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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 7, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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because they helped to save the world. that's our broadcast for this thursday night. thank you so much for being here with us. good night from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. this morning, president trump is in ireland, but before leaving normandy yesterday he was criticizing former special counsel robert mueller at a cemetery for fallen american troops. house speaker nancy pelosi reportedly tells her caucus she doesn't want to see president trump impeached, she wants to see him in prison. the white house is still planning to move forward with new tariffs on mexico as trade talks continue. good morning, everyone it is friday, june 7th. i'm alex witt in for yasmin
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vossoughian. >> i'm nbc news white house correspondent jeff bennett in for ayman mohyeldin. during what was largely a solemn day of remembrance president trump lobbed political attacks while on sacred ground thursday. during an interview with fox news at an american military cemetery in france to commemorate d-day trump alleged special counsel robert mueller testified which to public knowledge he has not and then sent a letter about it. the president tossed out disparaging comments and nicknames about mueller and democrats all with the backdrop of rows of head stones. >> they thought their good friend bobby mueller would give them a great report. it came out with a report with 13 horrible angry democrats biassed against me. >> do you mind if he was the? >> he made such a fool of himself the last time because
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when people don't report, the letter he had to do straighten out his testimony because the testimony was wrong. nancy pelosi doesn't talk about it. nancy pelosi is a disaster, okay. she's a disaster. i will tell you the more successful we've become the more angry people like nancy pelosi become. we have crying chuck schumer is who is a disaster. a political jerk. >> well joining us now from ireland, hans nichols. we played a bit of the lows. we had highs of the speech. but within a few hours the president will depart ireland and heads back to washington. how did his trip across the pond go? >> reporter: well, alex, the president mentioned he had great weather. we have some great weather here today. there's speculation the president may play some golf today on his final day and that
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may explain why he's actually here in ireland. we're hundreds of miles away from normandy but he used this as his base to attends to d-day ceremonies. in looking at the overall trip it almost seemed like two trips. the president did three countries. he had the state dinner which the president enjoyed. every opportunity he had, he talked about it. his mind in a lot of ways was still back in washington, d.c. throughout this trip he weighed into domestic politics, airi ii grievances. when he gets back he has to make a decision on tariff. he wants to make mexico pay. he seems comfortable living in with a world where those tariffs are imposed. the decision on that is for monday. some progress was made and the president hasn't been tweeting on this, this morning but we'll see if there's any updates on that throughout the rest of the morning before he heads back to the states. >> maybe the focus is on golf.
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nbc's hans nichols thank you. as democrats call for impeachment, house speaker nancy pelosi told her caucus she doesn't want to see president trump impeached she wants to see him in prison. citing multiple unnamed sources politico reports speaker pelosi made the comment in a tuesday meeting with several house committee leaders. judiciary chairman jerrold nadler pressed pelosi to allow his panel to launch an paechlt inquiry but pelosi stood firm reiterating she isn't open to the idea of impeaching trump at this time. now nbc news has confirmed pelosi said quote i don't want to see him impeached i want to see him in prison while politico didn't characterize the full tone of the comment a congressional aide tells nbc her remark was quote consistent with her position that trump needs to be removed electorally in 2020. after uproar spurred by an exclusive report from nbc news
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former vice president joe biden is abandoning a long held position about abortion. for more on this let's bring in the author of that report, heidi przybyla. joe biden was in atlanta last night along with the other 2020 candidates and that's where he abruptly changed his decision on the hyde amendment, an ban on abortions except in the case of rape or incest or to save the life of a woman. it came after our report on which the biden campaign reaffirmed his support for the restriction. facing a swift backlash from abortion rights activists and at least 12 of his rivals for the 2020 democratic presidential nomination, biden began his remarks at a dnc gathering with these comments. take a listen. >> for many years as u.s. senator i have, i supported the
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hyde amendment like many others have. but now we see so many republican governors denying health care by refusing medicaid expansion. i can't justify leaving millions of women without access to the care they need and the ability to exercise their constitutionally protected right. if i believe health care is a right as i do i can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone else. >> this is a dramatic reversal from just 24 to 48 hours ago from when i asked the biden campaign if he still stood by the hyde amendment. they said yes. we saw this onslaught of attacks from his 2020 rivals. >> this has to be a whole 2020 election. this is the reason he's doing this? >> this is clearly in reaction of the current context of the aboring debate. last night our colleagues did
