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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  June 11, 2019 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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in the palm of your hand. fordpass. built to keep you moving. i could talk to these friends forever, but we're out of time. my thanks to donnie, a.b., the rev al sharpton and aaron blake, and most of all, to you for watching. that's it for this hour. "mtp daily" starts right now with steve kornacki in for chuck. if it's tuesday, president trump and joe biden are on the attack against each other, trading very personal insults as they both stump in iowa, right now. this as a new poll shows biden leading the president by double digits nationwide. plus, the full house just voted to escalate democrats'
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fight against the white house. we've got a lot of breaking news happening right now. and if it's tuesday, it is "meet the press daily." good evening, i'm steve kornacki in for chuck todd. and buckle up, because we have got a flood of late breaking developments. with president trump and joe biden both stumping in iowa, both today unloading on each other in some of the fiercest attacks we have seen yet. you are looking live at both the president and the democratic presidential front-runner speaking right now in dueling events in the state of iowa. this is the split screen everybody is talking about today. the president in council bluffs, where he is speaking at an ethanol factory. biden, he just took the stage himself, wasting no time taking a few shots at the president at a community event in mt. pleasant, iowa. we are going to be keeping a close eye on these dueling remarks. we are also expecting biden to speak with reporters after he is done with those remarks.
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all day we have been getting an unvarnished look at just how nasty this match-up could get with biden calling the president an exsensible shl threat to america. and the day is far from over. all of this is happening amid new polling that shows the president losing to biden in a general election race by a jaw-dropping 13 points. this is not just quinnipiac polling that suggests serious trouble for the trump campaign. we're going to speak to a top official inside the trump campaign about these potential nightmare scenarios for them in just a moment, in addition to new reporting that the president has told aides to publicly deny that his campaign's own internal numbers paint a similarly alarming picture. right now, the democratic front-runner, as we say, is in iowa, in roughly two hours, joe biden is expected to unload even more against president trump, he, as we say, also in iowa. according to his prepared
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remarks which were released this morning, biden will use the president's proximity as an opportunity to paint him as an extension shl threat to america. someone who is, quote, tearing down the guardrails of democracy. and in a trump-style personal attack, he'll say cashiers at target know more about economics than the president does. and the president has already responded, bautz after the biden campaign previewed those attacks, the president said this to reporters at the white house. >> biden, who is a loser, i mean, look, joe never got more than 1% except obama took him off the trash heap and now it looks like he's failing. it looks like his friends from the left are going to overtake him pretty soon. i have to tell you, he's a different guy. he looks different than he used to, he acts different than he used to. he's even slower than he used to be. so, i don't know, but when he mentions my name that many times, i guess i should be complimented. i'd rather run against biden, i
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think, than anybody. i think he's the weakest mentally. and i like running against people that are weak mentally. i think joe is the weakest up here. >> and we've got reporters covering both sides of that split screen. joining me right now, our nbc news national political reporter covering the biden campaign and hans nichols, traveling with the president in iowa. mike, let me start with you on biden, these prepared remarks that we've been talking about, this attack he's teeing up against the president tonight, mentioning the president in these remarks 44 times. the volume of biden's attacks on the president, the frequency of them in this speech, why now, why at this level? what's the campaign trying to do here? >> well, the biden campaign knows it is also taking a little bit of a risk when they release prepared remarks because we know how often the former vice president can stick to his remarks. it is very clear what they hope to accomplish today in iowa.
