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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  August 20, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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vladimir putin, the american president asking the world's economic powers to readmit the nation that invadedhe g8. a huge reversal at the white house just since our last broadcast on what they might try to hold off a recession. plus, joe biden puts out an ad for the general election not the primaries. he is running on electability. while a party stalwart warns against getting too far ahead of the public. another day of punishing heat on the east coast in a major city with lead in the drinking water, can't seem to get safe water to its citizens so they have to line up for it and carry it home, all of it as "the 11th hour" gets under way on a tuesday night. good evening once again. from our nbc news headquarters here in new york day 943 of the trump administration. in the midst of an economic slowdown that could threaten his
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re-election, a looming battle over gun control, growing fears about domestic terrorism, and the like, the president, eager to avoid all of those topics today chose russia and chose today to signal new support for russia and vladimir putin. trump renewed his call for russia to be welcomed back into what is known as g7 the leading nations due to meet this weekend in france. the united states, canada, united kingdom, france, italy, germany, and japan are all members. russia was suspended from the group when it was known as g8 when they invaded the crimea portion of ukraine. trump said it is time to let russia back in while taking a not so veiled swipe at his predecessor. >> i've gone to numerous g7 meetings and i guess president obama because putin out smarted him thought it wasn't a good
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thing to have russia in so he wanted russia out. but i think it's much more appropriate to have russia in. it should be the g8 because a lot of the things we talk about have to do with russia. so i could certainly see it being the g8 again and if somebody would make that motion i would certainly be disposed to think about it very favorably. >> it was the member nations by the way of the g7 that forced russia out. this is not the first time trump has criticized barack obama for his sfo his response to putin's invasion of ukraine. we take you back to 2014. >> putin has eaten obama's lunch. >> vladimir putin. >> well, he's done an amazing job of taking the mantle and has taken it from the president and you look at what he is doing, so smart when you see the riots in a country because they're hurting, the russians, okay. we'll go take it over. he's really going step by step by step. you have to give him a lot of credit. >> late today former vice
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president biden responded to trump's suggestion. >> i understand he said we should invite russia back into the g8. give me a break. i'm serious. think about that. they invaded another country. they broke every greeagreement had with the international community. they've done nothing to change their behavior except interfere in our elections. this guy says let them back in the g8? come on, man. >> trump's comments today were the latest in a series of remarks over the past few years in which he seems to offer his steadfast support to russia and its leader putin. >> i don't think anybody knows it was russia that broke into the dnc. she is saying russia, russia, russia. maybe it was. it could be russia but it could also be china. could also be lots of other people. it also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds. if putin likes donald trump guess what, folks?
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that is called an asset not a liability. as far as hacking i think it was russia but i think we also get hacked by other countries and people. my people came to me, dan coats and some others and said they think it's russia. i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. russia does have 90% of the nuclear weapons so i've always felt getting along is a positive thing. >> don't meddle in the election. >> that's about how that went. there is also building concern tonight about the possibility of some sort of new arms race with russia. for the first time in decades the u.s. has tested an
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intermediate range cruise missile the first such test since the administration withdrew from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. the actual missile took off faster than this one. effect sunday's test would have been considered a violation. russia's state news agency today called the launch, quote, regrettable. the test comes just days after an explosion at a russian missile test site we covered here that killed at least seven people, an event we are still struggling to gather information on. u.s. officials suspect it was caused by nuclear missile testing. the former commander of nato says these mounting tensions have him concerned. >> you see both nations, russia and the united states, testing and pushing new variants. it is really going to put us in a pattern of escalation. we do need to draw a line under the fact that russia created this situation. by cheating on the inf treaty. >> in the meantime the "new york
