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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  May 26, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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anti-semitism and homophobia and we xenophobia. we must stand up. we can't salute soldiers that fought for us if we disgrace their sacrifice. happy memorial day. remember the meaning. that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next saturday at 5:00 p.m. eastern. up next, "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> this sunday, the trump/pelosi after feud. after speaker nancy pelosi takes on president trump -- >> and we believe that the president of the united states is engaged the in hay cover up. >> -- the president walk out of a meeting with democratic >> leaders. >> i walk in to look at people that just said that i was doing a cover up. i don't do cover ups. >> then promises no legislating as long as democrats are investigating and turns on
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>> crazy she's >> crazy nancy. she's not the same person. she's lost it. >> what are the chances of getting anything done now? plus the democrat's impeachment while debate. while a growing number say the time is now, speaker pelosi says investigations must come first. >> it may take us to a place that is unavoidable in term of impeachment or not. but we're not at that place yet. >> my guest this morning, white house press secretary sa ra sanders and two democrats on opposite sides of the impeachment debate. plus president trump orders a review of the russia i >> i >> i declassified everything, everything they want. >> the growing concern over politicizing intelligence. joining me for insight and analysis are presidential historian doris goodwin, former north carolina governor, pat m m
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welcome to welcome to it's "meet the press." it's "meet the press." >> >> from nbc news in washington, the longest running show in television history, this is "meet the press" with chuck >> todd. >> good sunday morning. we hope you're enjoying your memorial day weekend. as democrats debate whether to begin impeachment proceedings they're facing a dilemma. activists bases are asking what are we waiting for. meanwhile others say it's a fool errand allowing the president to say he's been vindicated in an election year. the last time the democrats faced such a quandary was 2002. the leaders at the time thought it was good political times in the fall of an election year. it was until it was when the war went badly and the democratic
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voters turned sour. today's democrats face a what do we now situation. do they ramp up impeachment. president trump seems to want do that. do they fight him on his terms, trading insult for insult? last time a democrat tried that, hillary clinton wound up calling some of his supporters a basket of beploer ables. how did that work out? or do they try to do what the president insists he won't do, conduct the nation's business. the democrats back the house by promising to fix health care in a lot of swing districts. what happened to that? the path is not clear, impeaching, fighting, or ignoring all have it's a party it's a party divided with a base growing impatient for impeachment and a leadership saying not yet. >> the only way we're going to beat him is to impeach him. how about that? >> president trump can't stop talking about impeachment. >> whether they carry the big i
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word out, i can't imagine that, but they probably would. the i word. the i word. could you imagine? i don't speak to russians about >> campaigns. >> house speaker nancy pelosi told colleagues this week she thinks mr. trump wants to be impeached even as he denies it. >> i think what got to him was the court cases and the fact that a house democratic caucus is not on a path to impeachment. that's where he wants us to be. >> pelosi undergrowing pressure from a voe cal minority of her own members to begin impeachment hearings now is trying to focus on the president's conduct >> instead. >> this president is obstructing justice, and he's engaged the in a cover up. that could be an impeachable >> offense. >> and she's trying to placate more progressive members who say it's past time to follow through with impeachment. >> this is no longer about politics but about upholding the rule of law. >> i believe we have no other
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choice. >> impeachment is >> impeachment is divisive place to go in the country. if we can get the facts to the american people through our investigation, it may take us to a place that is unavoidable in term of impeachment or not, but we're not at that place. >> in recent polling majority of americans oppose impeachment >> hearings. >> if we were to hold impeachment hearings, how would they differ from what we're going to be doing if we didn't call an inquiry? it wouldn't. >> meanwhile the president is raising questions about the fbi and cia involvement in the russia probe using the word treason and ordering bill barr to declassify intelligence. >> who are you accusing of >> i think >> i think a number of people. if you look at comey, mccabe, people higher than that. >> on wednesday the president walks out of an infrastructure
