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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  August 23, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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hallie jackson. >> breaking news from wall street to wyoming. a key economic summit in jackson hole. trying to settle an unsettled rules. we are live with key highlights of this closely watched potentially market-moving remarks. and the markets are moving, by the way, in the first half hour of trade. take a look at the big board. the dow down 112 points. 110 as we speak. our team is here following these breaking developments and all the day's top stories. we start with the economy. we're joined by dominic chiu and kristin welker. one of your colleagues is in the room. what are the key takeaways? what is the fed chair going to say about where the economy is? >> mr. prepared remarks will be
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carefully stated. so many people do place at least weight on what the fed chair jay powell says. he will be talking about the state of the u.s. economy which he says is still favorable. the favorable outlook continues to be there. the trade uncertainty into the policy framework is a quote, unquote new challenge. there is no precedent that guides the policy response for the current situation right now. also, that the fed challenge is out to sustain the economic expansion overall and that it looks to try i to find a way to incorporate the interest rate environment to be more appropriate to the current conditions. all of those, and he goes into much more detail into what those are.
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they are trying a assure the u.s. people and u.s. government, including president trump, that the fed is there and it stands ready and remains vigilant. the markets should be paying more attention over the course of the next 15 or 20 minutes or so. >> dom, it's the reason why we will take a look at the big board throughout the show. the markets are watching. kristin, i bet dollars to doughnuts so the president or the a least top aides. china is now slapping back on the u.s. the president's top advisers are talking about it. >> absolutely. they have their eyes on all of this, hallie. china slapping tariffs on $75 billion worth of u.s. goods. retaliation for the tariffs imposed on china. so far they are trying to down play chippers about the economy and the new round of sanctions. take a listen to what peter navarro had to say. >> the risk for china is simply
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to galvanize support even more for the president. $75 billion worth of tariffs in terms of what the combined $30 trillion economist not something for the stock market to worry about. and we're cool here. >> president trump not surprisingly already up writing the economy is good and strong. the rest of the world is not doing so well despite fake news with their partner, the democrat party working overtime to convince people that we are in or will soon be going into a recession. he goes on and on. but, hallie, it is also worth noting that job growth numbers were revised down by 500,000 yesterday. he is putting a lot of pressure on the fed to lower rates. something we haven't typically
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seen from past presidents. . >> right. >> that's been his strategy. question is, will they do that at some point. >> mr. kristin, while talk to you again in just a bit. one more look at the big board before we go. the dow slipping a bit this morning. not just on the news of those re-tam tore tariffs from china but as fed chair jay powell speaks right now in wyoming. no cameras in the room. but we have the team from the nbc universes. cnbc in particular. improvements from the dow. investors, as the market starts to tick back up. somewhat in couraged. we stay on top of that. and breaking news from the 2020 campaign trail. the huge democratic field is getting a little bit smaller again. seth moulton is ending his campaign telling nbc news he will make it official on this stage you are about to see later on today. the big summer meeting in fran.
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we have alley vitale in san francisco. joe biden is not going to be in california. he will be in that primary early state for a townhall this afternoon. the meeting is just getting started in the last minute or two, right? >> reporter: yeah. things are kicking off here. he will speak a few hours from now. he will formally drop out of the race. we know that is something he is going to do. he will come here and promise to, in his words, campaign his ass off for whoever the democratic nominee is. he said this is again joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. when you make it that trifecta,
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to him it's how far left the party is going to go. he said that going too far left could make it harder to beat donald trump in 2020. here at the dnc forum, that is the question on everyone's minds is how do you best challenge donald trump. listen to what he told me. >> the thing that keeps me up, trump has a jump start. he is sending people mail. we are building a grouped game to puncture the right wing and reach voters directly on their door steps. >> reporter: it's becoming clear that the party is investing more than they ever have before. look at michigan, florida and other places that we spend a lot
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of time talking about as battle ground states. the party says they're ready for the eventual nominee, whoever that is. >> mike, you are following somebody who wants to be the eventual romney, the front-runner joe biden who is foregoing this stop in california as he faces a slew of headlines that at this point he may not want to see. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, hallie. you look at why is joe biden not in california today. if you're joe biden you could be just one of another dozen or so candidates speaking to a dnc gathering there. or use today to remind everybody of what is the biggest thing that sets him apart from the crowded field. that is his service as barack obama's running mate. august 23rd, a bit of a milestone. 11 years ago i was camped out in senator biden's driveway as he was about to head to springfield, illinois when barack obama announced that biden was his running mate. today he will be holding a townhall meeting discussing health care.
