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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 4, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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in dayton, ohio, at any moment this crime at this time. we're going to learn much more about a separate mass shooting there. oiv night a gunman firing at pabar killing 9 people and wounding 27. also happening at any minute it is certainly dozens. president trump will have his first chance to speak publicly on camera about the shootings. i don't want to put inanicerate he's about to leave his new jersey golf club and return to the white house. just moments ago the president number out at this time but tweeting out the flags at the dozens of rounds were fired. white house have been lowered to half staff. if the president speaks we're going to bring that to you live well, i would tell you that what was crucial in their response was the veilth of both shotgun as well. as we wait the police these conference gets started let's go to cathy clark. and patrol rifle. what have we learned over the that was crucial. course of this day? that was a commitment we made what are we waiting to hear from really well over a decade ago law enforcement over the next and even added to that inventory hour? >> reporter: david, good morning to you. sense my tenure as chief. i do want to point something out. i mean this is fifth street so recognizing the potential threats that we could face behind me in the oregon particularly people wearing district. and there are signs that the community is starting to move ballistic armor, we know we have forward. to have the kind of equipment
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we were told that the road is and weaponry to be able to expected to actually reopen any moment now. but as you mentioned there was a press conference that's supposed to happen momentarily to kind of this case. give us more information about yes, the information we have is the suspect, possibly a motive. they all came in the same but as you know this has been a vehicle, but they separated at some point. devastating day. >> was there an altercation in a somber tone has kind of the vehicle before? shifted throughout this >> no information in that community, 9 dead. we were told the names of the regard. i think you can imagine this is victims earlier. they range in age as well as a nightmare for them and i think back grnl they are struggling as you can background. we also had police confirm to us the identity of the gunman. what was interesting is that the understand. we've had a chance to have press conference earlier this contact with them, yes we have. afternoon was one of the victims >> any indication he was was actually the sister of the gunman. so we're supposed to hear a influenced by the incident in el little bit more about that connection hopefully in the press conference. but this tragedy has really hit paso? >> we have no information to suggest that, none at this time. every corner of this community. we had the opportunity to speak with a physician who attended to >> he knew that this gun and a lot of the patients who happen to arrive.
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ballistic vest and all this stuff was in the car? >> we had an opportunity to talk to the individual who rode in a vehicle with him, so that is part of our investigation that's what motivated you to come out here today? >> for me i just felt compelled ongoing. yes, we do have the information but we're not going to release it at this time. to come out and see the scene for myself. i think that in a way it's just part of my method to -- i can't confirm -- because it's going to speak to potential motive. there is far too much >> reporter: and that was lauren information we have to review because we can even begin a smith. she described the moments after the shooting as organized chaos conversation about possible and this is something we all prepare for, all train for motive. any potential slice of evidence including physicians, and she felt like she wanted to come out valued or not at this time is just too early. >> you said there were two to the scene to get a better weapons? >> yes. >> he had a shotgun and assault sense what the patients were rifle on him? >> i'll just reconfirm, the
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dealing with. some were injured with obviously shotgun -- yes, so there are two gunshot wounds but others were weapons but one of which was injured as they were escaping used in the assault. >> one he left in the vehicle the gunfire, running for their that he took to the place with lives, essentially. i was actually able to go behind his sister and her friend? >> well, let me just say those weapons eventually wound up at the bar where this shooting took that location. they separated at some point place and there was a profound later in that evening, so what image of shoes that happened to he did during that time that be in the parking lot. and we were told that people were just running for tear lives they were no longer together is and they were running so fast a question mark in our they lost their shoes. investigation and something just to kind of paint the we're going to have to picture of how chaotic this scene was at 1:00 this morning. determine. that question was already asked but this was a busy corridor. i i said we're not going to talk there are bars, restaurants, about any evidence at this time. theaters that line the fifth street. i don't have a number for you once again i mention you might right now. we were trying to confirm that. hear the noise behind me. we basically do ballistic checks crews are cleaning up the debris, also the blood that and we look for shell kagsings remains on the sidewalk and the at the scene and then we have to street after this bloodshed. match that against magazine capacity and rounds missing and david? >> kathy, i want to ask you this that's not always a precise as part of the continuum. comparison, so i don't have a