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steve, you know, because you're interviewing kate benningfield from the biden campaign friday as they ended one of the most difficult weeks of the short campaign for them so far, dealing with not just the act cue cases that they lifted passages of his climate plan, and that reversal as it relates to the hyde amendment, that abrupt reversal as it relates to policy. the fact that the president was going to be in iowa on the same day they planned to be there gave them somewhat of a gift. they wanted the discussion to be about this split screen moment. we saw earlier, saying that the president is a genuine threat to our democracy, and extension shl threat. a threat to our core values. those were just some of the remarks spread out. and the biden campaign has always felt they're at their strongest when the stakes of the election are raised. the more democratic primary voters are worried about the threat of another four-year term for president trump, the stronger he's going to do, but there is also the risk here, and you've heard me, i'm sorry if i'm a broken record, but the biggest strength has at this point is his perceived strength,
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so, the more he's out there and the more we head into this debate where he can potentially be exposed on that stage, the quicker that lead could potentially evaporate. >> let me go to hans nichols, who is traveling with the president. we mentioned, hans, and the president speaking right now, joe biden, set to go after trump 44 times tonight, already said some things today. is the president, certainly sounds like the president is as eager for this fight with biden as biden is with the president. >> reporter: eager is one way to describe it. it took the president less than ten minutes to call joe biden a name, and that was sleepy joe biden. he said that within the first ten minutes of his speech. right now, he's got a local farmer speaking, so, i'm going to try to keep my voice down a little bit. but already, the president is trying to frame this debate in iowa terms. he's saying he is for ethanol and the previous administration, r.e. joe biden, wasn't for ethanol. it's really his effort to get the farm support back where it was. the farmers have been hit with the tariffs by china. the president mentioned that at
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the top. it's going to take the president a little bit here to really warm up. he's bringing other people on stage. stay with us here, steve, because we could have more insults hurled just across the state to a secertain former vic president. >> mike and hans setting the stang there in iowa. thank you for that. and we're going to keep listening to both of those events, bring you any news as it happens. amid biden's attacks and ominous new polls for the trump campaign, i'm joined by the director of strategic communications for president trump's 2020 campaign, mark lotter. we mentioned it a ming out ago. we showed the president saying, hey, he's looking at all the democratic candidates, biden, he says, is the one he wants to run against. newest poll out today and it's not the first one to show this, shows, this is from quinnipiac, biden 13 points ahead of the president. 53% to 40% in this poll. other polls also show biden significantly ahead of the president and doing better than the other democrats. why does the president want to
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run against biden? >> well, i think the first thing we have to remember is all of these polls about 18 months before the general election are meaningless. if you go back into previous polling, you would have had hillary clinton as the nominee in 2008 and not barack obama. and none of these candidates that are slated to face president trump in the general election have survived their own brutal primary, let alone take on a fully staffed, fully financed and raring to go president trump. so, it's really kind of a meaningless statistic right now. and when it comes to quinnipiac, they had hillary clinton in their last poll in 2016 winning by seven and obviously that did not happen. >> she still did win the national pop ewe lair vote. but the polls can bounce around here, one can be a little bit out here, one can be a little bit there, but the totality of these, we just put them up on the screen, marc, i know it's early, but the totality is they show the president trailing. you mentioned past examples. you're dealing with an incumbent
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president running for re-election here. i want to ask you if that's a different variable. inside this poll today, it finds that 70% of americans say the economy is excellent or good right now. 77% rate their own personal financial situation as excellent or good right now. one thing we have seen in the past that we don't see with this president right now is, past presidents who have had the public viewing the economy that positively have had strong job approval ratings. the president's job approval rating in this poll today is 42%. that's right where his average job approval rating is. why is that strong economic assessment by the public not translating into a strong assessment of the president's job performance? >> well, i think it's two-fold. one, i mean, this president has faced unbelievably negative media coverage, 90%-plus has been negative since day one of this administration, and also president trump is a disruptor. president trump is not playing it safe like many other
