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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 6, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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and tom fallis, make a life as best they can. that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. good morning, everyone. i'm kendis gibson at msnbc headquarters in new york. it's 6:00 in the east and 3:00 out west. california reeling from a 7.1 earthquake. this morning, what to expect from the aftershocks. and the big one hit and it knocked my little one to the ground. >> i was trying to get to mom and i couldn't. i was, just, holding on to the ground, trying not to open up. census battle. the new move by the trump administration to add a citizenship question. and the 2020 race, as one
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candidate tries to stay in the center. we're going to start with the breaking news and the new images coming in just in the last few hours. a 7.1 magnitude earthquake striking southern california. the quake rocked the town of ridgecrest, the same area hit on independence day. but it also hit communities of trona and little lake. the tremors were felt miles away, toppling items from supermarket shelves. roads were closed during rockslides. you see the supermarket shelves. and we're told people as far north as sacramento and east as las vegas, felt all of this. fires broke out after gas leaks erupted in southern california. electricity and water outages remain in san bernadino county at this hour.
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and residents are being told to remain on alert. >> many of them have experienced something that is traumatic. somewhat unknown to most of them. and many are sleeping outside tonight. i know it's a difficult situation. >> make sure you're stocking up just in case we have something bigger than we had today. if something starts crumbling and these stores don't get back open, and we can't get to you right away, you have to take care of yourself for a period of time. >> it was a frightening experience for many people in southern california. water main breaks are popping up around the state. officials say they will have a better damage assessment once the sun rises in the next few hours. molly hunter is at ridgecrest.
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you experienced a tremor. it appeared to be a frightening experience. >> kendis, good morning. it was so much more than a tremor and so frightening. i've never felt like like it. and i was in los angeles for that 6.4. that was a gentle rolling, what a lot of people have been describing in las vegas, and san diego, and los angeles today. it rolls and keeps going. this was violent. it was jerky and shaking. i was in bed asleep. we were all in bed before the "today" live shot. the hotel alarm started going off. we ran over to that fire and that video you see next to me is a house fire and officials said there are multiple structural fires that have popped up. the woman who lived in that house, thankfully, got out.
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we were talking to residents. everyone found it terrifying. we spoke to a guy named warren cooper. >> my house is on the ground, leveled. destroyed. shut the water main off. a gas main off. it was a mess. made sure everything was okay. locked my dog up. >> is your dog okay? he's fine. went to my vehicle. went to my apartment. i take care of 14 units. i do well care checks on every one of them. >> did people answer? >> absolutely. made sure everybody was okay. dogs out in the crates and the vehicles. kids all loaded up. shut off the gas there. >> what warren did, he went door-to-door. he went to his friends, his called his neighbors. that's what the mayor and other officials are saying you have to do. it was so dark. the power just came on around here. it's been so dark. and it was hard for emergency
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services to assess the damage, figure out who needs help and who doesn't. the other thing i wanted to point out, the hospital has been operating on generators. they evacuated patients a couple hours ago. brought everyone out to the parking lot. they were treating patients out here. they've moved a lot of people back inside. but just as a precautionary measure. they don't though what damage is in the foundation. >> based on the violent shaking that you experienced, this happened late in the night, around 8:00 p.m. you imagine the sun comes up and the extent to the damage will be beyond what we imagine. >> it's hard to tell.
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6.4 was big, as well. and there wasn't that much damage. and officials are saying there will be more damage and a lot more injuries, given how strong it was, i have to believe that is true. we'll be waiting a couple of hours to see the full extent of what's happened. >> and the state's office of emergency services have been enacted and they've asked for a emergency declaration from the president. molly hunter, good to know you're safe. thank you for your reporting. "nbc nightly news" anchor, lester holt, was on vacation in santa monica and felt the earthquakes. that's 150 miles to the west. he called last night to share his experience. >> what did you experience? >> i was with my wife and one of my sons in a movie theater in
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downtown santa monica. we looked at each other. no panic. you hear everyone in the theater acknowledging what was happening. then, it kicked into a second gear. and people started to get up. and we decided to get out. and there's something freaky about an earthquake in a darkened theater. everyone was orderly. we made our way to the stairwell and went down several floors to the street level. there was no panic. there was one woman who was sobbing, very distraught, understandab understandably. but it was hard to tell who felt what. across the street, there was hotel. we could see people gathered in the lobby around the tv, watching the local news coverage of this. i spoke to one of my neighbors, here in our building. who talked about the strongest thing she has felt.
