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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 15, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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51 to 42. senator bernie sanders best trump by 7 points, 50 to 43. senator elizabeth warren tops trump by 5, 48 to 43 while senator kamala harris has a one-point edge over the president. in the july 2007 nbc "wall street journal" poll, president obama was leading mitt romney by 7 points. 48 to 41%. and president trump's much discussed mass deportation raids were set to take place in major cities across the nation yesterday, but after a large scale operations failed to materialize. "the new york times" reports only a handful of arrests took place in a few cities. the plans for the operations were changed at the last minutes because of reports.
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several officials familiar with the matter. the agents were rejected by people at those residents because they didn't have warrants. new york city officials said sunday there was no indication those agents had returned. little enforcement activity has returned. officials say those raids will continue this week. in iowa, president candidate said it was all spit. >> if he wanted to really try to depart people that were security risks, maybe he shouldn't have told them a week ago. why does he do this? he wants to create wedges and make sure to create maximum chaos that everyone is talking about what he is doing instead
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of what we need do to move america forward. >> ahead of the nationwide efforts, places of worship acting to harbor those. dozens of churches in houston and los angeles offered sanctuary to anyone afraid of being arrested. and in miami, they passed out fliers so that they know their rights. the cardinal of chicago urged his priests not to leto officials in without identification or warrant. a church told the ap of a big drop in attendance this sunday as well. it seems whatever arrest attempts by i.c.e. with thwarted by these efforts and but i am
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grants staying at home. how effective was this strategy? >> it has created a fear-filled environment. even if these raids were successful over the weekend, eventually, these people have sto go to work. it is true if i.c.e. knocks on your door, they have something called an order but it is not a warrant. they need a warrant to get in your home. you cannot answer the door or refuse to come out. that's what i understand many people did. the challenge is, eventually people have to leave the house to live their lives. >> when these raids were originally planned for last week, the president said he was putting them off for more time to reach the proposal. dhs officials told us the reason they were delaying them is there
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was no place to detain these migrants if they had been rounded up. to your point, the fact that this has been announced twice and they have failed to materialize. it seems to be a bit of theater here. >> yes. whenever the administration announces these mass whatevers. anything like that, it streches the foundation of the seams of the government. the government isn't designed to suddenly acquire a bunch of different people at once and process and arrest and detain them. i was on the border in mcallen, texas. we saw what happens when you try to mass prosecute people. you swell the courts. the courts can already barely handle their docket. you create injustice but not getting to individuals fast enough or dealing with them enmass. everybody raises their hand and
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says who is pleading guilty today? that's not the way justice is supposed to work. in a series of tweets yesterday, the president said a group of congresswoman of color should go back to where they came from. he tweeted, so interesting to see progressive democratic congresswoman who originally came from the countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe loudly and viciously telling the people. united states, the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, why don't they go back and fix the totally broken places from which they came and then come back and show us how it is done. these places need your help badly. you can't leave fast enough. i'm sure nancy pelosi would be happy to work out free travel
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arrangements. the four targets were congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez who was born in the bronx and tlaib of michigan, and congresswoman khanna and omar who was born in somalia. >> many people came out in defense of the house speaker. nancy pelosi being one of them. here is her quote, he reaffirms his plan to, quote, make america great again has been about make america white ago. our diversity and unity is our power. she went on to say, i reject president trump's zen phobic comments. he should work with us for human
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immigration policy that reflects american value. stop the raids. families belong together. the president's tweets were also condemned by other congress operati democrats. president trump appeared to double down tweeting this in part. so sad the democrats sticking up to people who speak so badly of our country. >> joining us now, neil setting aside the substance of what the president is tweeting about, politically, it gives the democrats the effort to stop focusing on their infight and start focusing on him. >> first of all, i want to remind all the viewers again, that puerto rico is in the united states. so that is even a separate issue from the rest of them. i did want to make the point
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that i think they'll get back to washington this week and hope that they can hold onto it. hope that unity fostered by president trump's tweets and whatnot would continue but certainly, there's plenty of items on the agenda including debt limit items that are going to cause fisures. >> there has been a lot among as to why they have not come out against the president's tweets. are you surprised about this? >> i'm not surprised. this afternoon, i'm sure we'll be trying to ask lindsay graham, in particular was out golfing with the president yesterday, whether or not he said anything about it. i'm not going to suspect that he did but that certainly not a
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surprise at this point in time that the criticism is not coming in. >> what do you make of the fact that these ice raidstart yester significantly smaller than not just what was reported but what dhs officials have told us in the media to expect. it seems like a lot of this was about fear and division. not unlike the tweets. it is unclear how much of this is for real versus how much is sort of a public relations campaign on part of president trump in his administration. the other thing quickly is, they also must have wanted the visuals from the border on friday where they let the press pool in with the vice president. that's worthy of noting as well. >> thank you. we'll talk to you again in a little bit. >> still ahead, bob mueller's
