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tv   Hardball The Deciders  MSNBC  June 17, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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may regularly scheduled happened off to lawrence o'donnell will not happen because we have chris matthews with the deciders. up for grabs in 2020. the deciders with chris matthews in dayton, ohio starts right now. tonight, we have a special presentation. chris matthews is in dayton, ohio for the second in a series of the deciders of who will be the next president of the united states. voters voted for barack obama in 2008 and in 2012 and then in 2016, that same county voted for donald trump. here now is chris matthews with
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the deciders. good evening from dayton, ohio. e pluribus unum. from many to one. we are a country of many backgrounds, religions and political views and that includes the man in the white house. some say he is divicive and some say he is a savior. i came here tonight to see if we can listen to each other and understand where each side is coming from and leave this place with knowing why we disagree and maybe where we can actually agree. i'm joined for the hour by a group of voters in montgomery county, ohio that backed barack obama twice and then voted for donald trump. cal perry has more on this swing
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county. >> dayton, ohio has conflicting views on the state of american politics. >> trump all the way. >> why did you vote for him? >> i know he's for the people. >> it's hard to make a living and they took that away from us. >> you are still a trump guy? >> absolutely. he's great for the economy. absolutely. no question. >> people say the jobs are coming back. jobs are coming back? >> for who? >> areas of light still exist in a city hit hard by economic depression, but some new businesses are coming back and ohio like many mid-western states is up for grabs. trump supporters want to frame things within the context of an economic turn around while democrats need to turn out the vote in places feeling disenfranchised. >> we have to get out and talk to the voters. >> so we did. in mcintosh park with the
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president of the naacp here in dayton. >> think about the number of people who can change here in the city of day in montgomery county, ohio. upon don't worry about that. don't worry about the electoral college. >> then it don't matter. >> donald trump visited ohio over two dozen times during his campaign. montgomery county twice. hillary clinton never came here. it's something that local democrats are keenly aware of. >> in 2016, there was a first time since 1988 that the nominee did not come to that this area. you got to come and be present. >> republicans will point to low unemployment. most recent numbers put it at 3.2% in montgomery county. >> people vote with their pocket books. we have employers who can't find
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employees. >> montgomery county ranks third in synthetic opioid deaths. >> this is the worst hit area. we lost a lot of citizens and we need to get them back in and clean the records. >> democrats say unemployment statistics alone are not the whole story. >> for this city, it's about getting high quality and good paying jobs. we have a lot of people working two and jobs because they can't make it on what they are making. with the manufacturing over the past 30 years, that had an effect on the region. >> jobs are coming back, but they are not high enough paying. >> you can find a job, but pay is so low, that people are on benefits while they are working. which is really hard. >> at gordon's pawn shop, economic success is measured in what people are selling or not selling. the owner is a trump supporter. >> we are like a pendulum. when the economy is good, the
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customers are not coming in as often. >> things are getting better? >> for the customers' sake, a lot are getting employment and we didn't see that a while ago. >> for people like fields, economic indicators are worthless. >> there is no candidate that is coming down here trying to connect with us on a personal level to see what's going on on the west side and see what we need. >> for the next hour, we hear from democrats and republicans, trump supporters and critics. our location is a family owned surplus store in downtown dayton, ohio. stacy benson, a public employee at a union, a democrat who worked at the gm plant and the public defender's office. this is kate, a free lance frommic designer and long time dayton resident and worked at the gm plant until it was closed
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in 2008. a republican who voted for president trump. let's start here right now. does president trump care about people like you? >> [inaudible]. >> people who earns like he earns or like his friends and family earns. he doesn't care about working families. with living wages and benefits. >> how many people agree with that? how many people don't agree with that? you, sir, in the red. i want to hear what you are thinking. me why you think trump looks out for regular middle class people and not just the 1%. >> first of all, i hear about 1 percenters and i keep hearing
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that in the political discussions. in my mind, they will find a way. it's not like you are getting rid of a demographic that affected them. >> you think trump looks out for you? >> absolutely. >> he cares about you? >> yeah. i think he's honest. >> anybody else want to agree or disagree. i go by faces. the face in front of you. i like the other face better, but go ahead. >> i think absolutely the president cares about all of us because he provides opportunities. he doesn't make a relationship with every one of us, but he creates opportunities so we can use our talents to make a living in this country. that's where we are today. >> thank you. before i go, i want to go to someone who disagrees. back there. can we get a mike?
