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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  July 3, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we should not be politicizing tomorrow, fourth of july. it's a day of independence, it's a day of knowing who we are and remembering who we are. >> we celebrate the fourth of july in the midst of a serious moral crisis. where will we be, who are we? >> the president said there will be the, quote, show of a lifetime in washington. chris jansen picks up the show right now. >> good morning. i'm chris jansen in for alex witt. photos that show squalid conditions at migrant centers and it's even more widespread than we knew. these serious and dangerous situations detailed from our own inspector general after surprise vifr visits to multiple facilities.
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those photos revealed no hot meals, no ability to shower. adults given only bologna sandwiches to eat, causing health problems. when detectives saw them, they banged on windows and held up signs, desperate for release. one of the signs said, help, 40 days here. that would violate a federal court order that migrants be held no longer than 72 hours. a senior manager described the whole situation as, quote, a ticking time bomb. our own jacob soboroff has seen some of these border facilities with his own eyes, but wow, this report, even though we knew so much, it was shocking to see it all there in one place. your reaction to this new report which cites immediate health and safety concerns not at one, or two, but seven different sites. >> you just read what i believe to be the key phrase, that this thing is a ticking time bomb. this is not just a phrase that
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can be used to describe the conditions in those seven facilities in the rio grandly valley. the facility i've been inside, that central processing station there in the rio grande valley where they separated more kids than anywhere else along the southern border, the ticking time bomb can be used to describe the way the border has been detaining migrants for decades. these are prisons, jails. they treat migrants as if they are prisoners, as if they are criminals coming into this country. they've always been set up as intake/jail processing type stations where no one is supposed to be there longer than 72 hours, and it was only a matter of time before they would see a surge like they did and like they are ciega long the southern border today. what happens when you have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people coming into the country and are being placed into tiny jail-like facilities that are designed for single adult males to be there during a
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brief period of time. it's exactly what we're seeing in this dhs report about the rmv sector, and it's what's been going on in el pass o just a couple weeks ago. >> and a week ago was when this inspection was done, and the dhs said it required immediate attention and action, so it sounds like, at least in some instances, there are no major changes in the last couple weeks. is that your read? >> the conditions are not going to get better quickly in these facilities when it comes to the facilities themtselves and the infrastructure that's down there. that's the conversation going on right now, particularly among the democrats. what do you do about the way this country is holding migrants when they come into this country? but i will say if there is any bright spot in all of this, just a couple months ago there were over 2300 -- julia ainsley reported this yesterday -- 2300
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children in border protection in facilities just like this. as of yesterday there was only a couple of hundred and they've been moved to facilities that are operated by hhs in other areas, not just at the southwest border but across the country. it doesn't mean that the facilities are getting any better, it means that the children for now have been moved out in large part at lea, at le according to what julia has learned from cdp. >> i thought at one point a baby was being held in a place that was really cold, and actually their hands and feet had turned blue. obviously there are serious problems here. jake, if you're going to stay with me, i want to bring in bureau chief phil rucker, and founder of strategies, and skd in this ca knickerbocker. so phil, we see the
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administration citing these issues. is there any change here at all? >> no. rather there is a focus on the numbers, how many people are crossing the border, how many people are being detained. we're hearing from officials in the administration that those numbers have been declining in recent weeks from a high in may, but we've not seen the president really forcefully take control of this issue and talk about the humanitarian crisis that we see playing out that's so well documented in that ig report and in the reporting from people like jacob. >> and it's a humanitarian crisis, rick, that is unfolding in the middle of an election season. but even dhs responded to this report by saying congress' failure to act is incentivizing illegal immigration. but do you believe anything will change before the election, or has this issue just become too politicized? >> i would like to step back and
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put it in context. this has occurred over decades of time, and both parties are to blame, and i realize the republican administration is in charge now. but, look, i agree with chairman nadler that someone needs to be held accountable. yes, we need to weed out the bad apples, but i'm going to be very careful about demonizing the border patrol. the problem is these facilities that the border patrol is working are not designed to hold families and a number of people, and especially children, for the time they're doing it. so i have to say the bottom line is if we are ill-equipped to treat immigrants humanely, then i would be for -- >> it's not if. they're not being treated humanely. they're being told to drink out of toilets, kids are freezing. >> here's what i would say. if i were a member of congress, i would be saying, we need to release the majority of these people today. maybe people who were known to be dangerous would stay in detention, but the majority of
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these people need to be released today because we cannot tolerate a country that we are treating people so inhumanely. >> well, i mean, we have 11 democratic candidates for president that are members of congress, but that ignores the fact that ultimately the buck stops with the president, and it is the president who put policies in place that led us to where we are right now. >> yeah, this report is alarming, it's shocking. a lot of the images we've seen are alarming and shocking. i think it just highlights how big of a failure this white house's immigration policy is. from top to bottom, it's not keeping us safer and it's inhumane. i think what we're going to see from democrats over the next few weeks, i think there is going to be a hearing next week in the oversight committee where the cdp will come and testify. democrats have also requested hundreds, if not thousands and thousands of documents from this administration on their immigration policies.
