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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  July 7, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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we got to be engaged and as reverend sharpton said before we came on stage the power we have as black folks, particularly as black women, the pow of our voice and our story and our narrative, you know we underestimate it because they want us to underestimate it. but i'm here to tell you there's nothing we can't do or change when we as a collective put our minds to it. >> we as a collective put our minds to it. it was thrilling to get a shut out from the former first lady and it will be more thrilling to get a turnout from voters of every generation and races to say what we have tried to build and must continue to in this country. that does it for me this weekend. thanks for watching. goodnight. this sunday immigration crisis.
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democrats denounce conditions at immigrant detention centers in texas. >> what we saw today is unconscionable. >> and in florida. it's not temporary housing. >> you know how it can be taken care of? number one, tell them not to come because it's illegal. >> i'll talk to a democrat who's long called for centers like these to be shut down and to the only republican congressman representing any part of the border. plus as senator kamala harris stays on offense, joe biden concedes he was wrong to praise segregationist senators. as democratic candidates intensifies, i'll talk to presidential candidate, senator amy klobuchar.
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americans debate imgragsz, how to celebrate the 4th and what it means to be an american. joining me for analysis are kimberley atkins, senior news correspondent for wbr in boston. columnist of the los angeles times and washington bureau chief for "vice news." welcome to sunday. it's "meet the press." >> announcer: from nbc news in washington, the longest running television news show in history,er "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> this is usually a unifying event celebrating the pride with being an amaycon. we witnessed a debate about what it means to be an american. we saw democratic law makes it criticize detention sentsers and president trump tweet if they're unhappy with the conditions, just tell them not to come. all problems solved.
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we saw a fight on how to count americans with president trump insisting on including a citizenship question on the census. and opponents arguinging it's nothing more than a way to reduce representation for hispanics. we saw pro-trump crowds gathing to hear the president's speech at the lincoln memoial and those gathing at the uth end by the u.s. capitol. collectively these incidents ilgreat the growing divisions in this country and perhaps none more urgent than the crisis at the border. >> i think they do a great job with those facilities. tell them not to come because it's illegal. >> reporter: president trump on friday responding to a report by the "independent watch dog" that warns of dangerous over crowding and prolonged detention in south
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texas. 88 men were cram under to a cell with the capacity of just 41. children at several facilities had no access to showers or hot meals. 1/3 of the children were held for more than three days in violation of federal law. last week acting homeland security secretary denied that conditions had deteriorated. >> unsubstantiated allegations regarding a single border patrol facility created a sensation. >> deplorable condition wheres children are left without access to soap, clean water, showers, clean clothing, toilets, tooth brushes, adequate nutrition or sleep. this was taken by congressman joaquin castro who visited several detention centers with a congressional delegation. >> we saw that system is still broken and people's human rights are still being abuse said. >> no child should ever be taken from their family.
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no woman should ever be locked up in a pen when they have done no harm to another human being. >> reporter: justice department attorneys have argued those in court that those conditions are lawful. >> if you don't have a tooth brush, soap, a blanket, it's not safe and sanitary, wouldn't everybody agree to that? do you agree to that? >> well, i think -- i think those are -- there's fair reason to find that those things may be pat of -- >> not may be. are. >> reporter: new reports have sparked protests around the count cannery from texas to south florida to washington d.c. last week congress passed $4.5 billion but refused to fund oversight. >> i have seen those places. and they're run beautifully. they're clean, they're good.
