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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  July 1, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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history. this one here as president trump comes becomes the first commander in chief to ever enter north korea. >> he asked would you like to do that. i said it would be my honor. >> now, the president is waking up back here in washington facing more criticism and more questions. could his administration abandon its demand that north korea get rid of all of its nukes and could a fourth face-to-face be in the works? ? . >> i would invite him right now to the white house. right now. >> our team is here with this developing story and the many others we are bringing you over the next 60 minutes. richard engel in seoul, south korea. kelly o'donnell tracking events at the white house. kelly, there is new reporting that some officials have been talking about the potential for a nuclear freeze by pyongyang. >> reporter: hallie, it's almost like the national security adviser is taking a page out of the president's playbook using
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the kind of technique his boss often does, critiquing in realtime the headline from the "new york times" talking about a change in strategy on the part of the united states, a willingness to allow for containment of a nuclear north korea as a means to dial down some of the volatility that seemed to creep back in after the initial "fire and fury" period over time and then no results coming on it of the vietnam summit, summit 2. and the meeting at the dmz. john bolton, the president's national security adviser, taking issue. and he said i read this "new york times" story with curiosity. neither the nsc staff nor i have discussed or heard of any desire to, quote, settle for a nuclear freeze by north korea. so john bolton, who is known as a hawk, teased by even the president as being more hawkish than donald trump himself,
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certainly has taken a hardline position, and he and the secretary of state were given credit, if that's the right term, for encouraging the president to pull back after summit number 2 at vietnam where north korea wanted sanctions relief for closing one of its prominent nuclear facility sites but concern they have developed their program beyond that. john bolton is definitely a hawk and saying that the president is being boxed in potentially by this strategy of this report coming out of the "new york times" to push him in that direction. bolton is saying not so fast. we don't yet know what the president thinks about this. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house. richard, let me go with reaction and talk through a little bit on what we have seen from north korea overnight, the new propaganda video they put out. >> reporter: south korea, the south korean government is very pleased with the way things went yesterday. the president here has been pushing for talks with north
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korea. he's been a champion of the dialogue process with the north. he was there in the dmz with president trump. they said that his steps into north korea were steps toward peace. we hope president trump very much enjoyed the impromptu summit and said this was a great step to reduce tension. he deserves a lot of credit for making the world a safer place. and i think we're going to hear more and more on that theme going into the presidential campaign. but we didn't know until a short while ago what the north koreans themselves thought about this. we saw smiles on kim jong-un's face. now the official state television in north korea released a mini documentary. it took him a day to put together. pretty quick turnaround. you see kim jong-un's side.
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they are welcoming him to cross into north korea. they slowed down that motion for dramatic effect. they showed kim jong-un with ivanka trump. and they described it in glowing terms. not like the normal north korean propaganda where you hear this. lots and lots of praise by president trump. they said the meeting went better than expected. as if a mysterious force was pushing goodwill for the region and pushing the two leaders together. >> we will look for your report tonight on "nightly news". victor, this "new york times" piece talks about this concept
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that's been discussed. it describes the status quo and tacitly accepts the north as a nuclear power, something administration officials have said they would never stand for. you have john bolton pushing back on this idea. what do you make of it? . >> i saw the story, too, hallie. i think if that is the first step in a broader denuclearization agreement, then it's okay. you cannot start to miss mantle if you can't freeze the facilities. it would be totally unacceptable. it would mean the trump administration has not been able to take one nuclear weapon out of north korea. >> is it the first step? >> it is the only first step. it is a freeze on production of new material, new warheads. then i think it's a good first step. but it's only a first step. and we have to remember that. i'm not sure if the context is different from what the report says. but as things stand now, he has
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had three sum mitts with the north korean leader and not a single weapon has been taken out of the country. >> is it fair -- you would hear push back saying, listen, at least we're talking, at least we're moving the ball or trying to put the ball in somebody's hands. >> talking is good. after hanoi, the north koreans didn't talk for four months. and this meeting was recently a reset of the relationship. that's great. but, you know, it's not historic. this is not historic unless there's an agreement. if there's no agreement, it is just a photo-op. that's all. >> john bolton was reacting strongly this morning, as you saw. he was not there for the meeting. he was not at the dmz. what does that say, anything? >> it was probably north korean request. they don't like john bolton. he is a hard liner. he believes in full and complete denuclearization. the fact that he wasn't there is probably a choice they made based on a north korean request. >> some president trump suggested that perhaps he would lyft sanctions if things were to move forward.
