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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  June 7, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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thanks for watching this hour. i know we're supposed to go straight to the news. you were just hanging with the jonas brothers. >> i'm a fan of them. >> now they're fans of yours. >> i'm a sucker for that dress. >> thank you. craig melvin here.
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new york city covering his hide. after a bumpy week for his campaign, joe biden changing course. now saying he will no longer support a controversial part of our national abortion law. his democratic rivals seizing on the moments. will his change of heart be enough to satisfy the party's liberal wing. not even close. the latest job reports falls below expectations. the government also revealing that the numbers from previous months were not as high as previously thought. we're going to drill down into what that means for the economy big picture. and is 2020 poised to become the year of the teacher? why our nation's educators could have more sway than ever. we'll start with the big position change for the early front runner among the 2020 democrats. it caps off a rougher week for former vice president biden. biden saying he can no longer support a key abortion rights flash point.
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an amendment blocks federal money from going towards most abortion services. the change following revelations in an nbc news report on biden's views on abortion rights. the other democratic contenders going after him for his stance. earlier this week biden's campaign took heat for taking language from other plans. we'll start with you, what are you hearing? why the position change now? >> you know, this is a fascinating moment in what we forget is still a very young campaign for the former vice president. only intering this race a month and a half ago. what we've seen is the recognition that not only were some of biden's democratic opponents not familiar with his policy positions as it relates to abortion.
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even members of his own campaign team. until that great reporting that you mentioned. so what we saw was in the past 48 hours as other campaigns reacted furiously. there was a reevaluation by biden and his team. especially at the time when abortion rights are under siege in a lot of states. let's take a listen to how the vice president addressed this issue last night at a dnc event here in atlanta. >> for many years as a u.s. senator i've supported the hyde amendment like many others have. we now see so many republican governments denying healthcare to millions of the most poorest and most vulnerable americans by refusing even medicaid expansion. i can't justify leaving millions of women without access to the care they need and the ability to exercise their constitutionally protected
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right. if i believe healthcare is a right as i do, i can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone's zip code. >> reporter: the former vice president last night saying he doesn't apologize for the position that he once held. he doesn't apologize for the position he's now taking. what's interesting there was a milestone last night. joe biden appearing at an event that other democratic candidates were also appearing at. we heard from cory booker and pete buttigieg seizing on this to try to rip the band aid off, address this issue especially heading into the critical debate. >> biden's campaign -- as late as wednesday if i understand it right say the candidate still supported the hyde amendment. you wrote on the issue earlier. i want to read a portion. just because many americans support keeping abortion legal
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doesn't mean they support tax dollars funding the procedure. many americans share biden's view on federal funding. according to the public religion research institute, four in ten americans favor a policy that blocks federal funds from going to organizations that provide abortions, even though those funds cannot be used for abortions. what's your sense? are voters going to make their decision on joe biden over his position on abortion rights? >> i don't think they will. when we have a race with 20 something plus candidates running, the percentage points matter. while biden is significantly in the lead right now, that's not a lead that he can take for granted and expect to hold throughout the campaign if his ideas do not align with the party that he hopes to represent. about a third of democrats share his original point, support for abortion but not wanting federal funding to go to organizations
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that could, you know, provide abortions, although not using federal funding for those actual abortions. what's important to notice a few things, some of the groups that the former vice president wants to connect with consistently and deeply to win the nomination stand on a very side of him. last night at the event, that was the african-american leadership council. black voters are far less likely to support a ban on federal funding to organizations for abortion. so are women and melanillenials. these are voters that any candidate will need to win. >> not just the abortion issue that's raising questions with voters. it's interesting to see the gloves coming off just a bit with some of the other contenders. the iraq war, for instance. south moulton who has not gained a great deal of traction so far. he tweeted this morning, commending biden for reversing his support of the hyde
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amendment, but then he adds now do the iraq war. with such a long track record, whether it's the crime bill or anita hill and the hearing over clarence thomas or the iraq war, his opponents, is it reasonable to expect we're going to start seeing more of them seize on biden's position on some of these past issues to try and contrast him with the party's current platform? >> absolutely. it's the easiest and perhaps the most effective way to bring questions about biden into the minds of voters. what so many people, especially people like seth moulton who are not getting the attention they would like to get want to convince voters is that biden was a great democratic leader of the past. his world view is not reflected by the base of the democratic party in 2019 or moving forward. and one of the ways they're going to do that is just point out some of his past policies. that puts biden in a position