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we woke up here and certainly precise number for you at this about what happened in dayton, ohio. how front of mind what happened time. >> and all the deceased victims were killed by him -- in el paso, texas? >> we don't have any reason to >> reporter: it is definitely believe any of the other persons part of the conversation, david. but i think the focus is deceased were shot at the any definitely concentrated here in this community as they begin to heal because it's a tight-knit community, a relatively small other assailant at this time. community and they say this is really the hub. >> i don't think we have precise there are a lot of small time for that but clearly it was businesses and they never imagined anything like this to some point in the evening that hit so close to home. they did partways. >> do you know what time they and obviously el paso is in their thoughts and prayers, but arrived together? >> i don't have that available to me right now. thousands of people were out i don't have that specific this is place where the information. >> did he shoot at your officers community comes together to have a good time. and that was all changed in a or was he, you know, killed -- matter of moments. >> i don't think we have that david? >> absolutely. known with absolute certainty. kathy park in dayton, ohio. there was a vehicle shot early again. we'll go back to dayton as soon on in that exchange right as our as that press conference begins. officers were either engaging or we expect to hear from the about to ingage, so i can't president shortly. really speak to that precisely. this is the first time we'll see
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him publicly this weekend, and the big question will he speeg about the shooting as he leaves new jersey for washington, d.c. our white house correspondent that's really something we can't kelly o'donnell has been with tell at this point. the president over the course of it's a question, a nagging question and i just don't have the answer. we're trying to sort through this weekend. your sense of the likelihood that ourselves. we're going to hear something more extended from the president >> did any other victims know in a few minutes time? the shooter? >> reporter: my sense is highly >> not that i'm of. likely. and my reason for that is this >> can you speak thus far if is president who often addresses reporters, and this is there's a reason why -- circumstance where clearly he has been aware of the high >> not that we're aware of, so degree of interest, concern we really don't know if that somehow was of importance. angst in the country over these two shootings. all of the grief and loss and >> or any of the other victims are they in critical condition? the many questions that go on how are they doing? >> we don't have anything from it. what i am unsure of is how much precise on the other 27 i think. the president will address any underlying motives or if any of one critical. his rhetoric is a contributing factor to some of the motivations. will he go into any of that? well, in the future scene because we already have a that i'm not sure of. concentration because it's an but the president has been
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talking about his concerns for entertainment venue. the people of el paso and we realize a lot of people come dayton, his desire to make to the oregon district. certain federal resources are i've been there recently is and available to the law enforcement we have police officers present communities in both cities. he just tweeted a short time ago because of that reason. so will this cause us to about how he ordered flags at federal buildings around the nation to be lowered to half evaluate? we will evaluate everything that staff through thursday. touches on this incident just to and that kind of thing, those are gestures, of course, but determine whether or not we need to do anything differently. that is one of tools of the but there were certainly plenty presidency that can be about the of officers present that acted community of a nation and that virtually instantaneously and can be important. effectively ended this in 30 there are certainly those who would like to see the president speak more forcefully on some issues whether it relates to white nationalism, gun violence, seconds. gun safety, gun laws. it was crucial. there are so many layers that had this individual made it are within these tragedies, and through the doorway with that level of weaponry there would the president can address these top kz. what will the president say? have been a catastrophic injury certainly reporters who will be and loss of life. station at the wing of air force so stopping him before he could get inside there, you saw all one for his return trip, i'm the people. they were running in there for confident they will ask questions. we'll have to see how the president chooses to respond. protection. it was essential and minimizing
