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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 25, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> the white house moves to block kellyanne conway from testifying. the white house counsel has advised her not to show up tomorrow.
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good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, june 25. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside white house correspondent jeff bennett. we have been told almost 300 migrant children were removed from a filthy holding station in clint, texas. some children were wearing dirty clothes covered in mucus on even urine. and teenaged mothers stained with breast milk. every child i spoke with had not bathed. a stentch came from the area. the children have been taken to
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a tent camp in el paso, texas where they will remain with border control until they can be placed with health and human services. health and human services was asked about this. thiss what he said. >> what is happening down at this texas border patrolation specifically where you are moving 300 children. >> i'd have to defer to the director of homeland security. those are his facilities. i get the kids who come across borders by themselves. we get them in shelters quickly. we try to place them with sponsors, usually family members they have in the united states. >> addressing an aid package. according to the "washington post," leaders have agreed to amend the bill after some
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liberals voted to suspend their bill. assistant speaker emerged from a nearly two hour meeting yesterday involving members of the congressional caucus. two groups expressed concerns about delivering additional funding. they said a vote would proceed on tuesday. the congressman said house speaker agreed to support changes to the bill detailing what constitutes humane treatment for migrant children. saying she recently spoke and urged them to back off his threat of reporting thousands of undocumented immigrants. >> when i spoke to the president, i said, look, i'm a mom, i have five kids, seven grandchildren. the children are scared. you are scaring the children of america. not just those families but in
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neighboring communities. you are scaring the children. >> pelosi said she phoned him and asked him to call off the raids that had been planned to target ten major cities starting on sunday. turning now to the heightened tensions with iran. president trump said he does not need congressional approval to launch a military operation against tehran. >> i like the idea of keeping congress abreast. >> nancy pelosi said you must have congressional approval. you disagree. >> i do. i do like -- they have intelligent ideas. i learned some things the other day when we had a meeting. i do like keeping them abreast but i don't have to do it legally. >> the president's position comes as they claim there are
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ties between al qaeda and iran. and that grants the legal justification to go to war with iran without new congressional approval. announcing yesterday additional sanctions against iran. >> i'll be signing an executive order imposing hard-hitting sanctions on the supreme leader of iran and the office of the supreme leader of iran and many others. today's action follows a series of aggressive behaviors by iranian regime including shooting down of u.s. drones and many other things aside from the individual drone. you saw the tankers. we know of other things done also that were not good. >> is this the u.s. response to the shooting down the drone? >> you can add that into it but this is something that was going
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to happen anyway. >> he reiterated his desire to talk to tehran's leadership. >> i look forward to the day sanctions can be lifted and iran can become a peaceful and prosperous nation. i look forward to discussing whatever i have to discuss with anybody that wants to speak. in the meantime, who knows what is going to happen. >> mr. president, is your goal to negotiate with iran? >> we would love to be able to. >> this morning, national security advisor said the u.s. is open to negotiations and all iran needs to do is, quote, walk through that open door but this morning, iran's foreign minister said the latest round of sanctions said the, quote, current closure of diplomacy. an advisor says the, quote,
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u.s.'s claim it wants negotiations while it increases pressure is not acceptable. >> joining us now from washington, there was this idea the attack was positioning iran to be in a place they could come to a negotiating table from a place of power versus on their knees. now we are hearing because of these new sanctions, as jeff mentioned, it has closed the door to diplomacy. what do you make of these latest actions? they've said if you pull back on sanctions, then we can think about sitting down for talks. in that sense, this latest round has not changed that equation
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but you are seeing rhetoric that is really hardening the position of iran. trump loves sanctions for anyone and anything, when it comes to using military force, he was not willing to use that step. they are feeling him out. he's feeling out their behavior. neither side says they are prepared to make a break. he's talking steps that is probably moving him further away. >> dave, let's turn back to this emergency aid package said to be voted on by the house today. how do you think these disturbing stories of migrant kids held in these dirty, dire and dangerous conditions, how has that changed the package being brought to the floor today? >> so there is a split between
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democrats here. they are saying we don't want to necessarily fund this behavior at the border, yet there is a crisis here. a need for funding. leadership is saying, we'll taylor this bill to ensure we are not going to allow them to use this money for abuses at the border. we need to get this money over there. republicans on the other side saying we don't like this bill because of provisions allowed in there. there is a split both in the democratic side, then democrats and republicans on this. >> when it comes to helping out those kids at the detention center, it does not take an act of congress to get those kids a bar of soap and toothbrush. we heard when he said nothing could happen until congress appropriatated more money.
