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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 11, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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week. thank you so much for being here with us. good night from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. today president trump and joe biden are hitting the the campaign trail in iowa. this as the "new york times" reports that biden's polling numbers may be rattling the president. >> central figure in the watergate scandal. former white house counsel john dean was the before congress and compares president trump's conduct to nixon's abuse of power. and a helicopter crash in midtown manhattan leaves a pilot dead. police say the chopper took off 11 minutes before slamming into the roof of a building. good morning. it is tuesday, june 11th. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside
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nbc white house correspondent jeff bennett. after months of criticizing each other, former vice president joe biden and president trump are bound for iowa today where they will both be campaigning according to the "new york times". president trump has been calling former advisers who have not heard from him in years in order to discuss his standing in the polls against top democrats in the field, specifically biden whom he describes in those conversations as quote too old and quote not as popular as people think. after being briefed on a devastating 17 state poll conducted by his campaign pollster trump told aides to deny that his internal polling showed him trailing by many of the states he needs to win. even though he's also trailing in public polls from key states like texas, michigan and pennsylvania. when top line details of the polling did leak out, including numbers showing the president lagging in several critical rust belt states, trump instructed
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aides to say publicly that other data showed him doing quite well. in conversations with donors and allies the president has cosmopolitaned to ref ed continued to refer to biden as feeble. and noted that he was part of the washington establishment. trump has tried workshopping versions of those critiques as twitter attacks referring to bide engineer as sleepy and swamp man. >> president trump was consistently distracted and wanted to talk about other thing during a reason state of the race briefing with his campaign manager. according to people familiar with the meeting when it came to the campaign trump's main focus was on his own approval numbers. the "times" reports trump rarely if ever speaks to his aides about what he hopes to actually accomplish with what would be a hard won. second term. his interest is entirely in the present and mostly on the crisis of the moment.
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trump has shown no interest in formulating a new message for his campaign instead continuing with his make america great again slogan from his last real estate and wants to keep america great. trump insists on having final approval on his campaign's song list as well as merchandise. but according to "times" he's never asked to see a budget for 2019. let's talk trade. mexico's foreign minister is disputing president trump's claim of a secret deal between the two countries as a part of the agreement to keep new u.s. tariffs from taking effect. speaking yesterday the foreign minister who was one of the chief negotiators of the deal agreed to on friday suggested that he was not aware of another version. that directly contradicts president trump who yesterday morning tweeted about an additional piece of the migrant tariff agreement saying it was fully sign and would be revealed in the not too distant future.
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the president double downed on teasing the deal while remaining light on the details of it. >> we have an agreement on something that they will announce very soon. it's all done. they have to get approval and they will get approval. they don't get approval have to think in terms of tariffs. another aspect of what we've done. it was all done because of the tariffs and because of the relationship that we have with mexico. relationship that we have with mexico and secretary of state mike pompeo was also asked about the existence of another agreement with mexico yesterday, but remained ambiguous. transportation secretary reportedly helped secure millions of dollars in federal
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funds requested by her husband senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for i had home state of kentucky. according to emails, she appointed a close liaison who worked on mcconnell's 2014 re-election campaign. the approved initiatives are said to have included a highway improvement plan which had been rejected for previous grant applications. in all the kentucky projects funded by the transportation department totalled $78 million. now ethical questions are being raised regarding the married couple's political power. the secretary's office declined to respond to the report but mcconnell doubled down on the legitimaty of the grant request saying in part, kentucky. continues to punch above its weight in washington, and i am proud to be a strong voice for my constituents in the senate. transportation department
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spokesman said in part no state receives special treatment from the d.o.t., noting kentucky was the 26th in population and 25th in d.o.t. money under the trump administration. let's turn to some breaking news overseas in the middle east. iran has agreed to release u.s. permanent resident and lebanese citizen who has been imprisoned by tehran for years on charges he was spying for the u.s.. it comes as the foreign minister said yesterday the u.s. cannot expect to stay safe after launching what he described as an economic war against tehran one he blames trump for launching. the only way to stop tension is stopping that economic war. and added this -- whoever starts a war with us will not be the one to punishes it. trump has repeatedly said his administration's iran policy is mainly the reinstatement of past sanctions and new ones have devastated that country's economy. a u.s. state department