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both departing new jersey and then when the president returns the degree we could casualties to the south lawn of the white and deaths from this incident. house there will also be a >> did the shooter have a chance to reload? >> i'm not aware of that being complementing journalist awaiting his return. there are two opportunities to the case. see the president in public today. he has of course spent the they were obtained legally, yes. weekend with family at his home on the grounds of one of his >> did the shooter and suspect trump branded national golf courses, so we've not had the talk to anyone as this was going opportunity to see him in a public space over the course of this weekend. we've been talking with white on? house advisers who have >> none. >> meghan betts she was there described some of what has been going on behind the scenes and with a friend, right, and he describing some of the president's reaction. wasn't -- >> no, he was one of the ones and they say, you know, much like anyone else the president injured, transported to the has been saddened and angered by hospital. >> he was one of the 27 injured? what has played out. >> that is correct. and the shock of it, the scale of it, the enormity of the loss >> what was the suspect wearing? there were reports of a mask and of life. then body armor -- and at the same time there is this political component where >> yes, ballistic vest. we see certainly democratic candidates who have their own some sort of a mask, correct. campaigns they're running, they're own agenda politically, >> that's richard biehl, they're own ideas politically that they're talking about and updating them on a shooting that took place early this morning. certainly of accusations and we're going to continue monitoring what the police chief
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has to say. recriminations towards the you see the mayor of dayton president for some of his behind him. and there you see marine one, commentary. >> let's go now to dayton to the helicopter that carries the president, it is there. hear from local law enforcement the president who has spent the officials from that city. weekend at his golf course in new jersey, in med minister, new >> the community council, many of whom i see standing here behind the cameras have received jersey, is making his way back to washington, d.c. in morris this briefing as per our regular town he'll bord air force one to process. fly back to washington, d.c. and if you could stand on this and here as we were discussed with kelly o'donnell a little side. we are really appreciative of while ago is will the president stop to take questions as he so them taking the time as they often does about the shootings always do regardless of the that took place in el paso, texas, where i'm standing now incident. they come to our community to and in dayton, ohio. sit with the police department to discuss the response, so i'm i should say the white house has very grateful for them because not told us a whole lot about what the president has been up to this week and at that golf even when there are incidents that don't get any press at all, course in new jersey we see him they are there. walking across the tarmac here. he's not been quiet on twitter. i also want to mention that the president has tweeted tonight at 8:00 p.m. we will be several times today about these shootings. the most recent one, saying good
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bless to those in el paso, god having a vigil at the oregon district on fifth street. bless to those in morris town. this is way that, you know, this is our district. let's take a listen to what he has to say on the tarmac in morris town. >> to the people of el paso, i want to recognize everyone texas, and dayton, ohio, they're who's here of the elected. incredible people and been through a lot. i just want to also thank the law enforcement in both places. the job they've done is incredible. i also want to congratulate commissioner shaw and mens doing them. i mean nobody could have done what they've done. this could have been -- as bad whuns needs to be done and just as it was, it could have been so having that support of our much worse. i just have to thank them. community lead leaders and state the job they've done is leaders has meant a lot to me incredible. they were right on the ball in personally but it means a lot to el paso, they were there so quickly. and in dayton, in less than a them as well. minute. okay, so i'm going to turn it think of the damage he did in over to chief field. such a short period of time. in less than a minute the law this is a pretty typical piece we do regularly on any kind of enforcement acted and killed incident. him, and it would have been and certainly i want to say the unbelievable. it was horrible, but it would
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amazing, amazing work of it have been so much worse, it police department and fire department this past, you know, could have been so much worse. 12 to 15 hours is demonstrated, i just want to say these were but i'm really amazed this is two incredible places. we love the people. what they do every single day, hate has no place in our and this is what they do every country, and we're going to take single day. care of it. and i'm so grateful to get to be i spoke with attorney general the mayor of a city with such an bill barr at length. i spoke to christopher wray, outstanding fire and police director of the fbi, spoke to department. chief richard biehl. the governors, both governors >> i'm here to provide an update and we're doing a lot of work. of course a of an active shooter a lot of people are working right now, a lot of law that occurred in the oregon enforcement people and others. district in the early morning spoke to members of congress hour of today. a bit of time line. about whatever we can do and a today at 1:05 a.m. officers were lot of things are being done right now as we speak. patrolling the oregon district i'll be making a statement during bar closing time and heard gunfire. tomorrow some time, but just on behalf of our first lady and they observed a large crowd lur myself condolences to all. yg away from this gunfire and we have to get it stopped. the officers immediately advance asked within 20 seconds they this has been going on for engaged with suspects actively years. for years and years in our attempting to enter a crowded country, and we have to get it stopped.
