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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 27, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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i also use that as an opportunity to sort of slide in some great stories about my mom and so kind of keep her alive. >> that's all for now. i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. g melvin thank you for watching good morning. i'm jo ling kent in new york at msnbc headquarters. it's 6:00 in the east, 3:00 out west. here's what's happening. >> the supreme court issuing a new ruling. what it means for the president's plans ahead. strategy shakeup. the house is taking a major step forward in their legal fight against president trump. and it's a key takeaway from the mueller hearing, so why isn't more being done about the russian hearing. plus more about the fake presidential seal and how the president wound up standing in front of it.
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we have breaking news this morning. in a late friday filing the supreme court clearing the way for the trump aed ministration to use $2.5 billion of the defense money to build part of a planned wall alomgs tng the u.s./mexico border. the $2.5 billion would come from the defense department's counterdrug money and build some 100 miles of wall. let's go to the white house to nbc's viqueira. good morning. tell us about the reaction here. >> certainly the president is crowing about this. they were out of session, but this was an emergency brought to them by the administration that said they needed a decision because this option was going to go away. and, jo, the president called this, you have to say back in february, on the 15th of february. you remember after the end of that record-long shutdown the president declaring a national
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emergency, his intention to spend $8 billion on the wall without congressional approval. it was met with lawsuits including from the aclu and the sierra club, suing about this $2.5 billion that the president wanted to spend on the drug interdiction money. the supreme court saying last night those groups do not have standing. the spending, the 2.85 that the president wants to spend can go forward. it's about 100 miles of new fencing replacing old fencing. meanwhile here's the president's tweet last night after too decision was announced. wow, big victory on the wall. the united states supreme court overturns the court injunction.
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meanwhile nancy pelosi in a tweet of her own said the supreme court is allowing the president to quote/unquote steal defense didn't money. so others are vowing to move forward with court fights, but for now, a big victory for the president, jo. >> thank you very much. danny, do you think this is a big win for the president? >> it is. these cases are always confusing. you have injunctions, which by their very nature are confusing. now the supreme court stopped the stopping. the supreme court can be confusing to keep track of. you can take money from one purse to use it for another purse. the plaintiff is saying, no, you kilometer do that. all the court did last night was say that the construction can begin while this case is being
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litigated. so it's not truly an ultimate win, but in a sense it's a win because while we're waiting for this case to get resolved, the government gets the win in that it can commence building. it'sing are interesting. justice brier filed a consent. one of the greatest lines he has is just in parentheses. if we allow the government go ahead and build this wall and later on they lose, what money are they going to use to take down this wall? so they don't say. it's something that will have to be considered going forward. >> that consideration plus the fact there's still some legal battles ahead. but what are the rest of the legal battles coming down the pike here? >> for the border wall. >> yes. >> this case is going to be litigated going forward at the supreme court. and the challenge for the court here in granting or not granting the stay is that each side would
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really argue that they could really lose something big. on the one hand, the government could lose all of its contracts without even talking about constructioning the wall. on the other hand, there is really grave and environmental damage that could happen if the wall goes forward temporarily. as i discussed already, if they discuss it and later on the court says, oh, yeah, you didn't have a right to build this wall, take it down, who's going to take it down. any time you have a case like this and two competing injunctions, each court wanting one to awe lot it or another to stay, you're going to have both sides unhappy. >> how did the politics play? it was a 5-4 split down the line. how political was this. >> it's hard to say. if you look at the actual order, it's only three pages. part of it is justice brier's separate opinion, which isn't
