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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 8, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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president trump's approval rating edges up to the highest point of his presidency, but ahead of 2020, he's struggling in head-to-head match ups against several democratic candidates. wii breaking down the new numbers. acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan is pushing back against what he calls unsubstantiated allegations of migrant children living in unsanitary conditions at u.s. border patrol stations. the u.s. soccer women's team wins the 2019 world cups, beating the netherlands 2-0. they'll be honored with a ticker tape parade in new york city later this week. good morning, it's monday, july 8th. i'm geoff bennett, alongside nbc
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news correspondent jo ling kent who's with us this morning. >> i'm loving that world cup victory. go u.s. a. >> let's start with the day's top story, this weekend president trump got some of his highest job approval numbers yet with the abc news "washington post" poll measuring his rating at 47% among registered voters, up 5 points from april. 50% disapprove, down 4 points. judging by the issues, the president is strongest on the economy with 51% approving of his performance, 42% approve of his job on taxes, and he gets 40% approval on foreign policy as well as on immigrationme. on health care, 38% approve, 36% approve of his performance on gun violence. 42% give him a thumbs up on abortion. a poll finds president trump down 10 points to former vice president joe biden in a hypothetical 2020 match up but effectively tied with senators kamala harris, bernie sanders
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and elizabeth warren, and dead even with mayor pete buttigieg. >> meanwhile in the race for the democratic nomination, the abc news "washington post" poll has joe biden leading the field at 30% with senator bernie sanders at 19%, senator kamala harris at 13%, and senator elizabeth warren at 12, while mayor pete buttigieg is in a distant fifth place with 4%. and over in the real clear politics polling average, a recent surge for senator harris since the june 27th debate has moved her past sanders and warren at second place with biden at 26%, and maris harris 15.2%, and warren at 13.8%. 45% of democrats think biden is best positioned to defeat president trump next year. the abc "washington post" poll also is finding that 18% view sanders as the best bet to win while 9% are picking harris and 7% are picking warren. and senator kamala harris's
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fundraising missed the mark in the second quarter, according to new numbers released by her campaign on friday. the harris campaign raised less than $12 million in the past three months, boosted by a $2 million haul in the first 24 hours after her performance in june's democratic debate. and an additional $1.2 million the following weekend as the back and forth continuing between her and former vp joe biden. the average donation for kamala harris was $39. the total lags behind her top rivals in the presidential primary last quarter, including south bend mayor pete buttigieg who raised $24.8 million: and biden who brought in nearly 22 million, and senator bernie sanders who collected $8 million or rather $18 million. also reporting last week, colorado senator michael bennet who raised nearly $3 million, and montana governor steve bullock who brought in 2 mill n million. amy klobuchar is trying to differentiate herself from other
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candidates in the party during an interview on "meet the press" yesterday morning. the minnesota senator has staked out a centrist position by not supporting medicare for all, a public option but allowing those on private insurance to keep their plans. klobuchar saying that she's the best candidate, best positioned to achieve her goals in office. >> there's a lot of people making promises and i'm not going to make promises just to get elected. i am not running for chair of the democratic national committee. i'm running for president of the united states, and some of my colleagues, yes, they have, i guess you could call them bigger and bigger promises, but i think what's most important to the people of america is we actually get those things done. >> president trump's top immigration official is disputing reports that migrant children have been held in crowded and unsanitary conditions at u.s. border patrol facilities. in an interview yesterday, acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan dismissed reports about limited
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food and water and called the situation extremely challenging. he was specifically asked about reporting from the "new york times" that claims that the agency's leadership knew for months that some children had no beds to sleep on, no way to clean themselves, and sometimes went hungry. >> "the new york times" says that the agency's leadership knew for months that some children had no beds to sleep on, no way to clean themselves, and sometimes went hungry. its own agents had raised the alarm according to the story. >> we have no evidence -- >> did you know anything? >> we have no evidence that children went hungry, first of all. police station cells are not a good place for children, as i said dozens of times publicly. >> had agents raised alarms that you are worried about? >> of course we're worried about. >> you don't believe "the new york times" report? >> so you're asking -- >> the stench of the children's dirty clothing was so strong it spread to the agent. they had scabies, chicken pocks. why did you say unsubstantiated?
