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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  July 16, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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critical, critical issue. >> thank you, joe. >> we'll have all the information for his organization on our website, and we'll have it up this morning. that does it for us. now let's pass it over to stephanie ruhle. >> thank you so much, joe. hi there. i'm stephanie ruhle. you ready? we have got to start with the president. today taking his attacks on four democratic congresswomen to a whole new low calling them anti-american and making it clear he has no problem fueling cultural and racial division to play to his political base. >> as far as i'm concerned, if you hate our country, if you're not happy here, you can leave. that's what i say all the time. now, you can say what you want. but get a list of all of the statements they've made. all i'm saying, if they're not happy here, they can leave. they can leave. you know what? i'm sure that there will be many
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people that won't miss them. >> these women have been critical of u.s. policies and of this president, in particular. for example omar talked about the need to preserve the rights of muslims after the 9/11 attack. congresswoman tlaib cursed when calling for president trump's impeachment. ocasio cortez has repeatedly criticized the united states' current immigration problem. the president and his allies would have you believe that criticizing him or his administration is often the same thing as being anti-american. the congresswomen said that is what the real issue is here. >> weak minds and leaders challenge loyalty to our country in order to avoid challenging and debating the policy. >> he would love nothing more than to divide our country based on race, religion, gender, orientation, or immigration
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status. because this is the only way he knows he can prevent the solidarity of us working together across all of our differences. >> let's find out what this is all about. peter alexander at the white house. peter, to you first. is this all part of the president's 2020 strategy, or is this the daily lashout? >> reporter: stephanie, as you know well, this president is not new to stoking racial tensions and this is not the first time the president has thrown one of these rhetorical grenades, which the intention of is to sort of ignite outrage, boost his base, then try to focus attention on some issue that infuriates him or that he sees as politically advantageous. that's most important. here the president is trying to exploit the divisions he views between moderates and progressives within the democratic party trying to make these four women the face of the democratic party heading into 2020. he has taken note of the infighting that's existed
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between nancy pelosi and some members of her caucus. so here is what the president said in his latest tweet thread this morning. he writes, the democrat congresswomen have been spewing some of the most vile, hateful, and disgusting things ever said by a politician in the house or senate and yet they get a free pass and big embrace from the democrat party. horrible anti-israel, anti-u.s.a., pro terrorist and public shouting of the "f" word among many other terrible things and the petrified dems run for the hills. he writes why isn't the house voting to rebuke the hate filled things they have said because they are the radical left and the democrats are afraid to take them on. sad. that is a reference obviously to the house leader today holding that vote on a resolution that condemns the president for these awful comments that he's had over the course of the last several days but beginning with those incendiary tweets. what strikes me is how other republicans have tried to cast the comments, patrick toomey of pennsylvania basically saying he couldn't disagree more with the
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congress women's' views on things like immigration or national security but saying they are entitled to their opinions as in his words misguided as they may be. that is not the way the president views it. the way he has always seen it is by again throwing the rhetorical grenades which is what he continues to do. >> give us more reaction on capitol hill. i know we'll hear from mitch mcconnell today and no doubt he will be very careful with his word choices. >> reporter: certainly that is a hallmark of the majority leader. and republicans have been really under fire to respond to what the president has done and, quite frankly, the range of responses is pretty significant. quite a few members of congress have told reporters in the hallways over the last day or so that they don't think what the president said in those tweets was racist, but there are others who have gone further in condemning him. take a look at how a few republican members of congress have talked about these tweets since they came out on sunday
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morning. watch. >> the president's remarks are inappropriate. there are many legitimate criticisms you can make of those four members of congress but you shouldn't use terminology like that. >> i think what you heard was a frustration not based on any religious preference, or any skin color, or anything else. it's a frustration that we have, a congress that needs to act, and they haven't acted. >> i am unsure of the context and that is why i just don't have a good feeling for where he was going with that. >> so you've seen every response ranging from, well, it was inappropriate. we did have some members, you know, tim scott, referred to the racial element of this, of these tweets. but others have basically buried their heads in the sand. tom tillis when reporters talked to him yesterday said i don't even look at twitter. you'd have to not be paying attention to much more than twitter to have totally missed what it was that the president has said and that of course the four congresswomen have