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they do a great job. >> and senator from portland and the republican congressman that represent as district on the u.s./mexico border. i'd like the start our conversation with you. you've been a leading voice on this. you had made pilgrimages to the centers before others had gone down there. why hasn't anything changed and why has it gotten worse? >> i tell you when i hear a member of the administration say the reports on the conditions are unsubstantiated, i'm like what world are they living in? because we've had the inspector generals work for these departments do reports, journalists do extenszive interviews and report on the conditions, we've had the flores settlement agreement lawyers have special access go in and report on the conditions. from every direction you see
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children are being treated in a horrific manner and there's an underlying philosophy it's okay to treat refugees in this fashion and that's really the rot at the core of the administration's policy. >> senator, what would happen if we could can get our cameras in there? i don't mean to be this crass about it but are pictures are what is missing for action? >> well, certainly we have a visual pick kmr from these various reports and actual camera might make a difference. >> why is the administration not allowing -- because that to me is a sort of potentially comes across as damming. why do they prevent, why do they take your cell phones or they try to? they clearly are afraid of pictures. why? >> well, it's because pictures portray a very graphic representation people can't argue with and they don't want that information out. i will say the conditions are always better when members of
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congress visit. they require extensive notice inned a vansz, they clean up, they decrease the number of people there. so that is why it's valuable to have an inspector general that can drop in at a moment's notice and works for the administration to give a repot. let's think about that settlement, the bill that was just passed. it did nothing to change the block aide of children at the border, did nothing to change for-profit system of homestead where 3200 children capacity, the largest child prison is being established and they paid $750 a day to lock up children, no incentive to get them into homes. this process of the brutalization of refugees and particularly children is pat of a philosophy of saying if we treat it them like this we'll discourage them from coming. there's just no ethical framework that allows you to mistreat children in this fashion.
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>> the president, this and what he tweets and i'm curious if you take him at his word. he seems to say if the democrats will agree to his changes in the asylum laws, he'll perhaps move on this issue. democrats want open borders which means massive crime and drugs. is there changes he wants that you would agree to? >> well, let's get rid of the myth democrats are arguinging for open borders. we've supported border security and that's a red herring thrown in there. but the change they want is to get rid of the flores settalment agreement that says you can only lock up children for three days and you need move them into a state licensed child care facility or home. there is no way, under any set of conditions that democrats are going to support the indefinite lock up of children. we know from all the child experts this does traumatic injury.
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that trauma can have life long effects. it is a horrific strategy on their part of the administration the answer is absolutely not. flores in fact needs to be applied to the influx facilities where it's not being applied. we need expand it, not eliminate it. >> it feels as if we're in a steal ma stalemate where congressional republicans are not likely going to move. they would move if he's willing to move. we've seen that politically on other issues. how do you fix this? expedite this? it seems we're in a cull desack here. >> and an argument that let's by a can country, as we have often been, that treats migrants and refugees with respects.
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it doesn't mean they're able to say. it's very hard to go through the it asylum process. most are turned down. but there's no reason to mistreat individuals as they're awaiting an asylum hearing. es for i don't know how we can get to that core change unless we have some real leadership from republicans inside congress who say enough is enough. >> i want you to respond to something that jay johnson, president obama's secretary for homeland security wrote today in the "washington post." and here's one part of it. "we cannot, as some democratic candidates now propose, embrace a policy to not deport those who enter or remain in this country illegally unless they kmat crime, this is tabt mount to a public deck leeration that our borders are open to all. how do you respond to that?
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that thfeeds into the notion of it's open borders? >> we had previous to trump administration, it was a civil offense, not criminal offense. that's the distinction they're speaking of. that doesn't mean you get to stay in the united states indefinitely. you still go through an asylum hearing. we maintain the family case management program where 99 to 100% of families showed up, they were treated with respect and dignity and if they're able to stay, or not, their rr deported but in between they're treated as fellow human beings fleeing difficult circumstances and with respect and decency. >> four years ago this is what you wrote about bernie sanders. it is time to recommit ourb selves to the vision off a country that measures the nation's success not at board room table, but at kitchen tables across america. bernie sanders stands for that a acu.
