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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 10, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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miss that. >> and that's all for this edition of "dateline friday." of his administration are defending the new trade deal with mexico. trump claims it's a big win but critics are questioning what's actually new. >> plus former vice president joe biden's 2020 campaign struggles to find an answer on abortion, despite being pressed on the issue. >> and lessons from the mueller report. the house judiciary committee will hold a special meeting featuring former nixon counsel john dean. good monday morning, everybody.
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it is june 10th. i'm yasmin vossoughian along with geoff bennett. we're starting with the united states and mexico reaching an agreement that averts president trump's tariffs on mexican goods. president trump took to twitter friday night to announce the de deal. it expands a program called migrant protection protocols, which allow u.s. immigration officials to send them to mexico. >> despite president trump touting the agreement as a,
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quote, new deal, how new the terms are is up for debate. th mexico had previously agreed to deploy their national guard. some key elements of the deal had been agreed to months ago but added the two sides had agreed to expand on some of the previous commitments. the official noted that mexico's commitment to deempleploy up to0 troops was modestly larger up from 5,400. and full operations are not expected to be up and running before 2021. beyond, that the migrant protection program, allowing sigh asylum seekers to remain was
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determined in april. >> meanwhile, the president has taken to twitter to dispute reports that parts of the deal with mexico are not actually new. in a series of tweets yesterday, trump calls the reports, quote, false and those who made them are, quote, the enemy of the people and embarrassed. how, trump does say that his administration, quote, has been trying to get some of these border actions for a long time but were not able to get them or get them in full until our signed agreement with mexico. the president also says, quote, some things not mentioned in the press release were agreed upon. without elaborating, there is now going to be great cooperation between mexico and the u.s., something that didn't exist for decades before once given threatening to impos tariftea -- impose tariffs. speaking with cnbc, steven
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mnuchin says the president will decide after meeting with xi jinping at the g-20 meeting in japan later this month. >> if china wants to move forward with the deal, we're prepared to move forward on the terms we've done. if china doesn't want to move forward, then president trump is perfectly happy to move forward with tariffs to rebalance the relationship. we're going to need to see action and president trump is going to need to make sure he's clear that we're moving in the right direction to a deal. >> mnuchin also says that the u.s. and china were close to striking a deal during the previous talks. he said negotiations were, quote, almost 90% done but said that china wanted to go backwards on certain things and he says the two sides have stopped, quote, negotiating. >> joe biden as presidenti's pr campaign is not ready to say where the current vice president
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stands relative to abortion. it followed the blowback from an exclusive nbc report in which his campaign affirmed that biden was still in favor of the restriction. in an interview with msnbc, biden's campaign manager would in the say whether the new circumstances affect other positions biden has held in the past. >> does he now support a litmus test for a supreme court justice on the issue of abortion? will he ask a potential supreme court justice how they'd rule on ro roe? >> i'm not going to great ahead of the vice president? >> is he not ruling it out anymore? how about his votes five time in the 1990 including two to ban
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partial birth abortion? >> i'm not going to get out ahead of him on any of this. >> is there any he would support. third trimester abortion -- >> i don't know how else to answer the question. he is a supporter of a woman's right to cloos. i'm n -- choose. i'm not going to get out ahead of him on that. >> 57% of americans said they self-identified as pro-choice, up 10% since february. several states who have passed restrictive abortion laws behind this recent shift according to pollster. 77% of americans say they would like the supreme court to uphold roe v. wade.
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21% believe protections should be expanded and 16% said leave it alone. 14%, however, want to keep roe with some restrictions and s13% believe it should be overturned. >> joining us now from wachl washington, political reporter for the hill, julia manchester. >> good morning. >> geoff was reading some of these polls. mrk stands on abortion rights as we are seeing a shift there. how could this potentially impact the 2020 presidential race? we've already seen it with a shift within joe biden's campaign. where else could we see shifts on this? >> i've actually been talking to various democratic and conservative groups, pro-choice and pro-life groups. this is going to be a huge base turnout ahead of 2020.