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responded to. in fact, we also have a new tweet from aoc just this morning. she says, donald trump has decided he doesn't want to be president of the united states. he does not want to be a president to those who disagree. and he'd rather see most americans leave than handle our nation's enshrined tradition of dissent. we don't leave the things we love. so this of course setting up a whole new day of talking about this. the house as peter mentioned is set to vote late today on a resolution. it doesn't call the president a racist but it calls the comments that he made racist. it is going to force a lot of republicans to go on the record as to where they stand on this question, steph. >> peter alexander, kasie hunt, thank you so much. we need to dig deeper into this. david jolly, former republican congressman from the state of
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florida, and prior deputy assistant of state under hillary clinton and now cohost of the podcast "unredacted." you were at the white house yesterday. i want to ask about the president calling people who disagree with him who are very critical of him anti-american and that they should leave the country. is that fundamentally different than the president who regularly calls his opponents names? >> i think this was fundamentally different because the president was picking out these four women of color who have immigrant backgrounds, one of which was born in somalia, but the three of which were born in the united states and saying, these people should go back to their countries. essentially he was saying they're not americans to begin with. the white house is pushing back on that saying, what he really meant was everybody who doesn't -- who disagrees with him should leave the country and that includes, quote, hollywood liberals making a slight reference to people who said they were going to move to canada if the president was
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elected. this is essentially different. there are times where the president has had policy differences with democrats, saying they want open borders, but in this case he is literally calling these women anti-american and saying they are pro terrorism, which is just patently false and patently racist. this is a different time. this is a time that i think is going to go down in history as a low point for this administration. the president is essentially juxtaposing what he thinks are good americans, which are mostly white supporters of his, with these women, who are women of color. >> or will he, congressman? we've said, this is a low point over and over. you could go back to birtherism. is it actually different this time or will the president achieve his goal of painting the democratic party as far left with these four women who haven't even been in office for a year as the face of leadership of the party? no mention of nancy pelosi, who's been in the job since 1987. >> every republican political consultant was already there.
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these four individuals will be the face of the party in 2020. they will be tied to the democratic nominee and every democratic congressional candidate. they are the new nancy pelosi in terms of the republican bogey man. >> if democrats allow that to be the case. >> not in real politics. you can print mailers as a republican without permission of democrats. they are going to do this because the polls say this will work. understand, stephanie, what is happening here. it should be heart breaking we're actually seeing this evolve. the president has pivoted to a message that is more acceptable among americans just in 24 hours. what i mean by that, what was racist in his sunday statement was when he said go back to where you came from. that was the racist thing. when he singled out four women of color. >> three of the four were born in the united states. >> i know. but this reflects the fact that donald trump believes american citizenship is uniquely a white privilege, if you will. he said, go back to where you came from. by monday and now today it is, if you hate america, then leave.
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okay. that's not a fully new message and frankly is a very populace message. if you don't like it here, leave. there are still enormous things wrong with that message but he has already stepped away from what was the racist core of his sunday message. it is hard to focus on that because we don't want to because it's heart breaking. we suffer the outrage cycle. it should be heart breaking that the president of the united states suggests that if you are a person of color who dissentence and in his mind they were an immigrant. it doesn't matter that factually that is not true. in his mind they were an immigrant and he was saying to people of color and in the immigrant community you're not allowed to stay in the united states if you dissent. what i appreciate about what a.o.c. did in her tweet, she focused on the fact he said immigrants may not dissent with political leaders in the united states or you have to go back to where you came from. >> the president wants to run, he is running for re-election. the most important things to voters are healthcare, education, the economy.