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spokesperson responded saying this we're unimpressed. iran faces a simple choice. it can either behave like a normal nation or watch its economy crumble. let's talk about some of. joining us is scott wong. let's talk about this hard-line stance on iran from the state department. it seems as into a certain extent that it's working in the leaders of iran's favor as they are ratcheting up more rhetoric. >> it certainly has gotten iran's attention. the iranian foreign minister, as you mentioned, saying that if the u.s. wants to start a war with iran, that they will not be able to finish that war with iran. of course, this comes against the backdrop of what we experienceed a f experienced a few weeks ago. you have the sanctions that are getting the most attention from iran. you have this coming against the
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backdrop of trump administration shifting military resources to the persian gulf and the middle east in the form of carriers and other personnel. so far, you know, lawmakers are extremely concerned. they don't seem alarmed. this new ratcheting of the rhetoric is significant and i would also the note that trump administration seems to be taking a friendlier approach towards north korea, you know, when north korea was testing missiles and trump was in japan he said he really wasn't bothered by that fact. the trump administration take a much firmer tact with iran. >> let's shift our focus back to domestic politics. what will you be watching for today in iowa as donald trump and joe biden hold those duelling political rallies? >> as we've seen in the past, president trump has spend more time focused on the former vice
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president joe biden than any of the other candidates. i think as your previous segment mentioned that is because joe biden is leading in the polls. president trump and many of his people see joe biden as maybe the toughest pony in a general election match-up, and the polls, the public polling in places like michigan and pennsylvania even texas show joe biden leading president trump and that matches up with some of the private polling that president trump is experiencing in his own campaign. and so i think -- i think that, you know, one thing to watch for right now is whether or not we are seeing some of these other candidates like mayor pete buttigieg and elizabeth warren rising in the polls as vice president biden has taken some reason stumbles over the abortion issue and plagiarism
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issue. it's interesting to see as those candidates rise in the polls if president trump turns his fire on some of those lower tier candidates. >> great point. thanks for your time this morning. we'll talk to you again shortly. a helicopter crash landed on the roof of 54 story office building in midtown manhattan yesterday afternoon sparking a fire and killing the pilot. we have more from the is in midtown. >> reporter: the building surrounded by police and barricades for much of the night. meanwhile the roof where that chopper crashed surrounded by fog and by mystery as investigators try to figure out what caused that chopper to crash on the roof killing the pilot. but not injuring anyone else. a bustling afternoon in midtown brought to a screeching halt. st a chopper crash landed on to a
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7th avenue high rise. the crash causing this scene on the roof of the building. the pilot identified as tim mccormick, the only person in the chopper killed. >> what did you hear? >> like a big explosion. it was shake. i got nervous. >> reporter: evacuations unfolded immediately in the 54 story building below known as the ekwiquitable tower. >> we saw debris. >> we arrived on the scene in five minutes. within. half an hour we had water on the fire and most of the fire extinguished. >> reporter: a swift response, the top brass, fire department, mayor's office descend on the scene. even the governor happened to be in the city at the time learning quickly what happened. >> as soon as you hear an aircraft on the building, my
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mind goes wherever new york ears minds goes. >> reporter: this is not believed to be terror but brought back fear for a few hours in one of the busiest sections of new york city. >> what do you think now >> like i said it's kind of scary. >> reporter: the feds are looking into this. the national transportation safety board tweeted contingent witnesses for video and pictures. department of buildings here said the building is structurally stable. folks will be allowed back inside. reporting from midtown manhattan. still ahead after weeks of tense negotiations, justice department has agreed to hand over key mueller evidence to congress. we're going to talk about what this could mean for democratic investigations. later after calling for impeachment proceedings against the president, justin amash steps down from the freedom cause sues.
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with attorney general bill barr facing an imminent charge of criminal contempt the justice department has agreed to give congress key evidence collected by special counsel bob mueller in the trump obstruction. jerrold nadler said it would have critical evidence collected by mueller from the white house and former officials many of whom the white house has directed not to cooperate with the committee. last night house judiciary committee member said some documents were already being reviewed. >> we'll get witness statements 302s which are fbi reports, we'll get all of the documents that are referenced in the mueller report that support the
2:17 am
findings of the special counsel. that work began today. the committee staff was over at the doj, initial show of good faith looking at some initial documents and over the next several days protocols will be established for the members to able to go there and begin our review. so the deal over documents has house democrats postponing a vote which was expected today to hold attorney general bill barr and former white house counsel don mcgahn in contempt for failing to comply with those subpoenas. joining us on. set is danny cevallos. we're talking interview notes, firsthand accounts of misconduct and other critical evidence as they put it collected from the white house by mueller's team. what type of insight could we get from all of this? >> this is so interesting to me. as a criminal defense attorney you want to get agent's handwritten notes. as somebody who has lie the at the investigated foia cases you want to get handwritten notes because you think it will give you insight.