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times" reports trump intends to name john sullivan the deputy secretary of state veteran washington government lawyer, and someone "the times" described as having limited diplomatic experience dealing with moscow as our next u.s. ambassador to russia. today the president was asked about it. >> he is somebody that is being put up and respected very much. to russia? i know mike pompeo likes him very much and he is very respected. >> then tonight there is this. the president was back on social media this evening to announce he is putting off his trip to denmark because, he says, they won't talk about selling greenland. quote, denmark is a very special country with incredible people but based on the prime minister's comments that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of greenland, i will be postponing our meeting scheduled in two weeks for another time. the prime minister was able to
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save a great deal of expense and effort for both the united states and denmark by being so direct. i thank her for that and look forward to rescheduling sometime in the future. one note, trump was invited there by the queen. here for our lead-off discussion on a tuesday night, shannon pettypiece a veteran journalist senior white house reporter for nbc news digital. our former u.s. ambassador to russia and frank figure luliuzz former fbi director for counterintelligence. welcome to you all. ambassador, who aside from donald trump is looking to talk up getting russia back into the g7 making it the g8 again? >> maybe vladimir putin but even he does not express interest in joining the g8 again. brian, i just -- these kind of comments are just not excusable anymore. there is no american national
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security interest that is advanced by that flippant comment today. not a single one. on the contrary, it makes president trump look weak. it makes president trump look like, i don't know what it is, but it makes it look like he owes president putin some kind of favor. it's just, especially on the eve of the g7 meeting putin was kicked out for a reason as vice president biden just explained. he annexed and invaded crimea. he went into an intervention into eastern ukraine and the g7 rightly said, get out of ukraine or you get out of the g8. until he changes his behavior, he shouldn't be invited back. but he also misses an opportunity to say something positive. what he should have said is we should all get together in the g7 and support the new democratically elected president of ukraine. that's what he should have said instead of this incredibly inan remark he made today. >> frank figliuzzi back to your life's work and your line of
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work, it's become something of a cliche' in my line of work to talk about the president's affinity for strong men. when you repeat these things over and over enough, it becomes like the f.a.p. on your key board but it's true to hear the president use the word "strong" or "strongly" to describe the people he likes and admires, how does this play out while the rest of the g7 is looking at us this coming weekend? >> yeah, look. unconditional love is a beautiful thing unless of course you're unconditionally loving a murdering tyrant who is a declared enemy of the united states and that is exactly what trump is doing. so the fall out here, i'm not going to pretend to know exactly what is going on in the president's head. i don't think anyone knows. i do know a little bit from my counterintelligence experience about how putin views the world and the way he will view this is basically a signal that says, you can do anything you want and
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you will still have a champion in the oval office. that champion is donald trump. we are left to ponder why. once again we're asking ourselves the same question. why so aligned with putin? when russia actually needs an intervention not an invitation to the g8 to join a g8 but rather some kind of admonishment, not encouragement. putin will view this as i need to continue having that in the oval office. what do i need to do to do that? what have we just come out of? the special counsel report and hearings where we learned that russia interfered with our election. what are we coming up on again, brian? but yet another presidential election. is this a quid pro quo playing out in the public arena? you do this for me. i do this for you. >> shannon, you are hardly new to this. it is so tempting to hear
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discussion about this to remind younger viewers especially how highly unusual all of this is. aside from burn issuihing the prestige of putin are white house aides out with any particulars or takeaways or deliverables they actually hope to achieve at this weekend's meeting of what is still as of air time the g7? >> well, i mean, they do have a number of them. they need help with china. they need help with iran. the president needs some allies. if he is going to take on china in a trade war which he doesn't show signs of so far of letting up on, could certainly change with a tweet tomorrow morning, but wouldn't it be easier if he had the g7 countries behind him? if he wanted to pressure iran wouldn't that be easier if he had the g7 countries in that pressure campaign? there is a reason he doesn't have allies. it's because he's broken all norms because he's, you know, thumbed his nose at our allies.
