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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 16, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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that's our broadcast for this thursday night. thank you so very much for being here with us. and good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. just hours after a tweet from president trump, israel denies entry to the congresswoman. and trump warned a crowd they better vote for him or suffer the economic consequences. a poll shows biden the clear winner. even voters with a negative view of both would still primarily back biden.
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the israeli government said they would block the congress women. trump tweeted this, quote, it would show great weakness if israel allowed reps to visit. they hate israel and the people and there is nothing that can be said to change their minds. less than two hours later came an announcement from netanyahu and the law that denies them entry because of the support calling the congress women the leading actism. he said he supports the interior's decision. a reversal when last month, israel's embassador to the u.s. said this.
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quote, out of respect for the u.s. congress and the great alliance between israel and america, we would not deny entry of any member of congress to israel. the group apac is breaking with trump and netanyahu tweeting in part this, every member of congress should be able to visit and experience our ally israel firsthand. yesterday, president trump was asked why he got involved. >> i'm only involved from the standpoint of they are very anti-jewish and anti-israel. i think it is disgraceful the things they've said. i can't imagine why israel would let them in. >> in response to the move, congresswom congresswoman thalib posted a picture of her grandmother.
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the decision to ban her granddaughter is frightening. adding that trump's muslim ban is what israel is adopting. the irony of the only democracy in the middle east making such a decision is both an insult to values. house speaker pelosi called the decision, quote, signs of weakness and beneath the great dignity of israel and are, quote, signs of disrespect. >> president trump is working to calm fears over a potential procession. the president touted the success of walmart's quarterly earnings as evidence the u.s. economy is strong. the company's results topped
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expectations. following the release of those figures, trump tweeted this, walmart, a great kator of how the u.s. is doing. our country is doing great. don't let the fake news convince you otherwise. during his rally in new hampshire last night, he tied the success to his second term. >> the markets went through the roof the day after i won the election. i won, the market went up thousands of points. things started happening even though i didn't get sworn in until january 20. they refuse to do that. let me tell you, if for some reason i wouldn't have won the election, these markets would have crashed. that will happen even more so in 2020. see the bottom line is, i know you like me and this room is a lovefest, i know that but you
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have no choice but to vote for me because your 401 ks down the tubes. everything down the tubes. whether you love me or hate me, you got to vote for me. >> also at the meeting, president trump went after some other candidates and recycled nicknames. >> is there anything better than a trump rally? >> no. >> what about a sleepy joe biden rally? you got kabala, kamala is falling. beto is like -- gone. we'll see what happens. whoever it is. i don't know are that it matters. whoever it is. different people. i don't know, i think sleepy joe may be able to limp across the
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finish line. elizabeth warren. i did the pocahontas thing. i hit her really hard. it looked like she was down and out. that was too long ago. don't worry, we can revive it. right? >> president trump's approval rating has slipped three points from last month according to a new fox news poll. the approval sits at 43% and disapproval is at 56%. joe biden continues to be the leading pick with 31% backing his presidential run. warren trails at 20% support up eight points and sanders rounds the top three. voters were asked who would win in a matchup between trump and
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biden, 40% saying they would back his run and 38% would vote for president trump. meanwhile, voters who had a negative view of both candidates still backed biden in the head-to-head matchup between them. >> joining us now from washington, let's look at that poll and matchup between the president and joe biden with the 38-50 poll there and talk about how it seems that the president is concentrating really on joe biden. yes, he's mentioning warren, o'rourke, he really seems most focused on joe biden. those polls could be startling, to say the least. >> sure. there's a reason he's focusing on joe biden. in that poll and others, he's doing extremely well. not only to the threat to the
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people on the democratic stage. he's a threat to president trump. yes, i think we'll problem continue to see this president lash out at joe biden. he started last night as you showed earlier sort of making fun of him or light of him for his age. i'm sure you'll continue to see that despite the fact that there is not much of an age difference between the two. that is another point that he is a potential threat to president trump next year. in addition to the other threats of the economy and other issues that aren't necessarily tied to who the democratic nominee is. >> there has been a rocky week in congress. president trump working to calm recession fears. what are the stakes here going into 2020? we got a preview that he's trying to scare some is voters sayi saying it is going to get worse