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and it was scary. neighbors were knocking on doors. i've been in a lot of quick qua a lot of parts of the world. this one got my attention. >> did you feel the aftershock? do you have any understanding about what to from here out? >> i was just watching some of the coverage. my understanding is -- back me up on this. they're now saying what we experienced yesterday was a fore shock. and what would happen here within the hour is the actual quake. i've never seen that happen, that you would go from a large quake to a larger quake as an aftershock. that's out of my whoeelhouse. i heard there were 1,400
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aftershocks yesterday. there was one in the middle of the night around 4:00 a.m. my wife and i woke up and we didn't know why. it must have been that one. i'm in santa monica. i'm about a block and a half from the beach. that's 120 miles from ridgecrest, the epicenter of the latest skwak. and the fact we felt it this strong, were all with each other saying, what if this had been closer to los angeles? you know? 10 million, 15 million people here. what that would have been like. it is raising an awareness of our vulnerability to these things. looking around, construction, and all of the retro fitting that's gone on here. and really making people consider that question, are we prepared? >> that was nbc's "nightly news" anchor, lester holt, reporting from santa monica this morning.
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now, to a closer look at some of the damage caused by the latest quake. sergio quintana was at a store in ridgecrest. take a look. >> we were outside of ridgecrest shooting some video when the quake struck. one of the big concerns ine iin sustained damage. this crack was not here. this crack formed tonight during the pretty violent shaking. i can tell you that it also broke out a window here. there is damage inside of the store as well. there's some plaster that came down inside. you can see inside. just a few seconds ago, there was a contracting team that came out here so they could start assessing some of the damage. there is a big line of damage. it goes all the way around this building. i can tell you when this quake
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started -- there's the contractors right there. they're checking to see how much damage the whole building has sustained. they were out here earlier in part because the store was closed. there was merchandise inside on the ground and they were not able to get inside earlier this check on that. they're checking to see how bad the cracks are in the wall. this is an earthquake that lasted for quite a while. and throughout the evening, along with people assessing the damage, we've been hearing sirens and emergency vehicles. we know there are a couple different fires. we responded to one tof them. you were talking about the damage in trona. people described their homes being violently ch lly shaken.
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and having difficulty loading their families in their vehicles. and the road out to trona has been shut down by the california highway patrol. there's a lot of activity out here right now because the town of ridgecrest is seeing how everyone survived through. we have not heard of any serious injuries. >> there are minor injuries to report. of course, we're going to continue to follow the latest on this earthquake. the big headline, a 7.1 major earthquake has struck southern california. we'll go back to the epicenter for an update on the bottom of this hour. we want to move on to the political headlines this morning. a federal judge ordering a case to go forward whether a citizenship question can be added to the 2020 census.
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it will focus on whether the trump administration was steeped in discriminary motive. this is after the judge said that the lawyers are looking at all of the options for adding the question to the 2020 census form. >> are you going to issue an executive order on the census? >> we're thinking of doing that. it's one of the ways we're thinking about doing it seriously. we're doing well on the census. >> in the meantime, she's been hailed the winner of the first democratic debates. but we're learning that kamla harris is behind her top rivals when it comes to fund-raising. harris raising $12 million in the past three months. that's behind the hauls announced by pete buttigieg and joe biden. and the mystery is deepening over mike pence abruptly cancelling his new hampshire trip this week. here's what the president told
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reporters. >> why did the vice president cancel his trips the other day? >> you'll know in about two weeks. there was an interesting problem they had in new hampshire. i can't tell you about. had nothing to do with white house. there was a problem up there. and i won't go into what the problem was. you'll see it in about a week or two. >> according to "the washington post" a top official was unaware of any security threat or problems that would have caused the vice president to cancel the trip to their town. that's deepening the mystery. joining me is the senior reporter of "business insider." and daniel lippman, the co-saw thor of "politico playbook." the white house says there was a problem in new hampshire.