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and they've been met with no. the administration has refused to turn over this paperwork. when the administration blames congress, they're not cooperating with congress so congress can help solve this issue with this administration. so the buck definitely stops with trump and they're definitely doing everything they can to stonewall here. >> we just got from twitter from the active investigator that he's posted bordered patrol personnel. what do you think about that? >> to hear about that from kevin mcaleenan is good, but remember, he called these conditions unsubstantiated as early as last
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friday. when you hear a culture of 9500 border patrol agents in a secret facebook group, this was from pro publica talking, in the way that they were, it's hard not to give credence of the allegations we hear coming out of these facilities. we've heard the reports from the democratic lawmakers who were down there earlier this week. i've seen certain conditions down there with my own eyes. and, again, it's a positive step, i suppose, but it's certainly not going to alleviate what is happening, as rick said, right now down there. >> and we just got a report, i guess, in the last 24 hours or so, jacob, that a young girl or a two-year-old apparently drowned in the rio grande after we saw that heartbreaking picture of a father and his child. >> yeah. again, this is another horrific story of a family who just wanted to escape their lives where they were to come for a
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better life. this reportedly was a haitian national with a child who was a brazilian national crossing the rio grande. they were separated in the river and a search is ongoing right now by the border patrol. if it turns out this child did not survive, i want everybody to remember that 7,000 people have died trying to come into this country since 1998. the failures of our border policy as americans have been systemic literally for decades in democratic and republican administrations. nobody has treated migrants more inhumanely than the trump administration, but this is a problem that has been festering literally for decades, and now finally, as far as i'm concerned, it's refreshing, it's reassuring to hear all of us debating how we fix it so this does not continue to happen. >> well, it depends on who the "we" is because the president is actually dusoubling down.