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part of the main opinion. you could say at least two justices appointed by this president may have gone along party lines, but at the same time you never know what they issue with such a shourd order as this. >> we're going to follow it along. danny cevallos, you're going to be back with us later. >> absolutely. there's growing support for impeachment inquiry. the house judiciary committee is officially asking the federal judge to unseal the most closely guarded evidence of this former special counsel. the material he gathered using a secret grand jury. and in a new court filing democrats argue they need mueller's underlying evidence to exercise full congressional oversight of the president. the judiciary committee telling the court, quote, articles of impeachment are under consideration as part of the committee's investigation,
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although, no final determination has been made. nadler says an inquiry is in effect. >> i think too much has been made of the phrase impeachment inquiry. we're using our full article powers to investigate the conduct of the president and to consider what remedies there are. among other things we will consider obviously are whether to recommend articles of impeachment. >> we're kroshing a threshold, slooul, and we're now officially entering into an examination of whether or not to recommend the articles of impeachment. >> according to politico, 100 support it. at least eight of them came out in support after the testimony. house speaker nancy pelosi is not there. >> no. let's get sophisticated about
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this, okay? we will proceed when we have what we have to proceed, not one day sooner. their advocacy for impeachment only gives me leverage. i'm willing to take whatever heat there is there to say when the -- the decision will be made in a timely fashion. this isn't endless. and when we have the best possible case. >> in the first poll, they found that 46% of voters are against starting an impeachment process while 36% are in favor and while 35% say he exonerated the president. 41% say he did not. yesterday he lashed out, taking a swipe at his predecessor. >> i watched bob mueller and they have nothing. there's no collusion, no obstruction. let's look into obama the way they're looking into me. when we had the majority in the
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house, they didn't do subpoenas all day long. they didn't do what these people have done. what they're doing is a disgrace, so destructive to this country. i think that's why we're going to take back the house. that's why we're easily going to hold the presidency and hold the senate. these people are clowns. the democrats are clowns. >> but you'll remember on wednesday mueller confirmed the president was not exonerated. >> did you actually totally exonerate the president? >> no. >> now, in fact, your report expressly state s you did not exonerate the president. >> it was. >> joining me now, brittney shepherd and john with "business insider." good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> i want about to start with congressman eric swalwell. here's how he criticized the testimony by the special counsel. >> if you showed up expecting a broadway show, sure, you may
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have been disappointed, but if you listened to what he said, he said the russians attacked us, they had a preference for donald trump. the trump campaign welcomed it and planned around it. and when the police investigated it third quarter took great lengths to cover it up including president. the president would be the only one shielded from being held accountable. that's pretty cut and dry. >> that testimony is that what moved closer toward the impeachment inquiry or would they have moved regardless of what haened. >> i think you're going to see the from the house democrats there's a reluctance to break from nancy pelosi and regarding mueller, they needed that messaging from robert mueller and even what eric swalwell was saying, there wasn't maybe the pomp and circumstance of a tv circus. he did come out and say just
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that. so being able to use robert mueller's talking points to come out behind impeachment was something maybe you could get swing house democrats to hinge on. >> well, brittney, what do you think about the number 100, that the folks who are coming out in favor? is that significant? does that number even matter here? >> i think that number matters to house democrats, something that's popular. you're going to hear from nancy pelosi and voters that voters don't care about impeachment. but if house members can point to members of their own caucus to show impeachment, they're going to show a real showing. >> john, what's the strategy for the house democrats in the house judiciary here? is it a significant step or yet one sort of data point? >> i think it's definitely a significant step as nadler outlined. it shows there is a shift in the
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party right now toward that direction. you know, i think swalwell did have a point in the sense that if you listen to the substance of what mueller was saying, sure, it wasn't the sound bite some people had wished. it's really astonishing. there's really historical significance here. russia interfered in the election, trump is not exonerated, and this election interference is going to continue. as you highlighted, some of the things trump said after mule 'eers testimony is simply not true. he's e's continuing with the no collusi collusion, no obstruction, and that's inconsistent. >> house speaker nancy pelosi said she signed off on using the impeachment investigation language in the lawsuit by house dems, but we heard her earlier not publicly supporting impeachment.