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it had nothing to do with the white house. they were unaware of what problems they were talking about. what can this all be about? >> it comes down to the one issue that plagues the white house, which is a lack of information from senior officials about what was going on. and a tendency by the president to send out mixed messages about issues that he wouldn't have to. a big part of why this is a controversial right now is because president trump said something that was specifically disputed by a top law enforcement official in new hampshire. if he said, you know, we're working on it. we can't say more right now, there withoould be fewer questi about it. he could have said anything, other than the one thing that could be disputed, this wouldn't be an issue. >> daniel, is there a reason behind the president adding to
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this mystery and this situation? could it be a distraction tactic? what are you learning there? >> in terms of trump's comments on that, he was responding to one of the pool reporters asked him. and mark short, the vice president's chief of staff, didn't seem to clarify matters when this first happened. and so one of my editors asked me, when it first happened, try to figure out what is going on here. i made a bunch of calls and no one knew in the vice president circle. there was some issue with a place he was going to visit in new hampshire. maybe they didn't vet them properly. that's a problem in this administration. >> it is strange, i got to say, it is strange, though. here's the mystery about all of
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this. there was a security issue, which people in new hampshire, said there wasn't. why would you get called back into the oval office for a brief meeting with the president? >> it doesn't compute. but you don't see this with vice president pence, who tries to not attract bad headlines of his own. i wouldn't call it a bad headline. but it is a head scratcher, for one. and the vice president spokesperson said, we would find out in three weeks. similar to what the president was saying yesterday. let's talk to the controversy surrounding the census citizenship question. the trump administration is trying to add the question without a firm plan. what does it mean for the administration? why are they trying to push this
3:18 am
fight? >> i think the president may have shot himself in the foot here. he said there are many reasons to add the citizenship to the cens census. one of the reasons is redistricting. that's one of the key reasons to bring a lawsuit. they think it will discriminate against minorities. and they believe that the republicans were working with a strategist to bliring this to hp republican efforts to gerrymander districts and to suppress the minority vote. the president said there are many reasons. but it's interesting that the first thing he said was redistricting. i don't think he did that on purpose. it was a slip of the tongue. >> what's behind the president's passion because of all of this?
3:19 am
is it because of ideological reasons or just partisan? >> i think both. he doesn't understand the purpose of the sentence. it is counting the population, not just american citizens. it's trying to apportion social services. trying to better understand how much money to give to states in terms of how many people they have. they've tried to make it into this question, to help states that don't have that many illegal immigrants. this is something that trump has gotten mad at commerce secretary wilbert ross is over because he believes this is messed up. this is a negative news story. and he thinks that ross should have done a better job handling
3:20 am
this, instead of turning to this massive controversy. who knew we would be talking for years and there would be lawsuits on the one question of the u.s. census. >> who knew the census would be this critical of an issue. and there's reporting that the president is not happy at all with wilber ross. our thanks to you. coming up, how threats from iran is escalating. tensions in the persian gulf and how the president is reacting. even when i was there, i never knew when my symptoms would keep us apart. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira can help get, and keep uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough. and it helps people achieve control that lasts. so you can experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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developments this morning, after the justice department in a new court filing said, it's unsure whether to regulate new rationale for the citizenship question on the 2020 census. the department asked for a delay whether the government acted with racial motivation. but the president said yesterday, it appears to cont contradict their defense. >> what is the reason, mr. president, for trying to get a citizenship question? >> you need it for many reasons. you need it for congress. you need it for congress, the districting. you need it for appropriations. where are the funds going? how many people are there? are they citizens? are they not citizens? you need it for many reasons. >> danny, good morning to you. you heard the president said right there, he wants to add this question, for redistricting or districting.
3:25 am
did he admit to some discriminatory intent, perhaps lying to the supreme court? >> not necessarily. this is the president fumbling through his knowledge of civics and constitutional law. keep in mind, the administration did win in the supreme court. if you want to boil down what justice roberts' opinion concludes. it concludes something remarkable. it says, hey, government. you can do this. you can add the power of adding this question to the census. this particular administration is not going to be allowed to do it. and functionally, unless something really fast happens, they cannot come back with a good reason why they're including this scitizenship question. if they did, kendis, if they said, we spent all of those months arguing and the voting rights act, now, it's act redistricting. it's about some other reason.