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former special council bob mueller's testimony has been postponed by one week. the new arrangement reached extends the time he'll face the questioning to three hours allowing more of its 41 members time to speak. politico reports half of the members would have been excluded. however it is unclear if mueller's appearance before the committee will also be extended. the arrangement eases earlier frustrations, the july 24th hearing puts mueller's testimony
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just one day before congress begins its month long summer recess leaving impeachment advocates little room to seize before lawmakers stater to their districts. a separate meeting has been canceled. acosta is resigning over wide-spread criticism over a decade old plea deal for epstein. appearing with president trump on the south lawn and told reporters he was resigning because he didn't want the epstein situation to become a sis traction. trump praised him and said the decision to step down was acostas. >> i have seen coverage of this case that is over 12 years old that had in foot and vetting at multiple develops of the department of justice. as i look forward, i do not
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think it is right and fair for this administration's labor department to have epstein as its focus rather than the incredible economy we have today. i called the president and told him i thought the right thing was to step aside. >> i watched alex yesterday. i thought he did a great job. i just want to tell you, this is a person that i've gotten to know that hasn't been an ounce of controversy at the department of labor until this came up. he's doing this not for himself but for the administration. alex, i said, you don't have to do this. he doesn't have to do this. >> acosta's resignation is effective friday. >> reclassified from a tropical storm to depression. barry slowly swept through louisiana and arkansas producing thunderstorms, tore rents of rain and wide-spread flooding.
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the maximum sustained winds at 35 miles an hour and warns of possible flooding through the lower mississippi valley. the hurricanes also said were possible across louisiana, mississippi, eastern arkansas and western tennessee. let's get a check on the weather now with bill karins. >> overall, minor was kind of the word. some trees that went down on cars and homes, minor areas with storm surge along the coast. one levee with a breach. nothing major with this storm and going into the weekend, we were concerned with the possibility of historic rains and flooding because of that. we had about half the rain we thought was possible. mostly because the computers were telling us there was a chance of that happening.
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we were threatened of seeing up to 27 inches. the storm is now getting towards little rock and as far as illinois. thunderstorms in texas. the concern is this heavy rain band in central portions of louisiana. this area of red is a flash flood warning. one spot had a foot of rain north of lake charles. we are waiting for the confirmation to see if that's the highest rainfall total. flood flashes go up here to all areas of louisiana. here is that line of thunderstorms, you can see the active lightening strikes. these are just trailing like train tracks when you get some epic flash flooding. we'll see at day break if we have damage. we'll bring pictures if we get them in. moderate flash flooding. slight risk from little rock.
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not as much a concern today as yesterday. hinting at the highest rainfall totals. texarkana to little rock. totals only another inch or two down here. throughout the rest of the week, the story will be the heat. 93 in denver, 92 in atlanta. enjoy this in the nor'easter. this is the coolest day we should see in the next week. we could approach 100 degrees by the end of the week in washington, d.c. >> you add that humidity in and it is like 110. >> d.c. is literally a swamp. >> it feels like it. one day after denying williams the 24th grand slam title, djokovic held on to his
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championship in a five-hour final. the longest in history. becoming the first man in 71 years to take home the trophy after needing to erase championship points. the win is good for djokovic's 16th career grand slam moving him to within four of federer's 20. nadal is second on the list. i know you play tennis, have you ever played -- >> ever played federer? no. djokovic and federer, that was incredible tennis to watch. five hours, every moment, you were on the edge of your seat. i will also say halep played an incredible game and williams played an incredible game. it was unbelievable in a finals
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2:25 am
down. the editorial board is calling the governor to remove de blasio as mayor saying he does not care about the city or how it is run or taxes. all he cares about is bill de blasio. over 70,000 customers were left in the dark on saturday night. knocking out times square bright lights and sending theater goers into the dark streets. darkening more than 40 blocks. power was restored to everyone just after midnight. de blasio flew back from iowa and defended his absence saying he was confidence in the team he placed in new york. we'll have more as de blasio joins "morning joe" later this
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morning. >> turning to the most amazing video of the day. french enventor flew a fly board above the street during a parade. holding a rifle showing the future potential military use. he claims the fly board can run for ten minutes and reach speeds of 118 miles an hour if you are really brave, that is. he is planning an english channel crossing. he better get across in ten minutes. >> i love when he just flies out of frame there. >> he's like, and i'm done. one second past 10 minutes and i must land. >> how do you test things like that. >> i don't know. >> pretty cool. coming up, vice president
2:27 am
mike pence gets a first look at the immigration crisis. what he's saying about the conditions inside those facilities. president trump launches a new attack on house speaker paul ryan. we'll have those comments ahead. back in a moment. ♪ when you have diabetes, dietary choices are crucial to help manage blood sugar,
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welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian along with jeff bennett. we begin with the revolving door at the trump white house. another member could soon be on the outs.