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the last g7 if you remember he got into an odd twitter tiff with justin trudeau because he didn't like a statement trudeau made after the g7 when trump was flying to meet with kim jong un. he's had a hard time and i've heard about trump personally that he has a hard time telling who his friends are and who his enemies are. i think early on there were certainly people in the white house who felt a strategy of keep your friends close, enemies close, with putin, xi, kim jung un, keep your enemies closer. but now it seems like the president is still struggling to understand that these leaders aren't his friends, that putin isn't his friend. and certainly other world leaders have gone down the path thinking that they could make a friend or ally out of putin and it hasn't worked out and they've given up and moved on. but we're over two and a half years in, 943 days i think you said, brian, and president trump is still struggling to realize putin is an adversary of the u.s. >> ambassador, about your former
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job, do you know anything at all about this john sullivan? apparently the new nominee, pompeo's choice, that almost means by definition he's going to be trump's choice. how do you think he'll view his mission and is this just another case where we have to hope we are sending a very good person who will do the job in the best interests of our country? >> so i don't personally know deputy secretary sullivan. by all accounts he is very competent and well respected at the state department. but that's not the issue. the issue is he has to go and represent the trump administration when the trump administration doesn't agree as to what its policy toward russia is. let's be clear about that. i don't know of a single person in the administration that supports what president trump said today. most certainly secretary of state pompeo has never said something like that. national security adviser boltin has never said anything like that. so what do you do when you're
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the representative of the united states of america and president trump and the administration and moscow when you have one person, president trump, who disagrees almost entirely with the rest of his administration? that is a very difficult job to take on right now. >> frank figliuzzi, susan glasser in the current "new yorker" has almost a book length article on our secretary of state. through a lot of sources it straight up accuses the secretary of state being a sycophant for and to the president including salty language to describe the president's southern exposure. how can that affect morale and work product inside the government agencies that must function here in order for us to function overseas? >> well, what happens is everybody has seen at the top at cabinet level positions what happens to those who speak out, have their own opinions, and try to give honest advice to the
8:15 pm
president. they don't last long. you now have a secretary of state who has seen that over and over again and he is not going to let that happen to them. that trickles down through the state department when people feel they can't bring the truth to the secretary and they will get perhaps punished for bringing truth and intelligence and true diplomatic solutions to the secretary. if it keeps falling on deaf ears eventually those career experts find something else to do with their lives. that is a disincentive to speak the truth and i think that's what might be happening at the state department. >> shannon pettypiece, shiny object alert for the following. are we really being led to believe that donald trump was going to try to mow green the queen of denmark and maybe the entire trip invited by the queen to meet with their government leader was predicated on him making an offer for greenland they couldn't refuse?
8:16 pm
>> you know, we honestly had no idea in the press corps i will say initially why he was taking this trip to denmark. he comes back from the g7 next tuesday and then he leaves for poland where there is a world war ii ceremony that he's going to participate in and then goes to denmark. a lot of us were scratching our heads trying to figure out why. "the wall street journal" and my great press corps colleagues over there may have figured out the reason but i think this kind of remains a mystery to all of us if that's what this trip was really about or if it was just accepting a polite invitation and in the course of that this greenland topic came up because of course the president had previously said that this wasn't an issue on the front burner, just something he was mulling that was a few days ago or maybe even yesterday he said that. and now it was an entire reason to cancel the trip. i will say, though, the president has canceled a number of foreign trips. we kind of, you know, are used to buying refundable air fare at
8:17 pm
this point on foreign trips. so it's not completely unexpected that this trip would fall off the itinerary somehow. >> well, this is our life, our country, and our world on a mid summer's night in 2019. and our thanks to our big three for starting off our conversation. to shannon pettypiece, ambassador mike mcfaul, and frank figliuzzi we greatly appreciate it. up next an about face and retreat by the president today on two critical issues facing our country and then later, who's up and notably who has gone way down in the latest poll of democrats for 2020? two top political reporters with ill brief us live from key battleground states as the 11th hour is just getting started on this tuesday night beneath the washington monument. okerage acc. and zero minimums to open an account. at fidelity those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win
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payroll taxes, i've been thinking about payroll taxes for a long time. whether or not we do it now or not is not being done because of recession because we are legitimately if we had a cut in interest rates by the fed, if they would do their job properly, and if they would do a meaningful cut, because they raised too fast, you would see growth like you've not seen ever in this country. >> he's been thinking about payroll taxes for a long time nothing to do with the coming recession. those comments from the president today came hours after his white house spokesperson said payroll tax not being considered at this time. the trump white house has