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pro-choice groups are really looking to target pro-choice voters, women in particular, with these increased restrictions that we're seeing in states such as alabama and missouri. on the pro-choice side we're seeing republicans tout president trump's appointments of various conservative judges and justices across the country to potentially poke holes in rulings like roe v. wade. from that poll i found a very interesting finding. it said 53% of americans were against essentially voting for a politician that would vote to poke holes or overturn roe v. wade. that could hurt raeepublicans i 2020. one group of voters i'd like to look at in particular and i haven't seen much polling on this is that suburban white woman vote we've been looking at since 2018 that maybe voted for
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mitt romney in 2012 but has shifted more and more to the left leftnd president trump. they tend to vote more liberal on session issues. the abortion issue definitely has a lot of sway with voters like that. >> julia, let's talk about these trump tariffs. this strikes me as a classic case of the president creating a crisis so he can step in and fix it and then take credit for it. he's declaring this thing a win. that's certainly up for debate. but not everyone in his administration and certainly not people on capitol hill feel the same. >> right. we see that the president essentially repackaged this agreement that was agreed on weeks ago with mexican officials and has made it seem like it's a win. i think the reason why president trump has been doing this is in order to essentially tout his negotiating skills. remember he calls himself the deal making president. he's the author of "the art of the deal."
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he wants to make it seem to his base voters that he getting tough on mexico, whether on immigration or tariffs. we also saw that white house officials were very much caught off guard last week when members of the republican party in the senate, senators like chuck grassley, really pushed back against those tariffs. we're seeing republicans fall if loon with the president saying tariffs were essentially just a negotiating tool in this entire saga. but we're seeing that the president isn't backing down off of this issue. he's continuing to threaten mexico saying if they don't keep up their end of the bargain, he's going to threaten tariffs again. it's interesting to see how his negotiating skills, if you will, have been tested in the public eye through this trade saga with mexico. >> julia manchester, thank you. we'll talk to you again in a little bit. >> the fbi and sheriff deputies are investigating a sorryies of shooting on the yakama
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reservation. two people are in custody. according to the county coroner, for bodies were found at they separate locations in the white swan reservation community, along with a fifth victim who later died at a nearby hospital. still ahead, the house judiciary committee will hold a hearing on lessons from the mueller report. >> plus, we'll show you all the biggest winners from last night's tony awards. >> those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back. be good while i'm gone.
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[ laughing ] woo hoo. ♪ welcome to my house mmm, mmm, mmmmm. ball. ball. ball. awww, who's a good boy? it's me. me, me, me. yuck, that's gross. you got to get that under control. [ dogs howling ] seriously? embrace the mischief. say "get pets tickets" into your x1 voice remote to see it in theaters. have you read the mueller report in full? >> i have not. >> why not? >> i said from the start of this conversation that i trusted mr. mueller, took a lot of slings and arrows throughout this process. every u.s. attorney i knew said this was a man of great integrity. >> so why not read the report? >> i have a concern when you put the entire power of the united
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states justice department behind anything, you can achieve an agenda, you can drive a message. >> so that was republican congressman rob woodall on "kasie dc" last night explaining why he didn't read the mueller report. congress is trying to focus debate on the contents of the special investigation with a house judiciary committee committ committee. one of the other people scheduled to testify is former white house counsel john dean, who was a star witness in the watergate hearings that eventually led to impeachment proceedings against president nixon. president trump has already taken note of the hearing tweeting yesterday "they are even bringing in cnn sleaze bag attorney john dean." unbelievable to see he admitted he didn't read the mueller report and making excuse ass to
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why he didn't read the mueller report. it's pretty important for every single american to read, if you can, the 480 pages of the mueller report. >> that's why democrats are having a hearing at 2:00. let's check the weather with bill karins. >> we are watching soggy weather continuing, especially in the southeast. that has been by far the worst weather. now we'll turn our attention to the west. we had some pretty good fires out there and leading to an evacuation in san francisco. the worst will be in the desert southwest. this was the sand fire, the one in a caused all the problems this weekend. we had windy conditions and low humidity. things are going to improve as high pressure moves away, winds will be light but the heat is going to remain in the west, and
