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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  July 21, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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that is our show for today. thanks for watching. a.m. joy will be back next saturday. >> you know what i love about the katherine johnson saying she's the smartest person in the planet? she's also so modest. two years ago when she was asked about the nasa building being named after her, what do you think about that? she goes, i think they're crazy. she's modest and laughed it off. i'm like girl, you deserve that. >> she's awesome, and turning 101. she should win the week for that. >> indeed, for all of it. see you soon, my friend. thank you so much. a good day to all of you from msnbc world head quarters in new york. it's high noon in the east. a new attack from the president on four minority freshman members of congress. this morning the debate and the division grows. is it about race or politics, or
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both? >> this is a guy who is worse than a racist. >> i'd like to see everybody reduce the rhetoric. >> you got to go fut than that and say mr. president, you're wrong. >> i disagree with the view that if you criticize somebody and they happen to be a different color skin that makes it a racial criticism. >> when you disagree with the president, suddenly you're a bad person. >> extreme heat. when will the country get a break from dangerous temperatures? plus mueller's moment, what to expect when he testifies on capitol hill this week. new today, though, passionate reaction after a week in which the president has harkened on racially divisive attacks on four congresswomen of color. elijah cummings says the president's go back tweets are painful. the chairman of the oversight committee says the president's words bring back memories of being beaten as a teenager when trying to integrate a pool in his hometown of baltimore in
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1962. >> i can still remember bleeding from my forehead when people were throwing bottles. these were adults throwing bottles and saying go home [ bleep ]. i would say to the president right now, mr. president, we want you to be a role model. we want somebody in that white house who our children can be proud of. who our children can emulate, who our children will look up to. and that is not the kind of example that you're setting, and i'm telling you, mr. president, you and we, our nation is better than that. >> and yet this morning another attack from the president who wrote, quote, i don't believe the four wonk women of color are capable of loving our country. coming to his defense, steven miller considered the master mind of some of the most controversial and racially insensitive policies emerging from the trump administration. >> anybody who is running for office right left or center
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always puts where they think america needs to go and can do better, but there's a fundamental distinction between people who think that we need to lean into and strengthen america's core values, whether it be our constitutional values, the rule of law, the principles of western civilization or people think we need to turn america into venezuela. >> and part of the president's defense is attacking the four progressive congresswomen for controversial comments that other democrats have criticized. but adam schiff says there is no equivalence. >> yes, we have a big and diverse caucus and the political views of the caucus is reflective of the country as they are of our caucus, but that is not equivalent to the racist rhetoric coming out of the white house. i fully expect our members are going to be very aggressive out there. we have strong disagreements with this president. but we're focussed on those
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disagreements when it comes to providing good paying jobs to people. issues like minimum wage, trying to save access to people while he wants to demonize four women of color. >> meanwhile a new cbs new poll shows 87% of americans believe the country is somewhat or very divided i ai long racial lines with 13% saying it's not divided along racial lines. hans nichols is following the president in new jersey. a good sunday to you. you have new tweets from the president. he's really digging in his heels on this fight. what's the word from there? >> well, it's the president either likes the fight for his own sake or he doesn't think he's winning it and wants to recalibrate. this morning it's new and slightly more aggressive. he's basically calling the four lawmakers weak and insecure. we haven't heard that before from him, but it's more of the
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same. it's the president clearly enjoying this fight he's in. this is looking like we're going to have week two of this. remember, this all started last sunday. and let's take a look at the charge from the president. this is the tweet that started it off this morning. here he is saying he thinks the lawmakers are weak and insecure and that i don't believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country. they should apologize to america and israel for the horrible hateful things they've said. they're destroying the democratic party, but are weak and insecure people who can never destroy our great nation. we are going to have a long debate throughout the rest of the week on what the president's strategy is, his tactics, where the president wants to take the fight. he's disputing that he almost stumbled into this strategy last week. from the washington post they talked to 26 aides and officials. they gave the indication that the president made this tweet on sunday last week not really knowing how offensive it would be.
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now, this morning mercedes who is now with the campaign is defending the president. >> look, i have worked with president trump for two years. and he is not a racist. he is a compassionate man whose policies have focussed on the minority community. he is a results oriented president who is focussed on helping uplift all americans including blacks, including hispanics, and i have to say i've been with him in the room with all these different communities, and he does stay focussed on ensuring we're implementing the right policies for all americans. >> reporter: that's the dynamic for the week going forward. we'll see the white house on the defensive while the president himself goes on the offensive. and we'll be monitoring closely to see how the attacks from the president have changed whether or not it's significant. whether or not it appears to be tactical and the frequency of his attacks, because you saw the
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arc of that last week where it almost looked like the white house was through with this when the president went to the rally, and then you had that send her back chant at the rally. the president initially distanced himself and was critical of the lawmakers again, and it seems like his position now is somewhere close toing a n -- agnostics on that chant. >> i think it will be the focus for a long time given it might be in the campaign in terms of ideology. we're going to focus on it with our discussion. joining me now jane newton small and charlie savage, msnbc contributor. big welcome to you both. charlie, it's been about a week since the president's onriginal go back tweet. the president is digging in. why does he want to keep this going? >> the question about trump or one of the questions about when it comes to this race stuff is does he himself, a racist, as the people around him insist
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he's not. is it cynical going back to his birtherism that launched him into the political sphere? does he see it as a place where there's tremendous energy that other people shy away from and that he can tap into and that at the end of the day there's more white people who vote in this country than people of color even now and that means he thinks it's a winning strategy for him if he can polarize people along racial lines no matter what the cost to the country. >> what do you make of the defense coming out of the white house or the campaign as with merced mercedes schlapp. >> they're always trying to smooth over the president's comments, making them seem normal and this is okay. the fact is you talk to republicans on capitol hill, and behind closed doors or off the record, they'll express a lot of concern. certainly you even saw lindsey