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there was a reference that you probably heard about that senator sanders hasn't even called to ask for your support again. where do you stand on the presidential race? >> well, we have a lot of capable individuals who are running who do understand the kitchen table and i'm really looking forward to them laying out that vision, getting amay cuexcited about returning to the fundamentals of taking on health care, education, infrastructure, living wage jobs. things that have been incredibly neglected and set aside by this administration. >> so why not sanders this time? >> i feel there are many capable individuals who are making this case and i'm looking forward to hearing each of them lay it out. it'ser the vision you have and you ability to carry that vision into the momentum that allows you to make the decisions in office. i think a robust debate is no longer a hillary clinton and bernie sanders. hillary clinton is not a
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candidate. so we have a different set of cards this time and i'm looking forward to heying from all of them. >> build right democrat from oregon, thank you for coming on and sharing your views. congressman will herd of texas. only republican representing any part of the border. happy july 4th weexd. >> appreciate being on. >> let me start with the inspector general's report. serious over crowding. 31% of children held longer than 72 hours. dlts 2k3wi6ben wet wipes to maintain personal hygiene, some adults in standing room only. in the "new york times" today about clint, the facility in clint, texas, in your district. outbreaks of skabies, shingles and chicken pox being sprid by
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kwhildn are, the stench of the clothing was so strong it spread to the agent's own children. they cried constantly. one girl seemed likely enough to try to kill herself that the agents made her sleep on a caught in front of them while they processed new arrivals. i know you're not happy with these conditions either. but do we need stop it and how? >> and that's age nnts telling e "new york times" reporters. they shouldn't hold anybody for any length of time, let alone children. we should be handling people with care and humanity. but the ig report that came out i think july 3rd, there was also a report in may talking about the facilities we're not prepared for the load that they were having to deal with and these are temporary facilities and unfortunately the solution here is we need ice and hhs --
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hhs the federal entity designed to handle children. border patrol because of the flores settlement is supposed to have the children ready to transfer within 72 hours. right now they're having them ready within 42 hours. but ice and hhs doesn't have the capacity to take folks. and it's unfortunate when many of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle voted against an amendment i put forbward about $2 billion more to deal with this crisis they voted against that. i tried to get 100 more judicial teams. we have 900,000 people still trying to get through the system. we should be able to get an immigration case done within nine months. they voted against judicial -- >> but isn't the issue here that democrats have not with your
3:17 pm
amendment but a lack of trust in the trump administration. you could make a strong argument that decision to pull aid from the central american countries which i know you're a huge critic of europe. but to pull that aid, and create family separation, that they've made the problem worse and so the lack of trust that they can handle this when you have an administration that clearly is micromanaging things. i would sit here and say do you have confidence in the leadership? everybody's acting. there's no confirmed member anywhere in this process. >> that's absolutely a problem. are they willing to make tough decisions when we need to and so yes, there is a lack of trust between congressional democrats and the executive branch. but that doesn't change the reality that we're dealing with right now. facilities, people overwhelmed. border patrol weren't trained to handle children like this. they weren't trained for the
3:18 pm
medical issues that they're seeing. they were trained to be in between our ports of entree and grab and apprehend people coming in illegally. but some of the things we need do to fix this, i've said many times we should nominate and select a separate representative for the northern triangle to work with those three countries on the root causes, which is violence, extreme poverty and lack of economic opportunity in those countries. we should make sure opec and state department resources -- we shouldn't decrease resources -- >> but you're at odds with the administration here. they seem to have no interest in that. how do you convince -- does the president reach out forred a viesz or no e? >> he hasn't reached out personally. i have many conversations with folks throughout the administration and continue to articulate the solutions and
3:19 pm
another thing is human smuggling. i spent almost a decade as an undercover officer in the cia and chased guys like al qaeda and nuclear weapon proliferators out of business. people coming through our southern border are can coming through a human smuggler. we phone numbers, license plates with buses that have moved people to el paso. we need make sure countering human smuggling is a national intelligence authority so we have the nsa, fbi working on those ppt they're the ones facilitating the perilous journeys for young women, for kids and these families and we're not putting nearly enough attention on that in order to dismantle the infrastructure that is moving people here illegally. and we should be streamlining legal immigration. i had a proposal, the only bipartisan immigration proposal
3:20 pm
othroughout to streamline legal immigration so people that want to come -- the united states of america has benefitted of the brain drain from every other country. and lets dro's do it legally. sglrls let's talk about the president's attempt to go around the supreme court. where are you on the citizen sghe question? >> i think supreme court has ruled. we need make sure we accurately count everybody. it's important for cities and count canies. >> sounds like you're against the citizenship question because it will lead to a miscount. >> we don't want to be a miscount for sure. i'm concerned do they have the right capabilities to protect the information that's being collected.