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that is the single issue in which he has most closely identified himself with with biden. talking about some of these ideas of enthusiasm gap. he is not getting some of the same crowd sizes as elizabeth warren or bernie sanders. his relationship does fire up voters. more importantly, this is about electability, trump u is going to be the biggest motivor for whoever the nominee is. they are confident the enthusiasm will be there for him when the time comes. >> mr. mike, live for us in hanover, new hampshire. appreciate that. we will check in with both of you. one democrat who will be taking the stage later on today joins me now. 2020 candidate tom steyer. thank you very much for being with us back on the show. you're ready to deliver your big
7:09 am
speech in california. a lot of folks are looking ahead to the next debate. what makes you so confident you will be on the stage? >> well, the last thing that i need to do to qualify, hallie is to get a state poll that has me at more than 2%. adding four early primary states, a poll out that showed me in fourth place with 7%. all i need is somebody to pull up with more than 2%. and i'm at 7:00 p.m. >> so you think it will happen then? >> i think wednesday is more than four days away, the last i checked. >> five. some of your opponents, as you know, is accused you of buying a spot on the stage, of using your money to be able to get you in in a way that other candidates have not been able to do. your response to that? >> look, i think the question here for everybody who is running is do you have a message
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that resonates with democrat ic primary voters. i'm in fourth place. so the message that i have as an outsider taking on corporations for 10 years and can restore government of by and for the people is resonating with primary voters. in fact, i think it puts me in a place where i am very, very different from the other people in the race who are inside the beltway people and are senators or former senators. >> on the topic of this, it's interesting what the "new york" magazine writes. the left needs it -- and i will quote from you. the left needs it bleeding heart billionaires. they invite that you have invested in millions of dollars. you could have fully bankrolled roughly 66 democratic state
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legislative campaigns. why is this race, running for president, the best way you see your money? >> he hallie, i started one of the biggest grassroots organizations in the united states. we have registered millions of americans with our partners in the labor movement. we have knocked on literally tense of millions on of doors. and i started next general america. the largest youth voter mobileation in american history. and i said i will continue to do all of those things. but i think there is something very much missing in the democratic primary discussion, and that is not what are the policies we would like. but given the broken government in washington, d.c., how are we going to get any of those policies to happen? i think that's the question in front of the american people. that's the question i'm trying to address. and i feel that is why i'm resonating with democratic voters. we have people talking about policies and theories that are important. but they are only important if
7:12 am
we could in fact, make them happen. >> i actually have a couple of questions for you. i want to ask first. sect moulton is ending his presidential chain. our own ali vitale reported later on in california where you have, he is expected to take the stage and say he will be campaigning his ass off for whoever wins in 2020. in that spirit, if you do not quinn the nomination or choose to end your presidential campaign, will you commit to rolling out a third party run? >> i absolutely will commit to ruling out a third party run. i think that would be a dramatic mistake. but let me say one other thing. as you have been talking, hallie, about the economy and the new chinese tariffs on soy, oil and cars, the issue in this campaign that trump is going to run is going to be the economy. the democrat who has the history of understanding what makes companies profitable, what makes
7:13 am
communities prosperous, and what makes countries succeed economically is me. if you look at the people, i'm the person that has the history and the ability to go head to head with mr. trump and point out what a failure he is and what a fraud he is. >> if you're president and this is happening, and you're looking at economic warning signs that could point to a recession, would you support pushing for payroll tax cuts, something the president said he is ruling out pause he doesn't think the economy will down turn? >> 34r trump's response to what -- the worry about slowdown has more to do with his failed proposals. if you look at what he is doing, he is absolutely badgering and trying to bully the head of the federal reserve to lower rates to give us a short-term boost to get him through the election.
