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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  June 29, 2019 11:00pm-1:00am PDT

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at the time, they were propaganda games going on with the north koreans, blasting music, blasting propaganda, north korean traditional propaganda songs so they could be heard on the south korean side and the south korean side would respond with their music, to though the others what they were missing us out on, that th world had moved on. those games, those mind games, they have stopped. those speakers have been taken down. you don't feel the level of tension that you did earlier in president trump's presidency throughout seoul and you don't feel it inside the dmz. the question is, who is responsible for that? president trump is making a case, i mean, in these impromptu
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remarks to the traveling pool that he is responsible for that and saying if he had not been president, president obama or a democratic president would have led the united states to a war with north korea. and that he is the bringer of of peace here. and that is certainly debatable. because, as far as we can see, what happened is, president, when president trump was elected, kim jong-un escalated his activity and trump escalated his assets in the region. and now, there's a sense of relief from that peak of tension. >> from the top of the hour, you if you are just joining us. we are covering breaking noose out of south korea. it's the dmz, between north korea and south korea. there's video of the president leaving the dmz, one of the look-out points.
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if you heard at the top of the hour, he was talking about the importance of the locations. the importance of president trump being there. and seeing this. and as well, how the conditions have changed over time. so, the president now, at the dmz, he will meet now with u.s. and south korean troops that are stationed there. close by. and then, we believe he will finally meet with kim jong-un at some location close to the demilitaryized zone. he confirmed it would be happening in a press conference about two hours ago when he was standing next to moon-jae in, you can see, he is not going to be necessarily in the meeting with kim jong-un, but here for the visit. the president spending 10 or 15 minutes there. and the timing thoughs has been what has been stretched out
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throughout what is their arch on a sunday and our early eastern time, 2:00 here. 2:00 p.m. sunday in south korea at the dmz and it's relevant to american military history and what's meant for what so many generations now across the country, when we talk about korean -- we will stay on top of what is happening there. i want to go to hans nicholls who has been our correspondent with the president, watching his schedule. and at the moment, right now, hans, is that right? we are expecting him to meet with u.s. troops and then finally, with kim jong-un? >> well, perhaps. they have not given us a great deal of detail. what it will be like at the dmz,
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all he will be meeting with troops, you see that now when he is there talking. and he is receiving a briefing with him. general abrams is in charge of the forces. the threat is real from north korea. and the most senior military adviser on the peninsula is there by his side. after this historic meeting here, i don't know if you can call it a meeting, a summit, a handshake, we will have to see how long it goes. the president is scheduled to good back further south and address troops before he is wheels up and goes home. when the president finds an event like this. he finds troops and makes comments. you have seen previous presidents, obama and bush all do that. so, what we need to find out now from watching the video and talking to the pool, that is
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with the president right now, is, how long, when this meeting starts and how long it going to go and what, if anything, of substance came out of what clearly will be a historic photo op. >> the announcement by the president. he was interested in meeting with kim jong-un, it was a game time call there. before, that came out, what was the, we hope to accomplish this. by going to south korea. what was the original goal? in general, when you are in a g-20 summit, the presidents tack on a stop to the trip to make sure that the alliance stays strong. this is a chance to check in and take the temperature on it. i want to caution on the optics of this and the timing of this.
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he wants us to act like it was a game day call. the white house has not been entirely up front about a planning for this. framp, in the preview of the trip, the white house denied there was a meeting with kim planned. at the same time, the president had an interview with the hill newspaper and let it slip that he was planning something like this and the white house asked the hill to withhold the publication, and the hill did for national security reasons. he likes drama and the optics of drama. we cannot say we know it a game day decision. something like this, there could have been a lot of back channel diplomacy to grease a meeting like this. >> i want to get over to counselor jack jacobs.
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we were at the top of the hour,ing at thour, ing -- looking at the postpo postpone -- . looking at the president, what is the importance of the president visiting today and this day and age of what we understand to be north and south korean american relations? >> you know, every president is advised to visit as many countries in the most difficult positions as he can. what is really important here of course is at the most difficult
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areas, and that is, that includes korea. you know, we have troops in other difficult areas, we have troops up in the baltic and in africa, and so on. argue ably the highest tensions are right here on the krorean peninsu peninsula, and one of the reasons is the korean war is not yet over. there was a cease fire has been issued but the war continues. one of the things that i think that both sides will see is a ce sympt ssation of the war. one of the more important things that the north koreans want is an easing of not just tensions.
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the stopping of the economic strictures that have been put on north korea. and america will not do that. there's going to be a reduction in north korea's continue drive to acquire a larger number of nuclear weapons. make no mistake about it, literally and figuratively. the korean war is still on. and our nearly 30 thousand troops in the reason are always at risk. for that alone, it's vitally important that every president visits korea.
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>> victor, you are still with us. now, that we are looking forward to what is the 20, 40, could be an hour before the meeting does happen with kim jong-un. who is kim jong-un today? 35 years old, is that right? >> he has been in power in a very young aiming and nor a good amount of time now. >> yeah. i mean, he has surprised a lot of people. when he first came to power, many people including myself did not think he would be able to last more than a few months. he over the past five years or so, has ruthlessly killed members of his own family. relati relatives. generals. party officials to cement his position in power. while he was doing that, he was, very reinclusive. i mean, there was no interaction
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with any world leaders for the first five years of his rule. and then, over the past year. sparked by the first set of meetings with the south koreans, after the winter olympics last year and the meeting with donald trump in sing a fapore. >> so, you know, he really has surprised a lot of people that he has been able to stay in power and command an audience with the world leaders. when the united states and south korean leaders want so badly to meet with kim. that means that kim, a
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35-year-old will dictate when and where it's going to happen. that's the position, he has put himself in. i am certain there were back channel talks going on. i don't think that the chinese would have rushed to meet the north korean leader. that happened suddenly. i don't think that xi, the north korean leader would have rushed there unless there was an idea that there was going to be a president and kim. the past two meetings the chinese have sought out a meeting with north korea. north korea is their baby and they don't want anybody cutting in to chinese equities. and they are claim-s on if northern part of the pa nidg
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peninsula. this dmz, the soldiers that man the dmz, are very special group. they are a combined force of u.s. and south korean soldiers. they are all completely bilingual, it's a integrated force. there's nothing like it. where these solars operate together, eat together, shower together. they call each other brothers and sisters. it's a true picture of the most integrated alliance that the united states has. jack is right, every u.s. president has to go here and pay respect to those who stand on the front line. victor, we we look forward
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to the meeting and expect it to be in the next hour, you mentioned that kim jong-un hit his stride. something that surprised you and other watchers of kim jong-un, and watchers of north korea. if he is hitting his stride, is he really, as has been said by others, the winner of all the meetings. is -- recover it from a domestic
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perspective. the south korean president too, he is following the president up to the dmz, because he wants see some more progress or more meetings between kim and trump so he can push forward with his own domestic agenda. which is to try to create more economic action with north korea, and obviously, with the president, and all that is going on in washington and mueller now going to testify. he wants to take as much tension off of that, and claim this as a big foreign policy have victory for him. as he pensioned himself for the campaign. >> we are going to take a short break, we are watching breaking news. president trump, on location if you will, we with expect him to be meeting for a photo op for some a amount of time, undetermined at this moment with kim jong-un of north korea, when it happens we will have it right here on msnbc, for now, short break.