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liquor establishment. so thank you very much and i the threat was neutralized of will be making a statement tomorrow at about 10:00. approximately 30 seconds of the and i'll see you there. suspect firing his first shots. thank you all very much. you'll now hear one of the 911 you have to talk up. calls they received. >> what are you going to do about it? >> we're talking to a lot of people and a lot of things are in the works. and we have done much more than most administrations, and it's >> okay, right outside? not talked about very much, but >> multiple shots. we've done actually a lot but perhaps more has to be done. >> someone got shot there? but this is also a mental illness problem. if you look at both of these >> i don't know if they were shot. they were sitting there, active cases, this is mental illness. these are people that are very, shooter outside. very seriously mentally ill. adult male. yes, outside. so a lot of things are happening, a lot of things are happening right now, and i will don't go outside. see you tomorrow at 10:00. >> president trump, melania trump in morris town, new >> we ran inside, we barricaded jersey, making their way off the
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tarmac to air force one. the president talking about the incredible people in el paso, the door. texas, and dayton, ohio, where these two shootings took place teasing the fact there will be an official statement tomorrow he'll deliver around 10:00 in the morning. he said praising law enforcement as he so often does after shootings like these calling it incredible, citing specifics we're in downtown dayton, active saying they were able to neutralize that suspect in less than a minutes time. on the tarmac the president shooter -- i don't know. being asked what has been been done exactly, a lot more than >> now you will see a video that people give him credit for, he was taken inside of one of the says. joining me now is presidential candidate amy klobuchar. she's of course the senior shops on fifth street in the oregon district. senator from minnesota. she joins me now. you talk about this after the shooting in parkland, florida, you went to the white house, there was a discussion the president convened about this gun policy in this country and as you've put it since and in recent days, the president folded. what have you heard from the
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president this afternoon in those brief comments? could this be something solved [ gunshots ]. or helped solved by the president of the united states? >> it was the same thing he said last time right after parkland where he acted as though he wanted to get things done. i would agree with him that law enforcement and the first responders were incredible and everyone's heart is broken over what happened in el paso and dayton. the story of the mother who >> the suspect has been protected her little baby in that store and perished herself identified as a conner stephen but protected the child. there's story after story of betts. he as a minimal criminal history extraordinary people doing just as an adult, traffic violations. extraordinary things that they shouldn't have to do if we had he was wearing a mask, sensible gun legislation. when i sat across from him at bulletproof vest and bullet protection. he was armed with a .223 the white house he said nine times, i kept track of it, that he wanted to see universal background checks. he even implied he would put the caliber-like rifle with 100 round drum magazines. assault weapon wan in there when he is 24 years of age and he is he said yes, senator feinstein's
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deceased. bill. he said i would put my domestic fatalities from this assault violence provisions in there. i literally sat right across include lois, a black female 27 from him and the next day he met with the nra and he folded. so we have heard this before, years of age. and meanwhile more and more megan betts, 22 years of age, people have died. she is the suspect's sister. >> senator klobuchar, that's the executive branch. saeed, a black male 38 years of let's turn to the legislative branch. you were among those democrats who said we will get back to age. logan turner, white male 30 work tomorrow if we could pass years of age, nicholas, white the bill that the house has male 27 years of age. passed. the senate majority leader didn't say much this morning. thomas nickels black male 25 the spokesman said he would years of age. beatrice curtis, black male 36 offer any information if there was any. we've learned this afternoon the majority leader has fractured his shoulder. that's the only update we've years of age. gotten from him. in addition there are 27 confirmed victims who were >> on our side we've made it injured and transported to local clear we want to come back. hospitals for treatment. senator schumer who has been a leader on guns has specifically basic overview of this scene of said he wants us to come back. i would literally go back there this entire incident is now on tomorrow morning if senator
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your screen. in the lower left-hand corner mcconnell wants to call us back. you see a square. it's all in his hands. that is the approximate location we have a bill that came over of the suspect's vehicle. from the house, a background it was parked and then the check bill similar to what suspect left and then wept onto commit this assault. senator mantion and toomey had the rectangular area towards the in the past. now is the time to do it. right side and more center of we can look at the assault the diagram and where the weapons ban which could have prevented this, limits on suspect fires his first shots magazines. when i heard the president and killed his first victim. commending law enforcement, he then enters onto fifth street something i agreed with him on, but the other part of it he and then there are eight other victims killed by the suspect didn't seem to note. this man in one minute was able before he is fatally struck at to kill nine people. why would we put a gun in this the entrance where the circle man's hand, that kind of high powered assault weapon that would be able to kill nine people in one minute? designates. this is just the suspect's initial route. i'm from a proud hunting state so you saw that square box that and you don't need a weapon like was on the screen, same where he that to hunt. >> senator, as i hear it the language surrounding these shootings has begun to change, fired the initial shots. perhaps since we've had two of