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everything he is doing is to try to make it possible to get through november of 2020 and to heck with everything after that. really what we're missing from the oval office is what creates pros operator for americans. this trade war is a disaster, a straight-up failure and disaster. it's time for us to understand how to manage international trade, how to work with the people counterparties, understand that those are complicated relationships. we're seeing what happens when you get a simpleton who doesn't understand what drives american prosperity doing short-term actions to get himself through an election. it's a disaster, hallie. >> we will leave it there. thank you very much for being back on the show. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. much more ahead this hour, including new calls from a
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>> after six straight days of dizzying domestic headlines, confusing contradictions, president trump is taking all of that overseas. he heads to the g-7 summit in france later tonight. check out the headline from the
7:19 am
"washington post". it is best read with a strong side of wishful thinking. french president ma crone is hoping for a no drama meeting. remember when they got back together, this iconic photo. president trump left the meeting early. he refused to sign a joint agreement. he called prime minister justin trudeau very dishonest and weak. here he comes, france. kristen welker at the white house. president trump is "the x factor" at the g-7. >> reporter: he sure is, hallie. and if past g-7 sum mitts are an indication of what we can expect to see, there will likely be more heated tensions. for one, the president is calling for russia to rejoin the g-7 or the group of 8. emanuel macron is saying they
7:20 am
should not rejoin because they violated international law when they entered crimea in 2014. now, on the topic of russia, hallie, putin has just ordered, quote, like-for-like response after the u.s. tested that missile cruise recently. so it will be notable to see how that factors into all of this. but, look, we'll be watching that topic very closely. we're also going to be watching very closely the president's meeting with the newly minted prime minister of britain, boris johnson. he is often drawing comparisons to president trump himself. what issues will be at play there. obviously brexit, trade. and then when the president meets with a range of other leaders, hallie, big topics will be on the table. everything i just mentioned. but in addition to that, obviously the global economy, the environment, fears of a potential recession deepening. president trump, as you and i have been talking about, brushed
7:21 am
those off. one thing to note is macron is saying there is no point in having a joint statement, a communique, because of all of these tensions, hallie. >> kristen welker, thank you much. appreciate it. evelyn, former deputy assistant under obama. nobody knows russia as well as you, evelyn. that is one of several big pressure points here at the g-7. and we know, the expectation is, this is going to come up with the other world leaders. >> yes. >> president trump is calling on russia to be let back in after being kicked off after the annexation of crimea. >> we don't know if he will bring it up in the meetings. >> they said that is probably going to have to come up at some point. >> and, again, it begs the question, you know, whose bidding is our president doing? it doesn't benefit the united states. it doesn't benefit our allies. let's remember why russia was
7:22 am
kicked out of the g-7. i mean, first of all, for economic reasons. probably shouldn't have been in the g-7, the g8. it got kicked out because it invaded its neighbor and seized the territory of crimea and other areas of ukraine. they can't get back into the club. >> is it ridiculous for the president to say he wants a no-drama weekend. >> yeah. not just because of this russia issue. not only president macron but also boris johnson got on the phone with the ukrainian president and said don't worry, we're not letting russia in. he's not in agreement with anyone else. he's clearly, the president, we can see, he's a little bit irritated. we can tell through his twitter exchanges, whatever, with the public. and so i imagine he's going to bring up all kinds of things. supposedly, according to the "washington post", he's going to talk about trade and say what a great job he's doing, which of
7:23 am
course all of those allies, japan, the europeans, european union separately coming, they're not going to agree. they feel under great pressure from us. >> and china's tariffs on the u.s. adds a wrinkle. you mentioned the economy. what else will you be watching for from the world leaders? >> i think we'll be watching to see what do they say about the world being literally on fire. president macron tweeted we have to do something about the amazon. actually siberia, greenland, alaska. we have been having a lot of wildfires all over the world at an unprecedented rate. you know, you have covered it. july was the hottest july on record. and the last five if i got it right. they don't expect agreement with our president. afghanistan. what's going to happen there? we have allies still with us. nato. and syria, iran. isis is not dead, not gone.
7:24 am
so how do we manage that situation where the syrian government has the upper hand? but, you know, there is still a tariffs problem. >> certainly a lot on the agenda. the press corps heads over to the g-7 this weekend. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> coming up next, why the nation's tech giants as protesters head to the streets of hong kong for another night of demonstrations. we are taking you there live next. first, the death of billionaire conservative activist david koch. he had a long battle with prostate cancer and leaves behind a empty billion dollar legacy that reshaped american politics for generations. in a statement released this morning a statement from his brother. david koch was 79 years old. yea.
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we are back with a look at wall street. the dow down a little bit.