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meeting with the democrats saying there will be no legislation until they stop a investigating. a clash may be politically mr. convenient. mr. trump is trying to ensure democrats share blame for government dysfunction. >> is there anything you are willing to work with democrats on now? >> i would like to work with everything. they they have to go down their >> track. >> while pelosi focuses her members on the primary thing uniting democrats, president >> trump. >> another temper tantrum. i wish his family or his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country. >> and joining me now is the chair of the house democratic congress, hakeem jeffries of new welcome york. welcome back to "meet the press," sir. >> good morning, chuck. >> i want to start with what republican jay moss laid out. he said president trump indeed engaged in impeachable conduct and believed bill barr deliberately misrepresented the
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mueller report. do you agree with the two principle conclusions? >> i certainly think there's reason to believe there was obstruction of justice. the mueller report laid out ten different instances we need to look into. and certainly it appears to be the case that the so-called attorney general intentionally misrepresented the conclusions of the mueller report as part of an effort to fool the american we people. we won't let that stand either. >> well, if that's the case, then why aren't you ready to start impeachment hearings? you're referring to an attorney general as a so-called -- he is the confirmed attorney general. i think he had a democrat or two i think vote for him if i'm not but mistaken. but if this is the case, then why aren't you for starting impeachment now? >> democrats can sing and dance at the same time just like we have we have to keep our focus on the for the people agenda which we've been working on lowering health care act, protecting
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people with pre-existing conditions, driving down the high cost of prescription drugs. these are areas we've passed legislation this month. at the same time we recognize in the new majority that the house is a separate and coequal branch of government. we don't work for donald trump. we work for the american people. we have a constitutional responsibility to serve as a check and balance on a potentially out of control executive branch. we will not overreach. we will not over-investigate. we'll proceed as speaker pelosi has eloquently laid out methodically yet aggressively to get to the truth. >> is it possible you're making a political acalculation about impeachment and that in itself is something to -- i mean, i open my monologue here about the iraq war debate. and democrats, many of them were convinced to make a political decision that down the road they would regret. what seemed like good politics in the moment.
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not impeaching seems like good politics in the moment. how do you know that? >> the only way to proceed is to make sure politics don't dictate a decision to impeach or politics don't dictate a decision not to impeach. we need to follow the facts. we need to apply the law. we need to make sure that the constitution is the guiding principle in terms of the way the forward. the judiciary committee has indicated through chairman jerry nadler that we will conduct hearings on obstruction of justice, on abuse of power, we will conduct hearings on the culture of corruption that appears to exist at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. but we are in fact-gathering mode right now. t at the same time we're going to continue to work on issues of importance to the american that's people. that's what we promised we would work on should we win the now majority. now that we're in the majority, we have to work to make life better for everyday americans. >> do you worry -- you talked about the various investigations going on. you're doing obstruction of justice, abuse of power,
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financial records. do you understand why maybe the country just looks like -- it looks like democrats are throwing subpoenas up against the wall to see what sticks? why is there not a laser-like focus, for instance, on the mueller report? >> we have a variety of different committees of jurisdiction who have important work to do. but with respect to the mueller report, we have indicated that we want to see the full and complete unredacted pumueller we report. we can't trust the attorney general's redactions to be we want legitimate. we want to see the underlying and documentation. and we want to hear from bob mueller who needs to tell his story to the american people. besides that, we have important things to work on like you infrastructure. you know, the president didn't just walk out on a meeting with nancy pelosi and infrastructure, he chuck. he walked out on the american donald trump people. donald trump is function nallely a a studio gangster. he pretends to be a tough guy,