3:21 pm
i used to serve on the can committee that over saw this in the last congress and there was problems with their cyber security defense and so we have a lot of broader problems, so the supreme court has ruled let's move forward. we shouldn't stall the census and we need make sure information wrooer colle information we're collecting is protected. >> someone you've voted against your own party. declaring his independence. the founders envision congress is a deliberative body in can which outcomes are discovered we are fast approping the point however, where congress exists as little more than a formality to legitimize the president and the speaker of the houses as a majority leader. have you thought off leaving the republican party? >> it's unfortunate he thinks the patty isn't big enough for his position and ideas. i think the republican party should be a broad party.
3:22 pm
i shouldn't be the only african-american republican in the houses of representatives. >> you had a pretty colorful quote where your add vice was don't be an expletive, don't be a homophobe, thing liebz that. >> we need make sure the republican party is growing. ruby red, texas. it's actually purple. just because we don't have a state elected democrat, doesn't mean we're not pupal. and i think this is -- that go grz the rest of of the country as well. we have an opportunity because i know independents and center-left democrats are concerned with the direction of of the democratic patty and we have an opportunity to intrigue those folks interested in solving problems for the future by empowering people and not governments. >> as i said the only republican that represents a district on the border. thanks for coming on and sharing
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welcome back. the panel . welcome back. the panel is here. senior news correspondent in boston. and the washington bureau chief for vice news and always a member of the press family. and "los angeles times" columnist among other attributes. welcome all. i worry about this going to both interviews. is that viewers and i would come out with no answers and we rr in this cull desack and i don't know how we get out. >> he basically said
3:27 pm
comprehensive immigration reform is super hard, we tried it during the obama administration. >> they tried it in the bush administration and it didn't get done. >> and the thing i keep wondering is the same question. okay you both acknowledge that kids in cages and the photos you showed is terrible. this is not how america treats people. we don't have enough space to move people, which is why it's taking so long. what are you going to do and you have going to have to get together and maybe the force the president. the president thinks this is a deterrent and every time we put pictures out it's a deterrent. >> is it? what's the evidence it's a deterrent? >> but he's hoping it's a detrnt and if people come out and their stories are terrible, maybe he'll get what he wants out of that.
3:28 pm
>> capitol hill could solve this if the president weren't involved. >> that is a true statement about many things. look, it's telling that video you showed with the trump administration lawyer defending those conditions. what's left out is that was a case from the obama administration and the point being is this is a bigger problem than trump. the nature of the imgrnmigrants trying to cross is different than what they're set up to deal with. it used to be mostly able body men. now because of the flores decision and other aspects oz of the law you have central americans bringing small kids and basically using the kids, sometimes they're not their own and 1250isometimes they are. most of the time they are. but they're using them as a pass to get across the border. and if we don't deal with the problem it actually exists, as the obama administration dis
3:29 pm
coved, it create as perverse incentive to send more people to the border to perpetuate the problem. >> it's being exacerbated by trump and the rhetoric itself. using kids -- i don't know if they're so much using kids. vast mujot of the time they kim come with a family member. these are people coming as families escapinging atrocious conditions. if they know, that just tells you how atrocious the conditions are and the president sees it not only as a detrnt but sees he's rbeing tough on immigratio and that's why he stood up and had an opportunity to do immigration refom. he could have said i did what bush and obama couldn't do and he walked away both times because he thought -- >> i'm struck by a couple things right here. first, he had a different
3:30 pm
reaction whenn he saw the syria children. i could bomb these runways, and i got to be the hero. why hasn't he shown the same ee empathy to some of the children in the united states? he thinks the bad guy is less clear. so badly the bad guy has to be the democrats. as you know he's so focussed on marketing and selling. so this is all -- that's why he said year going to deport millions. you're not deporting millions and millions. >> but he'll keep saying it. >> and brings me to the census. he needs be seen by his base as fighting but if he was trying to make a legal argument to get it back, this comment here destroyed any chance of that. take listen.