7:29 am
china putting new retaliatory tariffs on the united states. dominic chiu is back with us. fed chair jay powell is speaking now. i want to read a little bit of what he is saying. as the year has progressed, we have been monitoring three factors that are weighing in on this favorable outlook for the economy. slowing global growth, trade policy uncertainty and muted inflation. he said the global growth outlook has been detear kwraeuting since the middle of last year but we are carefully watching developments. is the message that the fed is ready to do what it needs to stop any kind of economic slowdown? >> hallie, you pretty much hit the nail on the head here. one of the key phrases that a lot of traders and investors are looking for in that speech right now is this idea that he does try to accentuate the positive. he goes on to say that job -- the u.s. economy has done well driven by consumer spending.
7:30 am
it is still above overall labor force growth. inflation seems to be moving higher than 2%. we will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion with a strong labor market and inflation that is near its 2% objective. that is probably one of the driving forces behind why we did see a little bit of a come back to the marketplace as investors get a little bit more perhaps optimistic that the fed stands ready to possibly do more, ease interest rates if the need arises, hallie. >> dom, thank you for staying on top of that for us. i appreciate it. >> overseas, right now in hong kong, protests are picking up again after we took you live earlier this week to the demonstrators barricading themselves into the city. china's disinformation campaign. janis is joining us live.
7:31 am
you're 12 hours ahead of us. it is just about 10:30 at night there. fill us in on what you are seeing and hearing. >> reporter: we have fresh protests into the weekend. people lining up outside train stations, standing side by side forming a line they say is 28 miles loan. tomorrow the protesters go back to the airport. not inside the terminal because there is a court order keeping the protesters from going in, but blocking the roads to the airport. so all part of the campaign here to continue to push. we have had a form of an information war. state media has been heavy with china's view of what's happening here, that the protesters are radicals being steered by the u.s. and uk. it did hit a bit of a snag, though, on social media with companies like twitter and facebook taking down hundreds of
7:32 am
accounts they say are linked to china's government and spreading disinformation. the other wrinkle, hallie, in china's eyes is president trump. for the longest time he had no position to the hong kong protests. now he is starting to voice tacit support, thinking it might give him some sort of advantage with trade talks in china. and that's not going over well with beijing. hallie. >> janis, thank you for that. we will keep our eye on what's happening overseas. we have a big update on the exclusive reporting we brought to you a couple days ago about the pro-trump conservative media outlet. the epoch times. it has a crazy reach. ben collins was telling us all about it, just to refresh your memory. >> everything these guys do is about making sure this judgment day, which is 30 years late, by the way, is about to come. >> just a couple days after ben and his team dropped that reporting, facebook is doing something about it. facebook is now banning the
7:33 am
epoch times from any future advertising on the platform. talk about what facebook is doing. put it into context. how big a deal is it? >> sure. it is not the actual content of their dooms day apocalyptic thing. it is actually the fact that they tried to move their dark money operation even further behind dark money fronts. after we reached out about all the conspiracy theories, they are spending millions of doll s dollars. it moves almost all advertisements over to various shell companies, things called honest paper and pure american journalism, real-sounding things. so it would be hard to find in facebook's transparency forms.
7:34 am
that breaks facebook's rules. you can't have a dark money operation on facebook. so they are no longer allowed on facebook. this is a huge deal. this is where they spent a lot of money. there were times this year they were the largest news publisher on facebook, twitter. again, they were pushing things about how, like, jeffrey epstein had been, you know, too involved with specific people they don't like. behind the scenes they take about how 9 /11 didn't really happen. this is a wild group of people that have fomented amount of conspiracies. this is a revenue stream for them. >> facebook points out they have been removing accounts associated with the epoch times for violating ad policies but pointed out they acted on
7:35 am
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>> tie up the loose ends on those and follow the facts where they may. >> i made the decision a while ago but announced it today, i believe we should begin an impeachment inquiry. >> and with that, you can add congressman brad schneider to the list of house democrats, getting behind impeachment hearings. just this week, this week alone, six more democratic lawmakers, including a member of leadership and committee chairman, have now come out in support of this move. that brings the total number of house democrats who want impeachment members to start to 130. about 55% of the whole caucus. leigh-ann caldwell has been going to townhalls with lawmakers all across the country. she's in illinois, north of chicago. leigh-ann, you have been at congressman schneider's
7:40 am
townhall. constituents are able to interact directly with the people who represent them. >> reporter: yeah. hallie, impeachment is a topic that voters really care about. that was evidenced not only by the questions that were asked by these voters, but also the response in the audience not only to the questions asked about impeachment but also to the lawmakers's answers. part of the reason we chose these specific town halls is because they are in suburb answer districts which voters have been breaking from republicans in the 2018 election and polls are showing they are still doing that. and also because these two members had not yet come out in support of impeachment. here we are in illinois getting ready to go to town halls. and they come out for impeachment. so we talk to voters at these town halls. and i asked one at lauren underwood's townhall how she responded and appreciated what lauren underwood had to say.