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it will remain much of this week, with temperatures well above average. we call this a heat dome and extreme heat indices will stick with us throughout the week, a lot of areas in the desert up to 105, 110, even 115. we finely had the crest on the mississippi river this weekend in st. louis. chicago likes great. the east coast had all that horrible weather this weekend and fatalities with flash flooding. it's creeping north. after a gorgeous weekend, it's over with and clouds are creeping into philadelphia and eventually into boston. we're not talking flooding, the ground can take it. looks like one to two inches of rain for the northern half of jerseys through the catskills
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and airports, too. this could cause road delays. that will be the worst of it. by the time we get to tuesday, we will see a really nice forecast, a lot of sunshine returns. looks like a picture perfect tuesday afternoon from d.c. to philly to new york. the rain, by the way, in boston will only be tuesday morning and then clearing out and will hit showers and storms in florida. that's kind of typical. once you get in the summer months and humidity is up, we get those almost every single day. it was over in the southeast and we'll get back to typical southern weather soon. >> the house judiciary committee was far from the only thing bothering president trump this weekend. he complained on twitter, quote, if president obama had made the deals i have made, the corrupt media would be hailing them as incredible and a national holiday would be immediately
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declared. "the wall street journal" editorial board wrote this about the weak job numbers. we reported on friday. "employers added a mere 75,000 jobs last month but even these paltry gains were erased by the labor department's downward revisions for april and march. the unemployment rate held at 3.6%, the lowest in 50 years. but workers don't appear to be leaving the sidelines like they were last year. the u.s. labor force has lost 580,000 workers since january, the first springtime decline in 2013. as we learned in the obama years, monetary policy alone can't overcome bad fiscal trade or regulatory policy.
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still ahead, former boston red sox star david ortiz is in stable condition after being shot in the dominican republic. what police are saying about the incident this morning. incident this morning.
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former boston red sox slugger david ortiz is in stable condition this morning after being shot in the back at a club in santo domingo in the dominican republic. police say ortiz was approached by two assailants, one of whom is still at large and the bullet
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that hit ortiz in the back exited through his stomach. according to witnesses, only one shot was fired. a police press conference is expected later this morning. >> a surprise ending to an already curious triple crown season as 10-1 long shot sir winston held off the favorite to win the 151st belmont stakes. it is the second triple crown race in a row for the trainer who also worked with war of will. >> the 73rd tony award was hosted by james cordon. "h "haddestown" took down best original and best score.
1:24 am
a "the fairy man" won four tonys and brian kranston won best leading actor for his performance in "network." but it was ali stroker who won for her performance in oklahoma, making her the first wheelchair user to ever receive a tony. >> we didn't mention this and i don't know if you watched the n tennis match for rafael nadal to win the open. he is just a great player. still ahead, democratic hopefuls stormed iowa over the weekend hoping to win offer voters for the 2020 election. >> plus hundreds of thousands of protesters filled the streets in hong kong challenging a new law that would allow citizens there to be extradited to china on a range of offenses. a live report coming up next. ut
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside geoff bennett. it is the bottom of the hour. we have an updated look at the standings in the first contest of the 2020 democratic presidential race. the "des moines register" poll still has former vice president joe biden in the lead, but his share of the vote has dropped 3 points since march to 24%. senator bernie sanders is 8
1:29 am
points behind at 16, down nine points from march, while senator elizabeth warren has jumped 6 points to 15% and mayor pete buttigieg got a bump from prakt when i nothing in march to now taking 14% of voters. senator kamala harris is at 7% and seven other candidates hit 1% in the poll, helping them qualify for one of the first debates, which is a little bit more than two weeks away. >> 19 democratic candidates were in iowa yesterday for the biggest gathering of 2020 contenders yet where each jockeyed to stand out during their five-minute speeches at a fund-raiser. here is a quick roundup of what the candidates had to say. >> i'm going to tell you somebody else who has defrauded the american people. >> the most dangerous president
1:30 am
in the history of our country. >> there is no doubt who the ringmaster actually is, and that is mitch mcconnell. >> donald trump has touched people in a very, very fearful place. >> our democracy is something we neglect at our own peril. >> our party does not need a savior. we need each other. >> god does not belong to any political party, least of all the one that produced this current president. >> we are all a part of being the avengers. the republicans in 2016, that was the hung are game. >> president trump kr's crypt nt is a strong woman. >> we need to become the party of ideas. >> when do we want science? after peer review. >> i have a lot of plans. >> former housing, education, things that will help people. >> let's replace a new voting rights act for this country.