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if i lose. >> he said, people's 401 ks would go down. they went down this week. they went down this week largely because of the effect trade tensions are having on the world economy. some people in the white house are disputing that. the president and others believe it is the fed's fault. this is the trump economy. they can call the trump economy when it was doing well. proud to call it that when the stock market was doing well. if that turns, that's on trump's plate. that is something he will have to own. he does not want to have to own that because any president, who has run for reelection during a year when the economy has tanked oregon into recession has had trouble getting reelected. that is the reality that this president doesn't want to face. the first two and a half years of his time in office has been
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successful in the economy. >> it will be interesting to see how he twists the narrative if we see this recession happening before the 2020 general election. >> he'll blame the reserve more and more. >> blaming anybody. still ahead, new reporting that immigration authorities used gps tracking before arresting hundreds in mississippi last week. we'll talk about the legality of those tactics. >> president trump all but endorses lewandowski for a senate seat. that and a check on whether when we come back. idle equipment costs you time and money.
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. >> the federal government is apparently using a new tactic involving gps technology. in many instances, migrants that
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cross the border are outfitted with ankle monitors while awaiting deportation proceedings. officials use that data to keep tabs on the migrants as they headed to work. ultimately raiding the facilities resulting in hundreds of arrests. some said they had not heard of i.c.e. using this tactic. this day's sweep was the largest arrest in recent times. >> a statement that immigrant children should receive food and clean water. the ruling said the agreement was vague and might not mandate that supplies be provided to children while in custody. arguing that authorities were
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not required to provide specific accommodations other than ensuring the conditions are safe and san tarry. the u.s. court of appeals in san francisco dismissed the appeal. >> joining us, our msnbc legal analyst. what are you thinking is the legal concern you may have. usually undocumented immigrants coming to the u.s. don't necessarily have the same rights and guarantees afforded american citizens by the constitution but if you are seeking asylum and you come here undocumented, you still aren't expected to be tracked with a gps device on your ankle. >> that's right. on the one hand, when you get released from custody on a gps or ankle monitor, you should
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reasonably expect to be monitored. on the other hand, there is a concern. the purpose is to make sure you show up to appointments and court. it is not really in spirit designed to be used so law enforcement can build additional cases and investigate your activities to help prepare a raid on other folks. we release folks on em and ankle monitors and gps bracelets all the time in the criminal context. typically, it is to be used to ensure you are showing up. if you skip town, you are a fug tiff. it is not normally used to build these cases. it does raise privacy concerns. >> i want to talk about this ruling yesterday, which i thought was pretty astounding on immigrant children in the ninth
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district saying children should be able to receive edible food, water. astounding to me that they had to have a ruling. that children should get soap and tooth pace. children. kids detained as young as 10 years old. what to do you make of it? >> it gets stranger. i normally try to see both sides of every case. this doesn't appear to be one of those cases. even more amazing when you see a lower court already concluded that the 1997 flores agreement that governs this activity, even though it doesn't say the words tooth paste, toothbrushes, it is required to provide san tarry conditions.
2:18 am
the government already lost this case. what is surprising that they even bothered to appeal. the entire gift of the argument is that the agreement says sanitary conditions. it doesn't necessarily say toothbrush. i think anyone would conclude sanitary conditions would include soap. it doesn't include an x box or cell phone but at its core, it includes things like toothbrush. >> edible food. >> and heat. things like that. >> let's get a look at weather with our meteorologist. >> a couple of concerns with thunderstorms rolling this
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morning. a couple of areas that could create some wind damage. minneapolis is in the clear. one cluster of storms headed to nebraska. the same area will hit another round. damaging winds are possible. large hail, isolated tornadoes. kansas city, you are our travel trouble spot. maybe even towards st. louis, especially later on this evening. the other area of concern. it won't stop raining near tampa. heavy rain north towards the coa coastline. it has been concentrated here. these areas of red show flood warnings. the soil is saturated and on and off heavy rains where it is not great beach weather along the gulf coast. today's forecast. enjoy the nice temperatures in the northeast and new england. it gets hot in the weekend.