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graham that donald trump, president trump this morning disavowed and said it was fake news saying this is actually worry somebecause it goes so far as to single people out as racist and to use racist language. and that's not -- they're trying to sort of make this distinction that the idea that you can hate people's ideas but not people themselves, and that they are the ones who are hating america. and he seems to really relish this idea that he's elevating these four women that he would rather run against them than joe biden who constantly beating him in polls and is more of a milk toast democrat. he's trying to elevate the more extreme version of the democratic party or the much sort of left wing to the democratic party to run against them versus running against more moderates. but at the same time he's actually inciting democrats to unify and come together, and to drive democrats out to the polls because this is so outrageous. >> right. when is the last time we talked about the pelosi versus the
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squad regarding impeachment and the like? they're unified on this. this washington post article. charlie, what are your thoughts? zblim struck by the lead of it. it talks about how aides to trump didn't think that he actually knew what he was doing when he put out the original go back to -- >> yeah. i mean -- >> tweets. >> that kellyanne conway had to explain to him why this was a problem. >> well, i wonder, though, there's an ambiguity. are they saying he didn't know it was racist and would provoke this kind of anger, or is it that he didn't know that it was tactically foolish, because it allowed as you were just saying, democrats who had had this wedge between the pelosi faction and the sort of more left wing to get past that and unify and that he didn't realize it was too far not because it's bad to say things that are racist but it was bad to throw a life preserver to the democrats? the way it's phrased it sounds more -- i wonder if it's more
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the latter even if the aides are kind of selling it to the reporters as the former. >> all right. got to turn right now to what's happening. the congressional hearing on wednesday with robert mueller. jay, to you first. what do you think democrats hope to hear on wednesday? and is there any concern that the public has sort of moved on from the mueller report? >> well, i think the problem with the mueller report has always been that if this had been one report that dropped, it would have been a huge bomb shell and it would have had an enormous impact. the fact that it leaked out over the period of years while he was doing these investigations, that there was so little of the report that we didn't know or very little of it that when it finally did come out, it was sort of like oh, well, it's not that surprising and it didn't feel like it was a huge bomb shell. what they really want robert mueller to do is basically say that the president obstructed justice and he probably should be indicted or should be impeached but robert mueller is going to be hesitant to do that. he's made it clear he doesn't want to weigh in personally and
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he's going to simply refer back to the report. the report should speak for itself. he doesn't want to talk about anything not in the report in terms of the underpinnings of all the information they collected. he really just wants to talk about what was actually written. i think it's going to be difficult for democrats to pin him down and get him to sort of say something that moves the needle to such an extent where you get bob mueller calling for the president's impeachment. that would be their dream headline. i don't think it's going to happen. >> i've looked at law fare blog. it's brilliant. i suggest everybody on judiciary and intelligence read this blog. because he has questions which in my mind would provoke pretty good answers. let's listen to what some of the house judiciary committee chair jerry nadler had to say about this. >> we want the american people to hear directly from special counsel mueller what his investigation found. i think there is very substantial -- the report protects substantial evidence that the president is guilty of
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high crimes and misdemeanors and we have to let mueller present the facts to the american people and see where we go from there. we hope it won't be one and done and we're going to ask specific questions about look at page 344 paragraph 2, please read it. does that describe objection of justice and did you find that the president did that, for example? >> is this a pervasive fear, that indeed, as you said, the fear that it could end up being a dud? what would the implications of that be? >> well, i guess a dud in whose eyes is the question to ask. for people who have read the report and written about it a lot, i think we're not going to learn anything new. but as we saw when mueller made that brief statement in the camera a few weeks ago, just his saying to on television that he was not exonerating the president, had this explosive\impact. some of which imply if ied by tv news because it's video to go with the words. i do think it will be interesting if mueller is willing to play along. i agree he's not going to say
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trump should be indicted or impeached. if he will help go methodically through some of the episodes in which his own only sis shows that trump's actions seem to meet all three criteria for obstruction, and really work through that and pressuring don mcgahn to create false evidence about whether he had previously told him to have don mcgahn fired or trying to get jeff sessions to stop mule freller f investigating anything. how that might add up to obstruction but for the fact that a president can't be indicted, i don't think a lot of the public who has not read this report have thought about that or been confronted with that information yet. it could still be of significant impact even if to insiders it's something we've already read. >> it's going to be a point on
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tv and should be. good to see you both as always. much of the united states remains under a heat wave. millions of people seeking relief after days of temperatures above 90, and then add the humidity pushing real feel numbers into the low hundreds. our meteorologist pulled the short straw. you're outside in the streets of new york city. when is this going to end? that's the big question. >> reporter: alex, i'm braving the elements as millions of other new yorkers are today here. we've been out here since this morning at 7:00 a.m., and the big difference this morning, temperatures were slightly cooler. but man, it's still clammy if you put your hands together. you're really noticing the humidity in the air. taking a look right now. official word from the national weather service, new york city at 94 degrees. but humidity at 78. that's that oppressive air. the feel like temperature, 110.
9:16 am
we're at madison square park. on a normal day you know it's packed here at shake shack, the line would be backed up, and very few people out here. and i'm actually really glad to see this with feel like temperatures, this is really unbearable heat. and that is really going to be continue uous here for the northeast and the midwest for the next 24 hours. let's look at the advisories now. it's dramatically changed from yesterday where we were over 100 million. today we're down to 90 million. so sort of a better situation, and i do expect those to deteriorate in the next few hours. but this cold front is going to make it way through. that's going to be the game changer here for the northeast, mid atlantic to the midwest as well. by tuesday afternoon, alex, we are going to finally see temperatures cut in half and the huge story? dew points cut in half.