3:26 am
how disingenuous would that look? trump does not have a problem being disingenuous. the federal government cannot afford to make that argument to a district court, about, that reason we have now, we never mentioned it before, now, it's a good reason to add this citizenship question. make no mistake, kendis. if a president wants to add a citizenship question, with a scintilla of better reasoning, that question will be added. >> that said, they are looking at their options and pursuing an executive order. can they do that? >> can they do that, yes. the president can issue an executive order. will it hold up in court? i doubt it. if nothing else, this may be an obvious circumvention of the supreme court ruling. you can't do this in the way that you did it. and using the executive order,
3:27 am
may be an end run around that which is already protibet hibit. >> danny, we appreciate it. see you in the next hour. we'll follow the breaking news out of southern california. a second and powerful earthquake in as many days. and five-times bigger than the july fourth earthquake, causing widespread power outages and damage. we'll go back to the epicenter of the quake next. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so...
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we're back with breaking news out of california. a major earthquake. a 7.1 major quake hitting ridgequesridg ridgecrest. it hit trona and little lakes. tremors were felt as far north as sacramento and as far east as las vegas. items off of a supermarket shelves. there were some gas leaks that were followed by plenty of fires. electricity and water outages are in many parts of
3:32 am
san bernadino counties. molly hunter is in ridgecrest right now. we were told they can expect some aftershocks for quite some time. have you felt major ones so far? >> it hasn't stopped shaking. i was looking at the usgs website that lists the aftershocks in real-time. it was so terrifying. so strong, so violent. it felt like we were shaking for five minutes. that's because we were. there were 11 quakes in very quick succession, within seconds of each other. all over four. the 5.0. 7.1. and it just continued. we were shaking at a really high, really scary level for about five minutes. since then, dozens of aftershocks. a lot over 4.0. when you're so close to
3:33 am
epicenter, we can feel the 3.2 magnitude quakes. in san diego, they may not be able to. i was in los angeles on thursday when the magnitude 4.0 hit. and it was a rolling sensation. it's entirely different than a 7.1 right here near the epicenter. it's bigger than a 6.4. we've been hearing from seismologists. earthquakes are measured on the richter scale and the intensity. and while it was five-times bigger, it was actually 11-sometimes stronger and that's why it felt so big. we have sound from dr. lucy jones, who is the expert in this re region. take a listen. >> california would expect to have a magnitude 7, once every 15 or 20 years. the last one was 20 years ago. we expect to have a 6 every three years or so.
3:34 am
and we've gone 20 years without a 6. think of this as a return of what california is supposed to be doing. the last 20 years was the standard. >> so, that's both reassuring and scary for someone who is standing on top of the epicenter. every time the ground starts shaking, we get nervous. we spoke with a couple of residents from trona. it's the next town over. they say it's so much worse. we were talking about damage. they say a lot of the roads are cracked and raised up, buckling. we've seen pictures of earth quakes of the past. gas lines have been -- gas main lines have been broken down there. we will check it out. in ridgecrest, i think as soon as the sun comes up, we'll see more damage. right now, it is hard to assess how badly damaged the city is. >> the sun should be up in
3:35 am
ridgecrest, a town located 120 miles east of los angeles. molly, thanks so you. we're going to move on to the tensions that are flaring in the persian gulf, with iranian officials trying to seize a vessel. a supertanker was taken into custody by british forces. officials in the region said the u.s. ordered for the iranian tanker to the seriesed. and the oil was on its way to syria at the time. iran is threatening to restart operations at one of its main nuclear facilities. it surpassed the limits of stockpiles of enriched yuranium. the u.s. has now increased presence in the region with additional fighter jets arriving in qatar. here's how president trump began
3:36 am
and ended the week when asked what he plans to do with escalating tensions to iran. >> any message to iran? >> no message to iran. they know what they're doing. they know what they're playing with. i think they're playing with fire. no message to iran whatsoever. we'll see what happens with iran. iran has to be very, very careful. >> all right. joining me now is world news editor with the daily beast. let's talk about this issue with the tankers. it seems like things are escalating there. >> it's part of a game that iran is playing and trump is playing. he's right. everybody is playing with fire right now. there's incremental steps. i think we see with the tanker, is iran retaliating in some way, not against the united states,
3:37 am
but against the british. it was the british royal marines that boarded the tanker. an indirect move against the british, would be something that trump would have trouble responding to. in graduated game is something they played before. more than 30 years ago, there was a tanker war in the persian gulf. and the u.s. deployed lots of ships. the biggest naval deployment since vietnam, to counteract iran. it was incremental. it never became an all-out war. >> you have the officials, the oil tanker right off of spain. you have the brits involved, the spanish officials and now, in the u.s. >> that's right. i think you see the incrementalism happening again and again. it is dangerous. any false move, and the iranians feel they will lose face if they back down. and trump will feel he will lose
3:38 am
face if he backs down. he is right when he says this is a dangerous game. but he is also right when he says they know what they're doing. >> you know the region and the history, as well. does it seem like we're on an unavoidable collision course? >> well, it seems as if we are on a course where something is going to have to give. whether this will be a war or not, i don't think so. iranians understand perfectly well, that trump does not want a war. they use that to gauge their maneuvers. someone might take action that they try to suck the u.s. into a war. that's what we saw with the shooting down of a drone. the u.s. backed away. that was something that maybe was not ordered with the top people in iran. >> and the president alluded to that, as well. thank you for your time and your insight.
