi after feud. after speaker nancy pelosi takes on president trump -- >> and we believe that the president of the united states is engaged the in hay cover up. >> -- the president walk out of a meeting with democratic >> leaders. >> i walk in to look at people that just said that i was doing a cover up. i don't do cover ups. >> then promises no legislating as long as democrats are investigating and tur


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