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what in the world does any of this have to do with the legislative agenda? >> it has nothing to do with it. >> but that works? >> i don't know. i'd make a counterargument that they tried this exact same play in 2018, you know, making nancy pelosi the bogey man. there is always a bogey man. yet we are in the majority in the house right now because it didn't work. for every person that looks at those four young women, freshmen congresswomen, and says, oh, i don't like this, they're not voting for anyone other than trump. they are the reason trump is in office. there are a lot of people who look at that and find them inspirational. i don't agree with them legislatively but he is picking a fight with four people that know how to fight back. he is lucky as hell that a.o.c. is not 35 years old yet because that woman knows how to slay everyone that comes her way. >> so what happens when she is 35? >> 35 i think we'd be having a roundtable about how did she poll? but there is a thing about, you
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were asking about the low point. there is no bottom we haven't touched yet but there is a problem in that and you are active on twitter. one of the more annoying things i ever read is if you're surprised by this you haven't been paying attention. i've been paying a lot of attention and yesterday was more problematic than usual because we all know the infamous i can stand on 5th avenue and shoot someone. it is turning out to be pretty true. he's feeling his oats. even he i think is seeing that there is no limit. he's one step away from saying, i can drive a tank down 5th avenue. you know, it is very different, when he made his charlottesville comments the white house said that is not what he means. read the transcript. there wasn't a lot of that yesterday. if you watch republicans, they were saying, he was joking. that's not what he meant. donald trump himself said that is what i meant. and to be a total debby downer to go one step further than the congressman, he is one step from saying, you know what? if they don't want to be here they shouldn't be here and maybe we should get rid of them. i'm going to take a look at
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that. this is where he's headed. >> tim, in your latest article you write this. trump and his most dedicated supporters have ripped the band-aid off whatever reassuring notions the united states might have had about the progress of civil rights and the withering of racism in this country. now, the president's allies have said, he's just frustrated with congress right now. that this is somehow all about politics. what do you say to this? >> i don't think we should ever rely on trump's allies to interpret what trump thinks or says, because most of them don't really know. trump's closest aides don't really know because he is a loose cannon. i do think he is trying, which is what he's done from the beginning of his presidency, is to foster this notion of the other. there's always this outside threat. and i will be the final bulwark against these people of color or these women or the terrorists coming through central america to cross the southern border. i will get in the way of all of this for you. he did it before the midterms and i think referring to what
6:14 am
you said before, it is important to remember that even though he did that during the midterms, with the caravans, he suffered a devastating loss in the midterms. donald trump is a racist and a bigot. he is not someone playing three dimensional -- >> would you have said that before he won the election? >> you know, i would have said before he won the election that he was someone who pandered to race. i wasn't sure prior to the election how profoundly racist he was based on my past experience with him. donald trump, historically, has associated with a lot of people of color but only people of color in his business life. celebrities, athletes, the mike tysons and don kings of the world. russell simmons. he had members of, you know, hip hop groups at mar-a-lago as guests, much to the distaste of palm beach society. he was willing to sort of throw that in their face. he wasn't having average people of color, working people of
6:15 am
color were never part of his life. he went out of his way for people of color, because they were useful to his wallet. he never went out of his way for people of color on policy decisions. he's now president of the united states. he is not a private businessman. he owes it to the country as a leader to say the right things about race. it's not an accident that he's not and it's not an accident for two reasons. one is because he is a ditbigot. he is don from queens calling into the radio show and is irked his neighborhood is integrating. the second thing is he lacks the moral, intellectual character to step up in this moment and define the difference between conservativism and liberalism as something other than race. >> i want to share what republican minority, house republican minority leader kevin mccarthy, an ardent supporter, obviously, of the president had to say. >> the president is not a racist. i think this is really coming down to a battle about ideology.