9:17 am
that's good news. you can see right now people are still trying to be out and about, trying to enjoy their weekend. we are not in the clear just yet. we haven't had any reports of any closings from mta. people are just trying to hold on here. i can promise you a change alex is going to come here just hold on. >> i am so holding you to that. let me tell you. and by the way, notice nobody sitting in the sun. everybody is sitting in the shade in fact. >> nobody. >> not very long. >> nobody. >> see you next hour. get ac between now and then. >> if not russia, what about the racially divisive rhetoric? the new case being made for impeachment. next. impeachment. next but we're also a company that controls hiv, fights cancer, repairs shattered bones, relieves depression, restores heart rhythms, helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life. from the day you're born
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right now the president trump ramping up his attacks on the so-called fraud one week after his initial tweet sparked that controversy. this morning he wrote i don't believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country. we have a congressman here with us. thank you for joining me. your reaction to the president's comments this morning, and even back to the begin, just the initial tweet he sent out? >> i think it's sad that any american president would say that about any other citizen, let alone congress. just imagine if this president was named bush and had said this or obama or ronald reagan. we would all be saying this is an anomaly. this is something we should not
9:22 am
stand for. but this president has changed norms so much so fast that we're all just kind of letting it slide as if this is something normal. it's not. this is something abnormal. he's doing damage to the american spirit. >> it's good you're saying that instead of letting it just pass which many gop congressmen refused to do. let's listen to what elijah cummings had to say about the effect of this. >> no matter where i go, what i'm hearing over and over again is from my constituents, it's please save our democracy. please save our country. and you know something else they say, george? they say i'm scared. and i have not -- i've never in my total of 37 years in public service ever heard a constituent say they were scared of their leader. >> scared of their leader? scared to the president of the united states? >> the president out united states. that's right. >> what are you hearing from
9:23 am
your constituents? any similar tones there? >> look, i do hear similar tones. they're worried about the direction this president is taking this country in. this is not the country that they grew up in and my constituents grew up in democratic and republican administrations. good times and bad times. during war and peacetime. this is one time they feel there's not a uniter. i may have my disagreements with george bush and ronald reagan but they never tried to divide the country for their own political gain. this president lives and dies by that. that's against the dna of this country. when something is that wrong, they just have a rejection to it. they're trying to find a way to get out of it. the way is by voting? >> divided states of america. it's disturbing. let's move to this week's failed impeachment effort. it was brought to the floor on
9:24 am
wednesday by al green. i know you voted against it. correct? first, tell me why you voted against it. what was it about it that you felt it did not rise to the standard to get your support behind it? >> i recently came out in support of articles of -- for the impeachment inquiry. representative green was pushing for articles of impeachment that skipped that process. i think it's important we have precedence. it's important to have steps in process. we don't many years from now to look back and see how hastily potentially we acted. >> you've made the distinguishing point between inquiry and actually pushing for articles of impeachment. how many feel like you do that making the inquiry and doing that thoroughly and fully is appropriate? >> i think talking to many of my colleagues, they do feel that's appropriate, the impeachment inquiry. if we look at the articles of impeachment, for example, richard nixon had a 7-month
9:25 am
impeachment inquiry. i don't believe we have to go that far. i think representative mueller has done a lot of great work -- sorry. especially prosecutor mueller has done a lot of great work, but i believe you still have to follow the process on the constitution. >> it was interesting talking to representative green yesterday. he said he felt he had more work to do to put forward enough credibility, enough stats, facts and the like for you, his colleagues, to support that. do you expect that this is going to be a never-ending situation, that it is going to happen left and right, that we'll continue pursuing impeachment? >> i don't believe so. i think -- >> it will be put to rest? >> i believe that there's going to be a decision that's going to be made by the caucus once mueller finishes testifying this week. i think the american public does demand it, but i do believe that opening the impeachment inquiry is the important step. it allows us to fully investigate the crimes of this president. >> there's one issue
9:26 am
representative green was quite passionate about yesterday. i want to play what he talked about. and see if you don't believe impeachment might follow as a result of this. here it is. >> it would be far better for this country to impeach the president for his hate, for his means by which he's harming society with his bigotry than to impeach him for obstruction of justice, because his hate is what is at the root of all of this. obstruction of justice impeachment will not change and have an impact on the hate. we've got to deal with this hate. if we don't deal with this hate, it is going to deal with us. >> what are your thoughts on that? >> look, i really appreciate what representative green is saying. he has been a leader in the civil rights movement, and he's the conscious of congress. i do believe, however, that we have to go through the proper process. i do think just looking at all my republican colleagues who have been making excuses for this president, that we wouldn't even have any proper support
9:27 am
among even republicans in this country who i think do have an opportunity to show their pay trichl by standing with us in this process. i think what we saw with representative mueller, i'm sorry, with mueller testifying what we're going to see is somebody who is going to lay out that there is a problem in this white house that he should have been indicted had he had the opportunity and that he was not exonerated. those three things are going to be important. >> you think we're going to get that after wednesday? >> i believe it's going to be clear to us that mueller tried to do an investigation but was impeded by this administration. and that there was no exoneration. and i think the most important thing to remember is this administration has repeatedly said they'd been exonerated. we saw on page 244 and also mueller actually testified saying there is no exoneration, and had there been exoneration, they would have dwladly announced it. that's important. >> thank you for joining me. good to see you. the power of the squad, what's in it for the president to inflate their impact on the
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what are you seeing on the
9:32 am
other side? you're seeing the squad dictating the rules of the democratic party. that is where you see the democrat party in disarray where these democratic presidential candidates are going to have to kiss the ring of the squad because they are the new voices of the democratic party. that should be concerning. >> the senior adviser for trump's 2020 campaign pushing the president's plan to make the four progressive congresswomen the face of the democratic party. "the washington post" in a new report saying the president had wanted to elevate them with his tweets last weekend. thinking they were good foils. let's bring in former deputy labor secretary during the obama administration. jonathan alter, republican strategist susan dell purseio. chris, clearly schlapp is painting the democrats as extreme. do you think that message actually resonates with the voters that he wants to reach?
9:33 am
those that are beyond his base? >> i don't think so at all. look, these are four dynamic young members of congress who have wide appeal among millennials, but there are also 31 house democrats who want districts that donald trump carried in 2016. you have adam schiff and jerry nadler and you don't have a president calling them disloyal to the u.s. government. so what's important here to understand is that this is what they are trying to do now is paint over these racist comments into a political strategy. this is nothing more than racism. and the american people rejected this approach in 2018 and they're going to reject it again in 2020. >> what do you think, susan? how much does the racist aspect of the president's tweets, how much does it muddle the intended message to the point where it gets lost upon those that he needs to reach beyond his base? >> i don't think it will end up working in the end, because at the end of the day, the
9:34 am
president's only path is to show that he has had a successful first term which is to show that if the economy holds, the economy is going well. this strategy is to i think is a place holder for the president. that's what i think he's thinking. here's just another thought and to put it in perspective about how many people he's going to turn off and why i want to hold republicans accountable for being silent. what would you say if the principal called and said your child just told someone who looked different from them to go back to where they came from? most people would be horrified and they should be. i think that kind of ideas, that sentiment is going to stick with mod moderates, independents and suburban women. >> jonathan, there is a dangerous aspect. we'll does it in a moment. is the president driving this
9:35 am
narrative, and doing it so now projecting to 2020 and if so, what do the democrats do to counteract it? just keep harping on it or more? >> well, he's good at driving a narrative. he's a big megaphone. but remember, in 2018 they tried to use nancy pelosi and maxine waters as punching bags. it failed. it will fail this time. in less than six months there's going to be a punitive democratic nominee, and that person man or woman is going to be the face of the democratic party. and it won't work for trump even as a place holder strategy to beat up on the squad. however, you asked what can the democrats do in response? interesting that in 2018 both nancy pelosi and maxine waters made themselves small targets.