3:39 am
why a strong jobs report last month may not be telling the whole story about the u.s. economy, coming up.
3:40 am
3:41 am
3:42 am
as you can expect, the president is taking credit this weekend, for a strong jobs report. even as a revised report, from the month before, could spell underlying problems for the economy. the latest jobs report from june, showed 224,000 jobs were created. and the unemployment rate stayed constant at 3.7%.
3:43 am
joining me now is jill marcella. you follow this on a daily basis. what is the big headline about the jobs report? >> the better-than-expected june jobs report, means that fears of the retenticession or the econo deteriorating can be put to rest for now. 224,000 jobs were added. that blew away expectations. we have way more than $160,000 jobs. the unemployment rate ticked upwards. the economists were expecting it to say at 3.6%. but it went up to 3.7%. and the other side that is not that great, is wage growth. from the month of may, it went up 0.2%.
3:44 am
when it comes to u.s. gdp, 25% is consumption-driven. if consumers don't have income in their wallets, it's unlikely it can be stimulating to the economy. >> is that why people are saying, while the jobs report is good, every other signal is saying we're on track for a recession? >> absolutely. economists were not expecting that many jobs to be added. in fact, when you look at the situation with may, may was a very disappointing jobs report. and the numbers have been revised downwards. 75,000 dlbjobs. it was only 72,000 jobs that were added. an even bleaker picture. look at the context of the month of may. we saw an escalation in the trade war with china. we thought we were close to a deal. then, president trump added additional tariffs on china. he raised the tariffs from 10% to 25%, on $200 billion on
3:45 am
chinese goods. and as a result, we saw less hiring. >> we have to talk about the jobs report. you look within the numbers right there. nationally, it's 3.7%, unemployment rate. for minorities, it's much higher. african-american unemployment rate. 6%. hispanic, 4.3%. what does that say about the economy, at least for that sector, the jobs? >> i look at this every day. on wall street, we've seen stock market highs this week. of course, all that wealth and prosperity is not being distributed to everyone. not everybody owns stocks. when it comes to minorities and hispan hispanics, they are not benefitting from the ten-year economic expansion we've been seeing here. they're struggling. and the jobs report for them is much bleaker. >> and still, the president is saying, it couldn't be any better for minorities for
3:46 am
african-americans and hispanics when it comes to jobs under his administration. thanks to you. appreciate you breaking it down. will joe biden's reluctance to fight back against his critics, hurt his lead in the 2020 race? my experience with usaa
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so easy to go back and go back 30, 40, 50 years and take the context and take it context completely out of context. had the information about other people's past and i'm not going to go there. >> not going to go there. joe biden on his approach to the 2020 race. this, of course, after senator kamala harris' gait night attack triggered a tightening in the polls. the latest out of iowa has biden holding on to first place. you can see the fundraising figures there. many are parsing the details, as well. joining me now is a democratic strategies, former senior advisor to hillary clinton's campaign in south carolina and bost boston harrold radio host. what do you make of biden saying
3:51 am
he's not going to go there. he doesn't plan to go on the offensive there. >> i think that's a grave mistake. look how much traction come out on harris got during the last democratic debate by, you know, taking on biden. she has -- her poll numbers have jumped dramatically. she's increased her fundraising. biden has to show he's a fighter if he can't take on members of his own party, how is he going to take on donald trump with the roaring economy? >> yeah. and biden is also pushing back on the idea that most democrats are moving to the far left. take a listen. >> look who won last time out. i thi in the general election fights, who won? main stream democrats who are very progressive on social issues and very strong on
3:52 am