6:16 am
no disrespect in any shape or form. there are some people on the other side of the aisle that call themselves socialist democrats and i think it's a philosophy that people have a difference of opinion. >> okay. the president was not talking about democratic socialism. if he was, bernie sanders would have been his target. but what does this do to the president's strategy if, let's say, joe biden, the current front-runner, becomes his opponent? yesterday while the president was launching attacks on these four women, joe bide enrolled out his healthcare plan which is not medicare for all. it's obama 2.0. if that's the case, how can the president win on this doubling down of those are unamerican socialists? >> well, i think kevin mccarthy is talking about this idea of ideology but the president didn't win the election because he had a bunch of great policies. he won the election because he ignited people to really think about the future of america, to think about their own identity and feel as though he is the person who could carry the torch
6:17 am
forward. what the president is going to continue to double down on is the idea the other side is trying to destroy your way of life. that's what he's been saying in rallies and is going to continue to say. i will say that the white house yesterday was trying to pivot. we've seen it before. yesterday when the president was talking about these four congresswomen, the white house and officials told me he was just telling them to leave the country. he wasn't saying they should go back to their countries. that is a big difference as people have pointed out but it's a difference -- they were doing that. >> it is not what he said. >> what they're doing there is they realize this is not a defensivible theme that they can say, this is something we want to defend. it is an indefensible statement. i'll say it was very true also with child separation. they weren't trying to at some point defend separating children. they were then starting to say actually obama did this. what we see is the president realizes with this issue on telling congresswomen to go back to their countries when they were born in the united states and child separation where
6:18 am
children were ripped out of their mothers' arms these are things he doesn't want to defend. what we'll see is he'll continue to pivot and say he meant something different when he obviously didn't. >> thank you so much. gentlemen, stick around. we have a lot more to cover. next, the president has his focus on four democrats trying to paint them as the face of the party. there are actually over 20 democrats who want to be the face of the party. one of those candidates, julian castro, joins me next. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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well, the president has been lashing out at four specific freshmen democrats in the house. there are roughly two dozen democrats he's been largely ignoring. they are the ones actually trying to take his job. julian castro is one of them. he also served as secretary of housing and urban development under president obama and joins me now from davenport, iowa. secretary castro, good morning. i have to ask you first about the president's ongoing attacks. let's share his latest tweet where he writes, our country is free, beautiful, and very successful. if you hate our country, or if you are not happy here, you can leave. how do you interpret that? >> this is the same racist, disgusting language that so many people have used over the years, over the generations. you. >> we've seen in our country
6:23 am
along the way leaders that have made their careers by dividing people along rational and ethnic and other lines and fostering hate and bigotry and fear of the other. and that's what this president has built his career on. we don't need to rehash all of what he's done except to say that he kicked off his 2020 campaign a couple weeks ago and it is no accident he is up to the same thing now. he believes that he won in 2016 a narrow electoral college victory because he was able to engage in what is known as racial priming. he is the biggest identity. >> do you think that is what he won? >> i think in part. i don't think it's the only reason why he won. but i think in part that is why he won. there has been no politician i would say in the last 50 years that has been as successful as donald trump has been at dividing along racial and ethnic
6:24 am
lines for his own political benefit. and that's what this is part of. i believe there are more people in country whether white, black, latino, african-american, rich or poor, or live in a big city or suburb or small town, that actually believe we can move forward together as a country, seeing people for who they are and understanding people from different backgrounds contribute to the greatness of this country and that if we're going to be the most prosperous country, an exceptional nation in the 21st century it is going to take all of us. there is no telling people to leave. it's going to take all of us to make sure that america is successful. we all have a place at the table. that's my vision for the future of this country. >> as offensive as it might be, all the things he said, was he successful in the last weekend in putting all democrats now into this category of the far left? he is making these four freshmen
6:25 am
the face of the party. >> i don't think so. i think with certain people in his base that he has stoked that base but folks have to remember we should not make this guy into a political goliath. he lost by 2.8 million votes in the popular vote. he won michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. collectively by about 75,000 votes. in the midterms his party took a drubing especially in the suburbs in places like orange county and my home state of texas the suburbs of houston and dallas. and even in michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania so he is actually behind the 8 ball going into 2020 i think when you look mechanically at what he is facing in the states he barely won and the fact that he lost the popular vote so convincingly. one of the worst things we can do as democrats is scare
6:26 am
ourselves out of focus on winning this election as possible and thinking he is going to be able to accomplish magic things in politics. he is not. he's not. i believe he has given us a real opening on legitimate grounds here because more and more people understand how divisive he is and people are yearning for leadership that makes an effort to bring people together instead of just speaking to the people that they consider their base. >> he might not be a goliath but he does do a good job at controlling the narrative. one narrative both the president and his allies are pushing is that the democratic party are all representing socialism or democratic socialism. to the best of my knowledge, the only person running for president who identifies with that ideology is bernie sanders. since you do not, and some other of your competitors don't, do you need to be more forceful with explaining to the american people where you sit on the ideological scale?