9:36 am
they didn't try to step out there with anything particularly controversial to say. and they did not lead with their chins. and that is a danger the democrats sometimes fall prey to. that doesn't mean the squad should shut up. i actually think they responded very well in this situation. and they have a lot of interesting things to say, but they might be smart not to say get into a fight about israel or something like that right now which can be its own form of distraction. the squad when they responded were quite right that what trump was doing was distracting from the real issues. they don't want to also -- they should not want to also distract. and i think if they can be politically disciplined, and they've shown some signs of it in recent days, that this will be disastrous for trump next year, because unlike a lot of other trump controversies, send them back is really easy to
9:37 am
remember. it's not complicated. and it's going to stick. >> oh, yeah, and there will be more chanting, no doubt. the dangerous aspect we're going to get to, chris, about the president singling out women, four women of color and these chants is how some followers might project that onto others in this country. so politically speaking, what's your assessment of that notion? >> well, that's exactly right. look, as an asian american who has spent 20 years in public service -- what about the immigrant who walks into a restaurant or store today and is taunted because of how they look or how their english sounds? what about that school child who is going to be bullied in school? and here's the irony. this was what the first lady's be best program was trying to solve, and yet, you now have a president whose normalized conduct that is considered unacceptab unacceptable, it's so unacceptable that if you did it
9:38 am
in your workplace, you would be fired for that. this is a time for all elected officials to speak out. all americans need to hear this is unacceptable. and unfortunately, you have republicans right now who out of blind loyalty to the president will not question him publicly. and that's damaging not only to their party but it's damaging to the country. >> listen, guys, all great comments. unfortunately nick told me we're out of time. you made perfect sense to me. thank you so much. defending the president. is it getting tougher for the head of the national diversity coalition for trump? i'm going to talk to him and find out next. advanced safety technology on a full line of vehicles. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing.
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i do think it's important that with that chant what he told this country is that he doesn't want to be president anymore. because he wants to pick and choose who he is a president to. and that's not a president. once you are elected, you have a responsibility to everyone in this country, everyone. just like me, i'm a member of congress, i am responsible for the people who didn't vote for me too. >> congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez reacting to the president's supporters chanting send her back. that chant was inspired by the president's words. joining me now, executive director of the national diversity coalition for trump. also a member of the president's 2020 advisory board.
9:43 am
bruce, welcome back. let's get to the point the congresswoman was making. does the president have a responsibility to serve even those who did not vote for him, and isn't he failing to do that when his tweets and words hurt and insult many americans? >> well, yes, thank you for having me. and in all fairness, i think there's a lot of noise out there. i believe you opened here with alexandria ocasio-cortez saying she these things, but i challenge -- and this goes for everyone. when you run for office, republican or dc, congress especially, senate, you promise your constituents to fight and serve for your district, by god, do it. these congress folks throwing socialist ideas and these types of things at the country are polling in the single digits as it relates to their popularity in their district. the reason is because they're not holding what they said they were going to do, to go to congress to fight to bring jobs, education to their district, and not throw fight and incendiary comments at the president.
9:44 am
it does nothing for their constituents. >> they are reacting to the president, bruce. don't you think the president is hurting insulting many americans with what he says and tweets? >> alex, in reference to this rally, you can go to the bernie sanders rally, the hillary clinton -- it was just unheard of the things and comments they were chanting in those rallies. look, at the end of the day, first amendment people say things. it doesn't mean if someone comes to your house or community and says something that represents you. you're going to have that everywhere. and this gets back to what i've been saying all along. all elected officials, republican and democrats go out there, fight for your district, fight for jobs. fight for good quality health care. and just work together. my god, look at the women's unemployment rate. 50 years all time low. look at the president's initiatives on the opportunity zoning. that's going to bring $100 billion -- >> why are you saying this? why is the president not putting that out there? why doesn't he focus on that instead of the four progressive
9:45 am
democratic women. >> i think you know as well as i do, this president is a counterpuncher. the numbers speak for themselves. look at the low employment. look at the lowest african american unemployment in my lifetime. the numbers are there. people have got to stop. stop getting caught up in all this emotional social rhetoric and pay attention to the numbers? . >> okay, but do you like it? do you appreciate it when the president says things that are hurtful to many americans? i mean, what do you feel? get off of your position as being part of the campaign and advisory board. what do you think? >> i feel that people have rights to take any type of anything out of context, whatever. people take a lot of things out of context. but alex, at the end of the day as i said earlier, we're talking about elected officials. we're talking about this whole deal out here on race relations. alex, race relations and cultural relations comes with our community in our faith based
9:46 am
community. not the government. all the folks who come out and you hear incendiary things out there. take a look at their constituents, friends and family. are you jewish and getting along having a muslim brother at your table. are you african american and having a white couple in your home? it's all community. it's not government. and we as a people, we have to take care of this. not push this on the president, the governor or anyone. >> since we're talking about the president, if you argue he's not a racist, does using racially divisive attacks for a political gain effectively make him a racist? >> i don't see -- listen, it doesn't matter whether you're white, black, pink, purple green. >> it does matter. whatever happened to we all -- all we have is our word. this is the president of the united states. >> alex, look, here's the deal
9:47 am
here. the president out of his term has done more, been the champion, for example, on prison reform. you know, 94 crime bill that devastated a black community, as van jones who is on the other side who i don't agree with said president trump is the leader in prison reform. there's a lot of things that are good things going on out here, and there's too much noise everywhere. >> so, bruce -- >> and the numbers don't lie, alex. >> why does he need to do what he does with his divisive rhetoric? >> you mean -- >> if that's -- i mean qf he just puts that out there, it might reflect well on him. why does he reflect so poorly on himself? >> the president loves this country unconditional. when you as elected official or anyone speak up against this nation, the president will check you in your place. it doesn't matter what color or where you're from, everything. this is america. and if we don't start preaching and believing that who we are as
9:48 am
americans made in america, you saw the big deal at the white house, people making things. where is the rca and zone it, and the american spirit. this is what the president of the united states believes in as we the people, america first. and alex, by the way, we can't govern or help anyone else if we don't take care and keep our own country safe. >> okay. i'm out of steam. but i do -- i enjoy our conversations. heated as they may be sometimes, bruce. thank you for coming on. we'll see you again. >> and condolences to your father. i'm sorry to hear that. >> thank you. thank you. i appreciate that. >> this week's mueller hearings, the most crucial questions james comey wants the committees to ask but will the president be watching? >> you know what? at some point they have to stop playing games because they're just playing games. no, i won't be watching mueller. i customize everything, ,
9:49 am
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9:53 am
questions he would ask mueller. joining me are two prosecutors who had previously worked with special counsel mueller. good to see you both. glen, before we get to the break down. for three months the president has claimed total exoneration. this report says otherwise. do you predict mueller will depend his work or you think he'll stick to the report like he indicated he would? >> i think he's going to stick to the report and the effect of that is he will defend his work because there are three main goals here. i think first, the questions should illicit from special counsel mueller his findings in volume one which was massive koor coordination with the trump camp pain and russia. i would call it collusion. you move onto volume two. t ten instances of obstruction of
9:54 am
justice. a third goal and as important as the first two is for the questions to illicit a rebuttal of the massive disinformation campaign. the propaganda campaign that's been waged against the american people by trump, bill barr, lindsey graham and others. i would ask special counsel mueller, you've heard the president say your report found no collusion, is that true or false? he has to say based on the four corners of his report that is false. same for no obstruction. that is false. every time we run a clip of the president spouting out that propaganda, we ought to juxtapose and immediately play bob mueller saying that is false. that's the way you get to the hearts and minds of the american people. >> and editors around the country are duly taking note of that. your thoughts. what do you we expect from mueller? >> i expect him to support his
9:55 am
report. it's an interesting situation because when he begins his testimony, he is starting with the obstruction section then they go to what happened with the russians intervening. i wish that was switched because when you're trying to tell a story, you want to have the ark of the story and the first part is the russian investigation. we obviously need know about how they interfered in the election. how the trump campaign had contacts. how they knew the russians were trying to be helpful and how they never called the fbi. i would like that highlighted. then you get to the obstruction. the comey question is interesting. instead of asking a yes or no question, isn't it true you found evidence that the president tried to fire mueller. then we need a big explanation. they are dividing up the questions. i hope they divide it up when someone is talking about the substantial evidence, that person follows up and gets the
9:56 am
evidence that underlies it before the next person can take the next obstruction count. >> glen, do you have concerns on this point that these comey questions, if these are used as a prototype that it would be direct but incomplete. >> yeah. it's a tough call whether you want to ask mueller leading questions or nonleading questions. a leading question boxes the witness in. it's like special counsel mueller, isn't it true that you found that the president asked white house counsel don mcgahn to lie and cover up some of president trump's conduct. then bob mueller would say that's true. that's documented in my report.