2:31 am
we have learned president trump has grown sour on commerce secretary wilber ross and is considering removing him. joining us from washington. hans, good morning. what more can you tell us about this? >> the president is making calls and asking questions on whether or not, how people think ross is doing and is considering replacing his commerce secretary. we've been down this road with wilber ross before and every time, he seems to survive. here is what is a little different this time. number one, the president doesn't need the will ber ross on the census. it happened. he reversed course but he no longer needs ross to defend that or sheppard it through. that may be what motivated some of this. the other part is that ross has this personal relationship with the president he's been able to draw upon. they go back 25 to 30 years. every time you think ross is on
2:32 am
the outs, he's able to convince the president otherwise or the president decides not to fire him. another factor is that we just saw acosta part on friday. that may be a stay of execution for ross. there is so much turmoil, they might not want the perception all these people are leaving. >> hans, any idea you yeah who could be in the running to replace ross if he's put towards the exit? >> one name we have been hearing is ray wash burn, he's a texas developer. he was head of opec which is an overseas investment corporation. he's been senate confirmed. the old plan was to have maybe someone like robert lighthizer after the china deal got through to have him move over to the commerce department. that doesn't seem to be as ob ra tiff. that was the old plan. we've been down the road before
2:33 am
on this. ross always seems to hang on. i can't tell if this one is different. we felt like we had to report it because we are hearing the president is making calls. >> good to see you up and early this morning. >> sure thing. >> jeff, specifically wanted to thank you. he was like, let me say thanks to hans. vice president mike pence is calling the conditions at the border, quote, tough stuff. he made the trip to facilities on friday with republican senators in an effort to defend the trump administration's handling following reports of inhumane conditions. according to the "washington post" when reporters toured the mcallen facility before the vice president, the men being detained screamed that they had been held there 40 days or longer, some cases, they said they were hungry and they wanted to brush their teeth. the post says it was sweltering
2:34 am
hot but the only water was outside the fences and the men needed to ask permission from agents to even take a drink. during his stop, the vice president witnessed hundreds of men crammed behind caged fences and he spoke to reporters after describing what he witnessed. >> did you talk to any of the adult migrants, i know you talked to a couple of children and mothers? >> i did. >> what did they tell you? >> i asked them about their care -- >> here. i'm talking about here. >> if they are being taken care of. i didn't have the opportunity to speak directly given the nature of this facility. but i thought it was important we all saw, this facility is overcrowded. i was told by the secretary, the president has been told this system is overwhelmed. we want the american people to
2:35 am
know that. now the level of care this facility is clean and people are being provided with sustain yens, shelter, hygiene but this is tough stuff. >> president trump is defending his administrations handling of the migrant crisis at the southern border. the president tweeted yesterday, friday's tour showed vividly how well-run and clean the children's detention centers are. great reviews. failing new york times stories was fake showing the men's area was clean but crowded, also loaded up with a percentage of criminals. sorry, can't let them in the country. tell them to fix the loopholes and problem solved. trump spoke to reporters on friday and criticized the nrk times over the reporting of the conditions. take a look. >> they are touring detention
2:36 am
centers. that was my idea. i read a phoney story in "the new york times" the other day about the detention centers about the conditions. i had people calling me up at the highest levels from border patrol and i.c.e. almost crying about that phoney story. they never saw anything. they don't have any sources. they write whatever they want. >> joining us from washington, neils, good to see you again. what has been the reaction so far from mike pence's visit? >> the response has been largely that more needs to be done. democrats, i believe there is a group traveling to a facility in homestead, florida today.