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like the one we saw earlier this week. he's either going to have to say yes, this is what i believe then and this is what i still believe. or he's going to have to repeatedly say i have made a pivot in this area. the question remains if that will be something that is sufficient for voters looking for new ideas and voices for the democratic party moving forward. >> we'll leave it there. scott, thank you. good to have you on the road there, mike, thank you. as mike mentioned, we'll be following all the democratic contenders on the road to miami for the very first debate of the 2020 election only on msnbc, nbc and telemundo june 26th and 27th. we're also following another developing story here. brand-new jobs numbers showing that job creation slowed dramatically last month here in the u.s. companies adding 75,000 jobs in may. economists had expected a gain of about 180,000 jobs. wages were up, but those wages
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also failed to meet expectations. the unemployment rate holding steady at 3.6%. let's take a look behind the numbers. dominic chu is standing by. why were the jobs numbers lower than expected? >> there are questions about why those numbers came in so low. there's expectations right now building in the marketplace that the u.s. company is slowing down. growing again, but still a slower pace of growth. there's also the idea that trade tensions right now could be weighing on sentiment from chief executives all the way down to hiring managers. another angle or tangent of this is whether or not there are workers out there who are available to be hired. if the labor market is that tight, that could put a crimp on hiring as well. all adding to the job numbers. some of that is being backed up by the fact that the unemployment rate stays around a
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50 year low right now. we're not even talking about the possible effects of weather in certain parts of the country, especially the midwest. all of those are variables we're trying to come to grips with. >> let's talk about the corrections from previous months. how significant are those corrections? are there anything we should be taking away from those correction? >> we should. so the bottom line is we had 75,000 jobs created in the month of may. the previous two months in april and march were revised lower collectively across those two months by 75,000. so as things stand right now, the job creation over the last three months is a net zero. next month, we'll get revisions about what those may numbers will be finally. but, still, that's the reason why there's a little bit of concern right now. especially among traders. they're saying this is another data point that shows that the u.s. economy could be on a slower growth trajectory for the remainder of this year and perhaps even into 2020 and
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beyond. >> dominic, thank you so much for that, sir. we're also following some breaking news at msnbc this morning. a russian destroyer nearly crashes into a u.s. warship in the philippine sea this morning.. the u.s. navy provided us with this video. you can see precisely how close that russian ship came to ours. courteney cubey joins me on the phone. what do we know about what happened here? >> reporter: according to the u.s. navy, this is about 11:45 a.m. local on june 7th. the navy says they were conducting what they call a helicopter recovery. their helicopter was getting ready to land on the ship. think about that. that's a time when you're staying on a relatively slow and steady course so the helicopter can land safely. the u.s. navy is saying this
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russian destroyer called the dd 572 that it approached the chancellorville from behind and they had to gun their engines at the same time and try to avoid a collision. as you mentioned, they came very close to one another. 50 to 100 feet by the u.s. military's estimate. we do have a response from russia now, who is telling a very different story. saying in fact the chancellorville was the one who was potentially aggressive and they were the ones who had to move out to avoid a collision. you know, you can see the video in and of itself. it definitely shows this is unsafe and unprofessional. >> have there been other incidents recently similar to this or no? >> reporter: they tend to ebb and flow. you know, when there is a big u.s. military exercise in the region, the russians will often have aircraft or ships that will come up probing the ships and whatnot to see what they can find out about them. sometimes to see how close they can get to them before the u.s.
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diverts. so it's not terribly uncommon. we went through a big stretch in 2017 and into 2018 where there was a lot of interactions between the russians and the americans at sea. but it's been relatively quiet ever since then. >> all right. we'll leave it there, thanks for the update on that. we have more breaking news that we're following. law enforcement just identifying the man that they say made those threats to attack times square. federal authorities say the man tries to buy guns without serial numbers. he'll be facing charges at his first court appearance later today. officials say he took surveillance video of times square and talked about wanting to attack politicians in new york city and washington, d.c. we can also tell you according to federal authorities he is from queens, new york. at this point, it's not known whether he was acting in cahoots with any sort of terrorist organization. more to come on that. again, a man arrested there for
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allegedly plotting the times square attack. going to be in court later today. the window is closing -- we're going to check in on the big tariff negotiations between the united states and mexico. president trump about to land back here in america. what thad could mean in the process. here's something you don't hear every day. an all-star slugger hoping to strike out. he'll join me live this hour to talk about his family's initiative. strike out slavery taking on modern day human trafficking which affects 40 million people around the world. he world >> our go, really, is to continue to send a message and hopefully we have 30 ball clubs around the league. the players' association is a part of this. we created this platform, as my wife says that's our dream. rm, wife says that's our dream most of us don't know how much data we use.