9:57 am
bob mueller agreeing with it. it's evidence of that thing happening. let him talk about the misconduct that his report documents. >> cynthia, do you think these questions, if asked, will satisfy the public? has the public reached a point where they have their own conclusions where they come from the president or the media's coverage? very few read the report. >> i'm an optimistic person and i believe that justice is coming but i have a cynical side to me that people have made up their mind already. i think they should do both. i think they should ask the leading question and get the answer in the record and require mueller to go through and catalog the evidence to support it. if he does that, justice is coming and maybe people will
9:58 am
really listen and change their mind. if all it is boring yes or no, people will turn it off. >> i know you'll be staying tuned. that's for sure. thank, guys. hate groups across america reaching a record high. attracting more than 1,000 of them. the effect of the trump era inspiring hate, instilling fear. inspiring ha, teinstilling fear. here, it all starts with a simple...
9:59 am
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10:02 am
digging in t. the president wrapping up his twitter attack on four members of congress. >> he is somebody that is using race like a weapon to divide our country against itself. >> the new poll that's shedsing light on what voters think. what democrats and republicans are looking to hear from robert mueller this week and low burn. millions dealing with a summer swelteri sweltering. what are we going to get a break? welcome to weekends with alex witt. passionate reaction after a week in which the president has harkened on racially divisive attacks on four congresswomen of color. the chairman of the oversight committee says the president's words bring back memories of his being beaten as a teenager when trying to integrate a pool in his hometown of baltimore back in 1962. >> i can still remember bleeding from my foreheads when people were throwing bottles and these
10:03 am
were adults. throeing bottles and saying go home [ bleep ]. i would say, right now. we want you to be a role model. we want somebody in that white house who our children can be proud of. who our children will look up to. that is not the kind of example that you're setting and i'm telling you, mr. president, you and we, our nation better than that. >> yet this morning another attack from the president who wrote i don't believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country. congressman reacted to the attack. >> i think it's just sad that any american president would say that about any other citizen, let alone in congress. every american is capable of showing their love their country through service. this president has changed the norms so much and so fast we're all kind of letting it slide as
10:04 am
if this is something normal. this is something really abnormal and he's doing damage to the american spirit. >> here is how the white house is depending the president. >> i feel worked with president trump for two years. he is not racist. he's a compassionate man whose policies have focused on the minority community. he is a results oriented president who is focused on helping uplift all americans including blacks, including hispanics. i have to say i've been with him in the room with all these different communities and he does stay focused on ensuring that we're implementing the right policies for all americans. >> meanwhile a new cbs poll today shows 87% of americans believe the country or very divided along racial lines with 13% saying it's not divided along racial lines. let's go to nbc hans.
10:05 am
another good day to you. we have the president leveling a new attack against the congresswom congresswomen. let's get to what he's saying there. >> reporter: it's a clear indication he wants this to dominate. whether he think he needs to slightly tweak his message, we don't know. we do know it's on his mind and he's accusing them. it's not a new attack, but it's altered of the same thing. he's saying i don't believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country. they should apologize to america and israel for the horrible, hateful things they have said. they are destroying the democrat party but are weak and insecure people who can never destroy our great nations. the president's tweets was about this washington post story.
10:06 am
really gives you an a gnatnatom the last week. not really aware of how it might, the role vice president mike pence played in this. then it took new life on wednesday with the send her back chants at the president's rally. the president distanced himselves and then seemed to be little closer to where his audience was and the real hateful people is those four lawmakers. earlier stephen miller was asked about this and whether or not he thinks the president is racist. all of this is fair game especially the president's attacks. >> anybody who is running for office, right left or center points out where they think america can do better. where they think america needs to go. there's a fundamental distinction between people who think that we need to lean into and strengthen america's core
10:07 am
values, whether it be our constitutional value, the rule of law, the principles of western civilization or people who think we need to turn america into venezuela. >> reporter: taking the totality of what the president has been tweeting about, what his aides have been saying, it appears this is a conversation the white house is prepared to engage in a bit longer. whether it's a conversation, debate or a nasty mud slinging conte contest. looks like the white house is set on this. we'll see what extent the president continues to press his points and continues to make these attacks. >> very thorough report there. thank you very much. >> lady, with a good sunday to you all. steph, what do you think is behind the president o's effort to keep this controversy going? >> we're seeing the president to continue to tweet about the squad, these four members of
10:08 am
congress. this is really part of -- it's become part of his 2020 campaign strategy. he doesn't have a nominee to rail against. he thinks by tieing the democratic party to these more progressive members of congress who many republicans and more conservative people dislike, he thinks that's the best tactic but as we have seen, that hasn't played exactly the way he was hoping it would be but we also expect to see more of this race baiting as part of his 2020 strategy. >> what's interesting is the washington post is reporting here that even his closest allies were unnerved by his original tweet. senator lindsey graham said he always doubles down then he a adjusts. you think that's what he's doing? >> republicans are struggling with how to respond to this. they don't want to criticize the president but they don't want to be seen as supporting this type of rhetoric. i talked to multiple members of republican leadership who are
10:09 am
staunch allies of the president and took their concerns directly to vice president mike pence and said please share our concerns with the president which he agreed to do. >> hang on. any of those folks go public with it? >> no. several of them are on the record in my political report including paul mitchell of michigan. mark walker, a conservative pastor from north carolina. these are actually people that are now going on the record and saying we're very concerned. they are worried this will become the campaign man trtra. this will define the gop. they would rather focus on the progressive policy, the green new deal and medicare for all. they do not want to engage in these ugly, racially motivated, personal attacks on these women of color because they know it's going to hurt their standing with minorities and moderates in 2020. >> steph, with regard to mercedes and what she was saying this morning. she asserted the 2020 candidates will have to kiss the ring of
10:10 am