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>> you referenced three things that were unsubstantiated, inadequate food, inadequate water, and unclean cells. none of those have been substantiated. >> and a dhs inspector general report also raised alarms about conditions there, but president trump weighed in on twitter yesterday writing in part, the fake news media, in particular the failing "new york times" is writi writing phony and exaggerated accounts of the detention centers. joining us is alex thompson, what are the next steps for lawmakers who are rightfully concerned about the conditions at these border patrol stations after kevin mcaleenan is basically dismissing all of it. the unsanitary conditions, the limited food and water, reported not just by "the new york times" and this organization, but backed up by the dhs inspector general. we're going to go well beyond the recent debate over funding of hhs and the border and dhs, which is what the debate has largely been about. i think you're going to start seeing a lot more hearings, especially in the house, you're going to see more inspector
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general reports, subpoenas flying about making people come and testify and explain the conditions, and you are going to see, i think, democrats really rye to highlight -- try to highlight and pin down what was going down at the border, who knew, when, and you're going to see a lot of people rtry to thih light the trump administration's treatment of children at the border facilities and i think you're going to see them pin down people like the acting dhs secretary, just like he was on tv, and i think they see a prime target to ask more questions. >> alex, i also want to talk about new polling we have been talking about this morning. joe biden's lead has narrowed since that first democratic debate. could we see a shake up before the next debate. ? >> i think we already started seeing it just this past weekend, you know, the former vice president has been trying to do this rose garden sort of strategy. you know, he hasn't attended a bunch of other cattle calls with
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other democrats. he has been trying to stay above the fray, to not engage with criticisms but this past weekend, he went and apologized for his comments about working with segregationist senators and trying to engage with the criticisms coming his way. it looks like he's going to get down and respond to loa lot of attacks, and it doesn't seem like he believes and his campaign believes that his previous front runner status and his previous polling lead is as invincible as they once thought it was, and they feel he has to really work for it. >> alex thompson, thanks for your time. we'll talk to you in just a bit. billionaire convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein was arrested saturday in connection with what law enforcement officials say is a federal sex trafficking investigation. according to three law enforcement officials, the arrest which was part of a joint nypd and fbi investigation stems
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from incidents spanning from 2002 to 2005. the 66-year-old epstein had flown from paris to new york when he was arrested in teterboro, new jersey. a source familiar with the investigation says the epstein case was led by the southern district of new york public corruption unit working with the sex crimes district. the nypd and fbi declined to comment. >> epstein is expected to appear before a federal magistrate judge to face charges that include sex trafficking of minors for which there is no federal statute of limitations. a federal judge ruled in february that prosecutors led by secretary of labor, alex acosta violated the rights of epstein's alleged victims after two of them sued the government for not telling them about a nonprosecution deal until it had been finalized. according to "the new york times," that ruling opened the possibility of nullifying the agreement and allowing epstein to be prosecuted on the original
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federal charges. at the same time, the justice department opening its own investigation into the plea deal and whether its attorneys committed professional misconduct in resolving the case in 2008. iran says it's set to breach the purity limits set in the 2015 nuclear deal. it comes 14 months after president trump unilaterally withdrew from the agreement, and added hard hitting sanctions even though iran was in compliance and remained so until this month. last week, iran breached over limits of the deal, exceeding the total amount of low and enriched uranium it could stockpile. mike pompeo says the actions will lead to further isolation, and sanctions. president trump responded after leaving his golf course in new jersey, and once again tried to blame president obama. >> iran better be careful, you enrich for one reason and i won't tell you what that reason
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is. it's no good. they better be careful. iran is doing a lot of bad things, and remember this, the obama agreement, which was the most foolish agreement that you'll ever find, it expired in a very short period of time. whether you have this conversation now or in a number of years from now, a few number of years, very important conversation except the way they want it, they would have automatic rights to have nuclear weapons. iran will never have a nuclear weapon. >> still ahead, the justice department assigned a new team of lawyers to do the battle over a controversial citizenship question on the 2020 census rch. and later joe biden offering an apology about segregationists. we'll show you the new comments, plus a check of the forecast when we come back right. ack rig. johnson & johnson is a baby company.