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i'm looking forward to taking them off. things can happen, essentially. is that a smart idea? >> this is a big victory for north korea that no one is talking about. prior to meeting him at the dmz, they said we're not taking sanctions off. he said, well, we will think about it. for the north koreans, that's exactly what they wanted out of the summit meeting. he got his picture crossing into the dmz, got a lot of press for that. substantively, the north koreans got what they wanted. >> what happens from here, victor? is it in the hands of those on the american side conducting the negotiations the next two to three weeks, restarting talks? are you just watching them to see what happens here? >> yeah. that's the key. trump stood there. for the first time he mentioned began by name. it really is in the hands of the working level people. we are watching to see if they are going to pyongyang for the
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north korean counterpart. thank you so much. >> thank you. i want to bring in the house overnight and arms services committees congressman. let's start with north korea. is this reported freeze, is moving toward a freeze better than a stall, in your view? >> yes. it is. look, i think there are the outlines to get a deal there. the first thing we need to do is to have a permanent peace agreement and a non-aggression pact. i've spoken with president carter and many of the experts about this. they believe if we get that kind of a permanent piece, kim jong-un would have incentive not just to have a free but massive denuclearization. the final step would be to see what sanctions relief there could be. >> overall, then, are you pleased with how the last 48, 72 hours have gone as it relates to north korea? >> i am pleased. i am pleased that john bolton
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has nothing to do with this. he has been the most destructive person in agreementing us to an agreement when president bill clinton made ptremendous progress. john bolton single handedly tore that apart. i believe john bolton was an extraordinarily destructive force in the last negotiation. and i think the president has wised up to that. i think the president realizes that he wants to pursue peace and john bolton doesn't. >> the senate has passed now secondary sanctions on north korea, as "the wall street journal" and others are reporting this morning. do you believe that the house will take that up as well? do you think it will be added to the house version? has anything changed the calculation? >> well, i think we need to look before we act. and not just reflexively add more sanctions. i think we have to look at what the plan is. >> interestingly, it's not clear
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at this point who was in the room for the talk between president trump and kim jong-un. we know, however, that the president's senior advisers, members of his family, ivanka trump and jared kushner were on the trip to the region to the dmz. do you think it's appropriate for that to happen? are you pleased to see ivanka trump taking up the diplomatic mantle if you will. >> my main thing is the president's advisers who are so hawkish are not in the interest of having peace. and what i want is people who want to advocate for a permanent peace agreement and diplomacy. i'm not as concerned about the politics or gossip over the issue. >> let me ask you, you mentioned president carter. he made headlines, as you know, for a different reason, talking in ran interview about president trump. i want to play a little bit of what he had to say.
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>> he lost that election. and he was put into office because the russians interfered. on his behalf. >> so do you believe president trump is an illegitimate president? >> what i said i can retract. >> so congressman, do you agree with the former president, that he is an illegitimate president? >> i believe that the russians interfered. it had an impact on the election. he is the president of the united states. the house of representatives and the senate certified it. the court certified it. obviously, he's the president. i think president carter's point was that the election was tampered with by the russians and bob mueller's report said that. >> the house oversight committee, mueller, special counsel will be coming in just about, what, two and a half weeks in front of two other
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congressional committees in open hearing. it was reported this morning even that republicans actually have something to gain from mueller's testimony as well, not just democrats who have been pushing for it. >> well, the first thing i hope is that we can focus on russian interference. the report is absolutely clear that the russians systematically cleared. they tried to suppress vote. manipulated social media platforms. what i want to hear from mr. mueller is how are we going to fix this. make sure 2020 doesn't see a repeat of that. the second thing i want to hear from him is to lay out in detail the 10 counts of obstruction and why it is so severe and what he thinks it sends in terms of a message in terms of our state of democracy. i think this is going to help further educate the american people how grave and serious the misconduct was.