the squad because they are the new voices of the democratic party. branding these four members of congress the face of the party, it appears to be strategic. how should democrats handle this going into the election year without playing into hands of the administration in. >> this is intentional on the part of trump's campaign and the republicans. they do want to tie pelosi to these more progressive congresswomen and what they have to do is these member vss have lot of say. their tweets do go viral. when it comes to their work on the hill, i've spoken to democrats who say what they are getting done is not a whole lot. they are driving the conversation and need to be defended when the president of the united states is tweeting racist things directed at them. there needs to be the democratic party needs to unite around them but also needs to not fall into the republicans strap of trying
10:11 am
to tie them to the more progressive policies and everything that these farther progressive candidates stand for. >> have you heard how democrats plan to approach all this? >> well, they already did a resolution on the floor just this past week condemning the president as racist but some members are pushing for even more. some of them want a censure resolution and would be a much more severe type of punishment. nancy pelosi and democratic leaders have a lot on their plate. they are focused on ensuring the safety of these four women on capitol hill. you heard aoc at a town hall this weekend mentioning the attacks against her. looks like the president has handed ammo to some of the party's fiercest fighters on the battlefield. they will not let this go easily. >> anything that democrats can do to keep the president from effectively calling these four the face of the party? will it have to wait until there's a democratic nominee in. >> i think a lot will depends on
10:12 am
who is the standard bearer for the party. nancy pelosi has tried to mar n marginalize the four women prior to the attacks. the lot of the democrats don't want to be tied to these women. they don't want to be called socialist. that's a problem for a lot of these swing district democrats who will be up again in 2020. >> last word to you steph, do you think there's any good to come of this in terms of uniting the democratic party? there's been a bit of a divide between the squad and nancy pelosi but not right now. >> it does seem the president's tweets have united the democratic party. it's given them something to hold up and say we don't want to be like that especially going into 2020. in the same way trump has been using racial tactics to try to give himself a strategy going into 2020 it also gives power to the democrats to be the opposite of what the president is doing.
10:13 am
>> good to see you both. bear the heat down there in d.c. we'll get to that now. a big blanket of heat covers over much of the united states creating big discomfort, even danger for several people. don't tell me you're going down into the subway? >> reporter: this is the real deal. this is how everybody tries to commute and get to work. outside it's 94 degrees in parts of new york city. that's in direct sunlight. when you start to get into a confined area, you add about 25 degrees. the feel like temperature down here that many people are dealing with, 118 degrees. i want to show you here. look at this. this is kind of unusual. we're at the 23rd train station
10:14 am
here. you don't see that many people. i think, alex, a lot of people are taking heed to what our forecast is saying. you need to stay inside for at least the next 12 to 24 hours. i do want to show you the big time relief that we're about to see. this cold front is already making its way across the midwest. that will slice the temperatures in half northeast to northern new england. parts of the mid-atlantic. you will not see a reprieve in the weather system until about tuesday afternoon. you know, it's easy kind of being outside. we still have to climb the stairs. it's really harsh on the beside. we're talking about yesterday when your body goes over 95 degrees, you sort of start to panic here. i'm starting to sweat here and the humidity is completely taking over. it's almost just unbearable. >> you need the leave.
10:15 am
walk back upupstairs. yesterday, i thought i was going to jump on the subway and i thought i'm getting into an air-conditioned taxi. leave now. go get in the shade. coming up, the ripple effect of racial rhetoric on communities and families. the palpable impact of the president's bully pulpit and the indecision over what constitutes racially charged remarks. a new poll shows six in ten americans say people don't agree on what's considered racist language and nearly 80% believe heated rhetoric by politicians about certain groups of people makes violence more likely against those people. more likey against those people i'm alex trebek here to tell you
10:16 am
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10:19 am
new insight today on how americans interpret the president's repeated takes on four congresswomen of color. a new poll found that 69% of americans disagree with the content or rather 59% there over the content of the president's go back tweets. here is what congressman elijah cummings say. >> they say i'm scared. i've never in my total of 37 years in public service ever heard a constituent say they were scared of their leader. >> scared of their leader? scared of the president of the united states. >> president of the united states. that's exactly right. >> joining me host of the
10:20 am
hutchinson report. >> is that a sign that the president's attacks are creating a collective trauma particularly for communities of color? >> yes. what president trump is doing is he's exploiting group divisions. divisions that have always existed in our country regrettably. there's the immigrant, non-immigrant. white versus black versus latino versus asian american. these identities have always existed but what he's doing is driving wedges and propping up these divisions and making people feel nervous and scared and looking at the other person who is not like them and wondering what their intentions are and seeing negative aspects to that person where just because we're different doesn't mean that's a bad thing.
10:21 am
he's layering on negative aspects. they don't love america. he's been cultivating is if you don't agree with me, you're anti-american. how can you argue with that? folks who find themselves in that position of being attacked, where else do they have to turn. this is what representative cummings is seeing with a lot of the folks he's talking to. >> i want to bring what he said. yesterday congressman al green told me this. >> i know what send them back means. i've had it said to me. i've had people to chase me because they wanted me to go back. when i was a child, a gang of young anglo men chased me. i've had a cross burned in my honor, i say, but it was a cross that was burned for me. i know what hate is all about. this president is expressing the
10:22 am
hate. >> that was painful to hear yesterday as well as elijah cummings talking about trying to integrate a pool and was chased and left with a bloodied forehead because of that. we're talking about pretty painful memories of racism and folks having to relive it. are they instructive for today in. >> they are instructive and also their are cathartic. itback memories. i have memories. many african-american, many immigrants have those painful experiences. it is instructive but that's not enough. instructive for who? 90% of republicans do not think anything that donald trump said is racist. what really caught my eye was you had a significant percentage of other americans who do not tag themselves as republican or
10:23 am
gop who also thought the same thing. when you look at that, those numbers and measure that against the experiences, negative experiences and the remembrances of so many people of color in this country, you really got a volatile mix here. you also have something else. the divisions we talk about all the time are there. the bigger question is how do you bridge that gap. how do you bring people together? how do people see the other point of view or other people's experiences. i think that's the big and challenging question for all of us. >> the volatility can be dangerous. there's a survey by the research center that found 78% of americans believe that when elected officials use heated or aggressive language that makes violence against those targets much likely. you got 61% of republicans who think that way as well. how do you interpret these numbers? >> rhetoric has an impact and president trump knows this.
