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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 9, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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headquarters here in new york. >> in the wake of two mass shootings, president trump is facing increasing pressure on gunpr reform. he told lawmakers and aids he's open to background checks. >> and the fall out from massive raids in mississippi leaving many children without their parents. >> a major shake up. sue gordon has assigned she'll be redesigning along with her boss,ng out going director dan coats. >> good morning, it is friday,
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august 9. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. >> president trump heads on vacation amid tumultuous times. he's headed to his new jersey golf club. he'sy facing a series of crise that could havecr consequences over reelection bid. the aftermath of the shootings and outrage after passing begun legislation. the trade war with china and tensions with iran and north korea. writing, the dark clouds are converging. trump skuds confidence but as the two dozen democrats eager to take his job sharpen their attacks, the white house or for the next o ten days, the clubhoe at new jersey will have to mount against the base. >>ns the pressure to pass new g
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legislation in this country, more than 200 mayors have called on the senate to return early from the summer. tim ryan has joined a caravan of protesters headed to the home state of mitch mcconnell. his tone has actually changed. >> you are not calling people back in n early to address this gun legislation? >> if we did that, we'd have people scoring points and nothing would happen. there haswo to be a bipartisan discussion here on what we can agree on. background checks and red flags would probably lead the discussion butab a lot of other things will come up as well. what we can't do is fail to pass something, you know, by just locking up and failing to pass. that's t unacceptable.
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>> mcconnell also said a ban on assault weapons will likely be among the proposal but discusses the ineffectiveness of the ban. >> trump has repeatedly told lawmakers andto aids he is for e background checks. sayinghe nrs chief executive spe with trump on tuesday after the president expressed support for ad background check bill and td him it would not be popular among trump supporters. the two men had several more calls onve wednesday. the republican senator said he has also spoken to the president several times about background check legislation. the senators proposed a bipartisan bill that would expand background checks to cover on line and gun show sales as well as a red flag law. they put this back in laeg slags
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in 2013 after the sandy hook shootings. tumi has a real interest in the issue. >> i've spoken to the president several times this week. our conversations are about what we can do and should do. i think the president is open to considering broadening background checks. the president is very much interested. he is listening. i think he wants to work with congress and accomplish something. please in missouri arrested a man after he bran dished a tactical rifle inside a walmart. the 20-year-old white man was arrested. the gunman pushing a shopping cart and videoing himself walking through the store. the man seen here was wearing a
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bullet prove vest and had more than 100 rounds of ammunition. the intend was to cause chaos. no shots were fired. >> the number two intelligence official has announced her resignation. sue gordon announced in a hand written note to president trump she was stepping down. trump tweeted that gordon was a great professional for whom he had developed great respect. and added that her departure would coincide with dan coats departure. a recommending that gordon replace him but white house chief of staff told him the administration had someone else in mind. one source said when she was told that, she had no choice but to hand in her resignation.
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the president announced he was naming the current director of counterterrorism as acting director of national intelligence. he had planned to nominate john ratliff but dropped him amid option. joe biden continues to maintain hisin lead in the 2020 democratic field in iowa. a towarding to a poll, 28% of likely democratic 2 voters in t state said they would support the t former vice president. warren trails at 19%. senator harris is in third place with 11% backing her up. she's up four points. bernie sander's has seen his support slip with only 9% saying they would vote for him. >> the iowa fair kicked off
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today hosting 20 of the candidates including biden and montana governor bullock. >> never in my life did i think i would utter we have a president that gives aid and comfort to enemies abroad and incites those at home. the lines divided by race, gender and equality. we expect more out of our preschoolers than the president of the united states. >> i'm told by colleagues you can't unite the country. one side says biden has been around too long. the other side says biden is too naive. one thing i've learned is that the american people, after three yearser of this guy, have decid a lot of what he's talking about
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is hocum. >> we got to let him know who we have. we choose unity over division. we choose science over fiction. truth over facts. >> andrew yang announced he is the ninth candidate to qualify in houston. showing yang with 2% support giving him the fourth poll he needs to qualify for the debate. the democrat yi the democratic national committee has not announced, yang's administration says it has acquired the number required. so far, eight other have required the necessary numbers. former housing secretary, castro, and others are not far off from qualifying as well. >> with all of that in mind, let's bring in a reporter from the "washington post" eugene
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scott. the dnc rule change has proven to not have any impact, do you think it has had such a result? >> it opens up who can be involved in the conversation. we've seen that specifically with andrew yang with the idea of freedom dividend seems to be more popular than a lot of people initially thought it would be. moving forward, we'll pay close attention to seeing whether or not he can move more support to him and there for stay in the conversation longer than he has now. >> eugene, let's talk gun control measures here. senate majority leader mcconnell said he is open to debate over new gun control measures. we have a lot of lawmakers that will act fast.