education, health care, look my north star is the middle class. when the middle class does well, everybody does well. it is center left that's where i am. where it's not is way left. >> and interesting take for the former vice president there talking when he's running the in democratic primary where everybody is far left now it seems. >> first of all, no disrespect, but i love when republicans try to give democrats advice about what we should be doing in our own party. i think you guys have your own problems. the second thing, i think the vice president has his finger on the political pulse. if we look at what reality is that left party. 80% of the people in our party identify with being center left. if you look at what it took to be successful in the midterms, i joined several members of the congressional black caucus and went around the country to get us in the majority status and vice president biden was the most requested surrogate in
3:53 am
places where not many of the democrats can campaign. we won those districts. they were not dark blue districts. they were districts that trump won in '16 we were able to carry in' 18. they had a center left approach to their messaging. i think he gets it. and at the end of the day, if we drive to the narrative that the republicans want us to of being a way left party, i don't know if we can maintain our majority in the congress because it's not just about the presidency that will be on the ballot next year. >> i want you to pick up on that adrienne and see if you have any advice you would like to offer to antwon and democrats and all of that. in the meantime, take a look at the fundraising numbers. they are staggering for the second quarter. the trump campaign and the rnc announcing a combined $105 million. democrats you can see their numbers. mayor pete buttigieg with the highest there $24.8 million. do those numbers kind of indicate a problem for the democrats? it certainly does. i mean, it shows the enormous
3:54 am
enthusiasm that americans across this country have for the trump administration. and if we look at individual donors, online donors, president trump's campaign has had 750,000 individual online donors. that's just staggering. if you can just compare that to the democrats, i mean, look at mayor pete. he's raised $24 million in the past three months. president trump raised that exact number in just one day after his re-election campaign. >> but -- >> go ahead. >> but let me say this, i agree. it's not a worry problem for the democrats. i think it's a lesson for the democrats. the republicans are starting to consolidate and we're tearing each other apart in the primary process. we cannot afford to do that. i think we all should adopt the philosophy i think the vice president adopted from jay-z when he said nobody wins when the family feuds. we can't get into the business
3:55 am
of tearing each other apart to repeat our sins of 2016 and not have consolidated support around our nominees. >> let me put this out there to the both of you. because two years ago, or three years ago, the republicans were tearing each other apart. president trump didn't necessarily have the staunch support and money backing of the rnc. he wasn't raising all that much money. does all of that actually matter? you know, the hundred plus million? >> absolutely it does. guess what, we're not the republicans. what we know about the republican party whether you grow or not, like it or not, they fall in line. we tend to fall in love. sometimes they consolidate, we tend to grow apart after we have a nominee because we all don't agree with the policy agenda or the policies subscription that our nominee subscribes to. so we can't repeat, again, the sins we saw in 2016. this is not 2008 where barack obama and hillary clinton. the urgency of the moment is totally different we have to
3:56 am
govern ourselves accordingly. >> i want you to give the final word in this. >> president trump has a tremendous advantage going into 2020 simply because he's at the incumbent. i mean, incumbents have tremendous -- we look at history going back it the 1900s 80% of the presidents running got re-elected. we have a historically low unemployment and those two things alone could put president trump in a great place to be re-elected. >> it means he's on life support going into re-election. >> his phone numbers are very, very low and the democrats, though, do have enthusiasm, according to the polls. we'll leave it there. thank you. california reeling from a 7.1 earthquake. cracking buildings and roads and setting fires. what to expect from the aftershocks ahead. g fires. what to expect from the aftershocks ahead. have a child, having a reliable network means everything.
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good morning everyone. i'm kendisgibson in new york. it's 7:00 in the east. 4:00 out west. where there is breaking news. 7.1 earthquake in southern california as many people there are waiting for daylight to survey the damage after that powerful quake that rocked the region. >> i've never been through anything like this in my life. so that's horrifying. we don't know what the damage is yet and we're just going to wait until it's


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