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manage to pull aside some of biden's advisors. look there was not a decision on this until literally minutes. before biden took the stage. his aides didn't know what he would do. when he spoke he said look, i have to evaluate my position from the moment in which we're living and the moment in which we're living right now is a moment in which women's access to abortion rights are under dramatic assault in a way we've not seen since the inception of roe in terms of funding for planned parenthood being pulled back, all these states passing these laws effectively trying to end the right to abortion. >> totally. he said at one point that a woman's right to reproductive health services shouldn't be based on her zip code. this will have a ripple effect among all democratic candidates. >> it will have a ripple effect because it takes away a talking point. he stood alone in the field,
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alex. we could not find when we did our story a single other democrat that still supported the hyde amendment which was a change in the times right now because in the past many of these democrats have gone along to get along just to pass these annual spending bills, hyde has always been part of these annual spending bills. now they are saying nor. this is a different moment where we have to go to the mat to protect abortion rights. so -- >> let's talk about nancy pelosi, because people close to the house speaker have been saying for weeks and months that when it comes to impeachment there's no sleight of hand. what nancy pelosi says in public is what she truly believes and what she says privately. now we're learning, of course, she told her colleagues there privately that she wants to see donald trump in prison. what are people supposed to make of this? >> that was an offhand comment, jeff. we're now learning that was in response to her defense of her
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position that she does not want to pursue impeachment proceedings at this time. listen the water is getting hotter and hotter for nancy pelosi on the hill because she has more and more defections within her caucus in terms of going towards an impeachment inquiry. at the same time nancy pelosi is a shrewd tactician and she knows she doesn't have the votes for it and won't pursue an avenue that will result in an embarrassing defeat in the house. by golly she has to get it through the house. the problem is her plan to build her support among her caucus is being foiled by the witnesses who refuse to testify. the plan was to have the mueller report rolled out. she knew probably all the american people were not going to read page for page this report but if they colette it come to life in terms of the testimony by the witnesses she could build that public support
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but they are not coming. >> thanks for your time this morning. we'll talk to you again in just a bit. yesterday shortly before he and other world leaders marked d-day with the normandy cemetery as a backdrop, president trump spoke about america's place in the world. >> we're the piggy bank. united states is the piggy bank. it has all the money that others want to take from us. they are not taking it so easy any more. >> when you're the piggy bank that everybody steals and robs from and they deceive you, like they've been doing for 25 years, tariffs are a beautiful thing. >> he also questioned whether mexico is really an ally of the u.s. >> been making billions of dollars. they've been making an absolute fortune on the united states. i'm dealing with mexico right now. they send it $500 billion worth
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of drugs. they kill 100,000 people. they ruin a million families every year. if you look at that. that's an invasion without the guns. they need us we don't need them. >> they are an important ally of the united states. >> the trump administration has been ambiguous about what it would take to avoid applying tariffs on mexico saying initially it will be at our discretion and on an ad hoc basis. the president tried to clarify his stance yesterday. >> we've told mexico the tariffs go on. i mean it too. i'm very happy with it. as i go into the room with the mexicans i'm asking for everything. if they don't do it we'll put the tariffs on. one thing with the tariffs, when those tariffs go on, companies are going to start moving back. once they know they will stay on companies will move back to the united states. they took 32% of our car
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industry. every single one of those plants will move back into the united states. >> with that monday deadline looming in a statement yesterday press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said that quote our position has not changed and we're still moving forward with tariffs at this time. still ahead with his sentencing looming, michael flynn fires his legal team. we'll bring in our legal analyst danny cevallos for that discussion. >> democrats may be one step closer to holding the attorney general and commerce secretary in contempt after subpoena demands were denied. those stories and much more coming up next. you try hard,
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court filings offered no explanation as to why the lawyers were terminated and revealed their information client has already retained new lawyers. the move comes as a federal judge prepares to sentence flynn for pleading guilty about lying about his conversations. according to politico flynn's decision at this late stage is unusual and has triggered speculation he's considering backing out of a plea deal he struck with robert mueller's team. flynn previously argued that mueller's team used deceptive practices to trick him into pleading guilty. a federal judge yesterday ordered the release of a voice mail left by then trump lawyer. happened in november of 2017 after learning flynn was pulling out of a joint defense agreement with the president. >> maybe i'm, i'm sympathic. i understand your situation. but let me see if i can't state it in starker terms. if you have -- it wouldn't surprise me if you've gone on to