6:27 am
>> well, i think what we need to do is we have to explain what we want to do for families out there. that's what i do. i'm here in davenport, iowa today. i'm going out there talking about things like making sure that you can have the healthcare you need and the medication you need when you need it, that your child can get a good education. >> and you can do that with private insurance or a public option? >> that's what i've said. i believe that we should base our system on medicare for everybody but if somebody wants a private health insurance plan they should be allowed to do that. but, look. i mean, these policies that we have embraced as democrats of making sure we have universal health care coverage of things like universal pre-k, tuition free public state universities, community colleges, those are actually popular positions with americans out there.
6:28 am
i don't think we need to back up and pretend what we're offering is not popular. i do think we need to tell the american people how we're going to pay for that. during this campaign i've been very clear i'm going out to release my plan of what we would ask in order to pay for that. we'll ask wealthy corporations and individuals to pay more. we're going to close loopholes and look at how we can garner revenue. in an effective way so we can provide a 21st century boost to prosperity for all americans. i don't think we should back up from being supportive of initiatives that actually are very popular with people in the united states, even folks who consider themselves independent and some moderate republicans. >> well, we look forward to hearing your plan soon and i know you've reached the threshold so you will be on the stage for the next two debates. secretary castro, thank you so much for joining us this morning. next we'll take you from iowa back to new york to a courtroom left in shock after it
6:29 am
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in just two days a judge will rule on whether registered sex offender jeffrey epstein should get out of jail. prosecutors are urging the judge to deny him the bail completely, revealing in court on monday that investigators discovered a safe in epstein's manhattan mansion containing the following -- piles of cash, diamonds, and ready for this? an expired foreign passport from the 1980s. the passport has epstein's photo but it has a different name. and his residence is listed as saudi arabia. two women who say epstein abused them also urged the judge to deny the 66-year-old bail at all. epstein is charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy with girls as young as 14 years old. he has pleaded not guilty. joining us, msnbc correspondent tom winter. he was at the courtroom yesterday. tim o'brien back with us. epstein's lawyers are saying he has been a law-abiding citizen
6:34 am
for more than a decade. they say he served 13 months in jail on two state prostitution charges and he didn't, quote, re-engage in this activity despite the fact that in a safe last week they find disks containing nude and semi-nude photos of young girls. that's a week ago. >> yeah. so i think the judge looked at that right away and was kind of incredulous with it. he pointed to studies the judge had actually read some of the homework judge richard berman had done and he said, look. i've read studies where recidivism for sexual offenders actually goes up over time. it is not something that trails away. studies have been done that say after ten years, 15 years, that is a time period where you might be more likely to offend. so the judge was not necessarily buying that argument at all yesterday. in addition to that, to your point, the pictures found in the safe, that is something that is very concerning, i think very damning for his bail case. you know, prosecutors made the point, look. it doesn't matter if you lived a law-abiding life and at age 70
6:35 am
you commit a crime. it doesn't matter if you committed a crime at age 18. bottom line is if you commit a crime you commit a crime and they need to prosecute it and go after it. it doesn't matter whether or not you stop. the judge pointed out and said essentially to the defense, the defense then challenged this, but he said to the defense, essentially you're conceding that, yeah, he did all these things but then he stopped. and so i think it wasn't an argument that may have gone over very well. >> okay. can we just go back to the safe? a passport with his face, somebody else's name, a saudi arabian residence, and diamonds. he doesn't have a significant other living in that house. diamonds are portable wealth. >> diamonds are portable wealth. everything in that safe suggests this is somebody who thinks at some point in time he may have to get on the road quickly. >> ready to roll. >> and get out of here. the two shoes to drop i think in this investigation are going to be linked to that. one is how did jeffrey epstein make his money?