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>> i just know he cares about his family cluster and nothing past that. >> let me go to on this. i have been looking at the stats and stats can be cold, but the unemployment rate is way down, about two points down from when trump came in. what else? wages are about a buck more now. so there has been modest increase. does he care about you? is he looking out for you? >> i don't know. i honestly don't know what president trump thinks bus, the little people. i think anybody that runs for president cares something about the country that they live in. i think he's an economist and a businessman and honestly i think he sees this as a conquest. i want to be president and i want to turn this country around.
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the politicians, the state that this country was in when he took over was such a mess economically that we needed a miracle. >> let's talk as i said, the unemployment is down. but a lot of people are working two jobs just to pay for the family expenses. do you feel that? >> absolutely. >> why do you think people voted for trump? >> i think people were looking for something else. the progress wasn't as fast as people thought it should have been. when you hear this jobs, jobs, jobs, people are working two jobs to make a living. that's not the way it should be. we should have one job. that increases the quality of for families. >> with the highly educated jeb bush or mitt romney types, or hillary clinton, the ivy
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leaguers, why did they choose trump over them? >> he's good at what he does. he picks at things and that makes them want to come out and vote, but it's empty promises. >> i want to talk about the trump voters. you voted for trump. if you put up that stuff because you like something else, for example, he calls people names. all the things you told your kids not to do. don't make fun of people's appearances. don't be a bully. don't lie. tell the truth. do you think he lives up to the standard you set for your family? >> not necessarily, but then again, you don't have to like everybody. he's showing results. i run a small business now. my numbers are growing. they are growing so well, i am able to add staff. when i add staff, that makes the business grow more. >> what are kicked it into gear?
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the lower taxines or the deregulation? >> people getting employed and getting higher wages and getting out and spending money. >> what did he do to make that happen? >> he talked to industries and companies and got them to invest. >> how many agree with you? how many think he didn't help? someone here wants to talk. >> i wanted to introduce you to dan. dan? two years ago, i understand you had trouble deciding. how long did you spend in the voting booth? are. >> eternity. 20 minutes or a half hour. >> in the voting booth for 30 minutes? what were you thinking about? >> i wouldn't hire either one to work for my own company, let alone run a country. i thought the reason trump is
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president in my opinion is because of his competition. hillary was just worse. we are talking about trump and the fact of the matter is he's an eegtivity cal self centered human being that happened to have a worse comcompetitor. some of us made the decision to help ourselves. the reason her company is doing better is she decided to be self-employed and she left town and made a decision to improve her own life. donald trump. helping, not helping, i don't know. i don't care. what i know is i was told to ask forgiveness versus permission. sherrod brown, i want you and all your coworkers to quit stealing from me. plain and simple. i want some good options. i want good options and i haven't seen it.
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was anyone behind you yelling while you were waiting? >> i don't know. they were wondering if i was okay. they were asking me to be quiet. whether they were yelling, i didn't care. usually i go into the booth and make a decision and say well, you know, this, that, everything else. this one mattered because i thought gary johnson was a good guy, but i really didn't have a use for him. i think third parties are a wasted vote. >> are you up for a woman candidate for president? >> i want a good candidate. i don't care. wouldn't bother me a bit. there are good options out there. possibilities now. i haven't made a selection for 2020 yet. you going to vote for trump or not? >> i hope not. i hope not. >> thank you. >> sherrod brown, do you want to
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respond to the shot? you don't have to. >> i will respond this way. i appreciate -- >> thank you for coming. we invited the other guy and he didn't show up. [ applause ] >> that applause tells me something. you are a progressive. hillary didn't. why couldn't she win the state and you did. you won the state by eight points. >> i wanted to start with something else. i'm not avoiding your question, but i was just at the county offices meeting with first responders and with the red cross and the mayor and county commissioners. this county three weeks ago tonight had a level four tornado. two things. i was here after the tornado the next day.
