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tv   Headliners  MSNBC  July 28, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> did you know about the illegal ballot harvesting? >> and congressional dysfunction. even when both sides agree, there is still gridlock. >> when donald trump said we're living in a third world country when it comes to our infrastructure, do yous a agree with him? >> i don't disagree. >> drain the swamp. > . >> i come before you as a member of a new generation, ready to step into the highest levels of american leadership. >> a young candidate with a standout pedigree. >> maltese left handed gay wore veteran. >> in a crowd of presidential contenders trying to unseat donald trump. i mean, why you? why are you the guy to take him down? >> i don't think it's someone different. >> he's a polite mid-westerner exchanging a proceed. >> you won't see me exchanging love letters on white house letterhead with a brutal dictate
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roar. >> reporter: the small time mayor with the unusual name has oversustain some better named rivals, this spring raising nearly $25 million. >> it feels good. >> yeah. the important thing, of course, what are you going to do with it? . >> but does he have what it takes to go the distance? >> where is the national experience? where is the seasoning? >> the candidate with the compelling personal story. >> there was no way to deny that i was very much in love. >> is also facing questions about a campaign. you have very angry people in this community. do you understand why? >> is he going to do better with black voters? i can't imagine he can do worse. >> what will this young intellectual gay candidate help or hinder his historic run for white house?
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i'm jacob soberoff here in south bend, indiana, the hometown of south bend mayor and presidential hopeful pete buttigieg. mayor pete he is come to be known on his home turf to break away from the democrat pack and make history. why are you the guy to take him down? >> well, because we need a different kind of messenger. we need somebody who is thinking about the deep issues in our country that got us here. i think it wouldn't hurt to have somebody from a new generation. but more than anything else, we need to put forward somebody who understands that back to normal isn't going to be a winning message. we got to be ready to propose something new because the world we are stepping into is new. >> in april, he entered a crowded democratic field as an unknown. with a last name that was hard to pronounce.
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>> pete buttigieg. >> buttigieg. >> edge. edge. >> pete buttigieg. did i do it? >> close enough. >> campaign signs broken councilable by syllable, the 37-year-old candidate won the attention of late night hosts and the media. >> the future is here, america. i'm a little green, but i'm fresh, instagramable and ultimately good for you. i'm the avocado toast of the democratic party. >> my guest tonight is the mayor of south bend, indiana. >> what up, boys live from uptown. here here with the homey, mayor pete in the building. >> please welcome mayor beat buttigieg. >> when he didn't have campaign money. he used that time to go on tv, radio and podcast. >> that is why he caught fire. >> the young candidate has even caught an insult from president trump. who has compared him to "mad" magazine's cover boy.
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>> last night i watched alfred enewman. >> i had to be honest. i have to google that i guess it's a generational thing. >> ten weeks to after his announcement, he raised 25 million, outpacing his opponents, drawing from high end hollywood fund raisers. can you keep that up? >> what matters most is not the bragging rights, all thole i'm proud to have led the field. the important thing is what can you do with it? how can we put the organizers on the ground. the fund raiseing is to make sure that ground game can make victories in the primaries. >> he start out and has been dogged by a consistent problem. he hasn't been able to win the support of african-americans. is that your biggest challenge winning over african-americans at this point? >> we have all kind of challenges. we're new on the scene. we have to get our message out and not only consolidate our position in the top tier but move into the lead by the time
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the voting happens. but one of our top priorities is making sewer we have connected not only to ask black voters to support me but to invite them to help shape the campaign and make sure that i am speaking to their concerns. >> this is the only chance you will ever get to vote for a maltese left-handed war veteran -- >> it's unreal. >> he has known them since they were boys. today he's his campaign manager. >> i tell the team we aren't building an airplane, that we're building a rocketship and we're blasting off into space. the speed is that fast. it's that intense, every single day. >> but the rise of the candidate with the carefully cultivated resume and polished demeanor has raised inevitable questions. a sterling resume if you look at presidential politics, but he's only in his mid-30s. he's only served as mayor of a
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small city in the mid-west. where is the national experience? where is the seasoning? >> is he going to get to the kind of numbers that make him effective in iowa? there are black people in iowa. there are latinos in iowa. there are latinos and african-americans in new hampshire. how is he going to do in nebraska by the time we get to carolina. >> this isn't the first time, in 2017, the then 34-year-old tried to raise his national profile by running for the chair of the democratic national committee. >> pete caught my eye when he was running for the chair of the dnc. i long believed the democratic party needs to be taken over by 35-year-olds. >> howard dean was a mentor for his campaign for dnc chair. >> the dnc loved him. he was a symbol. the dnc didn't want a new generation. they know they have to have one. it was evident he wasn't going to win, he decided not to be on the ballot. that was very smart.