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politicians in the past have done. he's taking on fights that need to be taken on on multiple fronts, and i think that also plays into it. but when it comes down to making that choice on election day, it's going to be the president or another candidate who is going to promise to take the economy back to where it was with slow growth, stagnant wages, jobs not keeping up with economic needs and the president's going to -- is going to come out on top of that, because of that very old question that has been asked so often, are you better off now than you were four years ago, and as you pointed out, even in poll says most americans say they are. >> most americans in this poll say they are, but let me ask you about a group of americans who might answer the question differently, and those are folks, farmers in particular, in the part of the country where the president overachieved the most, relative to past republicans, places like iowa, where donald trump is today, places like ohio, places where these tariffs that this administration has imposed, right now might be having a
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negative effect, in particular, on the bottom line of these farmers. you got joni ernst, republican senator from iowa saying farmers in iowa are hurting right now. is that threatening the president's political standing in these states that were key to his victory in 2016? those folks being hurt by tariffs? >> i'll tell you, i come from an agriculture state, too, just down the road in indiana, and what the farmers are telling us across the country is that they know that our country has been ripped off by china for too long. they know they have been held back by bad trade deals that have been made in the past for too long. so, they understand that the president is fighting to correct those things, whether it's replacing the bad nafta with the new us/canada/mexico agreement, whether it's dealing with china's unfair trade practices. but if we can get through this and the president is working to get through it, then we'll all be better off in the end. so, that's why i think farmers are still continuing to show strength and their support for
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president trump and they will continue to do that, as long as they know that he's fighting for them. >> you got a year and a half between now and the election, though. in particular, when it comes to china, where the tariffs have been imposed, where there is a toll right now, an economic toll on farmers in iowa in particular. saw the president's approval rating down to 42% in iowa, a state he carried strongly in 2016. if there is no deal with china, if the tariffs do not produce a deal between now and election day, does the president look like a failure? >> no, absolutely not, because presidents of both parties have been talking about dealing with china for decades and no one actually could get it done. this is a president who took on the issue held-on, he's negotiating from a position of strength and as he said again this morning before leaving the white house to head to iowa, he could make a deal right now, but it wouldn't be a good deal. he wants to make a good deal for
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america and for american farmers, so, he's going to hold out, he's going to get that good deal and we'll all be better off for it. and this is a president who doesn't react necessarily based on public opinion polls. he knows what's right, and the american people trust him to do what' right and i think they'll continue to stick by him and ultimately, hopefully, china will come around and we'll get a deal done. >> that line we played there today from the president, talking about joe biden, saying he -- he talks about him being the weakest mentally. that's the term the president used to describe joe biden. what's he trying to get at there? is that a theme of a trump campaign against joe biden? are you going to question his mental health, his mental fitness? >> well, i think we're going to question his commitment. we have seen in the last week that he has flip-flopped on two major issues 180 degrees. taxpayer funded abortion, which he opposed and now he suddenly supports and just today, after weeks of doubling down, saying china's not a threat, he now admits china's actually a
2:14 pm
threat. who knows what joe biden is going to say tomorrow. he maicon tra dikt -- >> okay, you're describing what i think somebody might say is flip-flopping. but he's saying the weakest mentally. what is he trying to get at there, and this this a teem youe going to be pressing? >> what he's getting at is he's questioning his own commitment to his own principles in terms of where he's stood for decades of public service and now accomplishing much. so, it's weak mentally to be -- to your own principles. and that is something that we'll definitely be highleichting. in fact, as we know, joe biden likes to talk about his commitment to blue collar yet his support for nafta and vote for it, his support for tpp, was something that union labor absolutely opposed. again, joe biden saying one thing and actually representing something else. >> all right, marc lotter from the trump campaign, thank you for that. and we want to note that we did invite the biden campaign to come on, no campaign official or surrogate was made available for