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i don't see why republicans would gain from it. >> congressman, thanks for waki waking up early with us. the democratic candidate out with eyeball-popping fund-raising numbers. why that matters now. and a first peek of polling after the debate on msnbc. who is up and why supporters are getting backup from a rival. just getting started on this monday morning from washington. s monday morning from washington of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg is out with a jaw dropper this morning. a huge haul. nearly $25 million in the second fund-raising quarter, according to his campaign. those are not the only numbers we're looking at this morning. we are checking out the first poll numbers since the democratic debates here on msnbc. they show kamala harris doubled from 6% before the debate to 12% now. joe biden, we saw his numbers slip by five points to 33%. he is still comfortable in the lead, according to morning consult. let's wait until we see more averages. worth noting, nonetheless. we bring in ali vitali. melanie, and jeff mason. the gang is all here. ali, to you first. i have to imagine buttigieg
7:18 am
campaign is feeling real good about what they just dropped. >> why wouldn't they? that is a huge number, especially coming off a debate like we just had. can you make it translate into polling and can you make it translate into dollars and cents. even if they're not seeing that morning consult poll, they are clearly seeing it in terms of fund-raisi fund-raising. six months ago, no one knew who the mayor of south bend was. now he is clearly setting the piece for the rest of the field in terms of quarter 2 fund-raising. staffing on the ground, longevity in the campaign. it will mean getting up there and pushing the message even further, hallie. >> what does this mean for democrats. you think the pressure is on? >> i mean, it certainly is. the two people who i'm going to be looking at, and clearly pete buttigieg is setting the pace. they clearly feel good. i think i got the email at 5:30
7:19 am
this morning. >> the morning shows. >> in time for the morning shows and in time to set the pace. the other two people i'm looking at are joe biden and elizabeth warren. joe biden doing it the conventional way high-dollar fund-raisers, making money that way. elizabeth warren, on the other hand, doing it the opposite way. completely swearing off that way of fund-raising, only doing grassroots, only appealing to small dollar donors. i'm looking into how much she can make off that but what her burn rate looks like. we saw in quarter one how much money her campaign was spending. all of that in iowa, new hampshire. and i know they have only staffed up in those states plus south carolina since then. >> compare it back to 2008. barack obama at the time brought in $32.5 million. clinton, $27 million. at the time that was considered a monster gang busters number. here you have the guy from south
7:20 am
bend doing the same thing. similar. close. >> but it is still sort of a year and a half before. >> super early. >> it can only help with the voters with polling. he has to continue to get his message out. >> something he has struggled with in the campaign especially in the key primary states. something else that is significant about the numbers, it shows even though he is dealing with heat back home for how he has handled the shooting with the blackman involving a police officer, so far it's not affecting him at least nationally. and i think these numbers force that. >> what do you make of the poll numbers for kamala harris and joe biden? perhaps it's no surprise that she rose in the polls and biden slipped? the conventional wisdom the day after was she had a great night. that seems to be showing in some of the numbers.
7:21 am
that said, it is a bit of a snapshot after debate number one as we gear up. >> she brought in the money after 24 hours and locked down two endorsements from a key voting bloc in congress. a lot of them are supporting biden. to have two of them coming out supporting kamala is a big deal. >> the harris campaign has to be delighted. that is great polling for her. the biden campaign isn't too worried. he was going to come down a little bit. every front-runner does. he didn't come down further probably shows, all right, he was going to take a hit. he took a little bit of a hit. we will see what happens after the debate. >> more to talk about as it relates to 2020. race is a fact or o in this race. we will talk about that later in the show. stick around, too. ali, great to see you pausing from your road trip here in washington. thanks, girl.