8:22 pm
downplayed, as you might understand, any talk of a recession in recent days. nancy cook over at politico reports tonight, quote, at a fundraisi fundraising luncheon this week in jackson, wyoming headlined by jared kushner and ivanka trump acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney acknowledged the kist behind closed doors. if the u.s. hype thet which were to face a recession it would be moderate and short mulvaney told roughly 50 donors according to an attendee. back with us tonight the moderator of "washington week" on pbs and jonathan lamire white house reporter for the associated press. good evening to you both. robert, i'd like to start with you. any concern being shared with you on the part of republicans in congress that we may be coming to a turn in the road? >> there is concern within the republican party tonight talking to white house officials and congressional aides and some
8:23 pm
lawmakers. they say the discussions make sense. they understand the president trying to navigate a possible economic downturn on the horizon. they do worry the discussion of a payroll tax cut could send the wrong signal to the market, that it shows an administration on edge about the economy. so that is why they're sometimes urging this administration and the president himself to pull back from some of these more dramatic measures. >> jonathan, i have something to show you. reuters news agency is reporting lay offensive by u.s. steel and the state of michigan. this president as you know loves talking about u.s. steel. we'll take a look and talk about it on the other side. >> united states steel is opening up six plants. the head of united states steel called me the other day. >> we're opening up seven of them. u.s. steel called me up. they're expanding and opening six plants. they're opening up seven other plants. u.s. steel just announced they're building six new steel
8:24 pm
mills. u.s. steel is opening up seven plants. >> that was all within the space of the summer of 2018. what is the truth, jonathan lamire? >> the truth is that the math is not the president's strong point it would appear. those are not happening. u.s. steel has had to close plants in michigan and other places in the midwest. there has not been an expansion of plants. hundreds of workers in michigan. that is the latest in a series of sort of restrictions. this is an industry despite the president's promises, it's not a dazzling market right now. these are places where towns are suffering, workers are not getting the growth they want. and in terms of the politics, there is a worry around the white house that the president has over promised. not just in terms of this issue but in terms of growth time and time again. people i talked with this week suggest that even if the country doesn't hit a full blown recession and that is still up for debate, if there is enough
8:25 pm
of a slowdown and the growth tops out at 1%, 2% rather than 4% that is just less than the president has said. and then his credibility on the issue comes into question. and those workers in the midwest particularly in those three states we keep talking about that he needs to win if not all of them at least a portion to win re-election -- pennsylvania, ohio -- pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, ohio too perhaps. if he can't deliver those he can't win again. if those are the places not seeing the economy, if they feel he has let them down and hasn't fulfilled promises he is in trouble. >> robert costa how is we heard today the president is now against background checks? >> the president spoke for about 45 minutes to the head of the nra wayne lapierre. based on my reporting wayne lapierre continues to hold the line for his organization against background checks, against red flag laws. this is a president who is looking ahead to 2020 his confidantes tell me and knows he
8:26 pm
needs evangelicals at his side, his core voters at his side. he is being told in firm language by wayne lapierre in a private phone call do not break with us on this if at all possible. he knows that president trump is getting pressure from ivanka trump, from some congressional republicans to take action. the president also knows when he went to that nra convention during the early months of his presidency that is a roaring base for him and he doesn't want it to wane. >> jonathan, to take the other side of the argument the president's problem is not ivanka trump but the poll numbers. i've seen them as high as 94% for background checks. our current number is 89%. try getting 89% of americans to agree on anything. that's an electoral problem potentially. >> it is. the poll numbers are overwhelming. nra members, republicans. the president has long as we know been anxious about alienating his base here but it seems like this is the perfect moment where he could mobilize his base, energize his base.
8:27 pm
at the very least not pay a price from his base and be able to give cover to the republicans in the senate who might be nervous. if the president were to come out and if it were just background checks, not even something more substantial he would probably be able to move the party with him. you could defy the nra in this moment the organization under duress right now financially. wayne lapierre the chairman is under incredible scrutiny for some alleged financial misdeeds. this is the moment where if he wanted to he could push them but instead of using his capital on this, on background checks, we're talking about greenland and other issues, talking about his comments today about questioning the loyalty in american jews and that is something people around him grow very anxious about. they feel like he is not staying on task first on the economy and now on an issue like this which could be a political winner even for republicans. >> gentlemen, can't thank you enough. the reporting doesn't come much fresher than this. robert costa, jonathan lemire our great thanks for coming on.