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tonight's show. ahead, it is not just trump versus biden. we've got new numbers on biden versus the rest of the democratic field. plus, the other big breaking news we are following right now, the house has voted to escalate its fight with the white house and to take its subpoenas to court. >> nancy is a mess, the democratic party is a mess, they're doing everything they can to win the election in 2020. all they do is waste time on these investigations. and they're not doing anything. they are -- they've come to a halt. a halt tremfya® can help adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis get clearer. and stay clearer. most patients who saw 90% clearer skin at 28 weeks stayed clearer through 48 weeks. don't use if you're allergic to tremfya®. tremfya® may lower your ability to fight infections
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2:19 pm
former vice president will be taking some digs, more than a few digs of his own across the state later this evening. let's turn to some guests to discuss. amy parns, mara gay, a member of "the new york times" editorial board. amy, let me start with you, the trump versus biden dynamic, from biden's standpoint, i get it, he's got 23 democrats that are winning against him, and this way, he can make every democrat in the country think of a trump versus biden race rather than a biden versus 23 other democrats race. from trump's standpoint though, looking at that poll today, down 13 points early against biden, the public thinks the economy is in a great position, the public thinks by and large its own finances are in a really good place and yet they're ready, in this poll, at least, to throw out the incumbent president, says to me that the imperative there is for trump, somehow, with biden or whoever is his opponent, to make his opponent as personally unpopular by
2:20 pm
election day 2020. if he can't do that, can't have a chance. >> oh, yeah, and that's exactly what he's aiming to do. every day, you hear him talking about biden, and that's not intentional. he's scared of him. he feels like he is the most threatening to him in places like iowa, in places like michigan. he sees these poll numbers internally and he is really frightened by what this man is doing. he knows he is a direct threat to him and he's coming right after him, and that is, you know, anyone that comes right after him, trump's not going to sit there and take it, he's going to punch back, and this kind of gives him incentive to do that. >> how durable do you think biden is? 13 points right now, we're just starting to see dustups like this, six months, nine more months of this, do you think you're still looking at 53-40? >> i don't know if you're looking at that. i think what you're seeing here is a dynamic in which biden really has to injure himself to get into trouble. i don't think that the other candidates in the race are going to be in a position to come at him directly and pull his
2:21 pm
numbers down, if that had been the case, it probably would have happened in the first half of the year. instead, we've seen this, you know, either stable existence somewhere, 10, 12, 15, 20 points ahead of the rest of the field or, you know, the slight tipoff this week or, you know, increase the other week, so, it's now up to biden to maintain where he is, and trump is doing him every kind of favor here. he is turning this into a two-man race. that is -- it will be very difficult for democrats to break through the noise barrier if trump is going at biden, beginning in june of 2019. i think that's the question you're asking, why would he be doing this if biden is his most formidable opponent, he should be doing what he can maybe elevate the others through attacks or something and see if they can -- they can go at biden. >> well, it's an interesting dynamic, and i was thinking back, mara, to past presidents
2:22 pm
running for re-election, while the other party tries to sort things out, barack obama in 2012, george w. bush 2004, bill clinton 1996, and you have an element here, you have a variable here, a major variable, we just haven't seen it before, and that is the incumbent president wants to be in the fray. this isn't a thing -- bill clinton in '96 maybe was putting a few ads on tv somewhere, maybe it was, you know, the way he handled the budget negotiations, maybe something subtle and indirect, you're talking here about a president who wants to be in direct day-to-day combat with the democratic front-runner. is this going to insulate biden in a way we just haven't seen with past front-runners in other parties? >> well, i'm not quite so sure that's how it's going to work out. i think biden's problem is he's got to fight on two fronts. one is donald trump, who is taking him on early and strong, and the other is, he's got to fend off attacks and the chipping away of his support from the democratic base. and so, he's got a whole other front that he's, you know, fighting out there. >> doesn't this help him,
2:23 pm
though, as democrats come after him, every time president trump calls him sleepy or -- >> i'm not sure, because the american people have heard those attacks from the president for years now, so, it's not really clear to me that the democratic party is uninterested in picking its own candidate. i think democratic voters absolutely want to have a contest within the party, is my sense, and then go out and, yes, it's -- what's on their minds is who can beat trump, but they're not going to take the advice of the president and necessarily just pick biden by default. i think there's a real fight going on in the democratic party and joe biden can absolutely be victorious there, but if he is, it's going to be because he's paying real attention to what the base of the democratic party is saying, as well. and so -- >> i'm a little skeptical of this, because biden's numbers defy the notion that the democratic party wants a huge fight. the 2015 numbers in the republican party indicated from the very beginning that
2:24 pm