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thanks for staying with us, we are looking at live pictures coming in from president trump here in seoul, south korea, close to the dmz, he is at a dining hall. he will be meeting with what we understand to be five dozen american as well as south korean troops who are stationed together, work together day-to-day as we were being told. and we expect them also -- we
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will listen in. >> it's the first time in history that the president of the republic of korea and the president of the united states has visited this demilitarized zone and today, this afternoon, we have a more dramatic event that awaits us. and i would like to thank president trump for making such a decision.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: and now, i have joint security area that is being transformed from the symbol of confrontation. to a symbol of peace. you are all witnesses to this great change. >> translator: and the very person who has brought this great change about is of course, president trump. he is the proud president of all of you. >> i want to thank you very much, you are a very special group of people. and i just look at you and look how healthy and strong and how good, and we really appreciate it. we appreciate it very much.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> so this was a scheduled visit from a number of months ago. we went from the g-20 and i promised your president, president moon, who is a friend of mine. i said, we have to see the dmz and so, this was scheduled for a long time ago, and then, yesterday, i had the idea, maybe i will call chairman kim. and see if he wants to say hello. so we did not give him much notice. but we have become -- we respect each other. we respect each other. maybe even like each other. and he has agreed to meet and i will meet him wiin just about fr minutes. i will cut my speech a little short. other than to say, you are great people, you have done a fantastic job, you know that.
11:23 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] what do you have over there? that looks good. >> president, we have a small token of appreciation and recognition of your visit here in the republic of korea, we are grateful for your leadership, you and president moon and all you do, and we have a small token of appreciation, everyone knows you are a golfer. there's golfers in the room. ? who is golfer?
11:24 pm
>> so, we got you, we are hopeful, i know you get a lot of gifts. but we are hoping that this one is one that might find utility for you on one of your golf courses. so, it's got your name stencilled on there and all three of our commands, united nations command, u.s. forces korea. and of course, it's the most important thing, our motto is we go together. so, we will hope when you wear it on the golf course, you will think of the strength and the enduring nature of our rock u.s. alliance. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> so we will shake a couple of hands with some of the heroes.
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>> president trump, right now, along with moon jae-in shaking hands as was described. some of the heroes, those that performed well, one would imagine there with the u.s. republic of korea. armed forces there by the demilitarized zone. it's a unique place where they operate, and trill together. i'm not sure if we have colonel jack jacobs, if you were able to watch this, tell us what you know of the people in the area? >> i'm not familiar with the video, but i am familiar with those in the area. it's a combined force. and the relationship goes all the way back to the korean war.
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when it began, we began to integrate american and korean forces. in 1953 and 198, these troops are rotated through on a regular bases it's a short tour for m-- americans. it's one year. many forces return because their skill levels are high. >> right. >> particularly with respect to the relationship with the korean forces and their ability to deal with them.
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and we repeat these, this engagement every year. to expanded mill tear exercises which, we discussed earlier. but, any general officer, or senior enlisted man will tell you how important these joint and combined exercises are. they are not war games. they have to test all the integrated capabilities of both american and korean forces and of all of the american forces the ability to work together and defend our interests. when he get selected to -- the exercises, there was a great deal of consternation, not just
11:28 pm
in the american military establishment. but between the allies. it's important that those sorts of things continue. it will be difficult to see, how the important military exercises are going to be able to continue. if the president of the united states decides to use it as a chip to gain some advantage in the relationship. with north korea. the most interesting thing about what is going to happen here is not the meeting. but what happens after the meeting. is anything going to happen after the meeting? and what are the united states and the allies willing to give up to have more normalized relations with north korea, richard. >> on that question, i want to bring in the adam. adam, what would the various
11:29 pm
parties be willing to give up to move forward. >> so far, they have come to lagerheads, in the negotiation process. both sides have not been willing to move far from the original positions. the north koreans want sanctions relief. and want the economy to be free from the chains that the trump administration placed on it and successive u.s. presidents applied. and the trump administration stuck to it that north korea give up their nuclear weapons before sanctions can come off. neither side has moved from those positions and so, talks have ground to a halt. there's little indication that working level talks were still ongoing. and working through the
11:30 pm
difficult issues. unfortunately what i think we are about to see before us is with a is left of the negotiations. >> i want to do hans nicholls. hans, get us up to date in terms of what we know right now. what he is doing and what he plans to do the rest of the day. he did say, he is going to have a handshake or photo-op with kim jong-un and what we know about it. >> that meeting should be taking place right now. he said that he would be meeting in four minutes. the white house has not been forthcoming with the details of when and where the meeting will happen. the north korea ns have not
11:31 pm
confirmed that kim yong-eun you know will be meeting. what have is a conversation about how long it was and what it meant for the prospects of restarting serious negotiations. thepresident seems to be down playing expectations for this handshake meeting. saying that it's just a step, it's a step in the right direction much. we will see how it goes. kim jong-un and i understand heech other and have a friendly relationship. he is not saying he will come out of of the meetings with deliverables. . >> rich a arrested, there at the dmz, how historic will this historic meeting be? >> well, everything that we have seen so far is pretty standard.
11:32 pm
the tour of an observation post. a situational briefing p meeting with troops. getting a ceremonial gift. that is the kind of thing that is afforded to any visiting of heads of state. what is different, what has had never been done before, is what we are expecting will happen soon when the delegations fade away and president trump goes up to the demarcation line, a concrete line on the ground that separates old enemies. and kim jong-un, approaches from the north korean side, they meet, initially and it's prezumed on either side and cross over potentially from one to the next in a sign of dip lowmat i can progress and friendship. that has never been done before. the dmz was set up after the
11:33 pm
kr korean war. it's entire history, you have never seen its true purpose put to use. where the enemy combatants, get together and use this international space. use had this buffer zone in order to -- excuse me, a bus came by. use the opportunity, use this space to engage in diplomatic activity. one thing that i wanted to add, earlier on in the initial comments you had, before he came in here, in press briefing in seoul, president trump said that president obama had wanted to meet with kim jong-un that president obama reached on us to h -- reached out to him and kim jong-un was not interested. president trump went on to say, that it was the warmth that made the meeting possible.