2:37 am
there were more out in mcallen, texas. a lot of this is people wanting to see for themselves what is going on to square with what the vice president said in terms of can you believe your lying eyes in terms of the video that emerged from that trip. >> let's talk about the latest reporting about that wilber ross could be the next piece to fall in the trump administration. there was reports a while back that president trump didn't like that ross would fall asleep in cabinet meetings. what has been the take here? >> every time wilber ross comes up as being on thin ice, i go back to the can of campbell soup. he seems to be a person who has more lives than anyone else in
2:38 am
this adm administration. i think the reporting is reasonable to think he probably has a longer tenure now that the labor secretary is departing rather than there being too much chaos all at once. for sure mcconal and others don't want another nominee. i would imagine that ross may have more lives. by the time this show is over, there may be a tweet from president trump that proves me wrong. >> you've got to consider the timing of all this as well, what do you make of that considering the fact that we have an election not that long off? is. >> certainly that census question with ross being resolved, even if unfavorably for the president means that primary function with the commerce secretary has been up to publicly is over, so i get that but yeah, you don't want to
2:39 am
have a whole lot of nomination battles and all that sort of stuff going ongoing into next year. >> neils, thank you for your time. president trump continues the attacks against the former speaker of the house. new comments on paul ryan over apparent criticisms of krum. >> plus bill karins is back over where barry is headed next. your first look at "morning joe" is back in a moment.
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2:43 am
we are still not quite out of the way yet. we've had very heavy rain and thunderstorms continuing in this line through the heart of central louisiana and now along the mississippi river between arkansas and mississippi. we'll see how that plays out through the day. overnight, some is areas had an estimated 10 to 12 inches of rain. we watch barry to slowly exit. high pressure builds in. this will be the peek heating of summer for many locations. above average testimonies from maine to new mexico. today is enjoyable in many areas. it is only going to get hotter. chicago is at 89. below average in the great lakes. des moines at 92, minneapolis at 91. tomorrow, new york city is 88. enjoy that. that will be the last day in the 80s for a while. boston about 82 on tuesday. the big headline is next weekend, next friday, saturday,
2:44 am
sunday. you notice d.c., 97, 96. new york city 94. we have some spots hitting 100 degrees. saturday looks like it will be the hottest temperatures on the i 95 area. cincinnati will be 95 to 93. chicago as well. it will continue pretty warm. your week ahead forecast. barry will soak today from st. louis south, that will push to nashville and kentucky tonight and tomorrow. by the time we get to wednesday, what is left will connect with a cold front and some of that moisture will be pulled up to ohio. and then some of that summer sizzle will take over. full heat weaave on friday and saturday in the northeast. hundreds and 9 # 0s pretty much
2:45 am
everywhere. >> movie marathon inside a cool basement. >> i vote for the beach. president trump continues to slam former house speaker paul ryan, revealing ryan's criticism of trump's first two years in office. >> the wall is being built. the wall is being built. we had a couple of very good decisions. one bad decision. it is very tough. again, paul ryan let us down. he was a terrible speaker. he was a baby. he didn't know what the hell he was doing. >> so paul ryan has not yet responded to the comments. tim alberta will join us later to discuss his new book. still ahead, new details on the former british ambassador's criticisms of trump. >> plus 2020 presidential
2:46 am
hopeful o'rourke reveals his ancestors owned slaves. the steps he wants to take to address that part of his family's history. fights cancer, repairs shattered bones, relieves depression, restores heart rhythms, helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family.
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welcome back, the feud between house democrats continues to heat up this time spilling out to twitter. the official twitter count on friday criticized congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez's chief
2:49 am
of staff for, quote, explicitly naming out a woman of color. saying i don't believe she is a racist person but her votes are showing her to enable a racist system. declining to respond to her view of the tweet of congresswoman jefferys. however hard way confirmed to vox the tweet was sent inationnally. ocasio-cortez' chief of staff responded writing, this tweet was in response to someone else's tweet where they specifically responded to represent davids. why did you leave that out. i have known senator davids for a long time. i'm glad that she ran.