1:31 am
>> these wind turbines don't cause cancer, they cost jobs. >> i'm an asian man running for president who wants to give everyone a thousand dollars a month. >> thanks for not changing the rules this week for who gets to be on this stage. >> joe biden was noticeably absent from that gathering but he had an excuse. the chairman of the iowa democratic party said biden had called saying he wished he could be there but he was at his granddaughter's graduation, instead, an event he would, quote, postpone an inaugural for. joe biden later posted on instagram a photo of biden and his family celebrating. >> the npr/pbs newshour marchist pole say 51% of americans say they will vote against him next year, 36 said they will vote to
1:32 am
reelect him and 13% said they're not sure. >> and the president said mexico agreed to take strong measures to stop the flow of migrants but critics are arguing much of the agreement isn't all thatlen has white house. >> no monday morning tariffs on mexico. president trump tweeted there is now going to be great cooperation between mexico and the u.s. mr. trump, wide lily criticizedr threatening tariffs, s -- a sen administration official acknowledged mexico had already pledged 5,400 troops. and mexico agreed to allow nows of migrants seeking asylum to
1:33 am
the u.s. to be remained in or be returned to mexico while their legal cases proceed, an arrangement first agreed to back in december. what's new an administration official says is an expansion of mexico's commitments. >> he brought mexico to the table again. and what nair talking about, they're going to be doing, it's going to be a game changer. >> still, the democrats campaigning in iowa where farmers are getting hurt by trade tensions also accusing mr. trump of solving a manufactured crisis. >> i think the president has completely overblown what he purports to have achieved. >> the fact that we've got so many farms going under here in iowa because of his trade war. >> reporter: if the number of migrants continues to soar, mr. trump warning he may turn back to tariffs. >> mexican officials are cautioning it may take months to see a significant difference at the border. later this month the president
1:34 am
goes to iowa to talk about the economy and trade and tariffs as well. >> president trump has been promising relief for american farmers suffering in the trade war with china. saturday he tweeted mexico is coming to the rescue writing in all caps "mexico has agreed to immediately begin buying large quantities of agricultural products. but three officials told bloomberg that agricultural trade had not been discussed during three days of negotiation in washington. asked about this three types in an interview yesterday the mexican ambassador to the united states would not say an agreement to immediately purchase farm goods had been reached. >> was there any kind of agreement by your government to buy agricultural products? >> it is our understanding that without tariffs and with usmca certification, there will be
1:35 am
increased rates in agricultural products and manufactured products. >> but something that was agreed to as part of this negotiation. the president has been tweeting saying mexico agreed to buy all sorts of agricultural products. >> what i would say is that even now we are the second buyer of the u.s. in grains and meat and this. we have an integrated economy in the agricultural sector. is trade and agricultural products going to grow? yes, it is going to grow without tariffs and -- >> but there was no transaction that was signed off on as part of this deal is what i understand you're saying? you're just talking about trade? >> i'm talking about trade and i am absolutely certain that the trade and raeg rahal goods will increase dramatically in the next few months. >> joining us is the political reporter from "the hill" julia manchester. let's talk about the new pole
1:36 am
that at least 51% of americans plan to vote gets trump. how tough is his path for reelection going to be? >> i think polling is early and there a lot of factors playing into it. the president has had a bit of a rough week in terms of threatening tariffs on, mexico and such. there as a lot of factors going into polling right now but i think the one thing to look at in that survey is that 13%. that is something that president trump really needs to fight for if he wants to get re-elected and he's going to be focusing on states such as pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin, those states he was able to flip from blue to red because you know that democrats are going to be laser focused on those states this time. i think democrats got a lot of criticism, especially the clinton campaign, for not focusing on those states, for thinking those were a bit of a giveaway.