11:34 pm
i reached out to the national security adviser under president obama and i asked him, was that true? i asked, did this ever happen? did president obama reach out to kim jong-un and it was rebuffed and he wrote back, of course not. exclamation point. never, not once. we never even got to the point where we considered a meeting. so, a strong denial that that sequence of events ever happened. basically the former official accusing the president taking credit for something that did not take exist. >> traditionally, a meeting is usually done after progress has been made. then you see something like today, a meeting. a third meeting with kim jong-un. great to have richard reaching
11:35 pm
out to his sources. what he heard from ben rhodes. >> again, it's an effort to re-write the history, making it sound as though president obama was willing to take the peninsula to war. that was not the case. if anything, the obama administration practiced strategic patience. and president bomb was nowhere near taking the peninsula to war. when president trump was elected, and through no fault of his own, there was ramped up
11:36 pm
testing. the first 11 months of trump's administration, they did 20, plus a hydrogen bomb test and trump responded by escalating. talking about fire and fury. and sending strategic assets to the region. and i think people thought in 2017, we were on the brink of war. and many in the government felt we were headed in that situation. so, you know, again, this is the president positioning himself. trying to take the only positive dip loe ma diplomacy, he has been doing anywhere in the world, and take credit for it. the visit we have seen up to the outlook point is different in character and different in optics than we have seen for past presidents. but, he is not nearly as successful as diplomacy as he claims he has been.
11:37 pm
he is sort of taking the cream off the top without doing the hard work on the bottom. he is getting closer to -- he is claiming successes and nothing has taken. since a year ago, when they first met in singapore, they have massed more material and perfected the delivery system and aaccumulated more nuclear warheads. >> we are minutes away from, president trump and kim jong-un''s photo shoot. we will let you know, as we are coming to breaking news of the president at the dmz and through thinks statements saying he will be meeting.
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for now, if strategic patience was used in previoused is administrations, what do you call what president trump uses? the only thing that the president asked for was a lifting of the sanctions. he is feeling the pressure from sanctions. and then, i would call it personal engagement in the personal camp bain by -- in the presidenti president alaial camp an -- >> they are walking now, you see
11:39 pm
the three blue buildings. those are the buildings that you medicati mentioned earlier, where the members of the north and the south and the u.n. command can meet to discuss there. between the two buildings is the mdl. you can see the cam are ra panning toward it. and if there's going to be a meeting, that looks like the place where the meeting will happen. >> and painted un blue because of the key organization that was part of the cease fire. >> painted blue for the -- it's something that is carefully coordinating. each side has to ask and grant permission at the appropriate time for one side to cross.
11:40 pm
so, this is great according to the rules. >> and what we are seeing here, is when the camera, pans to the left. we could see that line that richard engel is talkingabout. only inches high and a foot wide. that is the the actual line. the line on the other side -- looks like we lost the signal that was live. getting live video from the dmz, if i interrupt, it because we want to get straight to what is being shown as well as what is being said there by president trump. that live video that we had for a second. it looks like the location will then be in those buildings? would that be typical? >> so, yeah, what the -- he
11:41 pm
walked up to the lightly raised ryan in the milled. and so, it not if that is what president trump and the north korean leader will do. if president trump will step across his line, it is a historic moment and a great photo op. and i think we said earlier, are they going to have a longer chat, are they going to take a stroll? are they going in to the blue house. and stand there and take pictures next to the flag. it's all unclear and that is how the president likes it. >> relevant of the three different buildings. there's three, 1 in the middle and two that flank it. are they used in different ways. >> the one that is most important and visitedby tourists
11:42 pm
and others is the one in the middle. they were used as different purposes, as far as the commission and maintaining the armisist, they are still used for discussion. but the joint security issue has changed quite a bit. they really try to make it reduce the tension. in the area over the past year, year and a half. and one could a argue, it's been one of the benefits of this piece process. but the concern is, it's reversible. we have had thaws between the two koreas and this is also been an area of high tension in 1976. north korean soldiers took an axe and killed an american
11:43 pm
soldier. so, while the atmosphere today is peace, and that is a good thing. this is, that is easily reversible. and it's a area of more tension than peace. >> if you were to look at the seven decades, where are we in terms of on tension. i may have to cut you off, would you say, high, medium or low? >> we are lower if we are looking at seven decades and we are lower because of south ko a koreaan president, the presidents that engage in personal diplomacy, the bottom line inindicators are still, while the u.s. suspended
11:44 pm
exercises, the north koreans, have not extended their exercises. >> stand by, as we await the meeting. we will pause now for an nbc special report. you are watching history right now. president trump, will be meeting with north korea dictator kim jong-un at the demilitaryized zone. that separates north and south korea. you are looking at live pictures right now from the pool. this is just, moments away, just feet away from where the line of demarcation is at. he will be the first to meet with a north korean leader at the dmz, it comes days aft afte
11:45 pm
president trump to come out and goes to plan. as we do it, for this, let's go to richard engel ro repoeportin us. it's going to happen right now, president trump is coming on out and let's listen in.
11:46 pm
>> good to see you again. i never expected to meet you at this place. you are the first u.s. president to cross it. >> i know, i know.
11:47 pm
-- this is a good moment. >> move, move, clear! >> get out of the way. >> all of you, clear. >> take a picture here? >> no. >> very good. >> hey! hey! hey! hey! >> come on! guys. move! >> it's a great moment. >> great progress, tremendous progress.
11:48 pm
>> okay. guys, come on. come on! come on! come on! let's go! let's go! go! go! go! move! guys move! go! guys! move! they are going straight! >> you said yes, and i -- >> how do you feel? >> feel great. it's a great honor to be here. >> stop! stop! stop! >> okay! okay! >> you can see! >> nobody has expected this moment. >> i cannot do anything. >> u.s. right here. >> chairman kim, how do you
11:49 pm
feel? >> president trump has just walked across the demarcation line, that made him the first u.s. president to visit our country. [ speaking foreign language ] [ no audio ] >> really expect it, we were in japan for the g-20, we came over and i said, hey, i'm over here. i want to call up chairman kim. and we got the to meet. and stepping across that line was a great honor. a lot of progress has been made.
11:50 pm
a lot of friendships have been made and this has been in particular, a great friendship. so i want to just thank you. that was very quick notice and i want to thank you. [ speaking foreign language ] >> so we are going to go inside and talk a little while about different things. a lot of really positive things are happening. and i'm glad you could be here to see it. tremendous positivity. really great things are happening in a lot of places. but, we met and we liked each other from day one. and that was very important. [ speaking foreign language ]
11:51 pm
thank you, everybody, thank you. >> we will talk right now. >> guys! back! stay behind me. behind me. >> stop! >> i know. i know. move, move, move, move. come on!