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still blistering hot in the deep south. d.c. at 92. jump into sunday and the beginning of a heat wave, high humidity with the index feeling above 100 in the northeast. we'll join our friends in the southeast as the august heat wave begins to expand. one presidential candidate is out and another says he's not going anywhere. we'll get a check on the state of the race next. when he was diagnosed with cancer, his team at ctca created a personalized care plan to treat his cancer and side effects. so job could continue to work and stay strong for his family. this is how we inspire hope. this is how we heal. we love you, daddy. good night. i love you guys. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now.
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>> welcome back, former colorado governor john hickenlooper issued a videotaped statement in which he says he intends to give serious thought to a senate run in colorado. >> today, i'm ending my campaign for president. i will never stop believing that america can only move forward when we work together. people want to know what comes next from me. i've heard from so many in colorado that want me to run for senate. i intend to give that some serious thought. >> 2020 candidate beto o'rourke squashed thoughts of a senate run in texas. >> i will not in any scenario
2:24 am
run for the united states senate. i'm running for president. i'm running for this country and taking this fight directly to donald trump and that is what i'm exclusively focused on doing right now. >> that comes after the board called on him to drop out of the race and instead challenge texas governor john cornyn. >> and despite the thought that corey lewandowski might run. the list running against him continues to grow but despite backlash from his own party, president trump gave lewandowski a glowing review at a rally in the state last night. >> corey lewandowski loves your state. loves new hampshire. he was the first one that talked about us possibly winning the
2:25 am
whole big ballgame. he's tough. he's smart. i'm hearing he's thinking about running for the senate for new hampshire. i think he'll be tough to beat. he'll go into washington and he's going to have you in mind. he's going to do a job if he does do it. they are all saying are you going to support him? i don't know if he's running. corey, let us know, please. >> a report from lewandowski is not yet eminent according to a person working with him. >> senator graham said it is time to do more than pray. we'll show you his new comment. >> iowa represent king is responding to the latest remarks. those stories and more coming up. try listerine®
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>> welcome back, everybody. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. republican senator lindsay graham says he has spoken with president trump about gun reform and he says the president is determined to do something about it. watch this. >> so we talked today about the red flag laws and the background checks. i said, the time has come to do more than pray. we will find hopefully some bipartisan space here. my view is there are some people
2:30 am
out there that need help. i'm tired of trying to explain to parents that come to washington why we can't do something. >> marc short who serves as chief of staff to mike pence says there are ongoing discussions about what kind of legislation the white house would get behind. >> let me ask you about the gun control debate right now. do you have any updates? has the president had any additional conversations? >> he's been having ongoing conversations. the process is the white house is developing recommendations to provide to him. conversation has been ongoing with the hill. i would imagine in the next couple of weeks, the president will have more to say. republican mayor of el paso said the president trump mocked him as a fake republican during his visit. in an interview, margo said when
2:31 am
the two met after trump visited hospital staff and shooting survivors, the president called him a rhino, a republican in name only, meant to disparage other republicans who are not sufficientish enterally conservative. according to him, trump was still upset over a conversation they had over the long-promised wall. >> i don't care if a mayor is a republican or democrat, they are full of crap when they say it hasn't made a big difference. >> writing, el paso was never one of the most dangerous cities in the u.s. we've had a fence for 10 years. it has impacted but not the sole deterrent. iowa congressman steve king is responding when he asked, quote, would there be any
2:32 am
population of the world without rape and insist. the conversation has been swift on both sides of the aisle. he took to twitter. there is some graphic language here. he said the representative cheney, has, quote, sacrificed her claim to conservativeism and pro life after calling his remarks as appalling and bizarre. cory booker called on king to step down adding king has a career of, quote, spreading racism, missage any and other forms of hate. king responded what is hateful is your support of killing little black babies, brown babies and asian babies born and unborn. accusing gill brand and castro of quote, providing federal funding to aboard men's babies.