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he does have an instinct for when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. >> that you can't buy. you can't teach it, either. >> that will go through the primary process. >> the funny thing people then who said i think you would make a great president but i'm not going to vote for you for dnc chair and they'd explain all the reasons why. >> two years later, pete buttigieg took their praise to heart. >> my name is pete bute gij. they call me mayor pete. i am a proud son of south bend, indiana and i am running for president of the united states. >> what is your political ideology? >> i view myself as a progressive. but i also am aware of living in a moment when a lot of the ideological frames i grew up with are becoming less and less useful. you got a president who doesn't even have an ideology. >> a month-and-a-half into his run, many voters still didn't have a clear idea of the candidate's platform. people have knocked you for not
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coming out with detailed specific policy proposals. why are you approaching the campaign at this stage? >> i'm a policy guys, i'm a policy geek, actually. precisely for that reason. i got to make sure before we get into the guts of our proposals, we've done more and more. we are trying to understand where this is all coming-to-from to begin with. the reason you signal what to do it's so signal what's important to you. >> buttigieg recently has begun to reveal his policies. he's been talking about scrapping the electoral colleges, enacting gun laws. >> start with universal gun background checks. >> and expanding the judges on the supreme court's a way to make it less partisan. on healthcare, he recommends a single payer system as opposed to medicare for all that want it. >> we make it available optionally as something available through the exchanges. >> he's against president trump's policies at the bordered and he wants a pathway to
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citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. in june, he gave his first major foreign policy speech. >> thank you. >> expressing views shaped by his experience as a veteran and a member of the 9/11 generation. >> we must put an end to endless war and refocus on future threats. we must treat climate change as the existential security challenge. will you not see me exchanging love letters on white house lederhead with a brutal dictator. >> buttigieg notably has turned to foreign policy to signal voters he se ready for the presidency. on the stump he is referring to his presidency as what would president buttigieg do. like other young ylgist progressives, buttigieg cease national politics as being out of touch with his generation. >> i often speak of the need for our politics and policies, to contemplate the year 2054. the year in which i hope to retire. after reaching the current age
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of the currents president. >> the candidate believes his own party has gone off track. >> i think our values have been the right ones all along. we've got an little muddled in how we define them and explain them. what i'm trying to do is say if the republican party didn't exist, what would we be for? >> faith is one of the values that buttigieg embraces on the campaign trail. as a practicing episcopalian, he hopes to reclaim religions from republicans. >> this is a year we come together and assert god does not belong to a political party. >> coming up, where the candidates' interest if politics began. >> congressman why are you the only not attending the youth and rock forum and do you think it matters in the campaign? forum t matters in the campaign? at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping]
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i just remember being struck
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by how strange it was that a guy running for mayor of south bend had a poster hanging in his bedroom. >> the campaign with a thing for alternative rock grew up as an only child. his musicalables were encouraged by his parents, notre dame professors. they surrounded pete with ideas, culture and liberal values. >> you know my parents in hindsight gave me a pretty long leash to go out, do my thing, get in trouble a little bit and kind of find my way. they made it clear they loved me and trusted me and had high expectations for me, too. >> as a little kid, you started playing piano, right? >> yeah, i started taking lessons when i was five. >> five-years-old. you wanted to play with the symphony here, what else did you do for fun as a kid? >> i was obsessed with baseball
