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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 26, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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just days after robert mueller warned about russian meddling, a new report finds that russia targeted election systems in allct 50 states ahea of the 2016 election. democrats are putting forward new security measures only to be blocked by republicans. a dividing house pass sweeping budget now in the hands of the senate. president trump gives a speech in front of a fake presidential seal featuring a
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two-headed eagle holding a set of golf clubs. that's quite a seal there in the background. >> very interesting. we'll find out how that could happen. >> good morning, everybody. it is friday, july 26, 2019. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. we'll start with the senate intelligence committee talking about what it called extensive impact by russia. chairman burr said the u.s. was unprepared at all levels of government for a concerted attack. the 61-page report came out a day after robert mueller warned
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congress that russia will interveer in the 2020 election. obama administration officials and government and intelligence community officials. it is just the first volume of findings from the investigation and includes eight pages of recommendations to strength enten country's infrastructure. >> exploited the seems between election systems. and found that the cyber security infrastructure at the state andra local level was sory lacking in 2016 and reports that the dhs and fbi alerted state to the threat but warnings did not provide enough information or go to the appropriate people. the report also found that election data bases weren't as secure as they could be and aging voting machines with no
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paper trail were also vulnerable. >> senate republicans have blocked ae series of bills aim at strengthening u.s. elections. majority leader mcconnell blockedmc a house passed bill tt would authorize $775 million to bolster election systems. at wone point, minority leader asked to mandate the use of paper ballots but mcconnell called it partisan. >> a tax on our elections is a greateris threat to our nationa securityna as any other. yet, for reasons inexplicable, the republican leader refuses to pass.
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>> what you are asking to pass is just a highly partisan bill from thell same folks that spen two years hyping up a conspiracy theory. >> it seems republicans have less of an appetite for mueller's report than they had hoped so. over 13 million viewers compared toew other publicized hearings. below the nearly 60 million who viewed in for trump fixer michael cohen and kavanaugh's confirmation hearing. several reasons including that it was held in july when people are on vacation and rating are traditionally lowest of the year and well after the report was publicly released and mueller wasn't likely to say much beyond
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his report. most people used radio, streaming services and those aren't counted. >> the massive budget to avoid government shut down is now in the hands of the senate. lawmakers are expected to pass thepa plans sometime next week. speaker pelosi was able to secure 219 democratic votes which helped offset the lack of republican support. gop will push plans of spending as well as suspend the debt ceiling in 2021. >> a female migrant child claims she was physically abused while in custody at a texas facility in the latest slew of allegations. official documents obtained says
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the abuse occurred back in march when the girl reported she was beaten and abused at a facility. the documents did not provide her name ornt age or details. a spokes woman said the agency is unable to comment on an ongoing o investigation. the allegation follows several other reports of misconduct and abuse of minors. border patrol chief brian hastings was under fire. jerry nadler slammed him after saying that families may have less than 10 minutes to say goodbye before children are separated from their parents and before a family is reunified to kidnapping. >> you would do the deportation while a child is in a different
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state? without any knowledge of whether the parents are being reunified? >> yes. >> in other words you are kidnapping a child? >> we are not kidnapping. >> deporting a parent without their child is literal kidnapping. >> they said they are only responsible for deportation which falls under the department of health and human services. >> joining us now, our guest. good to have you with us on this friday morning. yesterday we saw the ranking member collins stop half way through histo opening statemento voice his frustration with the multiple hearings over family separation. >> i'm f going to stop. i'm not going to read this. this -- you know what is dehumanizing is continuing to bring the sament witnesses or t same peopleit from the same agencies to talk about this over and over again. what is dehumanizing is doing
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that and not doing anything about it. dehumanizing is this. this is dehumanizing. >> help us understand that momentth a little bit. he was saying it was dehumanizing. who was he beg critical of? was he upset about failing to do reunification or what was that reaction in general? >> having covered doug collins for a while now, it is no surprise he would deviate from his opening speech that way. what he's done is not only blameds democrats but his own party which controlled all levels ofco power here in washington for the first two years of the presidency for failing to deal with this issue. to answer your question, he was criticizing not just the other side but his own party in terms
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of the inaction on this issue. the root cause of this problem on capitol hill is democrats keep holding these hearings to spotlight these issues and gain public pressure on them and attention on them. the reality is that both sides are miles apart when it comes to addressing the root causes of that isus happening and that is part of what is making lawmakers on both sides of the aisle so frustrated right now. >> let's talk about this $2.7 trillion budget deal. even though now, the bill was able to pass the house, is it likely to have option in the senate? >> it of course passed the house easily. this legislation races spending by $320 billion. it gives more gimmes.