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president trump on his way home from ireland as we speak. when the president lands, he'll walk right back into that tariff threat controversy he left behind when he went overseas. any minute now representatives from the u.s. and mexico meeting to try to come up with an sgree agreement after the president threatened to impose tariffs. hans nichols is in limerick,
8:19 am
ireland. show us the effects that this could have on consumers. hans, since you are standing in the rain for us, bring us up to speed on where these negotiations stand right now. what do we know? >> reporter: the official rhetoric from the white house is they're on track for white house. that was from sarah huckabee sanders moments before they lifted off here in shannon in ireland. what strikes me about this negotiation is how different the president's approach is from his negotiation with frornorth kore. in that negotiation it was leader to leader. with this negotiation president trump is taking a more traditional approach and he's having his underlings and deputies do all the lifting. there's some ambiguity on where the president is on whether
8:20 am
he'll ask them to go back to the drawing table and come up with something stronger. an additional 6,000 troops that would be down there on mexico's southern border would do more on making sure that asylum applications that want to be filed that those immigrants stay south of the border. if he does want to preserve the ability to do this on monday, he's going to have to sign the executive order today, that's friday. but that isn't -- i want to be clear -- that isn't an indication we're going to get sanctions. that's a technicality that preserve's the president's range of motion. >> what happened to some of the republicans who were going to try to talk sense into the president, so to speak? >> reporter: the president has been taking their phone calls and he's been saying he doesn't
8:21 am
think they're very smart. that talk isn't going very well. the president feels emboldened, virtuous on his position on tariffs. he almost prefers a world where there are higher tariffs. he likes it as a tool and the ultimate outcome. again, you can never quite be sure what's bluster and what's a negotiating position with this president or anyone else. president donald trump gives the impression he likes tariffs for the sake of tariffs. he wants to have more things built back in this country. when republicans have challenged him in the past, they have typically folded. there isn't any indication the republicans will be able to convince the president and move him off one of his core beliefs. craig? >> molly, walk us through how these tariffs will affect the costs, could affect the costs of so many things that we buy and especially eat in this country. >> reporter: craig, good morning, that's right. everyone's life is about to get a lot more expensive.
8:22 am
california is the third biggest importer in mexican goods. $44 billion a year. we're actually outside of a mexican restaurant here. one of the big things of course that we're talking about is avocadoes and produce. california and the u.s. imports a ton of produce from mexico. i'm going to pop up that graphic. there are a lot of different industries, of course, of mexican goods coming in including vehicle and parts. $93 billion. electricy machinery. medical instruments, appliances. furniture, plastic and then $7 billion of vegetables. $5 billion of beverages and spirits and $5 billion of fruits and nuts. that's a lot of produce and a lot of fruit that's coming in. look, when wholesale importers are importing tomatoes and av d avoc avocadoes, the margin is so thin. it's going to make a big
8:23 am
difference for those that are selling avocadoes at such a small margin. when the cost to importers go up, importers will have two charges. either they squeeze the mexican seller or pass the cost onto consumers. that cost will have to be passed on to consumers, which means my guacamole is going to be more expensive. of course, when mexican avocadoes here in california are more expensive, look, california growers will also raise their prices because then that's the going right. >> molly hunter with a solid explanation of what this could mean. heading home as we mentioned, president trump set to arrive back in washington this afternoon after that trip to the united kingdom and france and ireland briefly. he didn't leave without taking
8:24 am
jibes at nancy pelosi chiding her for something he's also done. across the country over the last few months, we've seen teachers become more politically engaged than ever. so is 2020 poised to become the year of the teacher? >> we're being at the back of the stove. whatever letter you got in front of your name, that's not what's first with us. it's what you're voting and doing with our children. reu' vo doing with our children. ow i'm g to be the first bunny with washboard glutes. i'm not even sure what glutes are but... mine are gonna be shredded. mmhm, that was weird. oh sister it's gonna get way weirder. ...when a plan stops being a plan and gets set into motion. today's merrill can help you get there with the people, tools, and personalized advice
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in case you hadn't heard, we're on the road to miami. just 19 days away from the much anticipated first democratic debate of the 2020 election system. you'll see it only here on nbc, msnbc and telemundo. 2020 could become the year of the teacher after educators across the country went on strike, many of them protested in 2018 and earlier this year for higher pay. more support in the classroom. we are live in oklahoma this morning at the oklahoma education association summer leadership. it's a conference.