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within, what, a couple of hours, they announced they were going to move them to a different facility. they are still under border patrol protection. at least they are not in that facility. so truth squad on that one. >> thank you. we'll talk again in a little bit. president trump claims that writer e. jean carroll is, quote, totally lying and not his type. his defense is that she is totally lying and not his type. during an interview, he said, quote, i'm going to say it with great respect. number one, she's not my type, it never happened. he went on to say, i know nothing about her.
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c carroll's response. >> i love that i'm not his type. he denies all 15 women that have come forward. he denies, flips it around. >> she claimed in a book that he forced himself on her in a dressing room 23 years ago. >> coming up, kellyanne conway turns down a request for hearing. >> senator majority mcconnell to meet with 9/11 first responders today. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back.
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the hatch act. a report found that conway violated that law numerous times while disbarraging democratic candidates during interviews and on social media. the president says he has no plans to fire her. conway spoke out saying house democrats are trying to retaliate against her for managing his 2016 campaign. the panel votes tomorrow if she will not agree to answering questions. talk to me about kellyanne conway, the white house says they are not even sure it applies to employees like herself. >> that's right. it is a little hazy. it prohibits any employee from
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engaging in the political activity. the same law allows an employee to have political opinions and express their opinions. it is a little hazy. there are currently u.s. senators and represents running for president in 2020 and you routinely see them criticize the current administration. it is unclear exactly what the contours of the hatch act are. >> she's blaming house democrats but it didn't originate with the house. house democrats say that he's going to subpoena conway if she doesn't show up tomorrow. i feel like we've seen this movie before where subpoenas are treated as suggestions. we hope you will show up. that's not what they are at all. >> also she knows there are no
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follow up. >> congress rewill vote to hold her in contempt. if she ignores it. they will submit it for criminal content. we've seen when you ask, the executive branch believes it can say no thank you. even though it says thou shalt present this, they take it as meaning they'll do it if they feel like it. >> do you feel like the dems don't have a case? >> it is a frustrating thing that congress has the technical power to subpoena people but what we are learning is that that power is meaningless unless you have an enforcement mechanism. the department of justice and the executive branch, there is
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one group of people you will have a little difficulty enforcing against. that's the executive branch. >> so the system doesn't work unless you have cooperation on both sides? >> right. it is less about using the hammer of criminal contempt if they don't show up. >> let's get a check on the weather with bill ckarins. >> we had some bad weather in texas. they had six to nine irchnches rain. water rescues overnight. because that rain has moved out, that has been dropped. iner with the daylight, we'll get pictures in. we have some rain moving into new york city. anyone heading out the door in the next 15 minutes to say the next hour, you'll have to go through a brief period of heavy
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rain around new york city, new jersey and long island that will pushup throughout our morning. later on, we are worried about severe storms. we could see enhanced risk areas, kansas city included in this too. wind damage thin this. the wind threat moves up there to about 21 million people. boston will deal with storms now in new york city later this morning. maybe a minor problem there. dallas could have scattered storms. anyone driving on the highway today, not many issues at all on the eastern seaboard. it does look like dallas to little rock could have some minor issues too. some of the hottest temperatures of the summer arriving through many areas of the country. let me show you how hot it will be in europe.
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we have a chance of setting an all-time high. the women's world cup is over there. that will be a big news story in the days ahead. >> i remember years ago there was a major heat wave there. >> this one could top them all. >> president trump is once again criticizing former vice president joe biden about not getting an endorsement from former president barack obama. bounty picks up messes quicker and is two times more absorbent. bounty, the quicker picker upper. that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico.