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that is the same area illuminated in the daytime and them in the course of 24 hours. but one called the president a that path he took to get to white nationalist today. fifth street. we're now going to show a couple is that something you're of videos of this event that comfortable doing today? would you call trump a white will show graphic content. nationalist? they will show police officers >> i have made clear i think engage in this individual. he's a racist and he says things in order to divide people every they will show multiple shots being fired. single day. we have done -- tried to and for him to say just now on eliminate any video at this time the press that we need to do that shows any victims who were something about hate when he's shot. so let's start with the first been fomenting hate is the ultimate irany, of course. but you know what, i want to get solutions and save lives. and the way we do that is two video. ways. one, doing everything we can right now to pass some gun safety legislation, and this could finally be the moment. and the second thing in my mind is to get a new president because this kind of hate and >> you see a police officer the kind of people that are listening to it has led to an running along the top of the screen to engage the suspect. increase in hate crimes. >> just lastly here as you know there are a lot of democratic that's him there when he's candidates so i want to get a
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sense of what you would change. those in favor of changing the struck multiple times and he stops there. there's a little bit video sag swre magazine requirements to those there, little bit different talking about background checks. angle. you see a lot of officers who >> that's why i was at the white house to advocate for gun safety are entering from the upper changes after parkland. left-hand corn of the screen and begin heading down the roadway i supported change the loophole there to engage the suspect. and the universal background checks, the magazines, and also under 21, putting a prohibition in place if you can't get the there's one officer there. assault weapon ban, at least don't let kids under 21 purchase another officer coming with a an assault weapon. but i think the assault weapon ban would be preferable. at the meeting at the white patrol rifle. house the president also raised additional officers responding. the idea of putting age limits in, again something he hasn't followed through on. >> senator amy klobuchar, the senior senator from minnesota, democratic candidate for president, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you very much.
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a sergeant with a shotgun. appreciate it. thank you. >> joining me now is another presidential candidate senator kirsten gillibrand of new york. i know you didn't have a chance to hear the president's remarks brief as they were. i'll recap them here quickly. he praised law enforcement for their work in el paso, talked about the incredible people in next is a photograph of the suspect's vehicle which is 2007 both cities and spoke to the fact this is mental health issue, and i want to get your gray toyota corolla. next is a photo of the firearm used by the suspect. reaction to the response we've you see in the lower left-hand seen thus far from the president corner the double drum magazines and his surrogates on twitter would have a capacity of up to but also on the sunday shows 100 rounds. this morning, bullet also the on the lower right-hand corner, reaction frm yom you and your that farm is identified. colleagues it seems this moment is different. >> i mean for president trump to the officers involved in this -- say we have to get it stopped, and the quickest way to do that in the active shooting in this is for him to stop being a event include sergeant william racist. he has created a national knight who came on 1997 and a emergency of rampant white
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20-year veteran. remaining officers have been on nationalism across it country. roughly about three years. and i think white national jeremy campbell, vinten carter, terrorism i think we need to blame president trump and the officer ryan nable, and officer rhetoric he's used since he got elected. >> let's talk a bit more about that. there's been a lot of concern david. we've had extraordinary raised in the last 24 hours assistance from many, many different agencies, the before that i should say about montgomery county sheriff's office, ohio state patrol, the how well equipped the government federal bureau of investigation is to deal with the threat of white nationalism, the number of people devoted to look at this in the fbi and the intelligence represented here with us on stage, alcohol, tobacco and agencies, for instance. speak to that if you would, how firearms also represented with much needs to change in that us here on stage, dayton police regard? >> well, i don't think we should department, five rivers metro accept we have to live in a force, riverside police world with gun violence. department, montgomery county i've seen it in my own state, coroner's office, montgomery county prosecutors office, box children have died sitting on a park bench. 21, red cross, bell brook police a young girl has died just being department, and also the u.s. attorney of southwest ohio has a party with her friends. we really can't live in a world also joined us on stage who have been very supportive and helpful in this investigation which is and had to shelter in place. ongoing. i just want to remind you we're a little bit more than 12 plus
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and i think the biggest problem hours into this event so much is unknown. the dayton police department is politics, the fact the nra homicide unit will be handling has such a choke hold on members the criminal investigation and of congress, congress is the administrative investigation skill be conducted by the unwilling to do basic things like universal background checks, banning assault rifles protective standards bureau and and large magazines or having a that occurs each time an officer federal anti-gun trafficking discharges a firearm. law. those are common sense things the officers will be placed on even nra members agree with. administrative leave and that is per protocol. the gun manufacturers are we're asking for assistance in beholden to their shareholders this investigation and all they want to do is make notwithstanding the local, money. and we have to be able to stand financial and federal and statement resources with this up to them. and i think we have to call it investigation. if there's any information regarding this incident it will for what it is, and congress has be relayed to dayton police been shameless, unwilling to do department by calling the tip line at 937-225-6217. what's necessary to stop these gun deaths from happening. >> i don't know if you heard a family assistance center has your colleague from the senate been established at the dayton convention center where you are at and can be contacted directly just a moment ago, amy klobuchar at 937-223-8430. saying the president was a race, and for additional information and let me ask you about those two terms.