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it amazed me that very few people were injury and no one died in miami valley. that was because everybody from television stations and radio stations stepped up and stayed even though they were getting a tornado warning, they stayed on the air and warned people. people went to the basements and did what what they needed to do and the first responders were there and it was inspiring. this tornado was weeks ago tonight and this community is fighting back. i think you learn something from that. i don't have much use for donald trump. no surprise to the crowd. i think he has been a terrible president who betrayed workers whether on the overtime rule or picking judges and putting his on the scales of justice that choose corporations over workers and wall street over consumers. but i do see and quickly, chris, in answer to your question, i
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talk about the dignity of work last year and throughout my career and we honor and respect people that shouldn't have to have more than one job. >> you disagree with that. >> i have to say do you think the president cares for you. what makes you think the president cares for you? did he have tea with you? >> hillary clinton didn't come here and a lot of people said because she didn't bother to come. >> one of the reason trump is president, every one of them sees the first one to do it. >> every politician calls other politicians names. we have them on hot mike for 30 years. they all do this. this guy at least does it up front. >> thank you. what do you think of that? i want to you respond to it. this guy said politicians in the
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back room call each other names. there is a pocahontas thing. >> you resort to calling people's names, you have nothing to say. >> let me ask you about this. two questions that pollsters ask. they work. they tell you something. does this politician care about people like you. what do you think of this president? >> i'm ex-military veteran and military wife and he scares me. and i am also tired of him referring to the military as his military. >> yes, sir. glad to be here. talk to me. what do you think about this discussion about who cares? second question you ask, maybe it's a bigger question. macro. the question is, are we going in the right direction right now? with trump? are we going in the right
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direction? >> believe we are with trump. sometimes you need the guy up there, trump is very disagreeable and that makes him unlikable for a lot of people. not me. >> you like unlikable people. >> i'm a very agreeaable person. i want to be liked. i don't think he cares. at the time that we are in our nation right now, we need a leader like that. particularly when you are going overseas and you are talking to the leaders who are putting their country first, what's wrong with putting america first because we have all these old trade agreements that are like nafta. >> do you think he honors the constitution? >> what's that? >> does he honor the constitution? >> i believe he does. >> everybody agree? >> no! >> he took an oath to honor the constitution. >> another person here back here. you want to respond to what he
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said. >> i most certainly do. he does not honor the constitution and i can tell you a couple of places where he doesn't. number one, article one, section nine, the emoluments clause. let's go for that. >> anything else? >> i have a pocket constitution in every one of my purse us. i look up stuff every day. that dude lies. he lies, the fec chair had to call him out about breaking the law. she took an unprecedented step of going out and calling him out on publicly doing it. don't you even tell me about that. >> he has to tell you because he believes it approximate. >> well he's wrong. >> how many people here don't think trump lies? how many people here don't think trump lies? i thought that was an
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interesting silence. talking to former montgomery county voters who crossed party lines with trump's candidacy. what do they have to say about the president? a lot of party switchers coming up. a lot of party switchers coming up i've always been amazed by what's next. and still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin...
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7:24 pm
2016. joey hall is a long resident and voteded for barack obama in 2008 and 2016 for president trump. a lot of interesting people here. i will ask the same people of all four. left or right. why did you flip? >> i was tired of government doing nothing. i think that the person trying to do something is president trump, unfortunately the government is an absolute mess. whether you like him or don't like him, there is a lot of things about him that i don't like. i'm tired of all the fighting. i'm tired of all the nit picking about everything and the media is an absolute disaster. everything he says gets to be a duly elected president. i don't care who he is, our government whether you are a
7:25 pm
democrat or whatever should be supporting him to get things done. right now -- >> same question. >> i wanted to -- i didn't like the direction that the republican party was going. i think they have been going further and further right and i have been going further and further left. >> did you like hillary clinton as a candidate? >> i did. i don't know if she would have been my favorite candidate, but she was very good. >> do you think she hurt herself by not campaigning in the communities like this. trump did a lot. he went around a lot of places. do you think that hurt her? >> i think it did. >> do you think either parties look down on people? the people in washington. >> i don't know if i generalize it as much as parties, but i
7:26 pm
think there are people who are in charge of the parties that may do that. >> i switched because donald trump is not fit to be president. we have gone through a pedestrian of time that we have people who stand up for institutions and stand up for america and make promises to uphold and defend the constitution and donald trump has not ever been that person. >> what did make america great sound like to you? >> it sounded like america was not great. but america is great. all the people sitting here today, everybody in our state, they are great. we are great. >> why do you think people voted for him? >> i think because they were sick of putting up with the standard republican and democrat lines and wanted to shake things up and they wanted somebody who said what they felt. there was a lot of anxiety out there. people just are not comfortable with their place right now.