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welcome back. president trump is renewing his attacks of joe biden. he made the claim during his interview with the hill without any evidence to back it up adding that is the real reason former president obama has not endorsed him. >> how he hasn't gotten obama to endorse him. how he's not endorsing him is rather a big secret. if you want to know, if you know the answer, please let me know. could be president obama knows something but there is something going on in that brain of his. >> beto o'rourke has unveiled a plan to take care of the veterans including a war tax to cover the cost of future medical tear imposing $25 to $1,000 tax
2:24 am
on nonmilitary households every time the u.s. goes to war. >> it means before we go to war again, after we've ended the wars we are already in, we are going to make sure we understand the full cost and consequence of going to those wars. it is not just about deploying the men and women, it is their care when they come back. >> the plan also calls for bringing a responsible end to the wars in iraq and afghanistan. he has remained vague on how or when. a star studded cast took to the stage to perform a live reading of passages from the mueller report. the search for the truth is the name of the play. adapted special portions of the 448-page report on the investigation. the tony award writer penned the
2:25 am
show, and narrated the live one-night performance. john lithgo and klein performed. >> the president called fbi director james comey and invited him to dinner that evening. >> before the dinner, he told the president something like, don't talk about russia whatever you do. >> according to comey's account, at one point during the dinner, the president stated -- >> i need loyalty. i expect loyalty. >> comey did not respond. the conversation moved on to other topics. >> the president returned and repeated. i need loyalty. >> you will always get honesty
2:26 am
from me. >> that's what i want honest loyalty. >> i'm speechless. okay. >> whatever it is you think about the reading of the mueller report, it is dramatic to watch it read like that. >> yes. >> still ahead, more on the rising tensions with iran. president trump has imposed new sanctions that the president is criticizing. we'll go live to tehran for the latest. >> president trump gets quizzed on his confidence on fbi director. we'll show you what the president had to say. that's coming up next. coming uy has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
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welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside jeff bennett. let's start with the top stories, the president announced new sanctions on iran by, quote, a series of aggressive behaviors. trump also stated his desire to talk with the leader that, quote, should have happened days ago. the latest round of u.s. sanctions mean the, quote, closure of discussions. thank you for joining us, it has busy with a lot going on. talk to us about the situation and the atmosphere on the ground. what are people saying?
2:31 am
is. >> reporter: good morning, as one analyst put it to me yesterday, sanctioning the supreme leader spells the death of diplomacy. that is being echoed today. the president of iran dismissed and called the president mentally ill saying the supreme leader doesn't have any assets abroad. foreign ministry spokesman here said the latest u.s. sanctions mean the permanent closure of diplomacy. iran views offers of talks with the u.s. as entirely insincere arguing that this all sticks and no carrot policy is not going to
2:32 am
bring them back to the table. as for the iranian people, they are under pressure, under sanctions making life very difficult. they are also very jittery of a conflict around the corner. >> as you know, the trump administration has been making a case to congress there are ties between iran and the taliban. >> reporter: iran sees this as another attempt to bolster a case against tehran. iran and al qaeda are opposed to one another. as far as i know, there is no credible evidence presented to show collaboration between them. after 9/11, they rounded up and apparently placed on house arrest. several al qaeda figures inside
2:33 am
iran shortly after those attacks. iran's relation with the taliban is more complicated. they were once deadly enemies before 9/11. they had been backing the northern alliance but there is a strategic interest between them. they have engaged in peace talks with the taliban for a specific interest. >> hundreds of migrant children were relocated after they were found to be living in substandard conditions. unfolding as president trump tries to strike a deal with democrats on this issue. calling the chief correspondent hallie jackson with more. >> reporter: a new move for more than 300 migrant children that have been transferred to a tent camp after a national out cry when lawyers visited.
2:34 am
>> there is no access to soap, toothbrushes. there is also a lice infestation. these are the most appalling conditions i have seen in my 12 years of representing children and families who are detained. >> reporter: that facility in texas is one of many packed past capacity as they struggle to find space. 144,000 in may, the highest monthly total in 13 years. now, the count down is on. president trump in an abrupt about face announced he's holding on for two weeks. he's hoping for democrats to strike a deal. a goal of the president as he tries to crack down on immigration. the reversal of the raids prompted on the call with the house speaker. >> i spoke to the president and said, look, i'm a mom.