republicans wanted a fight. nobody, you know, nobody was over 25%, even when trump got in the race. there was a real total sort of splintering, shattering, nobody could get any purchase. biden has purchase. and then you have this liberal purchase, leftist per chase with warren and sanders kind of seeming to be in some kind of equilibrium fight where there's 45%, 40% of the vote that one goes up, one goes down and that's solid. i don't see that as this kind of elemental battle within the party, and remember, trump isn't saying -- trump's saying, i'd like to run against biden because he's -- he's tired and weak and mentally unfit or something like that. but that is the kind of thing that might make democrats who are not simply activists feel defensive of biden. >> yeah. i think that's probably right. i think the thing to remember, a poll will show you where support is, but it doesn't show you who
2:25 pm
shows up to the voting booth and the democrats need to turn out their base. they did not do so, you know, in 2016, and so joe biden may have majority support at the moment, but i think that, you know, you have to turn out the liberal base and there are -- maybe he's able to do that, i'm not, you know, pulling for any candidate here, to be honest, truly, but it's not clear to me that he's going to be able to do that alone. there's a lot of energy on the left. >> well, the energy, too, though, amie, when you look at the polls, is the question how important is electability, how important is it that the candidate be able to beat trump? and that number is through the roof in terms of the rank of importance in terms of the prioritization and it calls to mind, i really think i keep going back to this, 2004, when democrats just desperately wanted to beat george w. bush, and what that meant in that race was that once somebody won a single caucus, iowa, john kerry, sudden lip he zoomed up like 30 or 40 points nationally and basically never looked back and
2:26 pm
i wonder if that kind of spirit is existing in today's democratic party, where this might look a bit jumbled, biden's in front, he's not a 50%, anything like that, but it's there for anybody to win one and the party to kind of unite. >> and the one thing -- joe biden's done two things really well. he has made the electability argument very well. for the last couple of years, every person i spoke to said, we just need somebody that can take the fight to trump. and that's exactly what biden has done from day one. he has kind of taken the fight to him. and in that way, he has made the ele elect kt argumenargument. i'm not going to take on all these other people, because we don't have time to waste. he made that argument last night at a fund raise end when he said, we can't be squabbling here, we have to actually get behind someone and go forward. >> big variable here, though, is biden so far relatively spare in
2:27 pm
terms of public appearances. debate's coming up in a couple of weeks and after that, a lot more. how does he hold up once he's out there, we'll see what happens there. amie, john, mara, you are all sticking around. we're keeping our eyes and ears on both of those iowa events. the president and the former vice president, both speaking out there, plus, the battle brewing inside the democratic party. we're going to talk to a judiciary committee about what's going on behind the scenes between house speaker nancy pelosi and judiciary committee jerry nadler. >> no, siring a divisive in our country, on my view, is an impeachment. we're trying to make decisions as we go forth that are unifying, not divide.
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all right, welcome back. we just told you about that quinnipiac poll that's got joe biden up 13 points over donald trump in a general election match-up. but will there be a trump/biden general election match-up or will some other democrat swoop in and get the democratic nomination? quinnipiac also surveyed the democratic field. we can check in on biden versus the rest of the democrats. national poll just out this afternoon, and you see, biden continues to lead at 30% here. sanders you see still second. we've been seeing this for awhile. 11 points behind. look at elizabeth warren, one of the better national polls we've seen for her, up there in the mid single digits, 15%,
2:32 pm
buttigieg, harris and then a big dropoff. and a bunch that aren't even registering. some of the key divides, number one, racial divide. we've been talking about it. they break it down in this poll, white and nonwhite. nonwhite includes black, includes his tannic, includes asian. it's not broken into a lot of individual groups, but you can see biden doing better with nonwhite voters. we've seen him doing better with black voters than white voters in particular. buttigieg in particular, big dropoff for him when you go from white voters to nonwhite voters. perhaps notably, elizabeth warren here, double digits with nonwhite voters. that's an area where like buttigieg he's strugglshe's str not as much. age gap here. huge, huge, age gap. among those under 50, sanders is up almost two to one over biden. flip it around, 50-plus, that
2:33 pm
32%, comes all the way down to 5%. 5% of voters over 50 want sanders. biden goes from 18% to 41%. huge, huge gap there. and then there's this. income. those under 50,000 a year. look at the change for warren. this one is interesting. 10% for those under 50k. you go over 100k, warren doubles her support to 20%. that's a bit of a soft spot for warren right now. blue collar voters, folks under 50k, can she immoprove there? ahead, nancy pelosi said she is not taking impeachment off the table. that's not enough for one of her caucus. plus, john stewart's passionate message to congress about taking care of the 9/11 first responders. wow!