8:29 am
you're talking to educators about what they want from candidates this time around. what are they telling you? >> reporter: at this point, many of the 2020 presidential hopefuls have presented robust educational plans. warren, sanders, biden, harris. what do educators, especially those who walked out in the past year demanding better pay, demanding more funding for education, what do they think of these proposals? we sat down with teachers here in oklahoma. some of whom we met during the 2018 walkouts last year to see if this newfound activism will translate into 2020 results and how they're feeling about these candidates on the road 250 mito.
8:30 am
t >> joe biden, i think there's no surprise that he came out and had a town hall type of meeting in houston addressing the teachers in the area and one of the first things he did was lay out his education proposals. >> reporter: who is getting it right on the campaign trail? >> many of them are talking about starting earlier with full time pre-k. some are talking about doing a tuition free college and things like that. and even helping individuals with student debt. i think they're on the right page for many of the educational plans. >> reporter: what are your thoughts in terms of the promises that are made by politicians on education? >> i like some of the things that kamala harris has said, joe biden. kamala harris has promised $315 billion pumped into public education over the next ten years and has guaranteed every teacher at least a $13,500
8:31 am
raise. i'm willing to support those type of candidates. public education, funding schools adequately so i can buy more textbooks. i don't have to be using textbooks i have to duct tape together or are eight to ten years old. >> reporter: this summer leadership conference where people like lawrence are in attendance is hosted by the oea, which is a branch of the national education associate. and these unions represents millions of educators. they say they plan on making their voices heard at the democratic primaries in this election cycle. >> those teachers have clearly already been doing their homework, pun intended. good to see they're so engaged early in the process.
8:32 am
thank you. president trump is aboard air force one right now. he's in the air flying home. while in normandy to honor d-day veterans, the president criticized house speaker nancy pelosi. so just what does the president face when he arrives back here at home? for that we turn to peter baker, the chief white house correspondent for the "new york times." he's also an msnbc political analyst. always good to have you, mr. baker. the president's speech before those d-day veterans, a lot of folks on both sides of the aisle said it was a speech that struck the right tone. he didn't steer away from the scripted comments for the most part. it was the comments he made about house speaker nancy pelosi in that interview with fox news before the event that stood out to a lot of people. here's what he said. >> i think she's a disgrace. i actually don't think she's a
8:33 am
talented person. i've tried to be nice to her because i would have liked to have gotten deals done. she's incapable of doing deals. she's a nasty vindictive horrible person. she made a statement while i'm overseas. >> all right. so a number of things to unpack. we'll get to the substance in a second here. but, peter, just the optics of the president sitting with laura ingr ingram, saying all of that in this american cemetery. was there no one on the white house staff that thought about how that's going to look? the president in front of crosses and stars of david on the 75th anniversary of d-day? >> certainly doesn't send the message he was trying to send or at least the staff was trying to send with the speech he then delivered a few minutes later in front of the veterans and the assembled dignitaries.
8:34 am
if it was meant to be a day of unity and remembrance and honoring shared sacrifice, instead it became once again about donald trump which is the way he likes it. it's not entirely surprising he would be upset about nancy pelosi. she did say while he was overseas she wanted to have him in prison. that's not different from a month ago when president trump was overseas and he criticized biden from overseas. democrats said he shouldn't be criticizing political opponents. nancy pelosi said it in a private setting, but you say it to enough house democrats of course it's going to leak out. he responds in the most visceral way possible. he responds in trumpian bombast and he counter punches. what's interesting is does this signify the end of the possible efforts to work together between president trump and speaker pelosi?