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you have children who are dying, reports of adults that are literally in cells that are so tightly packed that they can't sit down. standing room only for a week at a time. and yet he's signalling more detentions after tomorrow, imposing fines on undocumented migrants who don't show up for court. phil, i was thinking back to when the first lady went down at the time of the family separation and some people thought, well, maybe the first lady and ivanka will impress upon him the inhumanity of what's happening down there. but is there any scenario that you see having covered this president that suggests to you that he will shy away from this as a campaign issue? >> not at all, chris. this is an issue that the president believes is a winning issue for him. politically he believes his tough stance on immigration is what got him the presidency in the first place, it's what helped him defeat all those republican challengers in the 2016 primaries, and he believes
6:12 am
it's what's going to win him reelection. it's why you hear him talk about it at every single rally. and his advisers say they hope this issue stays in the headlines for every day between now and election day, and so the first lady can try to put a spotlight on the humanitarian issue, although weav've not see or heard anything from her in the last few weeks here, and ivanka trump can talk about what she wants to talk about, but the president believes this is how he wins reelection. >> jacob soboroff, thank you so much for your continued reporting. everyone else, you're coming back, so i'll see you soon. coming up, it's an all-out iowa blitz. seven democrats campaigning today across the state. details on bernie sanders' strategy, some brand new fund numbers and some new poll numbers. as the tanks roll into d.c. for president trump's colossal fourth of july celebration, we
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we're now exactly seven months away from the iowa caucus, as democratic candidates are aware. seven of the candidates are barnstorming the state today while the latest iowa polls are released. kamala harris is surging in iowa, jumping into second and closing in on frontrunner joe
6:17 am
biden. elizabeth warren also got a post-date bump while pete buttigieg is there. joe biden is dropping not just in iowa but nationally. is there any indication that his campaign is switching strategy? >> the strategy was slowly building this campaign from the ground up, and of course his team is point to go an abc poll that shows his support actually increasing, ticking up just a few points. his campaign manager had a video briefing for supporters last night, and in that briefing he said there will be peaks and valleys but they're going to stay the course. if you look at this trip to iowa that senator sanders is doing, you notice a couple subtle
6:18 am
shifts in his strategy. number one, his focus on retail politics. there will not be as many traditional rallies that he has. he's having ice cream socials, though. as you saw last night, he still gives long speeches at these ice cream socials but he's trying to make parades and shake hands on this holiday. they are opening three new offices in the state of iowa. they're also highlighting their volunteer force. they're showing they have this 40s that can deliver him to victory come february 3rd and come that caucus time. they're focused not only on those rallies but also activating the supporters and getting them out there as many candidates are here and focused on getting those iowa voters. >> the debate has catapulted kamala harris who you're with in serious contention. but we also know debate bounces can be short-looiived.
6:19 am
have you seen any adjustments on her campaign to capitalize on this, and i also want to know about her fundraising because we know she made $2 million in 24 hours but we haven't seen her quarterly numbers. >> reporter: yeah, we haven't seen the quarterly numbers yet. they expect to release those in the next couple days. after her performance the campaign raised $3 million just in online donations. she had multiple fundraising events in california where she raised an additional $6 million, the campaign tells us. what is the condition of this campaign right now coming out of the debate? the reality right here in iowa is they now have 65 paid staffers here on the ground in iowa. they looked at that debate as an opportunity -- as being more than a debate bump. they believe this summer is that moment when people would start paying attention. we are as of now seven days away from that iowa caucus. i asked kamala harris, i was
6:20 am
with her in california over the weekend. i asked her on sunday how she looked at approaching this campaign going guaforward and whether she was going to take an approach of prosecuting the case against her democratic opponents. she waivered without answering directly, and i asked her, would you ask for comment from your democratic opponents. she would not answer that question, but she'll be here over the next three days. >> garrett, a number of other candidates are there today. money and polls, two big things. i do always find it interesting when the deadline comes, some candidates, usually the ones that had a great quarter, get out there ahead of everything and the rest lag behind. any suggestion on when we'll see some of these other numbers and what are they waiting for? beto o'rourke seemed to suggest yesterday he had no idea how much money he had raised in that last quarter. >> reporter: yeah, i don't buy that for one second, chris.