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cards. i wasn't that interested in baseball. the card, i had them alphabetized. count them. collect them. >> you had them in the little cards? >> yeah. >> me too. >> in high school, his hawks took a more serious turn. he organized programs for amnesty international. it seems to me you knew early on you wanted to get into public service? >> yeah, i was always intere interested. but by the time i got to college, i knew that in some way, shape or form, i wanted to be a part of public life. >> what was the first time you remember thinking about running for president of the united states? >> i remember as kind of a class joke in high school when i was a senior. i was a senior class president. but i'm not sure i took it seriously at the time. >> i think most folks in high school would have said if there is somebody that will go on and be any special and be involved in public service and maybe become president one day, i think a lot of people would have picked pete. i think in the yearbook they
7:16 pm
would have said most likely to become president. >> in his senior year, pete won a national contest at the presidential library. he chose to write about a politician that he admired. a little known congressman from vermont bernie sanders. >> why did you write that essay? smr so the prompt for the essay contest was to describe somebody who lived up to the idea of political courage. and i was looking at the news and looking around and it felt like there wasn't a lot of political courage in either party. then you see this guy this obscure member of congress out of vermont, bernie sanders, who says exactly what he believes, even though it would be suicidal in many places politically to do it. he says he was a socialist. it was fascinating to see somebody that clear on what he believed in. >> valedictorian class of 2000, pete buttigieg earns a prize spot at harvard university. it took thim time. >> i felt i was on top ofpy game
7:17 pm
here in south bend. i get there you are like everybody was top of their class. i feel i had been admitted to the academy of the x-men. i was the only one that didn't know what my special power was. >> he soon made a tight circle of friends and decided what would become a life long passion for languages. he uses seven. he uses them on the campaign trail for the press. his love of politics led him to harvard's institute of politics. when hardball visited the campus in 2003 for college tour. he challenged democratic congressmen and hopeful dig gephart. >> congressman, why are you the only one not attending youth and rock forum and do you think votes matter in your campaign? >> they matter a lot. that's why i'm here tonight. >> buttigieg found his power at harvard, politics. majoring in history and literature, he graduated magna
7:18 pm
cum laude and achieved a higher on nor, a rhodes school laer to study at oxford. the story i want to ask you is a story you went out to see on a cargo ship, a solitary journey at sea to prepare for a final exam is that true? >> yeah. you no at the oxford system the exams are everything. they account for 100%. the essays don't count. the elections, it's the exams you take in a matter of days. as the exams were approaching, i thought i got to hunker down and i knew if i was close to my friends, close to the pub, close to the internet, i might have trouble concentrating. so i threw the toughest books i needed to master in a backpack. there is a program you can be put in a cargo ship. >> i guarantee you there will be feature stories because you did it and you are running for president. the study at sea worked.
7:19 pm
buttigieg earned oxford's highest grade in professor and commission. with his options wide opened, he accepted is an offer from mackenzie, a roster of clients from fortune 500 companies to aauthoritarian governments. his first project there a comprehensive study on grocery store pricing. it wasn't a conversation starter, but it taught him the field of data analytics, which would come in handy down the road. his experience helped him understand how corporations work and when he became maybe of south bend, he used that experience at mackenzie to understand how could you bring jobs back? how you can convince through tax credits or innovation to bring major corporations to invest in a city like south bend. >> after three years at mackenzie, buttigieg moved back home to indiana. he made a bold career shift. at 29 he decide he had the right stuff to run for mayor of south bend. >> i just hope people really focus on the issues. this is a chance to really talk
7:20 pm
about what we want our city to look like going forward. >> when he was running for mayor back in 2011, he was still i think coming out of his shell. i think he was becoming more comfortable with public life and campaigning and going up to strangers and saying, hey, i'm pete. and i remember one instance, we locked into an older polish hall on the west side of south bendch we had just kicked off a mayoral campaign. he goes, what should i do? i said you are going to shake every hand in this room and you're going to come back and we're going to have dinner toke. that's what he did. >> an upstate candidate who never held elected office. buttigieg campaigned on the promise of remaking south bend. he managed to get support of the city's chamber of commerce. he won in a landslide. >> a young man with a funny name and no political experience managed to win the confidence of a community at a turning point. >> but what had he inherited?