11:52 pm
>> hey, let's go, bud. let's go. come on, let's go. mark, mark. >> stop. >> i really like to -- making this historic moment. >> it's a great day for a lot of people and really for the world, if you think about it. beyond north korea, south korea, it's a great day for the world, and it's an honor to be here.
11:53 pm
come here. come here. thank you, thank you. he is okay. he is okay. >> i have to say that when i first became president of the united states, it was a big conflict in this area. great, great conflict and now we have just the opposite. and it's my honor and it's the chairman's honor to say, we worked well together and mr. president, thank you. [ speaking foreign language ]
11:54 pm
>> yes, absolutely. nope, nope. i wanted to express my gratitude. >> okay. >> all of on us, to the back. all of us together. back to the yellow line, guys. back to the yellow line. >> come on, hold it. no! stop! stop! press, stopping press. quit.
11:55 pm
>> are you guys okay? >> that was a lot. i know. >> history was made, as you can see there, president trump meeting with kim jong-un as well as moon jae-in, and saying it's a moment in history, that a u.s. had the had crossed over and was in north korea for the first time. after they had the short walk. they are now on the south korean side in the building next to these three blue u.n. buildings. we are not sure what they will be discussing, but trg the sboir meeting that seemed to be put together last minute, according to what the president said, it turned out to be a historic moment. our chief core upon dent at the dmz has been watching the comes and goings in the lead-up to it. as you saw this, that you could not help but think of the
11:56 pm
historic moment. certainly of the u.s. president walking across that demarcati. on n li-- walks across the demarcation line. >> this has been in place since the end of the korean war and it was built for this purpose. it was built for international diplomacy, it was built as a safe place where hostile parties can come together. many presidents have visited but no american president until a short while ago, has crossed over in to north korean territory. so, we saw president trump arriving on the south korean i'd. a small cement barrier, it's just a few inches high.
11:57 pm
a foot wide. waiting there for kim jong-un to arrive. once he did. the two leaders crossed in to north korea and exchanged a few words with kim jong-un, and kim jong-un, as if to repay the diplomdip lo lowdi -- went and met with the south korean presidency. a symbol of diplomatic progress. all of it to show these three parties that fought one of the horrific wars of the century are now getting together in the demilitariazed zone, in a place that was built for this purpose. then, it did not end. they, they spoke to some reporters. the pool reporters who were brought in. it was a bit kchaaotic, and the,
11:58 pm
the three of them went in to freedom house on the south korean side and are continuing their discussions. there have been rumors that it would happen. but we did not get a confirmation that this kind of meeting was going to take place until a few hours before it did, and we did not know until we saw it on live television that president trump was going to take that one footstep, but a very important one footstep and be the first u.s. president to cross in to north korean territory. >> many of the pictures were from the pool reporters. and that in the mix of also, having north korean media as well, this is video that we are getting and i believe it's live in the very room where they will
11:59 pm
sit down and talk now. trump and kim jong-un. let's listen in and see if there's audio we can pick up. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: as this meeting was prearranged through the letters. >> translator: yesterday morning when you expressed a willingness to meet with me here --
12:00 am
>> right here. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ]
12:01 am
[ speaking foreign language ] we have an excellent relationship between the two of us. so, i would like to use this to create -- which nobody expects. and it will propel our
12:02 am
relationship. >> i want to thank you, chairman. you they're power of that voice. nobody has heard that voice before. he does not do news conferences, in case you have not heard and this was a special moment. this is i think, really, as president moon said, this is a historic moment. the fact that we are meeting. and i want to thank chairman kim for something else. when i put out the social media notification, if he did not show up, the press was going to make me look very bad. so you made us both look good. and i appreciate it. we developed a great relationship. i really think that if you go back two and a half years and you look at whats was going on before i was the president it was a very, very bad situation. a very dangerous situation. the relationship that we have
12:03 am
developed has been so good for so many people. i was proud to have me step over the line. very historic day. just saying that, one of the folks from the media was saying it was a historic moment and i guess that is what it is. i know joy being with you and thank you very much. >> thank you, guys, thank you. >> move. >> let's move. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, guys back out the door please. back out the door. straight on back. straight back out. thank you. president trump, kim jong-un, short comments with the press, being asked to leave, as you can
12:04 am
see. you can see, short remarks as they now undertake what it appears to be a meeting. the details have not been put out necessarily for what they will be talking about or for how long at this moment. but we have, as you have seen, these pictures of the history had i can moment of president trump, walking across, he stepped over the line. and stepping over the line here, richard engel still with us at the moment. this time, that means a lot, certainly for at least a photo op and for the history books here. and the tough stuff remains when it comes to north korean/u.s. relati relations. >> well, i think it's designed to be in the history books. and president kept referring to that. the question is, is he rewriting
12:05 am
history right now. and there's aspects of his visit that he appears to be rewriting history. he talked about how, before he game president, relations between north and south korea were intense and on the brink of war. but that it was only through his election and his arrival and his special bond and partnership that he delivered, a friendship that was on display with kim jong- jong-un. he him saying, without that bond and friendship, things would have been worse and potentially have led to war. the attentions between north and south korea dramatically spiked after president trump was elected. there was tremendous rhetoric and insults with him calling the north korea an leader the same -- north korea was explo
12:06 am
exploding. people thought that the two runs were on the brink of war. there's an aspect where he is congratulating himself for easing tensions that he helped to create. but it's still a history had i can moment. it had not been done before. and it will be, he will go down in history as t. the question is why. does he do it to rewrite history. make himself a peaces maker ordeal breaker. or is he trying to restart negotiations. this is the third meeting that the-- that the two leaders have had. this has turned in to more than
12:07 am
a conference. they are entering in to meetings and what appears to be, could be a brief. but a third summit. >>. thank you, there at the dmz, president trump meeting -- this has been an nbc news special report. for more continuing coverage you can go to msnbc. and our breaking news continues and the breaking news, moments ago, president trump crossing over in to new york, being the first u.s. president to do so as we have been watching the video being played and thereafter. a short sit down in the south
12:08 am
korean side, the presidentity saying he wanted to step over the line because he knew the importance of the relationship of he and kim jong-un had built over the three meetings now. and this is the video from earlier of the two leaders walking out from the respective buildings on their respective sides. you see that bit of concrete at the bottom of the picture. the president waiting for kim jong-un to make his way to the same point. and they shake hands and president trump is invited to cross over. and he did. and he does, he stops over the line and the number. you and i were talking a moment ago, the symbolism of this being the location of where the u.s. president goes in to korea.