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could we see this debate stall out and nothing happen, nothing change. >> that is likely. since the last mass shooting, i don't know what issues will be introduced that would lead individuals on either side of the outs that would reconsider changing theirre minds. as mentioned before, there are only two republicans on the record that are r interested in expanding background checks. unless something like that changes, that would impact the policy. >> i think the director from the washington post said they had spoken to la pierre who said your base is not going to support but the president asking around about how much influence the nra still actually has. wandering if the president is really looking to make some movement on this, if in fact the
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nra isn't used to it. >> it is determined by what the president's base will do. heba has made it clear his reelection strategy is focusing on pleasing the people who got him to the white housepe in the first place. if there is support from these voters, i think the perfect easy will stick to that. if he gets the sense this is an idea he has and those backing him will not support, we should expect him topo walk away from . >> thank you. still ahead, former fbi director mccabe sues the trump administration for his dismissal. >> this week's massive raids in mississippi that left many children separated from their parents. those stories and a check on the weather when we come back. [farmers bell]
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>> welcome back. former fbi deputy director andrew mckacabe filed suit claiming, quote, his unlawful termination came as a result from president trump. he was fired back in march of 2018 by then attorney general jeff sessions following an internal recommendation. mccabe was less go less than two days before he was set to retire effectively making him unable to receive his benefits. it w the lawsuit also named attorney general bill barr and fbi director chris ray. it comes one day after fbi
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director peter strzok filed suit for his firing from the legal department. >> so this is the second time this week you've had a former pretty high ranking fbi official go after the department of justice and the agency. what do you make of this claim? what is the likelihood something like this actually gets adjudicated in his favor? >> there have been lawsuits like this in the past. the issue, basically a career civil serve ant, not a political appointee can be terminated for not being with the party in power. if the republicans come into office and you have a higher ranking fbi civil servant, can you terminate or sweep out all of those folks that don't align with the party now in power. the supreme court has said you
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can't generally do that. >> cannot? >> cannot do that. or if you are going to, the fifth amendment requires due process, notice, time to respond, these kinds of protections. in this case, mccabe argues his dismissal was so quick, no time, within days, it didn't follow any procedures or internal rules that govern termination of employees like mccabe. >> the president is being named as the political motivator here behind both terminations. what if any implications will this have on the run up to 2020? is. >> because these are civil lawsuits, i warn that discovery can be devastating for any civil defend enter. even the federal government which is difficult to sue has to be considered in the lead up, at
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least president trump has to consider that as a named defend enter to what degree will discovery damage the president in the lead up to reelection. >> he's obviously not wanting his job back. what are the possible measures if it comes down in his favor? >> exactly. he wouldn't want reinstatement. that's not really workable. it is a figurative kind of reinstatement. it is retroactively. at the end of the tunnel he gets his benefits. that's what this is about. the court would create this fictional world where he was returned to work, then allowed to retire and he gets all of those benefits without changing anything today. >> this thing could drag on and there could be no resolution. >> even in federal court, the
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discovery process can take years. >> always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> let's get a quick check on the weather with meteorologist bill ckarins. >> some of us are going to have a beautiful weekend and others it is just august, it is hot and humid and just brutal. heat advisory with about 33 million from texas through southern georgia and florida. it will feel like 105 to 115 this afternoon. i have to show you galveston. right now, if you walk outside, it feels like 101 degrees. they have gone 23 hours with a heat index over 100. this is the warmest night in the city's history in records that go back to the late 1800s if they can go another hour,
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they'll have a first time ever 24 hours in a row feeling above 100 degrees. incredible stuff. this is the heat index forecast in houston. 108 friday through sunday. new orleans 107 through 106. dallas, you get the picture here. the south, not pretty. we have some dangerous weather near ozark, arkansas. flash flood warnings. the rest of the region, i mentioned there is some gorgeous weather. chicago, 81 and sunny. it is a beautiful, cool, fall-like morning. sunny and warm. it will feel very comfortable. we give you the complete forecast coming up. in the winter, we laugh at the people in the north. it is kind of reverse right now. >> thanks, bill. still ahead.