6:21 am
i'm sure that he may not know the exact total, but these campaigns watch their fundraising numbers probably closer than they watch their polling numbers. the candidate would know whether or not they're on track to hit their quarterly goals or not, at the very least. a lot of this is new cycle management. o'rourke, you'll remember in the first quarter, his campaign waited and held the numbers over the weekend. i think it was a terrorist attack that happened on a thursday or friday or something of that nature. they decided not to release them because they didn't want it to get caught up in the wash or look like they were bragging. if you're someone who wants to brag about your fundraising numbers, today is the last day to do that for a while. if you're caught up in this holiday weekend, and for someone who wants to bury their numbers, they're disappointing, not what you wanted them to be, great time to not release your numbers. o'rourke is here, biden is here,
6:22 am
klobuchar is here. i'll be covering a buttigieg event later on tonight. the thing about iowa is it's a place you can go to move your polling numbers, why being on the ground makes a difference. i call these the super voters. particularly in iowa you meet these folks who take their roles so seriously. listen. simply naming them all can be a feat. >> pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar. >> bernie sanders, julian castro and inslee. >> reporter: meeting and questioning the democratic candidates is a duty and a privilege. how many of the democratic candidates have you gone to see so far? >> i think biden will be 12. >> reporter: 12? >> yes. >> reporter: voters in iowa see
6:23 am
most of the candidates with more than 150 events held in the state in the month alone. >> i'll travel to wherever we have to go, you know. >> reporter: some super voters have a cause. >> when i started in 2016, i was so angry. >> she lost her husband to alzheimer's. she's asked opponents about the campaign for two months. >> my hope is they would put out a policy about alzheimer's. >> reporter: in nevada, there is a group called make the road. >> i want to be as prepared as possible. i don't want to be caught off guard. >> he comes to the rallies with a list of questions. what is your method to get a candidate to answer your question? >> to corner them, if there is a q & a session, my arm goes up
6:24 am
faster than anybody else's. i've been trained well. >> reporter: mark corver has no problem catching a candidate's eye for a chance to get a signed baseball. >> it's important to get personalized yourself, because some people think presidents are larger than life. this brings out the more human side. >> reporter: for all these super voters, picking presidents is a participatory sport. watching the debate isn't enough. they want to shape it. >> i'm one of many voices, but if i have a voice here in new hampshire, i'm going to use it to the best of my ability to try to make a change. >> reporter: chris, technology has changed the game here, too. the ease of shooting a video and posting it on social media has given these supervoters even more power to shape the nature of these discussions. >> vaughn, in the sunshine, shack is near a coffee pot, so
6:25 am
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now to that big escalation in the congressional democrats' fight to see president trump's taxes. the house is suing the treasury department and the internal revenue service over his returns after their requests and then subpoenas of the returns was ignored by treasury secretary steve mnuchin and charles reddig. now it could ultimately be fought in the supreme court. he's been covering this for months and also an msnbc contributor. and also he's written multiple books on the president and the administration. he's an expert on tax issues and has been looking into the president's taxes for years. so charlie, the white house refusal to comply with the subpoena is, and i'm quoting here, an extraordinary attack on the authority of congress to
6:30 am
obtain information needed to conduct oversight of treasury, the irs, and the tax laws. so what is the weight of them to comply? >> they're stonewalling congress which is to say all of their requests are illegitimate will stand judicial scrutiny. the trump administration has been fighting all subpoenas and request for information ever since the house was taken over by democrats six months ago by saying that congress only has authority to request information if it's thinking about how to write a new law, and it doesn't have authority to request information to uncover wrongdoing. and even when it says it's trying to write a new law, the branch can say that's just a pretext. this is about exposing information for political purposes. that's outside your authority and you can't do that. two courts have already rejected that argument at the district court level and will offer subpoenas by congress to financial firms for trump organization records.
6:31 am
now a third judge will get a crack at it, and this is the first one coming from congress itself. >> here's part of the white house statement. chairman neal's willingness to use his powerful committee to go after his political opponents is a dangerous democracy. the committee has no legitimate lejs laifsh purpose for which it can demand the president's tax returns and it's evident they are only interested in partisan gains. charlie, is this partisan? what could be in those returns that would be of interest to congress? >> you would have to be utterly naive to think it's not political, of course it's political, it's just whether it's within congress' authority to do it regardless of its moefsh. on the face of it, the law says this committee can request any individual's tax returns, period. it doesn't set a limit. so the executive branch is kind of inventing one and we'll see whether a judge goes along with that. why would they want it? they've said on other occasions that they wanted to see these returns because every president until now has released his
6:32 am
returns and they want to enforce that tradition. they want to see what kind of financial dealings trump has that may have run afoul of the constitution borrowing and receiving emolluments, and they want to see what the president's financial health is and whether it lines up with what he claims it is on the scale. so there's all kinds of reasons that they want to see these and they clearly alsome want to mak them public. >> but david, what they want to put out there is the reason they don't think they should turn them over and kind of protecting the office, not protecting something that might be in there that would lead to problems for the president. tell us in context what you know about the president's returns and what might be in there. >> all the arguments being made by the administration are simply cover for hiding trump's tax returns.