7:41 am
>> were you pleased with her response today and that she came out for impeachment? >> i was very, very pleased to have that. >> i think that is extremely bad. and extremely dangerous. and what is being done about it? >> reporter: hallie, voters at townhalls wanted to go to them to tell their members they support impeachment and they got what they wanted. >> sounds like it. leigh-ann, thank you much, my friend. here now, a couple other folks familiar with the show. shermichael. interesting stuff here, right? >> yeah. >> look at the numbers. we explained at the top of the segment. when you break it down, the 130 democrats who support impeachment, 14 committee
7:42 am
chairs, 17 members of the judiciary committee. six members of leadership positions. at what point does this reach the threshold that speaker pelosi can't keep tamping it down? >> what we are seeing is at its finest. people are hearing about it in town halls, at home and coming out and responding to their constituents. and i think as that continues, that will allow for a process where we can see that happen in the senate. that's the biggest challenge we face right now. getting through an impeachment inquiry does very little if we to the floor the votes in the senate. >> i agree with that. we have the recent monmouth university poll that came out yesterday. the majority of the american people do not back impeachment. >> 59%. >> correct. >> and there is mixed opinion if they do move forward what will the political implications be. most polling indicates that it would be a boost to the president. now, when you look at the 43 house democrats that won in the
7:43 am
moderate districts, when you talk to them, they will tell you folks in their districts are not concerned about impeachment. so i think nancy pelosi, while she is moved by the numbers, she has to be very, very careful. she would risk jeopardizing her majority in the house. >> 59% don't support it. 56% say it is a bad idea. to your point, christina, if the senate wouldn't also support the proceeding. >> right. >> at the same time at the town halls, as we have just seen, people are still talking about it. >> those are districts that doesn't surprise me as a conservative that folks who want a liberal leaning district -- >> that district is not a liberal district. it is a suburban swing district. >> that's right. you get activists out of town halls and always hearing from them. what nancy pelosi has to face and all members of congress have to face is the house is walking and chewing gum at the same time.
7:44 am
they are passing bills and dealing with these issues like the impeachment inquiry. and the senate is stopping everything. so i think you talked about whether or not it drives attention around trump and drives around trump. we will see it drive vote in the senate. they're blocking everything from things like the impeachment to bills that impact families. that's going to come back to them on election day. >> i think the senate is just a little bit different in how it is calculated versus specific house seats. he feels comfortable with maintaining the position he is maintaining thus far. he is a smart guy, arguably one of the most effective leaders in the senate. and i think he looks at the numbers and he said, you know what, most of the republicans who are up for re-election are pretty safe, according to the data that's out there. so he maintains and continues the way he is. . >> always great to have you on. up next here, the rare issue actually uniting the country.