6:36 am
two, what else are investigators going to find in terms of photos or films that implicate other people? and that's -- until we know what investigators have, it's all raw speculation. but when you look at his business, the filing last friday, he has about $500 million in assets and makes about apparently $10 million a year in regular income. >> but there is still no evidence on how this man amassed this wealth and became that influential. you cannot find him as a counterparty to banks, beyond lexington wexner unclear who his investors were. this is a guy without a college education. >> he did a lot of business in the virgin islands. >> but what was the business? >> i would expect and this is speculation as time goes on you'll find out he was helping people park money, possibly money laundering, and at the end of the day jeffrey epstein, you know, if bernie maddoff and harvey weinstein had a baby it would be jeffrey epstein. that's who this guy is. and i think that -- i think that
6:37 am
as the investigation goes on, i think the nature of his business is going to be very interesting because i think it is going to be problematic for anyone who intersected with him financially. >> if bernie maddoff and harvey weinstein had a baby. nightmare courtesy of tim o'brien. tom, tim, thank you both so much. next, in a rare interview joe biden speaks to our own mi mikapryzinski. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service.
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in just hours joe biden will pitch his newly unveiled healthcare plan in public for the very first time. in this crucial first contest state of iowa the democratic front-runner is defending his plan against those of his democratic rivals in an exclusive interview with our colleague mika brzezinski. >> does your healthcare plan go far enough for a party that supports predominantly medicare for all? >> i think so. >> is it too conservative? >> i don't think it is conservative at all. i think it will pick up the vast majority, almost 100% of the american people. it is available immediately. it will be able to be moved. we can pass it. it costs a lot of money, $750 billion not $3 trillion. it can be done quickly. it will, in fact, allow people to make the choice of staying on their own employer-based plan if
6:42 am
they like it better or join this plan. >> msnbc's road warrior garrett haake will have a front row seat live in iowa where biden will hold his event this afternoon. how does joe biden plan to sell his healthcare plan to voters there? he has to walk the line. he was obama's v.p. >> reporter: that's right, steph. he is largely selling it as an expansion of obama care saying that we're going to start with obama care and build from there. we're seeing this roll out in real time. this is the third major policy rollout from joe biden i've covered. it is by far the most focused. last night he previewed it for aarp members in the des moines area, older voters talking about the importance of medicare, shoring up social security, linking it with healthcare. you saw the national tv sitdown interview with mika brzezinski on "morning joe" and this afternoon he'll be demoing the plan in front of voters probably less likely to wake up and turn on "morning joe." we are in western iowa, carroll
6:43 am
county, a conservative part of the state but not one where voters are unreachable or unwinnable. this is a county that went to president obama in 2008 then flipped narrowly to mitt romney in 2024 before becoming a trump county in a major way in 2016. these are the voters perhaps more likely to respond to somethinglike joe biden's plan for an expanded public option building on obama care as opposed to medicare for all. he has been taking the knife out on that telling voters last night it would be the end of medicare as they know it. sure you might end up with something better he said but also might end up with something worse. we're seeing the vice president go out on the trail selling his plan and contrasting it with the plan being pushed by his more progressive opponents. >> thank you so much. back with me, former congressman david jolly. biden said he does not think his healthcare plan is too conservative. what is your take? it's not unreasonable to say, listen. obama care was such a massive
6:44 am
undertaking a few years later time to tweak it. new and improved. >> this is fascinating. the democrats' healthcare plan from 2018. the democrats' messaging for the last five years on obamacare has been keep what's working fix what's broken. it's really only been the last year you've seen the emergence of presidential candidates talking about medicare for all. i often get reminded i am not a democrat so it is not my place to tell democrats -- >> you are a voter. >> don't hold back. >> democrats have two issues. they have to figure out the fight for the soul of the party. where are they ideologically? that is a uniquely democratic conversation and they have to wrestle with electability. i will tell you what works with the public option that does not work with medicare for all. joe biden, mayor pete, those talking about public option are saying, you may have. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, medicare for all are saying, you must have. that is just a very different way to receive the position. i think joe biden's place and
6:45 am
those who are saying the public option resonates perfectly. it's saying if you want a public option we'll make it available for you but you don't have to have it. that is kind of where the body politic is right now. whether that is the electable message voters will get to chime in on. >> you are the in house democrat. john delaney who is running said, if you get rid of private health insurance the democrats will lose by nine points. yet of these 20 candidates they're kind of all over the map. >> yeah. i think you have to bifurcate the debate about healthcare and the best plan, the best approach with the candidates and how they're appealing. with biden i think the most important thing is, he now has a healthcare plan whereas yesterday he didn't really. people when he came out of the, first came out of the box he had a 40% approval and it dropped to about 30%. that is not because he muffed a question about healthcare. it is because people didn't like his debate performance. beto o'rourke is having a problem with money, with his numbers. it is not because he had a bad healthcare answer but because he didn't look great. i think biden has an advantage
6:46 am
in that people are looking to him in a way as someone who can beat trump and as long as he can check the boxes on everything else, i don't think he needs to worry about this the way a sanders or a warren do. he is not going to get elected the way elizabeth warren did. if she becomes the nominee it is because she crushed it on every piece of policy and idea you have. that is not biden's road to the nomination. but he just can't make it hard for people to vote for him. >> congressman, we have democratic candidates battling it out for which specific policy is best. the president's current policy is bmcare. the president didn't deliver a policy when he ran in 2016. he doesn't have his own now. it was repeal and replace but we've yet to see replace. >> republicans don't have a healthcare plan. if they tell you they do they're lying. when donald trump says he does he is lying. we know that. how many times has he said next month? >> why do republicans continue to stand with him when it is the number one issue for voters?