12:09 am
remind ous of what it means to american history. >> these are relics of an earlier time. relics of the world war ii era. and the woeld war days. this was set up after the >> what you saw today, didn't go inside the houses, wanted to be out in public, designed to be a photo opportunity, public diplomacy. but the houses initially built
12:10 am
to straddle the border were put there should there be inclement weather, rain or long protracted conversations, or two meeting there wouldn't want to cross into the opposite country. when you first saw president trump and kim jong-un shaking hands, each standing in operate countries. president trump with his feet in south korean territory, north korean leader in his own country. president trump asking permission to cross, crossing over to the north, taking 20 steps and kim jong-un repeating the diplomatic honor, crossing into south korea and went into the freedom house, joined by members of president trump's family, other members of the administration and some members of the press were invited in for a short press conference and
12:11 am
then kicked out. as far as we can tell, two leaders are still inside that building, it's unclear how long they will remain there. >> richard, moments in, don't have the benefit of a day, a month, a year to necessarily reflect on what is actually happening. in the moments that we do have, is this what you expected to happen for most part, you being reporter of many moments in history, this is historic moment for u.s. president and north korean leader. >> reporter: it is. i thought they would go into this particular area, between the tents to be seen in public, a similar scenario played out with the south korean president and the north korean president. they did almost exactly the same thing as a sign of friendship. historic moment between north and south korea, they had practiced this choreography with
12:12 am
different players before, so security concerns, quite severe in this case, would be more comfortable with a scenario tried before. also fairly easy to anticipate the themes. president trump saying his charisma and kim jong-un's charis charisma that led to this moment, a de-escalation of the tension. >> as we look at what the next steps might be, we don't know, they're meeting south korean side. they normally prepare an agenda, do they not, for such high stakes meeting in terms of what will be accomplished or not? >> are normally doesn't really apply with president trump. president trump wanted to have this meeting. this meeting had been talked about and discussed and it had been in the rumor mill among
12:13 am
journalists last several weeks. but if you looked at obvious disorganization there, with the press scrambling, even just seemed to be a look of surprise on kim jong-un's face this was really happening, first words he said was i didn't expect we would be meeting here. there was an element of spo spontaneity and preorganization that came together. where it goes from here, they did have some sort of third summit, no specific agenda, although might be laying the groundwork for a future agenda. we know from the white house and north koreans that the two leaders have been changing letters and pleasantries, including a birthday note that kim jong-un sent to president trump on his birthday and president responding as well. they've had diplomatic
12:14 am
correspondences, now a handshake and further conversations. very possible, likely we'll see another formal summit with a more detailed agenda. this is how the president operates. likes things that are aspirational and he pushes them. even said himself, thanked kim jong-un for showing up, knowing if he hadn't shown up in the end, whole world would have accused president trump of having been stood up and spent presidential capital with getting nothing in return. >> and indeed he did show up. back to victor ciao, what did we just see happen? >> very interesting event. but again can only call it historic if it leads to something. this is a meeting that surprised everybody, it's great for television, great photo event. but if it doesn't lead to agreements in terms of military tension reduction, the removal
12:15 am
of nuclear weapons and facilities from north korea, normalization of relations, all these things, then all we have are a bunch of nice pictures. hesitate to call it historic just yet. if the president and north korean dictator can agree in the freedom house where they're talking now, agree on a path forward after the failure of hanoi, then i think they deserve a lot of credit for taking this opportunity for this meeting. but as we saw in hanoi, it's difficult for north korean leader to part with all of his nuclear programs. looks like willing to part with pieces of the program, in particular older pieces he no longer needs in return for lifting sanctions. that's not what president trump wants, president trump wants all of the weapons, and in return give up all the sanctions.
12:16 am
perhaps that's what they're talking about in that room. there's not really an opportunity for detail but maybe they can agree all weapons for all sanctions. and then most importantly maybe then say to kim pompeo and steve begen, the negotiator, will work out details. if can empower the lower level people to do the details, starts looking at diplomacy. then will truly be historic meeting. until something like this happens, this is a nice confidence builder if you will, nice photo opportunity, but it's not historic. >> how far away are the two sides coming up with disarmament deal? >> far enough away they had to walk away in hanoi. and i think again the issue is that north korea is willing to
12:17 am
part with the older and unused parts of their nuclear program but they're not willing to part with all of their program. they want all the economic benefits that come from denuclearization without giving up all their weapons. and meetings like this, again while they're nice and with the president of united states walking on to north korean soil, a great photo opportunity, but unless it leads to denuclearization, spending this presidential capital as richard engel said. spending that capital is only legitimizing the north korean dictator as ruler of nuclear weapons state. so this is a gamble in that sense. unless they can close the gap in terms of getting the north korean to give up not just
12:18 am
yungung the main complex but other places inside and out in terms of lifting sanctions, unless we get to that point, all we're doing is legitimizing the north korean dictator as a nuclear state. >> former analyst for cia and msnbc contributor. what might we be missing here? >> i agree with my colleague victor cha completely. only historic if leads to something. to me it's still surreal. surreal to hear kim jong-un's voice like this. followed his father kim jong il for many years, while at cia, he never really spoke. it's real interesting to watch but agree, question is will this
12:19 am
lead to concrete denuclearization stuff? all the tough stuff is ahead. somebody mentioned why is trump doing this but the real question is what comes next. right? we're stuck, at impasse because as victor said, north korea and united states are far apart. even though it's been singapore summit, nothing has been really done. we don't have an agreed upon definition of denuclearization and what it even means. all of this is interesting but unless it leads to concrete steps, it is not historic. all this says to me is that president trump and kim jong-un's bromance is alive and well, that's great. but so far all this warm relationship has not resulted in any actual achievements in
12:20 am
denuclearization talks. will this be the final breakthrough that we need to get there? that remains to be seen. >> hans nichols, terry put it this way, surreal watching the video. and richard engel was saying this is what i thought it was going to be like, very much good for camera, very much symbolic in terms of coming to the line, shaking hands and moving forward. your thought? >> well, thought it was surreal also was kim jong-un, said to president trump, i never expected to see you at this place. said in english, exceedingly rare to hear from kim jong-un. having conversation in freedom house. what u.s. official is telling nbc news is white house hopes
12:21 am
this handshake will help jump start negotiations in more formalized way. that was desire heading into this meeting. president walked into north korea and spent by my clock about a minute inside of north korea and walked out. but duration of his stay shouldn't necessarily correlate to the consequence of what he did. and yes the president is talking about how historic this is, but lot of ways what happens now in future, not the past. will it lead to substantive conversations at additional summit. was asked would he invite kim to the white house. he answered yes. on top of that, reported that trump has invited kim to the white house. i want to hedge this but there is potential of another summit at white house. what we have from our reading is president answering a hypothetical would he invite kim
12:22 am