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so, brittney, she's walking a tightrope here. could she have it both ways? >> well, that's the question, right? i think that there is some discord on the hill as far as meming is concerned. we've seen nadler and powely aren't as far away with ideology as we think. it's going to be interesting to see if nancy pelosi can have her hand in both pots, publicly saying, i'm e not going to be push be i my own caucus, try to fight trump in the courts, and use her own delegation ability to fight impeachment in the lawsuits. i'm not sure she can have her way both ways. time will tell. >> listen to this. >> over the course of my career, i have seen a number of challenges to our democracy. the russian government's evidence to interfere in our election is among the most
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serious. >> it wasn't a single attempt as we sit here. they expect to do it during the next campaign. many more countries are developing capability to replicate what the russians have done. >> okay. so just hours after that, senate republicans then blocked a series of bills to protect systems. here's senate majority leader mitch mcconnell explaining why. >> it's very important that we maintain the security of our elections in our country. any washington involvement in that task needs to be undertaken with extreme care, extreme care and bipartisan basis. obviously this legislation is not that. it's just a highly partisan bill for the last two years hyping up conspiracy about trump and russia and continue to ignore the progress of correcting the obama administration's failures
3:15 am
on this subject in the 2018 election. >> john, the evidence is really clear from the intelligence community and from many sources, so why is protecting the country's electoral system such a partisan issue? >> that's a fantastic question. it's really unclear why mcconnell continuing slap down the progress of the electoral process. he called trying to make election day a national holiday a power grab by democrats. and as we might remember, mcconnell reportedly refused to sign a statement back in 2016 condemning the kremlin because he said it would undermine faith in the electoral process. but there's a lot of evidence that the public doesn't have a whole lot of faith in the process anymore. a pew research poll shows 25% of
3:16 am
americans are not particularly confident in america's electoral process. it's hard so say what the motivation is here. >> i want to take a look at the video. president trump appeared in front of the presidential seal and it turns out it was doctored to be of a russian symbol. a graphic designer did it as a joke during the election. he replaced the eagle with a set of golf clubs, and the olive branch for cash. brittney, this appeared at a conservative summit. how does this happen. >> you know, i sometimes feel we're living in a "veep" episode day after day. charlie kirk who's a good friend of donald trump says their story is members of their staff were pulling video and looking for the seal in google images and
3:17 am
they saw a seal without checking it, but it in the projector and walked away. that's when the president steps out in front of this, to me an obviously doctored seal. that's definitely golf clubs and a two-headed eagle which i haven't seen on this side of the pond in a very long time. >> john, was this a mistake by the advance team? >> yeah. it was a mistake by the advance team, but i don't think it was any less embarrassing. i was in the room at the time. no one really saw it because it happened so fast. but still they're growing in influence. charlie kirk as brittney just noted he's friends with the president. he speaks on free speech on college campuses in recent months. so when you have this much influence and you're growing in notoriety, you would want to avoid mistakes like that. >> it seems like everyone would want to avoids mistakes like
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democrats and republicans are both declaring victory in their own way this weekend following robert mueller's seven-hour testimony on the hill on wednesday, both sides criticizing the special counsel for his performance and applauding him for answering key
3:22 am
questions about the president's questions including why special counsel didn't question the president. >> we were pushing to get the interview of the president. >> did you have suv evidence of the president to obstruct justice and is that why you didn't conduct the interview? >> there's that balance against that last element against how much time are you willing to spend in the courts litigating the interview of the president. the reason we didn't do the interview is the length of time it would take to resolve tissues attendant to that. >> back now with us is msnbc legal analyst danny cevallos. you do think he did a good job? >> he delivered on exactly what he told us he was going to do many weeks ago when he gave a very short press conference. he said, if you call me, i don't
3:23 am
want to be there, i don't want to testify. if you do, e i'm basically going to read from the four corners of my report. that's exactly what he did. if you were expecting fireworks, you were destined to be disappointed because this was going to be by the book. everything in my report is in my report. he's not going to deviate from it. in that sense, he absolutely delivered. >> did either hearing deliver liability f criminal liability for the president? >> no. but you ask a really important question. >> in the future. >> in the future, yes. i still don't have a clear answer to the question of whether or not the president can be indicted after he leaves office for this particular conduct. yes, mueller appeared to answer yes, but i still had a few follow-up questions. that may be what mueller was saying. if that's true, then the president -- it doesn't matter if a sitting president can't be indicted because if he can just