2:17 am
make a deal and work with the government. if on the other hand there's information that implicates the president, then we've got a national security issue, or maybe it's a national security issue, i don't know. some issue, we've got to deal with not only for the president but for the country. so, you know, we need some kind of heads up, just for the sake of protecting all interests if we can without you having to give up any confidential information. so, if it's the former -- remember what we're -- we've always said about the president and his feelings
2:18 am
toward flynn and, that still remains. all right. danny cevallos is here. those are a couple of issues we'll want to get to. the first one being michael flynn fires his lawyers just as the judge is about to sentence him. what does that tell you is that smart? >> this happens. sometimes defendants feel frustrated, they feel they don't have any control. it's not that unusual for a defendant to fire his lawyers. just before sentencing yes it's unusual. you have to remember flynn's situation. when he went into sentencing originally he was the best candidate possible for probation only sentence. his guideline range was zero to six months. the government, the prosecutors recommended a low end sentence, that's zero months. he was a slam dunk for a probation sentence. he gets to the sentencing and the judge says no, no, not so
2:19 am
fast. i might consider giving you prison time. his mind must have been reeling. months on he may blame his terms for characterizing what the government did as harassing him or persuading him or harbinto cooperating. i'm not so sure he'll back out of the plea deal. everything in his conduct has been setting himself up to gate probation only sentence and spend zero time in jail. let's talk about this john dowd tape. he was the best attorney the president of the united states could get at the time. to the substance of the tape, what impact could the release of this voice mail will have in flynn's criminal case? >> not so much in flynn's criminal case but globally. let's take a step back. does anyone remember leaving a voice mail that long in the last five years? nobody. i make a lot of phone calls.
2:20 am
voice males are something that can be, especially nowadays can be forwarded and cause you problems. look, i think john dowd's explanation is plausible because he was inquiring whether or not hey are you still in this joint defense agreement because if you're not you got to let us know. that's pretty common. but, obviously, people have interpreted that as being more nefarious, as a veiled athlete. just in general leaving a voice mail like this is not a good idea. i'm sure he wishes he could have that back even though he doesn't believe he did anything wrong. i don't know it will affect flynn's sentencing. the issues are crystallized. not likely to change much. flynn's end goal is still just give me a straight probation sentence. >> danny cevallos, thanks for your time. still ahead the government is taking new action to stop
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. one cadet is dead and more than 20 others are hurt after their vehicle overturned yesterday at west point an the way to summer training. two u.s. soldiers are among the injured after the vehicle veered off the road and ended up upside down in a wooded area. you can see it there. west point superintendent says none of the injuries are life
2:24 am
threatening. unclear how the accident which fell on the 75th anniversary of d-day actually happened. president trump offered his condolences tweeting quote, so sorry to hear about the terrible accident involving our great west point cadets. we mourn the loss of life and pray for the injured. god bless them all. after receiving millions of complaints about robo calls the fcc is taking action to make it easier for phone carriers to block scam calls. >> reporter: tonight numbers massive enough to leave your ears ringing. 48 billion robo calls made last year, 5 billion just last month alone. the fcc now responding to what they say is their biggest consumer complaint. >> that's one thing in our country today that unites republicans and democrats, vej
2:25 am
te -- vegetarians and carnivores they are sick of robo calls. >> in this case we can take action proactively and do the right thing by the customer. so this is a big deal. >> reporter: the trade organization says calls from those like doctors or pharmacies might get screened out. >> a lot of carriers offer robocall but you have to opt-in. >> requires the phone companies to comply. >> reporter: the plan also doesn't prevent carriers from adding more fees to your phone bill to stop robiocalls before they ring. all i have to say is thank heavens they are doing something about this. it's ridiculous the number of calls i get. how about you? >> i just have to block them call by call as i get them but
2:26 am
that's no real way to stop this. >> i do the exact same thing. i don't pick up calls i don't recognize. people like my mom who maybe is not as sophisticated, she picks up everything. >> they call more once you pick up and realize it's a live phone number. >> hopefully this takes care of it. still ahead new reporting that a wealthy iraqi sheik spent thousands of dollars at trump's hotel. "the washington post" is following the money. plus president trump signs a $19 billion disaster relief package and takes credit for puerto rico aid money that he opposed for months. we're back in a moment. for all out confidence...