8:35 am
they had maintained sort of at least a respectful adversarial relationship up until now. it seems to be heading into a different phase. >> the jobs numbers, we know the president has been quick to tout the jobs numbers when they have exceeded expectations, projections. these jobs numbers -- again it's important to point out and we talked to dominic chu, there is speculation that perhaps we have not seen the kind of jobs growth we had in previous months because the labor market is in fact so tight. do we expect he'll beat his chest a bit about the jobs report when he lands? >> no, i assume he'll probably not speak about it. when the numbers aren't as good as he wants them to be he ignored them. when they're better than people expect suddenly he spends a lot of time trumpeting them. there's more jobs created than the month previous. there's a lot of concern about this tariff war he's got going
8:36 am
with china and is on the verge with starting with mexico as of monday. that's got a lot of investors nerve, a lo nervous. and the possibility the economy might begin to soften as a result is a real threat to this president. the good economy he regularly takes credit for is probably the strongest political card he has heading into next year's election. if that were to turn south, that has big consequences for him. >> enjoy the weekend, buddy, thank you. a face off between house democrats and attorney general bill barr set to come to a head next week. we'll go live to capitol hill where a crucial vote is expected today, soon. te is expected today, soon. ♪ (music plays throughout)
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some common side-effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling. don't imagine results, see them. coolsculpting, take yourself further. there is growing tension between capitol hill and the white house with democrats issuing at least 25 congressional subpoenas since taking back control of the house this year. next week house democrats are expected to vote on a contempt resolution for attorney general bill barr for not providing the unredacted mueller report. barr just finished speaking at quantico this morning. kelly o'donnell has been following this, she joins me live from capitol hill with the details. what do we know about what mr. barr said? anything newsworthy in those comments? >> reporter: well, he is anticipating -- this was a graduation ceremony for the fbi.
8:41 am
but here on capitol hill, he's anticipating there will be a vote next week, likely tuesday, where the house members will be able to weigh in on the issue of a contempt resolution for not only the attorney general, but also former white house council don mcgann. part of what we've been seeing here is the different levers from the committees. ways they can use their power and in some ways they're trying to streamline what they're doing and to also make some of these procedural steps very public to show there are steps being taken. part of what they're going to do is put the stream lined method into effect so they won't have to go for a full house vote for every instance along the way when they want the courts to help enforcement. if in fact as expected the house would find that barr and mcgahn are in contempt of congress, it would be in the civil category and they would be looking to the
8:42 am
federal courts to try to enforce what these subpoenas required. in the case of barr, it has to do with the fully unredacted mueller report as you mentioned. with don mcgahn it would include a lot of his notes and information and personal testimony from his time as the president's white house counsel. this is ratcheting up pressure on the white house and on those in the administration or former officials to try to comply. it's a way for democrats to gather evidence and keep the heat on. many democrats are calling for a full impeachment inquiry, which would be its own path. what we're seeing, you pointed it out, 25 different subpoenas for not only current and former officials but financial institutions. trying to get as much evidence. nancy pelosi says by gathering as much evidence and building the strongest case, if there's an eventually impeachment it would be an indictment they could win. whether that be in the senate,
8:43 am
or after leaving office if there is a prosecutor's appetite to bring any kind of charges. so we're going to see lots of different examples where threads of this quilt are being put together. this will be one of the important ones we'll follow. >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. have a great weekend, my friend, thank you. >> thank you. taking on modern day slavery. baseball all-star and his wife will join me to talk about their family's initiative. taking on an issue that affects more than 40 million people around the world. that's on the other side of this break. world that's on the other side of this break.
8:44 am
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you can always count on me to know where to look. oh, i found them! i can do this test now! ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. covered by medicare and most major insurers. a legendary baseball player and his wife are stepping up with a fight to end modwere day slavery. albert pujols and his wife founded a non-profit. this year the organization is holding a series of concerts to warn baseball fans specifically about the dangers of human trafficking. the international labor organization estimates there are more than 40 million trafficking victims worldwide. i'm joined now by deidre pujols,
8:48 am
her husband, perhaps you've heard of the guy, he's a three time national league mvp. first baseman for the los angeles angels. also we should point out for our baseball fans, just the third player to reach 2,000 career rbis. congrats. a deidre, i'll start with you. because you started this thing, this organization designed to do something about human trafficking. why human trafficking? >> well, first of all, thank you for having us. in 2016, i began to take great notice in the issue of human trafficking. at the time i only knew bits and pieces. i took time to travel around the world and learn first-hand what was happening with trafficking
8:49 am
in general, like labor trafficking, sex trafficking. i wanted to understand it better. and so when i came back from traveling around the world, i had to make a decision what i wanted to do about this. because i could not unsee what i saw. i know i just could not do anything. obviously, one platform we have that's very powerful is in baseball. and then i created another organization kwhich is taking vulnerab vulnerable populations and helping them get jobs. strikeout slavery really was something albert and i have been doing together to try to use the baseball stadiums to send a message to our fans and help get them educated about the issue. >> albert, tell me a little bit more about how the organization, how this initiative partnered with major league baseball.