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welcome back, more court filings are on the way as the justice department announces a major shake up in the ongoing legal bat totle to add a controversial citizenship question. the doj swapped out lawyers arguing the case on sunday bringing in a career political appointee employees to replace the attorneys who had been in the process of winding down the yearlong battle. the doj did not offer any specifics on why the change was made. a person familiar with the matter tells "the washington post" that some of the original team expressed concerns over the legal maneuvering ordered any president trump. the shuffling comes as the fight to add a citizenship question to next year's national head count was unexpectedly restarted via twitter last week. it's a fight president trump is reportedly determined to win through the courts or by executive order, according to senior administration officials. and joining us here onset to help make sense of all of this is msnbc legal analyst, danny
2:16 am
cevallos. >> i'm going to use a highly technical legal term, geoff, i don't know. i don't think the doj is entirely sure because one day they read the supreme court opinion which is relatively straightforward, and then a tweet sends everybody into a different direction and doj lawyers are called to respond, called away from vacation some of them, to respond on a teleconference with a judge and explain a tweet that they really candidly must have not known anything about and didn't know what the deal was. they said as much, so going forward, the trump administration may want this question, they may be giving the order to their lawyers, the doj lawyers to make this question get on the census, but lawyers are not here to take orders. yes, the client's input is important, it's critical, but we also have to follow the rules of professional responsibility, and we have to have a good faith basis for making an argument.
2:17 am
if there are career doj lawyers on the team that could not make the good faith basis going forward, knowing that the supreme court had just said, no, you can't do that, that could be by we're seeing a new team swapped in. >> after the president tweets something contradictory, they try to make the reality on the ground fit with what the president says so long as he moves his attention on to something else. is that what's happening here or is the doj trying to find some legal remedy to this? the president talks about an executive order, an executive order can't overrule a supreme court ruling. is there anything substantively that they can do or is this just all theater. >> there are a couple of options. remember, the supreme court opinion was not a total loss for the administration, in fact, the supreme court said you probably have this power to add this question. i can see a number of ways you could add this question, just the way you did it doesn't past muster, which is essentially a loss for the trump team because the census comes around every ten years, barring a political coup, trump will not be the president the next time the
2:18 am
census comes around in ten years. it is a loss for the trump administration but you could really say the supreme court opinion was a win for the power of the government as a whole. >> can i ask a quick question, for everyone who's preparing to take the census at home, what does it mean for the average american? >> it means that in all likelihood, they still will not see a citizenship question but there's a very strong chance you could see a push by the trump administration, i've imagined even a change at the printers, a last minute change, something where they m come up with a new reason valid under the supreme court case law, but the reality is they just don't have enough time. >> interesting. this is a story that keeps on giving. we'll be following. thank you so much, danny cevallos. appreciate it. let's get a check of your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> we show weather videos that have airplanes landing in the wind, successfully, no accidents or anything like that, have you ever seen a cruise ship trying to dock in a severe thunderstorm. that was the case yesterday in
2:19 am
venice, and look at this video, i mean, this was too close for comfort for a lot of people. yeah, you can hear the tug boat there on the right side, trying to get everyone's attention, and yeah, no one was hurt, and the crew's ship company says the boast has moved to its next destination, and it did dock successfully. it was obviously very close, and a pretty good storm too. we had heavy rain in areas of west virginia with flash flood warnings. those have dropped. raining good in harrisburg, allentown, now the rain is trying to make it into new york city, probably very light if it does. we have had on and off rain around d.c. and baltimore, too. carry your umbrella. the flash flood watch will be dropped. so for today's forecast, there's the early morning rain, new york and d.c. it will keep it cooler, by far the coolest day in the northeast. pretty hot over the next two weeks. enjoy the cool weather while you have it. it's already very hot and steamy
2:20 am
through texas and louisiana, a chance of storms today and tomorrow from atlanta all the way through tampa. a nice summer day from the great lakes all the way through the ohio valley and northeast for your tuesday. what we have to watch is there's a little spin in the atmosphere over the southeast. by the time we get through the middle of this week, that little area of low pressure will begin to drop towards the gulf of mexico. very warm this time of year. we can get storms to form, and some of our computer models, especially european computer models does have it becoming a closed area of low pressure. it would actually be at that point, a storm: and if the winds are strong enough, it could be a tropical depression. this is by the time we get to thursday and the hurricane center saying a 70% chance that would become a tropical system by the time we get to thursday. and then some of our computer models are drifting it toward louisiana, possibly towards texas, say friday to saturday, so if anyone has beach plans or travel plans throughout that region, just something we need