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democrats get increases in spending in domestic programs. the issue here is the fact that the budget raises the amount of spending which is what a lot -- what ledot a lot of conservativ to vote against this. outside groups were slamming republican leaders to even having agreed to this deal. the broker of this deal was pelosi. it is interesting to look back at how republicans said they are the party of fiscal legislation but they would agree to raise spending by $320 billion. >> thank you. here is the head scratching story we were telling you about. the white house said it did not
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know how andi altered presidentl seal would be displayed at a speech by trump this week. the "washington post" first reported on it. the eagle which has two heads instead of one closely resembles the bird on the russian coat of arms and the flag contains hammer and sickle and here it clutches a pair of golf clubs. the words there says a spanish phrase which translates too 45 is a puppet. obviously referring to the president. officials said they had never seen the seal.
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reportedly a video team has been fired for mistakenly displaying this. >> it doesn't seem you would automatically notice. how is it that something like that even happens. >> i don't expect the president to even e know that but with al of the protocol, you would think his team would know who is control. >> how does that fall through the cracks? >> the golf clubs, the reference to russia, the 45 is a puppet. they are diggs at the president. >> still ahead, house democrats authorizeus subpoenas of digita messages and texts of top aids. >> and a leader adds her name to the long n list seeking
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>> welcome back. the house oversight committee voted to subpoena e-mails and messages after officials refused to turnover accounts. >> all comes after several refused to turnover. raising concerns the forecast tis in question violated question of record act. the probe began in 2017 under republican rule but since accelerated. >> joining us now, going after steve bannon, ivanka trump and jared kushner. >> on its face, the act seems to
2:17 am
require folks like these if they are doing presidential business to preserve those records. the presidential enforcement act has no teeth. it is really an advisory type statute. the courts have already held the white house itself is not an agency that is compelled to turnover these records. ultimately, the crazy thing is that the ultimate diskregs rests with the president. >> to that point, if officials are found conducting official government business on personal instruments like a phone, computer, laptop. obviously, this is a campaign that ran on criticizing hillary clinton. >> amazing. >> what is the likelihood they
2:18 am
would be held accountable and held accountable for that. >> the likelihood they would be held accountable is low. especially with some of these apps that messages automatically delete. to what degree is it purrly presidential or something mostly personal with a sprinkling of personal business. >> could it open problems for this administration? >> yes, it could. interesting enough, a violations of the presidential act could argue that abuse of official power that folks people who like impeachment may be looking for. it may not be a criminal statue but abuse of power is a basis for impeachment. >> is this an all-access-type
2:19 am
thing? can they look at anything on these phones? >> no. it is anything but a blanket statute. the president is free to disregard those. if the president's own daughter and son in-law are implicated. it is something that president because he has so much discretion, it is hard to say. >> there is some reporting about conversations jared kushner had with the saudi crowned prince over whatsapp. >> i have to expect steve bannon is still using a flip phone. i feel like he is not on whatsapp. >> let's get a check on the weather now. >> have you heard about this
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massive european heat wave? france and paris hitting record highs. paris 108. that is the actual temperature. the air temperature not factoring in the humidity, near the mid-100s. the an your of low pressure will die down here. daytime highs are very hot and steamy here. as that makes its way across, we'll see temperatures below normal by the end of the weekend. that is some relief. we have the stormy pattern for florida. beach goers not getting relief for the start of the weekend. hopefully we'll see scattered storms coming up. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast. >> still ahead, sex offender jeffery epstein is on suicide
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watch after being found injured in his jail cell. more coming up next. chnical pats and helping you understand what they mean. don't get mad, get e*trade.