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for two years under republican control, president trump and his administration were able to evade accountability and transparent si with the american people. i am standing here with my colleagues today to say, that era is over. >> welcome back. that was house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler just minutes ago. this shortly after democrats escalated their fight with the white house over the mueller investigation. the full house voted, along party lines, to allow committee chairs to pursue civil contempt proceedings against attorney general bill barr and former white house counsel don mcgahn. that vote comes a day after chairman jerry nadler reached a deal with the justice department that allows judiciary committee members to obtain what he called key evidence from the mueller investigation. a deal that takes criminal contempt off the table. at least for now. with me now is congressman steve cohen of tennessee, he is a member of the house judiciary committee, he is a proponent of impeachment. congressman, thank you for taking a few minutes.
2:38 pm
let me just start on the deal that was reached yesterday. what in particular, i know you got nadler out there saying this is key evidence, these are the most important files, he says, that mueller had -- that's raising the bar. what in particular are you expecting to learn here? >> well, i hope jerry's right, but i think the most important evidence we could get would be what they took to the grand injury, which is not part of the information we'll be receiving. the best information of what they were doing wrong would be what they took to the grand jury to get indictments and to get grand jury's information, and that they're not giving us. some of this is information that would be in that reputational type of category that barr chose to redact, and there could be information there concerning obstruction, there could be information there that's important, and we'll look at the understood lying documents. right now, they have given us some times to go see it, but it's all during the work day, they say justice only works
2:39 pm
from -- 8:00 to 5:00 or 9:00 to 5:00, we're working then, as well. we like to go at night, but i'm sure it will be worked out. >> it sounds you're not expe expectiexpec expecting as much here as your chairman is. >> i'm not. and i hope he's right and he may have good reason to believe that we're going to get much more important information, but two reasons, i think the grand jury testimony is the best. you take your bread and butter to the grand jury. if the 302s, which are fbi investigative notes, if you don't go to the grand jury with it, the less important matter. number one. and number two, i don't think bill barr's going to give us anything that's going to be anything that's going to be very informative about trump's illegal behalf your and involvement with russia or helping his kids out with the russian meeting or obstruction. i don't think barr would give us
2:40 pm
anything good. maybe that's supposition on my part, but this isn't barr's first rodeo. >> you have this issue of criminal contempt being taken off the table. the house today, though, having this vote on civil contempt on empowering the committee chairs to go to court to try to enforce subpoenas. the open question hanging over the next few weeks is whether your committee is going to hear from robert mueller, whether your committee is going to hear from don mcgahn. realistically, though, again, we've seen the way the gears churn on these things, very slowly, in the past. realistically, will that vote today have any bearing on whether your committee in the near future hears from either of them? >> well, robert mueller's independent of all that and i think they're still negotiating, but i think it's probably going to be about time we have to issue a subpoena and i think he'll respond to that, because he's an honorable man and he didn't work for trump and trump's not going to tell him what to do. so, i think robert mueller will come. and i don't know about mcgahn, but mcgahn's -- the committee has suggested to me it could be
2:41 pm
as early as september that we could get expedited hearing s conducted and have testimony in the fall. >> you say mueller will come, mueller was pretty explicit in that press conference, basically the only time we heard from him, speaking to cameras over the last two-plus years, he was pretty explicit, he doesn't have anything more to say. do you think he's going to say a word that's different than what we heard in the press conference that day? >> he said he wasn't going to say anything different than what was in the report, and the report was his, you know end that was his report. so, he may say some more, he may not. but even if he just talks about the report, i think it's important the american people hear it. the american people don't really understand, a that that was a v damning report. as i've said before, this is a cannon. t is there a gun you're looking for, this was a cannon. mueller was pretty clear -- if you read the report, there was
2:42 pm
obstruction of justice. and when you're dealing with impeachment in congress, you're not talking about guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. there's preponderance of the evidenc evidence. there's certainly that there, and that's all you'd need and as was said in the hearing yesterday, some things are lawful but awful, and that could go into the soup of impeachment, which is kind of a totality of circumstances and can he be an effective president that can serve in that office. and then you fill in -- >> you want impeachment, does your chairman? does jerry nadler want an impeachment inquiry? >> he'd need to respond to that. my impression is that he does, but that's something he'd need to be definitive on. >> there are reports that he has said that to the house speaker,
2:43 pm
nancy pelosi, do you know if that's true? >> i suspect that there's a possibility that's true. >> has he said it to you? >> we're not going to get there, steve. >> all right. congressman steve cohen, democrat from tennessee, thank you for taking a few minutes. ahead, the gloves are off on the campaign trail out in iowa. joe biden attacking the president as an existential threat to america. the president, moments ago, levying his own attacks on the former vice president. we're going to hear a lot more from iowa tonight. more "mtp daily" after this. ccessories. and with fordpass, a tap can also get you 24/7 roadside assistance. and lock your vehicle. only fordpass puts all this in the palm of your hand. fordpass. built to keep you moving.