2:50 am
meanwhile alexandria ocasio-cortez pushed back against accusations she is playing the race card against pelosi. >> respond that you are playing the race card to to a series of proposals designed to address the legacy of slavery after his ancestors slave owning past was revealed yesterday. they cited what was called abundant documentation on of the slave owning ancestors and the support of the confederacy. he said neither he or his wife knew about the ties to slavery ancestry, but in a post o'rourke acknowledged he has a responsibility to change the
2:51 am
country. he revised several policy proposals to better delivery on that responsibility writing in part we all need to know our own story as it relates to the national story much as i'm learning mine. it is only then i believe that we can take the necessary steps to repair the damage done and stop visiting this injustice on the generations that follow ours. all right. a british newspaper has published more of the leaked diplomatic cables which reveal former british ambassador sir kim darroch's blunt views of president trump and the administration. and one of them deals with president trump's controversial unilateral decision to withdraw the u.s. from the 2015 iran nuclear deal. according to the mail, the ambassador said that trump's decision was made to spite president obama writing it was quote, an act of diplomatic vandalism seemingly for ideological and personality reasons because the accord quote was obama's deal. ambassador darroch alleged that
2:52 am
the administration had no strategy for what came after the withdrawal and quote, no sort of plan for reaching out to partners and allies. that memo was written after then foreign secretary boris johnson who was now the front-runner to become the next prime minister visited washington in a failed attempt to get trump to stay in the landmark agreement. coming up, axios' mike allen has a look at the "1 big thing." coming up on "morning joe," the growing challenge, more on the new poll numbers showing trump is facing head winds against potential challengers to win re-election. plus, president trump digs in in a growing condemnation over his racist attacks against four congress women of color telling them they should go back to the countries they came from. 2020 hopeful mayor bill de blasio, independent senator angus king will both join the conversation as "morning joe" is just moments away. conversation s just moments away.
2:53 am
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welcome back. joining us from washington, axios a.m. the cofounder, so talk about the one big thing today. >> tough time to be a trump supporter. so many who voted for him last time who assume they'll vote for him next time try to avert their gaze from the outrage of the day. they try to pretend that some of the tweets don't happen or try to brush them off. but here's how the tweets yesterday were different. it's a controversy that will persist. it is a transgression that won't be brushed off. and it's not something that you can laugh off. so one very close trump ally said to me republicans with a conscience are cringing now. one person who worked in the white house was asking -- i was asking him to explain, defend, the president's tweets yesterday
2:57 am
aimed at and these four progressive young women of color who are house democrats. and they sent two tweets trying to explain what they thought was in the president's mind and then they just said it's insane. >> yeah, i mean, the republicans they're cringing but not saying anything which suggests to me that they're now realizing that this is donald trump's party. the gop has been remade in his image and really if they were to take him -- you know, take -- say anything about this, they would pay for it. they feel like politically. >> what's a very good point. what this ally said to me is the lesson of these things even the charlottesville comment, the both sides comment, which yesterday republicans were debating whether this was better or worse than that or whether charlottesville was worse or whether this was worse. always a tough place for your supporters to be. in cases like that, it eventually does fade and they
2:58 am
feel like that the president is so strong in these republican districts and states that they would pay a huge political price. what everybody would be watching today are there some republican office holders who venture out, but yesterday, you're right, radio silence. >> but they'll go down in history of being come police it in the comments especially when they don't speak out when the president puts out tweets like he did over the weekend. you're also learning more about the impact of congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and the fact that she's having on swing state voters. why can we look to see democrats keep her off the field next year? >> well, so this is fascinating. this is a democratic poll that is circulating under some of the -- among some of the most influential democrats in town. and it shows that in swing house districts, districts they need to win to keep their house majority, to keep speaker pelosi, that among white voters with two years or less of college education, so there's working class voters, many of
2:59 am
whom who went went for trump but are winnable by democrats, they're finding that aoc has come to define the democratic party, to be a definitional face of the democrat party in the districts the democrats need to win. listen to this staff from the poll. 74% of these white noncollege democrats recognize alexandria ocasio-cortez, but then in the teens were favorable to her. similarly, socialism, way down in the single teens in these districts. the way the one person familiar with this polling put it to me is socialism is toxic in these districts. so we see here a little bit of what's trump tactics with the tweets he wants to elevate aoc and her squad. wants to make them the face of the democratic party. >> i guess it's no surprise when
3:00 am
you have the conservative media echo chamber attacking alexandria ocasio-cortez day in and day out. mike allen, our thanks to you. we'll be reading axios a.m. in a little while. you too can sign up for the newsletter. >> all right, that does it for us. i'm yasmin vossoughian with geoff bennett. "morning joe" starts right now. this judge is giving us unfair rulings and i say why? i'm building a wall, okay? it's a wall between mexico, not another country. and he's -- >> he's not from mexico. he's from indiana. >> in my opinion, he's mexican heritage and he's proud of it. >> if you're saying he can't do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? >> i don't think so at all. >> is that a racist statement? >> i couldn't disagree more. >> is it a racist statement? >> i couldn't disagree more with what he had to say. >> the party of lincoln intends to circle the wagons around a


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