2:21 am
to keep an eye on. it's getting towards, you know, the active period of our hurricane season, the peak of it, by the way, is the beginning of september, so, you know, we're still in the beginning of july. typically in july, we get one or two storms that we track. >> i was going to ask you that, hurricane season starts in august? >> the peak is august, september, october, but june first is the beginning of the season. it's a long season, six months, half the year. >> okay. thanks, bill. still ahead, the moment you have been waiting for. >> my favorite story. >> all the highlights from the women's world cup final and why the victory set off immediate calls for equal pay. or more pay. we're back in a moment. more pa. we're back in a moment this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪
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change the whole experience. alright who wants to go again? i do! i do! i have a really good feeling about this. welcome back. the u.s. women's national team has captured its second straight world cup title after defeating the netherlands 2-0 in yesterday's title match. the victory came after a second half goal megan rapinoe, and rose leveille. this marks the 4th world cup title for the u.s. women who become the second team to complete back-to-back world cup wins, while jill ellis becomes first coach in history to win consecutive titles. >> after the women won the world cup, fans in the stadium went
2:25 am
from cheering to equal pay. the women's team will take home a slice of what the men's team was offered last year. the 2019 women's world cup offered players $30 million in prize money and compare that with $400 million that was handed out at the 2018 men's world cup. according to u.s. soccer's audited financial statements from 2016 to 2018, women's games generated about $50.8 million in revenue, compared with the men who generated only $49.9 million. so after the win yesterday, house speaker nancy pelosi wrote on twitter, congrats team usa world cup 2019 champions, the women's national team showed us their greatness, now show them the money, hash tag fair pay. >> again, if the women play more games, they make more money and they have a better record. they should be making more money than the men, not the same as the men, you would imagine. >> that sounds logical to me. still ahead, new reporting that the fbi and immigration and customs enforcement agents are
2:26 am
turning to state driver's license data bases to scan millions of americans's faces. the democratic first debate is in the book, but billionaire tom steyer is considering jumping into the 2020 white house race. those stories and more, coming up next. those stories and more, coming up next. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment.
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it's my own thing that i can do for me. see what listening to audible can do for you. just text listen5 to 500500. welcome back, i'm geoff bennett, alongside jo ling kent who's in for yasmin vossoughian who's on vacation. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. after facing weeks of criticism and questions over his record on
2:30 am
race and civil rights, joe biden expressed regret over recent comments praising past work with segregationists. speaking at a campaign event in front of a mostly african-american audience in south carolina on saturday, biden also gave his most forceful defense of his record while leaning on his time serving as former president obama's second in command. >> as if my opponents want to believe i served from 1972 to 2018 and took a hiatus the next eight years. they don't want to talk much about my time as vice president of the united states. i was vetted by he and ten serious lawyers he appointed to go back and to look at every single thing in my background. from finances to anything i had done, everything. and he selected me. i'll take his judgment about my record, my character, my ability to handle the job over anyone else's. would have been nice if the day
2:31 am
lyndon johnson signed the civil rights act, they and everything they stood for had been removed from the senate and from the political landscape of america, but that's not the real world. folks, now was i wrong a few weeks ago to show give the impression to people that i was praising those men who i successfully opposed time and again, well, yes, i was. i regret it. and i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception they may have caused anybody. >> president trump continued to target joe biden on twitter. trump wrote sleepily joe biden admitted he worked with segregationists and has been plain about the fact he will be raising taxes if he becomes president, ridiculously all democrats want to do is
2:32 am
substantially raise taxes. the president adds joe biden is a reclamation project, some things are not salvageable. biden's twitter account, writing quote if we don't defeat donald trump, the character of this nation will be fundamentally, and forever altered. the first debates are in the books but a billionaire activist is reportedly telling allies he will soon join the democratic race. environmentalist and democratic super donor, tom steyer said he will not seek the nomination, according to politico and multiple outlets, steyer has told allies, he has decided to run with reports saying he could announce as early as tomorrow. a person familiar with the plans tells politico quote he's definitely focussed on the fact that the economy is not as good as people are making it out to be. the atlantic is warning he plans
2:33 am