8:28 pm
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tonight thousands of people in newark, new jersey are relying on bottled water to do what so many of us take for granted. the water coming into their homes is contaminated with lead at levels that exceed federal
8:32 pm
standards. while the city tests the water supply, it's giving out free cases of bottled water. but as we've reported, only two cases at a time every two weeks for all of life's needs and if you want it, you got to come and get it. with no system to get water to its people, now the churches in newark are stepping up as churches so often do. we want to show you the local news coverage we get to see here in the new york area as recently as tonight. here is tonight's report from our nbc tv station wnbc and veteran new jersey reporter brian thompson. >> bring us the water. >> reporter: an appeal from a newark pulpit for help. newark's water crisis now into its second week the city's free water distribution plan showing leaks as people struggle with their two allotted cases something the mayor warns could go on for at least another month. now ministers agreeing today to mount their own water collection
8:33 pm
and distribution plan. one family with five children wilting under the strain. >> right now when we leave here i have to go to the supermarket and buy water out of my pocket, cash. >> his 2-year-old son elijah just tested for elevated lead levels. from the pulpit, this appeal to the nation. >> send your brother some water. we don't need money. we need water. >> for this family this church distribution plan may be the answer they've been praying for. >> got to eat, wash, brush your teeth, that is a lot of water to be buying when you don't have money like that. >> she is not going to leave here in the same condition she came. her car will be full of water. >> hearing their story bishop james swung into action. minutes later the morton family was on its way with a starter case of water and the promise of more to come. >> we can handle it. we can house it. we can distribute it if we have
8:34 pm
to turn our sanctuary into a warehouse for water for all people. >> reporter: the logistics do sound daunting but bishop james says it has been done before during sandy and, quote, we'll get it done. >> now the work of brian thompson for our local station, the "new york times" has also been covering this crisis. the reporter for the latest piece in the paper is kind enough to join us in our studios tonight. your story talks about the sign you see on some new construction that says city of newark, lead safe house. which leads me to believe lead has been a thing in newark for a good many years. how long have they known about this? >> so the lead safe houses were first constructed back around 2009-2010 when kids started showing they had elevated levels of lead in their blood. our reporting shows in 2015 is when there was a chemistry change in how they were treating
8:35 pm
water in one of the two water treatment plants in the city. they were dealing with a different contaminant. and because of what they ended up putting in the water the water became more acidic. what happens with acidic water is that as it travels through lead pipes the lead begins to leech into the water supply itself. it grabs the lead as it goes. so a year later in 2016 is when the city began giving out bottled water to schools because the school water had also shown that there were elevated levels of lead. the next year they decided to test every six months to see if the water going into people's homes also showed these elevated levels of lead. three consecutive tests showed that indeed, they were twice the federal standard for lead. then it wasn't until really last summer in 2018 when an organization sued the city, saying that they had violated the safe water laws that the city finally responded last fall
8:36 pm
by giving out 38,000 filters to people to use in their homes. >> what was the problem with those filters? >> well, as the epa letter from august 9th shows, the filters were not doing enough to protect residents. that is why the city has begun giving out bottled water essentially saying the filters we gave you aren't necessarily keeping you and your family safe. >> what am i missing? as i look at this story, why has no one stepped up? why is everyone seemingly okay with these pictures? this was a hot day today. we had lines as you chronicled around the block at some of these water distribution centers. and there are only four. it strikes me this could become a kind of slow motion katrina in 16-ounce increments. we've got a democratic governor and mayor. we have senators menendez and
8:37 pm
booker, both democrats. i'm reminded senator booker lives in newark and is running for president. what's going on here? >> that is the question that a lot of newark residents are asking right now as well. especially because i think a lot of people now are wondering why the mayor has not done more even though for about a year and a half, there have been high levels of lead in the water. and now i think people -- not everyone had access to the bottled water. some people were told that their water was coming from the other water treatment facility so they would be fine or they're living in newer houses that don't necessarily have lead piping. and now even those people are wondering, a, why am i not getting water? and, b, why should i trust what the city is telling me, that my water is safe because consistently they have -- city officials have not stepped up to the plate in residents' views to protect people even though they
8:38 pm
knew there was lead in this water. >> thank you for our studios and thank you for your reporting on this. to our viewers another byline to look for in the "new york times" on this story. our thanks to you for coming in. coming up, there are 167 days till the iowa caucuses. but from the looks of what we're seeing on television joe biden seems to be running in the general election. "the 11th hour" continues right after this. announcer: only fidelity offers four zero expense ratio index funds directly to investors. and we have zero account fees for brokerage accounts.