1:37 am
however, we know their focus is back on those states and that are laser focused on getting those voters back that might have obama in 2012 but flipped in 2016. >> elizabeth warren had a major bump up to 15%, mayor pete up to 14%, and kamala harris and beto o'rourke and amy klobuchar falling behind. >> i think with vice president biden, this is a bit of settling into the race, if you will. remember, he is the most popular and well-known candidate. he is an alum of the obama administration, which as we know is extremely popular among
1:38 am
democrats. so he already had that going for him. however, we haven't seen him too much on the cam ppaign trail, s as he meets voters, talks to them, laying out more policy propose as that, could change. we're also seeing votes are getting to know candidates like elizabeth warren and they've spent quite a bit of time talking to voters. they realize iowa is the first caucus date that we'll see in 2020 so they're trying to dig in there. elizabeth warren in particular, her first priority is to cut into that progressive base that she's competing with senator bernie sanders with. pete buttigieg is trying to boost his name recognition. he comes from south bend, indiana, he's a mayor, he's regular tifl you relatively young. >> you're seeing if you didn't
1:39 am
think issues matter, they do. you're seeing elizabeth warren and mayor pete rise in the poll and also your ground game matters. they're both covering a lot of ground. >> definitely. they are. and you're seeing those two candidates i've noticed in technical -- all the candidates are doing this but they have gone out and really boosted their ground game in trying to get their names out there. i think both of these candidates realize they may not have been known much in a state like iowa like joe biden or bernie sanders is. you're seeing them lay out more policy proposals, elizabeth warren in particular, aiming to get that plu collar vote that president trump flipped in 2016. >> julia manchester, thank you. good seeing you. >> violent clashes broke out this morning as police in hong kong dispersed hundreds of thousands over a proposed
1:40 am
extradition law. politically organized groups of corporate lawyers, migrant works are, religious leaders, housewives, artists and students all joined the march. police say crowd estimates at 240,000 while march organizers say the number could have reached as high as 1 million, making it one of the large erst demonstrations in hong kong's history. joining us live from beijing, janice, what is going on in hong kong and where does the situation go from here? >> reporter: the protest lasted seven hours and stretched at least two miles. they did -- they were peaceful until about midnight. some protesters tried to charge the legislature. police used pepper spray to try to clear the area. the fact that the crowd reflected all ages from children to elderly shows exactly how widespread the opposition is to this controversial extradition bill that would effectively see on a case-by-case basis people
1:41 am
forcibly returned to mainland china to face prosecution. this raises serious concerns for political activists in particular who fear in law will target dissidents and effectively legitimatize be a sucks ducks to pull people into china's business system, business systems and diplomats are concerned that china would be violating its promise to preserve hong kong autonomy until 2047. the target of the protest was the government leader. she says she's going to push ahead with this, that this bill is going to pass by july. she said the fact that a million people could be in the streets is proof that rights and freedoms are not an issue in hong kong. ious -- obviously there's a problem with people understanding what this bill is about, it's about ensuring hong kong does not become a haven for
1:42 am
fugitives, those most people wide live see this as the latest move where beijing is trying to increase its grip on hong kong, which is why demonstrators have called this protest the last fight. >> thank you, janice. >> still ahead, details on the trump administration move preventing u.s. embassies for showing support for the lgbt community. >> and bill karins is back with another check on the forecast. kt
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1:45 am
the administration is rej t rejecting requests from u.s.
1:46 am
embassies to fly the pride flag on flagpoles. however, embassies have been given permission to show the flag elsewhere on their grounds, including inside and on exterior walls. >> nasa is planning to open the international space station to commercial business and tourism. the agency announced friday that it will charge private companies about $35,000 a night per passenger to utilize i.s.s. amenities allowing private stations to visit each year. a tweet from president trump called into question the administration's goal of returning astronauts to the moon by 2024. trump wrote, for all the money we're spending, nasa should not be talking about going to the moon, we did that 50 years ago.
1:47 am
they should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing, of which the moon is a part, defense and science! the framing of his tweet certainly sparked some confusion. >> i would say so. >> would you go to the international space station if assigned a story? >> i wouldn't be the first to go. if the first crew went and was successful, i'd go. >> i'd go. if there were amenities i couldn't partake in, maybe i could bargain and get like a $25,000 price tag for nbc to send me versus 35 k. >> we'll see what they have to say about that. there is a dangerous situation brewing after a number of wildfires broke out over the weekend. with temperatures set to climb to triple digits during the week, the situation could get
1:48 am
worse before it gets better. molly hunter has more. >> reporter: 500 firefighters battling this sand fire in northern california burning across nearly 2,000 acres, it spread quickly through steep brush-covered hills. >> these erratic winds push the flame in a variety of directions which makes it very difficult for us to figure out which direction that fire's going. >> reporter: but firefighters made progress. pt bla the blaze only growing by a hundred acres. >> hopefully they'll put it out. >> they didn't have time to evacuate us. it was already coming through the property. >> millions under red flag warnings and mandatory evacuations are in place. >> it gets a little nerve racking. at the same time we know those firefighters are working. without them i don't know what we'd do. >> reporter: in areas of the previous areas, including paradise, power was shut off for
1:49 am
nearly 18,000 customers. this sky fire breaking out near magic mountains, families running to their cars as smoke engulfed the park. north of phoenix more than 7,000 acres burning, now 50% contained. the first heat wave is approaching, temperatures soaring from phoenix to las vegas and in palm springs it's expected to hit 112 on tuesday. with high temperatures, thei ife risk in the west remains dangerous. >> thank you for that report. we have this troubling seen out west with the wildfires. we also have some flooding in the south, bill. >> we were chatting during the story, we can't believe it's already wildfire season. we had epic snow in the west so i was hoping it would be delayed a bit. but it has dried out so quickly and the brush dries out and windy condition. every year it seems to be getting into a cycle.