but that's hugely significant development. richard. >> adam yount, as we -- i'm trying to understand what could be next, from terry, from cha, will be judged by eyes of history in terms of what happens from this meeting. what might happen, adam? >> unfortunately we have a pretty good idea what comes next if the past is anything to go by. this has been the epitome of these negotiations so far. been put together hastily without a lot of preparation, without a deal in hand, and leaders have come together to try to improvise something and just hasn't been possible to bridge this irreconcilable gap where donald trump wants all nukes up front and kim jong-un is not willing to give it. unfortunately this is pure
12:23 am
pageantry unless donald trump is willing to take a different tack towards these negotiations and put more realistic, more limited deal on the table. >> one of the concerns adam, what north korea does on the black and gray markets with its nuclear capabilities, what it's sold and what it teaches other countries and powers to do. where are they at in that? >> absolutely. north korea now is likely to remain nuclear armed for at least the next decade under the best possible circumstances. and more likely for the foreseeable future. that means that nonproliferation of their weapons should be a core priority of the united states. now there are a number of operations that go on constantly. we surveil their programs regularly. there are efforts under way to try to detect any unauthorized transfers of fissile material or
12:24 am
nuclear weapons technology, their scientists are surveilled. hopefully the u.s. intelligence agencies would be able to tell if ordered his scientists to go back to syria for example and build another reactor. that said really has not been a priority in these negotiations. so far not only have not seen progress on arms control, there's been very little effort to address these kinds of priorities, like steps they can take to help us verify their nonproliferation commitments. human rights has been left off the table. donald trump set foot in a country that's still a vicious gaol ago date where crimes against humanity are occurring 0en daily basis and now reports
12:25 am
that he's inviting kim jong-un back to the white house. so much in this relation that remains a concern and so much not addressed in the negotiations. >> sue me, you were saying hearing the very voices of these leaders is not something anybody is accustomed to, including intelligence professionals like yourself. what were you able to discern from hearing president kim speak english and then korean. >> surreal because his father kim jong il spoke maybe once. but does show that kim jong-un is different from his father in these ways. obviously engaged in diplomacy and at least something good came out of all the diplomacy is i'm
12:26 am
sure the intelligence officers have a lot more to go by in terms of analyzing kim jong-un. didn't have a whole lot when he was conducting nuclear tests and missile tests and not diplomacy. he's more engaged int internationally and dmeft clirks he's out and about, photo ops and taking pictures with babies. he's a different kind of person than his father in terms of how he handles himself. but key question is, is it truly different when it comes to nuclear weapons and threat that north korea poses to the united states, and that's the big if. we just talked about the fact that we have no concrete positive momentum in terms of denuclearization steps, we have
12:27 am
no agreed upon definition of denuclearization, what it is even, no consensus of time line, no road map. that's the important thing going forward. whether he visits the white house, doesn't, what -- whether will be able to deliver something in terms of denuclearization. just want to make one point, i do think in the future going forward before the end of the year there could be another meeting and could even be a deal, some small interim deal. i think kim jong-un could offer just enough on the negotiating table, like yungung or another suspected nuclear facility in order to secure interim deal with president trump for some sanctions relief. he may calculate that's not a bad deal because allow the north to keep its nuclear missile
12:28 am
arsenal and -- kim could calculate that's good deal. still doesn't mean we're on path for denuclearization, just want to point that out. >> right-hand side of the screen looking at the freedom house where president trump and kim jong-un sat down. press pool let inside for a short moment. now outside with the pictures. expect them to be departing shortly. when they do that, could look similar to the pictures on your left from earlier this early eastern time zone period and hour. but in the afternoon there in the dmz 4:28 p.m. right now. expect that to be happening shortly. back to sue mi terry. if kim jong un could do something different, you suggested what he might do
12:29 am
different. for those who would say there's nothing to incentivize him to do it, why would he do it if he's getting what he wants right now i guess the question might be. why offer up any concessions when getting what i want, to be recognized by world's only superpower right now. >> that is true. right now president trump is legitimizing him domestically and internationally. stepped into north korean territory and no sitting u.s. president has done that. i think if kim jong un wants significant sanctions release, and that's something he definitely wants. we saw in hanoi that the u.s. was willing, were i think ready to give some concessions like opening liaison offices and perhaps be sign a peace
12:30 am
declaration. but what kim wanted was significant sanctions relief. for that kim has to give up something. that's why i say give up a facility he might not need, not going to be his nuclear weapons or missiles, not even i don't think a declaration of nuclear and missile arsenal, but a facility for some sanctions relief, that would be interim deal he thinks might be okay for him because he gets to still keep nuclear weapons. and that's important to him. >> victor cha, as so many have said, kim jong un is a very dangerous man. how dangerous is he? >> dangerous enough that he executed his uncle and he had his half brother assassinated in an airport, a public airport, with a weapon of mass
12:31 am
destruction. not the nicest guy in the world. and i think donald trump is trying through this bromance to woo this guy into becoming less threatening, but you know, it's awfully difficult thing to imagine that the most insecure and ruthless leader in the world today is suddenly going to give up all of his nuclear weapons for a trip to the white house or trump tower on 5th avenue. very hard to imagine. other thing i think we should consider is that for trump everything is about positioning for the election now. and so for that reason, i think it's also entirely possible he will want to continue to do these sorts of meetings but at the same time not actually get a deal because as soon as he gets a deal it's going to be imperfect deal and allow the democrats to go after it from every different angle, will
12:32 am
become a huge target because it's only diplomacy in the world, everything else is sanctioning countries or bad mouthing allies and coddling dictators. this will be only deal he's done in the world and will be imperfect, we all agree north korea won't give up weapons, so could be huge deal in the election. it's entirely possible just do the bromance meetings and say obama was taking us to war and he's bringing us to peace and ride it through 2019 and 2020. >> those of us joining us on msnbc, breaking news out of seoul, south korea, demiltarized
12:33 am
zone, where signed marking cessation of activities of war between north and south korea. within the last hour seen the two leaders shake hands -- it's historic event for kim jong un and president donald trump. first time ever that a sitting u.s. president has crossed over into north korean territory and soil. they now sit in a building meeting. we were able to get a glimpse a little bit earlier, answered a couple of questions as they moved into freedom house. we expect based on activity that their meeting could end and we could see them walk out of the building and say goodbye at line of demarcation. want to go to chief foreign correspondent richard engel
12:34 am
there for entire event before, during and after. what stood out to you as we reset bottom of the hour. >> reporter: it's not after yet. still going on. supposed to be a quick handshake, donald trump said should be a quick hello. now in this meeting quite a bit of time. will be a subjectivity call. do you call it summit, extended greeting? will this lead to more meetings? if you looked at body language and listened, seems like will lead to more meetings. watching this unfold on live television, it was difficult to understand what was going on and what was being said. a small traveling pool, moved around by security, north korean cameramen there, communications
12:35 am
issues. at some stage we lost all the audio. our office in seoul is going through frame by frame to go through the moments and understand what was said. we have more selects -- sound bites from kim jong un in korean. i can read them. some people were saying that today's meeting was planned in advance, but i was very surprised when i heard about it in late afternoon yesterday. i learned this meeting would be official this afternoon. kim jong un saying he didn't know it was really on until it was about to begin, at least that's the confirmation or same story that president trump is saying, this meeting wasn't on until it actually happened, and the last bit was improvised.