6:33 am
and the argument that the court's going to hear is that trump himself has made the case that there is a legitimate purpose. he said he's been audited by the irs. he claims he's being audited because he's a christian. he claims he's being treated differently than other presidents. so he, in his own words, has made the case here that congress should be looking at this as part of the oversight of the internal refr nvenue service. in the history of this law which was enacted in 1924, there has not been a single case of the irs not turning over information when requested. in fact, the joint committee on taxation has three staff members who work in the irs building because they review tax returns every day of the week. >> so mick mulvaney, trump's acting chief of staff, has said that the democrats will never see trump's tax returns. daifrd, it sounds like you
6:34 am
wouldn't place a bet on that. >> they will see trump's tax returns. if this isn't settled by the end of this congress, the clock will have to start with new litigation, but we will eventually see trump's tax returns, no question about it, and in addition the new york state legislature and the governor who signed legislation that provides to the ways and means committee and other congressional tax committees the new york state information from trump's tax returns. people watching shouldn't forget, trump won't even release the audit letter, absolutely adodine document that claims he's been audited. they have strong reason to believe it's tax sheets but they haven't nailed the case yet. >> so charlie, when might we get something on this? when might this all be settled? could it indeed go past 2020? >> easily. a district court judge has to look at it. assuming trump loses, he'll
6:35 am
appeal. an appeals court will have to look at it. whoever loses that will appeal to the full appeals court. whoever loses that will appeal to the supreme court. it's very easy to see this dragging on for a long time. on the other hand, those two cases i mentioned earlier vov involving subpoenas to private banking firms, the line judges who looked at both of those cases removed them very quickly. in a matter of weeks they said, no, trump is wrong and ordered the firms to comply and then trump appealed. it's possible that judges can choose to move this along and not let it be dragged out, but for now it's clearly the strategy of the trump legal team to just buy time and stall. >> charlie savage, david cay johnson, good to see both of you. ahead of tomorrow's activities, why some military officials are expressing concerns about president trump's controversial fourth of july celebration. nt trump's controversial fourth of july celebration.
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but one blows them allmany moisturizers... out of the water. hydro boost with hyaluronic acid to plump skin cells so it bounces back... neutrogena® and try our hydrating makeup. so here's the promise that president trump is tweeting this morning. he'll give the u.s., quote, a show of a lifetime at tomorrow's expanded july fourth celebration in washington. here's one look at how that's coming along. politico's heather cagel tweeted that a path hcrane had to be us
6:40 am
get around the white house. there is also a report that the extravaganza that he's wanted to have for two years now will balloon to $25 million and will mean less money for the national parks. the national parks has diverted $2.5 million in fees to cover some of the costs. monica alba joins us now with more from the capitol mall. we know the pentagon has scrambled to get together on short notice what the white house needs. what are you seeing on the ground? >> reporter: you can see right here next to me, these are actually two bradley fighting vehicles. this is just some of the military might that is expected to be on full display tomorrow night here, of course, on the national mall right behind me. this is just some of an example. you mentioned that they were moved overnight on trains and on flatbed trucks because these
6:41 am
tanks are so heavy. the president fell in love with this two years ago in paris on bastille day and wanted to recreate it, but a lot of critics are questioning whether he'll be able to keep this event that is typically nonpartisan partisan, whether he'll go into a campaign mode. when asked about the speech he's going to give, whether it will unify all americans, he said, i think so, but he's going to talk about the democrats. tourists are here. it's just another hot summer day. tomorrow this will look different with many people expected on the mall. chris? >> monica alba, thank you for that. phil rucker is back with me as well as jack jacobs, a medal after honor recipient and msnbc military contributor. phil, you said, quote, this year's gathering on the mall marks a departure because