3:31 pm
>> number one you need for congress, you need for congress for districting. you need it for appropriations. where are the funds going? how many people are there? are they citizens? are they not citizens? you need for many reasons. >> number one in this country when we redistrict we do it based on persons, not citizens. so what everyone is saying is when he says that is he trying to turn this into we redistrict based on citizenship is that means republicans have an advantage, white people have an advantage. but the federal government has specifically said in this case that it had nothing to do with discrimination. the supreme court didn't let them take that part up. now the maryland judge is letting them take that part up and the plaintiffs have this. >> i don't mean to be this
3:32 pm
cynical but the president is going to continue to talk about it and even though it won't continue to be on the form, many hispanics fear it is on the form he has now said it enough and maybe the damage is done. >> maybe. there's a whiff of four-dimensional chess. >> he's three-dimensional, two-dimensional. >> i think the executive branch has every constitutional right to ask about citizenship and nativity. this was an unforced error. if justice roberts said if you hadn't screwed up the way you did this, you could ask it and now he's not getting that message and they're not getting their ducks in a row. if they were less on the crazy train, they could get some of the things they want done. >> it's the difference between growing pains and 24ithings not
3:33 pm
getting done. the lawyer said quote i'm going to do my absolute best to figure out what's going on here. >> by the way i want to take that quote. it could apply to every tweet he has ever said to any administration official. the tweet this morning was the first i had heard of the president's position on this issue, just like the plaintiffs and your honor i do not have a deeper understanding of what that means at this juncture other than what the president has tweeted, but obviously as you can imagine i'm doing my absolute best to figure out what's going on. it is the -- that is to me the quote of the administration. >> the bottom line is he has the perception of fighting is what matters. that's why there's all the shifting behind the scenes to figure out what to do. >> you get the mic drop moment here, the justice department lawyer. next is the democratic party
3:34 pm
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. welcome back. the broad brush take away is that the patty is moving sharply to the left, and most of the 20 candidates take up positions twheel left of where the party had settled. it appeared in the last couple years. es for one candidate who bucked that trend is senator amy klobuchar. she would say a pragmatic progressive who can win back
3:37 pm
those midwesterners who supported barack obama once and donald trump once. and in northern new hampshire, just wait until february, senator. >> i handle it. remember my announcement in the snow. i can handle it. >> let me start with this debate about where is the democratic party headed? during your debate night i want to play what bill de blasio said about how he thought the democratic patty should be defined. >> this is supposed to be the party of working people. yes, year suppose stood be for 78% tax rate on the wealthy, free public college for our young people. we are supposed to break up big corporations when they're not serving our democracy. >> is his assessment of the democratic party concur with yours? >> those are his views and i would certainly agree with parts of what he said.
3:38 pm
he said we're the party of working people. that is true and certainly true when you look at the republican tax bill. and when it can comes to how we move our count cannery forward on health care, you know i want a public option and i'm very concerned about some of the plans that would kick half of america off their insurance. i don't agree with that and i think we should make college much more affordable but we want to make sure that money is going to the people that need it and not to a bunch of rich kids and i have made that very clear. but what i do note is that we are much more unified against donald trump and we have things that we disagree on but in the end we will come together and in the republican party are basically saying right now to donald trump how far can we jump? how high can we jump to be just like you? i'm glad we have differences. that's why we have debates but the most important thing is we put a candidate on top of that ticket that's going to be able
3:39 pm
to unify us and win and beat donald trump. that's what my numbers have shown. i've won in all those red districts before and i believe we can do it. >> could you carry the state of minnesota if you twhur party of giving -- having your health care plan cover undocumented immigrants for instance? if your tlr nominee, i can know you didn't propose that but as you know that's how they would try to run against any democratic nominee. are you consonned it paints a picture of the democrats being too out of the centerer for the state of minnesota? >> in general our party is where the country is. year the party of opportunity, not chaos. when you look at the discussion you just had on immigration, all i can think about was it was not that bad before. comprehensive immigration reform that would bring the deaft down by $158 billion and use a chunk of that money as the republican
3:40 pm
congingressman was saying with the countries in the northern triangle and let them seek asylum in those countries and make sure you're not separating children from their kids something i would do in my first 100 days as president. i am convinced with my experience dealing figuring with the immigration bills now twice i can sget them done. they're supported by the chamber, we can get this done with a president that wants to get done. >> the arg from the primary is from the left that says you vote with president trump too much or you worked across the aisle too much. and in some of theetds compromises are being painted as capitulations and toer are often that democrats have gone too far for the republicans to cut a deal. i'm not saying those are fair criticisms. that's how you're go doing be painted what do you tell them?