2:18 am
sometimes it's nothing. it's like a needle in a hay stack. sometimes it's a gold mine. when that happens it can break a case wide-open. but, the reality is a lot of the things in those handwritten notes, and former that isn't already in the mueller report, already made it in or wasn't important enough to bother with. so that may be what we're talking about here. >> you're skeptical of what we could find? >> i am. but at the same time this is not an ordinary investigation. the kind of thing that didn't make it into the mueller report could be scandalous words that just weren't verifiable or credible. you might find certain witnesses may have said some terrible things about the administration, about president trump, but maybe agents determined that this just wasn't believable and shown go in the report. that would be very interesting. >> what does this deal mean for the standing subpoenas out for
2:19 am
people like don mcgahn, hope hicks, the two of them who are refusing to honor these subpoenas or respond to them. >> generally speaking past administrations had tried to cooperate with congressional subpoenas. with some exceptions. those exceptions have given us court cases including harriet everybody to defy these subpoenas. what we're seeing ultimately the road leads as it should to some form of compromise. that maybe the bluster initially i'm not complying at all eventually gives way to rational thought and koorcooperation. which is what the court says they want to see. >> what we heard from democrats they want to look at all the underlying evidence to see how the special counsel reached his conclusion. do you see any potential for the house democrats their staffers to find some sort of different conclusion than the special counsel did?
2:20 am
>> especially because the fact you said some of the evidence they could be finding in these notes was not verifiable. why would it be verifiable to congress? >> we're seeing why now law enforcement is designed to be opaque. that not everything should be transparent in law enforcement because sometimes there are allegations, sometimes there are pieces of evidence that just aren't verifiable. they are not credible and the release of that information could damage and ongoing investigation or damage individuals who are not charged with a crime. so the this is an interesting test in how society wants to look at law enforcement. when the subject matter is this important should all be thrown out the window and should we see everything believable and not believable. >> great point. let's get a check on your weather now. good morning. we're saying. good-bye to the rain today in the east. a beautiful afternoon but we have to get there first.
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if you're stepping out the door in the new york city area it's about to pour if it isn't already. it will be brief. a little band of heavy rain and maybe a rumble of thunder over central new jersey up to new york city that will extend into southern connecticut. it will take a little longer for the rain to stop in the boston area from mid-morning to lunch time. then you'll clear out too for a nice afternoon. the only spot you have to deal with some rain, this is typical of north florida and southeast. we'll get some afternoon storms. could be heavy especially savannah up to charleston. how about what happened out west. 100 degrees in san francisco. san francisco is known for their june gloom and 60 degree days. warmest temperature ever in june record in san francisco. monterrey was 97. 38 million people impacted with heat warnings and advisories from los angeles to phoenix and the temperatures today phoenix 110, palm springs, 114, fresno
2:22 am
103. sacramento 100. you get the pictures. we heated things up in a hurry in the west. many record highs will be seth today. >> 100 degrees in san francisco. >> that was a crazy stat. they never come close to that before in the month of june. still ahead legendary red sox slugger david ortiz is back in boston after a shooting in the dominican republic. we'll have the latest on his health coming up next. his health coming up next. this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go.
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welcome back. former red sox slugger david ortiz is back in boston. he's receiving care at massachusetts general hospital after being shot at a club in his native dominican republic sunday night. according to his spokesman he under went surgery at the center forced a vanced medicine in dominican republic where doctors removed his gall bladder and part of his intestine. he received damage to his liver. the gunman fired once at close range. hitting ortiz in the back. >> really hoping for the best for him. the fate of missouri's last abortion clinic must be decided by june 21st according to the judge presiding over to license battle, determining whether the license should be approved or denied. the ruling extends an earlier order from blocking the state for letting the clinic's license to lapse. it forces the missouri
2:26 am
department of health to close the last abortion proprovider. it's a blow to state officials who argued the clinic had multiple unspecified abortion related complaints that needed to be addressed before its license could be renewed which planned parenthood called a politically motivated attempt to stamp out borings in the state after the controversial eight week ban takes effect. still ahead john dean appearing before the house judiciary committee to weigh in on the mueller report. we'll show you all the highlights. reince priebus has a new job. we'll explain what he's up to next. to next the lexus es...