2:33 am
and support of the seat, quote, hateful ideology supports hurtful death of millions of babies. you are the party of ifanticide. >> what is the next move for lawmakers who have openly responded to king's comments. they've stripped him from duties but they are just going to let him stay in power, i guess? >> yes, it is tricky. it is upsetting not only to democrats and republicans as you saw there. one thing they could do is on a political level is donate money to his opponents. he is being primaried. there is republicans running against him. so republicans have options there in terms of throwing
2:34 am
support behind a candidate of who should be normally a safe republican seat. it is a district president trump won strongly in 2016 but democrats are eyeing it. it is a possible loss in 2020 because of these remarks. it puts republicans in a tough position for sure and draws attention to king at a time when they'd like to be focused on other things. >> let's talk about the debate over gun control legislation. as we heard from lindsay graham, more needs to be done than praying. conversations are being had. he believes something is going to be done especially come september. some of the democrats i've been speaking to are not necessarily optimistic, one, that republicans and democrats can get on the same page of what actually should and can get done and that the president isn't going to let the news cycle take
2:35 am
over and come september hope something else is happening and kind of forget about gun control legislation. what are you hearing? can they get on the same page on this? >> it is hard to say whether they can get on the same page. it is a legitimate question. i do think when senator graham says president trump wants to get something done, that does so far appear to be correct. we've spoken to the president a couple of times. i was with him in new jersey during vacation. he is at least verb aally committed to getting something on the table for background checks. that doesn't mean fellow republicans, in particular mitch mcconnell are on board. as marc short was referring, can they get support in congress and the votes? >> thank you, jeff.
2:36 am
top democrats are pushing president trump for a more assertive respond to the violence in hong kong but the president has so far refused as a possible trade deal loom. trump was asked about the latest police crack down in hong kong. this is what he had to say. >> how concerned are you about a violent crack down by the chinese in hong kong. >> i am concerned. i wouldn't want to see a violent crack down. i put a little bit of a memo out. a man i like, get along with well, president xi, i said i bet if he was willing to sit down with a group of the protests. i bet he'd work it out in 15 minutes, he'd work it out quickly. i know it is not the kind of thing he does. but it wouldn't be a bad idea. if he sat down with that leadership pool, i bet he'd work something out really quickly.
2:37 am
it seems like things could be worked out easily. >> an update now after israel's decision to deny entry to the congress women. they said this morning, they would allow the congresswoman to visit her grandmother on humanitarian grounds. less than two hours after president trump tweeted it would show great weakness on the israel to allow them. israel announced the freshman congresswoman, both muslim would deny entry because of that support. joining us now from washington, senior fellow on middle east policy and authority of the book "blind spot." good to have you with us. what do you make of the scenario
2:38 am
these two congresswomen being banned from israel? what does it say about the special relationship? >> yeah, this is an entirely different ballgame than anything we've seen. simply unheard of for a very close american ally like israel to bar two sitting members of congress over their political views. i can't think of any situation where any u.s. ally has done that. what really makes this sort of more eggregious as they were encouraged to bar the two active sitting members of congress by the president of the united states. to say it rubbed people the wrong way is a real understatement. >> the big question here is what is the motivation on the part of netanyahu along with president
2:39 am
trump? what is your read on that? >> i think they are both playing to their domestic politics. netanyahu has a tough election next month. he's trying to out flank his right wing who are very adamant about keeping out, who have been pretty vocal about keeping out these two congress members. as you know, the israeli government reversed their decision. trump has helped netanyahu in his election bid and is interested in throwing red meat to his political base and trying to show that republicans are truly the pro-israel party and
2:40 am
that these democrats are prepared to throw israel under the bus. >> especially after the discussion was made, the president tweeting out that they are the face of the democrats. painting it that way. >> that's the point i wanted to pick up on, this puts the democratic leadership in a difficult position. you had a democratic delegation in israel saying they have support for the prime minister, barely talked about the occupation or human rights abuses. now they come here and have two members of their party barred from israel. >> president trump has been very good at exploiting those differences among democrats and putting them in that situation. no question israel has been moving further and further to the right over the past decade and a half or more. as israeli politics shift to the right, the political discourse
2:41 am
has also shifted to the right. that made democrats uncomfortable. more are willing to speak out against the abuses and it is footing the the leadership in that base, the grassroots and the official establishment. >> live in washington, d.c., thank you so much. >> thank you. still ahead, details on a report that president trump has had an eye on buying greenland. yes. >> true story. bill karins is back with a look at the forecast. your first look at "morning joe" is back in a moment. hiv controlling, joint replacing, and depression relieving company. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you.