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two breaking stories overseas. protesters broke into the legislature in hong kong in the yellow helmets. we're watching that. and iran breaking an international nuclear deal. live reports from china and tehran after the break. ina and tehran after the bre fidelity's rewriting the rules of investing. again. introducing fidelity stock and bond index funds with lower expense ratios than comparable vanguard funds. and we now offer the industry's first true zero expense ratio index funds directly to investors. plus, we have fidelity mutual funds with zero minimum investment. how many other firms give you this much value? absolutely zero. ♪ why don't they do what they say ♪ ♪ say what they mean ♪ baby, one thing leads to another ♪
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we are back and we're following breaking news from hong kong. unprecedented protests and demonstrations this morning. look at your screen. on the left side, that is a live shot from inside the parliament building. protesters have broken into the legislature there. on the right, also live pictures outside the building. they are posing a direct challenge to china. let me bring in now chief global correspondent bill neely. this is the handover from british to chinese rule. what do you know? what are you seeing? tell us what it's like. >> reporter: well, as you say, hallie, absolutely unprecedented. remember hong kong is part of china. it's not on the mainland, but it is part of china. you have never seen signs like this, scenes like this, rather, in china short of a revolution. these pictures are inside hong
7:27 am
kong's main legislative chamber. imagine crowds storming the u.s. congress and going into the house of representatives and doing this. >> right. >> reporter: they got inside. they put graffiti all over the walls and over the signs of chinese rule. they have draped the old hong kong flag which has the british union jack in a corner of it. and they put up signs saying we are not rioters. you are the tyranny. mass protests. they are calling the protests around half a million. they spent hours and hours trying to break their way into this legislative building. no one thought they could do it because it looked like the reinforced glass was going to hold. there were riot police inside. and then all of a sudden riot police were nowhere to be seen.
7:28 am
several hundred protesters then got into the chamber. this is a major, direct challenge to president xi. those scenes will be viewed with real shock in beijing. the danger now i suppose is a backlash from beijing. but remember what the protesters want. they're inside the legislative chamber because of a bill that would allow china no extradite anyone from hong kong. anyone it didn't like. indeed, any foreign citizen, any person who worked for a foreign bank could be extradited to china. people said no way. this is one country, two systems. our system is that we have freedom to protest. freedom of thought. and we have a very strong judiciary and judicial system. and you must not do this. so this is a direct challenge to beijing's rule. hallie, extraordinary scenes. >> truly extraordinary, bill. talk me through -- i know it's
7:29 am
probably early at this point. but no reaction from president xi yet? do we know when we might hear from him? and your analysis on how this might end, where it goes from here. >> reporter: well, how it might end is a very, very good question. i don't think the protesters themselves know because they didn't really expect to get this far. i mean, there could be, first of all, there could be a backlash from pay skwreupbg. why did the police not intervene? is that a trap, a trap to discredit the protesters. some will be distressed by this. there could be a public backlash against the protesters. but i think the danger for beijing is clear. today is also -- it's not just the 22nd anniversary of the end of british rule it is the finding of the chinese communist party. this is a direct challenge to the chinese communist party. there has never been in xi
7:30 am
jinping's seven-year rule as direct popular challenge to him and his party as this. watch this space. because the riot police weren't seen today. but they have lost a lot of face today. and at some point beijing has to fight back. hallie. >> bill neely watching it all. bill, we will be watching that. we're also watching news from the middle east. iran has now gone over the limit of its uranium stock piles, the deal president trump tore up last year. bureau chief ali joins us from iran. ali, talk about this new reporting. what its significance is not just for the region but the policies towards iran from president trump. >> reporter: well, hallie, iran has been threatening to roll back its commitment to the nuclear deal. and now iran has breached its limit on a stockpile of low and
7:31 am
enriched uranium set on that deal in 2015. state immediamedia quoting the minister that iran exceeded the 300 kilogram cap that was set in the deal. the iaa, as you mentioned, also confirmed that. and this is a step-by-step approach iran is taking to put pressure on europe to get it some relief from u.s. sanctions. but the europeans seem unable to provide that relief for the iranians. there was a meeting some vienna this weekend, which was attended by all the signatories of the nuclear deal. iran came out of that deal saying the europeans haven't done enough to keep us from breaching the deal. i think at this stage this may well be a gift to the trump administration. it is going to allow president trump to build a coalition against iran and tell his allies
7:32 am
that have been weary of stepping away from this nuclear deal to tell them, look, iran is now in violation of this deal and you need to snap back sanctions on that country. and i think in a step-by-step process we will get pretty close to that in the next week or two. >> ali, thank you much. straight ahead, why joe biden is coming to the defense of one of his rivals. it involves a tweet and deleted tweet. d deleted tweet. let's get down to business.