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but he is just playing that role on tv. hopefully he gets the temper tantrum out of his system. we have crumbling bridges, airports, roads. we need to get on a road to fix and it. and we need to do it the in a bipartisan way. >> is there a point where impeachment becomes unfeasible because of the political calendar? >> we're at the >> we're at the beginning of our new majority as you know. this is the start of the clock. we just crossed into the 100-day point of the house democratic majority last month. i think we have to proceed methodically. we have to we have to gather the and information. and then at a certain point we'll have to make a determination as to how best to present that to the american >> people. >> is there a timetable -- is there a realistic timetable? if by labor day you're still equivocating you're probably not >> impeaching? >> i think that's a timetable that will be guided by the
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facts. i don't think it'll i don't think it'll be guided by a political calendar. the presidential candidates are on the campaign trail and they should make it clear to the american people that we want to promote prosperity for every we american. we have to do our work to govern, to pass bills, to send them to the senate as we've been doing and try to get legislation to the president's desk to sign into law. >> is there a point here in all of this where you're just arguing over semantics. jerry nadler said what he's doing now, if you called it impeachment inquiry, it would be the same thing. so, what should we take away from that? you already really opened impeachment inquiry, it's just not formally called one? >> no, that's not the case. i think what jerry nadler indicated is he's going to look at some troubling facts that emerged out of the mueller but report. but we have to conduct our own investigation separately because that is our responsibility. we cannot just simply take what mueller has done because we
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don't even have all of the underlying information. >> congressman jeffreys, thanks for coming on sharing your views this morning. joining me now is rashida tlaib of michigan. welcome to "meet the press." >> thank you. >> you are easily i think one of the louder voices when it comes to impeachment. i'm curious of your reaction to congressman jeffreys in this do you believe respect. do you believe leadership is being methodical or trying to buy time where they're saying we're too close to the presidential election in order to take it off the table >> quietly? >> i can tell you as one of the newest members of congress, the traditional congressional oversight process isn't working. from subpoenas and trying to figure out what's going on with children caged at the border, still waiting for response from
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the administration, when we're asking for big pharma to testify about high cost of insulin and they're telling them you don't have to come before the committee, a lot of the corruption in the oval office is seeping into the halls of i can congress. i can tell you from day one this president has misled congress, has undermined his own cabinet member, and has lie today the american people. i have to tell you this is a pretty remarkable time in our if you country. if you saw the largest class before our class was the watergate class. at that time, even though people said we didn't campaign on this, look at the fact that the majority of states across this country saw a huge historic turn out of people coming out to vote for the first time. and i feel like in many ways that's a referendum to stand up to a bully, a president that subverts the united states constitution every single day. >> i want to play for you a quote from an interview i had earlier this week from a ohio
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democratic activist who is frustrated with all of the subpoenas on capitol hill. i want to get your reaction on the other side. >> they don't give a rat's you know what about his taxes and they don't really care. i'm not saying that congress should not chew gum and walk at the same time, but the volume on issue, kitchen table issues, needs to be louder because i want to win this election. i don't want to lose. >> you hear, look, i have no doubt and congressman jeffreys, i know you guys have passed other legislation and do other stuff other than talking about the president's personal but conduct. but his point was it's the volume of conversation. it's the loud voice that he believes whin the election in 2020 and stop worrying about his tax returns. what do you say about that? >> this is not about the 2020 it's election. it's about doing what's right now for our country. this is going to be a precedent we set when we don't hold the
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president accountable to the rule of law and the united states constitution. look at the fact that now currently over a number of abuses of power, but the publics' trust is at stake. we can't sit back idly and think we can pass health care reform but at the same time you have an administration that's not following through with we we have to stop separating we're trying to change laifs for the better but have a president that's violating the do you know constitution. do you know he has not complied with the united states constitution by divesting in his so, businesses. so, we have an upgraded version of pay to play. so, i'm on the ground right now in my district fighting against t-mobile and sprint merger. t-mobile is spending $195,000 at the trump hotel in d.c. as upgraded version of pay to play to get access to the most powerful corridor to power in the country.