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>> welcome back, president trump has reportedly had his eye set on trying to buy greenland.
2:45 am
on multiple occasions, he heard denmark has having financial troubles and wondered if he should buy it. unclear what the price would be for the icy 811,000 square mile island. president trueman tried to buy for $100 million in 1946. >> will he or will he not make an offer when he goes to visit? >> next on the latest episode. >> million dollar listing. >> if he buys it, can he rename it? >> trump land. >> yesterday, pretty somber announcement that it was the hottest july. this now makes the top five hottest july in five years. going back to the late 70s is
2:46 am
when we got the satellites and really started many easy you'ring the temperatures accurately. so pretty impressive stats. some of the highlights from july, the big european heat wave. london and paris hit their all-time highs. and headlines out of alaska. the hottest month every in alaska. anchorage just said a record for 10 straight days above 75 degrees. august continues to be warm. because it has been so warm, wildfires have been epic in alaska. it has been worse. syberia has had 700 acres burn releasing more co 2 emitted which doesn't help. as far as the ice goes. we measure in the summer is when it gets the lowest. right now, we are at the lowest
2:47 am
coverage of arctic ice. a lot of somber arctic headlines. >> interesting when you put it like that, you can see the vicious cycle we are trapped in with the temperatures rising. >> that's why scientists are saying, it is going to rapidly get worse. >> it is scary when you put it like that. >> thanks, bill. still ahead, stocks in the u.s. are looking at solid gains. > >> we'll get the latest on a very volatile week coming up. j, and depression relieving company. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you.
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>> welcome back. a positive ope appears to be returning to the markets following this week's wild swings over recession fears. cnbc's joumanna bercetche is joining us live from london on this. good morning to you. how are the markets looking this morning? >> good morning. yeah, things are looking a little bit more stable i should say on the last trading day of the week. remember, we had the volatile session just a couple of days ago. yesterday as well we saw some stabilization for the majors with the dow and the s&p ending up in positive territory slightly so. and nasdaq in negative. i should tell you that the dow ended below the 200 day moving average and is still down 2.5 percentage points for the week. ten out of 11 sectors are closing in the negative led by
2:51 am
energy on the downside. down 5%. consumer staples which is a defensive sector is up 0.4%. one of the positive signs i should tell you is about the retail sales number came out very strong. 0.7% positive month on month. this is the strongest reading since march. we got to the point that good news can be bad news for the market. the better the u.s. is doing the less likely it is for the fed to go aggressive on rate cuts which is clearly what the markets and what the president has been pushing for. so there's something to watch closely. that being said we talked about the two/ten the yield conversion. that curve has moved back into positive territory so there's a semblance of stabilization. today, the futures are looking to open up as well today. coming up, jonathan swan has a look at axios' "1 big thing."