to announce in january but changed his mind in days. nancy pelosi is facing criticism following comments over a group of democratic congresswomen. in a "new york times" opinion piece, titled it's nancy pelosi's parade, some house liberals have been mad with the speaker since she yielded to republicans and democratic moderates and agreed to pass a bill to send more money to the southern border, giving up demands for stronger protections for the migrant children being held in those detention facilities there. dowd says she asked pelosi whether it was jarring to get a bad headline like one that described the outrage of the quote squad which is comprised of congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, rashida tlaib, and presley. pelosi felt was the strongest one she could get passed. pelosi added quote, all of these
2:34 am
people have their public whatever and their twitter world, but they don't have any following. they're four people and that's how many votes they got. congresswoman cortez fired back at pelosi on twitter writing quote that public whatever is called public sentiment and wielding the power to shift it is how we actually achieve meaningful change in this country. joining us again from washington is national political reporter for politico, alex thompson, and alex, the speaker, rather the spokesperson, mariureen dowd to pelosi out of context, and she was specifically about their votes against that bill, not their overall reputation, not their overall weight or reputations in the party. generally based on those comments how they're being portrayed, how do you think this affects the caucus writ large. >> this is not the first time speaker pelosi has thrown an elbow at representative
2:35 am
ocasio-cortez, and you know, those three other members. i think speaker pelosi is very frustrated that these four members in pelosi's mind as an expert vote counter, she yields these are just four votes, and the caucus is big and yet the headlines all very much highlight representative ocasio-cortez and all of these other members. i think this is not new, you know, the speaker's office may say that this is just about this immigration bill, but i think spe speaker pelosi, during the entire six months of her tenure, has been repeatedly frustrated that these four members are able to command the bully pup plpit such a way. she's sort of embracing this. twitter is not real life, ethos, that a lot of democrats are talking about, but in the end, you know, twitter does have an effect on what media covers and also what voters are caring about. >> let's talk about the
2:36 am
presidential race on the democratic side, what about this tom steyer factor. he's getting in. it's post first debate. he's clearly a major activist here. is he going to go anywhere? >> i can tell you that when he looked like he was going to run earlier this year, a lot of other campaigns were actually worried about him for two specific reasons. one is that he has obviously deep pockets and he's shown a willingness to spend them. over the last year and a half through the need to impeach campaigns, he has one of the most formidable, e-mail and text lists in democratic politics and it could really, you know, he could very easily raise the money to get on the debate stage. it would still be a stretch to get to 130,000 donors by september, which is what he would need to do. he has an operation in waiting, which is why so many people were surprised that he bowed out at the very beginning of the year. you know, he faces long odds
2:37 am
getting in so late, if he actually does pull the trigger, but he has an operation that would certainly cause a lot of headaches and throw a lot of wrenches in other candidate's plans. >> quick follow up, why do you think he changed his mind? >> you know, this is in my mind, a little bit of speculation, and also talking to other people that have been at next gen over the last year, but he never totally closed the door. i think what really probably changed his mind was watching the debates and i think, you know, he looked there and he said, i can do this. i can compete against this field, and, you know, i think he saw maybe a former vice president joe biden that was a little bit shakier than he potentially expected and saw if he's willing to invest the money, then maybe he could, you know, declare an insurgent candidacy. >> alex thompson, thank you very much. >> thank you. "the washington post" reporting that the fbi and immigrations and customs enforcements are now scanning through millions of americans
2:38 am
photos without their knowledge or consent by using state driver's license data bases as facial recognition tools. according to thousands of facial recognition requests and internal documents and e-mails provided to the post, federal investigators have turned state dmv data bases into the bedrock of an unprecedented surveillance infrastructure. neither congress or state legislatures have authorized this system, and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are criticizing the technology as quote dangerous, pervasive and error prone surveillance tools. officials with tsa, customs and border protection and the secret service are expected to testify before the house committee on homeland security later this week about their use of this technology. still ahead, california declares a state of emergency following another massive earthquake and a powerful series of after shocks, as residents there wonder if the big one might be next. bill karins is back with a check of your forecast. your first look at "morning joe"
2:39 am
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welcome back, this morning, southern california is on high alert after two massive earthquakes last week. on thursday, a 6.4 magnitude quake hit near ridgecrest and a much larger 7.1 tremor struck on friday night, and now residents are bracing themselves for more possible quakes. nbc news correspondent miguel almaguer has the latest. >> reporter: seismologists confirm some 4,000 earthquakes have rocked the region near ridgecrest. after friday's 7.1 tremor and thursday's 6.4 sizable after shocks are rattling nerves leaving many on edge. >> out here, we feel a little bit safer. >> reporter: bridget cunningham's family won't sleep under their roof, instead living in a tent. >> it's more scary to think about the roof caving in on us, and not being able to make it