7:45 am
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back with me is kristen welker. we have been talking about jay powell delivering the speech out of wyoming. the president sending off a series of tweets comparing powell to xi jinping. what's up? >> reporter: apparently president trump not happy with what he heard from the fed earlier today. this is his tweet, alley, a few fireworks here. as usual, the fed did nothing. it is incredible that they can speak without knowing or asking what i was doing, which will be announced shortly. we have a very strong dollar and a very weak fed. i will work preul kwrapbtly with both and the u.s. will do great. who is our bigger enemy, jay powell or chairman xi? as we have been reporting, the president has been weighing whether or not to do a payroll tax cut or some type of other tax cut. clearly that is one of the
7:50 am
things that is being discussed here at the white house. as it relates to chairman xi, though, and the shot across the bow that you have, he is locked in this trade war with china and just this morning china retaliated with tariffs on $75 billion worth of u.s. goods. so essentially this is some of the strongest language we have heard yet from president trump about chairman powell but not the first time he's taken aim at him. >> but it is the most inflammatory perhaps to compare his hand picked chair of the federal reserve to chairman xi who just put tariffs on u.s. products. there is a moment of rare bipartisan agreement. an issue so awful everybody
7:51 am
hates so much it has republicans and democrats seeing eye to eye. state attorneys general from every state are joining forces, why? because of those annoying robocalls everybody gets. tom costello is here now. for people getting sick of those spam calls there's relief in site? >> did you say spam calls or damn calls? >> robocalls. >> now all 50 ags plus d.c. combining forces with the tell come giants and the hope is they can block and trace the calls on your phone and perhaps p even find out who's doing it. it's a unified nationwide attack on robocalls, all 50 state attorneys general and d.c. joining forces with the 12 biggest telecom companies. >> it's more than an annoyance,
7:52 am
it's a fraud. >> in july alone 4.7 billion robocalls. >> this call is from the legal department of social security administration. >> another call every 1.7 seconds. >> that was an invalid entry. >> if you wish to speak with our executive, press one now. >> and another. >> receive coverage for unlimited doctor's visits, emergency room, hospitalization. >> most trying to steal your identity or your money. >> i'm busy and when my phone rings i think it's a client or emergency. when it's a robot it's frustrating. >> all too often the victims are elderly, trusting and vulnerable. the cities receiving the most include washington d.c. with 48 calls per person last month. baton rouge 43. memphis with 35 and san antonio with 31. now companies have agreed to deploy new call blocking technology free to customers, to use screening technology to
7:53 am
determine if a number is being spoofed to look like someone you know or a government agency and to trace robocalls to their source to prosecute callers. for most callers it can't come soon enough. >> come on, man, i'm trying to watch netflix, you know. >> i've been there, i feel that guy. we have seen this fight before, this is not a new one. what makes this different or what at least are these ags are hoping is different this time around. >> we reported on the ftc and the fcc taking action, but the ags are acting because they say congress hasn't. they still haven't acted and they need to have a unified approach. it is the first attempt to have a unified attempt with the telecom giants however nobody is under any illusion, this is going to take time. these spammers are greedy, creative, smart, savvy, and here's a big problem, we may have the big 12 giants on board
7:54 am
but there are smaller internet based companies not on board yet that may not have the blocking technology and that's who these spammers are using to hijack their lines and get into our phones. >> tom, thank you for bringing us that story. coming up at the top of the hour, embracing russia, and rebuking long-time allies. what we can expect as the president prepares to head to the g-7. but first more on what our sources are saying coming up. n r sources are saying coming up
7:55 am
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at what our sources are saying. nbc's julia ainsley is joining us now. i know you've been reporting at drama at the department of homeland security, right? >> that's right. one of the top aids to acting secretary mccollie lan, is the spokesman but that doesn't cover his duties, he's your point of access. any time any reporter has gotten direct access it's been through mehan, he makes certain to craft the message. he's a very high level spokesman. he understand that he is leaving on september 20th. i've been speaking with andrew mehan during this time, he's in panama with his boss, he said the job is a 24/7 job.
7:59 am
seems like he's getting burned out. but it comes in a time of controversy, as he had to repeatedly defend his boss with the public and also the white house. a change in what's happening at the border, more people are coming across or the president doesn't get his way and he looks to those at dhs. so it seems like it's been a tough job and he's looking for an exit. julia ainsley, thank you for that reporting. that does it for this hour of msnbc live. the next time i see you is going to be from france. i'm traveling with the president to the g-7 we'll see you monday, lots of action we expect over the weekend. that does it for us. i'll see you on monday. right now more news with my colleague morgan radford, holding it down at 30 rock. thank you for joining us i'm morgan radford in for craig
8:00 am
melvin this friday live from world headquarters right here in new york. president trump is stepping back onto the world stage today and things could get a little bit awkward. he's heading to the g-7 summit in france just days after he clashed with yet another ally while backing up russia and lashing out over the economy. plus a different approach. while most of the 2020 democratic field heads out west, front runner joe biden bucking the trend. civil service, calls grow for civility. among them the widow of senator john mccain. and why bipartisan is the only way to avoid an economic downturn. we start this hour with president trump stepping back onto the world stage. he leaves tonight for the g-7 in france as he embraces russia's return to the group and rebukes long-time allies like


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