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corn field and build a baseball diamond. >> hey, is this heaven? >> no. it's iowa. >> literally one of the best movies of all time. >> did you notice that aaron judge there. >> i noticed. >> major league baseball announced it will build a temporary 8,000-seat stadium. it will host the new york yankees as you just saw there with aaron judd and the chicago white sox for a regular 2020 season game. construction slated to begin and will reportedly mimic the park home of the white sox and will
2:25 am
be the first ever major league contest played in iowa and will count as a home game for chicago. >> i'm going to try to figure out how to get tickets. i'd go to that in a second. >> i'm sure you and more than 8,000 people. >> rosie ruiz, the whom who faked victory at the boston march than died at age 66. saw a posting linking to a funeral home under her name through marriage. cancer was given as the cause. ruiz stunned the nation by being the first woman to complete the march than in 2:51 minutes. however, her story did soon un-ralph after determining she
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there is new fall out this morning after a massive immigration raid in mississippi at food processing plants near six small towns near jackson, mississippi called the biggest work site immigration raiding in a single state. 271 were released after processing with a court date. 32 others were released at the work sites. 377 were still in custody yesterday afternoon. many children of those taken into custody were left temporarily homeless yesterday as you see in some of the footage. the local cbs affiliate talking for some of the children taken to a community gym. >> fighting back tears. the 11-year-old expressed to us
2:31 am
her devastation. >> government, please put your heart that my parent be here. >> children's left behind and families impacted stress their parents and friends are good people. >> i need my dad. my dad didn't do nothing. he's not a criminal. >> so the special agent in charge of the security unit said they took tremendous care to make sure no children were left in vulnerable positions despite the fact that their parents were taken. those arrested were given access to phones to make arrangements for their children. political representative pointed out nonof those managers who hired those were arrested. >> i wonder why? >> in july, almost 72,000 people
2:32 am
were happ were apprehended. 862,000 have been apprehended or deemed inadmissible in the fiscal year so far. the decline believed to be in part to migrants choosing not to travel during hot summer months and effected the policy of forcing asylum seekers to seek asylum in another country. nancy pelosi is leading a bipartisan delegation in an effort to look at the cause of immigration. president trump continues to down play the impact of his rhetoric in the wake of the el paso shooting, a new analysis finds that the terms used in his
2:33 am
rallies. the president has regularly embraced words like ill yen, invasion, alien, killer, criminal nam and animal over 500 times. more than half of those ut ranss came in the two months prior to the 2018 midterm election underscoring how he uses his position. the president is facing pressure from critics that say his rhetoric has created a climate of change. the screed written by the el paso shooter claims the invasion of hispanic people in texas. >> president trump compared the crowd sizes he and former congressman beto o'rourke drew earlier this year. this is from video taken at the
2:34 am
conversation. posting the video on the feed showing trump talking to medical staff at the medical center. showing trump talking about his crowd and beto o'rourke crowd sizes comparing the two at an event earlier this year. >> i was here three months ago, we made a speech. what was the name of the arena. that place was packed, right? that was some crowd. we had twice the number outside. then you had the crazy beto. he had like 400 people in a parking lot. >> despite trump's claim that over 10,000 people attended the february rally. the el paso times reported according to the fire department only 6500 people were inside. >> the panel is conducting an
2:35 am
impeachment inquiry. >> this is formal impeachment proceedings. we are investigating and gathering evidence we will at the conclusion of this hopefully by the end of the year, vote to articles of impeachment or we won't. that's a decision we have to make. that's exactly the process we are in right now. >> congressman nadler's decision came after the recent court filings seeking bob mueller's materials and testimony from his investigation star witnesses. nadler has pushed nancy pelosi privately into a formal inquiry. pelosi publicly stated that impeachment is too divisive an issue for the country. >> bringing in the "washington post" report. good to have you with us. could the push from him for the
2:36 am
impeachment further spark a civil war between house democrats who would rather not proceed with proceedings and those on the more left that want to push? >> it is possible. we do know not everyone is on board with impeachment. there are some lawmakers frustrated seeing things move because they believe the best way to beach trump is in 2020. we also know that nadler and some lawmakers like him are listening to the base. the base wants to see the proceedings move forward. i think what we are seeing, especially from pelosi is direction to listen to constituents and advocate for the things voters want. it shows the diversity of the democratic party when it comes to this issue. >> eugene, let's turn back to the records of yesterday's massive i.c.e. raids. given the ongoing concerns about
2:37 am
detention centers in this country, do you think we could see lawmakers step in and try to regulate how it is undocumented children are taken into custody. >> there is certainly a desire for more of that coming from lawmakers on the left. i think we can expect to see children's rights emerge as a more central issue in this election moving forward because we do have lawmakers, candidates specifically hoping replace trump who have said the rights of these human beings, these children are being violated and not considered. there will be legislation that will be pushed forward to see if this policy has to continue, if these policies have to continue how best can children's lives be protected compared to what is happening right now.