7:21 pm
in 2011, "newsweek" was calling south bend one of the ten dying cities. the new mayor had a plan to change that. >> first he said the basics should be easy. >> that is, we should be picking up the trash. >> mark neil served as the new mayor city controller. >> so you will see pete even today, he loves riding around in the garbage truck with the sanitation folks looking at what the newest technology is. right. >> from traffic and sewers, mayor pete was on a mission to bring people back downtown and get south bend off of america's worst cities list. a critic at part of rerate issalization, rediscovering the river the city was built on. >> so today this is the new heart of the city or a part of what the cities is becoming again? >> yes. so the thing about the river. south bend was built in a very industrial period 120 years ago when rivers were treated as something between a conveyor
7:22 pm
belt and a sewer. what we have learned over the years, though, is turn and face the rivers. it's one of the best assets. >> it's beautiful. >> it's beautiful and it's appealing and it draws people. >> under mayor buttigieg, household incomes in south bend grew significantly. though the poverty rate is nearly 25%. despite the renaissance, buttigieg touted on the campaign trail, not all residents feel they are a part of the comeback. it's a complicated pitch. because south bend still has many issues, crime, economic development. racial tension. he has a story to sell because he has helped to bring in development to south bend. he's tried to revitalize the economy. south bend like so many towns in the mid-west is still struggling. buttigieg has to explain that as well. >> coming up -- >> it doesn't look good. it doesn't like like leadership to me and to members of the
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company that's growing with enthusiasm, looking to the future with a few face. >> when pete buttigieg was growing up in south bend in the 1980s and '90s the abandoned studebaker factory shuttered two decades earlier loomed as an empty reminder of the city's industrial golden age. another remnant was south bend's aging and abandoned housing stock. which became a focal point for the young mayor. >> the simple mathmatical truth is we have too many houses in our city and many houses are in such disrepair they will have to be demolished. this is not only a demolition program. we should rehabilitate those houses that can be saved even as we tear down the ones that cannot. >> a year into the job mayor pete raised to repair the city's vacant and blighted homes. he called the plan a thousand houses in a thousand days. >> so when i was running for
7:27 pm
office. one of the biggest issues we heard about was people especially in lowing in and minority neighborhoods living with collapsing houses or boarded up houses all around them. i challenged the community and myself in our administration to deal with a thousand houses in a thousand days. fix every house we could, tear down everyone we could save and make it gave i safer. >> was it gentrification in another name? >> in a place where good houses, $30,000, gentrification is not the concern. >> buttigieg the a data driven executive who was trying to get rid of blight. but to this day, people in south bend in some areas are unhappy with his decisions, because they say leave our homes alone. if you want to bring in development to hotels or businesses, that's great. leave the homes alone. >> who ill the controversial housing program did reach the mayor's goal, many residents in minority neighborhoods were upset. in place of demolished homes,
7:28 pm
vacant lots and gaps in residential blocks were created. it added to an even big were racially charged problem the mayor was facing. the fallout and resentment from his decision months earlier to fire the city's first black chief of police. >> today gerald boykin didn't look like someone who lost his job in a scandal. >> in 2012, buttigieg learned the fbi was investigating his police chief for allegedly making illegal recordings and phone calls of four white police officers. >> in january of 2012, a few weeks after taking office, i learned of a situation if which police officers were allegedly recorded if violation of the federal wiretap act. >> tapes of the phone calls, which have never been made public due to ongoing litigationened that the mayor, himself, says he has never heard are said to contain racist language which has only added to the tension. >> we want to hear the tapes. the anxiety has been there for
7:29 pm
some seven years. people want to know who said what at this point and i think tapes need to be released so that people can hear that and move on. >> how do you explain this incident in particular removing the city's first african-american police chief and in what was a very complicated situation so that people understand it from your perspective? >> have you the most thing is honesty. it was a challenge and drove a wedge between me and african-american residents in this city that took years to heal and repair. >> the firing of chief boykins i plev was devastating to the african-american community. it had created a strength in the relationship between mayor pete and the black community. it's a cloud now that's kind of hanging over. >> it doesn't look good. it doesn't look like leadership to me and to members of the community. >> when people of color look at the decision he made from the police chief firing to the developments in south bend, they will wonder, did he consider how
7:30 pm
these decision could be disruptive? there is an element of unhappiness with buttigieg in south bend about these decisions. >> would you have removed the chief at that time had you known everything you know today in. >> knowing that the chief of police was the subject of an fbi session and chose not to tell me meant that i didn't have the kind of confidence that you need to have in your appointee at that level. >> reporter: the issues around policing and the black community in south bend would surface again and follow the mayor to the presidential campaign trail. >> the criticism that i would have of mayor pete is not that he's done a bad job with race relation, he hasn't done anything impressive. if you are trying to be the president of the united states and the future, i expect you to be more than the typical mayor of a mid-western city. >> coming up. >> it was difficult to think about that he is going into a combat zone. >> that he may not come back from. combat zone. >> that he may not come back from if you look close...