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so, to fight back against big pharma for many of my colleagues that came to pass important reforms that are needed, we can't do it when the president of the united states continues to lie to the american people, continue to not follow through on subpoenas, and give us the information we need. >> why do you think you can't convince a majority of house democrats that it's time to impeach him? >> no, i think it is moving towards that. it's going to demand it. it already is. this is a time in our country right now that we can't look -- think about what just happened the the first time historically did we exercise our war powers and said no more arm deals, no more direction in helping the yemen crisis through our relationship with saudi arabia and he turned around and ignored congress's decision, a bipartisan decision. understand, again, it goes hand in hand. i think the american people understand that, that we can't do our job if the president thinks he's above the law. things that he cannot abide by
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what the united states congress is passing through and asking and demanding of him. i've got to tell you from the wall to the children at the boarder to immigration reform to everything, we can't be able to do our jobs if we don't hold him >> accountable. >> i'm curious, a fellow michiganer justin michiganer justin moss became the first to call or believe it is time for impeachment inquiry. i know on twitter you invited him to meet with you and sign the resolution on that. did you meet with him, have you spoken with him? >> no, i haven't. i've got to tell you i worked with him in the legislature for a term and he is somebody that truly believes the constitution is brilliant. it's awesome. he's about putting country i've known that first. i've known that about him for a long time. he's one of the few that supported subpoenas towards the trump administration by understanding what's going on at the border with children being separated from their family. he believes in the institution
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and believes in the rule of law. i respect that very much and continue to uplift his courage. >> i'm going to leave it there. rashida tlaib, thanks for coming on and sharing your views. when we come back the perls of trying to impeach president trump. the panel is next. as we do every memorial day weekend at "meet the press" we want to remember the service members who died in the line of duty since last me toimorial da. ♪ ♪
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doris goodwin's book is "the terrorist in times" and david mar nis. i want to start with this sound of nancy pelosi. we've gone from a two-month period where she's gone from defiantly antiimpeachment to rhetorically more open to it. take a listen. >> they wanted to impeach president bush for the iraq war. i didn't believe it in then or it now. it divides the country. the president is demonstrating on a daily basis his obstruction of justice. this president is obstructing justice, and he's engaged the in a cover up. and that could be an impeachable >> offense. >> is she getting closer to impeachment, or is she trying to
3:24 pm
keep congresswoman at thtlaib h. >> they're in the middle of gathering information. i spoke to a source that said this freshman class of democrats has a really loud voice and more power than freshman classes before them. you ask why can't you convince them to go with you, she didn't she blink. she sounded confident saying we're moving in that direction. i think she's pointing to nancy pelosi's move staying we're seeing that change. talking about a cover up, started thinking about giving i think most i think most people in the white house see that not just as a shift of rhetoric but her moving closer and closer to >> impeachment. >> you forced yourself to get out of washington.
3:25 pm
you go back to the lovely country of wisconsin. what do they say? what is the conversation there when it comes to trump and impeachment? >> i think it's not that different >> i think it's not that different from washington i think honestly. i think that there are a lot of activists who very much are pushing in that direction and the majority of people are not thinking about it. you know, we define washington as just the political class, but there's a lot more to it here than that. i think that what's happening is that nancy pelosi, there's a fine line between not acting out of fear and acting out of political smarts. and you -- whenever you act just out of fear or not act out of fear, then that's a mistake. but she's trying to be politically smart and get to that point where it's an act. >> does the president want to be does impeached? does he want it or does he just want to create the wedge? >> i think it's helpful to the republican party if this process
3:26 pm
i don't think continues. i don't think it's good for the >> country. >> you think it's good politicall >> >> it's good politically but not good for the country and not good for the presidency, this presidency or future i presidencies. i do say this, that speaker pelosi can no longer be called the adult in the room. she's pressured by a caucus that has gerrymandered districts. their fear is from the left. the same dynamics occur in republican and democratic party with speakers in the house in state legislatures like my own and right here in washington d c look at the names called, studio gangster, corruption, pay to pay, obstruction of justice, so-called attorney general. this is not good for our >> country. >> i want to read you something michelle goldberg wrote about this issue. it's true that were trump to be
3:27 pm
reelected after such a reckoning, meaning surviving a trial after impeachment, he might be further unleashed. but for trump to be reelected in the absence of impeachment would still be seen as vindication for him and leave the democrats humiliated by excess of caution. >> i think whether they do investigations or move toward impeachment inquiry, they have to present a story, a narrative, to the american people that they understand what the behavior is and how it reflects upon the one constitution. one of the things that lincoln said, without public sentiment, nothing can fail. without it, nothing can succeed. we have a scatter shot of things against mr. trump. how did this begin? what were the origins, not just the origins he's asking for. but what's mueller going to say? why are these people indicted? why were people sensitive abo where's russia? where's the middle, beginning, and end. people understand a story.