6:47 am
a guy without a healthcare plan. >> i think that's the least of the issues. you can ask why they're standing with him. they stand with him on everything. >> many say i might not like the guy but his agenda works for me. >> or i'll lose my seat if i press too hard. >> there is a reason democrats won in 2018. it is because of the issues of immigration, healthcare, and taxes, they're speaking to the heart and soul of the american voter right now and the republicans are ignoring that. >> the republicans do have a plan that's different than what's in place. the republican healthcare plan is to take away this current healthcare plan. one of the lesser remembered comments from trump in 2016 was what do you have to lose? and people can now answer that question. if you leave it to him, they will lose their healthcare. they will lose healthcare for pre-existing conditions. they will lose a lot. and that's his healthcare plan. it is not just what's here. it is here because he has failed to take it away. >> what do you have to lose?
6:48 am
healthcare. gentlemen, thank you both so much. we'll leave it there. coming up can you believe it? 50 years ago today apollo 11 took off from cape canaveral on its way to putting the first man on the moon. the one and only al roker will join us to commemorate this historic occasion. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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today marks the 50th anniversary of a monumental achievement. first years ago, almost to the minute, the "apollo 11" rocket carrying neil armstrong, michael collins, buzz aldrin launched from florida. al roker is live from cape canaveral steps away from the launch pad of the apollo rocket. he is standing next to history. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> i have to know, what did this launch mean to you when you watched it on tv? >> reporter: i was 15 years old, a sophomore in high school. i was watching -- i had a summer job at my high school. a bunch of us were in the gym
6:53 am
watching. it was awe-inspiring. here it was not that earlier as we could remember, president kennedy saying by the end of this decade we would put a man on the moon and return him safely to earth. just across the way at launch pad 39a that happened at 9:32. the saturn 5 rocket, largest ever, taller than the statue of liberty, two and a half million pounds. and it launched neil armstrong, buzz aldrin, michael collins into space. and it also launched america as the preeminent force in space travel. the rest literally is history. >> tell us about the new artemis program. let's go from history to the future. >> reporter: interestingly enough, at 39b, that is where it is going to take off. they're hoping all things being equal in 2024 they will be launching a crew, including the first woman to go to the lunar
6:54 am
surface. and all the technology that has come to bear on this. and they're doing constant testing, this is an active site. this whole complex very active. we are talking about five launch pads. and the future of space is really this government private sector combination between spacex and blue origins. they are all working together to get men back up and women back onto the moon and beyond, steph. >> all right. al, great to have you there on this historic day. al roker, from the "today" show. >> reporter: thanks. now to return to my favorite part of the show, money, power, politics. big tech heads to the hill to face questions from lawmakers whether they are simply too big. executives from apple, amazon, google and facebook will appear before the hour judiciary antitrust panel to answer questions around their accusations that they are mow
6:55 am
n monopolizing markets. this is a bipartisan push, lawmakers saying they have spent the last month in closed door meetings investigating these tech giants. at the same time, we have seen tech giants testify before. >> right. >> and lawmakers aren't even sure what the facebook is. not all of them. but come on. >> i don't think that will be the case at this hearing. you have two sets. you have the senate banking committee taking on libra. everybody seems to hate that. bipartisan hates that. and on antitrust. both sides of the aisle you have serious bipartisan concerns. apple is too big as a platform. amazon is way too big as a retailer. and you've got facebook, which is the only social media giant. they actually know the issue here. i think there are risks. >> yes. yes, yes. but are they actually going to do anything about it? >> i think it's conceivable they could. you already have the ftc and the justice department looking at antitrust cases here.