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt in for yasmin vossoughian. >> i'm jeff bennett in for ayman mohyeldin. it's the bottom of the hour let's start with the news. >> nancy pelosi made a comment about wanting to see the president in jail rather than impeached. the president issued a skacathi response. >> i think she's a disgrace. she's not a talented person. i tried to be nice to her because i wanted to get some deals done. she's a nasty, inventory dickive horrible person. nancy, why is her district having drugs and needles all
2:31 am
over the place. it's the most disgusting thing that she's allowed to happen to her district. with people living on the sidewalk. she should focus on that because she's a disaster. >> when you were overseas -- >> she made a vicious statement while i'm overseas. if i made a statement about anybody it would be a big headline why would he do that. she's a terrible person. i'll tell you, her name is nervous nancy because she's a nervous wreck. >> on the flip side nancy pelosi being interviewed in that same u.s. military cemetery declined to discuss politics on the anniversary of d-day. >> we're so divide as a country right now. do you worry about the politics right now, impeachment and everything else that's on the table and how they can further divide us? >> again, with all due top your question -- >> a wealthy iraqi sheik who
2:32 am
wanted to influence policy in iran had long and expensive stays at trump's international hotel here in washington, d.c. now the sheik wrote letters to both national security adviser john bolton and secretary of state mike pompeo in july urging both of them to forge ties with those wanting to overthrow the iranian government. now four months later he ended up spending an unusually long stay at the expensive hotel. it's estimated he spent 26 nights in a suite on the eighth floor which is estimated to cost tens of thousands of dollars and according to the hotel's vip arrival list, the sheik's visit was the longest listed. he defended his stay in an interview saying it was not part of a lobbying push and he just heard about the new hotel and thought it would be a good place to stay. he added he came to washington for medical treatment at johns
2:33 am
hopkins hospital in baltimore. the hotel declined to answer questions about how much he paid for his stay or whether it had informed anyone at the white house about his long visit. now "the washington post" reporter who broke that story is going to join "morning joe" coming up littler with more details. the house will likely vote to hold attorney general bill barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross in contempt of congress as a request for additional documents was denied. the justice and commerce departments missed their thursday deadline to produce more documents concerning the decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census following the reporting last week that suggested the question was added for racial and partisan gerrymandering purposes. the commerce department has come out forcefully accusing the committee of playing politics in a statement obtained by politico. house democrats are take agnew approach in their attempt to compel attorney general william barr and former white
2:34 am
house counsel don mcgahn to share information related to the mueller report after weeks of vowing to hold them in contempt. one more time nbc news heidi przybyla is here with more on that. >> according to the "new york times" a resolution unveiled yesterday by the house rules committee would authorize congress to petition a federal court to enforce its requests, but without mentioning contempt. it leaves rooms to reach a deal with the justice department while still allowing lawmakers to go on the record with their discontent. i want also does not rule out pursuing criminal contempt in the future. the panel is expected to consider the proposal on monday followed by a full house vote on tuesday. alex, this is really trying to empower those house committees to both go to court and once they get to court expedite the process. >> okay. expediting being an operative word here. how will this ultimately affect. there's so much contempt being
2:35 am
thrown around. >> that's the problem. that's why the house leadership is trying to bundle these votes. they appreciate they have so many different fires going on here. this is not just about russia at this point. we're talking about defiance of lawfully issued subpoenas, request for documents when it has to do with census or immigration, or the saudi transfer of nuclear technology. all of these things are being blanket rejected by this white house. >> heidi, as the house moves closer to holding the attorney general and commerce secretary in contempt what are the next steps for the doj and the commerce department as this whole things moves forward. >> it does seem like they are digging in for the long haul, jeff, and they will fight this out. they are betting that based on history which is, what we've seen with other cases in previous administrations like with the fast and furious case during the obama administration that it can take months to years for these things to play out and push these things beyond the