2:43 am
out or even make it to our kids. >> reporter: with the governor declaring a state of emergency in the area. >> you have to go over these huge cracks and crevasses in the road. >> reporter: april rodriguez had left the shake zone. she returned for the first time to piece together her life. >> it will never feel the same again. i don't know if any of us will ever feel safe here again. >> reporter: with the large tremors cutting power to thousands, sparking fires and buckling some homes, many are now rebuilding what they can. the big worry here is infrastructure, while cracks like these can be repaired in a few days, it's what engineers don't see that worries them most. >> reporter: at the fore square church, the foundation is too damaged to hold sunday services. >> it's just a building, you know, the real church is the people. >> reporter: in the church parking lot, a sermon in giving, free food and water for those in need. >> anytime that we can, you know, go through a 7.1 earthquake, and not report a fatality, a major injury, i want
2:44 am
to say that's a blessing and a m miracle. >> reporter: the road to recovery while many are still living in fear of what could come next. >> our thanks to miguel almaguer for that report. let's get a check of your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> good morning once again. just to show you how rare it is, this is the numbers for the entire planet per year the last ten years. the 6.4, we get about 120 around the globe each year. to get above a 7, we have 18 around the globe each year. that was a big one. it's amazing that we didn't have any fatalities. here's what we're dealing with this morning. watching a little bit of light rain through pennsylvania and northern new jersey and now trying to sprinkle in new york city. we have downpours moving through northern maryland, heading for baltimore, and d.c. this morning we could have areas of rain. let's take a look at your week ahead. during the day today, the rain will shift southwards, areas of north carolina, eastern portions of the state, and south carolina are going to see storms.
2:45 am
florida, typical late afternoon, stormy weather. as we go throughout the middle of the week, we notice it's a quiet weather pattern. temperatures are going to build. it's going to get hotter as the week goes on and then we have to wait to see what happens with this little disturbance through the southeast. by the time we get to thursday or even friday, we could see tropical downpours down here, maybe even a tropical system trying to develop in areas from louisiana and into the southeast. we don't want to forget about our friends and what's happening in alaska. they have had an off the charts hot period over the last week. today, could be 85 degrees again in anchorage, 85 in fair banks, these temperatures are 10 to 20 degrees warmer than normal. it will cool off as we go throughout the week in alaska. they have seen in anchorage, after today, if they could hit 85, three days in a row, that before this week would be their all time hottest temperature. >> that's insane, what's causing the hot streak. >> it's actually very cold in northern canada, a big ridge of high pressure is what's causing it to be so warm.
2:46 am
it has been stagnant. you asked me the question last hour, is this climate change, you can't associate one event just with climate change but i would tell you, without climate change, it wouldn't have been this hot. it still would have been hot but the climate change likely has made it even hotter. >> thanks, bill. >> bill, thank you. and still ahead, president trump continuing to hammer the federal reserve, details about his latest gripes against the central bank. plus, star bucks looks to contain the fallout after police officers in arizona are asked to leave one of its stores following a customer's complaint. a look at that and the stories driving your business day coming up next. hetories driving your business day coming up next.
2:47 am
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welcome back, president trump is blasting the federal reserve, calling it the quote most difficult problem the u.s. faces and once again criticizing the independent bank for raising interest rates. trump took to twitter on saturday writing this, strong jobs report, low inflation, and other countries around the world doing anything possible to take advantage of the united states, knowing that our federal reserve doesn't have a clue. they raised rates too soon, too often, and tightened while others did just the opposite. as well as we are doing from the day after the great election when the market shot right up, it could have been even better, massive additional wealth would have been created and used very well, our most difficult problem is not our competitors, it's the federal reserve. so his comments come a day after a june jobs report showed the economy added roughly 224,000 jobs for the month. trump praised the report friday
2:50 am
while saying the economy would have been even better if the federal reserve would lower interest rates. >> and starbucks is once again under fire after a tense confrontation between an employee and six officers outside a store in phoenix last week. now the company is last week. now the company is seeking to make amends with the police department. cnbc's julianna title balm joins us from london. >> good morning. this has been a challenging year for starbucks. last year, they closed thousands of stores to send their staff for racial bias training. so an unrelated incident, somewhat unrelated story, but this has been a difficult year for starbucks. now they have issued an apology as you said after this incident. the police union made a statement saying that the police officers there had paid for the drinks. they were standing together and having a cup of coffee when they were approached by the barista who said that one of the customers didn't feel safe with them there.