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from bussing to a new birther-style conspiracy. you have former vice president joe biden under fire from fellow democrats after something he said over the weekend with cory booker telling chuck todd he doesn't have much faith the former vp's past comments. >> whoever the nominee will be, whoever the next president will be, has got to be someone to talk openly about race. none of us are perfect. but call this country to common ground for reconciliation. i'm not sure if biden is up to that test given the way the last three weeks have played out. >> mike, senator booker was reacting to something he said about kids in hoodies and
7:37 am
gangbangers. what are you getting a sense of the campaign? >> reporter: hallie, what is so concerning is this latest controversy came as he was attempting to clean up another one. this began on friday when the vice president was speaking at the rainbow push coalition conference in chicago. he began that speech by addressing that bussing controversy in his back and forth with kamala harris the day before saying of course the debate is not enough time to do justice to his record on civil rights. as he pivoted to criminal justice reform and the need for both white and black americans to be able to look at each other as equals, take a loon. >> we have to recognize that kid wearing a hoodie may be the next poet laureate and not a bang banger. ladies and gentlemen, there are too many black men and women in prison. >> reporter: you heard him make the comments. biden campaign responding over the weekend. the vice president biden, like many leaders over the years was
7:38 am
causing attention to the direct attention to the daily experiences faced by many african-american men around the country. we need to make sure black mothers feel confident when they send their child, son out on the streets that they are going to feel safe. hallie, that's the comment from jamal brown from the biden campaign. we won't see him yet again until later this week, wednesday afternoon, when he heads to iowa. >> mike, stand by for a second. let me bring in michael steele for john boehner and donna edwards. do you believe that joe biden is simply not up to the task with grappling with these issues? >> first of all, i think it's too early in the campaign to tell who is up to the task of grappling with those issues or being president of the united states. >> do you think cory booker not to say what he said? >> i do think joe biden has to do a reset on his campaign when it comes to having a conversation about race,
7:39 am
injustice, about the criminal justice system and about his record. i think there are other candidates who have to answer questions about their record on some of these issues as well. i mean, we have seen the difficulty, for example, that mayor pete buttigieg has had on the campaign trail when it comes to race. but, you know, for democrats, i don't know that this is the end of a conversation that we want to have within the democratic party, especially when you have the challenges of a president of the united states who every single day either says something that's racist or miss only tpheuft or screen phobic or home phone issue. >>st you have the president's son retweeting claims that kamala harris is not a american black. he said he was not aware of her heritage and that's why he deleted it. that's the explanation there. biden was quick to jump in and defend harris writing about the
7:40 am
same forces of hatred rooted in birtherism. we have to call it out when we see it. >> yeah. i think that's exactly right. birtherism is more complicated than racism. the kpot similar disqualified him. that's what they are saying here. people in the middle of the country, this woman, daughter of immigrants from india and jamaica, raised in the most liberal state is not like you, not like all of us. and i will see more of that going forward. >> that is a ridiculous claim. the experience of black people from our history in this country and emigrating to this country is an experience we have whether we are immigrants from africa or immigrants from the african continent. also, black americans are going to look at that, all of us, and say, you know, the guy who is the head of the republican party, donald trump, he's the
7:41 am
one that we ought to be fighting against to win this war. >> how is it that in 2019, almost 2020, we are still talking about birtherism conspiracies? >> unbelievable. >> i don't think it will go away because it appeals to an aging segment of our population. it is largely an ignorant segment of our population. >> and a segment that donald trump wants to appeal to. so, you know, i urge all democrats, and i'm glad to see joe biden coming out early on challenging this on the birtherism question. because that's what it is. it's a repeat of 2008 and 2012. >> whoever is having a good week is going to get attacks from the white house testing those lines. >> kamala harris had a good week. and lindsey graham has taken notice telling reporters, kamala harris has game. she is talented, smart, a force
7:42 am
to be reckoned with. not just praise from graham but the attacks on harris from other secments of the president's base. she is a threat to the president trump world. >> sure. she is exposing the weakness of the joe biden campaign. he is not a strong front-runner. he went in uncle joe to great uncle joe. he is grappling with the realities of the current situation and not always successfully. . >> i want to go abouting to this "new york times" reporting on hunter biden. they are trying to get out in front of what could be a story line the next year or so. what can you tell us? >> hallie, if you remember the conversations we were having before joe biden entered this race, there were a lot of questions whether he would launch this campaign largely because of concerns how his family would be used in the campaign. a lot of people heard it and thought it was a factor of bo biden, they were still dealing with the shocking loss of him to cancer four years ago.