2:35 am
the children are scared. you are scaring the children. >> congress is also considering approving $4.5 billion mostly for food and medical supplies for unaccompanied children at the border. >> why let the political debate hurt these children? >> if the democrats would change the asylum laws and loopholes, they refuse to do, everything would be solved immediately. they refuse to do it. >> reporter: even though the president says there changing asylum laws would solve everything in his view. it doesn't take that act of congress to make sure detained children have toothbrushes. as for the aid package, the house could vote as early as today. >> thank you for that report. ahead of senator image or meeting with 9/11 first responders today. u.s. senators are voting hopes
2:36 am
he will not block the legislation from moving forward. senator gillibrand, i appreciate he is meeting with the responders, i hope it will be the last time they have to come down to washington, period. they are sick. they are dying and have already had to spend too much of their precious time walking the halls of congress. chuck schumer said this, by the end of this meeting tomorrow, he should commit to put the bill on the floor for a stand alone vote immediately. we cannot tolerate anymore delate. an exclusive interview president trump declined to comment whether he has confidence on fbi director christopher wray on the use of the term spying to describe the surveillance in 2016. wray told lawmakers he would not use that term. trump at the time called his answer ridiculous and that barr
2:37 am
described the situation perfectly. yesterday, the president said he respectfully disagreed with wray but did not elaborate with his performance as head of the fbi. joining husband, our guest. dave, how detrimental is the president's apparent lack of trust in the fbi director? >> the fbi under trump has been the center of these partisan debates. the last before this was over trump disagreeing with wray saying he should report foreign interference to the fbi. >> that is a case of trump's position directly contradicting what the fbi was trying to achieve. the overarching question here is whether the fbi feels it could do all of the work it needs to do even under a commander and chief that doesn't support a lot
2:38 am
of that work. i think wray would tell you that is the case. i was thinking of the reading you played in the mueller report. trump was looking for a loyalist according to his recollection. the thing here is he doesn't have one and wray is viewed as an independent actor. >> just thinking about where we are with iran. we rely so heavily on where we are for intelligence gathering. when you are undermining intelligence agencies in this country and not putting full confidence in the director of the fbi. that is not necessarily a good message to send. let's switch engine let's switch gears now and talk about mitch mcconnell. what do you expect the outcome to be from this meeting today? >> jon stewart basically scadar
2:39 am
mcconnell to meet with the first responders. i don't know. i hope that he will ensure future opportunities will pass at the first opportunity rather than letting it sit there for a while. i don't know what to make of all of this except for the fact that jon stewart's advocacy on this has clearly worked. this is a case where it has not just this year but in past years as well. i guess kudos to him. >> if what mcconnell has said in the past is any indication for today, i'm sure we should be positive. he said, this is what we do. >> it is not a matter of if but when. time is not on their side. thank you for your time. ahead, details on the bid by
2:40 am
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seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be surprising. ask your doctor about eliquis. >> welcome back. maine's house speaker has launched a bid to unseat collins in 2020. the senator had long been expected to announce a run. she made the announcement in a campaign video where she attacked collins for voting on a $1.5 trillion tax cut. she is also attacking her for taking money from drug and insurance companies as well as her vote for supreme court justice brett kavanaugh.
2:44 am
a new policy agenda set by an expensive collation aims to push climate change as a health emergency. as set by 74 groups, the push to back to basics approach to combatting climate change asking candidates to a recommitment to the paris accord. a reduction in petrolium and a push for some form of cashon pricing under the umbrella of protecting public health. let's get a check on the weather now with bill karins. >> so we have to go back four years. time machine, man. yesterday this time, i was showing you pictures of the houston area. i want to show you images we had. this was a flash flood event we
2:45 am
had quickly. this was a homeless person. that thing in the background was all his possessions. he made this raft device. he was okay. she said thank you to all the rescuers once he safely got out. overnight, we had a lot of flash flooding problems in south texas. we are seeing a lot of rainfall in the northeast. this will be the beginning of hotter and more humid air in the region. in the areas of up state new york, new york city, the rain is about to begin. it will only be with us about an hour or two. it will pushup towards connecticut near boston. the other area of concern, about eight states. the people at risk of severe storms. we mentioned the temperatures. it will get warm. the southeast will get warm and will spread. heading towards the hottest
2:46 am
portion of our summer season. tampa the same for you with the heat index. we see it expanding to the north. raleigh, 94, d.c. 90. three days in a row starting on thursday continuing to saturday. >> about time, right? >> i teased our big story. these temperatures to give you an example for later on next week. madrid could be 106 on friday. off the chart heat. >> say whatever you want, he'll laugh at you. >> i was laughing at her screaming beach day as you are doing the weather report. >> she makes her plans while you do the weather. >> still ahead, lawmakers look to take new action against tech
2:47 am
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simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. welcome back, fedex is suing the commerce department to keep itself out of the escalating fight between the u.s. and the chinese firm huawei. what is the lawsuit actually arguing here? >> this is in the context of the
2:50 am
fact that not so long ago, fedex miss directed some huawei product and instead sent them to the u.s. huawei said they were reassessing relationship with fedex. what the lawsuit essentially says is that the commerce department by enforcing a ban on huawei product has placed an unreasonable burden on the company to essentially police thousands if not millions of packages sent around the world on a daily basis. they say this is unreasonable. the company has asked the court to intercede and banning the right to do due process under the fifth amendment. and another interesting story, some u.s. senators are planning to introduce legislation today. this is the least catchy acronym of all. it's designing accounting standards to help broader oversight or the dashboard act
2:51 am
to help what big commercial operators light google, facebook, amazon, how they use that data, how much it is worth and it will allow consumers to delay that with some exceptions. >> let's talk about the intersection of business and slurpees because 7/eleven has a new service where you can get your slurpee delivered at the beach or the park. my kids will love this. so tell us more about this. >> so it's not really slurpee or beach weather here in the uk today. i know it's very warm in europe. we heard from bill, i know you guys have some warm weather coming up in new york so if you want to take a stroll up to central park to have your lunch you could sit down and open up your app and open anything that the chain offers you. 9,100 stores will deliver not just to your home, but to a specific location and for you guys -- i have a little warning
2:52 am
for you. this requires a $6 delivery fee if you spend less than $15. >> a slurpee and a hot dog costs that much. >> slurpees for everyone then. willem, thank you for your time. coming up, axios is looking at the one big thing and managing two policy crises. the latest on the backlash that president trump is facing on the border. plus as the administration launches new sanctions against iran, the president says he doesn't need congressional approval to launch a military operation against tehran. the number two democrat in the senate, dick durbin, will weigh in on that when he joins the conversation. "morning joe" is just moments away. about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs.