3:41 pm
>> i tell them that i look them in the eye and tell them the truth, that i'm honest -- >> does that mean your primary opponents are not telling them truth when they say free college -- >> there's a lot of people making promises and i'm not going to make promises just to get elected. i'm not running for chair of the national democratic committee. i'm running for president of the united states and that means you bring people together and you find that common ground in our own party and there all bold plans he. i twubt double the pel grant. that will help so many kids when you go up to 12,000 a year, double the eligibility up to 100,$000 a family where you can actually get those grants. i want to move forward with the public option and finally take on the pharmaceutical companies boosting up the price off insulin. throws bold things that haven't been done. and my colleagues i guess you could call them bigger and bigger promises but i think what's most important is we
3:42 pm
actually get those things done. >> let me ask you this about the back and forth between senator kamala harris and former vice president joe biden. do you think criticism of his record was fair? >> i think it is fair to talk about the fangt that if you're dealing with a racist or segregationist that you have to call them out and he has now apologized for not doing that at the time and apologized for his past statements on bussing. but i really want to move our country forward. what's happening right now with the african-american community when we still have public schools crumbleing? heat's not working in some of our school ins baltimore. that's why i came out with an infrastructure plan that includes our schools. that's why i think we need support our public schools with meyer teacher pay and put a bigger portion into that and not less giving to the wealthy people.
3:43 pm
i think that tax bill that i opposed gave way too much help to people at the top i call it all foam and no beer for the middle class. >> at what point should a politician's past position be held account? what is the statute of limitations politically? what's fair game and what isn't? when is it okay to shift your position and what isn't it? all is fair, period. >> i think people understand you learn new things, you have different views on things. you take vote and you realize now i've learned new things and it's not same but in a presidential race like this with so many candidates, yes, you have to explain your past votes. it doesn't mean every single person did every single thing right. your other alternative is someone with no experience at all and no votes and has done nothing. i don't think the american people want that.
3:44 pm
they put someone in the white house that didn't have any kind of experience in wurksing with washington and what do we have? chaos, grid lock, not moving on infrastructure, not moving to bring the cost of priscription drugs down. while it calls you on the sometimes, i think it's that's important. >> democrat from minnesota. thanks for coming on and shaing your views. >> thanks, chuck. when wie come back where liberals and conservatives like the go on vacation. guess what? they're not likely to bump into each other. kely to bump into each other ♪
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57% have passports compared to self-f described conservatives and the difference in how they spend down time. liberals more likely to go to the beach and indulge in fine dining. while conservatives are more likely to go fishing or play golf and when you travel within the united states, you might feel like you run into people with your same political leanings. look at the states people choose to visit. park county, wyoming, the so-called eastern gateway to yellow stone sees mostly people from liberal leanings. branson, missouri where visitors hail from spring field, missouri, st. louis, little rock and that's to say when you take your vacations, maybe it's time mix things up. try to be a cultural tourist too. reach out and figure out why you disagree. maybe that can help bridge this
3:48 pm
bitterly divided country. when we come back. end game, sorry seems to be the hardest word. joe biden said it sort of. that's coming next. >> coming up "end game brought to you by boeing, proudly supporting our nation's veterans. y supporting our nation's veterans my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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end game brought to you by boeing proudly supporting our nation's veterans. now, was i wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that i was praising those men who i successfully opposed time and again? yes, i was. i regret it. should that misstep define 50 years of my record for fighting for civil rights and racial justice in this country? i hope not. >> he did it in south carolina, not an accident. kimberly atkins, enough? >> we'll see. what exactly did he apologize for? he seemed to apologize for giving somehow the impression that he praised people who -- >> apologized that you are offended. >> he did give praise to segregationists. i think he needs to be forceful
3:52 pm
with it. i think it is about a week and a half too late. he is in south carolina speaking in front of a largely african-american group of people, that's who he is concerned about particularly after that last election. i think his biggest liability isn't just the fact that he has to explain his record. he has to do this again. this is not the last time that this will happen. he said he was unprepared for this and that he allowed his opponents to successfully make him look like this relic of the past when the democrats were fighting over what the future looks like. >> he needed to neutralize this. the bottom line is that biden, the challenge is to show that he can sharply respond. he isn't the same sharp joe biden that we had seen in the past. i thought what was most striking, the apology and he invoked barack obama as having been the vice president to barack obama.