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[ referee whistle sounds ] ♪ sport dr[ cheering ]s when you need the fuel to be your nephew's number one fan. holiday inn express. we're there. so you can be too. >> accused sex trafficker jeffery epstein is on suicide watch after he was found injured in a new york jail cell. but there are questions about what happened there. >> reporter: found on the floor of his cell semiconscious in a fetal position with marks around
2:24 am
his neck. there are conflicting explanations. one theory is that epstein tried to take his own life. another is that the 66-year-old faked a suicide to try to get transferred from this notorious jail. the idea that he was attacked is also being considered. some said he shared a cell with a former police officer accused of murder. a lawyer says his client was questioned and is not a suspect. >> he has not been accused of doing anything wrong. >> a judge denied his ask of going home during time.
2:25 am
looking at expanding his compound from this one to a second one. jeffery epstein has made it clear that the rest of this island is not. he's been doing construction here all the way up to his arrest. we are told this white shed was built a few months ago. he may never be back. the rest of his life could be spent behind bars. >> still ahead, new polling shows joe biden with a commanding lead in the race for the democratic nomination. we'll dig into those numbers. >> plus the fight over impeaching president trump is growing within the caucus. we are back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. i'm yf ofasmin vossoughian alone ayman mohyeldin. the 93rd member of congress has come out for beginning impeachment proceedings. the highest-ranking democrat yet. >> according to multiple sources in the room, speaker pelosi repeated that the case for impeachment needs to be built
2:30 am
through the appropriate channels. each member must decide based on their conscience. members asked questions about what the process would look like. nadler said those leading could draft the article without needing a house hold and last night, nadler told hard ball's chris matthews that democrats are not running out the clock on impeachment. >> there is got to be a reckoning date or this is going to slip away into 2021. >> no. deciding what we are going to do about this administration cannot wait until 2021. i can't give you the hard date i know the work that needs to be done and we'll be doing it. >> in a few short hours. speaker pelosi is set to meet with congresswoman alexandria
2:31 am
ocasio-cortez is set to sit down with her saying i don't think i have a strong message. just connect and make sure we are communicating. the meeting comes after the two clashed over a compromise and after she was reported as saying pelosi was singling out newly elected women of color. >> a new poll shows biden commands 33%. up one point since june. sanders gained two points to 15%. warren at 12% at third. kamala harris also gained two points to 10%. mayor pete buttigieg dropped two points. in the lower tier, klobuchar and
2:32 am
yang at 2%. >> a poll in ohio shows a tough race for most democrats but not biden. the latest poll shows biden leading trump 50%. last night, the president who repeatedly accuses biden of being in a state of mental decline compared biden to testimony from this week's testimony. >> sleepy joe is fading. the only good thing about mueller is it made joe biden look like a dynomo when you watched his performance yesterday. i think biden is the one that asked him to go on. tulsi gabbard is suing google alleging the internet company suspended her
2:33 am
advertising account for six hours on june 27 and 28 obstructing her campaign's ability to raise money. her campaign committee filed a lawsuit in los angeles on thursday against the internet company alleging google did not provide, quote, a straight answer for suspending the advertising account. a google spokesperson said, it is automated systems that flag suspicious activity and it was then reinstated. at least $50 million in damages. >> very interesting to watch going forward. a top target for house democrats in texas won't seek reelection next year. six-term congressman will not
2:34 am
seek reelection. olson's move comes days after paul mitchell said he won't seek a third term in a safely republican district. in the senate, main republican collins tells bloomberg she's focused on preparing for a reelection bid but won't decide until early fall whether she will run. a recent poll found collin's approval rating dropped 16 points making her the second least popular senator in america. >> joining us again, political reporter, do you know who the most unpopular senator is? >> i can throw out some names. >> we won't put you on the spot. let's turn to that meeting between nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez that is
2:35 am
expected to take place today. what really needs to happen to heal the divide within the democratic caucus between what aoc and who aoc represents and what nancy pelosi represents. >> donald trump did a good job of healing the house democratic congress when he put out these tweets that were voted on on the house floor when they condemned them as racist. moderates, conservative, liberals all rallied behind this so-called progressive squad. that gave pelosi an out over that feud between herself and the squad. pelosi is really riding high going into this six-week summer recess. not only is she trying to deliver enough votes. she was also able to guide herself and her caucus through
2:36 am
robert mueller's testimony this week while maintaining her stance on impeachment. a lot of people thought there would be a ground swell but we've only see about five or more members come out in the aftermath. that number could grow and is likely to grow. she's been able to manage those two things very well heading into the recess. >> it seems as if jerry nadler wants to open an impeechmeachme inquiry. a lot of people on different sides of this within the democratic party in general. the criticism now that is getting louder is make a decision whether you are going to do it or not. pursue impeachment or not. do they run the risk of
2:37 am
fracturing the democratic party ahead of 2020 with regards to this impeachment talk? >> i hear from people every day that say the window of launching an impeachment is closing very very quickly. that presents a challenge to folks that want to open the impeachment inquiry. speaker pelosi maintained her position even after mueller's testimony. she has said you need to wait for the court cases to wrap up. the president is challenging many of the subpoenas. that will take months if not years. that is sort of a death mill for impeachment. >> thank you, andrew.