1:50 am
now let's get to the picture from the tragic weather and flash flooding that took place in the mountains of north carolina. we saw some epic rain. some areas reported up to a foot of rain over the weekend. three people per esished on the creek when the road washed out and they didn't see it coming. they had heavy thunderstorms to deal with. we say it a million times, not to do what that car is doing. we're watching a little bit of rain heading up the east coast. there's heavy rain off the east coast. we'll have to watch to see if that heads into the "new york times" later this morning and early this afternoon. scattered showers but nothing too bad right now. here's the rain off the coast, some of that coming over long island and new york city. then by this evening, the evening drive home, a line of storms through pittsburgh, erie and it will hit new york, philadelphia and d.c. and
1:51 am
tomorrow morning it will hit areas northward. we'll watch atlanta, charlotte and minor delays in the northeast. it's hit-and-miss rain. if you have a flight today, i don't think you have to change your time but maybe a half hour here or there. >> and coming up, president trump's comments on himself visit to normandy. >> we'll be right back. back ♪
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and this beautiful weather, it was raining last night, the weather broke. imagining the invasion of 150,000 allied troops climbing the cliffs, landing on the shores, what's going through why are mind? >> this is weather like they don't normally have. this was supposed to be today a storm. it's a little like the invasion itself. the weather was a big factor and they delayed it a day and it worked out okay. you look at the weather we have. we have beautiful weather and it's been this way wherever i've been. we've been now for three and a half days. it like i'm saying is it always like this, it's pretty beautiful, but it can be pretty rough. >> welcome back, everybody. those were some eyebrow raising moments with the president's interview with fox news shot just before he took part in the
1:55 am
solemn ceremony commemorating the d-day invasion as veterans sat waiting for him to arrive. >> on the heels of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of d-day, attorney general william barr compared his return to the justice department to the allied invasion. >> as we've been watching the coverage of june 6, 1944 d-day, i had the thought that my rival this time felt a little bit i think like jumping in on the morning of june 5th, trying to figure out where you could land without getting shot. >> and republican national committee chair said last week the anniversary of d-day should be about celebrating trump. >> we're celebrating the anniversary 75 years of d-day.
1:56 am
this is a day we should be celebrating our president. i don't think the american people like this constant negativity. >> president trump's visit to his ireland golf resort last week cost americans more than $3.5 million, hiking the president's golf tab to mocloseo $106 million on our dime. soon after his departure, the resort began posting promotional videos of his arrival aboard marine i and of him teeing off the first green. later removed, both were posted to youtube by the democratic-aligned opposition research group american bridge. >> coming up, president trump spends the weekend celebrating the deal to avoid slapping tariffs on mexico and firing back at critics of the agreement. >> more on the plan to force mexico to do more to crack down
1:57 am
on migrants making their way to the u.s. as the president gets panned for touting a deal that was reportedly agreed upon months before his tariff threat. we're back in less than three minutes.
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this morning president trump and members of his administration are defending dee new trade deal with mexico. trump claims it is a big win but critics are questioning what's new. >> information vice president joe biden's 2020 campaign struggles to find an answer on abortion despite being pressed on the issue. lessons from the mueller report. the judiciary committee will hold a hearing today on the special counsel's russia probe featuring former nixon counsel john dean. good monday morning to you. it is monday, june 10th. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside nbc white house correspondent


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