3:28 pm
if you can create public sentiment then you're moving the country a long way. >> who should do that? who's in charge of leading that >> conversation? >> it's not just the congress. >> you think they're going to talk about i. >> it's not just a question of saying i'm for or against they impeachment. they have to argue. we need mueller there. we need the story to be told from mueller, not attorney general barr. until the american people understand -- this is what fdr did so great, he explained complicated issues in fire side chats so you understood them. it's up to the political class right now if they're going to go forward with impeachment or not to believe able to understand where's the beginning, middle, and end of the story. >> it's easier for one person to tell that story. >> and the internet doesn't -- a agree totally. but that's what leadership is. that's the most important part of leadership right now, wherever it comes from. >> i don't disagree with you on mueller needing to speak. but i also say we almost need a church commission as many republicans think on really
3:29 pm
reviewing the guidelines for i've investigations. i've been a governor who's administration has been investigated before and it makes you temperamental. it brings down your staff. it dilutes any work that you can do on the side. you're nervous about -- especially if you feel like nothing -- everything you've done is right, not wrong. and we've got to make sure we really review what guidelines are used especially if we investigate candidates in the future. >> but doris is talking about a narrative and why you see the so-called attorney general is because democrats are furious because attorney general barr was good at setting a narrative for the president. the president is happy with attorney general barr and the people on the campaign and the trump white house feel they have a narrative. democrats are mad about the election, they're going to harass me, now they're going to impeach me, it's about keeping me out of this office. running back cans have lined up.
3:30 pm
democrats have to decide if they have their narrative as well. >> i think she's beginning to, by talking about obstruction of justice, saying we're moving methodically going step by step, she's in charge. she needs to make the narrative now too. you're absolutely right. the attorney general has made the narrative and the president is carrying forward. they've won the messaging right >> now. >> she may be buying time in order to say wait for 2020, but we'll see. when we come back, white house press secretary sarah sanders joins us from tokyo. we ask her whether president trump trusts his own cia. and the names of more service members who made the ultimate sacrifice serving their country the past year. when you shop for your home at wayfair, you'll find just
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>> welcome >> welcome back. this this week president trump made good on his promise to investigate his investigators. mr. trump gave attorney general william barr the authority to unilaterally declassify documents from the cia and other intelligence agencies. both the president and barr have said the trump campaign was spied on and this raises concerns in the intel community about politicizing intelligence. joining me from tokyo is white house press secretary sarah sanders. welcome to "meet welcome to "meet the press." >> thank you. it's great to be with you. >> before i begin with the domestic back and forth, i want
3:35 pm
to start with something on the mind of a lot of japanese. that's the ballistic missile tests of the north koreans. does the president agree that north korea has violated a un resolution with these tests? >> look, the president's focus in all of this process is on continuing the very good relationship that he has with chairman kim, and he feels good that the chairman will stay firm with the commitment that he made to the president and move towards denuclearization. that's our focus. some of the activity that's taken place as you can see from the president's twitter isn't something that's bothering the he he feels good about the relationship he has and about chairman kim's commitment he made to the president. >> so, the president has no qualms about not enforcing a un if you resolution? if you don't enforce it, what's the point of it? >> once again, chuck, the
3:36 pm
president's focus in this process is on continuing to move towards total denuclearization of the peninsula. we know that the activities at no point that took place over the last several weeks have been a threat to the united states or our allies, and we're going to continue pushing forward to the ultimate goal, and that's denuclearization of the and peninsula. and the president still feels comfortable and confidence in the relationship he has this with chairman kim, and he's going to stay true to the commitment he made to the >> president. >> you referred to his twitter i feed. i do want to put it up. he down played it. north korea fired off some small weapons which disturbed some of my people and others, but not i me. i have confidence that chairman kim will keep his promise to me and also smiled when he called joe biden swampman. can you explain why the american people shouldn't be concerned that the president of the united