7:27 pm
donald trump is the one coming in saying i'm going to change. >> do you want to respond to that? >> i couldn't bring myself to vote for hillary clinton. i couldn't do it. after the benghazi thing and all of that. >> i got it. i'm in the business. i have to ask the question. what was the benghazi thing that she did wrong? >> the evidence seems to point to, at least what i've read, she deleted a bunch of e-mails. >> what are about benghazi? >> the united states marines that were killed in benghazi as a result of her not doing her job as secretary. >> what was the job she didn't do? >> she didn't pass on the information from what i understand. she didn't pass on the information that she received? >> i don't think there is facts that back that up. i get upset when people talk about benghazi and we talk about
7:28 pm
the mueller investigation and i hear republicans talking and complaining about how much money we have spent on it. it is peanuts compared to what was spent on benghazi with no outcome whatsoever. >> i you have a record which i respect. i did vote republican for president a while back. what would it take you to flip again and go for a democrat next time? >> it would have to be a complete change in what government is doing and taking a look at the accomplishments that president trump has made. he added four million jobs and 83% increase in ms 13 arrests. that's for sure. jobless claims are at a 50-year low. the black, hispanics and asian unemployment at a 50-year low. women's unemployment lowest
7:29 pm
since 1953. 95% of manufacturers are optimistic. >> that's solid numbers, but what would it take you to change? >> to vote which direction? >> the other way from where you voted in 2016. >> i can't envision anything. >> there is no way i'm going flip. >> no way you will flip away from trump? he said he could shoot somebody on fifth avenue. is that true? >> if mitch mcconnell was in charge of the trial, yeah. >> is he above the law? i think he's done things like saying okay, i will work with the russians. he is laughed at his opponents and think the worst. i'll do it. it's like he says that. >> he flat out says it. he said he's not going to listen to the justice department. >> just vladimir putin.
7:30 pm
you laugh about it and anybody reacting, do you have somebody? i don't think it's funny. i think it's sad that he can do anything he wants to. >> i have a couple of people. alexis, do you think donald trump is fit to be president. >> i definitely do nat and i feel he ran on promoting racism. anybody who flips for him or somebody who supports or don't support people of color. >> let me get one more. if you don't mind standing up. when chris asked the question, could donald trump shoot somebody on fifth avenue and would it matter, what did you say? >> absolutely yes. my problem is when trump was elected, i wasn't afraid of him. i knew that our republican and democratic congress would stand up for the constitution. but i feel as if the republicans have let us down. the house is passing bills left and right.
7:31 pm
mitch mcconnell will not bring them to the floor. with the flipping we need to do in the other states, they have republican senators that will not support the house and pass bills. >> can we have the mike back here? what do you think about that comment? i think it's tricky business. the history of 250 years of slavery. 100 years of jim crowe or whatever you call this. it's easy. this is not a country that is innocent of race. that's impossible to argue. what about trump? do you think he used it to get elected? >> absolutely. absolutely. he used and created a boogie man. in his first decent down the stairs, he talked about a racial divide. the people he was talking about, he said mexicans are coming in
7:32 pm
and they are murderers and rapists. >> what are about the birther thing that obama was born somewhere else. >> that are from the beginning before he declared. that's ho who he is. >> how many agree with that? how many disagree? how many disagree and think trump is not a racist. how many think trump is innocent of this. thank you so much. we will go right now and be right back with more. jo joe,christina and jerry. the third highest rate of synthetic opioid deaths. we will talk to people on the frontlines.
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>> welcome back to our special "hardball" event called the deciders. rhonda has been a nurse for 30 years and calls the opioid crisis a nightmare. tell us what we need to know. >> we have big pharma in charge making 3r06profits off of getti the opioids to the citizens. >> they are pushing drugs through doctors? >> i believe so, yes. i think as long as they are making a profit doing so. >> do you know the doctor?
7:37 pm
do you have any evidence of what you just said? >> i know there are lots of pill factories and drug factories. >> what do you think could be done? >> i think we need preventive health care. we need to have medicare for all so that people have -- >> thank you. let me go to anita. tell us about -- >> i'm the expectative director andy feel like the gaps, foa is one of the gaps and we are not getting funding from anybody. not federally or anything else. we are working on trying to support the family, making the family healthy. when the person gets the rehab, they are able to have a supportive family to back up that rehab instead of relapse as many times as it's happening. we need to have the person who
7:38 pm
has the drug aaddiction, they will get help when they are ready. we need the family to be healthier. >> who are is the bad guys? >> i think there are a lot of mental health issues. the funding has gotten cut so much over the years that we were not addressing it. >> what about the argument that the manufacturers are somehow pushing the drugs through the doctors? >> that are is true. there is a lot of people, i believe mike gave on 60 minutes the statistics of 2017. every ohio citizen, every infant, adult, elderly person taking 69 pain killers a year. >> what's the connection. on paper, we are picking up a bit. 'people -- i don't know if they are depressed or what is the motive for getting the drugs?