2:38 am
>> thank you, eugene. still ahead, leaders in puerto rico replacing the island's third governor in less than a week. a hero is welcomed home after disappearing in a war zone over 50 years ago. the special role his son played in that return. bill karins is back with a look at the weekend forecast. your first look at "morning joe" is back in a moment. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ [ referee whistle sounds ] ♪ sport dr[ cheering ]s when you need the fuel to be your nephew's number one fan. holiday inn express. we're there. so you can be too.
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get everything on your list. this week's doorbuster- school backpacks for $10; $10 in store or online from the advisors at office depot officemax. but in my mind i'm still 25. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium. welcome back, one day after puerto rico swore in their third governor in less than a week, leaders are now considering a fourth person. publicly backed congresswoman jennifer gonzalez to be secretary of state putting her next in line to become governor. saying the president of the house and senate called her asking her if she was available to become secretary of state.
2:42 am
although she agreed, she said she was not seeking the position. recently many protesters that called for the resignation are calling for vazquez to step down seeing her as a continuation of the previous administration. >> the weekend forecast coming up. we get these updates from noah and different agencies about the hurricane season. we are in a little bit quiet period now as we ramp up towards the peek, which is september. they are saying for the atlantic season, they are still thinking it will be very active with 45% chance of being above normal. 20% below normal. odds are favoring increased number of storms and they think we could end up with 5 to 9 hurricanes. we've had one. i bet in about two to three weeks, it will start to pick up.
2:43 am
when we get to september, we are tracking two and three storms at a time. getting to your forecast, no worries at the tropics. we are going to watch really a split between the hot and humid sticky stuff in the south and a fall-like air mass through the great lakes to the northeast. you'll feel it at night. the temperature will drop and be very comfortable from the ohio valley to the northeast. this time of year, you are happy to get cooled off. sunday is gorgeous throughout mid-atlantic and northeast. even in boston with full sun getting up to the 80s. the beaches should be pretty good today and down through the coastal areas. enjoy. we don't get many of these treats. it will be enjoyable for the lucky few. >> lots of fans out there today. >> you can hear the clapping.
2:44 am
>> slow claps. >> i'll be careful when i leave the building. busy dallas airport came a stand still yesterday as travelers and workers stopped to salute a hero. ann thompson has the details on this. ♪ >> reporter: he finally came home. the ars force col. shot down. his remains identified in june. his home coming bringing the busy love field to a stop as workers stood at attention. the air force was his career. his life was anchored by patricia and their three
2:45 am
children. here on the family's last vacation together. 52 years after he said goodbye, the little boy in this photo, he flew his father home. roy iii met them. >> the emotions he's coming home is a good thing. there is also the aspect where we are reliving the loss. ♪ >> reporter: the family will now go through the rituals denied them for half a century, mourning again, their hero of the sky. >> thank you to nbc's nann thompson for that report. >> just shows you the amount of respect everyone had for those who served when you see everyone there serving at attention for a war most of them may not even
2:46 am
have been around. still ahead, the fundraising figures for trump and creating controversy. the days of chief uber and lyft rides may come to an end as the companies face mounting losses. more coming up next. johnson & johnson is a baby company. but we're also a company that controls hiv, fights cancer, repairs shattered bones, relieves depression, restores heart rhythms,
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helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you.
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welcome back. president trump's reelection campaign has reportedly raised $10 million ahead of tonight's hampton fundraiser.