3:24 am
be indicted as soon as he leaves office, then he can be indicted. that's essentially what mueller said. for those who believe the president committed crimes, indictable offenses, this is a good day for them because essentially it means arguably the president could be indicted the minute he leaves office. >> is it different when you're in office versus out of office? >> no. it's exactly the same. the only reason the olc prevebltss the indictment of a sitting president is he's the only person who heads the entire executive branch. if you arrest him, you arrest the entire executive branch. you may say, whoa, whoa, the vice president steps in. that's not the way it works. if you arrest the president and puts him in jail, that's not one of the reasons that the vice president is put in his chair. that's why the olc concludes a
3:25 am
sitting president cannot be indicted and why once he become as private citizen he can be. >> got it. there was a lot of op-ed headlines out there after the testimony calling the testimony a fail yu. so we have r&epublicans appearig to accept the conclusions of special counsel and the democrats not accomplishing their goal here. so do you think they move the ball forward at all of the democrats? you seem to say no already, but digging a little deeper. >> yeah. i wouldn't say mueller's testimony could possibly be a failure on mueller's part, but it could be a failure arguably for democrats who are seeking to unearth something new, something impeachable. on the one hand they might have gotten muler to say, hey, it didn't go in the report but here's something sleazy that could be included in high crimes and misdemeanors. a crime need not be required. only abuse of power of an
3:26 am
official authority. historically there have only been three impeachments based on nonkrooim, abuse of power. that's what they were looking for. they were looking for some thread to pull onto that would give them more power for impeachment. did they get it? arguably no. if they had it, it was already in the mueller report. the mueller report describes some very, very suspicious conduct by the president. while it didn't result in an indictment of the pretty and cannot result in an indictment of the president, the democrats have a tough decision to make. we've got all the stuff. it's exactly the same after the mueller testimony, do we start impeachment hearings. >> my last question for you was there too much focus on style over the actual substance and what happened and what we knew was coming down the pike here? >> of course, there was. everything about the mueller testimony was style because everything we needed to know was already in the mueller report. you could go there and read it. that's what mueller said several
3:27 am
times. the entire mueller hearings were form over substance. >> all right. you heard it here. danny cevallos. thank you so much. and how there's a violation of a 140-year-old federal law. and the check out late night's take on the mueller hearings this week. >> could you charge the president with a crime after he left office? >> yes. >> you believe that he committed -- you could charge the president of the united states with obstruction of justice after he left office. >> yes. >> oh, those are very fast yeses. and would you like to be there the day he's arrested? yes. >> that's when you can hear melania cheering loudly from down the block. >> you know when trump heard that, he started pushing the sofa in front of the door, you'll never take me alive. >> i think trump has a new campaign slogan. trump 2020, i'm too pretty for jail. , i'm too pretty for jail
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now to your morning headlines. rescue workers are digging looking for survivors after two earthquakes struck philippines overnight.
3:32 am
eight people were killed, 16 injured in what seismologists feel were 5.4 and 5 pn 9 quakes. the quakes hit while people were sleeping. the dangerous heat wave makes its way to the arctic. temperatures in paris soaring to a new record of 109 degrees this week. meteorologists fear this will accelerate the melting of large ice sheets in greenland and increase the seas by 16 feet. the last time they experienced such a serious melt was in 2012. i always liked american wines better than french wines even though i don't drink wine. >> a bottle of red, at boole of white may soon cost more. the president's latest threat is a 3% tax on u.s. tech companies. they're the world's largest consumer of wine. more breaking news.
3:33 am
a supreme court decision to allow trump to access $2.5 billion in pentagon funds to build the border wall. good morning, colonel jack. >> good morning, jo. >> what part of the pentagon's budget will lose money and how will it affect the safety of troops? >> well, these come from military line items dealing with drug enforcement. about $2.5 billion. the government's argument is that these line items are for border security anyway when you're talking about drug enforcement and drug prevention, spreenltsing drugs from coming into the united states. the troops are just standing around looking at the detainees, and they're not in any danger, so one has to question the utility of the entire mission, jo. >> so does this imply that the pentagon budget is larger, maybe
3:34 am
bloated in the first place or what? >> well, show me a government budget, especially a federal budget that isn't bloated. >> fair. >> routinely congressmen and senators trade programs, and the budget itself is -- is made up by people, congressmen and senators who want to maximize the amount of money that flows into their districts and their states. so, sure, it's bloated, and that's one reason why the debt ceiling routinely has to be raised, jo. >> we also have a new nbc exclusive report from the border telling active duty troops employed inside a detention facility in texas being used to monitor migrants. what do you think about this usage of the military? >> the military is supposed to be training for war, to prevent war, is supposed to be out in the field, and performing the kinds of missions which defend