7:39 pm
they are prescribe and they get hooked? >> there is a situation that was and the mental health issue. people get down and depress and therefore they are getting on their drugs. i think it's a combination of a little of everything. >> thank you so much. >> where is phil plummer. right here. talk about why this community, it's doing okay. not awfully. why is it in the situation where people have the mental health situation that which is pandemic and the third highest cases of the opioid addiction. >> for that epidemic. the big pharma pushed oxycontin to us. they flooded the market with the most powerful pain killer you can put in people's hands.
7:40 pm
we got into pill mode where doctors were writing $50 per prescription. we shut down the pills and take the pills away from the addicts and flood the market with heroin. >> where is the crime? >> robberies and burglaries. >> no pushing of the drugs. >> we are getting a lot of fentanyl from china and they are coming up through mexico through the borders. we have to seal the borders because last year they killed 72,000 americans. it killed 64,000 americans. they are killing cities from the inside out. it's time we wake up and fight the epidemic and do what's right. the senator who you mentioned, they have done a good job and got treatment dollars, but we are missing enforcement dollars. >> the dr. overprescribes and
7:41 pm
somebody takes six pills a day instead of two or three. then they get hooked. people know what it's like. you get the shoulder or the rotator cuff. some people can't give it up. >> here's the deal. we are good patients. when the doctors give you a bottle of pills, he's the boss. >> let me go, sir. >> it's a fact that the pharmaceutical companies have internal memos as well as ads based on one article that said oxycontin or this opiate medication can't be addicting to the patients. that's why doctors started prescribing the medication s ad
7:42 pm
lib and we ended up with a large number of patient mas that got hooked up to opiate. when the pill mills got closed down t coincided with exactly what we saw when patients started to go on the street to get heroin. the crime is that pharmaceutical companies that push these pills and said they would not make the patients addicted. that's the crime. this is why the mayor in dayton along with the governor took out lawsuits against these companies. >> thank you, doctor. >> we will talk about the hottest issues of our time probably. the fight over immigration and the economy and this trade war. ohio, do you want four more years of trump? that's next. more years of trump that's next. ♪
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welcome back to "hardball." let's talk about the economy right now. this is a democrat and a fifth generation owner of a small bakery here in dayton and makes philly pretzels here. katrina is a republican and information security analyst and supports the president's handling of the economy and former recipient of welfare. we will have two different views. i will go to katrina. i will start with emma first. what do you think about -- hold this for a minute. talk about -- stand up, please. mrs. a lot of push even from a moderate like joe biden among the democrats for a $15 an hour minimum wage. what's your answer? >> this is actually a hard issue for me. i support a $15 minimum wage in theory very much. i believe we need a living wage
7:47 pm
for people to support themselves and their families and work one job and also as a small business owner it would be really hard for me to pay employees $15 an hour without assistance. >> that's $2400 a month, right? >> yes. >> i compare it to rent and food. you figure out how much you make at end of the week and at the end of the month, that's how much you need to live on if you have kids. >> i think the current minimum wage is not enough to support a family on, especially, but even yourself. it's hard. >> what would happen to your business if you had to go to $15? >> i would have to raise prices. i would like to think our customers would understand that. they have been with us for some of them 100 years. we have been around for 112 years. >> you are a thoughtful person. thank you very much. katrina, how is the economy
7:48 pm
doing? trump is going to run on the economy. >> i think it's doing just fine. unemployment is decreasing and as unemployment stays low, the market is going to raise wages. when you have a low unemployment, it's hard to get workers. so businesses are going have to offer more to get people. >> you are shaking your head. >> the more scarce labor is, supply and demand said they pay well. >> that are works great for large companies like mcdonald's and target. these companies are paying ceos millions of dollars. should they be upping their wages? absolutely. i don't pay myself at the bakery. i pay my husband who is there every day who makes about $32,000 a year. there is no room for us to
7:49 pm
increase wages. it's hard for us to compete with big companies. >> let's ask about the end of the time. there was a tax bill passed last year. put your hands up if you have come up with any discernible improvement in your situation because of the tax cut. put your hand up. that's about 10 people in the room here at the most. it want to ask the other question. do you think trump's big talk and hype about the economy and deregulation, does that help the economy? how many think it does? a lot of people think it does. i got a u.s. senator here. we invited senator portman. both senators. >> we have seen economic growth every month since we did the
7:50 pm
auto rescue 10 years ago with president obama and president bush. more importantly, i met at the white house with president trump with about a half dozen
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
mostly democrats and teddy kennedy was for it and chuck schumer and it had a big support. why does the house of representatives now run by pelosi bring that bill off. why are they waiting around? >> that's my question. >> well. why would you charge the democrats and say, why don't you push the democrats in the comprehensive reform. >> it needs to be some kind of form coming forward. if they can't agree on so many terms then they need to sit down and talk about it more. >> anybody wants to get on the bill on immigration?