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2:56 am
with a look at axios a.m. is cofounder and ceo of axios. what is the one big thing? >> we are looking at the trump slump, we have been talking to cable news and websites and across the board you are seeing less interest in donald trump than last year. you are seeing about a 30% decline on social media in terms of interaction with stories about donald trump. when he tweets, he's getting about half of the interest and response that he would have a year or two ago. you're seeing a cable ratings in some area go down especially when talking about trump. and i think part of it is there's just of a numbing -- that almost nothing can break through. yesterday, we had -- you know we had this scoop with axios and hbo about the vetting documents and that's fresh and new and no one had seen it before. that does break through. but almost nothing else does. look -- there was almost no coverage of another rape
2:57 am
allegation against the president of the united states. it's almost as if the world's gone numb. >> let's stick with trump here. i also know that axios is looking at the economic trouble facing trump country as you're putting it. what are you finding? >> yeah, there's, you know 200 some counties that flipped, that basically counties that had voted for obama twice and then voted for trump. so those are the counties you could argue that gave us president trump. in those counties, you are seeing economic indicators lag behind the rest of the country. you are seeing -- in terms of economic growth and new businesses and economic momentum that in some ways those are the ways that are struggling the most. i think the big question is do they blame trump for not getting more economic mojo back under his rein or say, listen, this is why we got behind trump in the first place because we feel like we're a community that we're an
2:58 am
area that's been left behind. those are big battlegrounds because a lot of the counties are in places like iowa, maine, wisconsin. states that be competitive in this election. >> do you have a sense of what the trump campaign is doing to counter that? he had a big rally in florida. and in iowa, i believe. what are they doing to stem a potential loss of support from the voters in those areas? >> he'll continue to pound and pound and if you look overall the stock market, a record june performance. you have unemployment that's low. that these communities were left behind in the past and he'll argue it will take a lot longer than a couple of years to reverse any damage that had been done. i will say behind the scenes, states like new mexico, minnesota, that they're thinking they could put these on the map if we don't do as well in some the states or the counties last time. so they're very aware that despite having -- if you just look at economic indicators,
2:59 am
trump should be killing it, right? he should be in the 50, 60% favorable ratings. his re-election numbers should be super strong because usually that tells us about the happiness of the country and therefore the happiness of the incumbent president. but that's not the case here. largely because like trump consumes everything and everyone has a hardened opinion. you either love him or hate him, but very few people are ambivalent. >> let's talk about mayor pete here and axios is looking at the handling of the police shooting in his community. what kind of impact could this have on his 2020 prospects? >> i think a huge impact. listen, he's had a charmed campaign so far. he's sort of been the toast of the circuit, if you l because he's new, he's fresh and different. now he has a real crisis at home. he has a community that's 40% plus minority. and he has a police force that's 90% white. and he has especially in the african-american community in the state that -- in the city that he's in charge of saying that he's not doing enough. they're not just mad like
3:00 am
they're angry. he has to confront them, they're confronting him. there's already questions about his questions to appeal to minority voters ares so this is sort of his first crisis test. he is still going to show up at the debate is our understanding. even though there is a crisis back home. his advisers think he's rising to the moment and that people will look at how steady and how clear he is and in a difficult moment which is true. but if he continues to have a backlash at home from democrats, from minorities, that's a huge problem. >> yeah. it's also a challenge that people who happen to be mayors and governors who run for these -- run for office tend to have. i mean, he has to juggle dealing with the job he has versus for running for the job that he wants. so it -- >> especially when you're a mayor, you're a mayor of a relatively small city, you're young so you're making the argument i'm ready to be president. well, this about as big of a crisis as you'll see in


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