3:37 pm
states is siding with a murderous dictator over the former vice president of the united states. >> chuck, the president is not siding with that, but i think they agree in their assessment of former vice president joe again, biden. again, the president's focus in this process is the relationship he has in making sure we continue on the path towards that's denuclearization. that's what he wants to see and that's what the people in this region want to see and are hopeful that the president is right and that that relationship will be what moves us down that >> path. >> the president of the united states takes north korean dictator's word about joe biden. what happened to speaking with one voice in american foreign is policy? is the president not setting up trying to have world leaders sort of pick which political party they should side with? i don't understand what message the president is sending here. >> the president doesn't need somebody else to give him an
3:38 pm
assessment of joe biden. he's given his own assessment a number of times. i think you've seen it. i'm sure you've covered it on your program. the president watched him in his administration with president obama fail for eight years. he's come in, in two and a half cleaned up a lot of the messes that were left behind. we shouldn't be in the position to deal with north korea at the level we are if they had done their job in the first place. we're seeing in moment after moment and relationship after relationship that the previous administration did nothing. they failed with iran. they failed with north korea. they failed on trade. and we finally have a president that's being tough with these we've countries. we've put tougher sanctions on north korea than the obama administration ever did. but at the same time the president wants to develop that relationship and get something he done. he doesn't want to just talk in pretty rhetoric. he's been tough on china. for the first time ever, china is sitting down at the table and negotiating for better deals on for the trade. for the very first time, we're seeing iran's economy crumbling.
3:39 pm
nobody's been tougher on russia than this president. i think if anybody needs help with an assessment, it's joe biden and whether or not he should be trying to get an upgrade when he failed to do the job in the number two slot. >> i'm trying to understand how it's a success if he's still launching missiles. i understand you guys have had summits, but nothing's come of if it. if anything, he's now doing missile tests again. so, we're right back where we began. >> it's not true to say nothing's come of it. there have been steps that have moved us for a significant period of time there was no missile testing. we got hostages back home to the united states and remains of american war heroes. i don't know how you could say that's nothing, but to me that is certainly something and i know it's something to the families of the individuals who those people came back home. and this is a president who made those things happen. once again, he should never have been in the position the first
3:40 pm
this is because of this is because of the failure of the administrations that came before him that never dealt with it to begin with. >> i want to ask you about the decision to give the attorney general the authority to declassify intelligence. the order says the attorney general should consult with agency heads but no that he has why to. why did the president not force the attorney general to consult with the dni and the head of the here cia? here he's giving him unilateral authority not to do it only saying he should do it, but he doesn't have to. >> why? >> the president has total confidence in the attorney general and his ability -- >> but not the intelligence >> community? >> we expect -- certainly. that's why we expect that the attorney general will consult with them on matters that he need that is guidance and advice from them. certainly they work in lock step on a number of things. i don't see this to be any the the bottom line here is there
3:41 pm
was a lot of corruption at the fbi and the doj. we see constantly more and more things coming out of that, and the president wants he's transparency. he's giving the attorney general the ability to put the transparency in place, make those decisions. and we're not at all concerned that the attorney general is not going to do everything that is necessary to make sure we're protecting important intelligence that is vital to our national security. >> i'm trying to understand what outcome the president expects. with he tweeted my campaign for president was conclusively spied on. nothing like this has ever happened in american politics. treason means long jail sentences, and this was treason. why did the president ask the attorney general to do an investigation if he's come to a conclusion, decided what the penalty should be, and determined what the jail sentence should be. isn't this the president already playing judge and jury and putting his thumb on the scale for whatever investigation he claims he wants mr. barr to do.