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2:47 pm
last week, jerry nadler that said impeachment inquiry it may come to that. you said you're not on a path to impeachment. how do you reconcile that? >> it's not off the table. i don't think you should impeach for political reasons and i don't think you should not impeach for political reasons. >> welcome back. that was nancy pelosi earlier today, amie, john and mara are back with me. i've heard that line from pelosi before, and i listened to it today and i wonder if she does not want democrats going down the impeachment road but she doesn't want to be seen as heavy handedly shutting it down. can she just keep talking this way for a few months and it becomes, look at the calendar, you can't do it now. >> i think that's her hope. she's going to try to run out the clock, just like the president. listen, i'm not sure if it's the right or wrong strategy, but i think, you know, it's not --
2:48 pm
it's not in her interest or in the party's interest from her view to have these -- these moderate democrats in these districts that are really swing districts having to take a really hard vote on impeachment. and i think that's real wli the number one thing she wants to avoid. so far, so good, but as we inch closer to 2020, even the appetite in the country among the democratic base might, you know, kind of lessen for impeachment. >> interesting, though, to hear in that interview we had with steve cohen, talking about jerry nadler. there's all those reports out there that nadler is appealing to pelosi to give him the green light to do the impeachment inquiry. cohen seemed to think there's something to that. >> okay, so, you can do the inquiry that dutz not end with impeachment. and, i mean -- >> can you, though? >> well, you can, in this sense. right now, according to the, you know, according to the tallies of people have given, 56 democrats in the house say they oppose impeachment.
2:49 pm
if that's the case, then even if the inquiry delivers articles of impeachment, they don't have to vote yes for it. in that case, the democrats are in a totally, like, every man for himself thing. people in liberal districts vote for it, people in trump districts don't vote for it, there is no impeachment trial in the senate. that's the scenario that, i think, she is trying to avoid, is the sight of a completely divided party going into 2020. but right now, unless the charges that are found in an impeachment inquiry are much more resolute than the ones, despite what a lot of people on this network say, are much more determined and clear on obstruction and things like that, those 56 democrats have no reason to move toward impeachment. they have every reason to avoid it. >> that's the thing. steve cohen first called for impeachment, we looked at it today, in november of 2017. he was on this train long before there was a mueller report. there had only been a mueller
2:50 pm
for a few months at that point. it is the democrats who are in swing district is, democrats that would potentially be vulnerable in 2020. for pelosi, does this ultimately just come down to, unless there's a chance this thing actually gets through the senate, unless the senate. unless there is strong public support that could compel that not to take that vote. >> i don't see her changing her mind on this one. she sees people are inching toward impeachment. she knows that it is not good for her party ultimately. she knows people on the campaign trail are not focused on that. they're not really talking about impeachment. she would like to unify her party more. and i think one way of doing that is to let the process play out and say, look. we were trying to do this. we were trying to investigate. we were voting on this. we were kind of moving it toward that. we're on that train but letting it may out without going to impeachment. >> there's no time on the clock here. do democrats really want to have an impeachment trial in 2020?