7:43 am
in fact, the conversations i was having with the biden campaign reflected, listen, hunter was dealing with his own personal demons. this is an effort to lay it all out. everybody has a hunter bide in in their family. they hope presenting the story on their own terms will make this issue less of an issue going forward. >> mike, thank you very much. michael steel, donna. appreciate it. facebook has hey real plan to battle fake news. this time centering around new drama in 2020. but it's not the election. we'll tell you why it matters and whether it could even work, up next. etr it could even work, up next. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking ibrance
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when i have a child deployed, having a reliable network means everything. (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more. like a special price for military families and big savings when you switch. that's verizon. this morning the ntsb is trying to figure out what was behind a deadly plane crash in texas. ten people were killed right after takeoff sunday. federal authorities are aware of at least three videos of the crash that could help in their investigation. the plane had been set to fly from addison, tkhras, to st. petersburg, florida. now it's ill is all about the fight on actual fake news,
7:48 am
not just news the president doesn't like and what facebook is doing about it in 2020. we're not talking about the election. we're talking about the census and the way trolls might try to mess with it by spreading bad info. i definite sheryl sandberg said the once in a decade population count is so important that facebook will treat it like an election with people, policies and technology in place to protect against census interference. keep some mind it is used to count up districts to determine who represents you in congress. and by extension, the taxes you pay, the government services you get. remember on this show last week we learned live that the supreme court moved to block the trump administration's to put a citizen question on the census. ben collins covers this information, extremism for the internet news.
7:49 am
and jeff mason with reuters. ben, let me start with you. interestingly here, the federal government asked for help from big tech companies on this exact issue. explain what went down and how you see facebook's role in this. >> this is the first census that will be predominantly taken online. if they encounter really bad information first it could really mess things up. facebook and twitter specifically are very good at this. very good at the narrow tasks where they say on these two delays, please don't mess this up. they did a better job than they probably have ever done. they cracked down on memes. they had a thing called a war room at facebook. they cracked down on really specific disinformation. they are worried about specifically here, saying, hey don't fill out the census if you're this or that. that's what they're really worried about. that's why they jumped in here. if they commit to two or three days really focusing on this
7:50 am
thing, they can pull it off. it's the longer information they can't really do. >> what about other, like, twitter, social media companies, tech companies when it comes specifically census here? it's something i think a lot of people don't think about when they think about disinformation, they think about the election, but not the census necessarily. >> we haven't seen a plan from any of them yet. it will come, by the way. this would be an absolute disaster if there was a week of headlines around this that really shaped you the american government is formed, effectively. twitter will jump in. they've done this in the past. with the midterms, it's a good case here to look at. there's a finite amount of time. they had specific people tasked to this time frame. they can do this and they will pull it off but it's -- you hope they could just do this all of the time. that would be the hope. >> well, i mean, for sure. >> >> yeah.