3:42 pm
>> that's pretty rich coming from the media who relentlessly covered and accused the president for over two years of being part of this massive election interference, something that never took place. the idea that anybody now says that the president doesn't have the right and not only that americans deserve the truth to push back and find out where all of this started is absurd. literally for day after day after day the media and democrats in congress called the president a traitor to his own country and said that he cheated to become president. i mean, the idea of that is absolutely outrageous that he had to endure that for two years and now he wants to know where and why it started. and all of a sudden that's a big that is that is >> i >> i didn't ask about him -- no, no, no, i did not ask -- >> america is glad he's asking for that transparency. >> i didn't ask whether he should ask those questions. he's not asking questions he's anymore. he's already made a judgment. that is much different. he's already -- will he accept a
3:43 pm
result if the attorney general saying you know what? everything was done legally and on the up and up, mr. president. will he accept that result from bill barr? >> we already know there was an outrageous amount of corruption that took place at the fbi. they leaked information. they lied. they were specifically working trying to take down the president, trying to hurt the president. we'll we'll leave the final call up to the attorney general, and he'll get to the bottom of it. but we think americans deserve the truth. the president's asked for that and we should expect nothing >> less. >> so, the president is not going to accept exoneration if that's what bill barr finds? >> look, i'm not going to get ahead of what the final conclusion is. but we already know that there was a high level of corruption that was taking place. we've seen that in the ig investigation that's already there's happened. there's a lot more now we need to know and we're going the to let the attorney general do his job. >> >> it doesn't sound like you
3:44 pm
want him to do his job. it sounds like the president already determined the outcome. >> chuck, that's the reason that he's granted the attorney general the authority to declassify that information, to look at all the documents necessary so that we can get to the very bottom of what once happened. once again, we already know about some that. but he wants to know everything that happened and how far and how wide it ewent. >> does he expect criminal does charges? does he expect -- he's accused james comey of treason. does he expect jim comey >> again, >> again, we're going to let the attorney general make that determination as he gets to the conclusion of the investigation. >> so, the president is not going to accept -- >> we're looking at the people that were responsible and part of this unprecedented obstruction and corruption at the fbi. those people should certainly be held responsible and be held account skpbl the president
3:45 pm
expect that is to take place. >> so, he expects an outcome he wants, not an outcome the facts lead to. >> chuck, i think you're trying to muddy the we already know, we already know, once again, that there was wrong doing. >> i think it's rich is who's muddying waters. >> well, i don't think it's crazy to want to know how far and how wide the corruption at the fbi was. and that's what the president has asked the attorney general to find and we'll see what happens. >> >> sarah sarah sanders, white house press secretary in tokyo for us today. thanks for coming on sharing your views. when we come back, the 2020 election and the comparison joe biden would probably prefer not to hear about. to hear about. is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good...
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we are we are back. data download data download it has it has been a month since joe biden officially entered the 2020 race. he's been at the top of the democratic pack ever since climbing to an 18-point lead. that's not their only in similarity. in both cases we have parties coming off of huge midterm successes and an incumbent president with approval ratings under 50%.
3:49 pm
in 2011, 90% of republican voters disapproved of barack obama's performance. so, at this moment, biden looks more like mitt romney in 2012 than he does donald trump in that 2016. that might be a similarity biden wants to avoid because romney being mr. elect able on the right wound up losing that general election. when we come back, end game and the major event that happened over seas that could tell us something. us somethin g. behr semi-transparent stain, overall #1 rated. stay done for years to come. right now get incredible savings on behr premium paints & stains. exclusively at the home depot.
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back now with end game. we can't end "meet the press" without talking a little bit of 2020. small pattern developing here. in the democratic primary polling, we have had a couple of recent polls, and there's one undeniable trend. bernie sanders seems to be getting squeezed from two sides. joe biden has got in, his numbers grew. bernie sanders got lower. elizabeth warren has been growing. what's interesting, the less you were paying attention, the more likely you were a sanders supporter. the point being, biden took a bunch of soft supporters. warren is starting to get traction. bernie seems to be a candidate all of a sudden trying to figure out how to get traction again. >> this is the dilemma of 2020. sanders in 2016 was the flagship progressive candidate. if you liked warren, other people, you found your candidate in bernie sanders.