12:36 am
he went on to say, slightly more philosophical comments, when we shake hands at a place that symbolizes the division of north and south korea, a place reminding us of a bad past, it can show us things can be different from yesterday and change in the future, i believe that today's meeting will exert a positive impact. i'm sure this good relationship will have the power to overcome obstacles and difficulties ahead. so kim jong un saying he didn't know it was happening until it happened, and saying like he believes like president trump has expressed numerous times this will have a concrete impact. don't forget that north korea is one-man state, he's the absolute leader of the country. his family treated with a divine kind of reverence. him having a personal reaction with president trump who also thinks of his administration as
12:37 am
one-man show, could lead to absolutely more meetings if not more. >> hans nicholls also in seoul, south korea, traveling with the president, as we look at this, bottom of the hour, still looking to see what will come of the meeting at freedom house, ongoing right now, but last 45 minutes, lot did happen in little bit of time before they walked into freedom house. >> all we know is they're discussing in the president's terms, things. we're going to go and discuss some things. clearly wanted optical component to the summit, first minutes on camera. difficult to do the hard work of diplomacy in front of the clieg lights and cameras. among the interesting things
12:38 am
we've learned, president saying he would invite kim to the white house, clearly opening to additional summit but president trump at certain moment said he thought that hanoi summit was a success. common view is it was a failure because didn't end up in a deal but president saying it was success because his personal friendship with kim blossomed there and they understood where the differences are. one thing we'll be talking about, president trump went out of his way to thank kim multiple times, effusive in his praise for kim. style of diplomacy trump likes to deploy for real estate or diplomacy, president that likes to flatter. saw it on full display. >> does this overshadow what happened at g-20? does this punctuation point appear to be larger -- we were
12:39 am
talking about earlier, presidents have this after, is this small side trip the big trip? >> fair point and question. velocity with which news occurs in the trump administration is every story in its hone moment seems biggest possible. just review last 72 hours, president chuckling about whether or not russia was going to meddle in election, seemed to be wagging finger at president putin in jest. then meeting with xi, saying cease fire, additional tariffs won't be imposed. weighed in on democratic debates and talked about jimmy carter as terrible president, lot of micro news cycles this trip.
12:40 am
but you're right, looking back, not talking about the summit, but trump's account of this impromptu summit, president spending a minute in north korea, retrieving kim jong un and bringing him on third trip to south korea and having ongoing meetings. what they're discussing, figuring out positions and possibilities for additional summit is what i'm looking to hear when this wraps up. crucially when it wraps up, longer meeting, typically more substance discussed. length does tell us something. >> almost 30, 40 minutes in. watching a picture in front of freedom house, thought would be activity soon, may be leaving and finishing discussion here. this is video i'm alluding to. doesn't seem to be energetic at moment, 4:40 local time. when and if something does
12:41 am
happen we'll be right there as exit takes place. victor cha, when we look at kim jong un, and hans nichols was saying third trip he's been in south korea, of the trips he's made or times he's been in south korea, how momentous have they been now that he's spending about an hour in south korea for this particular incident? >> i think the big trip to south korea has not happened yet, that is the north korean leader coming to seoul, capital city of south korea, about an hour or so south of the freedom house we're looking at right now. they have had three or four meetings already. it's entirely possible after this meeting between trump and kim it will be followed by a
12:42 am
trip by kim at some point into south korea because these things sort of happen in waves. diplomacy, first there's a letter from kim to trump, exchange of letters. chinese get nervous and they meet with the north koreans. south koreans want to meet with the north koreans before they meet with the united states, then meeting with united states and cycle starts all over again. could start off a flurry of diplomacy for sure, richard, i'm sure the fact that all of you have recognized they've been in there quite some time is interesting, means more than just exchanging simple greetings but trying to get into substance. i noticed in the pictures earlier in that room, the south korean -- north korean foreign minister was part of the delegation, mike pompeo's counterpart.
12:43 am
seems like after the failure in hanoi he got point for north koreans in negotiations. with pompeo and north korean foreign minister in the room, probably an opportunity to get into little bit more detail. my guess what they're trying to hammer out is agreement in principle on the so-called big deal, everything for everything. give up all the nukes, united states will give up all the sanctions, then figuring out what is first initial step in implementation of broader principle. what sue was talking about earlier, main complex plus something else in return for some suspension of sanctions. if they come out of the meeting and trump announces progress in terms of the talks, would have to give him credit. would be much more than any of us thought they would achieve. if he comes out, all he says is
12:44 am
we had a good talk, i'm going to invite him to the white house, no details on any progress on any concrete negotiations, we're back where we were before, a lot of nice pictures but no real progress in singapore while north korea at the same time has only augmented their weapons programs. that in the end is not making us safer. >> one has to wonder what kim jong un thinks of president donald trump. what do you think based on what we've seen of what he thinks of president donald trump? >> he's certainly the most unusual president that the north koreans have ever encountered. every past u.s. president has been very aloof when it comes to the north korean leader. president i worked for, president bush, was very clear about his animosity toward the north korean leader and any leader that treated his people
12:45 am
the way that north korea does was not a leader that a u.s. president should respect. so i think kim probably sees a real opportunity with trump to achieve wh achieve what he wants, in the end economic assistance from the outside world, lifting of sanctions, but at the same time acceptance, de facto acceptance as a nuclear weapons state. not anything should expect to have but de facto is what they're looking for. probably sees donald trump as his best opportunity of doing that. no other u.s. president would be willing to do the things that trump has done. there is no u.s. president that would cross into north korea, beginning a process -- maybe at end after nuclear agreement and peace treaty would see that
12:46 am
happen, but never at this point in the process and for north koreans, for kim, that's an opportunity to achieve what he wants, which is to have his cake and eat it too, to have -- maintain a nuclear capability while also getting recognition from the outside world and from the leader of the free world. sue mi terry, same question. less understanding of what kim jong un thinks of donald trump. and part two of the question, how important has moon jae-in been in this? >> first i think that victor is right, from kim's perspective, president trump is still best possible president to make a deal with. and that is because it is highly unlikely that the next u.s.