3:53 pm
this is what his own campaign aides, what other democratic strategists said he should have done from the very beginning. so where was that on the debate stage? >> one of my favorite tweets was at one point during one of biden's early speeches was remember biden was famous for saying -- >> the reason this is going to keep coming up, we are in a moment where we are talking about race right now. that is not going away from the democratic party even if you look at the makeup of all the people who are going to be on stage again for the cnn debates. he needs to not only have an answer for all of his positions, all of the things that you tuqued about. he needs to be able to tap in to feel people's pain about where we are going to go forward in this country when it comes to this issue. if he is scared of it other than i'm the vice president to barack obama, that means people will be able to continue to attack him. >> how much of this is a little bit of style meaning people are
3:54 pm
looking at joe biden, you are struggling to deal with your record among people that are eventually going to support you. how are you going to handle donald trump? >> i think in some ways he would be better advised to show some righteous indignation, maybe performative. you're telling me barack obama picked a racist as his vice president? how dare you? at the same time, i think you are absolutely right about this. there is literally no democrat who is biden's age who was active in the '70s and '80s that wouldn't have these problems. the democratic party still had former segregationists. >> they kept nominating people from the south. >> it is interesting this debate. here is what was written about what is going on in the larger debate in the democratic party. all these positions would likely be serious liabilities in a general election. kely be serious liabilities in a general election. serious liab
3:55 pm
general election. what's more, none of them would appear to stand any plausible chance of enactment in the next administration. they're not laying the groundwork for sweeping new i thought the most interesting line from amy klobuchar was when she said i'm not running to be chairman of the international committee. >> and i agree. i think that that was very savvy. i think we are seeing this debate playing out in the primary because this is the debate that is happening really in the democratic party. it's real. you have a lot of candidates in a really important election year so it is playing out publicly. the idea that democrats are somehow beating people up or moving too far to the left, i'm still skeptical of that. if you look at the differences? >> what about the party nominating donald trump. >> if you look at the differences between all 20 however many of the candidates, the difference between all of them compared to the difference in any one of them in donald trump is so much smaller. >> let me put up polls very
3:56 pm
quickly matchups between trump and the democrats. look what we see here. biden leads by ten. everybody else it would be a margin of error, sanders, harris, warren, buttigieg. shows you the strength of biden or a brand of generic democrat. >> it shows you the strength of name recognition and being the vice president to barack obama. it's really early. i have a team of people at essence fest. they were talking to people about mayor pete down in new orleans. my producer was like mayor pete's black problem is that no one knows who he is. the polls are early. let's figure that out. >> he has a lot of money to introduce himself now. he at least has that. >> he is introducing himself down there today. >> what a great independence day weekend panel. i appreciate it. thank you all for watching. that's all we have for today. enjoy the rest of your july 4th holiday. remember we'll be back next week
3:57 pm
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♪ welcome to kasiedc. i'm kasie hunt. tonight the u.s. women's national team does it again. they have now won half of all the women's world cups. for less than half the pay of their male counter parts. plus vice president joe biden does something he has been disinclined to do for weeks, apologize for something he said. plus consequential comments from nancy pelosi as the push and pull for the soul of the


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