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welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside nbc news white house correspondent jeff bennett. it is the bottom of the hour. let start with the morning's top stories. blocked by the trump white house from having fact witnesses testify on the events described in the mueller report, the house judiciary committee held the first in a series of hearings that is part of the democrats strategy the to spotlight the special counsel's findings. with four witnesses on the topic of presidential obstruction, john dean returning to capitol hill to discuss the conduct of another president and his administration, 46 years after his testimony in the watergate hearing set a precedent for people like trump white house counsel don mcgahn to speak
2:31 am
before congress. >> i certainly hope don mcgahn is a key witness. before this committee. because of my testimony, the code of the aba today makes very clear in rule 1.13 that mr. mcgahn represents not donald trump, but the office of the president. his client is the office of the president. and i think he owes that office his testimony before this committee. >> president trump spoke to reporters at the white house yesterday where he attacked dean as being motivated by money. no evidence to back that up. he said the threat of impeachment would not push him from office like it did with president nixon. >> look, john dean has been a loser for many years. i've been watching him on many of the networks. he's not trump oriented and i guess they paid him a lot of money over time.
2:32 am
he's a loser. he was disbarred and went to prison. other than that he's doing a great job. r than that he's doina great job. i hear that too. you can't impeach somebody when there's not been anything done wrong. when you look at past impeachments, whether it's president clinton or president nixon never got there, he left. i don't leave. big difference. >> in a reason interview with nbc news vice president mike pence confirmed he has red robert mueller' report on his investigation into russia election interference but was unable to confirm whether president trump had also read it. >> have you read the mueller report, mr. vice president? >> i have. >> the whole report? >> i've read through the report. i've looked at the details of it. >> has the president? >> more importantly i lived a lot of it. i saw the way that this president stepped forward and provides strong leadership for this country.
2:33 am
house democrats are postponing consideration of a bill that would include a pay raise for members of congress. politico reports that in a closed door meeting last night top democrats agreed to pull a major part of this week's trillion dollar funding bill to avoid a clash whether salaries for members and staff should be raised. 15 democrats mostly freshmen in competitive house democrats pushed to freeze pay after some democrats and republican leaders quietly agreed to the slight pay increase earlier this month. the issue came to a head after intense discussions of whether to force members to go on record about a pay raise which many democrats in battleground seats could create another target on their backs in 2020. justin amash has left the conservative house freedom caucus weeks after calling for president trump's impeachment. last month he became the sole republican to move forward with impeachment proceedings against
2:34 am
trump after reeding the mueller report saying it showed the president engaged in impeachable conduct. amash a founding member of the caucus faced pressure to leave the group after he blind sided members with his announcement. the group which has served as some of trump's strongest defenders in congress took an informal vote condemning his remarks but did not force him out. however, amash told cnn yesterday he decided to resign from the group in order to avoid from being a further distraction. >> joining us again scott wong. scott, as you just heard, amash doesn't want to be a distraction to the house freedom caucus. i interviewed him previously and he made the point he was put off by the blind loyalty of many republicans to donald trump. so what's your reading of this, his departure from the house freedom caucus? >> exactly right. i think this was simply an untenable situation for both
2:35 am
justin amash as well as for the leaders of the house freedom caucus. reporters have been asking amash and the leaders, mark meadows and jim jordan almost on a daily basis about the situation, justin amash, obviously breaking from not only the freedom caucus but his entire party in being the only republican in congress so far and perhaps ever to call for the impeachment of donald trump. so, obviously, a very painful situation because he is extremely close to the founders, jim jordan and mark meadows. he sees them as his closest friends in congress. but the freedom caucus leaders made a decision, they said we are going to stick with the president, they are some of the president's closest allies and loyaltyists on capitol hill. there's almost zero daylight between them and the president on any issue. and now, of course, there's speculation of what happens when
2:36 am
justin amash now. will he make the jump into the 2020 race and perhaps challenge president trump as a libertarian? he's been drafted by the libertarian party and its leaders and right now he has said he's open to looking at it but has made no decision yet. >> if i were a betting woman -- >> yeah. >> i would say amash is likely to be heading towards 2020. let's talk about some of the testimony yesterday, scott. what were some of your key takeaways from yesterday's judiciary committee hearing on the mueller report? >> i don't think democrats were able to land any sort of convincing blow against the president by bringing in john dean. of course, republicans cited his place in history from the 1970s and the watergate investigation, the star witness, doug collins the top republican on judiciary said the '70s are calling and