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i'm richard lui. we are watch allege story out of gilroy, california about an hour-and-a-half south of california. this is a garlic festival. police are responding to a popular festival where tens of thousands of people attend. the reports here are of an active shooting. it is now being said to involve potentially ten, 11 victims. again, gilroy, california. about an hour-and-a-half south of sfraerns and at the moment it's 7:34 p.m. reports are this happened in the last, two, three hours. crews are being sent moments ago to the fwil roy garlic festival in santa clara county, the organizers, themselves, you can get a sense from this video. it is a large food festival in the united states, outdoors about 80 degrees today, normally a very festive gathering of
7:35 pm
folks who like garlic. now, witnesses are saying, speaking to our local affiliate there, kntv, they saw at least one gunman wearing camouflage at the last half hour of the event. again, that would be ten about 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. local time. >> that is pacific time. there are no official remarks or confirmed reportings from any official organization. for instance, the police department as of yet. the reporting we are hearing not independently confirmed as of yet by nbc news. we are hearing that two victims have been taken to santa clara county medical center. jim cavanaugh msnbc analyst, when we are early in on something like this, we don't have any official confirmation. i have to ask somebody like yourself who has so much experience and contact here, any of your networks commenting on what's happening here in fill
7:36 pm
roy, california. >> you know, richard, it's an awful theme there to see everybody scattering when they hear all the gunshots. sometimes these things are an attack on a crowd and other times they are disputes between people who happen to be in the crowd. so, of course, the first thing law enforcement has to do is to locate the shooter with the description you supplied in camouflage. okay, if there is more than one shooter, that changes the dynamic. if there is just one shooter, the motives are all opened. it can be sometimes a personal dispute even when a lot of people get shot. you know, there was just one last night in brooklyn at a gathering. nypd was looking for a gunman. one dead, 11 shot. but you don't know if it's coming as an attack on a crowd,
7:37 pm
it can be a terrorist attacks or is it some personal dispute, someone is going to get the person they hate, seek their revenge or sit you know across the board? hate, terror, revenge? it can be a whom lot of motives. >> know the descriptions in the video is coming in live here, you see some of the folks leaving the festival as of yet. we've only seen in the video, we are watching iting looking for clues as to what happened. we saw four or five police vehicles from different jurisdictions around gilroy, california. gilroy, california, under 50,000 in terms of population day to day. but during the weekend, this is a three-day festival. this particular festival is attended by all sorts of different residents in northern california and they will drive from san francisco. there is a special tra into get to this event. and they go there to enjoy different types of foods, all
7:38 pm
around garlic. and that's the event we are looking at, with many different booths. the last scheduled event here was at 4:00 p.m. on the last day and what we are hearing right now is when this reported altercation happened, this reported shooting happened, it was in the last 30 minutes and, as you know, the timing is often something you will look at as a former special agent in charge of atf and trying to understand what could be the severity of this particular shooting. based on the timing, if this is report confirmed reports that we can confirm excuse me here at nbc news, at msnbc, this is a better time certainly of this festival that this would have happened. >> that's right. i think you know when the first eyewitness reports come in, it will start piecing itself together. you know, was the gunman firing at people all around. just at random. in other words, at the crowd? or was he targeting some
7:39 pm
specific people? some specific people in the crowd, you know, for whatever motive that might be. so, it's going to come together as the witnesses tell the police you know what they saw, what they saw the killer shooter doing. did he have a long gun, a handgun? we have a description of camouflage him but you know was he bunkererred up with lots of magazines? was he wearing head gear? sunglasses, all those descriptions to help the officers to find and to locate them? and it does not look like what you reported we are seeing now that this was any kind of a suicide event. we don't have a lot of detail. >> right. >> but we don't know from what it appears to be what we know now is the gunman is not in custody and he apparently is not there still shooting so it's possible he made an escape. you know, crowds can be for a lot of reasons.
7:40 pm
we look back at the harvest festival shooting in los vegas and our heart goes out to all those people and their families who lost their loved ones and all the wounded that survived that. that was such a horrific event in america. you know i think people just forget how many people were wounded, how many were killed and wounded. it was horrible. and that was an attack on a crowd at a music festival? right. >> the motive was never actually established. although, the guy did have some crazy anti-government talk and might have been wrapped up in the gun issue. but they never firmly got a purpose for it. so shooting into a crowd, you know, sometimes shooters just want the crowd. that's the bargain. they want the crowd. >> in this case, you can tell by the pictures here, it's a large field. it is a suburban, actually it's a rural area. you don't have high buildings around the open fields where all of these booths may be located.