10:24 am
we know that negative rhetoric mobilizes people. there's a reason why we see so many negative campaign ads and i'm going to lop in the racist ads within that. if it can mobilize you to vote, it can also mobilizize you to d negative thing pps ths. this is why we do have to talk about these things. that's why we have to discuss it because actions do come out of the words that are spoken and we need to recognize that at the end of the day we are a diverse country and that in that diversity there needs to be respect. we may not always agree with each other but there does need to be a certain level of respect to keep violence at bay. >> let's take a listen to how the president senior add vivise reacted when asked are the president's words are racist. >> i think the term is too often deployed by the left, democrats
10:25 am
in the country simply to try to silence and punish and suppress people they disagree with. speech they don't want to hear. >> i'm curious what you make of that because you write it's tough to get a handle on what is racism and who can be called racist because of the fuzzy, misunderstood definition of what constitutes racism. what are you thoughts ? >> it depends on who you are calling a racist and who is calling that person a racist. if you have racial bias, if there's racial prejudice. if there's inclinations on the part of someone to think ill of someone else based on color, almost always color, but it could be gender, sexual preference or place of birth then the fact of the matter is you're going to call that person a racist, that's the last thing they want to hear because you're challenging something about them. right away the battle lines are drawn. right away they will dig their
10:26 am
heels in. right away they become defensive. when that happens, how can you talk to anybody. it doesn't work. going to have to figure out a way to come at people's biases, expose those biases without labeling them. that's really the big challenge. >> what's your take on stephen miller suggesting that democrats are using the term racist to silence people they disagree with? talk about the historical significance of telling someone to "go back." >> we saw a shift in the 1960 from overt racism where we had laws on the books to symbolic racism where it's just hard to put your finger on it. that's where stephen miller can say these things. it's not fair to say someone is racist because a lot of issues have become code for racial issues. in the 1980s it was the welfare and the willie horton ads.
10:27 am
today it's go back. he's not saying something explicitly like i hate immigrants but he's skating very close to the edge of overt racism. i think that's skating to the edge and not quite crossing over is essential for trump because it allows him the cover and supporters cover to stay in that gray area of like, well, we're not being overtly racist. we're not saying the n word or the double baw back word for immigrants. we are talking about people who don't accept our values. this is the gray area that gives folks like this cover. s >> i'm very glad to talk to you both about it today. thanks so much. thank you. another fail eed impeachment effort in the house. i'll ask a congresswoman why she voted against it. a congresswome
10:28 am
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10:31 am
right now the president ramping up his attacks on the so
10:32 am
called squad. this morning he wrote, quote, i don't believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country. joining me now california representative linda sanchez. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> let's get to your reaction of the president's relentless ie ta attacks your colleagues. >> it's disappointing when you see the president using petty rhetoric to attack people. it's not worth the dignity of his office. he needs to stop provoking people and stop being divisive and he needs to focus on delivering for american people. i think it's unfortunate that somebody who holds the office acts in a way beneath the dignity of that office. >> i know elijah cummings is saying his constituents are
10:33 am
scared of their leader, meaning the president. are your constituents expressing any similar thing ss? >> absolutely. words matter. there's no doubt this rhetoric is hurtful. i think he owes these women an apology. they are in public service. they might have disagreements over policy but that doesn't mean that these women are any less american than the president. again, i think it's really disappointing to have somebody in that office not use that office to unite this country but to damage our american spirit. >> i spoke with your colleague congresswoman al green yesterday who said the president's rhetoric this week is enough grounds for impeachment. take a listen to this. >> it would be far better for this country to impeach the president for his hate, for his means by which he's harming society with his bigotry than to
10:34 am
impeach him for obstruction of justice because his hate is what is at the root of all of this. obstruction of justice impeachment will not change and have an impact on the hate. we have to deal with this hate. if we don't deal with this hate, it's going to deal with us. >> what's your reaction to what he said there? >> clearly it's heartfelt and comes from place where he feels those attacks personally as well. when we're talking about impeachment there are certain standards and a process and you have to have the underlying facts to prosecute that case for impeachment and just the fact that somebody is hateful isn't grounds for impeachment. we've got right now six committees that are working on oversight and investigating whether or not there was an abuse of power by this president. whether or not there was obstruction of justice by this president. we need to allow them to continue to do their work and gather the facts. if the facts lead us to place
10:35 am
where impeachment is warranted then go forward with impeachment. >> is that why you voted against the failed effort that congress al green led. is it because you feel it's still a work in progress? you don't have enough yet. >> sure. we haven't heard testimony from mueller. i think that's important testimony to add to all the underlying facts that have been collected so far. if they lead us to a strong case then impeachment would be the next step. i don't think we're quite there yet. >> okay. may i ask also about with regard to the i.c.e., the immigration raids that were allegedly taking place. the only reason i say allegedly is because we have not heard much publicly about them. can you confirm that any happened in your district and what the reaction was? it's been very low key since all the build up. >> we did not get reports from
10:36 am
raids in my area. i have not heard from constituents about it. raids can happen at any time and it's important for folks to know what their rights are under the law. i think that these raids, unfortunately, and raids in the past have not been focused on that element which we agree we should not have in this country which is people with criminal history. there seems to be this preoccupation with removing everybody and splitting families apart. that's not who we are as americans. i would rather see concerted effort to focus on the element that we don't want in this country and to allow families to stay together while they are waiting for their cases to be heard in a court of law. >> all right. nice to see you again. thank you so much. >> thank you. taking a on trump. republican considering a primary run against the president and how he thinks he could beat him. how he thinks he could bt eahim. grab some pens.
10:37 am
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developing right now, president trump working on suring up his support. he could soon have a challenger as my next guest is considering running against the president in a primary. joining me now, former republican congressman and governor from south carolina, mark sanford. welcome. nice to speak with you. an article you told you're in a 30-day period of exploration as
10:41 am
to whether or not you will challenge trump through the republican nomination. i'm curious what the points are that you need to hit in making this decision. >> it would be based on what kind of feedback over i get over this 30-day period. the degree to people say sign me up. let me help out. the degree there's people and resources coming my direction. if there are birds chirping, that will tell me something too. >> do you think the federal deficit which is your lone point that you want to discuss, do you think trying to fix that and turn that around and hold republicans accountable for letting that soar, is that enough to gain the kind of support that you need? >> time will tell. i think to your point, it's an issue that is not on the front of everybody's mind these days. it's not a part of this presidential debate. i think it will be. i don't think we have another four years to wait to this this debate. presidential election cycle,
10:42 am
those years have been the year which we debate as americans what is it that we believe, where are we going as a country, what are our priorities. i think woefully absent has been how much can we spend? how much can we take from taxpayers in this country? what does it leave the next generation with with regard to debt and deficit? where are we going? i think we have worked ourselves into a real pickle and if we don't have a debate now, the financial markets will solve this problem for us and that has been blood di for ty for the mi class. violently detrimental to people's savings accounts and job prospects. >> how shocked are you that what was once one of the kmapcommands of the gop has just dissipated. why has that happened? >> that's the $94 question.