2:37 am
they want their star witness back. there was a lot of mockery in trying the to poke fun at john dean. for democrats, it really seems like, you know, it underscored, i think, their inability to bring in the person they really want at these hearings, the person they want to narrate the robert mueller report and that is robert mueller himself. so i think it was an interesting choice. i think democrats feel a lot of pressure to sort of show that they are making some progress. this was one way that they thought they could make some progress. and i think, actually, aside from john dean the more interesting takeaway was from some of these legal experts, former prosecutors like barbara mcquaid who made the case that if they were sitting back in the doj offices that they probably looking at the mueller report and looking at the examples of
2:38 am
obstruction of justice probably would have charged the president of the united states with some kind of crime, that there was enough there to make that jump and charge and indict the president. >> presidents we've heard before many times. still ahead one former trump administration official lands a new post-white house gig. >> paul ryan gives a rare public comment about his time working with president trump. what the former house speaker is saying about that relationship. >> bill karins back with another check on your forecast, your first look at "morning joe" is back in a moment. moment new shell v-power nitro+ premium gasoline
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2:42 am
priebus was commissioned an an ensign, a junior rank in the navy following a month's long application process that included a recommendation letter from then defense secretary jim mattis. according to the hill the former chairman of the rnc is expected to serve as a human resources officer. in a rare public address at an electric utility industry conference yesterday paul ryan said the lack of progress on spending cuts and immigration reform were the biggest unfinished business of his speakership. ryan said the house had a remarkable record of success, including passage of the gop's tax cut plan but that those efforts had gone mostly unnoticed because more people know about the tweets of donald trump. in an interview with the "washington examiner" ryan noticed the president's mile a minute personality and his impatience with congressional procedures. trump came in thinking this should work like a business adding it doesn't. >> let's get a check on your weather now.
2:43 am
>> like how i said that? >> i did. >> bill, you're up. you're lucky you're indoors. new york city has heavy rain moving over the top of the big apple. heaviest rain in the bronx and pushing out the to long island. some will extend to i-95. driving out early this morning, there could be some delays. definitely some water on the roads. after this just a few showers. it will clear out for a beautiful afternoon. the rain has stopped in d.c. you're all clear. same with baltimore and philadelphia. hartford and boston it will take longer. boston you may have to wait until after lunch. nice in raleigh. we cleared out there after three days of rain. how about what's happening out west? 38 million people under heat warnings. this is not just your typical summer time heat for this time of year this is off the charts. san francisco hit 100 degrees. monterrey 97. heat warnings in phoenix, vegas, fresno, sacramento and also a
2:44 am
heat advisory up in portland. all of these are potential records. a lot of them in oregon and also palm springs and phoenix over the next couple of days. some often hottest spots today, palm springs has a chance at 115 degrees. so the bottom line is not a lot of horrible weather out there today. travel delays will be at a minimum after we get rid of the rain this morning in the northeast. still ahead president trump goes after the chamber of commerce over the group's criticism of his mexico tariff threat. details on the president's dis. global markets are slugging off the president's latest tariff threat against china. t a. ♪
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this morning president trump surprised cnbc by calling in. >> what day is it? it's a monday. trump tuesday. trump monday. mr. president, are you with us? >> i am with you. hi, joe. look without tariffs we would be captive to every country and we have been for many years. >> but that wasn't the only place he called in to brag. >> back to the phones. i think we have one more call, maybe. >> people talk about collusion. these collusion were with the democrats and these companies. they said if you don't have them
2:48 am
you can win. i'll win again. i'm winning but i'm not winning on a level table. if i had a table -- >> batman speak. >> you don't have them you can win. i won. i'll win again. we have great wines too. >> hello. >> we're not the foolish country any more. actually an incredible guy. great man. thank you. so, the late show with steven colbert with its take of president trump's extensive phone interview with cnbc. during that call the president hit the chamber of commerce after one of its representives criticized the president for what he called the weaponization of tariffs. >> without tariffs we would be captive to every country and we have been for many years. that's why we have an $800 billion trading deficit for
2:49 am