2:38 am
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2:42 am
in 2009, we used to be able to step on to the ice from the trail. >> we have to kayak to the glacier's base. this would have been under hundreds of feet of ice. >> one scientist has come to see this on hand. >> this is the warmest month on record. on july 4, anchorage set a new record. fisheries are jeopardize. the ice keeps melting. a helicopter is the only way to reach the top. the spencer recedes 100 feet a
2:43 am
year. >> the tragedy is, it is disappearing before our eyes. >> his tour business is also receding. >> i love the aesthetic but the cause of it is heartbreaking. >> the cause is getting hotter and melting glaciers. causing water levels to rise. >> in many other places, you can't see those but they are occurring. >> monuments from the ice age now in retreat. >> wow, unbelievable. so heartbreaking and so many unbelieve images emerging. let's get a check on your weather with janessa. >> i feel like i lost a part of my childhood watching that
2:44 am
story. i'm from anchorage that is about 60 miles away. my dad used to take us to those gra glaciers and we thought we were going on vacation. >> to think it has happened in the span of one lifetime is even more alarming. >> very quickly. the temperatures are going to continue to rise in the 49th state. they are not the only place seeing heat here. who is hotter, denver or miami? >> miami. >> denver. i feel like it is a trick question. the high today in denver, 93 degrees. >> portland. sacramento or charleston. >> i'm going to go with sacramento on this one.
2:45 am
>> charleston about five degrees below average. the heat is going to continue to build throughout the weekend here and the rest of the nation. we are just tracking a few storms here. we are in monsoon season. look at daytime highs near 111 for el paso to the phoenix area. also the great lakes. the northeast where we'll start to heat up. more humid air. >> we'll play tomorrow? >> a frenchman attempting to cross the english channel on the fly board failed and crashed into the sea yesterday. the 40-year-old inventor actually made it more than half way on the journey but he could not quite make the full 20 minute voiage and he had to stop
2:46 am
to refuel. the speeds for up to 90 miles an hour could not compensate for the choppy waves, so he fell. he said he will try again. he made headlines when he flew above a parade in paris just two weeks ago. now he was trying to make the trek over the english channel. >> such a remarkable feat to get that far in the first place. i thinks that both the struggle and the joy of being an inventor. still ahead, the boom in plant-based food alternative increases. and a record earnings comes
2:47 am
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>> welcome back. four of the world's largest automakers announced they have reached an agreement with the state of california to extend compromise emissions standards. ford, bmw, honda and volkswagen.
2:50 am
and trump administration plans to roll back that standard to about 37 miles per gallon. the agreement between california and the automakers seeks a balance between the two. last year, trump administration proposed the right to raise its own state commission standards. >> amazon's records streak ends. what do you make of the results? >> the stock was down 2%. they missed in the profit but came in higher than expectations with revenue. the pit they are picking up there was on costs.
2:51 am
their costs were inflated. namely because they've vested so much since rolling out their same-day shipping. they've been trying to check new customers. an lefts estimate they've spent $800 million. on the flip side they are still growing strongly. amazon stocks are up 30% year to date. >> we've seen this boom in meat and dairy. it is now continuing it seems with tim horton giving plant-based eggs a crack in canada. what can you tell us about this? >> that is it. t.