7:41 pm
this is not similar to that from the perspective of having a vantage point as we saw unfortunately in los vegas. the reporting nbc has not yet confirmed coming from those who have been on site is that the suspect was on ground and moving with firearm again unconfirmed, that was reporting on the ground. jim, stands by, listen with me. we will go to our local affiliate there in the bay area in california, northern california. let's listen in, kntv. >> we are still working on it. we will get laura back in a minute. laura garcia. laura, can you hear us? >> reporter: yes, i can hear you quite clearly. i'm on my what i to gilroy, but let me tell you, the traffic on 101 northbound is backed up. it is bumper-to-bumper completely red. all the side streets, it looks like everyone is basically trying to get out of the gilroy
7:42 pm
area. obviously, we have been reporting that an active shooter went to the gilroy garlic festival, multiple injuries. that's heavy police presence on the freeway still going southbound as well. there are multiple fire engines going. i understand there is police response from campbell from santa collar. >> reporter: i mean it's pretty immense out here, just the police presence. you still continue to see responding to the scene of westbound to the gilroy garlic festival. >> where are you? where exactly are you there? >> so i'm hitting 101 southbound. i'm headed to the scene to try to gather more information. but you no at the opposing traffic headed northbound. it always backs up on sunday, people coming out of the area. so many people that were trapped in that area at the gilroy garlic festival. they're not familiar with it. they clerk and take trams into
7:43 pm
the festival area. so a lot of people couldn't get to their cars. that's why they were there. they were hiding after reports of an active shooter. so many gunshots were found, heard as well in the area. so i think there is a lot of people trying to get out of the area. while all of the first responders are actually going into the area. the 101 is majorly backed up northbound from gilroy all the way through morgan hill. >> okay. laura. be safe. we'll check back in with you as you get closer and closer to that scene. again our very own laura garcia describing bumper-to-bumper traffic northbound 101 heading away from the gilroy garlic festival as people try to get out of that area. we want to go out now to a tweet. show you a tweet from the gilroy police department. sense we have been on the air, we have been waiting for information about numbers, possible casualties and this is the message we are seeing right now, which does not have that
7:44 pm
information. but it does say the hearts of gilroy pd, an entire community go out to the victims of today's shooting at the garlic festival. the scene is still active. if you are looking for a loved one, this is important information. if we can pull that back up, if you are looking for a loved one, please go to the reunification center at gavilan college, section b. if off got separated during the chaos of the running while the shooting was happening, you want to reconnect with that person, they are setting up that center at gavilan parking lot b. you can see a row of police cars there. a tent set up to the right of your screen and we are seeing some officers in the distance there. >> they were giving us information about the number of definitive numbers of who has
7:45 pm
been shot and how bad things are? santa clara county medical center is telling us, we seen two victims from the gilroy garlic fell. they expect three more. anne was talking about she says she saw heading past her on northbound 101. heading to the trauma unit, valley medical center. about 5:30, 5:40, gunshots broke out. a lot of shots, reporting eyewitnesses by a man wearing fatigues. he had a semi automatic rifle. he opened fire and shot, shooting people indiscriminately. it was not a shootout. we are hearing that there are two people the police want. one may be in custody. one may be the one they are looking for. down the end of that road. down in that river bed in the
7:46 pm
forest area. they certainly have a large, huge police presence down there and lights and sirens still going on. they are looking for this gunman. >> we have been hearing from witnesses all evening long, four, five, six witnesses who have been describing the chaos. >> we are listening to the live broadcast here of our affiliate kntv in northern california. if you are just joining us, we are following breaking news out of gilroy, california, at a food festival. generally attended by tense of thousands of people for three days. we do not have any confirmed numbers as of yet here at nbc or msnbc at the moment. if you were watching here, the reporting coming from the very city's police department. it had been about two hours, two-and-a-half hours since the reported events before we have received this. and that is here from the gilroy
7:47 pm
police department. you can tell they do not have many details. the hearts of the entire community go out to the victims of today's shooting at the garlic festival. the scene is still active. if you are looking for a loved one, please go, we can put that back up if we can. please go to the reunification center at gavilan college at parking lot b. 7:22 pm is the time stamp there. >> that would be about 20 minutes ago. 25 minutes ago. so active shooter here, jim kavanaugh, a former special act atf and msnbc an lest. we were here 20 minutes ago, this is the first indication from local law enforcement that this is an active situation. >> reporter: yes, richard, it looked like from the local reporting station, they may have more than one shooter. they have one in custody and may
7:48 pm
be tracking another one. one of the important points indiscriminal nantz fire and rifle fire. so those are telling us more. around if we do truly have two suspects as that was reported now it's not confirmed. if you have more than one and you start to get into criminal conspiracies. criminal conspiracies involved people who have different kind of motives. it's hard, if i have a grudge against someone, go and seek revenge, a family member, a boss. someone who wronged me, it's hard for me to enlist someone into that grudge. why don't you help me come kill my old boss? it's hard to get someone to do that. when you get multiple actors. you know, those tend to be people who are like minded for a common criminal purpose. it can be terror, you know, we've seen jihad identified terror like isis and al qaeda. it can be that kind of terror.