3:53 pm
now you have elizabeth warren and other people talking about the same kind of legislation, same policies. i was talking to someone from the warren campaign today. they wouldn't comment on polls. they made a point to say, she's been to 18 states plus puerto rico. she's also someone who's held 81 town halls. that person was making the case, she's doing just as much as him. i was thinking about how senator warren has been setting herself apart, apart from being the first can't to talk about impeaching the president, she decided not to go on fox and hold that town hall. i asked that campaign person, tell me more about that decision. they pointed me to the thread and said, she didn't mince words with fox news. she said, they're a hate-filled propaganda network. as a result she was saying this is the camp i'm going to be in. sanders says, i want to go after those voters. >> he was the first to do a fox town hall. >> biden is trying to claim he is the most progressive candidate. that's going to be pushed back on. this idea that sanders isn't the hot new kid anymore. that's interesting to say about bernie sanders. >> you can't be an insurgent twice.
3:54 pm
it's tough. to be an insurgent twice. there's part of this where you look at sanders and think, maybe there's nothing he can do about it. hillary clinton is not on the ballot again. i say this to donald trump supporters who think, you know, hillary clinton is not on the ballot again. >> no. >> and sanders, without her as a galvanizing force, he didn't have as big of a following as we thought. >> it was inevitable as the other candidates, like you say, get on the ground and are -- it's in the early states where those polls are more likely to show warren and harris. i think the real worry i have is we do polls week after week. we have 19 more weeks of this thing left. over a year and a half. sometimes i dream of going back to the old system where -- if we had the parties choosing the candidates, it wouldn't be until the summer of 2020 that we would begin to have conventions. labor day it would start. we would be living a life. these polls -- >> we get to be the gatekeepers. and say, this whisper campaign is happening.
3:55 pm
this whisper campaign is happening. this is what everybody hated the journalists were the gate keepers. >> i know you can't go backwards. in 1912 when they introduced the first primary and it was a mess. how can we argue like this? it's a blush to all of americans that we are seen arguing like this. we got to go back to the old system, which is rational not a mob. but the good thing is a lot of ideas are coming out. however many candidates we have, we're coming out with good ideas. we can -- they have task forces. at least it's a respite from the obsession with the presidency >> pat, i know the trump to talk about ideas. >> pat, i know the trump campaign -- donald trump is a terrible poker player. he made it clear he fears biden. he never hides what he fears. >> he cannot hide. >> are you concerned biden is not getting sucked into the liberal debate or the progressive debate that you thought he would? >> what joe biden is doing is what a lot of congressional democrats did in red states during the last election, say as little as possible about details of issues, which the other 30 candidates have already done. it's got them in trouble.
3:56 pm
harris, for example, got in trouble with insurance and health care and getting rid of private insurance. biden is saying nothing at this point in time. he is talking macro. the question is, how much longer can he get away with that? a lot of congressional democrats got away with that in the last election. it will be interesting if biden can stall for that period of time. >> david, i keep pinning you back into wisconsin. i think about the madison activists. >> yes. >> i think about them, because that to me, can joe biden win them over? if you win over the madison activists on the, my number one plank is beat trump, and the madison folks buy into that, that's real trouble if you're elizabeth warren or bernie sanders. >> i don't think he can win them over in the primary. i think if he wins the nomination, he can win them over. particularly depending on who he picks as his vice-president. but i think there's -- i would -- i would -- you know, there's a practicality to it where people are saying we just want to beat trump. but i think there's plenty of
3:57 pm
alternatives besides joe biden for that, among those activists. >> before we go, everything in the uk seems to preview american politics by six months. brexit, trump. doris, this is a western democracy larger thing here. put it in some quick perspective for us. >> what's happening is that western democracies have not answered the needs of people, the prosperity of their countries has not been shared by a lot of people who feel out of the system. people in the country feel split up from people in the city. they are blaming them on people, immigrants become a scapegoat. in all of these countries. it's a huge problem if a democracy doesn't share its prosperity and allow people to have mobility to rise to the level of their discipline and talent. it's being felt everywhere. they haven't worked. they have to work at that before we are going to see this everywhere. >> a great way to end that. thank you very much. that's all we have for today. thank you for watching. i hope you enjoy the rest of your memorial day weekend. we'll be back next week because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." hold my pouch.
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