2:36 am
window of even when administrations are in office. that is why we're seeing these extraordinary measures right now on the hill and this gamble that the congress is going, to with these votes, send a message to the court system that it has to take seriously this blanket defiance of basically article i of the constitution, which says that congress is to perform a check on the executive branch. and that what we're seeing here amounts to a rejection of a constitutional principle here that congress does have the right to perform oversight over the administration. okay. heidi przybyla, thank you for that. jeff? >> president trump signed a $19 billion disaster relief bill yesterday that will provide funding for areas struggling to recover from wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. now for months the president opposed giving aid money to puerto rico, a measure that caused long delays in getting
2:37 am
help to states that needed it. but yesterday the president took full credit for the bill tweeting in part, quote just signed disaster aid bill to help americans who have been hit by recent catastrophic storms. he added puerto rico should love president trump, without me they would have been shut out. as part of the disaster relief package puerto rico will receive $1 billion in aid, funding will be provided for federal programs that will help rebuild communities affected nationwide. house democrats are urging the president to reconsider his planned speech at the lincoln memorial during this year's fourth of july celebration at the nation's capital. in a letter sent to the president yesterday house majority leader steny hoyer along with representatives warned the event could create the appearance of a televised partisan campaign rally on the mall at public expense. lawmakers write quote for decades the fourth of july on the national mall has been nonpartisan and apolitical.
2:38 am
they go on to say we respectfully for you to look for ways to complement not conflict. the democratic party tweaks the rules for candidates to make the stage for its first debate. just days to qualify for that one. details on the changes and which candidates are firing back over that last minute move. >> bill karins will have a check on your weekend forecast. your first look at "morning joe" is back in a moment.
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hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. welcome back. vulnerable michigan senator has an opponent. john james made the announcement thursday and it's a move that republicans hope will turn the state in their favor. peters is one of two democratic senators up for re-election in a
2:42 am
state that president trump carried in 2016. now last fall james came closer than expected to defeating democratic senator debbie stabenow, losing by less than seven points in what was considered a solid race for democrats. with the first democratic primary debate weeks away the dnc narrowed the rules for candidates days before the june 12th deadline to qualify. the dnc announced yesterday it would exclude specific polls from the debate's qualification criteria including a pair of "washington post" abc polls where respondents volunteered candidate. the rules change puts montana governor steve bullock in most danger of potentially not qualifying for that debate stage. one of the polls bullet relying on. bullock's campaign manager was critical of the change saying while the governor was expanding medicaid to one in ten montanians, the dnc of making
2:43 am
arbitrary rules behind closed doors. dnc unmasking of this rule singles out the only democratic candidate who won a trump state and penalizes him for doing his job. a spokesperson for the dnc said he was notified in march about the change, only 20 of the 23 democrats running currently claim to have enough polls under the new criteria to qualify for the debate stage. let's get a check on weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. how is it looking out there? >> very split. waking up with us in the east, southeast will have on and off rain all weekend. northeast could see one of the best weekends in our late spring early summer season. here's the rain that's in areas of the south. we got drenched in the last couple of hours. flash flood watches up in kentucky, northern portions of arkansas and for the mobile area over here through pensacola. batches of rain through atlanta. this will happen all weekend long. just periods of rain and then you'll clear out. here's the area of concern.