2:51 pm
that's crazy. like the impeachment is the election. we are literally in a position in which the voters, what is it? 140 million people will make a decision on whether or not to remove the president from office. >> that's the other thing. all the comparisons that are always drawn. clinton in '98. nixon in' 74. second term presidents did not have to face the voters again. is there an argument that could resonate, hey, let's do an impeachment and let's call it an election. >> sure. there's absolutely that argument. part of the problem is the electoral college. look, hillary clinton won the popular vote the first time. so i think there's a sense among lots of voters, actually, that the process is rigged and i hate to use that term because it kind of tends to denigrate trust. but there is that sense among democrats as well and i think a lot of democratic voters i've
2:52 pm
spoken to say the goalpost keeps getting moved. you find something out that's unsavory. and then let's wait for the mueller report. then the mueller report comes out and there's substantial evidence suggesting that the president may have obstructed justice. but let's wait for an impeachment style hearing. but not impeachment. and i think those democrats are very frustrated. and you know, i think pelosi is walking a tight rope between having to turn out that base and make sure they show to the polls but also not harming democrats in these moderate districts. that's a really tough line to walk. whoever makes it in 2020 will have to bring those two parties together. >> and we had jerry nadler yesterday saying this deal he struck with the doj will provide the most important documents, the most important files. key evidence. now you had steve saying it may not be much this. i wonder if that will disappoint
2:53 pm
democrats. thank you all for being with us. you are looking live at mt. pleasant, iowa. that's where joe biden is about to speak with reporters. we'll take you back out to the trail, next. you should be mad at tech that makes things worse. but you're not, because you have e*trade whose tech makes life easier by automatically adding technical patterns on charts and helping you understand what they mean. don't get mad, get e*trade.
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you look at your talented child and realize they have a shot. but you can't help them get there. that's real life. that's how ordinary people, good decent americans, the conversations they have. he has no notion of that happening. none. none. >> welcome back. that was joe biden just moments ago in iowa. a speech there attacking the president. getting up, as fired up as we've seen him in this campaign that he's been in a few weeks. getting toward deliver another speech. this one in prime time. he is expected to ratchet up his attacks further on the president. garrett joins us from the trail where biden is speaking. i've got to say, i was struck just watching that clip we played there. we've seen a lot of biden in this campaign since he launched. reading from scripps, at the podium. there he was, a little more of the biden folks remember from past campaigns. >> that's right.
2:58 pm
so interesting watching him campaign in different environments. they regularly will put a teleprompter in front of him or send him out with prepared remarks. the former vice president doesn't look that comfortable doing it. he doesn't bring the same joy to it. doesn't bring the same energy to it as he does when he steps away from the podium with the microphone in his hands and can speak more from his heart. he's just so much stronger when he can let the moment take him. that comes with the risk that's made joe biden famous as a gaffe-prone politician. he will say whatever is on his mind. he was the off script candidate before donald trump made it a thing. he was doing it for decades. but that's what you get. a candidate perfectly willing to show you his heart and his anger when the case calls for it. today is interesting in that regard. his campaign has put out this script. this long speech that he is set to deliver tonight. he previewed of some of it today. really going after donald trump will when he previewed it this
2:59 pm
morning, he didn't deliver the remarks in the script with the same forcefulness as did he this. his own personal anger when he gets worked up about a president who is such the antithesis of what he believes should be in the oval office. >> and perhaps there, that's what you'll be seeing tonight. what we just saw. >> i think that's right. like i said, i've watched at some of these events, the teleprompter operator in the back of the room start to get frustrated because joe biden does not want to follow along what is in the teleprompter operator's script. he knows both existentially, the reason he's in this race in the first place is because of donald trump. joe biden would not be running against a jeb bush or a marco rubio. he has to see trump as the existential threat and rise to that in his own way and i think that's what we will see tonight. >> okay. throughout in iowa. all eyes will be on that. before we go, we have big news to share about the upcoming
3:00 pm
first democratic debate. chuck will be moderating i know what jose diaz, savannah guthrie, rachel maddow. it is all happening june 26, june 27. you can watch it all on nbc, msnbc and telemundo. good evening, ari. >> good evening. we have a big show on "the beat" tonight. in one moment i'll be joined live by jerry nadler discuss yg the house is not holding attorney general bill barr and former white house counsel don mcgahn in criminal contempt and why they say they have some break throughs and they'll vote to make it easier to go to court and enforce the subpoenas for key evidence. the party's leaders insisting all of this will help held to administration formally accountable. >> when they issue a subpoena, it is not optional. >> they engaged in one of the
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