6:42 am
presidents typically have not participated in independence day celebrations. why independence day if you're doing a military parade? what are you hearing about all this, because it was all pretty fast. >> the president wanted to do a military parade and those plans were thwarted by the government over concerns about cost and just infrastructure problems with rolling tanks through the streets of a city. so the parade was not to be. the president seized on this july 4th moment as a chance to put his own mark on what has historically been a decidedly nonpartisan celebration in the nation's capitol. he's wanted to have bigger fireworks than normal, he's wanted to put himself at center stage, he's given out vip tickets to his political donors, and meanwhile it's being funded by the government, not by his campaign. and in fact my colleagues at the post have reported last night that 2$2.5 million on national
6:43 am
park entry fees, these are the fees you pay when you go to visit yosemite or yellowstone or any of these national parks, that that money has been diverted away from the parks to help fund tomorrow's celebration. >> there are, colonel, as you know, russia has victory day, we mentioned he was at bastille day where he kind of got the idea that he wanted this. do you share the concerns we've heard from former military officers that, look, you have to keep this stuff apolitical, and it clearly is not? >> i do, and people i've talked to do as well. we've had a long history tradition of ago an apolitical fourth of july celebration. we're celebrating the founder of the country, not celebrating our military might. the thing that concerns me the most is the fact that we don't have to show our military might.
6:44 am
you know, there are tank countries and there are non tank countries. we are a non-tank countries. iran is a tank country. north korea, russia, china, those are all tank countries. we don't have to demonstrate -- as a matter of fact, it's part of our strength that we don't have to demonstrate our strength in this way. and the conclusion that one draws is that this is merely a -- it's not even a thinly veiled campaign event, it looks exactly like a campaign event and it panders to the least savory of all of our political notions, chris. >> well, the other thing, i think, that we're seeing a little bit here, phil, is that this is in some ways not unlike the president tweeting that he'd like to meet kim jong-un at the dmz, and then there's a big scrambling. the press secretary gets caught in the middle of it and all these things need to get done at
6:45 am
the last minute. it sounds like that's what happened with pentagon in this case. >> chris, i think what's going on here is the president himself is trying to produce this event. remember, his background is in putting on reality television shows. he cares intensely about the staging of his political rallies, about what goes where, what equipment would be involved. he's been very hands-on in the last few weeks in putting together the plans for the fourth of july on the mall. >> currently jack, does it bother you with everything that is going on in the world, multiple nuclear threats among them, that this is how the president is spending his time? >> well, of course, it's bothersome, but don't forget -- look, he's not alone. all presidents are always campaigning, always have been. but this is really in your face, and it's clear that his focus is less clear on the kind of things that keep us free than things that look like they keep us free. you just have to go back a couple weeks and take a look at
6:46 am
the positivity of intelligent and strategic decision making taking place just in the last few weeks with iran being aggressive in the gulf, the attacks on the ships there, what's taken place in iran now, plus upping its nuclear capability. no response from the united states to speak of. same thing in korea and north korea, china spreading out across the south china sea and so on. there are lots and lots of things we need to do with our military. this isn't one of them. >> colonel jack jacobs, always good to see you. happy fourth, and to you, phil rucker, as well. thanks, guys. up next, it might not come as a surprise that polls show elizabeth warren and kamala harris getting a bump after their debate performances, but a new analysis shows exactly where their gains are coming from.
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6:50 am
this morning a new washington post/abc poll shows while kamala harris and elizabeth warren did get a boost, joe biden still leads. and that lead has diminished, though he remains at the top of every national poll we have seen since the debates.