7:49 pm
it can be white hate. we seen a lot of killings by neo-nazis in clan and around the world and new zealand is fresh in our mind at the synagogue of pittsburgh. poway. charleston church. so white nationalists have tried to kill many and are very active now and their websites, they're using encrypted apps. they're communicateing and their agents have influenced trying to drive that kind of assault on the people. so those are some possibilities, but it could be a wide variety of motives. we don't really know yet you know what the motive is. it sounds like officers, richard, really centered on these guys, quick, they may have one. we have another cornered. so that's good news. >> that's been reported they reacted quickly. jim, when you look at these pictures. you got the trained eye. what are you seeing in terms of the level of this situation within they say active, that
7:50 pm
level of seriousness of it being active? >> yeah, it looks over to me from the video feed as far as over for shooting active shooting. those people are not gunfire there. they're reacting to the past event, and the law enforcement officers we're seeing are responding to the specific locations. so also we look at the terrain there, it looks heavily wooded. there's a pasture. but, you know, shooters can quickly, you know, get in the vehicle and, you know, have access to a road to try to get away. but there's an advantage to the sheriffs and the police here too because they move in a helicopter, they can get the last direction of travel. if it's not in the middle of a metropolitan area where we can see kind of the rural countryside, law enforcement has an advantage too and they can pick up on the car trying to escape as well. so it is dangerous if one or
7:51 pm
more of these shooters are loose. that's very dangerous. that's got to be dealt with quick by law enforcement. >> and where it's at here, jim, is it's on the edge of residential homes but outside of that edge it is rural. at the christmas hill park. it's a park and that's what we're seeing right here in terms of the foliage, the trees as well as all of that which we see here, open fields. in addition to that, if we go back to what we have only from law enforcement there is that they are saying it is still active and they are suggesting a reunification center at gavlen college at a parking lot, that college, by the way, when you look at that in terms of what we're hearing officially from police on the ground, jim, it's about 50 minutes away in terms of a reunification point. that detail of what does that
7:52 pm
active mean, jim, very quickly and the reunification point the police are suggesting 15 minutes from this location you're seeing on-air right now, what do you make of that? >> well, that is pretty far. i don't know that local terrain real well, but normally it's good police practice to setup a reunification center as quick as you can. they do want the people to be out of the area as far as safety, and they may not quite have a handle on where the shooters have gone and where they are. so that whole immediate zone around there is going to be a very active police search quadrant for a while. so they may just be trying to move the people out to somewhere safe so they can be out of the way of police and reunite with their family members. >> jim, i was mentioning 50 minutes by walk, it's a ten minute drive. but for those on foot trying to get somewhere it's a fair
7:53 pm
distance. hang on one second and let's dip back into our local affiliate kntv and see what they're reporting. >> here, more of that gunfire. want to play that for you if we have it. let's take a listen. okay, so this was video that you saw earlier. looks like it's cellphone video. somebody who's clearly running after all of this started. there you see some other people whoever they're with running along with them. wave been hearing those clips of the machine gunfire, and very first witness we talked to the originally described it as five. but the more people we speak with and the more and more video that we watch and the sound that we hear indicates that it was many, many more gunshots. so let's play some more of that
7:54 pm
sound for you right now. it's pretty loud there. folks thinking that it was fireworks. >> we've heard that from a number of the witnesses there. that's what you would expect at a festival, a half-hour to go in the entire festival and this goes on, they were thinking it might be a fireworks display of some sort or other. they were certainly hoping for that. let's talk right now to someone who also after the gunshots, after the victims the woman by the name of sydney real joins us now and you were getting people out of there. tell us about what you went through today. >> hi, yes. kind of once hearing what was going on, i got in my car, decided to drive around. this event relies heavily on buses from the parking lot which are pretty far.