2:51 am
and wanted them to get out of their line of vision. some have taken to social media in response to this event, highlighting how officers should consider how shootings involving police officers might make a customer feel uncomfortable around them. so really sparking a debate around this issue for starbucks. now, in another story i want to highlight in the corporate space, a big story that involves deutsche bank. over the weekend they made the big historic decision to exit their global equities sales and trading business. they had been trying to make a big push in europe to be the goldman sachs of the european union. now they're saying that's not -- that's not working, we'll return to our roots and we'll have to cut 18,000 jobs to do so. so deutsche bank shares in focus on the back of the big announcement. >> let's talk about the markets because the stock indices are down this morning since friday's strong jobs numbers have investors questioning what the
2:52 am
fed will likely do. that often happens since you both cover that beat. what more can you tell us about this? >> well, investors have become very excited about the idea that the federal reserve would cut interest rates at their meeting later this month. initially thinking they might cut by half a percentage point now the market expects a quarter of a percentage point cut. the fact that we have the strong jobs report on friday has caused some investors to question whether they'll actually proceed with the cut. if the economy is still moving in a very strong direction, there's a lot of momentum. is it really necessary to cut rates? so that's the debate being had by investors at the moment and it's translated to a decline in equities across the globe. >> juliana, thank you. all right, coming up, axios' mike allen has a look at this morning's "1 big thing." and the president hits a high points in the polls, the new numbers showing president trump having the highest job approval ever. where he faces the re-election
2:53 am
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and joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m. is the cofounder of axios, mike good morning. >> good morning. welcome back. >> thanks. you too. so what's the one big thing for this morning? >> the axios "1 big thing" from mike axios is biden' reboot. they realized they can die by a cut by a thousand cuts. with the comments about busing he can get attacked on all sides so their strategy was as biden's insider tells jonathan swan is to tie it up with a bow. so the vice president decided in this appearance over the weekend in south carolina where he apologized, said he had made a mistake in the comments about
2:57 am
segregationists and tied himself more closely to president obama, that was an effort to put an end to these, to own the situation and finally get on the offense. >> mike axios, we have hear that you have some reporting on trump. he could be turning on twitter. >> he said he wouldn't have been elected or might not have been elected without the social medias and of course twitter long before he ran for office was his way of building his brand. but here's a real change. president trump now is going after the social media platforms, talking about how he would be for regulation of them. and saying that perhaps the congress should pass legislation reining in the social platforms as he says that the platforms are punishing conservatives. now, this is going to come to a head this week on thursday. the president has something very
2:58 am
unusual. the presidential social media summit where he's invited a variety of players. some of them very controversial to come to the white house to talk about this topic. but the president who was built by social media, obviously revels in it, loves it, but now he's being tough on the big tech companies. >> yeah, twitter and facebook i understand aren't invited to the summit. i'm not quite sure how you have a social media summit if you don't invite twitter and facebook to it. axios i'm told has some insight on the two democratic candidates in particular who are making waves after the debates. might those be warren and harris? >> yes, in addition to harris, another person with waves of course is julian castro. how do you ride a wave after the debate? here's the dilemma for the candidates that you mentioned. that is that how do you take the excitement of the debate and
2:59 am
make it last till the next big stage and the next place that you'll get tens of millions of people, july 30th and 31st. so elizabeth warren that you mentioned getting more and more of a serious look. bloomberg story in the past week said that wall street is taking elizabeth warren more seriously. senator kamala harris who has over the weekend gave a speech talking about her plan to help black homeowners. like how does she keep out there? and julian castro is going to announce a couple of policy initiatives including one on guns. >> all right, mike allen. >> have a great week. >> we'll be reading axios a.m. in a little bit while. and that does it for us. i'm geoff bennett with jo ling kent. great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> "morning joe" starts right now. >> in june of 1775, the
3:00 am
continental congress created a unified army. our army manned the airport, it ran the ramparts. it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do. i stood in the rain, the teleprompter -- >> what happened with the airport? >> the teleprompter went out. it went kaput. you know, i don't use teleprompters from the -- like the president. if you run for president, you shouldn't be allowed to use teleprompters. shouldn't be allowed. because you don't know the guy is smart. i guess the rain knocked out the teleprompter. >> i guess. >> it was the teleprompter's fault. always the prompter's fault. president trump blamed the lack of a teleprompter for saying that george washington's army took over the airports in 1775. that would be approximately 128 years before the


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