6:51 am
this morning we may know why. it goes beyond iowa and beyond the nomination. 45% of voters think that he is the candidate who can beat trump in the general location. joining me to weigh in is founder of pulso, a social media. tyler are back with me. doug, do you think it's that simple? biden is still in the lead because he is viewed as more moderate and democrats think he can win in the general? >> well, i think it is because he has a broad coalition of support. african-americans have been a base of his support since he started. he's doing well with older voters. he's doing well with moderate voters. so he's got a broader coalition. depending what polls you look at, they are saying different things. i would just be cautious about interpreting them too much until a couple weeks after the debates have passed. >> well, let me show you something, though. this is interesting. 5:38 did something really smart. they took a group of voters
6:52 am
before the debates and polled them. then they did one after the debate. so you actually see how the debates moved things. the big winner, kamala harris up 9.4. julian castro, elizabeth warren also gaining. down is joe biden, beto o'rourke and pete buttigieg. what do you make of that, liz? >> i would say there are several polls that we should be looking at. the poll that came out yesterday that surveyed voters showed that kamala harris went up from sixth place up to first and julian castro had a big jump. we know that the latin community will be the largest minority voting bloc in 2020. >> how do we know that? how do we know that? >> well, many studies have shown our community is increasing not
6:53 am
only in voting age but numbers overall. will 00,000 every single day. so we know the candidate that is elected in 2020 in the democratic primaries will not win the general election. >> so there is a lot of talk about, you know, who won, who lost and, rick, i think these polls aren't just being watched closely by these campaigns but by the trump campaign. what do they take away from what we have seen so far? >> well, i think joe biden has been moved. harris is right where she wants to be because you do not want to be the front runner this early o. >> wouldn't trump rather run against her than biden? >> it's too early to say.
6:54 am
the leaders will shift a little bit. lost ground in every demographic. it probably came out of joe biden. elizabeth warren was flat actually. she lost significant support. joe biden still remains the top of the heap and the person believe will beat donald trump. kamala harris has improved significantly in her believability she can beat donald trump. that is a huge factor this time around. >> obviously, doug, you have to build a winning coalition. a new piece by alex sightswald who writes harris stunned biden but can she win an obama
6:55 am
coalition? from your perspective at this point, who is doing the right things to go in that direction. >> you start putting organizers on the ground. kamala harris's campaign is doing that more and more in iowa and south carolina. elizabeth warren has a huge field staff she has invested in a number of key early states. so having that direct person-to-person communication is really important in terms of building out your coalition. when the candidates start to advertise and get their message out, that's going to be really important. but, look, i would just -- i would take issue with one thing that rick said. i think with kamala harris, you know, there was a lot of room to grow. a lot of people didn't know her or elizabeth warren. both did very well. liz wetting warren did well as well. >> seize the day, right? thanks to all of you.
6:56 am
happy fourth. >> rashida talib will be here to talk about the detention centers and what she witnessed. ention cs and what she witnessed make fitness routine with pure protein. high protein. low sugar. tastes great! high protein. low sugar. so good! high protein. low sugar. mmmm, birthday cake! pure protein. the best combination for every fitness routine.
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that wraps up this hour. coming up right now, more news with hallie jackson. hey, hallie. >> kris, thank you so much on this holiday wednesday. breaking news out of the trump administration. a new investigation ordered by
7:00 am
dhs into the reports about border patrol agents and the disturbing online posts we talked about on this show. some agents calling members of congress the b word, raising conspiracy theories about a migrant father and daughter who drowned trying to make the dangerous journey to this country. the acting head of security making the tphoupblsment this morning. gabe gutierrez is on the ground at the texas border. gabe, what do we know? >> reporter: hallie, good morning. we're at the border crossing in el paso. behind me is the international bridge in skwraur resident, mexico where thousands of migrants are waiting, some for months, waiting for asylum. the acting head of dhs has been warning the public, journalists about this ongoing crisis at the border. this surge in migrants that have overwhelmed some of his facilities. well, now he is responding to this


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