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please follow our twitter page is the president a racist? at dayton police. is the president a white that is the entirety of the nationalist? >> he is. and all you have to do is listen presentation. at this time the status of this to his words to make that investigation once again i reiterate we are very, very early into this investigation. any suggestion at this time of decision. used racist language and racist dog whistles on behalf of the motive would be irresponsible. we do not have sufficient presidency and said mexicans are information to answer the question everyone wants to know. rapists. he's really truly using constant why? we do not have the answer at this time? we will clearly pursue this investigation to try to understand the motivation in this crime assuming that there aggressive divisive language. is a motivation that's and i've seen in my own state of understandable. so that's still before us. we have a lot of evidence to new york that hate crimes have process through. from digital evidence to risen exponentially under this physical evidence to phone evidence. so much, much investigation is presidency. >> last question here i said a . before us. so we're very early on. he's fractured his shoulder. this is very basic preliminary what is your message to him if he's listening now about what
1:22 pm
information we're going to needs to happen next? provide at this time. with that i open up to any >> we should call congress back questions you may have. >> you may have mentioned this into session. we should vote right now on three measures, universal earlier today but the report background checks, making sure that someone grabbed the end of we actually ban assault rifles the rifle and show he dropped it and large magazines and setup an and grabbed a handgun and started shooting, continued shooting? anti-gun trafficking law. is that true in. those three things could go a >> we have no information to substantiate that at all. long way in keeping our >> as far as you know it was community safer. just the rifle -- >> senator gillibrand, thank you >> there was a security officer after the suspect was down who very much for the time on this removed the rifle from sunday. she's a democratic senator from underneath him or the weapon new york state. from underneath him. much more to come here from el paso where i'm standing that happened. but i have no information to corroborate what you just including an update on the victims that tack place in the mentioned at all. wal-mart just behind where i stand. wal-mart just behind where i stand. here you go little guy. >> we're going to have to do this in an orderly fashion -- no, she was not the first victim but she was one of the initial victims. right out he came out of the alley way she and another male who was a companion of the suspect was shot and wounded, so
1:23 pm
they were victims initially after the first person was shot. so very close proximity. >> in your department this afternoon i believe with other agencies, can you tell us other weapons and evidence you may have found -- >> i can't speak to the evidence recovered. we clearly did recover evidence. much of this we're going to have to examine so i can't really comment further on that at this time. well, there's more than one gun, but they tell you that particular weapon that you saw was ordered online from texas a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. but thfred to the suspect at a wow. yeah, wow. local firearms dealer here in this area. there was also a shotgun acquired from two different dealers. but that weapon originated in not getting in today. not on my watch.