3:35 am
the republican. these troops are just standing around. i can tell you from experience that there's no more boring mission than guard duty. the time drags. they're unarmed. they're watching the detainees. if they see anything untoward, that i have to get get a border security agent to take care of it. there are lots of gults, all co-subsequent, that says this is just for show and doesn't do anything for either our national security or protection of the border. >> a spokesperson is saying they're inside looking for signs of medical distress. what's your response to that? >> i mean anyone can stand around and look for signs of medical distress, and there are probably occasions they have to alert border security guards,
3:36 am
but as a utility mission, there's no utility for it whatsoever. the last time we did this as i recall was about 100 years ago when we sent general pershing with the army to chase poncho vio in mexico. this is a waste of time and troop time. >> colonel jack jacobs, thanks for your time. >> you're welcome. what to make of the biggest takeaways from robert mueller's testimony, and why washington is in no rush to do anything about it. ton is in no rush to do anything about it this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars,
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this morning in power picks and paychecks we're seeing a slowed economic growth. the gdp rose an annual 2.1%. that's down from 3.1% in the first quarter of this year. it follows spending growth, the biggest increase in two years. meanwhile the gdp for all of 2018 has been revised from 3% to 2.5% as projected by the white house. stocks ended the week in record fashion thanks in part to some strong earnings reports from tech companies, s&p 500, and nasdaq, each closed at all
3:41 am
time highs. the nasdaq gained the most for the week rising 2.3%. the s&p 500 up 1.7%, and the dow up just 0.1%. now, key points from the mueller testimony. the russian interference efforts are real and ongoing. however, they're not resonating with the president. here's look at two narratives coming out of those hearings. >> over the course of my career, i have seen a number of challenges to our democracy. the russian government's efforts to interfere in our election is among the most serious. >> this was all a big hoax. >> that was not a hoax. >> director, who did the russian social media campaign ultimately intend to benefit, hillary clinton or donald trump? >> donald trump. >> this witch hunt that's been going on for a long time -- >> i love reading those wikileaks, donald trump. do any of those quotes disturb
3:42 am
you? >> it's an understatement. >> knowing there's assistan ass for a president's campaign is wrong. "boston herald" radio host and a national syndicated columnist. good morning. he could have used this to take a stand against russian interference going into 2020 that will clearly impact him directly. why did he not do that. >> because he's been the target of a massive fraud. >> oh, my god, adriana. >> democrats for the last three years have gone on every television station, you know, and media claiming that his campaign had colluded with russia, they committed treason, and did all of these horrible things to impact the 2016
3:43 am
election in his favor, and that turned o it to be patently false. >> that's not true, adriana. >> the special counsel after a 22 22-month investigation, they blew over $20 million and turned over every stone and found no collusion. >> aids ya driana, hold on a se. i appreciate what you're trying to say here. first of all, robert mueller did not exonerate the president. let me give you a second go at it. w it's something maybe a lot of people could agree on. >> well, i think he's frustrated because he was the target of this whole russian collusion conspiracy pushed forward by -- >> adriana, what the -- >> i do agree election security is national security.
3:44 am
we should take that seriously. that should be done on a state-by-state basis, but the reality is prior to the last midterm elections our federal government did a lot to strengthen election security. >> adriana, that's not true. listen. we play this game every saturday morning and it's so frustrating. the bottom line is election security is a national security issue. we just heard the special prosecutor urnlds oath say the russians hacked -- meddle into our election to help donald trump. adriana, i don't know why in the hell you cannot and the republicans cannot come to grips that this is a national security issue and is a threat to our democracy. this is not a game. this is serious business. >> it's certainly not a game. >> adriana, no, no, no. you rambled for almost five minutes and you're going to let me finish. >> it was a minute, but that's okay. >> you're going to be driving offer the republican cliff. i understand you have to come on this program and rehearse the republican talking points, but
3:45 am
the national security and a threat throughout democracy and cyber warfare should not be a partisan issue. that i did this to help donald trump, a and what mueller said under oath in his testimony is that they are currently doing as he sat there in that chair last week speaking to members of congress, democrats, and republicans. >> aids ya ndriana, i want to g take on this. he blocked two partisan bigs, he called it partisan legislation. here's what john brennan who's now an nbc national security analyst, listen to what he said about this. >> i think much mcconnell has within primary objective, to get trump get elected in 2020. we know the russians helped to get him elected in 2016. misch mcconnell from day one was always adamantly opposed to having this government be able