2:52 am
and israel blocks two lawmakers to visit the country. more on preventing ilhan omar and rashida tlaib from visiting there. josh gottheimer will join the conversation to explain his criticisms for the president as well as his colleagues on the matter. "morning joe" just moments away. matter "morning joe" just moments away. hiv controlling, joint replacing, and depression relieving company. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you.
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but we're also a cancer fighting, hiv controlling, joint replacing, and depression relieving company. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you.
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welcome back. joining us from washington, with a look at axios a.m. national political reporter for axios, jonathan swan. how are you doing? >> it's a rare sighting to see jonathan swan on a friday. >> always a great day. >> give us axios' "1 big thing" today. >> so employees at major companies including google, whole foods, ogilvie are revolting against the company, petitioning saying they should have no role whatsoever in helping the trump administration enforce its immigration policies. this is a really important trend
2:56 am
that my colleague sarah fisher and kourtnei brown have reported. it's across the country. there's a cloud computing contract for i believe i.c.e. and the petition calls for google not to provide engineering resources for i.c.e. or the refugee resettlement office. so this is something that we're seeing across multiple sectors and it's a trend that seems to be intensifying the longer we get into the trump administration. >> yeah. interesting thing is this. we know that this president loves corporations, loves companies. he's always touting his economic record so could this kind of pressure from some of these really big companies, big brands recognized around the u.s. put pressure on trump to back away from some of his policies? >> well, i wouldn't rule it out. i'm not confident in this case because it is really one of his central -- i mean, the border and immigration enforcement is
2:57 am
one of the central pillars but we have seen it in smaller ways. i do believe based on my reporting that the president would have cracked down harder already on high skilled visas where it not for the advocacy of people like apple ceo tim cook who have been very aggressive behind the scenes working with jared and ivanka. i believe the pressure has had some effect, but in central issues i'm skeptical. >> you have reported that sources close to the president were very worried about if economic data and certain polls, and there could be an impending recession just 17 months or so away. what have you heard? what more have you heard on this? >> yeah. so i spoke to -- yesterday to somebody who talks to the president all the time. somebody that he trusts and they said that despite the public rhetoric which is you know, everything is great, we have a strong economy, people around the president including the president himself are very worried about what they're
2:58 am
hearing and the signals they're seeing in the latest economic data. it's really simple. the theory of the case in the trump group whether it be the campaign or the white house is that their path to re-election is a strong economy. and the minute that that -- that people who don't like the president who are holding their nose and voting for him because of the economy the minute they start to see that narrative be burst, things get really, really tough in terms of their path to re-election. the numbers they're getting internally in the states they need to win in michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, are really, really bad at the moment. they're not good. and there's a reason they're not touting those polling numbers. they're really dire and the economy is the only way that they can win one of those states. >> all right, jonathan swan, live in washington, d.c., always a pleasure, my friend. see you on "morning joe" in a bit. of course we'll be reading axios a.m. when it comes out. you can go to
2:59 am
>> that does it for us this morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. that guy has a serious weight problem. go home, start exercising. there's never been a movement like this. never. our movement is built on love and it is. >> when a movement built on love involves shaming other people over their weight. i don't really know what to say other than of course as you know because you have been watching this show now -- willie, 1947? i remember truman wanted somebody to spread the good news across europe. armed forces -- >> yay for greenland. >> exactly. the danes didn't take the gold
3:00 am
then, they won't take it now. i think it was '47, what did we say when we first -- what did we say the show would be built on when we first started it. >> love, joe. >> all you need is love and then of course the beatles stole that 20 years later. we were cool with it because this show is about love. but willie, my question is this. if we were not a show built on love, would we not point out that the guy fat shaming somebody in the audience probably a lot closer to 300 bucks than what dr. ronnie would want the rest of us to think? >> you might say something like that. he does have a weird obsession when he insults people with obviously cosmetic obsession. but particularly with weight. remember he thought perhaps the people hacking into our election system putting facebook ads up was a 400 guy on his bed in new jersey. he's got


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