2:52 am
tim horton has made a big leap. they've introduced the beyond meat option and rolled out the beyond meat burger as a lunch option they are rolling out the just egg as an option sales have reached $6 million in the last year. >> i wonder if they tested that out. with the control group in a moment. >> not in the store but more. >> live from london. >> we are trying to figure it out. the process that the scientists go through. right here on "morning joe" -- coming up, axios has a look at the "1 big thing" and coming up on "morning joe" the new warning on the russian
2:53 am
interference. more on the senate intel committee's report on moscow's meddling. and the push to push impeachment for trump grows. ro khanna will weigh in on if he's holding of on joining that call. "morning joe" is just moments away. i'm a migraine sufferer and i'm an emt. when i get a migraine at work, it's debilitating. if i call out with a migraine, that's one less ambulance to serve a community. i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do. [ referee whistle sounds ] ♪ sport dr[ cheering ]s when you need the fuel to be your nephew's number one fan.
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welcome back. joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m. alexi mccamp. good to talk to you. >> hey, i feel hungry for some plant based eggs now. >> were you part of the quality control group? >> they tricked you into getting those eggs. >> exactly. didn't tell me. i just ordered regular eggs and they were actually plant based. >> give us axios' "1 big thing." >> so some proposals have been released before the debate next week and that's a way to shore up the talking points when
2:57 am
they're on the campaign trail and on the debate stage next week. all that matters because several democratic strategists and canal pains i spoke with said that the policy rollouts are one way for candidates to try to close the gaps of vulnerabilities they might have. meaning it's a way to preemptively shield themselves from attacks that might come from the other candidates on their record or positions on issues or the vision for the issue when they're on the debate statement with nine other people next week. >> walk us through the key announcements, where do we see some stark differences and contrast, where do we see them very similar? >> well, one thing that i have heard from folks is that beto o'rourke is going to really focus on the contrast between his vision of what he calls medicare for america versus medicare for all. that's something he is planning on highlighting and creating a
2:58 am
contrast between himself and others like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders on statement. but the biggest dispute that happened this week was joe biden came without the comprehensive criminal justice reform plan that obviously cory book has been a leader on that issue on criminal justice reform. but some others said that biden's plan isn't progressive or bold enough. we are starting to see the spat between biden and booker already take place publicly between the two on that issue in particular. and we can only expect that to sort of dominate the conversation for at least a little bit on the second night of the debate. not only between booker and biden but kamala harris and biden again and even someone like julian castro and biden. they view joe biden as stuck in the past. >> all right. let's talk about the democratic debate that's just around the corner next week. i know that axios has been previewing some of the preparations that are going into this. what can we expect here? >> i have spoken with ten democratic campaigns or democratic strategists and the one thing that's clear that's going to happen next week is that a lot of folks preparing
2:59 am
for an all out brawl with joe biden. if the first debate in miami were a simple introduction, they're going to be ready to attack and to fight back. that's because a lot of the folks i spoke with said this is a real opportunity to try to chip away at joe biden's front-runner status. they viewed kamala harris as successful in the first debate and she was rewarded in fund-raising and in polling and now some other campaigns view that as a way for them to break out of the pack. so i mentioned cory booker, we are already seeing this public fight between him and joe biden over criminal justice. i know that that's going to continue based on my conversations on the debate stage in different ways. castro i mentioned earlier he had a moment that he created with beto o'rourke in the first debate. someone who was a front-runner compared to castro and now we expect him to take on biden directly in a similar way he did with beto o'rourke in the first debate. >> a lot of these candidates are facing a do or die moment. always a pleasure.
3:00 am
thank you very much. of course going to be reading axios a.m. in a little bit. to all of our viewers out there, you can sign up for the newsletter by going to >> that does it for us have. "morning joe" starts right now. someone tried to order a cake for a 2-year-old that said happy birthday lizard, but they misheard them and sent them a cake that said happy birthday loser. meanwhile at the white house, trump was like, why does the cake i ordered for don jr. say lizard? >> good morning and welcome to "morning joe." it is friday, july 26th, along with joe, willie and me, we have the host of saturday night politics, donny deutsch. "new york times" reporter jeremy peters. republican strategist and msnbc


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