3:46 am
to honest will i look at what the russians were doing and prevent that type of interference. >> so, adriana, so do you know of a real legit reason why a real surt legislation should not be pushed forward? >> first of all, democrats -- one of the pieces of legislation they want to push through is going to allocate 750 million new dollars. much of the money of that has not yet even been spent. why throw more money at a problem when we haven't spent the money that's available. >> adriana, do you hear what you're saying? >> i'm going to finish my point. >> finish your point, please. >> yes, thank you. i want to say there's this democrat talking point that the russians helped donald trump get elected. that is just not true. 63 million americans voted for donald trump. >> what? >> and if the russians helped donald trump get elected, why did hillary clinton get millions
3:47 am
more votes than donald trump? that's number one. number two, these fake ads that these russian trolls put out, it was a massive disinformation campaign. >> to help donald trump, adriana. >> some of it was pro hillary. >> that's not true. >> they made light of black lives matter. so it was a big cesspool of miss information. >> adriana, it's very obvious that you're drunk off the kool-aid this morning. the special prosecutor -- they just played the clip for us -- said the russians meddled in the elections to help donald trump. they showed discourse and misinformation to help donald trump. he said it under oath. we've had democrats and republicans minus you agree on this case. your point earlier about throwing more money, look, we should put unlimited resources into protecting our democracy, the most sacred thing we have in our democracy, and that is our
3:48 am
right to vote. if they can influence our elections, god knows what else the russians will be able to do in order to absolutely hinder the united states. and the fact of the matter is you are very few of the republicans i know who will come on a national tv program and dismiss the fact that what is going on in this country. >> okay. >> what i do know -- i need to respond to that just quickly. here in massachusetts, we've never been hacked. our voter roles have never been hacked because the majority nationwide are offline. >> adriana, you're missing the point. >> our voter registration points. >> adriana -- >> a lot is being done to secure -- please don't tell me they don't care about election security. >> just one second. it's only 6:48 in the morning, guys. let's take a deep brechlath. adriana, finish your point and
3:49 am
then we'll get to antoine. >> thank you. our state legislation is doing a good job. our election system is done offline like most are. yes, there are things that ire doing to further strengthen our system. that should continue to be done. and one point i do agree with you, antoine, it should be a bipartisan effort, but the reason mitch mcconnell push badding is you can't sign that. there's only one gop vote and if you don't have the votes, why bring it to the floor. >> adriana, you're wrong in two left shoes, will it me say that. number two, i will tell you if you read the report and pay attention to the bipartisan group of lent lajers who look at what happened in 2016 from an investigator standpoint they will stel you there were targeted efforts in battle ground states to help donald trump win the election. i
3:50 am
i'm not sure if you're ignoring the point. >> i'm sorry we have to go. antjuan seawright and adriana cohen, thousands of protesters wanting to accomplish as a march for the straight eighth weekend on the streets of hong kong. of hong kog oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ at their reddest, ripest, they make everything better. like our strawberry poppyseed salad and new strawberry summer caprese salad.
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consider fostering. breaking news for the streets of hong kong of protests for an eighth weekend. they're speaking out on violent attack on demonstrators that left dozens of people who are hurt. there is report of a stalemate here, where are protest ers verses the government right now? >> i am 45 minutes northwest of hong kong. a week ago there was the confrontation between thugs who were armed with sticks who beat up protesters. that was what sparked off of
3:55 am
what we have seen today. this is so different of the marches that i have seen in hong kong. it is not really a march at all. it is a static confrontation between protesters and police. that's because the protesters are so furious with the police. a lot of them believe strongly that the police enlisted the help of ordinary citizens, some of them are believed to be apart of the triads. these protesters believer that a lot of these thugs that we saw and images from last week came out of these villages but the confrontation is about that extradition bill. this bill would see people from hong kong who were arrested and try and imprison there.
3:56 am
that has all been taken off the table. protesters want the chief executive of hong kong close to beijing to resign. they want an independent investigation into police brutality. they want this whole thing off the table. that was a central demand of the protest the last several weeks. this protest is about anger directed at the police. >> matt, one quick follow-up question to you, who's protesting, tell us about people out on the streets. >> now here i am seeing almost all young people. they're you knuniversity studen
3:57 am
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it is 7:00 here on the east, 4:00 out west.
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