2:44 am
northern portions of georgia we get up into the mountains and upstate portions of south carolina and mountains of north carolina, up to seven inches of rain over next three days. this area has been dry over much of the spring so they can take the water but seven inches is a lot. potential for flooding. bottom line is outdoor plans are iffy at best in areas of the south and east this weekend. so today's forecast pretty nice day today. d.c. northward filled with more clouds. still warm. temperatures near 80. boston gorgeous 73 and sunny. no complaints in chicago. minneapolis one of the warmer spots up to near 90. you want to talk about the heat? it's on in south texas. 98 in san antonio. dallas not bad at all 76. dangerous weather we'll see late afternoon storms that could possibly bring us some really strong winds and isolated tornado through south dakota and southern portion of montana. yesterday, by the way, louisiana got hit pretty hard early in the
2:45 am
day. we actually had a report of about eight tornadoes in southern louisiana and had a lot of problems with torrential rain. you see these vehicles that got caught there. look at this twister. possibly near sunset, louisiana taking the whole second floor off of that home. as far as the weekend goes, flood athlete throughout the southeast. off and on rain. nice northeast. storms as we go through the northern plains and sunday still looking at periods of heavy rain potentially in the southeast. it's 50-50 on the east coast this weekend. further north you are being better it will be. >> seems to me people need to listen to your reminders. you give how people can drive into waters with their cars. that car in louisiana was just submerged pretty quickly. look at that. you can't go there. >> typically each year somewhere around 60 people die from doing that. okay. all right. >> turn around, don't drown. >> thank you. still ahead, former new york
2:46 am
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pledging $500 million towards closing every coal-fired plant by to 30. mirroring his work on gun control his donation to beyond carbon will focus on state and local government, funding lobbying and funding lawmakers who prioritize local energy. i want comes as the white house and epa make coal the concern stone of trump administration agenda with 241 plants still in operation across this country. the move could result in an additional 1400 pollution related deaths a year, according to the administration's own analysis. most of bloomberg's donation is expected to be used within the next three years. the job numbers for may are due out later this morning and could it be a game changer for markets and interest rates. what should we expect later this morning? >> reporter: well, jeff, 180,000 is the number the market is looking for when it comes to
2:50 am
jobs added in may. now this number is always very closely watched by markets. this time around arguably more important than even the other readings in recent months and that's because it could it coul determine the federal reserve's next move. a very strong number, could see market expectations for a rate cut pushed back. if it is a very weak number though, it could see the fed move sooner when it comes to rate cuts. just to put it all in perspective, currently wall street economists are expecting two rate cuts this year with the first coming in september so absolutely a very important number for wall street today. guys? >> and then shifting gears here just a bit, i want to talk about this company called beyond meat, it makes vegetarian products and they released their first earnings report since going public. and it looks like the company is going to continue its winning streak. what more can you tell us about this? >> this has really been an incredible story.
2:51 am
as you mentioned shares are up nearly 300% from the ipo price, and they came out with the first set of results since the debut, and they topped wall street expectations. so in terms of of revenue, they reported $87.9 million for 2019 and a net loss of $4.75 per share but they expect demand to continue growing, not only from existing customers, but from new customers. this craze around meat alternatives clearly the momentum behind it is building, and this report suggests that beyond meat is a good way to play it. back to you. >> live from london, thank you for your time. >> i don't know, jeff, if that burger tastes as good as it looks. it looked like an in and out double, double. i'm like what? >> i had to get that in there. coming up, axios mike allen has a look at this morning's one day bing, and coming up, a solemn day of remembrance. more on the president's new
2:52 am
interview taking swings at former special counsel robert mueller and house speaker nancy pelosi while on hallowed ground of the american military cemetery in normandy france to commemorate d-day. >> plus democratic senator and 2020 presidential candidate michael bennet will weigh in on the president's trip abroad and discuss his new book on restoring america in an age of broken politics. "morning joe" is just moments away. broken politics. "morning joe" is just moments away ♪ dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating.