1:24 pm
pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. texas. let me say there's nothing in terminix. defenders of home. this individual's history or record that would have precluded him from purchasing that firearm. >> is that magazine illegal? >> there is no endication that that is illegal at this time? >> is there anything significant to mentioning the shooter's race? >> to mention it? i don't think i understand your question. it's a white in
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♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. i'm david gura live in el paso, texas. as we remember the victims of this weekend's deadly shooting here. also paying attention to the shooting in dayton, ohio, as well. this city is in mourning after 20 people were killed on saturday. marking the deadliest shooting of the year. one of the victims was a 25-year-old mother of 3 named jordan. she died shielding her 2-month-old son. he was treated for broken bones. there are at least 26 people injured who are being treated in two major nearby hospitals. i'm joined by nbc's blayne
1:27 pm
alexander in el paso with me, outside delsol medical center. what are the updates you've gotten from doctors and administrators at that hospital today? >> reporter: well, david, of those 26 people we know 11 of them were brought here to delsol. we're waiting to see if one of them will be released today. as of the briefing that we received earlier from medical officials, we know that of the 11, 8 of them are in stable condition and 3 remain in critical. they were hopeful they would be able to release one of those victims later today. so i'm speaking with people inside to find out if and when that person will be able to go home. so certainly some good news there. now, of the people that we talked about, the three that remain in critical condition, the doctor told us earlier that just because of the nature of their wounds, because so many of them received gunshot wounds to the chest, they're going back into surgery later today. that they're going to have to repeatedly kind of repeat this process of surgery, coming out, stabilizing then going back into surgery. now among them is somebody whose
1:28 pm
granddaughter we spoke to today, gentleman named juan velasquez. he and his wife were both shot outside of the walmart yesterday. here's what his granddaughter had to say about how they're both doing. >> they had already been shot when my grandma called my mom and they were just crying just telling us that it hurt, like, where they shot them at it hurt, so my mom was trying to tell her to stay calm, to just breathe. right now my grandma is kind of stable. luckily, she already went through, like, the worst part, but my grandpa, he's going into his second surgery right now and we don't know what's going to happen, but we're just praying for a miracle. >> reporter: and david, we know here at the hospital, it's literally been all hands on deck. they say even though kind of the wave has passed they're still busy making sure everyone is stabilized and finally they said they've seen people not working, who are off work, drop everything and come in here and help and help make sure people survive this massacre in el
1:29 pm
paso. david? >> blayne, on that point, what is the hospital saying about how equipped it was for a tragedy of this side? you mentioned the volunteerism folks, who weren't working, tole in and help, how equipped were they to deal with this magnitude? >> here's what's remarkable today, david, the doctor told me earlier today, the head of trauma, they had a dry run for something like this just a few months ago. day had what they call training for some sort of mass shooting. and what they would do, how they would treat people, how they would triage patient. so this is something that is kind of fresh, he says once that emotion kicks in and it really happens, that's something you just can't prepare for. david? >> blayne alexander joining us from delsol medical center. i want to turn to dayton, bring in jim cavanaugh, retired atf special agent in charge. er neg.
1:30 pm
and sam. i was struck, as you were, watching the police cleave in dayton walk through what he characterized as a prez taksent. it was that. played a 911 tape, played several videos of what happened during the course of that scene. what's your takeaway from the way law enforcement handled that shooting in dayton, ohio, earl earlier this morning? >> couldn't have handled it better. the most important things were the killer had a 100-round drum. so if he had got inside the ned peppers, he really would have slaughtered a lot of people there. the most effective thing were the police were there already but had a tactical patrol rifle and a shotgun. the sergeant had a shotgun. those were equalizers to the long gun that the killer had. i'm sure they played a key role because the tactical patrol rifle could penetrate the body armor of the killer, the shotgun could knock him down and knock him back. the shotgun was the weapon i always reached for as a uniformed officer. so those made the things more
1:31 pm
equal. 30 seconds, i listened to that sound tape over and over again, and it's, david, and it's 30 seconds the whole thing's over. >> richard lui in new york city, we lost our signal with david gura, we'll get back to him if we can. sam, since you're listening to what we were just listening to from jim, what was your reflection on the ability for dayton to really lay out a lot of data in a short amount of time? perhaps, why would they do that now? >> yeah, that's pretty amazing part on being able to provide as much information to the public as possible. these are just two very horrific incidents just coming in rapid succession and to be completely transparent like that and provide all the information that you can to the public, i think is the way to go for law enforcement. >> sam rabadi, thank you so much, jim cavanaugh, appreciate your time, of course, throughout the last two days.
1:32 pm
both of you. in helping us through our special live coverage of these deadly mass shootings in el paso, texas, dayton, ohio, as well. we're going to continue next with reverend al sharpton and "politicsnation." stick around. we'll be right back. great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ dexperience thrillingn operformance.o now at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr for 60 months on all 2019 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. cake in the conference room!
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good evening, and welcome to this special edition of "politicsnation." tonight's lead, another summer weekend, another uniquely
1:36 pm
american mass shooting. followed by another. all in less than 24 hours. adding up to four such shooting incidents in just the last week, all together. 29 people have been killed since saturday morning i
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