7:54 pm
>> i am sorry, cup cake but we are going to have to do something. we'll have to do something about it. >> i said we all came here to respect each other's view. i apologize to that point of view because it is not most people's point of view. certainly not mine. >> thank you. >> i want to get to this fella right here. i was going to say my son in the military and my granddaughter took a year and a half to get her here from the philippines. she waited in line like people are supposed to. they follow the law. not only they're costing a lot of money but also now as well. she's very precious and i appreciate the fact she's here. she came here illegally. >> thank you. >> you did not like the cup cake
7:55 pm
comment? >> we can agree to disagree. diversity is a beautiful thing. we got to respect each other at the end of the day. >> we adopted our daughter in g guatemala. let's embrace legal immigration and fix the problems that we currently have. >> hi. >> we are having a discussion about immigration, your thought s s? >> we do need to embrace legal immigration for the people who come in illegally, we need to encourage them come in legally so they can be part of all the great things that involved with being american. >> let's talk about you.
7:56 pm
you are a young voter, what do people in the millennial crowd talk about poverty, where are you at? >> in general from the bag that i get from people around my age is that it is very, it is being pushed further and further left. people are getting information generally from social media and people are not looking for the truth which is dangerous. we have the ability to reason. we need to use that in finding logic and use logic to find the truth. >> thank you, i like that. >> there is only one group where it is popular. that's under 30. what do you think? >> those are the issues that are popular with most americans, medicare for all. >> under 30, go ahead. >> well, a free prerequisites to a lot of issues that we are talking about is the environment that's going to affect us. it is not going to affect most people here. >> why is it popular in our age
7:57 pm
group? >> it is popular because these social programs that we already have in the united states are ones that we want to increase to everyone. >> that's democratic socialism. >> i don't think the government should run the economy but i think that the government should have a bigger say, for example, that no one's healthcare should be private and no one should make profit. >> you want to outlaw private healthcare sector. >> absolutely. >> for young people today with the rise in school shootings and the whole walk out movement. >> who's fault is that? >> it is the fault of our regulators for not taking any action. >> should we ban guns? >> i think there should be a ban on semiautomatic weapons in the united states. all right, thank you.
7:58 pm
>> we have some nodding over here. >> go ahead. >> i just want to speak on the politics for people our age. i am 17, i am technically not allowed to vote yet. i think it is a little bit hard because everyone is so democratic or republican so it is hard to try to find where you fit where everyone wants to be in some category. it is hard for me to pick a candidate to vote oh, left or right or red or white. it is difficult for our age >> thank you. >> one more, let me go to you. you have been holding your hand up nicely. >> thank you, chris. on the topic of immigration, i know we talk a lot about illegal immigration and things like that, one of the topics that concerns me is the topic of visas and green cards. my father's business deals a lot
7:59 pm
with actually bringing workers from india over to the united states through h 1 b program. one of the problems is the current visa program, there are patr approximately 1 million visas awarded. >> what should be done? >> the visa quota right now is 10,000 per country. which is inconsistent with the amount of people trying to come. >> thank you very much. >> i think that's fair. >> let me say what i think. my attitude about this tonight. there were a couple of exceptions and everybody knew what they were. there are a lot of respects tonight and different opinions. i think that's great. i think most of us have mix families. american families tend to be mixed. people have brothers and sisters. i have a friend of mine i bring in from brooklyn that do a family argument for me. it is better off with us fighting with each other, tonight people did it very well and i am proud of this country
8:00 pm
tonight and thank you all for coming. thank you all. a very special thank you for "hardball" in dayton, ohio. "the 11th hour" starts right now. [ applause ] the president on the eve of his reelection kickoff, he's claiming polls that shows him losing including his own are favorable and he fires some pollsters. most of their democratic colleagues are not for impeach nor is nancy pelosi and her vote counts more than most. the breaking news tonight of 1,000 american families are learning that a family member is deploying to the gulf because ofs tof the tensions with iran. now the tha


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