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joining us now from washington with a look at axios a.m., the co-found he of axios, mike allen, with a good friday morning to you, mike. what's the one big thing for axios this morning? >> it is a happy friday. and the axios one big thing is the long road to impeachment. so this is impeachment map, and my axios visuals colleagues have a very stark way of showing this. there are 60 house members who
2:56 am
have come out for impeachment proceedings. 59 democrats, about one republican from michigan, but look at what you need, you would need 200 to implement peach th, to impeach the president, so not even close on the criteria that speaker pelosi set out having republican support in the house and republican support in the senate. and this reflects a sort of cooling of impeachment fever in the country. very significant is that not one of these house democrats who have come out for impeachment are people who are in toss-up districts in 2020. >> and that's one of the reasons, as we know why, house speaker nancy pelosi says she is not entirely opposed to impeachment, she is just not for it right now. what is she doing to push back those lawmakers who want to see these proceedings happen tomorrow, in fact? >> we've seen that reporting here, on msnbc, that she said to her caucus, i want to see president trump in prison, as
2:57 am
much as you do, but not through impeachment. so behind the curtain, what she is saying is it is her view, if they go with impeachment right now, that they could lose the house in 2020, and they could lose the presidency in 2020, that out in those key swing districts, and swing states, that this will be viewed as democrats taking their eye off the ball of issues that matter to every day democrats, she knows that she got here, she became speaker pelosi instead of house minority leader pelosi through health care and they want to stick on that message through this election cycle. >> can we take a look, i know axios has been doing this as well, mike, at the president's surplus of extended cabinet vacancies, i mean it is extraordinary how many are empty, or they have temporary, you have an acting secretary, or something, and how does this compare though, to other presidents? >> you know, in an acting chief of staff, going back to
2:58 am
december, when do you start being active? look at the figures from the axios visuals colleagues and going back to carter, the president has by far, by far, by far, you can see the gap here more vacant day for cabinet members than other presidents had. and this turns out to be a little bit of a loophole. the president has said frankly he likes acting secretaries because it keeps them on their toes as my mother would say, and they don't have to go through confirmation, so they don't have the scrutiny of the vetting that comes along with that. >> but what are the unintended consequences of having so many officials in these acting capacities? what does that do to the ability of the federal government to function effectively? >> well, here is one of the biggest things is it reduces the band width. we talked before about how this white house, believe it or not, with all of the crazy things that jeff covered, every day, hasn't had a massive transcend ent global crisis. like history shows that those
2:59 am
come and there isn't the talent, the experience, in this administration, to deal with those, that they've had in past west wing, past presidencies. >> mike allen, thanks for your time this morning. we will see you again on "morning joe" in a little bit. and we will also be reading axios a.m. this morning and you can sign up for the newsletter at >> and "morning joe" starts right now. i don't talk about the president when -- >> ask nancy, why is her district drug and needles all over the place, it is the most disgusting thing what she has allowed ho happen in her district and she is a terrible person, and the name is nervous nancy because she is a nervous wreck. >> president of the united states going into partisan politics on hallowed ground on the 75th anniversary of d-day,
3:00 am
as you heard speaker nancy pelosi, choke a different path. good morning. welcome to "morning joe." it is friday, june 7. i'm willie geist. joe and mika finishing off their time off and back with us on monday. we have nbc correspondent heidi przybyla, the host of sunday night politics on msnbc an donny deutsche, and steve rattner, katty kay, and former chief of staff of the cia, department of defense, now an nbc news national security analyst, jeremy bash. yesterday, we asked how the president would step on a good speech, it was a matter of time, i guess, that he made at normandy and the answer is laura ingraham with the graves as the backdrop. >> first is the speech. i know he got lawded. and i think what else could he have done? the bar has got ton a point when he does something that is 101, spea


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