years. we lose a fortune with virtually every country. they take advantage of us in. every way possible, and the u.s. chamber is right there with them. and i assume and. i'm a member of the u.s. chamber. maybe i'll have to rethink that. because when you look at it, the chamber is more for the companies and the people that are members than they are for our country. >> sign that same cnbc interview president trump said he's prepared the to slap new tariffs on $300 billion worth of chinese goods if chinese president xi jinping doesn't agree to a meeting at the g-20 summit later this month. cnbc joins us now live from london. the president's threat seems to have fallen on deaf ears as far as the market is concern. what is the president trying to accomplish here? >> reporter: if you look at the chinese markets, the shanghai composite one of the main stock markets over there has seen its biggest daily rise in the past month giving us a sense
2:50 am
investors are not concerned by these latest comments from president trump, hard to get inside the president's head. we know he likes latest comments. we know he likes to project strength ahead of these kind of negotiations and we know he likes and respects xi jinping, the chinese president. he very much likes to operate on a one-on-one style scenario. this may be a way for him assuring xi jinping does meet him at the meeting. that will be at the end of this month in osaka, japan. for amazon, it doesn't stop. a reward credit card for shoppers who wouldn't necessarily qualify for credit otherwise. how is this going to work? >> there's a couple of things at play here. you always have the idea that retailers sitting on a big pile
2:51 am
of cash, they like to find other ways to make that cash work for them and loaning money to their own customers is a two-for-one option for them. you have 25% of the world's household unbanked and around 11% who have bad credit. you see why amazon wants to work with a credit card partner and offer 5% cashback on rewards in terms of what you can then spend on amazon itself. that keeps these kind of consumers very much focused on spending at amazon. >> so you could only use the credit card on amazon? >> that's the way they'll keep you inside their ecosystem. that's why it could be something
2:52 am
they find very, very successful as a proposition, i guess. >> thanks. >> coming up, more on the the "new york times"'s report on the threat the president feels joe biden presents to his 2020 process. and committee member veronica escobar will discuss the hearing and republicans congressman naanthony gonzalez also joins the conversation. "morning joe" is just moments away. ation. "morning joe" is just moments away to look at me now,
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[ laughter throughout ] it's funny what happens when people get together. we're there. so you can be too. and joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m. is political reporter alexi
2:56 am
mccammon. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> what is axios' "1 big thing" this morning? >> i've been traveling around the country to different obama/trump swing districts to talk to voters who voted for clinton and trump. some of the swing voters in erie, pennsylvania, aren't ready to dump trump in 020. they like a lot of the initiatives he started and they want to see that continue. >> how are these voters saying -- or what are these voters saying stacking up against the field in 2020 democrats. >> it was a small group and it was just a focus group so we should keep that in mind. they said they're not really jazzed about any of the 2020
2:57 am
democrats. in part because they either don't like the ones that they know like joe biden or elizabeth collins. and they say things like president trump looks like the best food on the buffet right now, which i thought was really fascinating. >> they didn't particularly care for joe biden either, is that right? >> and that's in be a little excited or at least intrigued that he's running. but he was the opposite. though they did say that doesn't dit qualifiesing and talking ount points from the charlottesville protest a couple of years back. they said the portrayal that biden had in his video was a complete lie.
2:58 am
they also think that those things started during the obama administration and that he didn't step up and saying enough then so they're curious why he's stepping up and saying something now. >> is there anybody who stands out amongst the 2020 canned candidates? >> i just mentioned him. but john hickenlooper who don't want to intrigued. they looked that he seems like a regular guy, who is going to stand up for the little guy, not a politician. >> alexi, axios, i understand, is also looking at sort of inter-party attacks unfolding on
2:59 am
the cred dic there have been a couple of democrats, joe biden himself, who said they're going to not going to -- the ways in witch john kentucky and even last night he said this will increase the channels that is reelected so basically we have to stop this. >> alexi mccammon, thank you both. you like this. >> you can sign up for the newsletter. >> that does it for us on this tuesday morning. i'm kwaumds kwaumz -- so what do
3:00 am
presidential candidates do when they have a few minutes off on the senate floor? >> they go shopper. >>. >> how many democrats are running for president? enough that they can't help but do bump into each other at an empty grocery store late at night. welcome to "morning joe i ". it is tuesday, june 11th along with joe, willie and me. we have mike barnicle, political writer for "the new york times" nick often fessor and msnbc pli call analyst eugene roberts


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