6:56 am
elizabeth warren running significantly on a platform of break up big tech. >> ted cruz agrees with her. >> exactly. these companies are in serious trouble on both sides and the white house. president trump railing against google, against facebook. he's worried about conservative bias. so you have republicans concerned about that. democrats concerned about market power and domination. that's the kind of combination where you could either see -- no legislation is happening before the 2020 election. but post 2020, depending how it shakes out, they face serious risks of being busted up by washington. >> is it foolhardy for facebook to now be moving into the digital currency space? the president has already expressed his very negative concerns even though if you look at that market, they don't seem to care. >> no. >> he's already created one monster. >> yeah. i think it's odd timing for them right now to be launching libra. i think their play is, look, this is a long-term play. we know we're not going to get
6:57 am
approval right now. we would like to lead in the space of digital currency and maybe we can dominate down the road. everybody is raising huge questions about this. treasury secretary, defense chair. it is weird timing for facebook. >> what is facebook trying to do? to your point, they're already under pressure for the core business. and now they want to get into something different. >> they dominate the social space. now they want to be a financial services company to some extent creating a currency within the facebook plat or form which has billions of users and allowing people to transact business. >> a platform they haven't yet proven they can protect or control. >> which is why people are talking about know your customer, antimony laundering. >> banks have to comply. >> if they want to be a bank they will get regulated like a bank. i'm not sure this ever flies. so much criticism to this in washington. they will have to drop it entirely or shelf it into they
6:58 am
come up with a much better and more thought out model and not under constant pressure from everybody. >> i have to ask you about steve mnuchin. he seemed relieved to start talking about the debt ceiling because he didn't want to answer any more questions about the president tweeting. but yesterday we're talking -- stephen mnuchin was forced to talk about the treasury department possibly running out of money. >> right. >> they will not be able to pay their bills come september. >> yes. >> how likely is that? that should be what has him sweating up there. >> thank god i get to talk about the potential collapse of the american economy. much easier than trump's racist tweets. second week of september they could run out of money. congress has essentially six days before they go. >> do he and pelosi get on the same page? >> preachireaching the debt limd
6:59 am
be catastrophic. they can punt and extend it. they can't let it breach. >> kick the can. what every government loves to do. thank you so much. that wraps up a very busy hour. before we go, i have a challenge to share from my dear friend and colleague savannah guthrie. >> okay. we challenged lester holt, chuck todd and stephanie ruhle. >> what's going on right there with her young daughter? this is the dance or donate challenge. it started by lily in memory of late husband brandon, the former president of nbc entertainment who died of cancer. the challenge, show off your best moves and challenge three friends or donate to the united cancer front. of course you can do both. hoda kicked things off last week nominating savannah. jennifer lopez and thomas rep. i have been called to dance along with chuck todd and lester holt. you're out of luck. i accept this challenge.
7:00 am
stay tuned. i'm about to turn it out. >> coming up, more news right now with hallie jackson. you better get ready. i might challenge you. >> mr. just do 60 minutes of stephanie ruhle dancing. i'm ready. i can't wait. we do have a show, though. it's capitol hill, breaking news. we have a lot to follow the next 60 minutes. house leadership or not first time will be on camera and on the spot. facing questions about president trump's racist tweets attacking four democratic congresswomen. at the podium on the right is where we will see minority leader kevin mccarthy, and other members of gop leadership. on the other side of the aisle, house democrats also set to speak ahead of a vote tonight on a symbolic resolution after the president suggested the squad go back to their home countries. president donald trump's racist comments have legitimized fear


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