7:51 am
>> on the topic of fake news, i'll go to melody and jeff. "the new york times" had reporting over the week revealing a consultant person for the trump team had been trolling democrats, making it look the biden campaign, a preview of hard to trace anonymous digital messaging spread by sophisticated political operatives. the trump campaign has said talented people use their own time. it is something that's going on a real concern over the next year and a half. >> distancing but not condemning. >> technically it was we appreciate their efforts on their own time. >> we appreciate it and help the cause. so that is something that they're essentially encouraging. and if you look at the website it looks completely real. it looks like a biden website and that is -- it has echoes of the influence of foreign countries like russia in 2016 to use social media, to use the
7:52 am
web, to use these new avenues in 2019 and 2020 to help influence voters and influence people going to the polls. >> we're taking a look at that site now. >> it's a huge problem for both parties heading into the 2020 election. it's not just this website. we've seen the kamala harris tweet about birtherism, deep fake videos, very easy to make now. the nancy pelosi video that was spreading like wild fire on the internet distorted to make her look drunk. there's no clear plan from congress, candidates or the administration how they're going to deal with this. >> speaking of trolls, you have new reporting after that first debate, ours here an msnbc last week, pro-trump online communities were telling people to vote for lower polling candidates, like bill de blasio. >> if you were to look at most online polls last week you would see that andrew yang and tulsi
7:53 am
gabbard won the debate. andrew yang spoke for let's than three minutes, it's possible he won, but mathematically that would be weird. these armies of people who support the candidate or really like donald trump and want what they view to be a weaker candidate to be bolstered on those spaces. this is what happened in 2016. the supporters of donald trump on fortune just absolutely come barded these polls and the president would go on twitter and say we've won the debate according to these polls. >> it's a big echo chamber. >> they go through all of these polls on random parts of the internet. it's not just larger polls like drudge. it's also smaller polls like or something. they use that as a vote of confidence in the future, even though it's just a small army of trolls. >> ben collins with perhaps the most interesting beat to cover at this moment in time. ben, thank you.
7:54 am
melody and jeff, stick around. the latest words about president trump as the u.s. women's soccer team gets ready for the world cup semifinals with the soccer star had to say. plus what our sources are telling us.
7:55 am
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7:57 am
to be on this team is to understand how to deal with and withstand distraction and pressure of any magnitude whether large or small. we have a great ability to just
7:58 am
stay together and kind of block out those distractions when the time comes. >> so that's u.s. soccer superstar megan rapino there commending her team's ability to focus on the women's world cup and not politics after president trump tweeted about the team and her decision not to attend the white house. the team's got a pretty good handle with dealing with problems head on. the u.s. women hopefully will have no problem dealing with their -- >> melanie, start with you, you've been talking to freshman alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> tensions boiled over between the left and center flanks of the democratic caucus over this border aid fight and i caught up with alexandria ocasio-cortez. she signalled she's ready to change her strategy. i asked her whether she would be supporting these justice
7:59 am
democrats primary challengers and she said i haven't decided yet but votes like today really grind my gears. that's a signal she's ready to get off the sidelines and stop playing nice. >> jeff mason talking trade, you're coming off the g20. what are your sources telling you? >> a couple days after this deal, which has led to talks restarting between china and the united states, advisers to president trump are split on whether or not he gave up too much. it's been helpful to the markets, the dougw is up 100 points or so. some people believe the president gave to which particularly on his willingness to ease restrictions on the tech company huawei. he may have done that and given these other gifts to president xi because he's realizing that president xi is under pressure from hardliners there. so this may in the end help get an actual deal. >> more in the long return. >> in the long run but it's a
8:00 am
long, long, long ways away. >> thank goodness you'll be here to walk us through every twist and turn. jeff and melanie, thank you. that does it for this hour of msnbc live. much more with craig melvin. >> we get our money's worth out of you. good to see you, hallie jackson. craig melvin, nbc's headquarters in new york city, suddenly wide open on the heels of the first round of the 2020 democratic debates and more fallout over joe biden's past comments on racial issues, new polling suggesting a shift is emerging in the top tier. plus, historic first f a u.s. president but what will it mean? president trump's latest meeting with kim jong-un is being touted as a reset on denuclearization talks but that's being met with a lot of skepticism in the national security community. and new details about that big event that the president is planning for the 4th of july. how government officials are reportedly scrambling to fulfill his wish for m


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