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get help right away if you have swelling of your face, mouth, and tongue, or trouble breathing. don't stop your asthma treatments unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection or your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur. haven't you missed enough? ask an asthma specialist about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. to presidential politics now, new polling out today shows joe biden maintaining his lead among democrats. cnn poll has biden sitting at 29% up seven points since june. sanders and warren in a virtual tie for second place. here is the story. kamala harris has dropped 12 points since her numbers spiked after the first debate in june and she is now tied with buttigieg at 5%. biden is campaigning in iowa today. his campaign is out with a new
8:42 pm
ad. >> we know in our bones this election is different. the stakes are higher. the threat more serious. we have to beat donald trump. all the polls agree joe biden is the strongest democrat to do the job. no one is more qualified. for eight years president obama and vice president biden were an administration america could be proud of. our allies could trust and our kids could look up to. >> so the decidedally general election feeling ad goes on to say joe biden will restore the soul of america. meanwhile, donald trump getting a lot of attention for these remarks he made today while continuing his feud with the four congresswomen. >> where is the democratic party gone? where have they gone where they're defending these two people over the state of israel? i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of
8:43 pm
knowledge or great disloyalty. >> a lot to talk about. with us to do it tonight, john rolston, veteran journalist and the political reporter for "the wall street journal" covering the democrats running for the white house. a lot of people he has to cover. he joins us from iowa where he is covering the biden campaign of late. a couple stats here. among those americans who identify as jewish 8 of 10 went for the democrats last presidential election up from 7 out of 10 in the previous election. calling people out for divided loyalties has long been an anti-semitic trope, calling people out lacking intelligence has long been considered political suicide. what do you think the thinking is here, john? >> i can't believe you think there is thinking behind this, brian. trump just says what trump says. what is amazing is he has been accusing the squad of anti-semitism.
8:44 pm
he calls people dumb all the time. but the point is that is an obvious anti-semitic trope he came up with today, the dual loyalty attack on democrats who -- or on jews voting for democrats. brian, it is completely outrageous. you know what? in the world we live in now when you know this all too well being on television every night, you probably will be talking about something completely different tomorrow night. it would have been forgotten, nah the vapors. that is the most amazing thing about the trump era. he says one outrageous thing after another and this is outrageous enough conservative righters have gone out to accuse him of anti-semitism of not understanding what it is. this stuff seems to be forgotten within hours. >> jon, summing up these times it's like we live several weeks in the course of one day and
8:45 pm
sometimes we wistfully think back to what used to pass as a lead story on our broadcast. the most interesting development so far this week in addition to the very gauzy, good looking, good sounding general election ad, let's not bring ge into this, it was dr. jill biden talking yesterday about the campaign kind of -- her message was don't let the great be the enemy of the good -- trying to indicate they get it and talking about electability. let's air that. we'll talk with you coming up. >> so yes. you know, your candidate might be better on i don't know, healthcare than joe is but you've got to look at who is going to win this election. maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say okay. i personally like so and so better but your bottom line has to be that we have to beat
8:46 pm
trump. >> ken, your response to that and how people have taken those comments. >> the sub text is almost like maybe he is not the candidate of your dreams but these are unique times and we have to look at what is most important which is in the biden campaign view is electability. i thought what was interesting in the ad they put out today, the tag line has this idea of steady leadership and i think that is really the biden campaign response to the comments the president made about jewish voters and the way they're trying to make the argument that he is someone you wouldn't have to feel concerned about. you could trust that he would be able to have a steady hand for the country, you know, after fairly tumultuous times that we live in. >> both gentlemen have agreed to stick with us. we'll just get in a break here and coming up learning who is on
8:47 pm