7:55 pm
so i was going around seeing if people needed a ride to their cars and a lot of people i saw were either, you know, waiting for their loved ones to see if they were coming out, a lot of frustrated, nervous people, concerned people. and i came to a corner of some young individuals over 21 probably, around my age actually and i asked them if they needed a ride to their cars and they said no but they needed a ride to the local -- >> sydney, are you still there? go ahead. >> shall i continue with what i was saying? >> so you were helping people get to their cars? they seemed like they were young people. >> yes, they were over 21 because i did see they had their wrist bands, so they're around my age and i asked do you guys need a ride to their cars and they said we live here, but i need a ride to gilroy high, and he said i don't want oo to put
7:56 pm
my leg down, i got knicked. and just saying he saw this man jump over the fence and even went to the extent of describing the gun he was holding and even said there was an extended magazine and i asked him how old was this man, and he said around 30. and he was kind of frantic saying i almost got shot, i have a hole in my pant and kind of driving into the high school he was on the phone i guess with his dad and he was meeting his dad there. but unfortunately i wasn't able to get his name and i hope he's all right and hope he's okay. >> nice work today on your part. we want to thank you for taking some time to share what you went through today. right now want to go to our own marianne fabro. what's the latest there? >> reporter: i can tell you we did try to go down here once again to see if we were able to get some video what was going on and police officers told us we
7:57 pm
had to leave because we were in the hot zone. there are also firefighters there as well, but all of the police officers that we saw here down at the end of this road had helmets on, riot gear, and they had their guns drawn as far as rifles are concerned. a lot of them, more than 20 who are down there right now. it's still very much an active scene. now i just got off the phone with a woman who was a volunteer there with a high school band. and she said at first she thought it was fire crackers that she heard, and then she realized it was gunfire. and she hid beneath a barrel and a desk there for well over an hour, crouched there with other people who were volunteering there with the band, crouched thereunder neath the table between two barrels and then finally they were able -- they were escorted to a volunteer area. they had to hike up a trail, and then they were all loaded up into a bus, and that bus was taken to a nearby school.
7:58 pm
and that's where she is right now. she said it was a very scary situation. she also says that people here on scene did tell her that at least 11 people were hurt by gunfire, and we don't know how many of those are fatal. we also received word from another person that perhaps one of those victims may have been as young as 3 years old. again, we have not been able to independently confirm that, but that is what we're hearing from people who have been told by fair representatives here at the scene. now, all of those people are safe, and buses came in again to pick up more volunteers and more people who had been trapped for well over an hour hiding. also genie told me she was told by the people at the fair and other representatives and also law enforcement that there were two shooters and that one had been actually hit by gunfire and they are still looking for the other one.
7:59 pm
so again we are trying to confirm that, but she said they were told there were two active shooters at the same time one apparently had been shot by law enforcement and law enforcement is now still out here looking for that second person. and there are agencies from all over the bay area, all the way up into marina del ray and greenfield, somany others and the chp helicopter up in the air hovering over this area. so we're trying to get more information for you, but that's what we're hearing from people who were there in the thick of it. >> thank you very much, and we do hear that helicopter hovering above you still looking for a possible second suspect in this shooting. and we are just getting new information as to the number of victims and casualties. we're getting this from sources with knowledge of the investigation that 11 people are injured plus five patients taken by civilian vehicles just driven to st. marie's hospital and at least one of them in critical
8:00 pm
condition. so it was a scene just people are wounded. can't wait for an ambulance, we're going to move, five people did that. 11 others have been transported as well. they have been injured. we don't know exactly of all these -- we talk about the casualties here, how many of them were hit by bullets, trampled by others, ran into something we don't know. but we do have 11 people injured plus five patients taken by private vehicle to st. marie's hospital. >> live reporting here and you can see they're now accessing information from local sources. they are from our affiliate kntv in northern california. gilroy, california. if you're just joining us here on msnbc, it is 8:00 p.m. pacific time, 11:00 p.m. eastern. as we watch this breaking story coming out of northern california, again this location is a food festival. we got reports of this locally tat this happened right around 5:30. that would then put it around


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