10:43 am
you're hitting the nail on the head. the problem is it's difficult. you have a president who said i will not just the things that drive debt and spending in our country. you think a senator, a house member will stand up and say you're wrong, mr. president. i think we need to. not in this sort of cult of personality we have going right now in the republican party where all things swirl around the president with him very much in the middle of that circle. i think we're there in part because he said we're not going to talk about it, we're not going to touch it and nobody wants to go against that hailstorm. >> here is something that will back that up. there's a poll that found that 89% of republicans approve of the president. does that discourage you as you consider challenging him?
10:44 am
>> i just put it to you this way, i was governor for two terms and in that process often times had to deal with evacuation on the coast because in fall we have hurricanes that come our way. you spend all kinds of time preparing and oftentimes the most beautiful of days were just days before a hurricane was going to come our way. you'd have these tourists down on the beach and issuing ore ii and local law enforcement saying get off the beach and go inland. they are like no, it's beautiful today. it won't be in about 48 hours. i think i would say it's the same analogy that fits with our financial position. i would argue we're in the most vulnerable financial position we have ever been at as a country since our found and the civil war. that's how dire our situation is if you look at the numbers. people are complacent because times are comfortable. they 401(k) is doing okay and they have a job.
10:45 am
if you look at numbers where we really are. it's more like the family down the street that appears to have great life going but it's been stacked up based on credit card debt. >> following your primary loss last year, your told chuck todd that the trump movement morphed into a loyalty test. do you they believe in donald trump or do they fear his wrath? what could you offer the gop to gain their support? >> i think it's more fear the wrath. nobody wants to be at the bad end of a trump tweet. >> you don't want a twitter nickname, you mean. >> people in politics react out of fear oftentimes. self-preservation is a big motivator and driver in the world of politics. he's a force to be reck onned wi with. they don't want to get in the middle of that. i think it's incumbent upon all of us as republicans to say
10:46 am
where are we going with this? what have we been about. it's been one of the corner stones of the party for a long time. at least we talked about it. i think we need to get fwook that. >> i'm not going to debate that. i defined it as being one of the commandments of the gop party. we may have you back as a potential 2020 republican candidate for the presidency. we'll see what happens with that. good luck. we'll speak with you again. thank you. >> thank you. why are republicans having so much trouble criticizing the president, at least in public, next. president, at least in public, ne i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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don't start humira if you have an infection. help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira. i was beaten and all kinds of rocks and bottles thrown at me. the interesting thing is that i heard the same kind of chants, go home, you don't belong here. they called us the "n" word over and over and over again. when the president does these things, it brings up the same feelings i had over 50-some
10:51 am
years ago. it's very, very painful. >> do you believe president trump is a racist? >> i believe he is -- yes, no doubt about it. house oversight committee chair elijah cummings reflecting on his experience in 1962 when he was trying to integrate a pool in baltimore. adrian el rod with the clint, and don calloway, and amy t tarkainan here. amy is here in studio, so i'll start with you. you you said you don't believe that the president is a racist, but don't you see how deeply people feel his words, and that they may be perceived as racist? do you still disagree? >> i do disagree. he is not a racist, but i believe he was not wise with his choice of words.
10:52 am
that happens quite often with him. i've been with him numbries times, beside him in a place of worship, and he's not a racist, but were those wise words? -- and i don't minute muse representative cummings at all, and i'm sorry they trying terr those feelings, but i don't believe it was his intent. >> don clearly disagrees. i'm going to ask you to respond to that, in addition to "the washington post" report that the president had open le going after the four congresswomen, saying he wants to elevate those four and telling advisers they were good foils. so in response to what you think amy said is one thing, but do you think he fully understood what he was doing, or do you think -- >> i'm not one to ascribe
10:53 am
strategy to the president, where it's clear he's not a deep thinker, but he is, however, in campaign mode. i see this as a good campaign device for him to gin up his base, fueled by the xenophobia and race-based hatred. i see this as an early proxy for what he will intend to do in terms of -- this is just the shoot-around or the warm-up for that, if you will. we've got to reach a point where thinking adults realize just because you're not warring a white hood and have a swastika tattoo on your forehead, you can still be a racist. there's no question remaining in the minds of reasonable people that this president is a racist, and it doesn't start with this tenure as president. you've got the central park five issue, you've got the doj citing the trump companies for several years of intentionally keeping black people out of his buildings, housing discrimination. you've been the birtherism, which he led, which is flat-out ratest.
10:54 am
and, you know, i have a hard time where we went through the me-too stuff, it's not my position to say what is sexist. women are in the position to feel and determine what is sexist or not. much as people of color can feel something is racist. we know it when we see it, and it doesn't take a lot of -- i don't really know what else to say. only certainly white folks are saying he's not racist, and unfortunately it breaks down partisan line. >> i have to havegive amy a cha. >> he didn't discuss race or color. these four women just happened to be women of color with different ethnicities. there was not a white female or white male who participated, but
10:55 am
nothing in his tweet had anything to do with racism, but everything to do with questioning their patriotism, and the fact theft made anti-semitic and anti-american comments, period. >> that means, amy, you are ascribing the president a very analytical thought process into what those tweets were. you think he thought about it and analyzed and wanted to make sure he wasn't using verbiage that would be received as racist? >> well, they definitely were not racist comments, but was the tweet well thought out overall? no, i cannot support that scenario. i think once again, like don said, any rational person cannot fully support the way that was thought out. this individual who is our president i think would work best with a, are you sure button on the tweet before he presses send. adrian, i wanted your thoughts on all this and hopefully a sound bite from
10:56 am
steve bullock to refer to. >> of course he's racist. we sauce this during the 2015-2016 campaign. he's some my soldier and the re we are talking about this day, the reason why he keeps sending out these tweets is because the i.c.e. raids two weeks ago failed, and he's trying to distract his base from the fact that the i.c.e. raids failed. this is what he wants us to do, letting this drive the news to distract from the real problems. mueller is testifying on wednesday. he doesn't want his base to remember that, and we're falling into his hands basically.
10:57 am
>> wednesday we'll be all mueller, all the time. no time for the steve bullock sound bite, but i have time to say thank you to all three of you. when much of the country could finally see relief. those on details at the top of the hour. details at the top of the hour award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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