2:49 am
the joint operation between trump campaign and rnc welcomed some with hefty entrance tickets with miami dolphins owner who also owned equinox and soul cycle. the 40-plus year friend of trump continues to stand by his decision to host this event. if you are using ride hailing companies like and lyft, the days of cheap rides may be over. joining us live from london. i have noticed the price of some of my uber rides has gone up. i think uber lost $5 billion. >> that is exactly it. it was not a good week with ride hailing companies. lyft reported a loss of $644
2:50 am
million. not as deep a loss as some anticipated but they have said they are going to review their pricing. they've talked about introducing a new about introducing a new pricing algorithm to predict what riders would pay at the start of the ride. but uber yesterday announced a $5.2 billion loss for the quarter. much bigger than analysts had been anticipated. a big chunk of that, $3.9 billion is from the stock based compensation but they spent a lot of money recruiting any drivers and signing up for the other incentives like ubereats and their scooters but they have said that going forward, they're going to be focused on improving profitability. so we perhaps may be in for higher prices out of the two companies. but i want to bring you updates on the trade war. some latest news according to bloomberg the white house is considering holding off of the decision on whether or not they should grant the one off
2:51 am
licenses to companies looking to do more business with huawei. remember huawei was placed on the black list and companies couldn't work with them unless they got an exemption. so far, the white house has not made a decision and looks like they'll delay it. >> let's talk about this dream internship, joumanna, for all bacon lovers out there. listen up. so it seems like a california burger chain farmer boys is looking for a bacon intern to taste test all their bacon dishes for one day. i feel like there's a lot of people logging on -- >> signing up right now. >> yeah. >> then you get to walk away. you taste the dishes and walk away with $1,000. willie geist is off set over there locking on trying to be the bacon intern. >> you know, that's exactly it. i'm sorry that i have an existing job so i can't apply. so that's the story, burger
2:52 am
chain farmer boys are posting up this vacancy. you have a huge responsibility. you have to go in for eight hours and just taste bacon dishes all day. if you do the job well, you're given $1,000. if you want to practice, go on to instagram, post a photo i guess of yourself eating bacon. and then talk about why you're the most suitable for the job. >> will they compensate for your co-pay at the end of the day after you have been tasting bacon dishes all day? >> your cholesterol intake. >> exactly. >> joumanna bercetche live in london, thank you so much. coming up, everybody, axios' jonathan swan has a look at "1 big thing." and coming up on "morning joe" the trump presidency finds itself in crisis. the new reporting on the politically challenging week for president trump and the dark clouds amassing as he digs in for the 2020 election. plus, chicago's lightfoot follows in the criticism of president trump after a week of shootings in chicago. resident trump after a week of shootings in chicago.
2:53 am
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welcome back. joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m., national political reporter, jonathan swan. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> talk to us about axios' "1 big thing" today. >> it better not be about bacon. >> about what? >> bacon. you missed the previous segment. >> it's not about bacon. the billionaire new york real state developer stephen ross has privately expressed qualms about holding his fund-raiser today for donald trump in the hamptons. he experienced a huge backlash after the news reported that he was having this fund-raiser at his southampton mansion and the two brands equinox and soul fitness brands, their customers, there were threats of boycott from liberal customers that really freaked him out according to sources familiar with these private conversations. ultimately, he has decided to go
2:57 am
ahead with the event and i'm told that the message conveyed to him from trump associates i'll read it to you. this is a paraphrase. stay strong, it's not going to be that bad. >> wow. >> quite a message. >> a message of solidarity. we got you. >> a lot of confidence going into this thing. >> here's the irony in this because you have some people who i remember when nike came out with their ads people were saying boycott nike, and people are saying, don't boycott his businesses. it kind of underscores how boycotts are used in this country. and what does it say about business leaders who support trump and what it means for 2020. >> it's a nationwide trend. and particularly for brands that have a large presence in blue states or brands that's white house progressive values. soul cycle and equinox are basically high end luxury liberal frankly brands.
2:58 am
so for ceos like that, a lot of them are doing whatever they can to distance themselves from the president and it recalls the period after charlottesville, when he made the remarks in charlottesville and you saw in quick succession a number of high profile ceos quit these business advisory councils that the white house had formed. before they all quit the president dissolved -- disbanded these two councils. so this has been going on for a couple of years and we're just seeing another little fresh burst of it as fund-raising season for 2020 heats up again. >> so jonathan, axios is looking at the growing number of democrats coming out and labelling president trump as a white supremacist over his rhetoric. a lot of 2020 contenders in there as well. how is the white house trying to counter all this? >> so i -- based on our reporting, i expect you're going to see trump campaign associates, white house
2:59 am
associates and others in the broader trump world try to broaden this into you're calling us supporters racist, reliving the deplorables situation and we have five prominent 2020 candidates calling him -- literally saying that the president is a white supremacist. so this is a new litmus test question in the democratic field. and i expect that you're going to see based on our reporting the trump campaign try to weaponize it. >> yeah. i think we have heard elizabeth warren, buttigieg, bernie sanders to name a few calling him a white supremacist. >> thanks, jonathan. >> happy belated birthday, i believe. >> yeah. >> we will see you coming up on "morning joe." >> stay strong. >> inspiring such confidence. we'll be reading axios a.m. a bit. you can go to
3:00 am
>> that does it for us on a friday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian with ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. good morning. welcome to "morning joe" on a beautiful friday morning in new york city. august 9. i'm willie geist. joe and mika have the morning off. with us is john heilemann. the host of saturday night politics, donny deutsch. it's going to be a long morning as you can see. from commentary magazine and a contributor, noah rothman. from and an msnbc contributor, karine jean-pierre and nbc political analyst, eugene robinson. they said in the makeup room when they saw you and me, all the freaks are out this morning. i think they have it right. >> let's not leave out gene


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