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plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. click, call or visit a store today. we learned the former house secreta secreta secreta secretary julian castro qualified for the second debate. harry reid of nevada told "vice news," of course medicare for all would be problematic for the democrats in the 2020 general election. he's not happy with some candidates calling for decriminalizing border crossings. back with us, ken thomas and john roston. john, i know you are a license
8:51 pm
readologi readologist. no one really loves the thought of opening the border and putting up a sign. tell me the thought process and is anyone going to listen among national democrat sns. >> wetsdemocrats. >> a lot of democrats were happy to hear them say that. a lot were upset especially supporters of elizabeth warren and alexand and bernie sanders. in fact i am not sure he owns one. this is classic harry reid, he's worried about how medicare for all or decriminalizing the border will play in the general election. he talked about joe biden in
8:52 pm
that same interview and talked about biden having a good operation here in nevada. biden is not a here in nevada at all. harry reed is a pro-typical democratic voters who cares for one thing. that's electability and beating donald trump. he's signaling to the democrats, be careful where you are going. you go too far left. it is going to help reelect trump. whether anyone will listen to him probably too late for bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. this to me is harry reid saying we need to beat trump at all costs. don't talk about these things that majority of americans may not like. >> ken, john is right. it is fine to like medicare for all as an idea and work out, it is fine to believe our border should be decriminalized. majority leader saying if you want to get elected, here is a
8:53 pm
possible pass. what are you hearing in iowa. >> these are two things that don't pull that well. it raises concerns from the moderate and middle of the road democrats who are more in the biden camp right now. what's interesting is we have seen some of the democrats sort of walk back medicare for all and kamala harris has talked more recently about allowing private insurance system to be in compliance medicare rules as a way to offer a choice but not necessarily get rid of the whole entire private insurance system. at this point, there is a concern that you may be exceeding an advantage of healthcare that democrats had in the midterm election to president trump even though he has not offered any alternatives or preexisting conditions would be protected. >> two of the professionals in their fields that we enjoy
8:54 pm
turning to. we hope you both turn to our forecast. gentlemen, thank you both. one of those topics john was talking about that just may get by because there are so much other news going on. we'll try to give it our time and attention after this. e and attention after this announcer: only fidelity offers four zero expense ratio index funds directly to investors. and we have zero account fees for brokerage accounts. at fidelity those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero
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8:58 pm
finding the under current of cruelty of some of the news we have covered tonight and this week and go ahead and throw this on the pile with all of that. department of homeland security announce agn announcing a new rule to hold immigration families for the duration of proceeding which greatly increase the time they are held. it is expected to be instantly challenged in court. three children have died in detention centers in recent months after being brought here illegally. doctors believe the fluke killed the three children. the government has no plans to vaccinate migrant families as the next flu season approaches. the flu travels fast in tight corners. concerned doctors have been begging congress to investigate how we care about people we round up. finally there is this, a sweeping lawsuit has been filed by immigration advocates to improve medical and physical health treatments at these 140
8:59 pm
federal locations. quoting from "politico," detainees with medical and mental health conditions and those with disabilities are f e facing this brutality. . according to what's been shared with politico further. according to the lawsuit, one plaintiff with a brain parasite has received no treatments for a year. while all too often our court system is where urgent matter goes to die. everything we reported is an urgent matter to someone. we'll report on the progress of all of them. that's our broadcast for this tuesday night. thank you so much for being with
9:00 pm
us. good night from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. ♪ thank you for joining us at this hour. sometimes there are science early on that something just not -- faded to not go away. in the second term of the george w. bush administration. one of the many found itself to have sped down to the end of. what was a complicated and bad and worsening relationship with the largest country on earth, the population, the country with the fastest growing economy on earth and fast emerging and everyone then as our most important counter part on the
9:01 pm
globe. george w. bush


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