12:47 am
president, republican or democrat, would ever put on the negotiating table big ticket items that the north has always sought such as peace treaty, alliance equity like a peace treaty. from kim's perspective, trump is best u.s. president to make a deal with. this is why since hanoi, even at impasse and north koreans were critical of secretary pompeo and borden, they were careful not to criticize president trump and wants to separate president trump from his advisers. and second point, victor said he expected a big visit to seoul could happen possibly. but one thing we need to look out for, for that to happen, south korea has to be able to give something to north korea. i think one of the scenarios
12:48 am
that could come up now, we'll soon see, victor talked about worst-case scenario of president trump making announcement, not another summit, not having gotten anything from north korea, but what could be worse, he could announce perhaps as good gesture measure, some relief on sanctions by allowing for example the -- complex to reopen. give something to north korea at this juncture without having gotten anything from the north koreans. and last question on president moon jae-in. president moon was instrumental for this whole peace process. south koreans really want to engage and pursue dialogue. moon on diplomacy after 2017 with whole fire fury phase, it is president moon who invited
12:49 am
kim to those olympics in south korea, and really pursued this track with diplomacy. president moon i do think was very important in terms of getting -- putting in the same room president trump and kim jong-un, just by inviting kim to the olympics to begin with. >> richard engel, number of missiles that have been tested within last couple of months are of note here. indicates to us that testing has not stopped, and that north korea continues to develop its delivery mechanisms, if not very warheads and munitions they put in these delivery systems themselves. can you talk about the test we have seen recently, which means not only south korea but also japan, eyes wide open.
12:50 am
>> reporter: there have been some tests, but they have scaled back. they are not anywhere near the level of frequency, intensity, range that we saw just six months, a year ago. so north korea is still obviously developing its weapons program, still potentially making more weapons, but the actual testing has slowed down if not stopped, they haven't blown up a nuclear weapon, tested a nuclear weapon in a very long time. some have said that's because the mountain they use to test the weapons is about to crumble in on itself. also would have been provocative act that would blow up this relationship which kim jong-un finds valuable. he gets legitimacy and potential sanctions relief.
12:51 am
lot of analysis goes into who is in the room, who is not, what is body language. when you saw arrival of the delegation, also ivanka and jared kushner. i think that's interesting. just reminded me of when president trump arrived, went to buckingham palace and had dinner with the queen, brought the family there, clearly the highlight of his visit to the u.k. he dismissed the meeting with theresa may, that was perfunctory, but felt the meeting with the queen and china and formal ceremony and presentation of the house staff, that's what he remembered most and wanted to share that experience with his family. by bringing the family here to meet kim jong-un, something of a mysterious figure, always has been. numerous people have said, you barely hear his voice. in order to bring president
12:52 am
trump's family to meet him, i think is a level of intimacy that certainly kim jong-un was probably not expecting and not representative of normal diplomacy in any way, shape or form. are they sitting together with rolled out maps, discussing details, broken off discussions? it's possible. but more likely the kind of meetings they had in the u.k. where they were -- royal family to royal family. >> they're walking out. >> reporter: and now walking out. >> richard engel, we watch them walk towards the line of demarcation, all three leaders, president trump, kim jong-un, president moon jae-in. see if they repeat what they did before, photo op, handshake, greeting, then pleasantries.
12:53 am
as our camera tries to get into angle, can see what they're doing. right over on the left-hand side of this screen but obscured by the entire -- number of entourages included by all three leaders. see if we can get closer to get sense of what they're doing, i believe at line of demarcation, at least what i saw last in this video angle. as we move that way, would therefore make it about an hour all said since hello to goodbye, kim jong-un and president donald trump have been meeting together. seemed as they walked out, they had with some pleasantries and getting along, if you will, just fine. president trump, waving goodbye, caught that. now walking back towards the building.
12:54 am
we'll see if the president stops to the camera and speaks again. we do expect he might have a short statement before he goes back in and departs. >> they're ready for you. >> where? >> right here. in the middle. >> right here. >> move inside? >> let's go inside. >> okay, you heard it there, they're going to go inside. then i think if the pool cameras are invited in, we'll hear parting remarks from president trump and potentially president moon jae-in, on what they did discuss. unsure if breaking out maps and picking out which parts of the nuclear infrastructure they were going to be talking b doubtful. but they did spend an hour, not
12:55 am
a quick handshake and photo op and walk away. president trump and president moon back inside freedom house, building adjacent to the line of demarcation in the dmz, the very line that separates the north and south, back in for another short discussion and potentially we'll get video out of there, maybe we will not. hans nichols, if i got numbers right, about an hour that they spent together, kim jong-un and president trump, and appears that moon jae-in was there at least towards end, and at beginning. >> 1:08 on my clock, more than half behind closed doors and that's important. clearly there is a photo op to this summit, this meeting. but also time to get into in the president's words "things" to
12:56 am
get into what they have not resolved in hanoi or singapore. crucial question, has this jump started talks, have additional summit, or have the deputies continue to hash out sticking points? in the past leader summits have been used to unlock -- >> hang on, they're speaking now. let's listen in. >> we're each going to designate a team and team will try to work out details. again speed is not the object, want to do comprehensive good day. this was very legendary and historic day. quick notice, nobody saw this coming. and great that he was able to react so quickly and we were able to react so quickly. but in speaking with president moon, oftentimes he was saying
12:57 am
just the meeting is historic. and i think there's something to that. will be something even more historic if something comes of it, something important. but a lot has already come up. you see what's going on, you see what's happening and level of relationship as opposed to way it was when i came into office. when i came into office it was a fiery mess, bad things were going on. the end of the other administration, the last administration, was nothing but trouble. you saw what was happening. you don't report it accurately but that's okay, someday history will record it accurately. i can just say for 2 1/2 years we've had peace, with nothing signed, just based on relationship. but president moon was saying very strongly that -- he said he would have never believed that a thing could go on like this, so friendly, so peacefully, for so
12:58 am
long. we've agreed to have teams set up. united states will have a team, secretary of state pompeo will pick it, we already know the gentleman, good luck steve. >> thank you, sir. >> you all know steve. he's a pro. and a good man. and likes both countries very much. so steve's going to head it up. and under the auspices of our great secretary of state, mike pompeo. and what's going to happen is over the next two or three weeks the teams will be working to see whether or not they can do something. very big stuff, pretty complicated but not as complicated as people think. lot of our great triumphs have been based on relationship. this is one, it's been just a different story. saw them showing us around, president moon and myself, talking about 2 1/2, 3 years ago, it was really dangerous out there, you couldn't move, people
12:59 am
were big killed, lot of bad things were happening. they said since singapore it's been a whole different ball game. and i was telling chairman kim that actually to me hanoi was a great success. the press reported it the opposite, but you need that. sometimes need things like that to happen. but it was a great success because we maintained our relationship. so we're going to have teams. they're going to meet the next few weeks and start a process. and we'll see what happens. i'd like to have -- first of all do a little interpretation, then have the president say a few words. [ speaking foreign language ]
1:00 am
[ speaking foreign language ] >> president trump with moon jae-in. hans nichols with us. assignment of a team. pointing to steve. sounded an awful lot like a deadline. didn't make it


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