8:50 am
what's mlb doing to spread the message? >> well, it's pretty amazing, you know. about a year -- a couple months after she shared with me, we went to new york and sat down b talk about what we want to do with this issues. you know, at that time they weren't ready. they wanted the see a little bit more, i guess the project that we had. we created labor. it's been pretty amazing to have major league baseball and the players association partner with us this year. it's huge. we want to thank them for that. >> homeland security
8:51 am
investigations, the investigative arm of the department of homeland security. it initiated about 850 trafficking cases in 2018. is human trafficking in this country, is it happening more often or are we just more aware of it now? >> we're definitely more aware of it now. i've been doing this for 27 years in my career, fighting traff trafficking, labor and sex trafficking. there's been more of an awareness brought to the problem here in the united states and globally. my understanding is it's not people going out and dragging someone somewhere. it's not forcibly but some of it is coercion and other things as well. >> yes. sometimes these people can be
8:52 am
trafficked by their own family members. people they are in love with or married to. it doesn't have to be by force. it's sometimes a psychological that they are working on the person. k it can be by force and by gangs that first move the victims here to the united states and then the trafficking really begins. >> what should folks be on the look out for people, watching and listening? what are some of the warning signs? >> look for the individual that maybe their movement is controlled by somebody. maybe they don't have that many personal belongings. maybe you see them in the same clothing. maybe they are accompanied by the same individual where ever they go. controlled what they are saying and doing. maybe seeing some coming and going from the house and not doing anything other than that. there's little factors people could be seeing that could help a victim. s >> what should they do if they suspect something is wrong? >> it's great to lend out that
8:53 am
hand to see if you can draw them out and see if they are a victim. let us go out and investigate. >> we'll give a phone number in a second as well. i want to go back out to california. albert, if people are watching and listening, what would you have them do? >> well, just get involved. september is where we kraecreat our first one about year and a half ago. tomorrow we'll have our first one at a new york mets. always being big supporter of that. believe later on in the summer we'll have kansas city royal. we have our last one here. that's our goal.
8:54 am
it's to try to have this event in every stadium. just raise the awareness. it is happening in your backyard. >> it's great to see you guys using your power and platform to do some goods. the l.a. angels, what's going on? >> it's too early. we have a really good team. obviously we have several injuries on the team. i think thing will turn around. we have the best player on my trial. we have a lot of young players. we're looking forward to have that opportunity and be in the playoff this year. >> see what he did there. definitely one of the best players in the game. he took no create. >> thank you very much.
8:55 am
thank you as well. do appreciate you. if you or someone you know being victimized. there's the phone number on the screen. it's the national human trafficking hotline. the phone number 1-888-373-7888. we will put that phone number on the website as well. there it is right there. mayor pete buttigieg, unprecedented but latest poll shows just how much things have changed in politics. shows just how much things have changed in politics. to call 911. and i didn't have to come get you. because you didn't have another heart attack. not today. you took our conversation about your chronic coronary artery disease to heart. even with a stent procedure, your condition can get worse over time and keep you at risk of blood clots. so you added xarelto® to help keep you protected. xarelto® - a blood thinner approved by the fda - when taken with low-dose aspirin is proven to further reduce the risk of blood clots that can cause heart attack, stroke,
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favorite part of the broadcast. trail mix today. mayor pete buttigieg on an unofficial campaign stop. showtime dubbed him uptown certified. >> you're out here. you're hood certified. they say in new york city you're not allowed to have a thing called open containers. if you put a alcoholic beverage inside a brown bag, the cops don't see it. >> it's good. >> it's the fog of war. >> i don't know if you want to sip. >> mayor pete also defended his decision to appear at a fox news townhall in may. >> i mean, i understand why oo l -- a lot of people in my party is skeptical of fox news. that's why i felt like i had to go on fox news and talk about that. also, get our message out. you never say something to one
9:00 am
group that you'd be embarrassed to have repeat eed to another group. they'll ask you to find out which is which. >> a little beer, a little hooka. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. andrea mitchell reports starts now with kristen welker. my friend and colleague in washington. mpl great to see you. right now, nowhere to hide. joe biden with a major reversal after attacks from his democratic rivals. >> i can't justify leaving millions of women without access they need and ability to exercise their constitutionally protected right. ncht deadline white house. will president trump sign tariffs against mexico? >> there's a legal notification that goes forward today with the


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